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dholbachgood morning06:45
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DanChapmanGood Morning all07:54
justCarakasgood morning07:55
dpmmorning Mirv, I saw you added a task for the qtdeclarative package in bug 1303746, thanks! What's your plan with that upload? To SRU it, or to land it in U?08:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 1303746 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Performance hit when editing sorted lists" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130374608:48
Mirvdpm: np, I fetched a few patches in to non-blocker bugs. I'm planning to land it to U.08:50
Mirvand test it together with several other patches08:50
dpmbrb, phone08:51
dpmMirv, that solves a critical bug with Reminders, and the Evernote people want to give the app a test. To get an idea, how long does it take for such an upload to get into the archive?08:59
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Mirvdpm: build 3h, AP runs 3h, manual testing ?h. before that, we need to have U open in the first place and a free silo09:19
Mirvin this case a whole day to the build time probably since it's going to land together with qtbase, qtwebkit and qtcreator09:20
dpmMirv, thanks. So it seems manual testing is the only unknown, but given your experience with other uploads, do you think it'd be reasonable to say a week? Or more?09:36
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Mirvdpm: a week from now. it really depends on how's the U opening schedule and toolchain updates the most09:43
dpmMirv, ok, that helps me, thanks!09:44
Mirvso if U does not really open yet until next week, then more than a week09:44
mihirdpm: could you edit events on your latest touch image on device?10:03
dpmmihir, updating now to the latest -proposed image, let me try afterwards10:25
mihirdpm: okay :)10:38
dholbachballoons, on http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/tutorial/ - are the two articles without links just missing to be linked or are these articles not written yet?10:50
dpmmihir, I can edit events, yes11:37
dpmrpadovani, could you remind me which time would work better for you for the reminders app calls?11:45
rpadovanidpm, today everytime because I have no lessons, but in general half hour after actual time (16.00->16.30 in our timezone)11:46
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, popey, moved the Reminders call to 30 mins later, so that Riccardo can attend. popey I know you're in another call, but if at least one of us is there it should be ok11:50
rpadovanidpm, oh, thanks :-)11:51
mihirdpm: okay thanks :)11:51
popeydpm: rpadovani I had a mail from a community member asking how he could help out with reminders.11:51
dpmoh cool11:52
dpmis he joining the meetings?11:52
popeyhe's only got a couple of hours a week, so probably not11:52
popeybut wanted to help out11:52
popeywill see if he can attend this one..11:52
nobody__Anybody, what about showdown? No results yet(11:58
justCarakasidd, I'm also waiting11:59
nobody__Can we expect results today?11:59
justCarakassomewhere next week said jono last week12:00
justCarakasif I remember correctly12:00
mihirpopey: dpm when are we planning for Calculator kick start or not yet?12:00
popeymihir: we can continue having the meetings, sure.12:01
popeyI left them in the calendar12:01
mihirpopey: okay :) was just wondering to get agenda for next couple of weeks12:01
nobody__justCarakas, after 28?12:01
nobody__Too long12:01
justCarakasnobody__: I have no idea :s12:03
nobody__I hope, that you'll publish results soon.12:06
justCarakasnobody__: just asked it on twitter, I'll let you know if I get an answer12:06
nobody__justCarakas, thank you. Are you from Venezuela?12:07
justCarakasnobody__: no Belgium, didn't know about the link to Venezuela when I started using carakas12:08
nobody__justCarakas, good luck;)12:09
justCarakasnobody__: venezuela is caracas btw :)12:10
nobody__justCarakas, funny - I know Russian language rules good, but when I use English, I have very stupid errors)12:12
justCarakasnobody__: hadn't noticed yet12:13
nobody__justCaracas, I'm not sure, that answer will be soon.12:14
nobody__mhall119, when we will know about showdown winners?12:41
popeynobody__: not for a few days at least, I'd imagine12:49
dakerdholbach: yo12:53
dholbachdaker, yo yo yo12:54
justCarakasdaker: dholbach http://gezond-gewicht.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/jojo.gif :p12:57
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tsdgeospopey: there's a WIP patch for the JS error you told me yesterday :)13:37
popeytsdgeos: yay13:49
tsdgeospopey: https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,83936 still in review, so no distro patching yet :D13:50
charlesnik90, ping14:29
nik90charles: pong14:32
dpmmzanetti, do you have time to join the reminders call today?14:32
charlesnik90, is there any news on bug #1308193 ?14:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1308193 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Upcoming recurring alarms on wrong day" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130819314:32
nik90charles: zsombi asked me to check that bug again after one of his upcoming SDK branches has landed on the phone.14:33
charlesnik90, ok. which branch and do you know the timeline for it?14:34
zsombicharles: all alarm changes are in UITK staging now14:35
nik90charles: it is in staging14:35
zsombicharles so if you take the staging, that should have all the stuff from me14:35
nik90charles: just waiting on that to be released14:35
charlesnik90, zsombi, cool14:36
nik90zsombi: is there a way to try the entire staged on the phone?14:36
balloonsdholbach, the links on http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/tutorial/ are placeholders for now. You can remove them if you wish.14:36
zsombinik90: yes... build it there :)14:37
zsombinik90: if you try to do that, you may get stuck at the qmlplugindump phase... in which case you should try building with ALARM_MANAGER=memory env var set14:40
nik90zsombi: cant I instead take the latest MP's deb files and install that?14:41
zsombinik90: well, not really, it might not contain the whole staging :/14:41
zsombinik90: the autolanding would, but not sure you can access that one14:42
nik90zsombi: ok..let me try building then14:42
rpadovanidpm. it's only in Italian, but this is the website of the event: http://www.radioamatorepordenone.it/iniziative/appdays/14:45
nik90zsombi: should *export ALARM_MANAGER=memory* suffice?14:49
zsombinik90: yep14:49
dholbachballoons, no, that's fine14:51
nik90zsombi: I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315200/.. I ensured that I had an RW image + dev tools installed14:51
zsombinik90: do you have QtCreator?14:53
dpmrpadovani, nice!14:53
nik90zsombi: yeah ofc14:53
zsombinik90: so after making the image RW, did you pressed "Enable Development" from teh same page?14:54
nik90zsombi: yup14:54
nik90zsombi: after RW it did restart the phone. Then I pressed Enable Development14:54
zsombinik90: yep. Now, the next would be to open UITK branch on QtC, and build it on the device, but that would fail14:55
zsombinik90: or seems not? zbenjamin?14:56
nik90zsombi: I cannot get it to build on device. In the project properties it only shows desktop.14:57
zbenjaminnik90: you have to select Build->ubuntu->build application on the device14:57
nik90zbenjamin: ah ok.14:58
zsombinik90: yes, it should be in the menu, like QtC->Build->Ubuntu->Build and Install Application on Device14:58
zsombinik90: but it may get stuck as the qmlplugindump hangs if EDS qtorganizer plugin is installed :/15:00
nik90zsombi: I did export AlarmManager first and then asked qtc to build on device15:00
zsombinik90: that's why the workaround in ALARM_MANAGER=memory so the toolkit binaries will use the memory manager to get the plugin type generated15:01
zsombinik90: it won't work, unless you have it in .profile15:02
nik90zsombi: is the .profile in the phablet home folder?15:02
zsombinik90: that's why you should copy the branch onto /home/phablet/somewhere15:02
nik90zsombi: which is what I did previously :/15:03
nik90zsombi: I copied the branch to /tmp/staging and then tried building there when I got the errors I pasted before15:03
zsombinik90: awesome, then perhaps it will work!15:03
zsombinik90: yes, because you need uitk deps15:03
zsombinik90: you can get those by apt-get build-dep qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin15:05
nik90zsombi: ok..installing the deps at the moment. Will try building after that15:05
t1mpnik90: or apt-get build-dep ubuntu-ui-toolkit, if it needs the source package15:07
* t1mp bbl15:07
nik90t1mp: ok15:07
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t1mpmzanetti: do you happen to have a workaround to make qtcreator look pretty on high dpi screens? I saw you commented on https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-26898 one year ago maybe you discovered a trick :)16:47
t1mpmy qtc looks like this now https://www.dropbox.com/s/89urkqhy4icaobs/qtc-scaling.png16:48
t1mpusable, but not pretty16:49
balloonsahayzen, ping.. elopio ahayzen is a music dev :-)17:20
ahayzenballoons, o/17:20
balloonsahayzen, elopio has some questions I believe ;-)17:21
ahayzenballoons, cool :)17:21
elopioahayzen: yes, can you please look at this"17:22
elopioit says: thanks for music app provide this custom component17:22
ahayzenelopio, ah my custom swipedelete component ;)17:22
elopiodo you know something about the bug that causes that workaround?17:22
ahayzenelopio, we did it because you cannot do reordering with the SDK swipedelete17:23
ahayzenelopio, due to the mouse focus being stolen17:23
elopioahayzen: do you have a bug # for that?17:23
ahayzenelopio, there is work here https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/reorder-support-001/+merge/20217217:23
ahayzenelopio, this allows for you to use the sdk swipedelete and have reordering17:24
elopioahayzen: cool. But shouldn't it be fixed on the sdk?17:24
ahayzenelopio, but we are waiting for https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe-delete-002/+merge/20217117:24
elopiohah, it all goes back to that.17:24
ahayzenelopio, well it sortof is i had a discussion with people and we decided the best way to do the reordering. That changed a few patterns which meant we could use the sdk swipedelete however when transitioning we found a few issues17:25
elopioahayzen: I left my device running the clock tests two full nights with your branch installed17:25
elopioand when I came in the morning, it was still running with no errors.17:26
elopioahayzen: I'm going to ask one last time :) Can you still reproduce the error on the clock app with your branch installed?17:26
ahayzenelopio, hmmm maybe it is fixed now? as the bot also approved it recently17:26
elopioif you say yes, me vuelvo chango.17:26
elopioI don't know about fixed, but it is definetely not related to your change.17:27
elopioI'll tell them to approve your branch.17:27
ahayzenelopio, i'll try again...i'm currently on an image with media-hub+nonswapblockswaptesting so guess it would be best to reflash?17:27
elopioahayzen: when you have some time. I think the landing won't happen this week, as they are working on some other branches.17:28
ahayzenelopio, cool i'll test it later and then comment on the mp17:28
elopiojust let me know if you are still able to reproduce it often. If you are, I'll need you to add some pdbs and collect more information for me.17:28
ahayzenelopio, will do17:29
elopioahayzen: I'm going to report a bug to the music app and the rss about removing the custom swipe, so we can keep track of it.17:29
ahayzenelopio, cool we are nearly there, ping me the bug and i'll assign it to me and attach the branch17:30
elopioahayzen: I can do that. You will get a mail.17:30
ahayzenelopio, thanks17:30
elopiothanks to you17:31
ahayzenelopio, i'm trying to make the reorder code generic so it should work with 'any' listitem17:31
ahayzenelopio, are there any plans for the sdk to do reordering itself at any point?17:32
elopioahayzen: sounds good, and as it will be shared by the rss and by the music apps, it sounds like it should be in the sdk.17:32
elopioahayzen: I don't know. bzoltan1 is the one to ask.17:33
ahayzenelopio, i would probably need some help to clean it up and make it more stable but its getting there slowly17:33
ahayzenelopio, ah cool17:33
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ahayzenelopio, thanks, have you got two separate bugs for music-app/rss reader or are you gonna add also affects17:42
elopioahayzen: I've made only one, affecting the two projects https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bug/131180017:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311800 in Ubuntu Music App "Remove custom swipe to delete" [Medium,In progress]17:43
ahayzenelopio, thanks i was too quick loading the page :)17:47
elopioahayzen: well, no, actually I had a context switch and forgotten about the other project.17:48
elopioyou reminded me :)17:48
ahayzenelopio, aha17:49
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Moon_OwlSo I'm new to programming ubuntu programs. I have coding expirence, but I'm having a hard time getting into the swing of things. I havent found any in depth programming guides. Any help?21:58
sarnoldMoon_Owl: QML? HTML5? Cordova? Something else?22:00
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me99923why do i always get unity::action::ActionManager::ActionManager(QObject*): Could not determine application identifier. HUD will not work properly. Provide your application identifier in $APP_ID environment variable. Cannot create CordovaView object. Falling back on the plain Webview backend.23:13
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