rpadovaniPricey, thanks :-)00:01
IdleOneWhy does the IRCC have to request a account name change on the cloak?00:27
PiciIdleOne: we don't.01:00
IdleOnePici: so why did you "ircc" have to request/approve the cloak change?01:00
PiciIdleOne: because it was a change of a cloak.01:01
IdleOneright but the part that changed was the part used for the account name01:01
Picicloaks don't need to contain the account name.01:01
IdleOnebut that is usually how ubuntu/member cloaks are, with the account name01:02
IdleOneSo again, why did it need approval?01:02
PiciWhat if someone changed their account name to something unfamily friendly01:02
Piciits a valid account, but not something that we'd really like to advertise as being Ubuntu related.01:03
IdleOnePici: These are ubuntu members. They have signed the CoC. if they did that I would hope that there membership status gets reviewed.01:03
PiciIdleOne: It is freenode's polic that every affiliated cloak change requires the GC's approval.01:03
Pici(unless they are removing the cloak from themselves)01:03
IdleOneThere we go. that is all I wanted to know. it is not an Ubuntu IRC policy.01:04
IdleOnethank you :)01:04
MooDoohello all06:03
Unit193Jello all.06:03
IdleOneyellow all06:11
MooDoosmart arses :D06:12
IdleOnetoot toot06:13
Unit193*Gasp* How did he know?!06:26
* jussi shoots IdleOne in the foot07:21
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