dholbachgood morning06:45
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josedpm: ping10:43
dholbachlunch time - bbiab11:18
dpmhola jose13:55
dpmjose, sorry I didn't reply to your ping earlier, my connection dropped afterwards13:55
dpmjose, so for the hangout popey and I will be doing later on, who starts the hangout on ubuntuonair.com?13:55
josedpm: I need you to do it14:00
josedpm: I need you to do the hangout and set up ubuntuonair.com, remember chat will take place at #ubuntu-classroom-chat14:00
josedpm: and prepend [Classroom] to the session title at ubuntuonair.com14:01
joseI'm in class atm14:01
dpmjose, ok, thanks. I can access the ubuntuonair.com blog, but I'm not sure I've got the credentials to start a hangout with the ubuntuonair g+ account, I'll find out how to do it14:03
josedpm: ask dholbach for the passeord14:04
dpmok, cool14:04
joseemail me if needed and I'll answer asap14:05
dpmjose, no worries, I'll try not to bother you in class, I'll figure it out14:06
mhall119jose: ping16:14
josemhall119: pong16:16
josewhat's up?16:16
mhall119jose: hey, I may have to cancel my session tomorrow, my darling daughter has given me her cold16:17
mhall119do you have anybody who wanted to do a session but didn't have a slot?16:17
josemhall119: can we talk about this in a couple hours? I'm in class and can't access anything16:17
joseI'll make sure to get it fixed16:18
josedon't worry16:18
mhall119jose: sure, ping me when you have time16:18
dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you tomorrow!16:28
pleia2unicorn \o/17:30
pleia2I don't need to go shopping, I have unicorns :)17:30

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