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rwwworks out of the box, with http://www.piware.de/2014/04/booting-ubuntu-with-systemd-test-packages-available/02:10
darthrobotTitle: [Booting Ubuntu with systemd: Test packages available « Martin Pitt]02:10
rwwis missing minor stuff like cron right now ;)02:10
pleia2minor stuff02:11
rwwalso, 8 or so seconds faster than upstart to boot02:47
pleia2yeah, I was thrilled when we got to 10 seconds on SSD once upon a time02:47
nhainesrww: Worst. Resolution. Ever.02:52
nhainesNeeds moar dynamic scaling.02:54
rwwidk what that is02:54
rwwinstalling unity8-desktop-session-mir because netbook is not broken enough02:54
rwwlol, failed because upstart isn't running02:55
rww(the install, i mean)02:56
pleia2tsk :)02:56
rwwi installed it but it refuses to run03:02
rwwis sitting there with cursor on black03:02
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nhainesOn the bright side, it probably broke the Unity 7 login too.03:16
rwwit was autologging in, which was fun to fix03:19
* ianorlin is thinking of upgrading from my 1024x768 crt monitor06:31
* ianorlin should get to bed06:31
someone_hey i wanna start contribute to open source. can anyone tell me where to start15:03
pleia2not in 1 minute15:06
* grantbow nods15:10
grantbowmaybe http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Features/How-To-Get-Involved-with-Open-Source15:11
darthrobotTitle: [How To Get Involved with Open Source » Linux Magazine]15:11
grantbowvia openhatch.org15:11
pleia2they already left ;)15:12
grantbowI just happened to see it in their channel just now15:13
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pleia2Utopic Unicorn \o/17:31
bltzUniversal Uria17:54
bltzUltimate Upsidedowncatfish17:54
nhainesFunny question here.  Is anyone driving up to San Francisco from the LA, OC, or SD area?21:02
nhainesI can get a ride to San Francisco tomorrow, but not back down again.21:02
pleia2according to the mailing list, George Mulak is :)21:02
nhainespleia2: yes, but he's visiting family and the timing just happens to work out.  So if I drive up with him I'll still be stranded.  :)21:03
pleia2aha :)21:03
nhainesI thought about it!  But not enough to actually do any research on it.  Last I checked (maybe for 12.04?) it was more expensive than driving.21:03
pleia2heh, probably is21:04
pleia2but trains are cool21:04
pleia2I ate too many jelly beans21:04
nhainesOnly ~$70 to fly back on United.  But then I'd have to be at the airport by 6am.21:09
pleia2I'm going to the airport at 11 :) #nothelpful21:10
nhainesIf I leave early on Thursday (as soon as I get to SF) I can fly back for only $53!21:12
nhainesApparently travel prices are higher on Fridays.  Who knew?21:14
pleia2you could stay until saturday :)21:15
pleia2sf is lovely21:15
pleia2suppose it does mean you need to sleep somewhere though, which is $$$21:15
pleia2nhaines: but you should defintely come, then you can give the "new things" talk instead of me \o/21:16
pleia2(just kidding :))21:16
nhainesHaha  :)  well, if I can get a way back I definitely will.  But yeah, airfare plus lodging right now is kinda...21:17
nhainesYay for timing!21:17
jyopleia2: Don't forget to namecheck @AdRollDev (or @AdRoll) when we tweet about the party. :)21:57
pleia2jyo: oh yes, thanks :)21:59
pleia2jyo: oh! meet me here at 199 New Montgomery at 5 tomorrow?23:51
* pleia2 tries to find eps, supposed to do costco run tonight23:51
rww23:50:50 <@rww/#ubuntu+1> LET THE UNICORN FROLICKING BEGIN23:51
arrithpleia2: i think i can help tomorrow to carry stuff and stuff23:56
pleia2arrith: cool, you want to meet at 199NM at the same time?23:56
arriththe unicorn-themed wallpapers will be interesting23:56
arrithpleia2: sounds good23:57
pleia2my number: in case 610-952-7370 you can't find me23:57
arrithah ok23:57
pleia2w00t, that was eps, running out to costco23:58
* pleia2 seeks cookies and snacks23:58

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