kenvandinejanimo, did you try anything else out in bacon2d?00:50
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TravisI am not finding anything on Ubuntu working on a Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210R.  Is there a way to install Ubuntu on it?01:54
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices01:57
dobeyTravis: ^^01:57
TravisThere's nothing there for my tablet :(01:58
ThorondorHi, what's the equivalent to "import Ubuntu.Telephony" on the C++ side?02:10
dobeyThorondor: no idea, and not sure if there is one02:12
ThorondorHi dobey, thanks for answering02:14
ThorondorI'm looking at the messaging-app, but I would like to keep the QML part strictly for UI02:14
ThorondorHowever it does almost everything on QML02:14
dobeyhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service doesn't show any c++ library/-dev packages02:15
dobeyjust the qtdeclarative plug-in02:15
ThorondorYeah, I had to install it to make the default app work02:17
ThorondorSeems like most of the support is going to QML and HTML5 development02:18
ThorondorI will have to try using the telepathy APIs but not sure how that would work given all the isolation of apps02:19
dobeyit should be possible to build an app without qml at all. granted, i have no idea how to do that at the moment :-/02:19
dobeyah ebay. where the phone you're waiting to bid on at the last minute, goes up $200 in only a few short hours02:21
ThorondorProbably, but after reading all this app confinement strategy, it all seems to be focused on the QML services provided on the phone02:22
dobeywhat do you mean by qml services?02:22
dobeyqml is really meant to only be used for UI bits02:22
dobeyit's certainly not suitable for implementing a service02:23
ThorondorI mean the services, like location, music, telephony02:23
ThorondorI have only seen those modules available on the QML side after importing the modules02:23
dobeyi don't think they can be restircted to qml only02:23
Thorondorbut I'm just starting on this02:23
dobeywell those are just modules, not the services themselves02:24
ThorondorSure, not the services, but the interfaces (API) seem to be provided only for QML02:24
ThorondorOr I just don't find the rest of the documentation02:24
dobeyi suppose plenty of APIs are like that, yeah. i'm not sure why though02:30
dobeyThorondor: please files bugs against things that are only providing API via qtdeclarative plug-ins. that really should be fixed so that we have libraries that people can use from C++02:31
ThorondorDo you think this is really a bug? I would like it to be, but I'm not sure about that02:32
ThorondorAll the documentation and examples are mainly focused on QML and give hints about how easy it is to write the apps in an easy way02:33
dobeyyes it is a bug02:34
dobeyThorondor: having APIs only be usable via QML blocks an entire class of ISVs from being able to support Ubuntu with their applications02:41
Thorondordobey: I agree. I'm just not sure where exactly Ubuntu Touch is heading...02:44
ThorondorBut I can see that there's a location-service-dev package, so it's starting to make sense02:44
dobeywell i know that cellular providers, and companies like EA and Skype, are not going to want to ship their apps on the phone as things where you can view the source, and probably would prefer to avoid having qml in their applications at all02:46
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ThorondorOk. Good Night03:16
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dholbachgood morning06:47
well_known_persohi folks07:36
well_known_persoanyone has experience with installing Ubuntu touch on Xiaomi Red Rice ?07:37
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trap_exitI want to buy an android phone08:40
trap_exitfor the sole purpose of running ubuntu on it08:41
trap_exitwhich phone should I get?08:41
popeyor get www.tomshardware.com/news/oneplus-android-smartphone-google-cyanogenmod,26610.html and do the porting work ☻08:41
ogra_yeah, that one is sweet ... to sad it will need porting08:42
trap_exitI currently have an sony xperia z ultra08:43
trap_exitI don't see what this oneplus phopne has over my phone08:43
trap_exit(if I were to port it to a new platform)08:43
ogra_yeah, well, it has nice technical data08:47
ogra_(3G RA is incredible)08:48
trap_exitmine has 2GB RAM08:58
trap_exitand can use a fucking pencil as a stylus08:58
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kaaninelhi anyone can tell me how to port ubuntu touch to my s3 mini ?09:26
kaaninelit's not officially supported by cm09:26
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anilis samsung duos .GT-s7562 is comptible for ubuntu09:45
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robjhhmmmm how much are nexus 4s going for these days11:08
robjhI just consulted amazon. 160 gbp. thats quite a lot for an old phone11:09
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ogra_robjh, well, if you are patient you can wait til second half of the year and buy an ubunu phone instead :)11:19
ogra_(unliekly to be cheaper though)11:20
robjhogra_, i thought little was confirmed about those devices. so little that the release timeframe is very likely to be pushed back?11:21
ogra_huh ?11:21
ogra_what makes you thinnk that11:21
ogra_(it was all over the press for weeks and they are surely not pushed back ... )11:22
robjhperhaps my information is out of date or im just forgetting. I think i remember mark shuttleworth saying something like; expect devices in the latter half of 201411:23
robjhwhich is far from specific11:23
popeysounds about right11:23
ogra_and then he presented the two devices :)11:23
popeyonline store goes live 31/12/14 :D11:23
popey(i kid)11:23
robjhalright, so 2016 at the absolute latest11:23
popeyhow is 2016 the second half of 2014?11:23
ogra_2016 is for "household brands" as he calls it11:24
ogra_i.e. when you can buy some big name phone wiht a contract at your provider11:24
ogra_2014 second half you will see phones from meizu and bq, as announced a while ago11:24
robjhhope so.11:25
ogra_there is nothing to hope :) work on that is already happening11:25
robjhI expect them to be delayed. just because setbacks can happen and i dont think canonical would rush something so important just to meet an arbitrary deadline11:27
ogra_well, they are not for the general public anyway11:27
robjhhaving said that, the spreadsheet in the topic is looking fab right now11:27
ogra_it will be very clear to you if you buy it that this is for early adopters only11:27
robjhi dont think my expectations are that high xD11:29
ogra_you will only be able to buy it as certain places online and it will tell you that this isnt for plain endusers but for developers and early adopters when you buy it ... these first phones are all about not pushing the expectations to high in the beginning11:29
robjhas long as it supports ssh and has gcc installed. im happy11:30
ogra_in 2016 there will hopefully be a million apps in the store and you can just go to your next ... well vodafone partner shop and grab an ubuntu phone :)11:30
ogra_i doubt either will be installed in the long term :) ... but there shuld always be a way to get them11:31
robjhi'd hope so, if the coherence thing is still on the cards11:32
ogra_well, convergence is clearly more a 2016 target11:33
ogra_but it might happen earlier, depending on how fast the desktop moves11:33
robjhi mean, i'd expect to have gcc and ssh on desktop class computers ;)11:34
robjhshh + ipv6 + 4g would make for an interesting combination11:35
ogra_we dont install sshd today ...11:35
ogra_but yeah, the client is a default part ... even on the phone11:36
ogra_gcc not so much ... and on the desktop it is only shipped by default for binary/dkms drivers11:36
asacricmm on today?11:36
ogra_asac, he got his new internet in the new flat yesterday ... havent seen himm online since11:37
ogra_mandel might know11:37
mandelasac, he is, yet he is going to me a little late because he had to do some paper work to register in his bureau11:38
mandelasac, AFAIK he should be here any time11:38
ogra_what ? they have paperwork in spain ?11:39
asacmandel: ok cool thanks. tell him to ping me for something not very urgent, but important :)11:39
mandelogra_, merkel is trying to make us work like europe, go and figure hehehe11:39
mandelogra_, onyl problem, the paperwork is done at a spanish pace.. not very fast ;)11:40
ogra_manana :)11:40
* ogra_ reveals that he doesnt know how to type spanish accents :P 11:41
asacyou need a paperwork reduction act :)11:41
mandelasac, I just let him know that you are looking for him11:41
asacor that11:42
ogra_i think they just need less merkel :P11:42
mandelasac, ogra_ the most annoying thing is not doing the paper work, is the fact that government officials just work between 9 am to 2pm (plus a coffee break etc..) so is ALWAYS disturbs your work, because you know, their time is more important than yours..11:42
* mandel swears in spanish11:42
asac9am to 2pm is pretty good11:43
asacthey often just have 9-11 am11:43
asacor something like that11:43
asacall the rest of the day they doo silent paperwork that probably is marginally close to zero11:43
ogra_especially with a "coffe break" from 9:30 to 13:3011:43
asactvoss: !!11:44
asacwelcome back11:44
tvossasac, thanks :)11:44
ogra_do we have to call him daddyvoss now ?11:44
asacogra_: tvoss -> dvoss :)11:48
asacor tdvoss11:48
asacThomas (Daddy) Voss11:48
tvossasac, ogra_ lol11:48
* tvoss personally prefers dvoss11:49
asactvoss: do it :)11:49
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asacpeople will not be able to find yuo with tab anymore then :)11:49
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ogra_mzanetti, dvoss ... so if i have a bunch of apps open, use the app switcher and the lifecycle handling has killed an app, why dont i see the app snapshot that the selector shows me on screen while the app starts but see the last app in the app switcher stack instead ?12:16
ogra_could we somehow change that ? it feels like the app has crashed (simply because our app startup time still takes way to long)12:17
dvossogra_, best to ask Saviq here. I remember a work item about preloading the app's surface with the last known state12:19
dvossaka screenshot12:19
Saviqdvoss, ?12:19
ogra_something like that ... probably in black/white or slightly greyed out or so12:19
SaviqDhomas Voß?12:19
dvossSaviq, ogra_ just asked for preloading an app's surface with a screenshot of the last known state12:19
dvossSaviq, daddy voss, see backlog12:19
ogra_Saviq, daddy voss :)12:19
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Saviqogra_, yeah, planned12:20
Saviqogra_, will be: Splash screen → Real app → Screenshot → Real app etc.12:20
tvossSaviq, ack and thx12:20
ogra_that wont help with the slow app startup ... but at least wont make you feel like your apps crash all the time12:20
Saviqogra_, splash screen will help with slow startup12:21
Saviqwhich will be part of the same effort, really12:21
ogra_well, yeah, but thats also just a wrokaround12:21
ogra_we need to get below 2sec app startup time imho12:21
ogra_and i think we are still above 3sec currently12:22
Saviqstill need a screenshot for the 2s :)12:22
Saviqorthogonal issues12:22
Saviqand screenshot on resume12:22
ogra_like a mouse throbber12:22
ogra_screenshot requires properly saving the state though12:23
ogra_else it will be even worse if the screenshot shows the last open website but your browser restarts on start.ubuntu.com12:23
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frecelgood morning13:17
cwayneany idea when U archive will be ready for landing stuff?13:31
ogra_cwayne, aslk sabdfl13:31
pmcgowancwayne, prolly a couple hours after mark announces the name?13:31
ogra_we're all waiting for him13:31
ogra_pmcgowan, lol13:31
ogra_more like a day or a few13:32
ogra_2-3 is probably realistic13:33
GraknolSo let's see if I have finally gotten this right! The AOSP build modifies the AOSP to overwrite Android while keeping propertairy blobs needed for the device to function, so in essence the build is heavily modified with ubuntu code, is that about right, cause I struggle with finding documentation of the structure of these methods and the images themselves13:37
ogra_Graknol, our android build only builds the hardware abstraction layer (drivers, config files and daemons to run these drivers) ... the rest is dropped13:43
Graknolbut how does the system get into the image, im so confused as there is nearly zero documentation of non-deprecated info13:44
ogra_that android build runs inside a container that gets started during ubuntu boot ... the ubuntu rootfs itself is just a normal ubuntu rootfs13:45
ogra_bzr branch lp:project-rootstock-ng ... take a look at rootstock-touch-install13:45
Graknolk, will do13:45
ogra_essentially the boot img and recovery img files that your build spits out get flashed to boot and recovery partitions ... the boot.img contains a "normal" ubuntu initramfs instead of the android initrd13:47
ogra_the rootfs side is set up in a similar way to what the rootstock-touch-install script has13:48
Graknolso the imgs are the only thing i need now right?13:48
Graknolrecover to the recovery one, then im good to go?13:49
ogra_you need the boot, recovery and system.img files the andrpid build spits out13:49
Graknolk, im just a little careful here as i do not want to brick it ;)13:49
ogra_then flash boot and recovery to their partitions on the device and follow the rootstock-touch-install steps (or just use that script directly) to assemble a rootfs from the system.img and the ubuntu rootfs tarball13:50
ogra_as long as you dont trash your bootloader you shouldnt be able to brick anything13:50
Graknolohh, that calms me :)13:51
ogra_i.e. as long as you have an opportunity to flash you can always flash something working :)13:52
GraknolI admire your patience, I really do :)13:52
mandelpmcgowan, Elleo FYI we are block until we are allow to land to add support of udm + content-hub + browser, once we can I'll let you know13:55
pmcgowanmandel, ok thanks, we need that image app13:56
mandels/allow/allowed sorry passive voice13:56
sergiusenspmcgowan: on trusty or u.*?13:59
Elleomandel: okay, thanks13:59
pmcgowansergiusens, u I suppose14:00
pmcgowansergiusens, was referring to Elleo's cool new app14:00
Elleopmcgowan: that actually works with the current version of download manager in trusty, it's just the app armor rules that need fixing for that (which is under way now)14:01
sergiusensah, ok, yeah, that app is nice :-)14:01
sergiusensmandel: does that latest u-d-m also include the set download dir?14:01
mandelsergiusens, yes, it does14:02
Elleoalthough I get the impression that the qml bindings for download manager might not be installed as part of the base image from a problem someone had with it the other day14:02
sergiusensmandel: and can I get that in my go bindings? :-)14:02
mandelsergiusens, very good point, yes you should and I'll add a bug for that :)14:02
mandelElleo, really? it might be that is was not added as a dependency of the sdk meta package...14:03
mandelgatox, is that possible ^^14:03
Elleomandel: yeah, I'm not certain what image he had flashed, so it's possible he just had an old image14:03
ElleoI haven't checked in to it on a clean image14:04
gatoxmandel, maybe... i don't know if you talked with the sdk people after all the changes into cmake and packaging that14:04
mandelgatox, nope, I'll check with them14:04
mandelElleo, I'll take care of it14:05
Elleomandel: awesome, thanks :)14:05
mandelElleo, pmcgowan I make sure everything that is needed for browser and that image app is landed asap14:06
ignacio|hereHi all14:07
ignacio|hereI'm trying to install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 514:07
Elleomandel: thanks14:07
ignacio|hereBut I cant! When I do the install command I get this:14:07
ignacio|hereDevice hammerhead not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel trusty14:07
pmcgowanmandel, as soon as anything can land ;)14:07
ogra_ignacio|here, we dont have official support for hammerhead ... but there is a community port14:08
mandelpmcgowan, correct, but it also means talking with sdk, security etc.. so I have some "paperwork" to do ;-)14:08
ignacio|hereogra_, where I can get it?14:08
ogra_ignacio|here, ubuntu-device-flash --channel trusty --bootstrap --server="http://system-image.tasemnice.eu"14:09
ogra_try that14:09
ignacio|hereogra_, downloading thanks!14:09
frecelcan someone try to the "run  html5 application on device" thing in ubuntu sdk? It hasn't been working for me lately and I don't know if it's an issue with my setup or if there is a bug somewhere14:12
pmcgowandbarth, bzoltan ^^14:13
bzoltanfrecel: let me check14:13
Graknologra_, emm so you thought i was talking about N4, I have a N5, so i guess ill grab that image instead ;)14:14
dbarthfrecel: do you have an error log?14:15
ogra_Graknol, lol, yeah, do that, i thought you were porting to some exotic device14:15
Graknolhehe :)14:15
Graknoli guess ill just scrap the AOSP src then?14:15
ogra_for all devices that are supported by default in AOSP doing a port is a matter of doing a trivil rebuild for that arch14:16
ogra_(and adding some config files on teh ubuntu side)14:16
freceldbarth: this is what I'm getting under the editor http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315026/14:18
mandelsergiusens, would also be nice to try and package the go bindings...14:18
dbarthfrecel: yup, i can reproduce here :/14:18
frecelI think the issue is specifically with the html5 launcher on the phone because qml apps work just fine14:19
ignacio|hereogra_, finished14:21
ignacio|hereogra_, now I see android again14:21
ignacio|hereno ubuntu touch :(14:21
ogra_was the device in bootloader mode when you flashed ?14:21
ogra_(big android on screen and a giant "Start" arrow at the top)14:21
sergiusensmandel: that would be nice ;-)14:21
ignacio|hereogra_, yeah this have14:21
sergiusensignacio|here: was there an error while flashing?14:22
ogra_it should have rebooted a few times during the process, and then you should see a spinning ubuntu logo before it reboots into the new system14:22
dbarth bzoltan: it's specific to html5 apps; i guess the job interface changed recently14:23
ignacio|here2014/04/23 11:19:00 Cannot push /home/ignacio/.cache/ubuntuimages/pool/ubuntu-4cecf3052ae3d517869ca2ac632e7d49dfb0ef0b56cd6167754528dffbb9f5d7.tar.xz.asc to device: free space on /cache/recovery is unknown14:23
ignacio|hereWhat can I do?14:23
ignacio|hereany idea?14:24
ogra_sergiusens, ^^^ why cant it determine the free space ?14:25
dbarthfrecel: thanks for the heads up ; here is a bug report for it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/131169214:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1311692 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu "[regression] Can't start HTML5 app on device" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:25
ogra_mterry, uuuh, thats ugly ...14:26
mandelsergiusens, I'll try to get that done too14:26
sergiusensogra_: because I don't need to; I format cache14:26
mterryogra_, you talking about indicator-messages?14:26
ogra_mterry, looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/telephony-service/start-on/+merge/216492 ...14:26
mterryogra_, well the actual merge is pretty.  My comment solution is ugly.  Depends on why the 'started unity8' bit was added14:27
ogra_why do you need a script (which spawns a shell) instead of just defining a proper start on condition14:27
ignacio|hereNo idea?14:27
mterryogra_, note that indicator-network does the ubuntu-touch check today14:27
ogra_there is a variable upstart exports that you can add to the start on stanza14:27
ignacio|hereogra_, I do it again14:27
mterryogra_, xsession SESSION=ubuntu-touch I believe14:27
ignacio|hereand I see the ubuntu logo with recovery options14:27
mterryxsession-start maybe14:28
mterrysomething like that14:28
mterryogra_, but do you know that was the purpose?  To only run in ubuntu-touch?14:28
sergiusensignacio|here: adb shell and run df -h, and also ls /cache/recovery14:28
mterryogra_, because if they were just using unity8 as a proxy for 'indicators being ready' then my merge is the more correct solution14:28
ogra_"start on desktop-start DESKTOP_SESSION=ubuntu-touch and foo bar baz"14:28
ignacio|heresergiusens, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7315097/14:29
frecelIs anyone here runnig Ubuntu touch on something other than nexus4?14:29
mterryogra_, using desktop-start like that would mean they'd need a separate start-on condition for unity8-greeter, but that's fine.  Could be added.  I just need to know why they used 'started unity8' which can't be correct no matter the reason  ;)14:29
ogra_mterry, i dont think it is wrong what you check for ... its just that shell you spawn pointlessly14:29
* ignacio|here is trying to install Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 5 :P14:30
sergiusensignacio|here: your disconnection doesn't seem to be related to space; can you from recovery just do ubuntu-device-flash --server "http://system-image.tasemnice.eu" --wipe --channel trusty ?14:31
ogra_mterry, actually the hud job looks pretty sane in that regard14:32
ogra_"start on started dbus and ((xsession SESSION=ubuntu-touch) or (xsession SESSION=ubuntu-touch-surfaceflinger) or (xsession SESSION=ubuntu))"14:33
ignacio|heresergiusens, a Android and Ubuntu logo is runningg14:33
ignacio|heresergiusens, Ubuntu over Android14:33
sergiusensignacio|here: just wait for it14:34
ignacio|heresergiusens, ok :)14:34
sergiusensogra_: that surfaceflinger trigger seems outdated ;-)14:34
ogra_a little :)14:34
ogra_ted ^^14:34
mterryogra_, sure.  Those are all fine.  Again, that wouldn't make it load on the greeter, but that's fine.  We don't want hud on the greeter.  If we do end up wanting a session check, I'll do something like hud + a check for greeter.  But again, I'm not sure what the intention behind the current start on stanza really is14:35
* mterry should just do a bzr blame14:35
ogra_mterry, how about the greeter also sets its own "SESSION" variable then14:36
frecelignacio|here: when you have ubuntu up and running can you put the phone to your ear like you are about to talk to someone and tell me if you hear any sound coming from the speaker?14:36
ogra_mterry, i think all the "start on unity8" jobs are just "hey thats the only thing we know to look for" thingies that we need to fix ...14:37
ignacio|heresergiusens, yeaaah14:37
mterryogra_, well greeter doesn't use the xsession event really, but yeah.  It does have a custom upstart event it sends14:37
ignacio|herethanks man :D14:37
ogra_right, so check for that one as well14:37
mterryogra_, but if the goal is just "be around when indicator-messages is", then my existing MR is fine14:38
ogra_tedg, see above, the hud upstart job needs some cleanup and drop the obsolete surfaceflinger stuff14:38
ogra_mterry, right, but you spawn a shell with your suggestion where you dont need to ... pre-start scripts are always costly14:39
ogra_wrt to startup speed14:39
ignacio|heresergiusens, where is the back,home,option buttons?14:39
ogra_ignacio|here, thats not android :)14:40
ignacio|hereogra_, I dont need it?14:40
mterryogra_, sure, I was just stealing that code from indicator-network.  But that code is not what the MR is about.  The MR is really "start on started indicator-messages"14:40
sergiusensignacio|here: no need to ask me directly ;-)14:40
ogra_mterry, right, and that one is correct ...14:40
ignacio|heresergiusens, ogra_, sorry! But thanks :)14:40
mterryogra_, if they don't like that, I'll do something that doesn't start a shell, don't worry14:40
ogra_indicator-network surely isnt though14:40
ignacio|hereI dont know how to go back haha14:41
ogra_ignacio|here, from where to where14:41
ignacio|hereWhere is the home? :P14:41
* ogra_ wonders if the N5 doesnt show you the intro 14:41
ogra_it should have run you through the basic gestures14:41
ignacio|hereHow to send a message? D:14:42
ogra_for going home you swipe fron the left edge to the right edge ... that swipes away the running app and leaves you at the home/apps screen14:42
ignacio|herethe sound sound bad :P14:43
ogra_for switching between the last two open apps you do a short swipe from the right ... for selecting between all open apps you do a long swipe from the right14:43
ignacio|hereIs there any way for see my "Sim" contacts?14:43
mhall119bfiller: what do you think about https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1311409 ?14:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1311409 in camera-app "Camera should be an image provider via Content Hub" [Undecided,New]14:44
ogra_the in-app back button is usually inside the toolbar that you can swipe in from the bottom14:44
ogra_ignacio|here,i dont think we have support for SIM contacts, nope ... google contacts work though ...14:44
mhall119using Elleo's Deep Vision yesterday, it was annoying that I had to take a picture and have it save to the gallery before I could use Deep Vision to open it14:44
ignacio|hereogra_, oh, thanks man14:44
ignacio|here¿How to remove Amazon?14:44
mhall119and I would always delete the image afterwards, so as not to clutter my gallery14:44
ogra_ignacio|here, the app ?14:45
mhall119ignacio|here: on phone or desktop?14:45
Elleomhall119: yeah, I was thinking a similar thing14:45
ogra_just hold the icon for a moment, it offers you an uninstall button then14:45
bfillermhall119: I think it makes sense14:45
ignacio|hereon phone14:45
ignacio|hereAny way for find apps?14:46
mhall119ignacio|here: search in the apps scope14:46
* ignacio|here try14:46
mhall119apps scope searches installed apps as well as apps available in the store14:46
ignacio|hereI have facebook app :o14:46
ogra_and also expand the bottom arrow for available apps14:46
ogra_(only works if you are online though)14:46
ignacio|heregood job guys14:47
mhall119thanks ignacio|here14:47
Graknolignacio|here, I'll be joining you tomorrow in the journey of UT on N5 :D14:47
ignacio|hereGraknol, yay!14:48
ignacio|hereWe need a officialy ubuntu touch for nexus 5 :)14:48
Graknolit is on hold iirc, so i guess they will do it when they got a RC14:49
ignacio|here"stallboard" haha :P14:49
ignacio|hereJust looking at apps :P14:49
Graknolohh :)14:50
Graknolare you a dev?14:50
ignacio|herejust a user of ubuntu :)14:50
ignacio|hereI are developer of python apps on Sugar Labs :)14:50
tedgmterry, Why don't you want HUD on the greeter? For apps that are running in greeter mode?14:51
mterrytedg, we don't have any of those yet -- though we will have some once we enable locked screen14:51
GraknolI'll start familiarizing myself in UT development when i get my device :)14:51
ignacio|hereGraknol, its cool, and it my first time at UT14:52
ignacio|hereumm I need a Ubuntu One account? :_14:53
ogra_sure, to access the store14:54
ignacio|herejust forget the password..14:55
ignacio|hereI didnt see the keyboard when I touch some fills14:55
cwaynedbarth, does the switch to oxide fix all the UA craziness we'd had in webapps?14:56
dbarthcwayne: hi14:56
dbarthcwayne: not all of it,but a good part14:57
dbarthcwayne: plus we're getting per-webapp ua overrides now14:57
dbarthcwayne: alex-abreu is on a branch for that14:57
cwaynedbarth, ah, awesome14:58
ignacio|hereogra_,  by the way, Ubuntu one die?14:58
ogra_ignacio|here, the filesharing service, yes14:59
ignacio|herebut my account work anyway?15:00
dbarthfrecel: https://code.launchpad.net/~dbarth/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/fix-1311692/+merge/21690415:00
dbarththis should fix it15:00
ignacio|hereWhen I try to install app15:02
ignacio|hereIt say: Download install failed15:02
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doanacsergiusens, ogra_: you think we could get phablet-tools updated in saucy? our CI server is still on saucy for phablet-tools and I need the new phablet-bootchart command there15:31
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sergiusensdoanac: yeah, give me a sec15:31
sergiusensdoanac: is there a plan to update to trusty btw?15:31
doanacsergiusens: i think larry is working on that15:32
ogra_Saviq, so i had two unity8 crashes within the last 5 days (and was using my phone a lot) ... one thing i noticed is that after unity8 comes up again often the apps dont start anymore, if that happens again, whaat should i look for ?15:32
doanaci just think i'll get the bootchart test going before he gets the upgrade done15:32
Saviqogra_, I believe what happens is that the apps are basically still running15:36
Saviqogra_, SIGSTOP'ed, as nothing causes them to quit when unity8 dies15:37
Saviqogra_, or maybe that's why nothing causes them to quit15:37
Saviqbecause they're STOP'ed, they don't die when losing the mir connection15:37
Saviqand then unity8 asks u-a-l to start the app, but it comes back with "already started"15:37
Saviqogra_, so basically - you probably can't start apps that are already started15:38
PloppzWhat is the name of the coming native phone for ubuntu and when is the approximate release?15:38
ogra_Saviq, right, we should find a way to do that :)15:38
Saviqogra_, if you kill them with X and launch again, they'll work15:38
ogra_Ploppz, not clear what the exact model names are, the manufacturers are meizu and bq15:39
ogra_Saviq, sure, but it would be better to properly recover after a crash :)15:39
PloppzWhen will it come out? Are we speaking months or  a year?15:39
Saviqogra_, I'm not saying that's correct - it's still a bug15:39
SaviqPloppz, later this year15:39
ogra_Ploppz, second half of 2014 ... end of summer or so15:40
PloppzI saw a video featuring the kickstarter that died - will it still be a feature to connect the phone to a screen to get a desktop?15:42
ogra_not with these phones15:43
ogra_the feature is still planned, but first there needs to be a finished phone OS before it can get a desktop mode15:43
ogra_if the ubuntu edge would have been funded there would have been priority on developing that mode alongside15:44
ignacio|herewell, time for school, thx guys15:45
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Rienzillamhall119: am I correct to assume you are de developer of the calendar app?15:53
popeyRienzilla: nope, he's part of the community team, wassup?15:53
Rienzillaoh I had been talking about calendar synching options yeaterday. ogra_ pointed out that I could - probably - use syncevolution to sync with a calendar server15:56
Rienzillahowever syncevolution is kind of a beast at first sight :)15:56
ogra_heh, it is15:56
Rienzillaso I wondered if anyone could help me out a little with that15:57
RienzillaI set up a working caldav/carddav server with sogo15:57
Rienzillabut I'm a little clueless on how to sync with it :-)15:57
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mhall119Rienzilla: calendar syncing with google is currently supported via the Google Online Accounts16:09
ogra_mhall119, without google ;)16:09
mhall119oh, caldav, yeah you can set it up with syncevolution, but manually16:09
Rienzillaok, but once I do that, will syching be automatic, or will I have to manuallly sync with command line every time?16:10
mhall119Rienzilla: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SyncEvolution/Synchronize-evolution-data-with-caldav-cardav-server has some pretty good documentation on how to set it up16:11
Rienzillaah great16:11
mhall119syncing won't be automatic, I don't think, you'll have to manually call syncevolution16:11
mhall119bfiller: ^^ can you comment on that? I'm not sure if the background sync service runs all of syncevolution's configurations or just the Google one16:11
ogra_we ship cron ;)16:11
mhall119cron would work too16:12
ogra_just set up a crontab to regulary sync16:12
ogra_(as the phablet user)16:12
mhall119Rienzilla: it would be awesome if you made a Online Accounts provider for SOGo, then it could automatically setup syncing for the user when they create an account, like the Google provider does16:13
mhall119if you're interested in that, kenvandine can point you towards documentation on how to do it16:13
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Rienzillamhall119: please do. I'd like to contribute something. However, I'm quite busy until may so I can't deliver anything before somewhere in june16:22
Rienzillaif that's early enough for you i'll give it a go16:22
bfillermhall119, Rienzilla : I think it just runs the specific configurations that we support, currently google16:22
bfillerrenato can comment on that16:23
Rienzillait should be fairly straightforward... google uses the exact same protocols right?16:23
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sergiusensRienzilla: look at this for clues http://notyetthere.org/syncing-ubuntu-touch-with-owncloud-or-any-carddav-server/16:31
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ogra_oh, wheee !17:10
ogra_mowing the lawn helped my phone ...17:10
* ogra_ sees it getting a GPS fix for the first time ever 17:10
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davmor2ogra_: see I stand my phone by the window for 20 minutes and that is enough for gps to work, but I also found out that the gps works from my seat which is even better :)18:15
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thomiDoes anyone know how to prevent nautilus from going crazy and opening ~ 20 windows when I plug in the mako?20:43
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dobeythomi: doesn't happen here when i plug in my n720:51
dobeythomi: do you have auto mount settings set to open the file manager?20:52
thomidobey: yes, I believe that's the default, and I haven't changed them20:52
dobeythomi: System Settings -> Details -> Removable Media -> [] Never prompt or start programs on media installation20:52
thomidobey: thanks, I'll try that20:53
dobeythomi: best checkbox ever :)20:53
dakerdobey: got the SIM working :)20:53
dobeydaker: nice. i have absolutely no technical knowledge of why it would or wouldn't work, though :)20:54
dakeri needed to unlock it from the a menu item in the network indicator :)20:55
dakeronce done it should work out of the box :)20:55
dobeyi'll see how well it works on my shiny new n5 when it gets here20:55
dobeyi wonder if i should set up my own internal images server though20:57
dobeyhopefully it will at least be fast on the n5, even if everything doesn't work20:59
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ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices21:43
slipsnodethanks bot :)21:43
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bactis ubuntu touch available for my nokia 3310?22:29
t1mp!devices | bact22:38
ubot5bact: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices22:38
t1mpheh :) nokia 331022:39
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