tewardhas anyone reported any issues with apache2 and default SSL configs and such?00:14
sarnoldteward: I don't recall seeing any00:15
PatrickdkI haven't had any issues00:16
tewardsarnold: it may just not be reported, i'm testing in a separate, brand-new EC2 (different deployment) than the VM I was testing in00:16
tewardit might be a misconfiguration on my side, but i'm not certain00:16
tewardfor the most part everything was default00:16
Patrickdkbut atleast for me, my ssl config in apache is far from default00:16
tewardright, the issue was in the ports.conf file apparently, but we'll see if that's still the case00:17
tewardblah lag and slowness... >.>00:19
* teward now remembers why he dislikes EC2s00:19
tewardissue confirmed00:21
* teward digs around00:21
teward(98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443 <-- triggered with a2ensite default-ssl; a2enmod ssl; service apache2 restart00:22
tewardwith no additional changes00:22
tewardthat also triggers if the listen statement is set to in the ports.conf00:23
tewardit *looks* like the culprit is ports.conf in apache00:24
tewardsince i've confirmed this on two separate, completely-different systems, I'm going to file a bug00:24
tewardjust to confirm though...00:29
* teward pokes the instance again00:29
sarnoldyou've already paid for the hour might as well poke it again? :)00:30
tewardsarnold: thank jose for the instance00:30
teward'tis not mine :p00:31
sarnoldoh :) thanks jose :)00:31
joseno worries :)00:31
tewardsarnold: i'm going to make sure it's just the defaults, though, so i'm spinning up ANOTHER server instance on vbox00:31
josesarnold: if you want to confirm I can give you a box00:31
josea newly-created box00:32
tewardsarnold: lets wait until i confirm in a brand new vbox again, i noticed a couple extra apache modules getting installed, want to rule those out00:32
sarnoldjose: if teward spots it, I'm sure it's there :) thanks though00:32
joseno prob00:32
tewardsarnold: I'm an nginx guy, not apache, but this just seemed off00:33
tewardbecause it works fine in Precise00:34
tewardbut goes and explodes in Trusty00:34
tewardso... the interim versions need checking, but if it's in Trusty, there's a problem for defaults.00:34
tewardassuming that the extra apache2 modules weren't the culprit00:34
teward'tis why i'm testing :P00:34
teward'course, if this third install ALSO triggers the bug, then it's real. :p00:35
tewardi should probably have given it more than 512MB RAM >.>00:37
sarnoldheh, yeah, I give 768 to my vm instances00:38
tewardyeah, but the other VM has 4GB of RAM, so my RAM available to my computer is limited00:38
tewardthis isn't a VM cluster-like thing, it's just my laptop00:38
tewardi seeee00:45
tewardsarnold: it's because of libapache2-mod-gnutls00:46
tewardinstalling that breaks things00:46
teward(plain default apache2 without the gnutls module works fine)00:46
tewardsarnold: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mod-gnutls/+bug/1311407 is the relevant bug00:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1311407 in mod-gnutls "After installation, an Apache instance with `ssl` mod enabled will cause a 'fail to start' error." [Undecided,New]00:55
tewardi'm not sure if it *is* a bug, but it's behaving differently from Precise.00:55
tewardand I'd know, the same commands to reproduce don't explode on Precise00:56
tewardso somewhere along the line, something changed to explode.00:56
teward(the bug is not, in fact, in Apache, but the gnutls module)00:56
teward(and probably just how it's issuing the configuration)00:57
sarnoldteward: \o/ thanks :)01:16
tewardsarnold: you're welcome.01:17
tewardthat had me angry at it for a while though01:17
tewardit was preventing me from setting up this one application... :P01:17
* teward facepalms01:29
tewardi feel stupid... i misconfigured my network interfaces again... >.<  there goes an entire 5 VMs... >.>01:30
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__dan__hi there guys congrats on 14.04 release i am wondering what the stability of btrfs is like on 14.04 any experiences? thx03:19
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__dan__hi there guys congrats on 14.04 release i am wondering what the stability of btrfs is like on 14.04 any experiences? thx06:08
DarkStar1Morning all. Has anyone ever ran into an issue where dovecot wont start at all with 0 output to the logs07:35
lordievaderGood morning.08:04
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MannerManCurrently I have a 12.04 server running KVM that I manage with virt-manager. Storage consists of ZFS on Linux (3 disks in raidz). Planning to upgrade to 14.04 soon and looking for some alternative virtualization management, more ESX-ish rather than the virtualbox style of virt-manager. Suggestions?08:40
ikoniahow are you running zfs on linux with an ubuntu kernel ?08:41
MannerManikonia: http://zfsonlinux.org/08:41
ikoniais that a full kernel rebuild or just the zfs module ?08:41
MannerManikonia: the zfs module AFAIK08:41
arrithMannerMan: possibly openstack. or that like novus cloud tool maybe08:42
ikoniainteresting, I thought you needed more than just the module08:42
arrithikonia: feel free to install and experiment. it's crazy-powerful08:43
MannerManarrith: Checked openstack - it looks really awesome - however can it be run on a single machine? The Ubuntu example seems to suggest atleast 5 machines08:43
arrithMannerMan: openstack works fine on one machine, just say like puppet, might be overkill for a person's usage/needs08:44
arrithMannerMan: MaaS is multiple machines though really08:44
MannerManarrith: M'key.. indeed it's something of a beast, but then again i'm looking to step up from virt-manager08:45
MannerManI have 20-ish virtual machines08:45
arrithMannerMan: personally for my 30 or so VM usage will just be virt-manager and odd custom python things. but my VMs are very tied into just one app08:46
MannerManarrith: I see.. well there is nothing wrong with virt-manager per say, just missing things like built-in snapshot support, and good network-management. Its really clunky to use over a slow internet connection aswell.08:47
MannerManguess I could do the 14.04 upgrade and see if virt-manager gets any fancier08:48
arrithMannerMan: hm, i did read something about snapshots being added to some new qemu-kvm version on phoronix recently08:49
arrithMannerMan: a lot of it i use the virsh tool08:49
MannerManarrith: It's powerful yes.. for daily tasks it's nice to have a proper GUI though08:50
MannerMan*sidenote: Anyone looking to run ZFS with KVM - performance is pretty poor (I get ~180 mb/s on the host, but only ~30 ish mb/s for the guest-machines)08:51
arrithMannerMan: ah, yeah. gui support for snapshots might be in openstack, definitely will be in virt-manager eventually, if not already08:52
MannerManarrith: I'll try the 14.04 upgrade and see what happens =)08:52
ziyourenxiangis there a standard for iptables? i mean, i’ve seen iptables-dump output and a shell script calling iptables in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d. is either of that, or some other style, considered best practice?09:15
freespirit-girlHello. I have a question .. I am trying to upgrade Ubuntu using the commandline.. When i get to tripwire i am asked to sign in using my tripwire passphrass..10:07
freespirit-girlso i enter in my root password.. Is the password different for tripwire than my root10:07
AtuMHello. I'm trying to make a local network installation setup. I got the pxe running and it works when it uses the mirrors from the internet.. how do I tell the installer to pick up the local repo (it's an apache site that serves the loop-mounted copy of the 14.04-server iso image)10:11
AtuMI've already tried using some basic ks.cfg to give it url, but that does not work.. it gets stuck when looking for live-installer on some other server.. like this post here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211744510:15
zetherooFresh install of 14.04 server ... on boot, right after GRUB menu, I get "error: malformed file" - after this system boots up fine. Any ideas as to what this error is referring to!?10:30
zetherooalso, after sshing into the machine, amongst this info posted upon login there is this line: => There are 3 zombie processes.10:31
zetherooSometimes this is 4, and sometimes the line is not there at all10:31
ikoniazetheroo: please don't cross post your questions10:40
eagles0513875hey lordievader :D10:41
zetherooThis seems pretty erratic, which makes me wonder if 14.04 is really ready for production level deployment just yet10:42
eagles0513875im running apache2-mpm-event + fgcid and php-fpm and for some reason i am seeing these errors in the apache error.log Wed Apr 23 10:36:43 2014] [error] [client] FastCGI: comm with server "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5-fcgi" aborted: idle timeout (60 sec) [Wed Apr 23 10:36:43 2014] [error] [client] FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/ph10:42
lordievadereagles0513875: Next time use pastebin.10:42
eagles0513875it always seems to be from that same ip. I am not sure if its a bot net trying to denial of service the server or what'10:42
lordievader!paste | eagles051387510:42
ubottueagles0513875: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:42
lordievadereagles0513875: Is your server ip?10:43
ikoniaif it's the same ip - why would it be a bot net10:44
ikoniaas that would be from multiple ip's10:44
eagles0513875whats strange now whats popped upin the logs is another ip address a 77 ip address along side localhost10:45
lordievadereagles0513875: Seems to be related to some idle timeout: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?3,23580510:45
lordievaderIncreasing the timeout will probably fix it.10:45
eagles0513875lordievader: tried it to no avail10:45
eagles0513875i still get those errors10:45
ikoniaeagles0513875: can I ask why it's worrying you ?10:46
ikoniawhat about it concerns you / is a problem10:46
eagles0513875ikonia: those are bringing down the server with an error 50010:46
ikoniauses are connecting to your machine - your publicly available machine,10:47
eagles0513875agreed but the server eventually crashes.10:47
eagles0513875and i have to restart it10:47
lordievadereagles0513875: Restart the entire server for a 500? Seems like an overkill.10:48
lordievaderPun intended :P10:49
eagles0513875let me clarify10:49
ikoniaeagles0513875: what sort of connections are you getting (numbers)10:49
eagles0513875i meant apache and php-fpm i restart them and everything is back to working10:49
eagles0513875ikonia: how can i determine that10:49
ikoniais it a simple overload situation, or have you just not configured enough resources10:49
ikoniayour logs are a good starting point10:49
eagles0513875which long in particular10:50
ikoniathe access log will show you how many connections per hour you are getting10:50
ikoniayou can work it out from that sort of pattern10:50
eagles0513875in access.log nothing is logged10:50
ikoniathen you have setup your web server wrong10:51
ikoniaif nothing is being logged to your access log - but you are getting hits,10:51
eagles0513875ok :-/10:51
eagles0513875ikonia: what woudl i be missing seeing as nothing is getting logged?10:52
lordievadereagles0513875: The settings that tell apache where to log to.10:53
eagles0513875lordievader: does it also need to be specified in a websites vhost?10:53
lordievaderIf you want a separate logging for each vhost, yes.10:54
ikoniathe vhosts normally have an access/error log per vhost10:55
eagles0513875would something like this in a vhost work http://pastebin.com/xUrTBE7P10:58
eagles0513875this is what i have in terms of settings for the server itself http://pastebin.com/M1pRWEUv11:00
lordievadereagles0513875: Read http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/logs.html#accesslog11:02
spidernikhi guys, any partman expert/developer out there? :)11:04
eagles0513875lordievader: i already have the mod setenvif11:04
lordievadereagles0513875: It was for the Common Log Format bit.11:05
eagles0513875lordievader: you are referring to the stuff i had pasted in the first paste for the vhost?11:06
lordievaderThere they define a logformat for 'common' and use that for the access log.11:06
lordievadereagles0513875: Of course.11:06
eagles0513875that would explain why that never worked the way i had it11:07
eagles0513875would you recommend the combined or common format?11:07
eagles0513875lordievader: CustomLog log/access_log combined  <- do i need to specify the path where i want the logging to take place?11:09
ikoniais it not set by default ?11:09
ikoniathere should be a path there11:09
eagles0513875according to the link to apache's docs that is the example they have11:10
eagles0513875im looking at the combined format11:10
ikoniado you not want the combined format /11:10
eagles0513875i do11:11
eagles0513875im not understand what CustomLog is doing there11:11
ikoniajust change it then11:11
Meerkatwhat is the installer in ubuntu server called?11:12
eagles0513875ubiquity i think Meerkat11:13
eagles0513875i changed it to be the following CustomLog /var/log/access.log combined11:14
eagles0513875still nothing is being logged11:14
lordievadereagles0513875: You've restarted/reloaded the service I take?11:15
eagles0513875yes i restarted apache do i need to restart php-fpm11:15
lordievaderIt's apaches logging that was/is broken.11:16
eagles0513875lordievader: would pastebinning apache's conf file help to determine why?11:17
NoNameYet_xnoxMeerkat: ubuntu server using "debian-installer", ubuntu desktop uses ubiquity11:18
lordievaderNot to me, allways found apache's logging system a bit vague.11:18
lordievaderThe defaults work for me, never bothered (much) to change them.11:19
eagles0513875lordievader: the default usually and should work let me confirm on another server11:19
sebastianlutterI want to install linux-server image on my ubuntu 14.04. The kernel article in wiki tells me that since 12.04 the generic kernel is used as server kernel. apt tells me there are virutal image-server packages, but there is no linux-image-server package. Is there no server image optimized for IO throughput available any more? Thanks11:20
eagles0513875i also have the number of client connections set to 400 for the server which I know i am not getting for sure11:20
eagles0513875lordievader: it seems to be an issue on all my servers :(11:20
eagles0513875on my server it doesnt log via the access logs11:21
eagles0513875lordievader:  and ikonia it does seem to log traffic on other_vhosts_access.log11:21
lordievadereagles0513875: Are they all set up with the default Ubuntu config?11:21
eagles0513875lordievader: yes11:21
eagles0513875the default of what is in other_vhosts_access.log seems to be a combined log of what you showed me and that is logging traffic to the site11:23
lordievaderHere the access logs work just fine (for both servers)11:23
eagles0513875what would be the best course of action to help determine those time outs?11:27
ziyourenxiangchange my question from earlier: how do you guys keep your iptable rules? in /etc/network/interfaces pre-up section calling a shell script, in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/ as a shell script, as a iptables-save output, …?11:28
lordievadereagles0513875: Try and trigger them yourself. See if it is the php code or that it is some faulty setting.11:28
lordievaderziyourenxiang: My firewall rules are handled by ufw, the additional rules are in an upstart script.11:29
ziyourenxiangok. another style. :-)11:30
ziyourenxiangjust wondering if there is one “best practice” style.11:30
lordievaderWhat works, works eh.11:30
eagles0513875lordievader: what i find interesting the ip addresses that appear in the error.log are all trying to access an xmlrpv.php file11:30
eagles0513875over http 1.011:30
mardraumxmlrpc, what is interesting about that bit? you are being probed for vulnerable software.11:31
eagles0513875mardraum: it seems to be part of wordpress11:32
mardraumit's part of lots of things11:33
lordievadereagles0513875: I suppose it is some include?11:33
eagles0513875lordievader: still doing some probing I am thinking the issue is with the theme to be honest as that has not been updated in a while due to me not using any child themes11:33
lordievaderBacktrack to the page that the user requested and see if you get the same behaviour when you access it.11:33
lordievadereagles0513875: What makes you think it is a theme? xmlrpc sounds like something core-ish.11:34
eagles0513875lordievader: im not sure how they are trying to access it to be honest I do not have comments or anythign enabled on the site itself11:34
ziyourenxiangok i read the manpage for ufw-framework. seems like a, uh, framework. heh.11:38
eagles0513875ziyourenxiang: in a nut shell its iptables for dummies makes it easier to maintain ones firewall11:41
eagles0513875ziyourenxiang: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW11:41
ziyourenxiangthanks. i come from freebsd, and the pf syntax is much nicer than iptables. i read that linux has this nft thingy that looks somewhat like pf. have never used ufw.11:42
eagles0513875ziyourenxiang: ufw = ubuntu specific11:43
lordievadereagles0513875: It's available for Debian too ;)11:44
eagles0513875wasnt aware of that actually11:44
eagles0513875nice to see that got upstreamed11:44
lordievaderThought I installed it on my gentoo box too, hmm can't remember.11:45
eagles0513875lordievader:  ok it seems like after some time apache decides to spit error 500's and even me just now i triggered the error when trying to login to the back end11:49
lordievadereagles0513875: Wait, one page errors and then only 500's are served?11:51
eagles0513875then all sites spit out error 50011:51
eagles0513875i was trying to get into the back end of this site11:51
eagles0513875actually ive managed to narrow things down even further11:51
eagles0513875the issue isnt apache11:51
eagles0513875its php-fpm11:52
lordievaderSounds really misconfigured.11:52
eagles0513875i followed the ubuntu how to on this11:52
eagles0513875actually i followed lordievader this http://www.howtoforge.com/using-php5-fpm-with-apache2-on-ubuntu-12.04-lts11:53
eagles0513875lordievader: this goes back to the link you first pasted me :D11:54
bekksDo you need FastCGI?11:54
bekksIf you arent sure that you need it, you dont.11:54
eagles0513875bekks: i am using php-fpm which needs it11:54
bekksfpm is the fastcgi process manager.11:55
bekksAgain: Do you actually _need_ fastcgi?11:55
eagles0513875bekks:  you still need thefast cgi module though11:55
lordievaderbekks: What he is asking, do your sites require fastcgi?11:55
lordievaderThat should be eagles051387511:56
eagles0513875sites no but for php-fpm according to the link i pasted above it needs it11:56
bekksThen uninstall fastcgi and dont use it.11:56
bekksIf you dont need fastcgi, you dont need the fastcgi process manager either.11:57
eagles0513875bekks: i need it for php-fpm11:58
eagles0513875they work together11:58
eagles0513875i have another server with fastcgi which is working just fine11:58
bekksAgain: php-fpm is the fastcgi process manager.11:58
eagles0513875then why do documentation say that one needs mod fastcgi11:58
bekksIf you do not need fastcgi, you dont need the fastcgi process manager.11:58
bekksNo one needs that.11:58
bekksAnd the link you provided installed Apache AND php-fpm. And php works fine without fcgi, which is a mess actually.11:59
eagles0513875look at step for bekks11:59
eagles0513875it enables fastcgii11:59
eagles0513875and now with out fastcgi it wants me to download the php files11:59
lordievadereagles0513875: In other words why did you install php-fpm instead of the traditional php?12:00
eagles0513875lordievader: you mean the prefork version and mod php12:00
bekkslordievader: Yes he did.12:00
eagles0513875bekks: i installed the apache2-mpm-event actually12:00
eagles0513875and i fixed the issue now :)12:01
bekksWhy dont you use "libapache2-mod-php5" and "php5"? Do you have any specific reason for using php-fpm since you actually dont use it?12:02
lordievadereagles0513875: I mean php5-fpm vs php5-common.12:02
bekksIf you dont need fastcgi, uninstall it. And uninstall php5-fpm as well, since you dont need that, too.12:02
eagles0513875lordievader: others recommended i use php5-fpm12:02
eagles0513875i solved my problem by the way12:02
lordievadereagles0513875: Why did they recommend it?12:03
eagles0513875lordievader: for over all performance12:03
bekksNo sane person on this planet would suggest php-fpm12:03
eagles0513875well its working btw12:03
bekksIt is known to be a bug written for php.12:03
eagles0513875the issue is i set an idle time out in the global configuration of apache so it uses fastcgi for phpfpm according to the how to on how to forge and the idle time out was set to 60 sec i bumped it up to 70 and the errors disappear12:04
bekkseagles0513875: There you go: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP -- no a single word about php.fpm12:04
bekkseagles0513875: 70s timeout for php? Thats not even a bug, but a headshot.12:05
eagles0513875fudge monkey12:05
eagles0513875now the errors are back12:05
lordievaderphp5-common is just fine in terms of performance.12:05
lordievadereagles0513875: Dude, do what bekks says. He knows his stuff!12:05
bekkseagles0513875: Follow the link given and get rid of that php-fpm crap.12:05
eagles0513875bekks: can i stay on the event driven version of apache12:06
AtuMHi! Does anyone know of a working solution to the problem where gettys don't show up after boot... on 14.04 with the updated kernel12:07
bekkseagles0513875: No, php wont work with that - except for that fastcgi crap.12:07
eagles0513875bekks: the reason for going to this setup was due to how memory hungry prefork tends to be and im on a little vps which is already quite loaded with mail filtering etc12:08
lordievaderbekks: Something tells me you don't like fastcgi :P12:08
AtuMI only see the first 3 seconds of boot sequence and after that the sceen does not refresh anymore.. switching console doesn't work..12:08
bekkslordievader: Oh, was that noticable? :P12:08
bekkseagles0513875: then configure it to not be that hungry.12:08
eagles0513875bekks: one thing i did notice as well compared to being on brefork is that the sites perform quicker then with prefork12:09
eagles0513875if im going to be reconfiguring things I am thinking about switching to nginx12:10
bekksYou can configure memory cache modules etc. for php as well.12:10
lordievaderbekks: Not in the least ;)12:10
eagles0513875ok let me get rid of php-fpm mod fastcgi and install mod php and apache prefork12:10
bekksFinally :)12:11
eagles0513875bekks: to make sure im installing the right package on 12.04 its apache2-mpm-prefork correct12:12
bekkseagles0513875: Yes.12:14
eagles0513875sorted :d12:14
eagles0513875bekks: how can i make sure it doesnt eat up all my ram12:15
bekkseagles0513875: By configuring the prefork module.12:15
eagles0513875bekks: http://pastebin.com/pHQcAJXN12:16
eagles0513875thats what i have right now12:16
eagles0513875im guessing lowering the number of servers started12:16
eagles0513875as well as the minimum12:16
bekkseagles0513875: You should read the apache first.12:16
eagles0513875bekks: ok what is my suggested reading12:16
bekksThe section about the prefork module...12:17
bekkseagles0513875: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/en/mod/prefork.html there you go.12:18
eagles0513875thanks bekks :)12:20
eagles0513875hopefully i have things tweaked well12:21
bekksyou're welcome :)12:22
eagles0513875i think i need to consider migrating to nginx lol :p12:22
eagles0513875bekks: what are your opinions on nginx12:22
jdstrandfyi, ufw is not Ubuntu specific, it is in Debian and Arch and others iirc12:22
eagles0513875jdstrand: that was a my bad on my part as I never really ventured out of the world of ubuntu until recently12:24
jdstrandthe 'u' in ufw makes it sorta seem that was, but fyi /usr/share/doc/ufw/README.gz ("what's in a name?" :)12:25
* ogra_ bets changing that wikipage name would help a lot :)12:27
bekkseagles0513875: I am using Apache :)12:34
bekkseagles0513875: Even on pretty memory constrained systems.12:35
eagles0513875really how constrained are we talking about12:35
eagles0513875this vps has 2g12:35
bekks1g :)12:35
eagles0513875my vps's only recently got an upgrade they were on 1g and now they have been bumped up to 212:38
eagles0513875ikonia: gave up on that setup and reverted as bekks suggested to mod php and apache prefork12:38
ikoniaI said this to you god knows how long ago12:38
eagles0513875bekks: i think further tweaking on my part is necessary12:39
bekkseagles0513875: On 1g, I dont need to tweak :)12:39
eagles0513875i was at about 900mb of ram usage before with clam av and other email related things running now im up to 1.2g12:39
bekksAnd why is that critical? Unused RAM is wasted RAM.12:39
bekksIf you dont want that second gigabyte to be used, ask your hoster to remove it from the config :)12:40
phunyguyIf you are worried about OOM, you can set up a small swap file if you have the space on the VPS12:41
lordievadereagles0513875: My apache vm only has 512MB, or so.13:01
lordievaderEven on that VM it didn't need to change anything. Ubuntu defaults just work.13:02
cronushello, i have a problem with juju. i have installed juju-local. generated and environment and then switched to local provider. now when i run juju status i get ERROR state/api: websocket.Dial wss:// dial tcp connection refused. any ideas how to resolve this? thanks.14:00
cronusI have installed juju earlier and worked nicely. this happened when i reinstalled juju. (14.04)14:01
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Skinner1getting php to run in html or htm files on ubuntu 12.04 anyone know how, try adding a .htaccess file with AddType application/x-httpd-php .html .htm also play with apache2 but no joy, should be a simple matter as I thought php and html were like peas and carrots??14:18
cronusfound it. somehow i managed to delete /usr/local/bin. i created it and now everything is ok. thanks14:18
patdk-wkSkinner1, why do that?14:21
patdk-wkwhy not just do a rewrite from .html to .php14:21
patdk-wkso much simpler14:21
patdk-wkand doesn't cause confusion to yourself14:21
Skinner1If thats the best, they guy who put the question to me has a lot of old tech sites14:23
Skinner1when you say rewrite to you mean just change extention and call to that14:24
Skinner1ok thanks14:27
roaksoax /win 414:33
pseudo_could someone point me towards documentation for setting up a static ip on ubuntu server?14:52
Havenstanceserver 13.10 im getting some apt-get errors when i run sudo apt-get update14:53
ogra_pseudo_, man interfaces14:53
PiciHavenstance: you have duplicate entries.  see lines 21 and 25 and line 10.14:54
pseudo_ogra_: i have that interface setup, but restarting networking will not give me an ip address.14:55
ogra_why would you restart networking ? thats really harmful14:55
pseudo_lol, what?14:55
ogra_(since it tears out layers under your feet)14:55
pseudo_i have been able to restart networking on every operating system i have ever used.14:55
ogra_you want to use ifup/ifdown14:56
ogra_pseudo_, then you did it wrong and followed bad advise14:56
pseudo_ogra_: there is no reason not to restart the networking stack if your network configuration changes. unless you are in production and rely on other interfaces staying up, i don't see why it would matter.14:57
ogra_well, depends what you use14:58
rbasakpseudo_: it doesn't work. We had a UDS session on this.14:58
ogra_if there is i.e. dbus involved anywhere everything above it will be torn down14:58
rbasakpseudo_: it's remarkably complicated because interfaces can be hotplugged, and some interfaces depend on other interfaces.14:58
ogra_anyway, forr your initial question ... edit /etc/network/interfaces and use ifup/down to stop start the interface14:59
pseudo_idk, seems to me like ubuntu is just overcomplicating the network subsystem. Then again I am not a kernel developer, so what do I know.15:00
pseudo_and yes, ogra_ that worked. thank you.15:00
rbasakWhat ogra_ said, but note that you should bring down the old interface using ifdown, then edit /etc/network/interfaces, then ifup.15:00
ogra_has nothing to do with ubuntu15:00
ogra_its not different in debian either15:00
HavenstancePici, thank you15:01
rbasakEspecially when switching from DHCP to static. Otherwise your old dhcpd won't be killed, and will change your static IP on renewal.15:01
ogra_just because people tell you on the interwebs that you should restart networking doesnt make it a proper action :)15:01
ogra_(thats like saying you have to reboot after editing a file in /etc)15:01
rbasak"restart" networking doesn't really make any sense anyway.15:01
rbasakIf you really want it, then reboot.15:01
pseudo_well thanks for the help. i am still gonna use the init.d interface to restart networking on all my other distros. if anything blows up i will think back to this conversation and you all will be vindicated.15:05
ogra_it is like replacing the gearbox every time you switch gears in your car :)15:06
axisyssdb failed and when I replaced it with a new disk it shows up as sdc15:21
axisyshow do I remove sdb from mdadm ?15:22
axisysactive raid1 sdc2[1] sdb2[2](F) sda2[0]15:22
Emmanuel_ChanelI upgraded my server's OS from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04. So its ProFTPd server is upgraded, too. And I cannot upload files bigger than 600MB or so with lftp. How can I help that?15:24
Emmanuel_ChanelI can upload those files with gftp. But I want to enable lftp to upload them.15:24
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eagles0513875_bekks: you still around15:52
eagles0513875_bekks: i need to further tune apache damn thing almost ate up all the ram but it for sure ate up all th eswap space :(15:52
lordievadereagles0513875_: Isn't that wanted? I want apache to use all the ram it can.15:53
eagles0513875_lordievader: not quite on this server15:53
lordievadereagles0513875_: Have you read linuxatemyram.com?15:53
eagles0513875_no but i will now15:53
ikoniaif it's swapping, you're screwed15:54
lordievaderI think/assume it is just cache.15:54
eagles0513875_ikonia: it is15:54
eagles0513875_cant i tweak apache or am i screwed either way15:54
ikoniahow agressivly is it swapping ?15:54
eagles0513875_filled up the entire swap partition15:54
eagles0513875_when i tried to load a website that is on this server it was getting database errors15:54
eagles0513875_im not sure if that is related to apache at all or not unable to spawn new processes15:55
belkinsaWhich one are you Peter Matulis?  pmatulis?15:57
ikoniaeagles0513875_: so you're in trouble, stop your apache process16:00
eagles0513875_ikonia: ok and then what16:01
ikonialet your machine calm down16:02
ikoniathen asses the problem16:02
ikoniaeg: is it over loaded/under resourced etc16:02
eagles0513875_ok with apache stopped ram usage is 272 mb16:03
eagles0513875_i think i just needed to tweak the prefork settings a bit more16:03
eagles0513875_will be  monitoring it throughout the evening16:05
lordievaderZabbix \o/16:06
eagles0513875_lordievader: ?16:07
Havenstancehas anyone here ever used zentyal with ubuntu server? I'm asking here as a very last resort btw so I hope I don't upset anyone. If anyone has used it please PM me so we don't congest this channel with non pertinant information.16:07
lordievadereagles0513875_: Zabbix is a monitoring program.16:08
eagles0513875_lordievader: i need to setup something ilke that urgently16:08
eagles0513875_i was suggested to use mon16:08
eagles0513875_but there are so many. only one i have really worked with is nagious16:08
ikoniaeagles0513875_: I thought you'd stopped using pre-fork ?16:08
eagles0513875_ikonia: i did but went back to it in this case.16:08
ikoniaso you ignored the advice16:08
ikoniaexplain ?16:09
eagles0513875_bekks: recommended i go back to using prefork and mod php instead of event driven with fastcgi16:09
lordievadereagles0513875_: We had Nagios + Cacti before but switched Zabbix since it does what those two do.16:09
ikoniaeagles0513875_: ok, so you did follow what bekks said16:09
eagles0513875_ikonia: yes16:09
lordievaderikonia: Sometimes he listens ;)16:09
eagles0513875_i didnt have it tweaked very much and it ate up almost all the ram16:10
ikoniaeagles0513875_: whats the reason then, is it over used, or under resourced ?16:10
eagles0513875_tweaked it a bit more and it seems stable now at around 300mb of ram or so16:10
eagles0513875_over used in this case.16:10
eagles0513875_i told prefork to start 2 servers and that is what ate up the ram16:10
* lordievader wonders whats wrong with the defaults.16:11
patdk-wkI doubt that is what used up the ram16:11
patdk-wkforks share memory, till the process changes that ram16:11
eagles0513875_as well here i am running a mail server with all the spam filtering virus scanning etc16:12
patdk-wkthough, I would love to know how you made apache use 280megs of ram16:12
patdk-wknormally well under 10megs for me16:12
eagles0513875_patdk-wk: the server isnt running only apache btw16:12
eagles0513875_there is postfix + dovecot + spamassassin + clamav as well16:12
eagles0513875_and from what I have read clamav is rather hungry on ram16:12
patdk-wkpostfix, 10megs16:12
patdk-wkdovecot, maybe 50megs16:12
patdk-wkspamassassin, heh, 150megs16:12
patdk-wkclamav, 350megs16:12
eagles0513875_with all that runing im using 330mb16:13
ikoniaeagles0513875_: how much ram does your server actually have ?16:13
ikoniawhat !!!!16:13
ikoniawhy are you saying "low ram" then16:14
ikonia2G is loads16:14
eagles0513875_yes but before it was using about 1.8g16:14
patdk-wknot loads, but *enough*16:14
patdk-wkyou aren't using mod_perl/mod_php/.... are you?16:14
ikoniaeagles0513875_: how busy is your webserver16:14
ogra_640k is enough for everyone16:14
ikoniawhat sort of hits16:14
lordievadereagles0513875_: Have you looked at what process was using all that ram?16:14
eagles0513875_ikonia: havent looked16:15
ikoniaeagles0513875_: perhaps you should look16:15
ikoniaa realistic sizing awareness is critical16:15
LcawteCan someone tell me how to get rid of the route shown here: http://pastebin.com/AjV3Q95m ? I've tried route del <that ip> and it doesn't work...16:39
patdk-wkroute del -net gw
Lcawtepatdk-wk: route: netmask doesn't match route address16:44
pmatulisbelkinsa: yes?16:44
belkinsaYou are the driver of the server docs, right?16:44
patdk-wkmaybe it was /2116:44
pmatulisbelkinsa: pretty much, how can i help?16:45
Lcawtepatdk-wk: Thanks, that did it :)16:46
belkinsaThe Doc Team is having the next meeting on May 7at 1800 UTC and since you are the driver of the server side of the docs, you are welcome to add your items to the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/MeetingAgenda16:46
justizinhm, when i run do-release-upgrade on a freshly installed precise box, it says there are no new distros O.o17:32
pmatulisbelkinsa: thanks for the note.  tip: use a person's irc nick otherwise your msg can easily go unnoticed17:32
pmatulisjustizin: normal17:32
justizinwhy isn’t trusty available without -d ?17:32
* justizin looks confused17:32
pmatulisjustizin: there is some built-in logic that requires 14.04.1 to be available in order for a non-dev upgrade to proceed17:33
pmatuliswhich is pretty good IMO, but, yes, confusing17:33
justizinyah i can live with that :)17:34
pmatulisjustizin: rock 'n roll17:34
* justizin is cool with a policy that says: “are you sure you know what you’re doing?” :)17:35
pmatulisbelkinsa: updated17:47
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belkinsapmatulis, thanks and sorry.18:20
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belkinsapmatulis, a user (jwcampbell) just commented on the agenda for your items.  I'm just letting you know there are comments that are not public.18:57
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* genii smacks sbattey with a large coffee mug19:20
* genii smacks sbattey again19:29
flg_hi all19:37
flg_how i can install dolphin-emu in 14.04 ? the repository doesnt have this distro...19:37
ShutterstromGood evening. I can't upgrade my Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS to 14.04 LTS using do-release-upgrade.  I get this msg:19:37
ShutterstromChecking for a new Ubuntu release19:37
ShutterstromNo new release found19:37
ShutterstromI read something about using do-release-upgrade -d, but tht is for development release only (right?).19:38
flg_update-manager -d (?)19:38
geniiShutterstrom: What says the result of  tail -n1 /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:39
PiciThe upgrade path to 14.04 from 12.04 will not be open until 14.04.1 is released.19:39
Shutterstromgenii: Prompt=lts19:40
geniiPici: Aaaaaaah19:40
ShutterstromPici: Ahh. Thanks19:40
ShutterstromThanks for the help/info.19:40
ShutterstromAny idea of when this is out?19:41
patdk-wkheh, no factiod for that?19:41
ShutterstromPici: July 24th Ubuntu Ubuntu 14.04.119:43
ShutterstromHave a great day all of you, helping out in this fantastic chat!19:44
flg_how i can install dolphin-emu in 14.04 ? the repository doesnt have this distro...19:45
flg_any way to use an older distro release?19:45
pmatulisbelkinsa: not public?19:47
DonRichieHi community people. Do you know the couchdb Logo? There is a software produkt which has the same logo but the guy on the couch has fallen off. Which Software was that?19:53
flg_how i can install dolphin-emu in 14.04 ? the repository doesnt have this distro...20:04
pmatulisflg_: what is delphin-emu ?20:07
patdk-wkoviously not ubuntu supported software20:07
flg_im trying to resolve package dependency manually now...20:08
pmatuliswii/gamecube emulator20:09
flg_like to test it20:09
pmatulisflg_: you're on your own i'm afraid.  i only see the dolphon file manager20:09
flg_there are 2 repositories for 13.10 and one for older releases, but not for trusty :(20:09
pmatulisdamn, my fingers don't like that word dolphin20:10
flg_pmatulis: ;) oki20:10
flg_i understand :D20:10
geniiflg_: That PPA seems fairly well maintained, they did a build only 3 days ago for instance. Probably just have to wait now until they add Trusty20:12
pmatulisflg_: how to use an older release?  you install it.  that PPA appears to work on Saucy, so install Saucy and and then the PPA20:12
flg_... yeah ...20:13
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suptonipv6 question: disabling ipv for all/default/lo interfaces successfully in sysctl.conf appears to be insufficient to prevent applications configured to listen on IPv6 from doing so?20:33
suptonI want to disable IPv6 completely, but it appears I need to deal with these for all sorts of applications one-off, for nginx, sshd, postfix, munin-node -- all apparently listening on :: or ::120:34
patdk-wksupton why not disable it in sysctl?20:35
suptonpatdk-wk: already did… services still listening....20:35
supton# lsof | grep LISTEN | grep IPv620:36
suptonthis is on 14.0420:36
suptonjust appears that sysctl changes necessary, not sufficient20:36
patdk-wklistening already doesn't matter20:36
suptonis is clutter and and a file descriptor open20:36
patdk-wkafter you disabled ipv6 in sysctl, did ipv6 work?20:37
patdk-wkwas something able to use it?20:37
suptonpatdk-wk: no, not routable20:38
suptone.g. no route to ::120:38
suptonbut still clutter in terms of used file descriptors and noise-to-signal20:38
patdk-wkso ipv6 is disabled and doesn't work20:38
patdk-wknoise-to-signal? there is no signal20:38
patdk-wklinux is not analog20:38
suptonpatdk-wk: lsof | grep LISTEN | grep IPv620:39
suptonlists a bunch of lines I want gone20:39
patdk-wkdon't see the problem20:39
suptonso ipv6 is not totally disabled20:39
patdk-wkunload ipv6 module20:39
patdk-wkif that is what you want20:39
patdk-wkbut that isn't going last you long20:40
patdk-wkipv6 is going be required, very very soon20:40
suptonpatdk-wk: my gripe is only that all these services defaut configs listen on :: or ::120:41
suptonif I unloaded ipv6 in kernel, I suspect I might just see a bunch of things failing to start with getaddrinfo problems or similar, so I have to edit 6+ config files anyway instead of merely sysctl.conf20:42
* supton marches off to the tedium20:43
patdk-wkno, instead of listening on ipv6+ipv4 they will just be on ipv4 only then20:44
* supton works for an org flush in IPv4 space… has more addresses than Willy Wonka has candy20:46
suptonbut yeah, using both ipv4+ipv6 will be everybody's problem soon enough.20:46
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tgm4883Is there some sort of web frontend for searching mail logs of a postfix server? I'm trying to replace our sophos email gateway but I've got some admins that aren't linux savvy21:29
tgm4883I just need them to be able to search messages sent though the server21:29
bekkstgm4883: Teach them how to use grep / egrep :)21:41
tgm4883bekks: if only...21:41
huttantmwsiy: u could make that from scratch in 10ish min if ur savvy :)21:43
huttantgm4883 rather21:48
tgm4883huttan: yea, I was hoping that I could get something that is supported by another company and not me :)22:11
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parallel21I have winbind setup, and now I'd like to restrict the access to a security groups22:52
parallel21*group singular22:52
parallel21I have the sid and am using required_membership_of=sid22:52
parallel21But it doesn't seem to take22:52
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