jrwrenuse a global00:58
jrwrenyou writing an irc bot?00:58
jrwrenyou could do nice things with **kwargs00:59
mrgoodcatyes it's an irc bot01:00
mrgoodcatmostly i'm just stuck out of ideas of what to do with it01:00
mrgoodcatmost of my ideas involve WAY too much talk in the channel == spam01:01
mrgoodcatso now i'm just trying to find ways to make the code better01:01
mrgoodcatbut not nessecarily more functional01:01
mrgoodcatrick_h_ waf cmaloney when is chc tomorrow? i always forget which one is the early one01:09
cmaloneynext week is early01:09
cmaloneyusually it's the last wed of the month01:09
rick_h_rgr, it'll be 8pm01:10
mrgoodcatyea i always forget that01:10
jrwrenya know what is really fast at all those function calls and those 10million dicts in a list to json?08:28
cmaloneyDammit. I was hoping that a particular request at work wasn't going through.11:38
cmaloneyBut apparently it is, so whee!11:38
cmaloneyI hate it when I lose those sorts of bets with myself. :)11:55
mrgoodcatjrwren: well yea, switching implementations is cheating though12:55
jrwrenits not cheating!12:58
jrwrenyou really think so?12:58
mrgoodcathey whatever works man12:59
mrgoodcatjrwren: how slow is slow?13:05
mrgoodcatfor the json?13:05
jrwrenyes, the json13:29
jrwren1,000,000 dicts in a list.13:29
jrwren78s with CPython13:30
jrwrensome tweaks with simplejson and for_json can get it down to 68s13:30
jrwrenpypy - 11s13:30
jrwrenpypy - with same tweaks - 8s13:30
mrgoodcatthat is quite the improvement13:31
rick_h_JIT ftw for that kind of repetitive function calling13:32
mrgoodcati wonder if the new dropbox VM for it will be everything it's supposed to be13:33
mrgoodcatjrwren: what about with marshal or pickle?13:35
jrwrenits likely the same14:07
Havenstancecould you guys look at this and see if you can make heads or tails of this apt-get error?14:53
bookiebothttp://is.gd/51akbC - Ubuntu Pastebin14:53
rick_h_Havenstance: go look in /var/lib/apt/lists/14:55
Havenstancerick_h_, I found the problem. I had a duplicate entry lines 21 and 25 of the pastebin15:01
cmaloneyJoDee's teaching a magnetics lab today15:21
cmaloneyand I have Insane Clown Posse's Miracles stuck in my head.15:21
cmaloneyspecifically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvmvxAcT_Yc15:21
bookiebothttp://is.gd/Tv0lbQ - Fuckin' Magnets, how do they work? - YouTube15:21
greg-gwhy are magnet's bipolar instead of tri or quadpolar?15:39
rick_h_binary rules the world15:40
cmaloneygreg-g: Problem with this class is there's a bunch of things that students are taking based on faith15:41
cmaloneybecause they don't have the experience with physics to handle anything more complex than "here's some iron filings"15:41
greg-grick_h_: but nothing in the math/physics says it couldn't have been trinary or quadary, it was, according to my college physics prof, "just one of those things that could have gone differently"15:51
Havenstanceso the boss waits until the server is in deployment to remove the encryption..... yay me, live removal whilest in production should be fun lol.15:59
Havenstancehow's everyone today? Haven't been around in a few days15:59
Havenstancehow hard would it be to write a simply program in python that would chown a file from root to the Users Group in like Python or something?16:27
jrwrenits 1 syscall16:28
jrwrenimport os16:28
Havenstancehm. i'll try it16:28
Havenstancethe only way I can get wireshark on linux to run allowing me to save any files or access any directories is if i run it with root perms16:29
Havenstancebut then every file i save is openable only by root I cant touch it from winblows...16:29
Havenstanceideally i'd save the file on the host machine and be able to go to the win machine and open it in a wireshark client there to read and/or print the contents of the files16:30
Havenstancecould I change the owner of the directory to something like $USERS so everyone could read and write to it with it being a network share drive without interfering with ACL permissions?16:31
Havenstanceone way to find out I suppose16:32
Havenstancescore one for me :)16:34
Havenstanceno need i just chowned the dir from root to user:16:34
bookiebothttp://is.gd/G0baRS - He gave a “Wuddup. Peep this.” nod to the cameraman. - Imgur16:38
MaskedDriverwrong channel. Still hilarious16:38
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cmaloneyI swear the thing that always bites me in the ass about python is not having __init__.py in a directory that I'm trying to load a module from18:32
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cmaloneyAlso: Apparently today needed a Hammond Organ.18:34
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho18:34
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's current track - Howlin' At The Sea by The Grave Dolls18:34
brouschcmaloney: That is fixed in Python 3.3 http://chimera.labs.oreilly.com/books/1230000000393/ch10.html#_problem_17318:37
brouschWell, sort of18:37
mrgoodcati use python 3.3 for everything and i still have to put __init__.py18:37
mrgoodcatsys.path.extend fixes it?18:39
brouschI guess it's not fixed, but you can exclude __init__.py to make namespace packages18:40
cmaloneybrousch: That's all fine and good but I'd like my hour back if you don't mind. :)18:40
mrgoodcati just tested it and apparently im just mentally challenged18:41
mrgoodcatit is fixed18:41
rick_h___init__.py is a good thing18:41
rick_h_it's your chance to fix the api for your module18:41
brouschMaybe you should modify your editor to always add them for you18:41
rick_h_embrace it and use it and never forget :)18:41
cmaloneyrick_h_: I will, just after I find the person who put imports in the middle of code18:41
rick_h_circular imports fml?18:42
rick_h_or was I just evil and imported in the middle of code?18:42
brouschFor instance in Pydev, you add a new PyDev Package and it makes __init__.py18:42
cmaloneyI'm not sure if this was you or someone else18:42
rick_h_oh, in that case "those bastards!"18:42
cmaloneyJust having fun "porting" code from one system to another.18:43
rick_h_"little copy here and a little paste here and we've cargo culted bad code through all the code bases yay"18:43
cmaloneycopy of a copy of a copy fo a cpy og a cp of a crapy18:43
rick_h_"wow, how do we keep running into this bug?"18:44
cmaloneyThough I fixed a bug that John was having in another piece of his code.18:44
* cmaloney doesn't believe the unicode hype. UTF-8 is enough for everyone. ;)18:45
mrgoodcatUTF-8 is the one true encoding18:45
cmaloneyYep, which is why Windows and Excel use UTF-1618:46
cmaloneybecause fuck me18:46
mrgoodcatdo they really...18:46
mrgoodcatdid you see the times' python module for working with excel?18:46
brouschUTF-64 is what we need18:46
cmaloneyBecause we haven't had enough byte-endianness issues this century.18:46
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Need a little more to go off18:47
cmaloneybrousch: Right, because I won't be satisfied until we have the equivalent of a Sinclair ZX81 representing each characacter18:48
mrgoodcater NPR18:48
mrgoodcatnot times18:48
mrgoodcat.bmark dyladan18:49
bookiebothttp://copytext.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ - copytext 0.1.1 (beta) — copytext 0.1.1 (beta) documentation18:49
cmaloneyYeah, I just took a peek at it.18:53
cmaloneyInteresting. I would have thought openpyxl would have suited their needs.18:53
mrgoodcati've never really needed it so i didn't really care18:53
mrgoodcatbut you were just complaining about excel so i figured you might18:54
cmaloneyIf it weren't for openpyxl I would have much more slitted wrists.18:54
brouschWow, this is awesome http://projectnaptha.com/19:42
bookiebothttp://is.gd/Ew4BEH - Project Naptha19:42
mrgoodcatyea that was a hot topic on hacker news recently20:25
mrgoodcatmaybe as recently as yesterday?20:25
gamerchick02Trusty Tahir in the house!21:47
cmaloneywoo woo21:47
gamerchick02yeah. did a fresh install and software audit last night. running like a champ.21:47
gamerchick02also got my macbook back from microcenter and managed to walk out of there without buying anything (a FIRST!)21:48
gamerchick02and woo woo for backups.21:48
gamerchick02no setup on xchat.21:48
gamerchick02just run deja dup and *magically* my files come back from my external drive21:48
gamerchick02oh and grats to rick_h_ for the bookie GSoC thing21:49
gamerchick02also back to chromium. i'm trying to limit ppas (again)21:52
gamerchick02not sure if i will be successful21:52
gamerchick02kernel updates?21:54
cmaloneyYep. :)21:57
cmaloneyWelcome to Linux. :)21:58
gamerchick02hah i know21:59
gamerchick02this was easier to install than mavericks21:59
gamerchick02oh and i grabbed the mac iso and i'm gonna try it live on my MBA22:00
gamerchick02that should be fun22:00
mrgoodcatgamerchick02: ask rick_h_ but I think the current generation works better with the regular iso23:30
rick_h_gamerchick02: don't grab the mac iso, that's for legacy devices23:54

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