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thomas_how do i take a lock off02:15
thomas_i need help02:15
pittiGood morning04:55
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elfyballoons: you happy to lose Ubuntu One from testcases now?14:11
balloonselfy, hmm.. we'll certainly archive them on the tracker.. and yea, I guess we remove them too.. version control after all, eh? But we can't actually delet them from the tracker db easily, so that would be a case for them to stay in the repo14:35
elfyballoons: perhaps we're talking at cross-purposes - I'm talking about removing references to ubuntu one in install testcases14:40
balloonselfy, ohh I was thinking we added a ubuntu one test itself.. perhaps we never did. Yes, certainly we can remove the references14:41
elfyslickymasterWork checked my MP earlier today14:41
elfyok - cool - the MP included a  new testcase for studio - their install has a bit no-one else's does14:41
elfyballoons: I shall try to get to -classroom channels later on :)15:24
balloonselfy, :-) open week always slips up on me, it's in the nice calm period after release15:25
elfyI'll see if I can come up with a really nasty question :p15:26
elfyor try and help in the -chat one a bit15:26
cgoldbergballoons, ping... so i want to write an blog post on Autopilot.  yet another brief introduction... but with some nice code samples.  my blog is syndicated on planet python and canonical voices...  we need more community juice flowing to AP :)15:57
cgoldbergballoons, but I'm lazy and the docs already explain most everything I want to say.   Do you think it's kosher to reblog some of the Documentation content.  And then I'll write examples using a little Qt5 app that I'll write (AP docs use a Qt4 app).16:00
balloonscgoldberg, go for it! Having things in the docs isn't bad, and rehasing it slightly for a blog post I think is fine16:00
cgoldbergcool.  gonna work on it a little each day, hopefully have it ready in a few days16:01
balloonscgoldberg, so you want it to be an intro again eh?16:01
cgoldbergbasically yes.. showing an app.. writing a cursory AP test for it, explain the parts of the test.... then show how to run it.16:02
cgoldbergsort of an updated version of this:  http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/tutorial/getting_started.html#a-simple-test16:03
balloonsok, but using qt5 ..16:03
cgoldbergaimed at testers and python hackers.  not at casual ubuntu user.16:03
cgoldbergyea PyQt516:04
balloonsgotcha gotcha16:04
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cgoldbergballoons, i want to write more advanced posts... but I need a base one that explains some mechanics that i can refer back to.  and there's no Intro that's at the level I like16:05
elfyballoons: ok - done those syncs now16:05
balloonscgoldberg, I think pushing the level is just fine. There is an audience for more in-depth things, however small. If nothing else, it allows you to go to the next level if you've hacked on AP or a bit16:07
cgoldbergballoons, ok.. 1 intro post, then advanced topics for future posts16:08
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alesagequick q: any ideas for how to use autopilot to get back to the greeter?16:42
balloonson the phone?16:43
alesageballoons, yes on the phone, good q16:43
alesageballoons, trying to validate that the background image has changed16:43
balloonsalesage, ahh.. so you want to maintain introspecting the original app then eh?16:44
alesageballoons, not sure I understand16:44
alesageballoons, actually not really needing to return to the app16:45
alesagewanting autopilot to reach a finger and press the 'sleep' button twice16:46
balloonsalesage, I get what you are asking, sorry to confuse. Off the top, I'm not sure autopilot is the best for this, but, you could close the app and do validation in the teardown. The thing is, autopilot can't introspect the greeter unless you launch with it16:46
alesageballoons, aha interesting, so getting the greeter to launch, it'll still be around probably16:47
elopioballoons: who's the developer of the rss?17:19
balloonselopio, there's a few folks.. not sure any are online now, but I can give you contact info17:19
elopioballoons: or, the music devs.17:19
elopioI'm looking for a workaround they have in the swipe-to-delete17:20
balloonselopio, andrew and victor are the music devs17:20
balloonselopio, see #ubuntu-app-devel, andrew is around right now, I pinged you and him17:21
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balloonsopenweek session time, feel free to observe in #ubuntu-classroom18:02
elfyobserve? I has leading questions ...18:10
balloonselfy, I expect nothing less of you18:10
elfyjust one comment so far - replace ubuntu with FAMILY :p18:11
balloonselfy, well said..18:14
elfyballoons: light relief when you get a moment http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221927118:16
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balloonsI see unicorns in my future18:22
elfyI saw the future ages ago lol18:24
elfyyour lottery ticket numbers are ...18:25
elfyballoons: so I wasn't aware that there was an ap channel as well - not that I would be ;)19:02
balloonselfy, right you probably weren't. I swapped to using it more and more.. and other folks certainly do so as you'll get better answers there than here :-)19:02
elfythe thing I find hard is that almost all the talk in here is ap related and when someone does want to talk about something else - it gets completely swamped19:02
balloonsbut I certainly shoot the breeze on anything in here.. I like lively channels, but not everyone is the same19:03
elfyI understand that ap is important obviously19:03
balloonsyour feedback is important. I'll be sure to make an effort to not swamp the channel with AP stuff19:03
balloonsthere is more going on :-)19:03
elfyyea yea - totally agree - but I could see that if someone new did come in here about something other than ap - I bet half the time they'd not bother saying anything if irc is new to them19:04
balloonsmostly I think it would be useful for more testers to just hop on IRC while testing19:04
balloonsI feel like it would be very helpful19:04
elfyand *we* are trying to get people involved with *us* where ap is not much help at the moment19:04
balloonsnot many people understand irc19:04
elfywebchat makes that easier19:05
balloonsdkessel, you about? How did the trusty release treat you?19:05
elfywhat I would hate is for this channel to have tumbleweed in it though ...19:05
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* patdk-wk runs around looking for tumbleweeds19:11
elfypatdk-wk: here you are http://i.imgur.com/WybNkNw.gif?119:15
elfyballoons: can we try and get something done with see removed/superseded build on the tracker bug this cycle?19:27
elfythe bug that I can't find the number for :(19:27
balloonselfy, bug # again?19:27
balloonsahh yes THAT one19:27
elfyit's one of yours is as close as I can get atm :p19:27
balloonsis it an stgraber issue?19:28
elfyI think so19:28
elfybug 112644919:29
ubot5bug 1126449 in Ubuntu QA Website "Getting a historical results report for a product is difficult" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112644919:29
elfyand now I see it in my list of commented bugs ...19:30
cgoldbergelfy, for AP specific questions, feel free to politely direct people to #ubuntu-autopilot ... it's not quite as lively as here, but all the AP devs are always in it, and questions are noticed generally get good responses19:38
elfycgoldberg: it's really not a huge issue most of the time - just when I'm after something :)19:39
cgoldberggotcha.. but can keep that in mind of a newb stops by hogs the channel with AP questions :)19:40
elfycgoldberg: bit hard for me to tell that - as I tend to blank out ap conversations so generally don't know if someone is a newb to it or not19:41
elfyand the fact that it's all voodoo to me :)19:41
cgoldbergrather than blanking, just say "btw, there is also #ubuntu-autopilot, it is specifically for AP related questions" :)19:42
elfyI wonder though if blog posts that talk of ap - talk of #ubuntu-quality or #ubuntu-autopilot ?19:42
cgoldberg#ubuntu-autopilot is rather unpublicized19:43
cgoldbergelfy, when i blog next about AP, i'll mention both channels and what they are for19:44
elfynot that I expect people to read the topic - perhaps it could be in there too19:44
elfyballoons: ^^19:44
cgoldbergtopic needs to be changed anyway :)  Trusty is the present, not the future19:45
elfyiso tracker has unicorns19:46
elfycgoldberg: yea :)19:46
balloonsohh topic updates19:53
elfyelfy said unicorn in January - he's the kiddy !19:54
balloonsi'll update the topic too elfy19:54
balloonson AP stuff I mean :-)19:54
elfythanks :)19:55
elfyLooking towards a Utopian Future!19:55
dkesselballoons: good evening. what do you mean "treat me"?19:55
balloonsmwahaha, the power!19:56
dkesselI love the choice ... unicorn ftw!19:56
balloonsdkessel, my english doesn't translate well. I'm asking how the trusty upgrade went, how your machines are running, etc19:56
balloonsand in general, just saying hello!19:56
* dkessel waves :)19:57
dkesseloh yes. well everything went fine :) upgraded the wife's and parents' machines to trusty so that I won't have to keep upgrading versions every 6 months ;)19:58
dkesseloh BTW I got married two weeks ago19:59
dkesselmy main desktop has been on trusty a long time, so no surprises there19:59
elfycongratulations dkessel :)20:00
elfynot on the upgrades ... ;)20:00
elfystgraber: not that I'm impatient - but when is the package tracker likely to be ready?20:01
=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-quality to: Welcome to Ubuntu Quality | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam | Unicorns are in our future! Want to help make a better unicorn? Join us! | Curious about what testing in ubuntu entails? http://goo.gl/EwKWWK | For help with autopilot, try #ubuntu-autopilot.
elfyty balloons :)20:02
balloonsdkessel, congrats on getting married! I wish you and your spouse a happy and bright future20:02
balloonsit's wonderful to have a partner in life :-)20:02
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dkesselthank you guys :)20:03
dkesselis there a date for the vUDS-U yet?20:05
elfywill anyone go?20:05
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dkesselor will it not be V anymore?20:07
elfyI can't see it being a real one dkessel20:07
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dkesselI fear the date will be announced late again20:18
elfyisn't it then?20:21
elfyballoons: ^^20:21
balloonselfy, the June dates? yes that's the planned date20:22
balloonswanted to get in front of late announces, heh, but we need to remember to announce several more times as it gets close20:22
elfyfor vUDS or whatever it's called now20:22
balloonsyep, vUDS. Should be interesting since the LTS is behind us, and LOTS of ideas are ahead20:23
elfyI find it hard to get to these things - as I suspect do a lot of people that don't work for Canonical20:25
elfynot that it makes much difference to me - at least it's free if I do manage to get to a session :)20:25
balloonsyea.. it's plus or minus.. at a physical event, it's easy to get together, but it's a limited group who can attend20:26
balloonswith vUDS, anyone can attend, except timezones and real life invades20:26
balloonsit's hard for those outside the european friendly timezones.. folks in Australia, NZD and Asia have a lot of trouble20:27
elfynot an easy ask20:28
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