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maegeHi there10:38
maegeDoes anybody else have problems unlocking from the lock screen?10:38
maegeIt says "Authentication Error"10:38
magbeatI am stuck on a wrong lockscreen10:48
magbeatI did an upgrade from 13.1010:48
mgedminscreen (un)locking works for me12:57
mgedminis it me or is gnome-shell in 14.04 crashier than it was in 13.10 (+ppa)?13:08
mgedminabout one refcount assertion crash a day13:08
DASPRiDgnome-shell 3.12 from the ppa?13:13
mgedmin3.10 from the main archuve13:20
mgedminis 3.12 uploaded yet?  I'll have to try it out13:20
DASPRiD3.10 works stable here13:32
mgedmingood to know13:34
mgedminhey my keyboard layout is US English all of a sudden13:40
DASPRiDknown bug13:40
mgedminI'd appreciate a link or at least a package name13:41
DASPRiDgimme a sec13:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1300435 in Ubuntu GNOME "Keyboard layout switches randomly" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:41
mgedminyup, looks like it13:43
spaesI have a dual monitor setup. when I first installed ubuntu gnome 14.04 last week I was given the option to set the primary display in the gnome display settings. however since then, that setting no longer appears. does anyone know why, and/or how i can get it back? by default it chooses the wrong primary display and i would like to fix that.14:12
spaesi went into ~/.config/monitors.xml and manually changed the primary setting and that worked.14:27
spaeshopefully it will keep working after another reboot14:27
majodhm. every time i have 2 users logged in and switch (not log out) between accounts, suddenly my accounts are not listed in login screen and im stuck there. have to press ctrl alt f7 to get at least one user's lock screen...on 14.0416:56
magbeatI solved my problems with the lock screen by purging lightdm and unity-greeter20:13
spaesmagbeat: i was just about to ask if there were any good packages to try purging. thanks for the suggestion.20:20
spaesseems like a few things are smoother, but i'm not sure yet21:05
DASPRiDmagbeat, uhm21:25
DASPRiDmagbeat, ubuntu gnome uses GDM21:25

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