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stokachucjwatson: hey when you get a chance would you mind looking over bug 131127412:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311274 in Ubuntu Untitled "Include sosreport into ubuntu-seeds/cloud-image" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131127412:27
bregmahey guise I have a bunch of Unity and Compiz bugfixes for 14.04, some of which will obviously require an SRU, but do I require going through the SRU process for every single bug fix or can some fixes be uploaded without?13:13
seb128bregma, having different bugs/testcases help to build confidence in the update, but I think not having a bug reference for every change is fine, as long as you have one that covers those changes to make sure to regression test the update13:25
seb128I'm not in the SRU team though13:25
seb128so to be confirmed by others13:25
bregmaseb128, we've got bug references for every bug, I just want clarification if we need to SRU every bug13:26
seb128but we often have "upstream bugsfix updates" as SRUs with a bug describing the update and what to test/check for13:26
seb128if you list them in the changelog they should be SRU compliant yet13:26
bregmamostly because it's going to quickly become unscalable13:26
seb128otherwise it's going to create issues with the process13:26
seb128why not?13:27
seb128if those are identified issue with fixes it shouldn't be that difficult to have a testcase for each13:27
seb128if you don't want to do that just don't list them in the changelog13:27
sil2100Hello SRU team! There are 3 packages in the UNAPPROVED queue that we think are ready from the SRU-point of view - it's ubuntu-push, webbrowser-app, unity-webapps-googleplus15:22
sil2100All those packages have SRU-ready bugs15:22
infinitybregma: If you're asking if you need an upload per bug, absolutely not.15:31
infinitybregma: One upload with all the bugs fixed, and proper references for each is what we expect to see.15:31
bdmurrayinfinity: could you release app-install-data-ubuntu early to fix bug 1161283?16:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1161283 in app-install-data-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Problems reported with .desktop files for sonic-visualiser" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116128316:12
infinitybdmurray: Yeah, can do in a sec.16:14
infinitybdmurray: Can you find someone to do verification on bug #1308354?  It didn't get all properly linked to things, cause mvo messed up the changelog...16:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 1308354 in software-center (Ubuntu Trusty) "Password revealed when pasted with Ctrl-V" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130835416:14
infinity(You'd think whoever accepted that upload would have noticed)16:14
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bdmurrayinfinity: okay, I've verified that fix if you want to release it early so we don't forget which bug it fixes.16:42
infinitybdmurray: Ta.16:52
=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Released: Trusty Final | Archive: Limbo | Utopic Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | We accept payment in cash, check or beer | melior malum quod cognoscis
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ogra_is the archive open yet17:32
infinityogra_: You're joking, I hope.17:34
* ogra_ taps foot17:34
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stgraberyay, I can finally start doing Ubuntu stuff (was pretty much doing upstream work only till now). I'll setup the tracker and system-image after lunch then.18:00
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davmor2hey guys when will Quantal be retired?18:13
davmor2also for that matter saucy18:13
sergiusensdavmor2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases18:15
infinitydavmor2: I'll send out warning announcements later tonight.  The wiki is probably wrong, FWIW.18:16
sergiusensinfinity: so not this month?18:16
davmor2sergiusens: yes I was more after date then month ;)18:17
infinitysergiusens: Next month.  Got extended a bit to stagger upgrades and not have people panicking due to the weird support cycle changes in the last few releases.  Then it'll be business as usual going forward.18:17
davmor2infinity: thanks dude18:17
Logan_infinity: I've got someone in #ubuntu who is not getting any new releases with a do-release-upgrade - Prompt=normal, and lsb_release -a spits out 13.10 - what gives?18:32
infinityLogan_: Not sure, ask bdmurray.18:37
Logan_bdmurray: ^18:37
bdmurrayLogan_: have them run DEBUG_UPDATE_MANAGER=1 /usr/bin/do-release-upgrade'18:40
bdmurraywell without the '18:40
bdmurrayIt might be bug 131089118:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1310891 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Trusty) "cached meta-release file should not be saved if it is html" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131089118:41
Logan_bdmurray: <Sinistrad> Logan_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316720/18:44
Logan_(at the bottom)18:44
Logan_looks exactly like that bug, eh?18:45
bdmurrayno it doesn't say "reading file" does it?18:45
Logan_no, no it doesn't18:46
Logan_bdmurray: if you want to debug with him directly, he's Sinistrad in #ubuntu :P18:46
Logan_or I can have him come in here18:47
bdmurraythat's okay how about #ubuntu-bugs18:47
bdmurrayor have him check the contents of the files that are read in the bug report I mentioned18:47
cjwatson^- lack of bug number, I've talked to the lander18:57
infinitycjwatson: Sure.19:05
cjwatsondisabling publisher19:05
cjwatsonutopic -> FROZEN19:06
infinitycjwatson: I'll toss up milestones.19:06
cjwatsonbranching seeds19:06
cjwatsoninfinity: I think you can safely +initseries if you want19:07
cjwatson(don't remember whether ~launchpad can do that)19:07
infinitycjwatson: I can do it.  Did you want to poke WeBops to pre-emptively disable the possibly-offensive lock contender first?19:08
cjwatsonso glad I wrote branch-seeds, avoids having to pay attention19:08
cjwatsoninfinity: nah, let's see if it works by itself19:08
cjwatson(it might do, I think some jobs have moved around a bit)19:10
infinitycjwatson: Does "auto-select" for arch indep work, or should I be paranoid and click i386?19:11
cjwatsoninfinity: What's the exact text?19:12
infinityArchitecture independent builder:19:12
infinity    Auto select19:12
infinity    amd6419:12
infinity    arm6419:12
infinity    armhf19:12
infinity    i38619:12
infinity    powerpc19:12
infinity    ppc64el19:12
cjwatsonPretty sure I just left it at the defaults last time, but double-checking19:12
infinityI'm assuming the default should work, I've just never played with this form before. :)19:13
cjwatsonYeah, pretty certain auto select is fine19:14
cjwatsonNot that being explicit hurts19:14
infinityButton pressed.19:14
cjwatsonSeeds branched19:14
infinityBack to milestones...19:14
cjwatson2014-04-23 19:15:21 INFO    Running <InitializeDistroSeriesJob for distribution: ubuntu, distroseries: utopic, parent[overlay?/pockets/components]: jessie[False/Release/], architectures: (u'amd64', u'arm64', u'armhf', u'i386', u'powerpc', u'ppc64el'), archindep_arch19:16
cjwatsonSo no lock problem19:16
infinityHah.  LP is timing out creating milestones.  La la la.19:17
cjwatsonStill need to do germinate output, but all the seeds exist on the mirror now which is good enough for the publisher19:18
infinityWait, that's not a timeout, that's something more insidious.19:19
infinityI'm getting the "Please try again" error page.19:19
cjwatsonDo you have an oops?19:19
infinityNo, see above.19:19
infinityOOPSless, it's the page you get during maint.19:19
cjwatsonOh.  Looks normal here, I can manual/auto a builder just fine ...19:20
cjwatsonMaybe you can't create milestones during IDS?19:20
* infinity shrugs and moves down the list to see what can happen in parallel.19:20
infinityI can do the bootstrap archive twiddling.19:21
cjwatsonYou could probably do the edit-acl too19:22
cjwatson12 and 1319:22
cjwatsonNoNameYet_xnox: Your nick is wrong now. :-)  Do you know how to branch-distro?  Not quite time yet but will be shortly19:22
infinityI did those post-release.19:22
infinityWell, I did 12 post-release.  13 might need doing (but it implies it should maybe be automatic)19:23
cjwatsonOh, yeah, IDS might do it19:24
cjwatsonIn fact it might grant ubuntu-sru access too since we did 12 early ...19:24
cjwatsonSo you'll want to check that19:24
cjwatsonIWBNI IDS gave any intermediate feedback whatsoever.  *nervous*19:26
cjwatsonI'm sure it was more like 7min last time19:28
cjwatsonAh, there19:28
cjwatson2014-04-23 19:28:44 INFO    Ran 1 InitializeDistroSeriesJob jobs.19:29
cjwatsonre-enabled publisher, will run in ~4mins19:30
infinityAhh, milestone creation works now.19:31
cjwatson(Also, I can't add, publisher will be at :33)19:31
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, drat, it copied the perms from trusty.  of course.19:35
* infinity will edit.19:35
cjwatsonpublisher taking ages to say anything for some reason; I guess it lacks logging in this situation19:36
cjwatsonAh, there19:38
cjwatson2014-04-23 19:37:08 INFO    Creating archive indexes for utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-security, utopic-updates, utopic-proposed.19:38
infinityAlright, queue rights look sane, bootstrap archive fixed up.19:38
infinitycjwatson: Should be good to go to toss in chroots now?19:38
infinityAhh, yes, should be.19:38
infinityThrowing in trusty chroots for now, will fix (and reenable bootstrap bits) later.19:39
cjwatsonI've taught archive-reports etc. about utopic; it may be temporarily confused but whatever19:40
infinityI'll do a partner copy in a sec.19:41
cjwatsoninfinity: I think I have to go now, but the delicate bit is done.  I suggest compare-archives after this publisher run + archive-reports and then the second publisher should fix everything up properly19:41
infinitycjwatson: *nods*19:42
cjwatsonSo yay19:42
cjwatsonIf you want to continue wittering here then I can pick up later19:42
stgraberqatracker is ready for utopic (copied manifest over from trusty, setup testsuites and daily milestone)19:42
* stgraber goes to create a few system-image channels now19:43
cjwatsonBTW proposed-migration is stopped by way of ~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/STOP19:43
cjwatsonSo if you get to the point where you want it to run again and you're sure it has been adequately educated, rm that19:43
infinitycjwatson: Check.19:43
cjwatsonActually I can minimally educate it now19:43
cjwatsonI wonder if autopkgtest will work with utopic19:46
cjwatsonah there's an entry for that19:46
cjwatsonjibel: could you please set up autopkgtest for utopic?19:47
cjwatsonproposed-migration configured for utopic (but still stopped)19:47
infinitycjwatson: Ta.19:47
infinityI think I've angered LP with my chroot uploads.19:49
* infinity taps his foot.19:49
cjwatsoninfinity: (oh look, still slightly around) compare-archives looks fine19:58
cjwatsonso we're up to and including 10, except for 819:59
cjwatsonassuming you got milestones done19:59
infinityMilestones done.20:00
infinityPartner should be okay once it publishes my copy.  I'll wait another cycle.20:00
infinity12 and 13 are done.20:00
infinity14 and 15 are done.20:00
cjwatson18 (merge-o-matic) done20:01
infinitycjwatson: Can we turn on p-m without adt working, or will it explode?20:01
cjwatson... I forget20:01
cjwatsonyou could disable it by temporarily emptying ADT_SERIES20:01
cjwatsonor just let it explode and force things as needed20:02
cjwatsonit shouldn't explode in a way that permanently blocks p-m or anything20:02
infinityWell, depends on the definition of "explode". :)20:02
infinityIf it just fails all the tests, that's "fine" for now.20:02
cjwatsonYeah, I think that's the worst case20:02
infinitySo, 8 and 17...20:02
infinityAnd 16.20:03
cjwatsonNo rush on 17, I'll do that later / tomorrow20:03
cjwatson8 can either wait until xnox is around or you can see if a webop knows how20:03
infinityI did 13.20:03
infinitySo, we can defer 8, 16, and 17, and I think we're up to toolchain bits.20:04
infinity(Once the publisher runs again)20:04
cjwatsonshould be safe to jam in whatever toolchain bits we have now, yeah20:05
infinitydoko: That's your cue for binutils/gcc, if you're still around.20:05
infinityI'll let my base-files in to build once this publisher settles.20:06
cjwatsonIDS has over-copied a spare grub-efi-amd64 for some reason but I'll look into that tomorrow, ignore for now if you happen to be fine-tooth-combing compare-archives20:06
infinityI'm taking your word on compare-archives, I don't think it needs two of us.20:06
infinityskype just published to partner, will check that archive once the mirror pushes.20:07
cjwatsonsecond publisher is mostly done; you should be all good there now20:07
cjwatsonall it really lacks at this point is Contents, which I expect will be filled in tonight20:08
infinityYeah, should be good to let base-files build and see if it implodes.20:08
cjwatsonreally gone20:08
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dokoinfinity, cjwatson: thatÄs for tomorrow morning20:09
infinitydoko: Do either of your uploads need to be pre-open, or do you just want them pre-debian-import?20:09
infinity(ie: is there much of an argument to wait on them?)20:10
dokoinfinity, the binutils upload should be pre-open, I don't care about the other ones (besides the ruby default, but ScottK did volunteer for this)20:11
infinitydoko: Kay.  The binutils you already had prepped, right?  Want me to just grab it from chinstrap, twiddle the changelog target and upload for you?20:12
infinitybase-files builds looked sane.20:12
dokoI thought you didn't want to rush things?20:13
infinitydistro-info-data looks sane too, if someone wants to SRU that.20:13
* stgraber does the usual extras.ubuntu.com trick to generate the needed indices20:14
infinitybdmurray: Feel like snagging my distro-info-data delta from utopic and SRUing it back to current releases?20:14
infinitybdmurray: I'll review, and we can push an instant release if it all looks sane.20:15
infinitybdmurray: (Or vice versa, I can do the SRUs and you can review)20:15
infinitypartner looks published correctly.20:15
bdmurrayI'll do the SRU if you could review my P and S fixes for bug 131139620:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1311396 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Saucy) "broken croatian translation results in traceback in new release notification" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131139620:16
infinitybdmurray: Looking.20:19
infinitybdmurray: Is that what was being reported on IRC a little while back, or something else?20:20
infinityOh, must be something else, based on the timestamp.20:20
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bdmurrayinfinity: yeah, something else fun20:22
infinitybdmurray: Japanese isn't broken in S?20:22
infinitybdmurray: And none of these are broken in Q?  (I haven't EOLed Q just yet, but feel free to not care)20:23
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bdmurrayinfinity: no, japanese is fine in saucy20:33
infinitybdmurray: Kay, cool.20:33
infinitybdmurray: Accepted both, assuming that would be your answer.20:33
bdmurraymvo and I talked about modifying pre-build.sh to check for this20:33
infinitybdmurray: Hard failing the actual build on msgfmt errors wouldn't hurt either.20:33
infinitybdmurray: I'm not a huge fan of too much logic living in weird pre-build scripts outside debian/rules.  It's good to get the import right, but it's also good to make sure the build itself is sane.20:35
infinitybdmurray: (And if the build fails, you won't upload, cause you always testbuild, right?)20:35
bdmurrayinfinity: right unless it is distro-info-data20:36
infinitybdmurray: Need a d-i-d for precise too, methinks.20:37
bdmurrayits coming20:38
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infinityOh, c'mon LP, how is there not a debdiff for the saucy one yet?20:38
Logan_infinity: can we have Utopic derive from Sid instead of Jessie?20:38
infinityLogan_: I assme you mean where debian autosyncs will come from, that's sid.20:39
Logan_no: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic20:39
Logan_> Derived from Jessie20:39
infinityLogan_: Right, that's not particularly meaningful.20:39
Logan_well, the package diffs are helpful (although there's also MDT for that)20:39
Logan_and it compares against Jessie instead of Sid20:40
infinityOh, you're the one person who uses that page? :)20:40
Logan_thank you for making me feel special! :)20:40
Logan_I was always a unique one20:40
infinityLogan_: So, this is pretty much how we always set this up.20:40
Logan_there's always room for change!20:41
infinityAlso not sure if that can be changed post-init. :P20:41
Logan_gah, should've asked before20:41
infinityLogan_: I believe if you ask LP people, they consider that feature pretty much broken by design anyway.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.20:42
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ sru-review -s saucy distro-info-data20:43
infinityERROR: queue does not have a debdiff20:43
infinitybdmurray: ^-- What crack is sru-review smoking?20:43
bdmurrayinfinity: works for me20:44
infinityBad cache, I guess.20:44
* infinity wipes out his lplib cache.20:44
infinityWhich is, apparently, enormous.20:45
infinitybdmurray: Thanks for those.20:46
infinityScottK: Did you still want to do some ruby mangling pre-open?20:47
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tumbleweedfinally, a name. thanks infinity21:46
cjwatsoninfinity: How goes?22:26
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infinitycjwatson: Taking a break on 19 for doko (maybe) and ScottK (he had some ruby stuff he wanted to do for opening)22:27
infinitycjwatson: Though, I suppose we can call those things "pre-autosync" rather than "pre-thaw" and no one will care much.22:27
infinitycjwatson: Going to skip down to livefs chroots shortly, just a bit distracted at the moment.22:27
xnoxcjwatson: i have no rights to do branch-distro someone more powerful needs to do that.22:28
xnoxcjwatson: i'll check udd to be up-to-date, unless it has been done already22:28
wgrantxnox: branch-distro is in progress22:28
wgrantIt will take $longtime22:28
wgrantUDD must not be restarted until it is complete22:28
cjwatsoninfinity: OK, well, if you're ready to start auto-sync and I'm not around, just drop --dry-run from that crontab entry on snakefruit22:30
cjwatsonBut we should make sure that p-m is working first22:30
cjwatsoninfinity: Shall I try turning on p-m?22:30
infinitycjwatson: Can't hurt.22:31
infinity(famous last words)22:31
infinitycjwatson: If it seems to be working correctly, I'll do the carefully selective mass copy/delete from t-p to u-p.22:32
infinityOh, actually, I won't do the copy/delete until adt is back up.22:35
cjwatsonGrr, needs fixing mk2.  Let me just get my daughter a drink then I'll try again22:35
infinityJust in case something in there would actually migrate without tests.22:35
infinityThough I think it was all missing binaries.22:36
infinityI think.22:36
xnoxLogan_: it's best to derive from jessie imho, since otherwise everything is always derived from sid.... and the diffs will just keep on pointlessly growing post-ubuntu-release.22:39
xnoxwgrant: i've stopped UDD a while back (wednesday release week).... so much for wishful release name thinking.22:39
* xnox looks what else i can do.22:40
cjwatsonRight, had to copy the Dates file over, let's try that again22:41
infinityOh, whee, I have 13 minutes to get to my dinner appt with my brother.  I'll be back in a couple of hours, though.  The rest of the checklist just seems like crossed Ts and dotted Is, except for the cdimage stuff, which I can do later tonight.22:48
cjwatsonSetting up chdists22:49
* infinity runs out.22:49
ScottKcjwatson: We need to sync in ruby2.1 and make it default (per doko).  I can do it if you're ready for it.22:57
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html looks plausible; I might drop the block shortly22:57
cjwatsonScottK: Please do22:57
cjwatsonWell, unless it wants to go after binutils22:58
ScottKOK.  Never done Ruby before, so let's give this a shot ...22:58
cjwatsonI guess there isn't really a problem with this going before binutils; should only need to have that before the general bulk23:01
bdmurrayShould step 12 (ubuntu-sru queue admin access) from NewReleaseCycleProcess move to the ReleaseProcess page?23:02
ScottKcjwatson: Any objection to me waving ruby2.1  through New?23:02
cjwatsonbdmurray: It's better where it is, because ideally (i.e. without this stupid name delay) it comes after initialising the new series, so that it doesn't get copied over23:02
cjwatsonScottK: None except that I just did23:02
ScottKOK, so while that builds, I'll go learn how to make it default.23:03
bdmurraycjwatson: okay, fyi I think infinity did that step last Friday23:03
cjwatsonbdmurray: Yeah, we dealt with the fallout today23:03
cjwatsonWhen things aren't pathological the process as written is better :-)23:04
bdmurraycjwatson: got it23:04
Logan_xnox: fair enough23:04
ScottKxnox: Did you figure out what boost version we want?23:08
xnoxScottK: i've mailed debian maintainer, we want to go for .55 but i haven't done a test rebuild in either ubuntu nor debian.23:09
xnoxScottK: i could upload the switch to e.g. experimental and sync. But i'd also need to do the .55 package split.23:09
ScottKcjwatson: doko specifically said he wanted ruby2.1 as default, but Debian is still on 2.0.  It's easy enough on the packaging side for me to set it as 2.1, but I'd like someone else to agree with it who's here right now.23:10
xnoxinfinity: ideally i'd love to get the boost 1.55 as default pre-debian-import.....23:10
xnoxScottK: looking at changes between 2.0 and 2.1 it's fairly minimalistic. If there is fallout / incompatibilities i'm happy to work on fixing them.23:12
cjwatsonI don't think I have an opinion on ruby23:12
xnoxScottK: my ruby  is rusty, but i don't see anything scary at all.23:12
cjwatsonThe main problem historically has just been somebody actually caring for it properly in Ubuntu; if xnox is happy to step up to that ...23:12
ScottKYep.  I'll upload it once ruby2.1 is built.23:13
xnoxhere be unicorns! =)23:14
slangasekmmm, tasty unicorns23:16
xnoxslangasek: i think we should start adding easter-eggs e.g. to pop-up mascot PNG if one does something, cause unicorn will be an awesome mascot =)23:16
slangasekwe should just bundle http://games.adultswim.com/robot-unicorn-attack-twitchy-online-game.html23:18
xnoxslangasek: I heartbleed ^_^23:21
ScottKNeeded for ruby2.1 ^^^23:24
xnoxScottK: yeah, got agreement from Steve to do 1.55 by default in experimental and also sync into ubuntu23:33
ScottKIt would be nice to get that done before the first autosync.23:34
cjwatsonUrgh, no syncpackage.23:36
kirklandcan someone approve byobu 5.77-0ubuntu1.1 into trusty-proposed?23:56
kirklandI have motivated testers ready and waiting...23:56

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