mwhudsoni'm seeing the local dnsmasq occasionally go screwy and not answering requests in trusty01:08
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mdeslaurFYI, python-django security update introduced a regression. Have identified upsteam bug and fix and will release updates shortly. (LP: #1311433)03:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311433 in python-django (Ubuntu Trusty) "REGRESSION: AttributeError: 'functools.partial' object has no attribute '__module__' " [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131143303:35
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pittislangasek: indeed; this just ships some additional binaries now like /lib/systemd/systemd, it doesn't change the default04:49
pittislangasek: i. e. the PPA is meant to land as it is; I disabled systemd-sysv, as that's uninstallable as long as many things depend on upstart only04:49
pittislangasek: so for the time being one has to manually boot systemd, as in my blog04:50
pittislangasek: and ISTR that we discussed in the hangout (or in the TC bug) that the systemd-sysv approach wasn't what we wanted?04:50
Unit193(I used a modified 10_linux to add it as an option to grub http://paste.openstack.org/show/K8PXsu8nhUxTz89yJg4M/ but then again I did several things differently than you did.)04:53
dholbachgood morning06:45
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NikThpitti: Hello , are you here ?07:54
pittihello NikTh07:54
NikThpitti: I just commented on your blog about systemd. It seems that there is no turning back to official packages ? e.g with ppa-purge I get an error about  "Could not find package list..."07:55
pittiNikTh: if you don't boot with init=, it's not supposed to change anything; it seems this changed the NM behaviour somehow07:56
pittiNikTh: no idea why ppa-purge doesn't work; how did you call it?07:56
pittiit worked well enough some time ago07:56
NikThpitti: sudo ppa-purge ppa:pitti/systemd07:56
NikThpitti: ppa-purge is working on other ppas (I have tested it on other ppas just for sure)07:57
NikThpitti: Yes, the NM does not work on upstart if you have updated the packages with systemd repo.07:57
pittiNikTh: hm, NM works fine here07:58
pitti(with upstart)07:58
pittiNikTh: what's the output of "nmcli nm"?07:58
pittiand is NM running at all? (pidof NetworkManager)07:58
NikThNow I have booted in systemd , If I boot in upstart (now that I have updated through your repo) I don't have an active Internet connection. I can ping properly, but no application is able to resolve any host.07:59
pittiNikTh: right, so please give me the nmcli nm output under upstart; also, can you pastebin the complete ppa-purge output? this ought to work (and it's not specific to my PPA)08:01
zygapitti: hey, very cool the work you did on bringing systemd to Ubuntu! :-)08:01
pittizyga: it wasn't all that much really -- so far this is just what the Debian maintainers di :)08:01
NikThI suspect something with resolv.conf , because now (with init=/lib/systemd/systemd) I can see nameserver correctly in contents. When I boot without the parameter resolv.conf is empty.08:01
pittizyga: I merely created a lightdm unit, and our NM doesn't have units, everything else pretty much just worked08:02
pittiNikTh: right, that means NM/dnsmasq isn't running properly08:02
zygapitti: do you think it is realistic we'll see systemd in u series early on?08:02
zygapitti: as a default?08:02
pittizyga: not as default; we first need to provide systemd equivalents of all the /etc/init/* bits08:03
pittizyga: but  I do intend to upload the PPA contents to U as soon as it opens; so far this should be fairly harmless08:03
zygapitti: ah, right, I recall the transition uds sessions, it's a difficult nut to crack08:03
tjaaltoncould someone who knows grub2 have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/131124708:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311247 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "error: malformed file, press any key to continue" [Undecided,Incomplete]08:03
pittizyga: not particularly difficult, just some work (and probably merging with Debian and maybe stealing some units from Fedora)08:03
zygapitti: does systemd upstream support running as a user session?08:04
tjaaltona friend of mine hit that bug08:04
tjaaltonafter lts->lts upgrade08:04
NikThpitti: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=fLqniTEy08:04
pittizyga: yes, but we'll look at that after settling the systemd side; one step at a time08:04
zygapitti: well the transition decisions were hard (do we keep upstart to run unconverted jobs or do we break compatibility)08:04
pittizyga: first we need to make that rock solid, and also make this work on the server and phone08:04
pittizyga: see the BP; upstart should run as a "deputy init" for some time08:04
zygapitti: has there been a decision to switch on phablet now?08:05
* zyga wonders how that will affect our initial product launches08:05
pittiNikTh: what do you have in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ? is there a .list for my PPA at all?08:05
pittiNikTh: maybe that's already gone08:05
pittizyga: we of course can't do anything which breaks the phone; hence I just want to make this opt-in for now, so that interested developers can play with it, but we don't break anything08:06
zygapitti: nice, I indend to give it a try as soon as U opens08:07
* zyga wonders when U will get a name and when the archive will be open08:07
NikThpitti: is there, something wrecked I suspect with servers ? with launchpad ? I will test it again later.08:08
pittizyga: there's the PPA for now08:08
ogra_zyga, pitti will be very carefull, if he breaks the phone he knows i can whine in his ear all day for the rest of the cycle if needed ;)08:08
pittioh yes; and ogra_ lives near enough that I can hear him whining from here!08:08
ogra_pitti, could we get armhf builds in your PPA ?08:08
pittiogra_: my layman PPA doesn't have ARM, but I can do a manual build and put them on people or so08:09
pittiogra_: but U will be open soon enough, then we'll just get them from the archive :)08:09
ogra_pitti, just ask the LP team to enable armhf08:09
zygaogra_: heh :-)08:09
ogra_soon enough ... right08:09
pittidear sabdfl, please give us an adjective08:09
pittifor the Undeniable Unicorn08:09
pittior Untitled Ubuntu08:10
* ogra_ thinks this is a conspiracy between mark and randall ross to make planet more popular again 08:10
asacthe "unnamed ubuntu" :)08:10
asachehe right08:10
NikThpitti: What is your understanding on this ? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=6EbQSq8B08:10
ogra_suddenly everyone has it open again and hits F5 all day08:10
pittiNikTh: oh, suddenly it works?08:10
mvouber Uguisu08:11
zygauncanny underdog08:11
pittiyeah, http://www.list-of-animals.com/u.html is hopelessly small :/08:11
* mvo like uncanny underdog08:11
NikThpitti: I don't think it worked properly. Did not downgrade the packages properly.08:12
pittiactually, maybe ogra's head will look like http://www.list-of-animals.com/details-uakari after landing systemd :)08:12
zygalol :)08:12
ogra_LOL !08:12
pittiNikTh: hm, right; so it seems ppa-purge is broken :(08:13
pittiNikTh: what happens if you try: sudo apt-get install network-manager/trusty ?08:14
pittiNikTh: oh, you need to remove /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pitti-systemd-trusty.list first and run sudo apt-get update08:14
NikThpitti: I will try something else first.. wait. I have added the ppa again and I will try to remove it again, because ppa-purge worked as it should on other ppas. Only this one seems to have some difficulties.08:15
pittiNikTh: otherwise, try08:16
pittisudo dpkg --P --force-depends systemd08:16
pittisudo apt-get install {udev,network-manager,libgudev-1.0-0,lightdm,systemd-services,libpam-systemd,gir1.2-gudev-1.0,libnm-glib-vpn1,libnm-util2,gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0,libnm-glib4,liblightdm-gobject-1-0,libsystemd-login0,libsystemd-daemon0,libsystemd-journal0,libudev1,libudev1:i386}/trusty08:16
pittiNikTh: but yes, re-adding and re-removing sounds worth a try, too08:17
NikThpitti: what would you answer on this ? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=xAxT8vXH . I would answer yes, but as I said something weird is happening with the packages.08:18
pittiNikTh: yes, that looks right08:19
pittiNikTh: i. e. "y"08:19
NikThpitti: :-)08:20
pittiNikTh: the PPA removes systemd-services and adds systemd, so ppa-purge should revert that08:20
NikThpitti: Here is another funny part : http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Ln2CwpWk08:21
pittiNikTh: ah, yes; better do that when running under upstart; the trusty version has no idea about systemd, it assumes upstart is there08:23
NikThpitti:  the funny thing is that NM (as we said before) does not work under upstart, so it cannot read any packages list.08:26
pittiNikTh: it already downloaded everything, so it should08:26
pittiNikTh: but as I said, I have no idea why NM doesn't work for you, it does here; I need "nmcli nm" as a first step for debugging that08:27
pittiNikTh: but you should run apt-get install -f first; it seems with all the ppa-purge stuff you wrecked your packages quite a bit :(08:28
NikThpitti: quite a bit ? quite a LOT I would say. :P08:28
NikThI will reboot in upstart now.. what logs you may want to keep for the  NM/dnsmasq problem ?08:32
pittiNikTh: not sure yet; could be that NM doesn't start up at all (nmcli will fail then), or doesn't see the connections, etc.08:32
pittiNikTh: I kind of hope it fails to start completey (although I can't reproduce that), as everything else would be rather unrelated to upstart vs. systemd08:33
NikThOk, I'll see.  See you later.08:33
pittiNikTh: /var/log/syslog is interesting in most cases08:33
pittimvo: with python-apt, I can only call mark_install() on an apt.package.Package object; but I have already picked a (non-default) version from its .versions array, can I somehow mark *that* for install instead of the most current version?08:53
pittimvo: or do I have to call fetch_binary on the apt.package.Version object, and drop the usage of apt.apt_pkg.Acquire?08:54
mvopitti: yes, just change the candidate version and then call mark install08:56
mvopitti: i.e. pkg.candidate = some_different_ver should work08:57
pittimvo: ooh! thanks!08:57
mvopitti: if not let me know and point me to the code please so that I can poke around08:57
pittimvo: it works wonderfully, thanks!08:59
NikThpitti: I'm back :)08:59
mvopitti: great to hear09:00
NikThI have resolved(short of) the problem with resolv.conf in upstart mode. I "hacked" manually the /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head and added a custom nameserver like
pittiNikTh: so is NM running at all?09:01
NikThBut when I ran resolvconf -u guess what the message was ?09:01
NikThYes, NM was running, nmcli nm returned enabled  active running..09:01
NikThAs I told before that I can ping, but it cannot resolve any host.09:02
pittiso what was the error message?09:02
NikTh/etc/resolvconf/update.d/libc: Warning: /etc/resolv.conf is not a symbolic link to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf09:02
pittiok, that sounds rather unrelated to what boots your system :)09:04
NikThSo I made the symbolic link properly and now I am in upstart mode with NM full working. nslookup return the appropriate messages09:04
pittiNikTh: well, it could certainly be related to /etc/init/resolvconf.conf not having a systemd equivalent09:05
pitti(nor an init.d one)09:05
NikThThe thing here is that before I upgrade from your repo I didn't have any problem, but I will not insist, because I had one other testing repo except yours. :)09:05
NikThAnyway, I will try to fix the other errors now, with ppa-purge09:06
pittiNikTh: it could certainly be; in my VM /etc/resolv.conf isn't a symlink either09:06
pittiNikTh: so thanks for pointing that out!09:06
NikThpitti: I will still keep testing your repo/packages/systemd.. you can consider me as a tester on this migration :-) I  use  systemd in Arch Linux and Fedora.. so I think I can help a little bit  :)09:08
pittiNikTh: nice! yes, I just confirmed that booting with systemd replaces the symlink with a file; I'll fix that09:10
pittiNikTh: so, thanks for reporting that!09:11
NikThpitti: Ok. Glad I helped :-)09:11
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ogra_asac, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!09:15
pittioh, alles Gute asac!09:15
NikThpitti: ppa-pure now worked as it should. The user must purge the ppa in upstart mode (as you indicated earlier) or it will not work. Everything back to normal :)09:15
mvoohhh, asac HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)09:16
asacnow the public reminder :P09:18
asacogra_: pitti: mvo: thx09:18
asaci feel honoured to be with you guys on my birthday :P09:18
asaceven if only remotely09:19
seb128asac, happy birthday!09:20
asacseb128: thanks!09:21
mvoasac: haha09:25
asacmvo: at least you are ahead of me :) (i hope i remember correctly)09:26
mvoasac: I think so, yes - and ogra_ as well ;)09:29
ogra_yeah, i'm an old fart09:29
Laneyyou old guys...09:29
NoNameYet_xnoxLaney: =))) happy two years!10:11
mlankhorststill no name?10:11
LaneyNoNameYet_xnox: !!!10:11
mvoLaney: ohhh, congrats10:17
Laneymvo: thanks10:18
Laneyxnox too (we're twins)10:18
seb128NoNameYet_xnox, is there for as long as Laney is?10:21
seb128happy anniversary guys ;-)10:21
NoNameYet_xnoxseb128: yeah =) on parole that is, Laney was in the community for longer than I have been.10:22
seb128NoNameYet_xnox, k, that's probably why it feels like Laney has been there for ever ;-)10:26
Laneydoesn't to me :P10:27
dholbachasac, happy birthday! :)10:29
asacdholbach: o/10:34
zygaasac: happy birthday :-)10:37
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dokoasac, wußte ich doch daß asac für "Alter S***" steht ;-P  Viel Spaß beim Zählen der Jahresringe =)10:40
asacdoko: :P10:41
asacimmer diese typisch deutschen witze10:41
asaczyga: thanks!10:41
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NoNameYet_xnoxdoko: wouldn't it be helpful for gcc-multilib to ship e.g. i386-linux-gnu-gcc (et.al.) binaries/symlinks?11:06
NoNameYet_xnox(for symmetry with gcc:i386 on i386)11:07
dokocan't be symlinks, and needs some thoughts what the defaults should be ...11:11
work_alkisgThere's a translateable string in gedit that sets the preferred encoding for the current locale. It was translated wrong for the "el" locale until today, when I notified the gnome-gr team and we fixed it upstream.11:29
work_alkisgI want to backport that translation for previous versions of Ubuntu, e.g. 12.04, 14.04 etc. If I go to translations.launchpad.net and edit it (I have the required rights), it'll show up in the next "language-pack-el", right? Or do I need to file a bug report/SRU about it?11:29
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NoNameYet_xnoxalkisg: yes, just edit it on translations.lauchpad.net for all affected releases. a lang-pack refresh will pick it up.11:35
alkisgThank you NoNameYet_xnox, done: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/gedit/+pots/gedit/el/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=ISO-8859-1511:36
NoNameYet_xnoxalkisg: i think we do langpack refresh at point releases so 14.04.1 and 12.04.5 will have it fixed.11:36
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caribouLaney: I have a question regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sosreport/+bug/129675512:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1296755 in sosreport (Ubuntu Saucy) "sosreport archive /var/lib/maas by default" [Medium,In progress]12:15
caribouLaney: you added a task for Quantal-backport, any reason for that ? this release is EOL12:16
Laneycaribou: It's not, not for a few weeks yet12:18
caribouLaney: is it worth going through the backport trouble for that ? I wouldn't think so12:18
caribouLaney: sosreport is mainly used by the support engineers12:18
Laneyit's up to you12:19
caribouLaney: ok, I will mark the Quantal backport as "Wont fix" and concentrate on Precise12:19
LaneyIf you want to update it in P then that's what is needed12:19
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LaneySo sez the rules of backports12:20
caribouLaney: you mean I just have to wait a week and I'll only have to worry about precise ?12:21
LaneyProbably more like 4 weeks, but there's no announcement about that yet12:21
caribouLaney: well, both P & Q sosreport versions are the same; I'll build debdiffs for both12:21
caribouLaney: thanks for the details12:22
LaneyDon't think it'll be hard to boot a Quantal VM and see if it runs12:22
Laneythe standard required isn't very high12:22
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argesTrevinho: hi, I'm looking at bug 723167, and notice that this issue was partially fixed. Would you like me to open a new bug, or mark this bug back to 'New' status. Thanks13:38
ubottubug 723167 in cairo (Ubuntu) "Fuzzy fonts caused by Cairo antialiasing artifacts with Radiance theme." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72316713:38
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slangasekpitti: I certainly expect that systemd will be providing /sbin/init eventually, and we're not going to have to manually boot, if that's what you mean14:31
pittislangasek: ah, so we don't want a separate systemd-sysv, just move /sbin/init, poweroff, etc. from upstart to systemd?14:32
pittislangasek: (as we only support one system, not multiple as Debian)14:32
slangasekpitti: I think that would be the eventual goal; I'm not sure we need to diverge in the other direction from the Debian packaging14:32
pittislangasek: ok; well, let's figure that out when the time comes :)14:33
pittidebian delta wise, it might just be easiest to have systemd-sysv after all14:33
Logan_Riddell: yeah, everything seems to be in limbo due to not having a codename14:37
Logan_we can't even update distro-info-data properly yet14:37
Adri2000almost one week after the release :/14:39
Riddellseems most unprofessional14:41
pittiRiddell: yes, it's really blocked; you wouldn't know what to put into debian/changelog and the .changes file, for starters14:44
dobeypitti: "unstable" :)14:45
pittidobey: I still call dibs on "Untitled Ubuntu"14:45
Logan_sabdfl is letting us down14:46
pittiPPAs FTW..14:47
NoNameYet_xnoxpitti: well, you can upload to "devel" but that would still at the moment end up in trusty's queue.14:47
pittiyeah, wrong target14:47
Logan_nice nick, Dimitri :P14:47
ogra_Logan_, dont you have to call him John now ?14:48
NoNameYet_xnoxpitti: at one point there was a plan to use devel alias all the time (like in debian) but apt complaints about something (can't remember i think if one uses devel in sources.list)14:48
pittiNoNameYet_xnox: I had used devel in apt sources for quite some time; but I reverted it as I ran into hash sum mismatches way more often than with "trusty"14:49
NoNameYet_xnoxpitti: it would be nice if we could keep devel always open, similar to how fedora's raw-hide is always open, and stable release is simply branched at FF or some such.14:49
pittiNoNameYet_xnox: I mainly suspect that the symlinks interact badly with apt-cacher-ng14:49
pittiNoNameYet_xnox: rolling release! *cough*14:49
Logan_NoNameYet_xnox: so... Debian?14:49
NoNameYet_xnoxLogan_: well that's how i've been doing my merges yesterday - > by forwarding patches to debian and tricking maintainers to upload them =)14:50
Logan_that's the best way to do them :)14:50
NoNameYet_xnoxi guess i should start mass NMUs....14:50
barryi just want my tab completion to stop getting confused on "tru" when i have both trusty and trunk directories14:51
Logan_could we maybe make "u-series" an alias for whatever adjective he comes up with?14:52
NoNameYet_xnoxbarry: well i have "trusty" and "u-series"14:53
barryNoNameYet_xnox: yeah.  i always branch into a dir named after the series.  it was a bit painful last cycle ;)14:55
MacSlowjamesh_, ping15:09
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ryanpriorIs there a PPA for the latest Qt and Qt Creator on 13.10?15:55
Logan_ryanprior: looks like https://launchpad.net/~alexey-ivanov/+archive/qtcreator has the latest Qt Creator15:59
ryanpriorLogan_: thanks. Looks like that's still Qt4. I'm also interested in using the latest Qt but I haven't been able to find a repo with both the latest Qt and the latest Qt Creator.16:03
Logan_build from source?16:03
ryanpriorLogan_: I can sure do that. I just figured that since Ubuntu has been doing so much Qt work already, somebody might already be tracking the latest stable releases so that I wouldn't have to.16:04
ryanpriorLogan_: if I start building from source at every new stable release, I might as well maintain a PPA with the latest Qt and Qt Creator packages. But I figured somebody  here might already be doing that.16:06
NoNameYet_xnoxryanprior: what do you define as "latest"?16:06
NoNameYet_xnoxryanprior: qt5 in ubuntu is at 5.2.116:07
NoNameYet_xnoxryanprior: which is latest stable release at this point.16:08
ryanpriorNoNameYet_xnox: in Saucy it's 5.0.216:08
Logan_ryanprior: why not upgrade?16:09
NoNameYet_xnoxryanprior: upgrade to 14.04 LTS, it's out now.16:09
ryanpriorNoNameYet_xnox: because I'm in the middle of development and don't have a second machine I can get all set up and migrate to. If I screw up my only machine during upgrade then I'll have to sink a day restoring my data and configuration from backups.16:10
NoNameYet_xnoxryanprior: or start 14.04 in lxc container / chroot to launch/use newer qt.16:10
NoNameYet_xnoxor use a VM.16:10
NoNameYet_xnoxryanprior: trying to retro-fit 5.2 onto 13.10 is the surest way to break your machine, since it's a large transition which is only correctly compatible with 14.04.16:11
ryanpriorNoNameYet_xnox: okay, I'll look into the chroot option. That sounds pretty sensible.16:11
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Logan_guess who just got a text about a post by Mark :D17:28
Logan_(I love it)17:28
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UtopicUnicornNoNameYet_xnox: time to change your nick :P17:35
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zygaohhh yes17:40
zygaunicorns it is17:40
* zyga looks forward to natty narwhal videos for unicorns 17:40
UtopicUnicornI'm going to need the t-shirt for this release17:42
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zygadobey: but is that a *utopic* unocirn ;) ?17:55
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
dobeyzyga: well it's not a breezy badger, waving its arms around18:01
* zyga loves this job18:01
QuintasanI guess it's time for some rainbows in default wallpapers18:03
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apwpitti, i seem to remember us talking (maybe at a real uds so this could be old) that mountall should but did not fix premounted filesystem's options to match mtab, for things like /proc and /sys; can you recall the discussion?18:30
apwpitti, and, ugg, does this flow over into systemd at all18:30
ogra_apw, doesnt systemd require that mounting happens in the initrd ?18:31
* ogra_ heard that somewhere ... might be a myth 18:31
* apw looks clueless about systemd (pretty impressive over irc i recon)18:32
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bdmurraympt: Do you a suggestion for a color for the retracers graph for failed retraces for 14.10? https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~daisy-pluckers/errors/trunk/view/head:/errors/static/js/retracers.js20:59
infinitybdmurray: Pink.  With unicorns surfing the peaks.21:01
Logan_well, that's just special21:25
Logan_I proposed a merge for a branch that I can push to21:26
dobeyi do that daily :)21:27
Logan_it was a minor change that didn't really need approval, and I didn't realize I had access to the branch :P21:28
Logan_tumbleweed: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/revision/142021:39
Logan_fixed that from your change in 2011: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/revision/1201.1.33 :P21:39
Logan_it was quitting if people said "yes" and continuing if "no"21:39
Logan_and it was asking if people wanted to continue :P21:39
tumbleweedLogan_: thanks21:43
Logan_no problem21:44
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