hggdhmattymo: just for completeness, I run eeebotu17:13
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Logan_bdmurray <> Sinistrad18:48
bdmurraySinistrad: is there a file ~/.cache/update-manager-core/meta-release on system? if not what about /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release18:49
Sinistradbdmurray: checking18:50
Sinistradbdmurray: Both are there. They have the same file size too18:51
bdmurraySinistrad: okay and does it look like this? http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release18:51
bdmurrayif not just delete them and try again18:51
SinistradThey look nothing like that. Lots of html with xml tags18:53
bdmurraySinistrad: probably from some captive web portal somewhere18:54
Sinistradbdmurray: If the files are useful, I can add them to the bug tracker18:54
bdmurraySinistrad: nope, not really the problem is understood18:55
Sinistradbdmurray: Very well then. Thanks for the workaround! I'll test it out and leave to keep your channel clean if it works.18:56
bdmurraythanks though18:56
Sinistradbdmurray: The rest of the files in there look the same...I'll delete those as well.18:58
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Sinistradbdmurray: That didn't work. I deleted those files, did an apt-get update, upgrade (no packages to upgrade), and then tried do-release-upgrade. "No new release found"19:12
bdmurraySinistrad: and did those files appear again?19:14
SinistradSome did19:15
bdmurrayand are they plain text or xml / html?19:16
Sinistrad./var/lib/update-manager/meta-release-development appeared and it was the xml/html19:17
bdmurraymeta-release-development should only matter if you are using the 'do-release-upgrade -d'19:19
bdmurrayif you aren't we are curious about meta-release19:19
bdmurrayif the cached meta-release files are currently getting saved as html then you are currently on a network that is causing the issue19:30
bdmurrayI'm off for lunch but will be happy to continue working on this with you after that19:32
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Sinistradbdmurray: Looking through the files, it has lots of info about the corporate firewall. I'll have to take this home and try it.20:03
bdmurraySinistrad: okay, be sure to clear the cache after you change networks20:09
Sinistradbdmurray: Will do! Thanks for helping me out.20:16
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MikeRLWoah. I found a slightly nasty bug, and just reported it today, but I may need assistance classifying it under the correct package.21:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311847 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Neither Print, SHIFT+Print, nor CTRL+Print keyboard shortcuts work on Trusty" [Undecided,New]21:16
MikeRLA lot of Googling has revealed it affects multiple desktop environments, and also mainly a subset of HP laptops, and may be systemd or something else causing it.21:17
MikeRLI know how to describe the bug perfectly, but I may need assistance filing it under the correct package.21:18
MikeRLI've tried #ubuntu, but everyone's educated guesses were just as my initial thoughts. I think it may be stemming from something deeper.21:19
hggdhMikeRL: IDK either, but unity-settings-daemon is a good start (it can be changed later). It is probably that the folks at #ubuntu-desktop would know more, though21:30
MikeRLhggdh: Thanks. I'll try there.21:31
bdmurrayisn't the key called PrintScreen?21:37
MikeRLWell, technically yes.21:38
MikeRLHappy now? Refresh the page.21:40
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bdmurrayI was just momentarily confused because my keyboard has "Print" on top of the F12 key and F12 on the front of it.22:50

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