jabberwocky93morning everyone06:07
* jabberwocky93 slaps Spekko with a large trout06:08
* Spekko feels abused06:09
bduk1More almal06:13
jabberwocky93more bduk106:33
SquirmI got my car yesterday07:13
ThatGraemeGuymorning all07:31
Kiloshi nl07:54
Kilosai! hi not_found 07:54
Kiloslo Golynx 07:54
Golynxhi Kilos08:03
Golynxhi not_found08:03
not_foundhi Golynx08:05
Kiloswho understands this08:30
Kilosare they going to put fibre cables or what08:31
Kilosor is the fibre going to be to their mobile towers08:31
Golynxi think it may be that vodacom is going to buy Neotel and will likely use fibre cables instead of copper cables to provide landline functionality to the home, besides wireless08:36
Kilosfrom where?08:36
Kilosfrom thier mobile towers08:36
Kilosthat would mean they mobile to the tower then fibre to the homes08:37
Golynxthey will use Neotels fibre network mostly and just add on to that 08:38
Kilosoh thats in the main cities at the moment i think08:38
Golynxits to increase broadband speeds and LTE network or 4G for vodacom08:39
Kilosthat makes sense then to use fibre to the towers and then mobile08:40
Golynxvodacom is the best mobile network for high speed internet, so i guess its a good move08:40
Kilosthats debatable08:40
Golynxya i does08:41
Golynxvodacom put the reason they dont wana bring down data prices to the fact that they use the money to increase network speed08:42
Kilosto do what? i got 501 till month end08:55
* Kilos gonna reboot to kde for a while10:13
Kilosmorning superfly  ThatGraemeGuy  jabberwocky93  Spekko  10:31
Spekkomore/middag Kilos10:32
Kilosskuus man ek is aan die slapp vandag10:33
jabberwocky93middag Kilos :)10:34
superflyhi Kilos10:34
Golynxhi Spekko , jabberwocky93 , superfly & ThatGraemeGuy10:37
SpekkoMorning Golynx10:39
jabberwocky93Squirm: how's the new wheels?10:59
Squirmjabberwocky93: very nice10:59
jabberwocky93awesome :)11:00
jabberwocky93Kilos: Neotel's fibre infrastructure is huge, there's much more than simply fibre between their mobile towers11:01
Kilosmaybe i must ask telkom to take them over11:02
jabberwocky93I can't remember the name of the business that Neotel was based on, they already had fibre all over south africa11:03
jabberwocky93wikipedia suggests Transtel11:09
* jabberwocky93 is deur die blare11:09
inetproKilos: what we need is competition, not more monopoly11:34
Kilosya thats fine if the competition relates to better prices to the end user11:35
Kilosbut telkom is way ahead with prices dropping methinks11:35
inetproVodacom’s acquisition of Neotel ‘is close to completion’11:36
Kilospeer got jabber11:37
inetprowhen that is sealed and signed I'm hoping that we will see a bit of shakeup11:38
inetprobut we actually need more than just two powerful cable networks 11:38
Kilostelkom will just improve their network and win with prices11:39
Kilosim sure they can speed it up already11:39
inetprotelkom has held us back for way too many years11:39
Kiloslike how come the d-link is so fast11:39
inetprothey could have but they didn't11:39
Kilosthe e220 and the zte are 7.2m modems so its only the provider thats holding speed back11:40
inetprowhat we need is FTTH11:40
Kiloswe got min chance of that on plots11:40
Kilosinetpro  you can take a chance with the dwm-156 now 14.04 kde sees it fine11:46
Kilosbut youre router most likely wont hehe11:46
inetproKilos: I don't need it man11:46
jabberwocky93http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-cdimage/ just disappeared!11:47
inetprojabberwocky93: I still see it11:47
Kilosmaaz is http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-cdimage/ down11:47
inetprooops... a forced refresh and I also see "404 Not Found"11:48
jabberwocky93I see http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/ is still working11:48
* jabberwocky93 continues his download11:48
superflyweeee!!!! http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/11:48
Kiloswhat you downloading jabberwocky93  11:49
jabberwocky93I'm downloading 14.04 for a friend, I updated via apt-get dist-upgrade11:49
Golynxsuperfly: watch your grammer please!11:49
Golynxyou're :p11:50
superflyMy grammar?11:50
jabberwocky93lol @ symblink11:51
inetproKilos: my next router will much rather be something like the HUAWEI B593 4G LTE CPE Industrial Wireless Router11:55
Golynxcan the grammar issue still be mentioned at the meeting ?11:55
KilosGolynx  ?11:55
Kiloswhat you mean11:55
Kiloswhat grammar issue11:56
GolynxKilos remember a few weeks ago i got upset about being corrected for a few spelling mistakes11:56
inetproGolynx: did he make a mistake?11:57
Kilosya that was me11:57
Kilosnow i dont try correct anymore11:57
Kilosfollow the old saying11:57
Kilosignorance is bliss11:57
Golynxit kinda felt like apartheid. I think anyone should be free to speak the way they want , aslong as they're words can be understood by many11:58
Kilossince i been here only 2 peeps have got mad at being helped with spelling11:58
inetprourbandictionary:  weeee - something that you say when u are really happy or bored or just wanna make a statment and you dont really know what to say11:59
Golynxinetpro: ah , but how many !!!! ?12:00
inetproGolynx: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=weeee12:01
Golynxshould it be one ! or three !!! ?12:01
Kilosai! inetpro  die kinders darem12:02
Kilosons word oud12:02
Golynxyou also use Dutch here , i dont understand that, so that dont qualify as acceptable12:03
superfly*sigh* this is as far as I was able to go: http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/12:03
Kilossights upgrading12:03
Kilossites too12:03
Kilosdont you understand afrikaans Golynx  ?12:04
Kilosoh my12:04
GolynxKilos ya i do, maar sommige van die hollandse taal is deurmekaar woorde12:08
Kiloso hulle12:08
Golynxbitteschon ?12:09
Kiloshulle is vriende hier so ons baklei nie met hulle nie12:09
Golynxdanke i understand is dankie12:09
Kilosthats german for ty12:09
KilosMaaz  danke12:10
jabberwocky93superfly: hahaha I did that too12:10
GolynxKilos: oh ok12:10
Kiloshi Private_User  12:21
Private_Userhi Kilos12:21
Kiloshi Rynomster  Xethron  12:27
Xethron_hi Kilos12:30
Xethron_It started crashing again :'(12:30
Kilosoh my12:31
Kilossomehow you can see error messages12:31
Kilostail or cat methinks12:31
Kilosinetpro  which one to use to see error logs please?12:31
Kilostail /var/log/syslog12:32
Xethron_I tried all the logs12:33
Xethron_None of them contain any info12:33
Kilosnowhere you can see whats crashing?12:34
Kilosmust be some record somewhere12:34
Xethron_I've even started dumping info like heat and stuff into a seperate file, and nothing seems strange at the time of crashing12:34
Xethron_I think it crashes before a record can be saved12:34
Kiloswhat are you doing when it crashes?12:34
Kiloswhat apps are running12:35
Kilosfind the guilty app 12:35
Xethron_Kilos: well12:41
Xethron_I always have a ton of apps open12:41
Kilosdo they all run a while then the crash or crash when you open a certain one or what12:41
Xethron_Firefox, Sublime Text, Skype, Thunderbird, and possibly Quessel IRC are amongst some of the names I believe have been open on every crash12:41
Xethron_Everything runs fine12:42
Xethron_There is no Action involved12:42
Kilosnot heat?12:42
Kilosdirty cpu12:42
Xethron_Just, at a random time, doing a random (sometimes nothing) thing, it crashes12:42
Xethron_Sometimes I will leave it and come back finding it crashed12:42
Xethron_other times I would be typing12:42
Kiloscheck cpu heatsink and fan if they are clean12:43
Kilostotal everything crash like a hang?12:43
Kilosreseat rams12:43
Xethron_Kilos: I have logged tempretures to a file, and after the crash, they all looked normal12:43
Xethron_And yeah, screen freezes in its last state12:44
Xethron_So I can still see everything12:44
Xethron_Screen looks fine12:44
Xethron_but nothing works12:44
Kiloshm... where the clever peeps when these probs arise12:44
Kiloswhat does google tell you?12:45
Kilosits most likely hardware i think12:45
Kilosor you got a bug from msn or something12:45
Xethron_I dunno12:46
Xethron_I think I'll just buy myself a new pc12:46
Kilossend the old one here ill fix it for you12:47
Kiloshow old is it12:50
Kiloswhat specs12:50
Kilosits a stupid thing causing the crash most likely12:51
Golynxwebcam works \o/14:30
Kiloswhat is a docking station?14:56
Golynxisn't that like where you plug in the ubuntu phone then its connected as a full desktop OS to the pc 14:59
GolynxMaaz google docking station14:59
MaazGolynx: "Docking station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docking_station :: "Amazon.com: Docking Stations: Electronics" http://www.amazon.com/b?node=778660 :: "Laptop Docking Stations - Best Buy" http://www.bestbuy.com/site/laptop-accessories/laptop-docking-stations/pcmcat251600050011.c?id=pcmcat251600050011 :: "Laptop Docking14:59
MaazStations: USB Docking Stations at Office Depot" http://www.officedepot.com/a/browse/laptop-docking-s…14:59
Kilosah ty i forget maaz sometimes15:01
Golynxcool stuff 15:05
Kilosshame i look at olx and bidorbuy sometimes15:06
Kilosone student is selling his lappy for 1500 to pay his registration fee15:06
Golynxregistration fee for university ?15:08
Golynxoh, ya thats not good 15:09
Kilosand some peeps spend R1.2m on swimming pool and kraals15:09
Golynxfunny how some of the richest people on the world dropped out of or never went to university15:12
charl_good evening16:42
charl_Maaz: coffee on16:42
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:42
Kiloshi charl_  16:46
KilosMaaz  coffee please16:46
MaazKilos: Done16:46
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!16:46
KilosMaaz  ty16:46
MaazYou are welcome Kilos16:46
charl_hi Kilos 16:46
charl_Maaz: thanks16:46
Maazcharl_: No problem16:46
Golynxhi charl_16:47
charl_hi Golynx 16:47
charl_how's it going16:47
Golynxgood and your side16:48
charl_busy working on some dnssec code16:50
Golynxdns security never slows hey16:53
Golynxgot to keep those backdoors closed :)16:57
Kiloshi Private_User  17:59
charl_hi Private_User 18:01
charl_i am really loving 14.04 up to this far18:01
Kilosyeah me too18:01
charl_i upgraded my laptop yesterday18:01
charl_they fixed that irritating ctrl+left and right arrow keys problem in byobu18:01
Kiloskde even saw my d-link modem right off18:01
charl_you can now skip words again18:01
charl_that one was really irritating me18:02
charl_there was a fix for it but then you have to do it on every server18:02
charl_now it's right by default18:02
Kilos14.04 actually seems like one of the better releases18:02
Kiloshey charl give some ideas to Xethron_  18:04
charl_what ideas?18:04
Kiloshis pc hangs every now and again18:04
charl_randomly? check te syslogs18:05
charl_that's my only advice18:05
Kiloseish man we need more info18:05
charl_somebody i know had that problem and it ended up being related to the nouveau drivers18:05
Kiloshe says syslogs dont show the crash18:05
charl_replaced them with the binaries and it worked (nvidia)18:05
charl_i had an idea that the graphics card was the issue18:06
KilosXethron_  ping18:06
charl_especially since the issue only popped up when she used a browser18:06
Kiloshe has a lot of apps running18:06
charl_try to narrow it down with one app at a time18:19
charl_if you have a strange graphics card (basically anything other than intel hd) you might have a problem in any case18:20
Golynxmaybe his going beyond the memory ram capacity18:20
Golynxswap too18:20
Golynxjust a guess though :p18:21
Kiloswill hear when he answers18:23
Kilosfrustrating that. ubuntu is just supposed to work18:23
charl_also possible, a hardware problem18:25
charl_often the cause of freezes if there is nothing in the syslog18:26
GolynxKilos this morning it was vodacom and now its mtn lol http://www.techcentral.co.za/mtn-reveals-fibre-to-the-home-plans/47750/18:34
Kilosthey must carry on then telkom will also push harder18:36
Golynxbut mtn has the telkom deal going, while vodacom is with neotel18:37
Kilosim happy with my speed as is just would like 5g data for the R14818:38
Kilosim getting as bad as everyone else18:39
Kilos3g is becoming min18:39
Golynxyeah, we need much cost per gig in the mobile sector. Atleast equal to landline will be good. 18:40
Golynxlets hope the deals mobile networks made with the landline giants brings down cost and improves the overall network reliability18:43
Golynxhi Private_User18:43
Kilosmy net is good. been on all day without a break18:52
Kilosi still think 8ta is tops18:53
Kilossis has voda on her tablet and often loses connection18:53
Golynxno 8ta here coverage here. Strange vodacom dont have such good coverage outside Pretoria18:55
Kilosit shows full signal of fones but often disconnects19:00
Kilos8ta very stable19:01
Golynxoh ok19:08
Kilosbad connection again Private_User  19:16
Golynxsuch weird names 14.10 named Utopic Unicorn lol19:27
charl_have a good evening all19:29
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:37
Kilossee ya tomorrow19:37

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