bigjoolsqhartman: yes, preseed adjustment is the way to go, for now at least.00:06
bigjoolsallenap: I think there is a caching proxy in the way somewhere which doesn't have the new layout00:07
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bigjoolsjtv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7311567/02:32
jtvSo you're getting it too?  I'm not.02:33
jtvThough let me try trunk.02:33
jtvWhoops, yes, lots of errors!02:33
bigjoolsfunctools.wraps expects the callable being wrapped to have a __module__ attribute02:35
jtvI'm getting this in my branch.02:36
jtvOf which I ran the tests endlessly yesterday without these failures.02:36
bigjoolsI am getting this in trunk02:36
jtvSo... package update?02:37
bigjoolsI expect a django update broke things02:37
jtvYes, I'm getting it in trunk too.  Thing is, I wasn't getting this yesterday, and it's not a code change.02:37
bigjoolsof which there was just one02:37
* bigjools looks at the django change02:37
bigjoolsjtv: yep I reckon this is a regression in the security update02:38
* bigjools files bug02:38
jtvMight I recommend a priority on the high side?02:39
bigjoolsjtv: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-django/+bug/131143302:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1311433 in python-django (Ubuntu) "REGRESSION: AttributeError: 'functools.partial' object has no attribute '__module__' " [Undecided,New]02:41
bigjoolscan you confirm it :)02:41
jtvI registered my being affected by it.02:42
jtvHope that's what you mean.02:42
bigjoolschange the status02:42
bigjoolswell it does that automatically I think02:42
jtvI didn't think the Confirmed status did much, except maybe make triagers think the bug doesn't need attention.02:44
jtvOh, it's Confirmed now.02:44
bigjoolsjtv: this is very serious, maas no longer runs at all in trusty02:48
bigjoolsjtv: ok we can fix this locally02:56
bigjoolsjtv: https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/2248602:56
ubot5Django bug 22486 in Core (URLs) "urlresolvers.reverse() security fix (1.5.6) breaks when a view is a partial" [Normal,New]02:56
bigjoolsI'll file a maas bug02:57
jtvI wonder where we're doing the partial thing.02:58
jtvget_combo_view is the only thing (outside of tests) that looks to me like it might be doing this.03:00
bigjoolsjtv: can you do me a favour and see if this patch fixes things? https://github.com/prestontimmons/django/commit/b63ae5c60619a257ad57cf6043e71f681283e47b03:02
jtvI was just trying a patch of my own.03:02
bigjoolsit's a patch to django though03:03
bigjoolssecurity team will apply it if we confirm it works03:03
jtvAh.  Meanwhile I seem to have a working patch to maas.03:03
bigjoolsjtv: ah!03:04
jtvbigjools: my test run is not done yet, but this simple maas fix seems to work around the problem at least for us: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7311704/03:04
bigjoolsjtv: land it so it unblocks the lander at least03:04
jtvI'll start a VM to try the django patch.03:04
jtvAye-aye sir.03:05
jtvGot a maas bug number?03:05
bigjoolsjtv: same number, I added a maas task03:05
mdeslaurjtv: any news?03:20
jtvmdeslaur: about what?03:21
jtvthe bug?03:21
jtvI'm landing a workaround in maas.03:21
mdeslaurjtv: yeah, the upstream patch03:21
mdeslaurI'm building security regression fixes with the commit from the upstream bug03:21
jtvI'm still setting up for the attempt.03:21
jtvBy the way, you wouldn't happen to know a way to get a plain diff from that github page?03:22
mdeslaurjtv: add ".patch" to the end of the url03:22
jtvAh, of course!  Why didn't I figure that out myself!03:23
jtvThanks.  :)03:23
mdeslauryeah, super-intuitive03:23
mdeslaurI just uploaded a fixed package for trusty here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security-proposed/+archive/ppa/+packages03:23
mdeslaurand will upload for the other releases in a few minutes03:23
jtvAre you saying I could just use that package instead of applying the diff?03:24
mdeslaurjtv: yes03:24
jtvGreat, thanks!03:24
mdeslaurand I would like to know if it fixes maas before I push them out ASAP03:24
jtvYes, of course...  I'm setting up to establish that.03:25
mdeslaurjtv: cool, thanks03:28
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jtvmdeslaur: for maas, the proposed update fixes the failures!04:02
mdeslaurjtv: awesome, thanks for testing!04:02
mdeslaurI'll release them right away04:02
jtv(Although of course independently from that, I already landed a workaround in maas)04:02
jtvThanks.  This has bitten us pretty hard, so glad to see it being resolved for everyone.04:02
bigjoolsthanks mdeslaur04:02
bigjoolsand thanks for testing jtv04:03
jtvStill seeing _some_ test failures with the new package, but let me see what they are first.04:03
jtvMay be unrelated.04:03
mdeslaurbigjools, jtv: thanks!04:03
jtvxargs: env: terminated by signal 904:03
jtvThat's something we've seen before... probably unrelated.04:03
mdeslaurI'll make sure we add maas to our django testing going forward04:03
jtvI'm investigating.04:03
bigjoolsmdeslaur: \o/04:03
jtvFound the cause of those other test errors: VM ran out of memory.  Not an issue.04:11
mdeslaurjtv: thanks04:13
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rvbagmb: did you get to the bottom of the "AttributeError: 'functools.partial' object has no attribute '__module__'" failure?06:57
rvba(Hi gmb, btw :))06:58
rvbajtv: ^06:58
rvbaI'm asking because I'm seeing that locally now… and I saw that the python-django package has been updated…06:59
bigjoolsrvba: I did07:03
bigjoolsdjango fail07:03
rvbaYeah, I just saw the fixes.07:03
bigjoolsupdate again07:03
rvbaWhat a mess.07:03
bigjoolsyes :)07:04
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jtvWho's up for what I hope will be a simple review?  https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/env-context-manager/+merge/21684009:24
rvbajtv: I'll take it09:25
jtvMerci beaucoup.09:25
rvbaPas de problème.09:25
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alfsI'm having some strange mirroring problems.10:38
alfshttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ is fine10:38
alfshttp://ftp.se.debian.org/ubuntu/  does not work10:38
alfsThe installer claims the archive is broken, and syslogs says 403 forbidden when accessing http://ftp.se.debian.org/ubuntu/10:39
alfsbut it works fine outside the installer.10:39
alfsTrying to access it from the interrupted installation shell, but the kvm/keymapping does not allow me typing slashes... trying to find some workaround10:40
jtvCould it be a problem with a proxy somewhere inbetween?11:08
alfsdont think there are any. However, when I dump traffic on the gw/router, I see e.g. icmp packets to the mirror when I ping, but no web requests.11:15
alfsSeems it's not a mirror problem. Same error with e.g. ftp.uk.debian.org/ubuntu and others.11:25
alfs*digging for proxies*11:25
melmothhola ! now that trusty is out, i guess i can just apt-get install maas and juju-core and all the tools without having to add any ppa or are ppa still relevant ?13:26
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lazyPowermelmoth: i'm not using any ppa's and my MAAS cluster works a treat. (i'm using kvm virtualization, ymmv if on bare metal)14:57
magicrobotmonkeyanyone have any tips for debugging the pxelinux.0 that comes with MAAS? Cobblers works fine, but with MAAS it barfs on some iSCSI stuff14:59
magicrobotmonkeyi think it may be using the wrong interface14:59
melmothlazyPower, nodes will be kvm vm too , it s just for playing :-)14:59
melmothactually, even the maas box is a kvm vm.14:59
lazyPowerah, i went the other way around with that and kept the region controller on bare metal so i could reach the aas nodes from outside my network.15:00
lazyPowerbridging into the VM was a bit of a heady process15:00
magicrobotmonkeyim install maas-cluster-controller on a brand new trusty install and the apache restart is bailing due to missing crochet module15:03
rvbamagicrobotmonkey: looks like a packaging bug.  Please report a bug with all the details and we will get back to you ASAP.15:04
magicrobotmonkeyok ty15:04
qhartmanso, I'm setting up a multi-homed MAAS cluster, and the routes and DNS on the nodes that come up are all sorts of wrong.15:24
qhartmanI'm wanting to treat the MAAS-side as a management network, and as such isn't bridged / routed onto the main network.15:24
qhartmanbut the MAAS config tool doesn't want to let me make the DHCP changes that I think need to be made to make this work.15:24
qhartmansince the external interfaces (which are internet connected) are managed by a different DHCP15:25
qhartmanso, what's the right way to do this sort of setup?15:25
qhartmanI'm sure I could hand-jam it, but that seems counter to the point of MAAS.15:25
qhartmanor should I have my MAAS controller setup to bridge between the networks and have the nodes see the outside world that way?15:26
lazyPowerqhartman: i setup a bridge device on the region controller - but my maas nodes are kvm machines and not bare metal.16:03
lazyPowerits kind of dependent on your network topology16:03
qhartmanyeah, I've setup my controller to do forwarding now as well. We'll see if this actually fixes the Juju problem.16:05
qhartmanI'm nuking the other machine I was working on and starting with a fresh node16:05
magicrobotmonkeyis there a strategy for importing pxe files from a host that can't reach the internet?16:07
magicrobotmonkeythe region controller can16:07
lazyPowermagicrobotmonkey: you should only need to import the pxe files on your region controller. I'm fairly certain that hands off the files to the zone controllers.16:52
lazyPoweri could be wrong though - needs citation16:53
magicrobotmonkeyhmm it doesnt seem like the docs say that16:53
magicrobotmonkeybut it turns out i have some network issues to resolve first anyways16:53
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magicrobotmonkeyhow do you login to a maas-cluster-controller from the cli?17:49
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allenapjhobbs: Hi there. Have you had a look at the “HWE streams” thing?21:16
jhobbsallenap: a little bit, I wrote a doc on some of it https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1CJlIu2wapKJgDl-MXmvK_RseqBHeWJQ6S-gJzn0bh34/edit#heading=h.eeybgo5224oo21:22
allenapjhobbs: Nifty, I’ll read that before the meeting.21:24
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