Fudgemoza:  can you create a bug report?07:55
mozaYes i can, i'll try to find the appropriate place08:02
mozaFeel free to help me know what details i should document08:03
mozaShould i report that to gnome? or ubuntu?08:03
mozaI did solve my problem however, with people from #gnome08:04
mozamostly by restarting gnome shell it seems08:04
mozaand now i'll avoid using the zoom until a fix is explicitly sent08:04
mozaSorry for not reacting earlier Fudge 08:05
mozaThis one seems similar to what i had, although i didn't have a "big" zoom.08:11
mozaI found others under gnome-shell + magnifier, but none exactly similar. Unfortunately, i can't have access to the computer where the problem appeared, because i gave it back to its user.08:15
mozaso no stack trace (other than the one i hope was sent when the bug first appeared)08:15
mozaok, sorry, i'll file the bug Fudge - i've found some info on reporting etiquette and will not be worried for duplicates :)08:17
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