mic_edw1: I'm running it from a live usb, yes00:00
mic_eand the rest (firefox etc) works00:00
mic_ealright I launched it with --pdb, which should drop it into pdb after crash00:01
mic_ebut it doesn't00:01
owen1dw1: thank you00:01
dw1owen1: piece o cake00:02
Yeluowen1, no, the position of the markers matter left to right: you had "pi" => 1. "p" = the package and all its configuration files were removed, or the package was never installed.  2. "i" = the package is installed and all its dependencies are satisfied.00:02
mic_ehuh... I got strange squashfs IO errors in dmesg...00:02
dw1Yelu: a paradox.....00:03
EleanorEllistgm4883: Interestingly, it seems that as soon as I put the DVD into full screen mode on my large monitor (2560 x 1440) the CPU temperature rises quickly from about 60 degrees C to about 80 in about 2 or 3 seconds00:03
dw1EleanorEllis: bad fan / airflow? :-/00:04
EleanorEllistgm4883: Then as soon as I exit full screen mode, the temperature drops quickly back to 60 degrees00:04
Yeludw1: found that in the documentation - can't help it => http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/projects/aptitude/doc/en/ch02s02s02.html00:04
EleanorEllisdw1: The fan goes to maximum speed00:04
stormchaser3000i need some help00:04
dw1EleanorEllis: try another media player ?00:04
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stormchaser3000i am getting internal errors when trying to run a server using a voxle based game (i get time out errors on the game and then i get internal errors)00:05
EleanorEllistgm4883 and dw1: Oddly enough the temperature does not rise much when I put the video to full screen mode on my second monitor at 1280 x 102400:06
dw1EleanorEllis: is it a media file or flash/youtube?00:07
EleanorEllisdw1: It was a DVD played via totem. I am just installing VLC to see if that has the same behaviour00:08
dw1EleanorEllis: i see at least one complaint with totem's video acceleration00:10
EleanorEllisdw1: I'm now running the DVD full screen on my big monitor in VLC and it is not increasing the temperature so dramatically00:11
stormchaser3000i need help00:11
dw1EleanorEllis: sounds like what person in fedora forum reported... 110% with totem, 50-60% with vlc00:11
EleanorEllis!ask > stormchaser300000:11
ubottustormchaser3000, please see my private message00:11
EleanorEllis!ask | stormchaser300000:12
ubottustormchaser3000: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:12
dw1EleanorEllis: i guess its poor video acceleration00:12
EleanorEllisdw1: Well at least I know the problem now. I will uninstall totem00:12
dw1EleanorEllis: possibly based on certain hardware00:12
CoburnWas there a command that I can run so munin can rescan my software stack and start recording stats for say Postfix, which was installed after munin?00:13
EleanorEllistgm4883: It looks like the temperature spike was being caused by totem00:14
Yeludw1, for the "paradox" with "pi" in aptitude: I pasted the wrong marker text for "i": this is the correct one: 2. "i" = the package will be installed.00:14
dw1Yelu: yea it seems the two flags can contradict each other.. i will have to study the docs more thx for link00:14
YeluSo it's reasonable to have a status of "pi" => package has never been on this system and package will be installed.00:15
dw1so pi wouldnt show up in dpkg -l maybe, because it's not a potential installation process? :-/00:16
Yeludw1, maybe, but owen1's system told us so ("pi")00:17
MikeRLThis is getting odd. I've disabled the magic sysrq key (I checked the terminal) and Print still doesn't take a screenshot.00:18
dw1Yelu: he said he was using aptitude.. not sure the params00:18
MikeRLcat sysrq from the appropriate location prints out 0.00:18
Yeludw1, okay - other "story" ...00:18
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dw1Yelu: ive got some rc's in dpkg -l00:19
dw1Yelu: its starting to make more sense :)00:21
Yeludw1, just checked "man dpkg" - there is a paragraph for "-r" that tells similar things (pending purge etc.)00:21
minitosh /quit00:22
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MikeRLStill doesn't work. Tried everything.00:33
MikeRLAny help available?00:33
happyfr0gghow do I change the OPENSSL version in IRSSI? IRSSI is a terminal-based chat client in Linux.00:33
dw1MikeRL: compizconfig-settings-manager ?00:34
dw1MikeRL: you can set a lot of shortcuts in there00:35
MikeRLdw1: I just tried that one.00:36
happyfr0gghow do I change the OPENSSL version in IRSSI? IRSSI is a terminal-based chat client in Linux.00:36
MikeRLdwl: No success.00:36
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dw1MikeRL: works fine if you run gnome-screenshot manually ?00:37
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MikeRLdw1: Yes.00:37
Coburnhappyfr0gg: recompile.00:38
Coburnylolek: 23 April 2014, 10:38 AM AEST (GMT+10).00:38
CoburnYou wanted the time, I got you the time.00:39
CoburnIf you did not request the time, you should be more specific.00:39
jellowhappyfr0gg, Irssi in repo has not been updated since oct 2013 and uses libssl.so.1.0.0 , you need to recompile and check if they have the current openssl verion00:39
dw1Mike9863: how bout Alt-PrtSc - that work?00:41
dw1MikeRL: ^00:41
Yelu!timezone | ylolek00:42
crocketOn 14.04, chromium has serious issues with ibus-hangul.00:44
crocketIs there a patch for that?00:44
Yeluylolek, you meant thos? - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime00:44
ylolekCoburn, Yelu thanks. i was just testing for some bots. :)00:46
EleanorEllisMy keyboard lags behind and misses characters if I type at my normal speed. It's very annoying as I have to slow down my typing so the computer can keep up.00:46
Yeluylolek, k00:46
ylolekYelu: k?00:46
EleanorEllisThis happens whether I use my external USB keyboard or the laptop keyboard. It used to happen in Ubuntu 12.04 and now happens in 14.04 as well00:47
crfordHey. Can anyone help me with a boot issue after a format and clean install of 14.04?00:48
EleanorEllisThis happens regardless of which application I type in00:48
EleanorElliscrford: What happens?00:48
crfordNothing.  I get a kernel panic00:49
Yeluylolek, http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/chat.htm#k00:49
crfordNo init found00:49
crfordI've tried manually booting from grub to no avail00:49
EleanorEllisMy keyboard lags behind and misses characters if I type at my normal speed. It's very annoying as I have to slow down my typing so the computer can keep up. This happens whether I use my external USB keyboard or the laptop keyboard. It used to happen in Ubuntu 12.04 and now happens in 14.04 as well. This happens regardless of which application I type in00:49
nottasosok, this is too much for me, i've been trying to find a way to edit my grub menu, but since grub2, this is impossible to do, if u dont have a rocket scientist certification00:49
crfordI've tried booting to USB stick and updating to latest kernel and it didn't help00:49
Jordan_U!details | nottasos00:50
ubottunottasos: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:50
Beldarcrford, All kernels crash, if more than one?00:50
jrib!grub | nottasos00:51
ubottunottasos: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:51
crfordI just installed xubuntu14.04 and it booted fine00:51
nottasosi just want 2 entries, 1 for my ubuntu installation and 1 for my windows installation, but the grub.cfg says 'dont edit me if u dont want your changes to get lost soon'00:51
Beldarcrford, It booted fine, so you have been to the desktop? What than?00:51
jribnottasos: that's right, read that last link from ubottu00:51
ylolekYelu: k iswym00:52
crfordWell, I guess now I'm going to try to figure out what's different between xubuntu and ubunut00:52
nottasosi almost read the whole documentation of it, and i didnt really understand a thing :/00:52
Yeluylolek, that's right :)00:53
Beldarnottasos, grub 2 has the os-prober it should add all OS to the grub menu.00:53
inawarministerSorry to do this, but can I ask someone on how to install ANY GUI proxy management app in Xubuntu?00:53
ylolekYelu: :)00:53
inawarministerI've installed Unity and Pantheon, but the option is still gone??00:53
ylolek3am here. lets smoke... :)00:54
Yeluylolek, on my way ...00:54
Jordan_Unottasos: So you want only one entry for Ubuntu rather than two (the second giving you the option of booting an older kernel or using recovery mode)?00:54
* suka|baik is away: Sleep under Angin Cendelo00:55
nottasosWell, i'm not really concerned about the extra entries, i just need to at least re-order them, but the documentation doesnt mention anything about how it orders stuff00:56
Jordan_Unottasos: Do you really need to change the order in theenu, or just the default?00:57
tinyminerany tips on fixing the "fresh install boots to blank desktop" thing on 14.0.4?  Googling about for ideas didn't help.  Some stuff didn't work and other stuff didn't work because it was deprecated in 13 something...00:57
wickedheadachehow do i format a partition that is hfs exfat and ex3?00:57
nottasosim more concerned about the order00:57
Beldartinyminer, Helps if you state what you have tried. You aware of the nomodeset boot?00:58
Ben64wickedheadache: a partition can only be one of those00:58
wickedheadacheBen64: buts its all 300:58
tinyminerhmm, fair enough  will have to go back through stuff to list it    but, no, not aware of that00:59
Ben64wickedheadache: it is not, a partition can only be one filesystem00:59
robotti^nottasos: https://launchpad.net/grub-customizer00:59
Jordan_Unottasos: Why does the order matter to you? It's possible to change, but indeed it's not easy and likely not worth doing.00:59
wickedheadacheit was a win 7 dynamic virtual drive?00:59
Beldar!nomodeset | tinyminer try to get to desktop00:59
ubottutinyminer try to get to desktop: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:59
wickedheadacheBen64: so the software is wrong or the info needs to be repaired?00:59
robotti^nottasos: that is graphical tool for customizing grub. It is nonsupported by ubuntu community00:59
Ben64wickedheadache: where are you seeing this info, and what are you trying to accomplish?01:00
Bray90820How would i hide grub01:00
tinyminerk, reading :-)01:00
wickedheadachealso a usb exfat won't mount or format on usb01:00
tinyminerah, grub stuff    didn't try that yet    thanks for the help Beldar01:01
EleanorEllisnottasos: If it's any consolation, I find editing the grub menu much harder than it used to be in grub legacy. I agree it is not easy to understand. You might find Grub Customiser an easier way to do it https://launchpad.net/grub-customizer              I also found some useful information at http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17787/clean-up-the-new-ubuntu-grub2-boot-menu/01:01
Bray90820How would i hide grub01:02
Beldartinyminer, No problem, that's where I would start.01:02
nottasosoh, ok, im gonna check this grub customizer, looks like what im looking for01:02
ylolekby the way i have an issue with chrome after ive installed 14.04. it freezes when i start to download something at first. has anyone experinced something like this?01:05
wickedheadachesounds like 14 should be held off of for a month or two01:05
Bray90820How would i hide grub01:05
Ben64!patience | Bray9082001:07
ubottuBray90820: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:07
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wickedheadacheattempting a recovery of the drive in question01:08
nottasosOh, okay, this grub-customizer did the trick, too easy! Thanks for the help - later!01:08
overgrowthnottasos: sure01:09
tracyonemy lenovo laptop y400,Fn key can control the brightness,but after reboot or a new start,the brightness recover to MAX value.sudo su;echo 2 > /sys/class/backlight/ideapad/brightness.this command can't change the brightness01:12
Ben64tracyone: you should never use sudo su01:13
tracyoneos version:ubuntu 14.0401:14
BHSPiMonkeyHas anyone else had problems using pip after upgrading to 14.04? I'm running into this crash: https://dpaste.de/2tRj/raw01:14
BHSPiMonkey(I had heard about some problems with Trusty's python packages; are there some I need to grab manually?)01:14
overgrowthBHSPiMonkey: What you mean01:15
nf7I need to get a headless Linux installation on to a 32bit Intel Atom CPU Notebook. 14.04 Server is only offered in 64-bit. Can anyone recommend a 32-bit headless server distro? I'm used to Ubuntu. Should I just go with an older version>01:15
Ben64nf7: 14.04 is available in 32 bit01:16
nf7Ben64: Can you link me? www.ubuntu.com/download/server says 64-bit only01:16
Picinf7: http://releases.ubuntu.com/trusty/01:16
nf7Ben64: Ah, I misread, it's just one specific feature that is offered on the 64-bit edition.01:17
nf7Sorry to bother you all.01:17
BHSPiMonkeyDisregard that question. My own fault.01:17
tracyoneBen64: echo 2 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/ideapad/brightness01:18
fayesalhow do I add resolv.conf options for an ubuntu trusty preseed that uses dhcp?01:18
tracyonethe brightness no chang,cat /sys/class/backlight/ideapad/brightness,console output is 201:19
fayesal14.04 has real ipv6 capability but it doesn't put the options single-request option in resolv.conf so resolving takes 5s to timeout IPv601:19
YeluBray90820, this helps on your way https://duckduckgo.com/?q=hide+grub01:19
tracyonei tried modify /etc/default/grub :GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_backlight=vendor"01:22
tracyoneor GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=linux"01:22
tracyonehave no effect01:22
zykotick9tracyone: did you "sudo update-grub" after making the change?01:23
zykotick9tracyone: fyi, on a EEE i've had to use those both at the same time...01:23
Bray90820Yelu: i searched an looked at a bunch of stuff but nothing worked01:25
tracyoneyes .GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=linux" ??01:26
overgrowthtracyone: You.01:27
overgrowthBray90820: buying dodge stuff01:28
h6wWith the Xen Hypervisor and Virtualbox.   Are we just supposed to not use the Xen Hypervisor?01:30
fayesalSo I can make the 14.04 install go WAY quicker (even with ipv6.disable=1) if I echo "options single-request" >> /etc/resolv.conf after the dhcp is done… how can I preseed that?01:30
h6wI can't seem to find Xen and Virtualbox talked about much on the internet. :-(01:30
mikeche1enthere is tons of discussion of those :)01:32
mikeche1enoh you mean them both together01:32
h6wTrusty Tahr runs Xen.  Virtualbox complains "Running VirtualBox in a Xen environment is not supported".01:32
mikeche1enhmm, i think most users only run 1 virtualization framework per system01:33
Ofekmeisterin ubuntu 14.04, where is vim-gnome located after install?  I know vim -g          or       gvim       in term opens the gui but I would like to pin it to the side01:33
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overgrowthOfekmeister: Why01:34
mikeche1enOfekmeister: use `which gvim` to find the path01:35
h6wmikeche1en: Yes, but 14.04 defaults to running inside Xen.  Does that mean that the only way to run Virtualbox now is to boot without Xen?  Seems a little strange considering Virtualbox is used to much.01:35
minitoshOfekmeister: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/vim-gnome/filelist01:36
Ofekmeisterminitosh, ty01:37
minitoshOfekmeister: You can basically check everything on packages.ubuntu.com ;)01:38
dw1h6w: no problems here........01:38
YeluOfekmeister, if you started your vim -g and were right-clicking on the launcher icon, then chosing "lock to launcher" - will it stay pinned?01:39
dw1h6w: noone on google reporting same either.... hmm01:39
ax562Why does ubuntu 12.04LTS use up so much ram?  I have 4GB of ram and ubuntu is using 3.5GB while nothing is running.  This cannot be how it's supposed to be working.01:39
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html01:39
ax562according to "Top"01:39
ax562I asked this earlier but had to leave.  my bad01:40
rwwtl;dr: free memory is wasted memory, don't complain unless you're actually running out of memory when using applications01:40
overgrowthax562: dummy.01:40
dw1ax562: type free -m and look on the second line beside buffers/cache for the real value01:40
rwwovergrowth: ...?01:40
minitoshax562: How do you check RAM usage?01:42
rwwax562: looks fine to me.01:42
ax562terminal "top"01:42
rwwit's actually using 872MB, the rest is caches, which will be freed up if needed01:43
ax562267 mb is fine?01:43
dw1ax562: beside buffers/cache is the real value01:43
Ofekmeisterhow do I report an ip here? http://postimg.org/image/qu3f08nn3/01:43
minitoshax562: That was my guess. 'sudo apt-get install htop' once and check again. Enjoy the difference.01:43
rwwax562: read what I said, read the links that ubottu said01:43
rwwax562: yes, it is fine.01:43
rwwax562: you're just misinterpreting the numbers01:43
minitoshax562: ... using 'htop' instead of 'top'01:43
rwwthere is zero point in RAM sitting there doing nothing when it can be used for caching disk contents01:43
rwwOfekmeister: hi, channel op here, /join #ubuntu-ops and let us know if it continues01:44
minitoshax562: 'top' somehow shows the RAM reserved for the OS, while htop shows the sctually used RAM.01:44
rwwOfekmeister: we can't do much about private messages, but it's something we take into consideration when deciding whether someone should be in #ubuntu01:44
overgrowthOfekmeister: report to who01:44
rwwovergrowth: do you have an Ubuntu technical support question?01:45
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Ofekmeisterrww, ok, thanks very much!01:45
ax562ah I see.  Nice to know.  Does anyone know how long linux kernel has cached in this manner?01:46
rwwa rather long time. not sure exactly how long01:48
kupo_i did update kernel today to 3.1401:48
ax562It might have been +10.10 but not sure01:50
inawarministerehh has everyone seen KDE501:52
inawarministerIt looks good01:52
h6wdw1: On 14.04 with Virtualbox 4.3.10.  I attempt to run a VM, and it says that I have to run /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup.  So I run that and this is what happens: http://pastebin.com/xuugLjAf01:54
Logan_h6w: are you using Virtualbox from the repository?01:56
minimech6w: YOu need the kernel-headers for you kernel. Otherwise connot compile the module01:56
minimech6w: 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic' should do...01:58
h6wLogan_: No, I added the virtualbox.org repository.01:59
h6wminimec: Yes, headers are already installed.01:59
whoeverhi all, are there any good altinative to rhthmbox and amerok02:00
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* h6w thinks that since the repository was disabled, it's possible that the package was downgraded sideways.02:00
hey_joelooking for a bbs or free shell account type script for my server... any suggestions?02:00
Logan_!players | whoever02:00
ubottuwhoever: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:00
whoeverrhythmbox  seems to have to many issue that  happen between 13.10 an 14.0102:00
minimech6w: what about dkms? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=dkms&searchon=names02:00
hey_joei was going to use WP MU for the sites.. but wanted to provide a free shell in conjunction with that...02:01
whoeverah thx ubottu02:01
h6wminimec: dkms is supposedly the current version.02:01
whoeverany human02:01
h6wThe virtualbox.org repos doesn't seem to have a TT release yet, tho.02:02
Logan_h6w: I would recommend using the Virtualbox from the repository02:02
Logan_er, from the Ubuntu repository02:02
h6wLogan_: Ok.  I'll uninstall and reinstall.02:02
Logan_if you're running Trusty, it's the latest release of VirtualBox in Ubuntu02:02
gerhello guys..how do i clean my linux machine..is there a cleaner?ho w to download?02:04
Logan_ger: Windex works well02:04
geri cannot download windex..why?02:06
h6wLogan_:  Careful.  Windex is windows software: http://download.cnet.com/PC-Windex/3000-2086_4-10534824.html02:06
Logan_oh dear, I should work on my jokes02:06
h6wBut I got the joke. ;-)02:06
Logan_ger: what kind of cleaning are you looking to do?02:07
ger i need a cleaner on my machine,any idea guys..02:07
gerlike ccleaner on windows..02:07
minimecger: Could you be more specific. What do you mean with 'cleaner' What do you want to coesn?02:07
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PiciWhy do you think you need to do that on Ubuntu/Linux?02:08
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Logan_ger: try BleachBit02:08
minitosh  /quit02:08
ubottuThe XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.02:08
Bashing-omger: This is not windows. verry little "cleaning" is required. What release are you running ? for additional small details.02:09
Logan_hey dax, how do you make ubottu look up a package again? :P02:09
gerso u mean is not necesary to clean?02:09
rypervencheger: Not really.02:10
geri'm running ubunto 13.1002:10
Coburnubottu: version02:10
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »02:10
PiciLogan_: !info packagename releasename02:10
Coburnubottu: help02:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:10
Logan_thanks Pici :P02:10
PiciCoburn: please /msg ubottu02:10
CoburnYeah, trying to find if it's a Supybot or generic infobot02:11
Pici!botclone | Coburn02:11
ubottuCoburn: ubottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://ubottu.com/clone.html - to help out with ubottu development please join #ubuntu-bots-devel :)02:11
Bashing-omger: ubuntu, no registry to keep up with, a journalded file system -> no defragging needed. All that is really required is to remove old config files and such.02:12
rwwusually no defragging needed **02:13
Bashing-omger: With 13.10, all that should normallt be required for "cleaning" is -> sudo apt-get autoremove , suso apt-get clean <- .02:13
gerthnks guys...good day..02:13
Bashing-omsudo apt-get clean **02:14
fayesalOK, so I've solved the speed of the install by using a preseed/early_command to add the options to resolv.conf, but now the sources aren't getting updated during install so when it comes to install packages from my local0 repository, the packages aren't found.02:14
minimecger: Only thing you can do is to remove redundant packages dependencies from software you installed and removed again. -> 'sudo apt-get autoremove' 'sudo apt-get autoclean'02:14
rwwwouldn't even bother with that if one isn't low on disk space02:15
stormchaser3000i have been having internal system errors that are stopping me from making a server02:16
CoburnUbuntu Server 13.10 has been pretty good for me02:17
Coburnalthough I'm using my own stack for my hosting business which uses non-stock configurations (more next-gen stuff)02:17
stormchaser3000i use ubuntu 14.04 trusty02:17
kaozhey hey hey02:18
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veryhappyhey guys, something happened i must have installed something weird, since that point i have no gnome wm anymore...02:21
cfhowlettveryhappy log out.  chose gnome session.  log in.02:22
veryhappycfhowlett: and what about i rebooted 10 times?02:23
veryhappyi think i anyway messed up my system now i gotta reinstall ubuntu again...02:23
cfhowlettveryhappy unhappy ubuntu doesn't come with the gnome-wm.  if that's what you want, install ubuntu-gnome.02:24
veryhappyi just wanted to repair my gnome but it's messed up already02:24
veryhappybecause i tried way too much02:24
minimecveryhappy: Would that be 'normal' ubuntu? In that case do 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' once. I fyou have things missing, it should be installed agein.02:25
veryhappyfor gnome-3?02:25
veryhappyor however that package name was written02:25
minimecveryhappy: No, not for gnome302:25
ubottuveryhappy: GNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome02:25
veryhappyi think i'm gonna go back to kde02:26
veryhappythat was much more stable02:26
minimecveryhappy: But if you messed around with other package, 'ubuntu-desktop' will reinstall the default package set or a ubuntu installation.02:26
Piciveryhappy: Is there an actual support question here? or are you just complaining?02:26
rvdvveryhappy: if you accidently removed gnome just do .... sudo apt-get install gnome02:26
veryhappyPici: stop complaining yourself as well02:26
ubottuveryhappy: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:26
Piciveryhappy: people are suggesting options to you and all you've said is that you want to reinstall, or install KDE... I'm trying to make sure that we are not wasting our time.02:27
veryhappycan't i ask you a few things without you complaining about myself?02:27
cfhowlettveryhappy dial back the attitude, please.02:27
=== MOZZARELLA is now known as mozzarella
veryhappyok, well, you can tell me how i can change the partition order of sda2 sda3 and after that i'm gonna leave.02:28
h6wveryhappy: Try installing gparted.02:29
veryhappyand with that i can do this?02:29
h6wveryhappy:  Yes.02:29
veryhappygood, because windows in dual boot got installed on /dev/sda3 instead of /dev/sda2 like i wanted to install it02:30
minimecveryhappy: Why would you want to change partiton 'order'? I could understand if you want to resize, but 'order'???02:30
h6wveryhappy: You can also kill your system.  gparted does its best to warn you, but it's generally pretty good.02:30
veryhappywell ok, if you find it ok02:31
h6wveryhappy: Also, be careful that your version boots based on a UUID.02:31
veryhappyi'm not gonna change it02:31
veryhappyok thank you... now i'm gonna log off for now thank you02:31
h6wminimec:  Windows can be a real pain sometimes. ;-)02:32
minimech6w: Oh... I don't remember anymore... ;)02:33
h6wminimec:  Half your luck! :-p02:35
=== akim_ is now known as akim
* h6w prefers windows where it should be...in a VM.02:35
* h6w thinks that he just made an OSist joke. :-p02:36
minimech6w: Well At the time I started with Linux... it was a huge pain! SuSE 6.102:36
=== matthewvz is now known as Guest39007
nandhuhi i installed ubuntu 14 recently and i don't see ubuntu one app. I have lots of files in it. How can i download all02:39
cfhowlettnandhu ubuntu one app is about to be discontinued.  download your files from your ubuntuone website02:40
johndropperdoes centos not even come with open ssh?02:41
=== matrix is now known as matrixF
rwwask #centos?02:41
johndroppero ryum?02:41
cfhowlettjohndropper ask the #centos channel - this is ubuntu02:41
Beldarjohndropper, They have a channel02:41
rwwy'all slow02:42
johndropperthanks rww02:42
nandhuany one have idea how to install ubuntu one. Since they have stoped access and going to shutdown the service02:42
cfhowlettnandhu why install it?02:42
cfhowlettnandhu login to one.ubuntu.com   download your files02:43
alfonsojonAfter upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04, my WordPress installation is giving 404 errors except on the main home page.02:44
sunco50Then use drop box or google drive.02:44
nandhu@ cfhowlett but it allows to download only  1 file at a time02:44
nandhuI have lots of directories and lots of small files. So is there any link to dowload all?02:44
nightsi have a raid0 device enabled in the boot menu, but when i try to install ubuntu i get a question that "one of more drives containing MDADM containers (Intel/DDF raid) have been found. Do you want to activiate these RAID controllers?"02:47
nightsI understand that MDADM is a linux util to manage sw raid devices, but do i need it?02:47
nightsi have a raid0 device enabled in the boot menu, but when i try to install ubuntu i get a question that "one of more drives containing MDADM containers (Intel/DDF raid) have been found. Do you want to activiate these RAID controllers?"02:53
nightsI understand that MDADM is a linux util to manage sw raid devices, but do i need it?02:53
nightsmy motherboard supports RAID, but might be "fakeraid"02:54
h6wLogan_: I've uninstalled Virtualbox and reinstalled it from the Ubuntu repos, but now it complains that do_dkms is not found.02:56
h6wI did a search on packages.ubuntu.com and it seems to be missing. :-(02:56
Logan_h6w: you mean dh_dkms?02:56
happyfr0ggSomeone help me. When I connect to freenode irc thru TOR via SASL, it disconnects me. I changed my password for both the sasl.conf file and thru Freenode.02:56
Picihappyfr0gg: you should ask in #freenode02:57
Logan_h6w: oh, I see02:57
happyfr0ggPici - okay.  Thanks.02:57
h6wLogan_: No.  do_dkms.  http://pastebin.com/BqbMTyF202:57
h6wMaybe install from source?02:57
h6wI mean install source?02:57
h6wLooks like it's looking for a src folder.02:58
h6wAnd/or bug report?02:58
Logan_h6w: you have virtualbox-guest-dkms installed?02:58
h6wLogan_: No, just virtualbox and virtualbox-dkms.02:59
macscamhello. Is sudo the same thing as running from login shell?02:59
Logan_h6w: try that, maybe02:59
ubottumacscam: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo02:59
basketballmy keyboard has shortcut buttons like for the browser music and volume and stuff like that (it is usb) will these shortcuts work in ubuntu03:02
cfhowlettbasketball probably03:02
minimecbasketball: Normally yes. If not, you can set a custom shortcut for that key that fits your needs.03:03
h6wLogan_: Nope. :-(  Uninstalled and reinstalled virtualbox-guest-dkms and no luck.  Still can't start.  Still get errors running sudor /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup03:03
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
Logan_h6w: what exactly are you trying to do?03:05
h6wLogan_: Run my VMs that I already had running prior to the upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04.03:06
Logan_h6w: and they aren't working when you just try to run them?03:06
h6wLogan_: Nope.  They keep coming up with the dkms error that usually happens after every upgrade.03:07
robotron6502do /script load script.pl03:07
h6wUsually I just run the command like it says: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup and everything works again.03:07
h6wThe guys in #vbox are telling me I should install the version from the virtualbox website.03:08
cfhowletth6w they would know ...03:08
Logan_h6w: I only run VirtualBox on my Mac OS X host (with Ubuntu as a guest), so I wouldn't know from experience03:08
h6wYep.  Just concerned since virtualbox.org has a saucy stream but not a trusty stream yet.03:08
h6wThis may be why. :-p03:09
Logan_have you checked for bugs on Launchpad?03:09
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
Logan_h6w: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=0 look through those03:10
Nothing_MuchHi aperson :D03:10
nith1210h6w: if it helps, I installed the 13.04 package this morning on my work machine and started my older vm's with no issues.03:10
tigerflyeri keep trying to update to 14.04.  the updater says thatim on 13.04 but "about" shows me on 13.10.  why am i stuck in this "update" black hole loop03:10
cfhowletttigerflyer what is the output of cat /etc/issue/03:11
Nothing_Muchaperson: Do you know how to make packages without checkinstall?03:11
nith1210h6w: specifically the 13.04 package from the vbox website.03:11
h6wnith1210: Yours may be slightly different to mine.  I previously had the special virtualbox.org repos installed.  I didn't download a package and run it.  This kept me up to date.03:13
nf7Hello. How do I run a cron job that will execute no matter who is logged in/not logged in? Will the user level crontab work or do I have to edit a different one?03:16
nith1210h6w: If you're objective is to run your vm's, I think you'll be ok. If it is to stay up to date the same way, you'll have to wait until they create the trusty repo03:16
nith1210nf7: cron jobs should run for your user even if you're not logged in.03:17
=== root is now known as funtraga
h6wnf7:  That wasn't the original problem.  After the upgrade, it complained about the Xen hypervisor.03:17
nith1210nf7: that is conditional on your machine being on of course. If it's off or suspended at that time, they won't run.03:17
nf7nith1210: Excellent, that works for me03:18
lotuspsychjeim looking for a suX replacement, to run applications as another user, any hints?03:18
nith1210h6w: fair enough, I've never used the hypervisor.03:18
h6wnf7: Now it won't install because it claims that there are VMs already running.03:18
nith1210lotuspsychje: sudo -u <user> command ?03:18
nf7nith1210: If I put a cronjob to run every 8 hours, will it immediately execute the first job, or will it wait for the first 8 hours to pass before executing it for the first time?03:18
h6wnith1210: Ubuntu 14.04 has the Xen hypervisor underneath by default!03:19
lotuspsychjenith1210: will that open lets say firefox for the other user?03:19
h6wA susprise I wasn't expecting.03:19
nith1210h6w: fun, I'll have to play with it. I'm glad it didn't affect my W2k8 vms03:19
lotuspsychjenith1210: error cant open display03:20
nith1210nf7: I think it'll wait but I'm not completely sure03:20
nf7nith1210: Ok, cause I'm not sure if it's messing up for some reason or if it's just waiting the first 8 hours.03:20
nahtnamHey! I updated to 14.04. What happened to the 4 desktops we had? Any way we can get it back?03:20
nith1210lotuspsychje: yeah, they can't write to your X session... I can't think of the clean way to to it off the top of my head03:21
lotuspsychjenith1210: on sux i had to: sux user firefox (and password for user)03:21
nf7nahtnam: I believe they got disabled by default.03:21
nahtnamnf7: Where can I enable them?03:21
nith1210nahtnam: settings --> appearance --> behavior tab --> "Enable Workspaces"03:21
lotuspsychjenith1210: i tryed gksudo, but got a permission error03:21
nf7nahtnam: Somewhere in the settings, I'm on OSX right now so I can't check03:21
nahtnamnf7 and nith1210 Thanks! :)03:22
nith1210lotuspsychje: I think the issue has to do with the .Xauthority but I'm not completely sure, sorry03:22
lotuspsychjenith1210: np, tnx for brainstorming :p03:22
nith1210lotuspsychje: yeah, sorry, i'm more used to server environments where DISPLAY and Xauthority arn't an issue03:22
nith1210nahtnam: np, happy hunting :)03:23
lotuspsychjenith1210: i was just looking for a fast way to run apps from another users desktop03:23
nith1210lotuspsychje: Do you have that other user's cred's? If so, ssh -X could work03:24
lotuspsychjenith1210: well its the same box, not on another computer so03:24
nith1210lotuspsychje: ssh doesn't mind, it'll still work if you can log in.03:25
nith1210lotuspsychje: let me create another user, one sec03:26
lotuspsychjenith1210: lol ssh to the other users firefox on same box :p03:27
nahtnamDoes anyone have a few minutes to help me out with permissions?03:27
lotuspsychje!permissions | nahtnam03:27
ubottunahtnam: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:27
nahtnamlotuspsychje: I know, but im having issues with it03:27
lotuspsychjenahtnam: best way is to just ask your specific question in chat03:28
nahtnamI ran this: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3d9c638cf5943d2d3409 . How can I make it so that every future file created by me will be accessible by www-data?03:29
nahtnamRight now its not03:29
nith1210lotuspsychje: xhost local:<user>03:30
nith1210lotuspsychje: then try your suX03:30
lotuspsychjenith1210: they removed suX thats why i was searching replacer03:30
lotuspsychje!info sux03:30
somsipnahtnam: log out and log in after adding yourself to a group.03:30
ubottuPackage sux does not exist in trusty03:30
nahtnamsomsip: I have done that03:30
nahtnamI logged out and then logged back in03:30
nith1210lotuspsychje: ahh, I see03:31
lotuspsychjenith1210: no sweat mate ill logout for now :p03:31
somsipnahtnam: have the permission changes worked correctly?03:31
nahtnamsomsip: I didnt get an errors, so I am guessing that it did03:31
nith1210lotuspsychje: I got it03:31
somsipnahtnam: best to check, rather than guess03:31
nahtnamkk, one min03:32
nith1210lotuspsychje: xhost local:user; sudo -u user bash -c "HOME=/home/user firefox"03:32
lotuspsychjenith1210: thats without ssh?03:32
nith1210lotuspsychje: yup03:33
djbpythonim a linux noob, i have a hdd with i guess 2 partitions, one of them shows up as /dev/sda2 in gparted and has a windows install on it. Is there any way to resize it?03:33
djbpythonubuntu is complaining i only have 1 gig left03:33
nith1210djbpython: Yes, but it's a touch risky. If you've backed it up, the easiest thing to do is to boot up with a livecd/liveusb and resize it with gparted there.03:34
=== g is now known as Guest11271
Beldardjbpython, Did you install ubuntu from windows?03:34
djbpythonBeldar Im not sure, it was a long time ago03:34
djbpythoni may have03:34
lotuspsychjenith1210: nice!! that worked mate03:35
nith1210lotuspsychje: cheers :)03:35
Beldardjbpython, Can you pastebin sudo fdisk -l03:35
lotuspsychjenith1210: lemme save that line :p03:35
lotuspsychjenith1210: can you explain short what it does exactly?03:35
nahtnamsomsip: https://gist.github.com/nahtnam/c28a1dd5018164f5cfc203:35
nahtnamI did ls -la03:36
djbpythonBeldar, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3bd3e131326f96c6b84503:36
djbpythonmy ubuntu is on /dev/loop0 which is not shown by fdisk -l03:37
nith1210lotuspsychje: check your pm03:37
Beldardjbpython, Yeah looks like a wubi/windows install. Couple of issues, it is a file in windows, and resizing is possible in some instances, there are wiki's. However it as a install is not supported now really.03:38
minimecdjbpython: Did you ever clean the package cache of your deb packages? Check the '/var/cache/apt/archives/' once. You might get some respectable amount of space back. Also uninstall old kernels you don't need anymore. Do 'dpkg -l linux-image* | grep ii' once to see how many kernels you have installed. Both mesures combined, you might get 1GB back!03:39
lotuspsychje!info sux precise03:39
somsipnahtnam: html is not g+w but that might be by design. Where is the file/dir that is not accessible by www-data?03:39
ubottusux (source: sux): wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-6 (precise), package size 9 kB, installed size 64 kB03:39
Beldar!find sux03:39
ubottuFile sux found in gimp-cbmplugs, perl-base, python-twisted-web, xemacs21-bin03:39
nahtnamsomsip: The whole /var/www isnt accessible. I did all of the commands I showed in the Gist. Then I deleted all of the files in /var/www since I didnt need them and then unzipped my files into /var/www03:39
minimecdjbpython: To clean package cache -> 'sudo apt-get clean'03:40
djbpythonminimec, i have 5 kernels, how do i know which i can remove?03:40
lotuspsychjeBeldar: i was trying to find a replacer for that, but nith1210 helped me with an xhost trick03:40
Beldardjbpython, You can transfer that wubi to a partition though.03:40
somsipnahtnam: looks fine to me. What errors are you getting and where?03:41
djbpythonminimec, sudo apt-get clean gave me .8G03:41
nahtnamsomsip: No errors. When I go to localhost, it just shows a directory structure with no files.03:41
minimecdjbpython: I tend to keep the oldest and the newest. You can remove the others with 'sudo apt-get remove linux-image-<number>'. You get the numbers with that dpkg command I gave you.03:41
minimecdjbpython: Cool. Now removing 3 redundand kernels wil also give you about .5G ;)03:42
nahtnamsomsip: http://imgur.com/jogtmFG03:42
baybarshey guys, whats the chkconfig --list alternative in ubuntu?03:42
somsipnahtnam: and what is docroot set to in your default apache conf? /var/www ?03:43
nahtnamsomsip: I think so.03:43
nahtnamLet me double check03:43
=== manual|integer is now known as eiun
djbpythonwow, didnt realize a kernel was so small03:43
baybarsits been a decade since i've been in a irc )03:43
djbpythonmakes sense i suppose03:43
nahtnamsomsip: Oh, sorry for wasting your time. That was my issue. :D03:44
baybarsso seriously, is there an alternatove to chkconfig other then actually installing it?03:44
brophatI am running windows 7 in vmware. When I do some things in ubuntu sometimes everything will freeze and the only way I know of getting out is to reboot the power.03:44
somsipnahtnam: it happens :)03:44
rwwbaybars: what does chkconfig --list do?03:44
brophatanyone know why things are freezing and maybe a better way of getting out of it if it does freeze instead of rebooting the power?03:45
baybarsit lists the services by their runlevel03:45
baybarsis that a rhetorical question?03:45
Beldar!reisub > brophat03:46
ubottubrophat, please see my private message03:46
rwwbaybars: probably some argument to initctl, possibly initctl list03:47
brophatok thanks ubottu.03:47
minimecdjbpython: When you finish uninstalling the redundant kernels also do 'sudo apt-get autoremove'. That might again free some space, deleting old unneeded packages and maybe also kernel-headers.03:48
brophatis stuff freezing when using vmware common?03:48
crroushin ubuntu 14.04 how do I get synclient settings to stick, doesn't seem to like /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ stuff anymore03:48
baybarsservice smbd status -> this shows for the current runlevel/ isntance03:48
baybarsit would be nice to have it for all runlevels03:48
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.03:48
holstein!tty | brophat03:48
ubottubrophat: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution03:48
holsteinbrophat: from there, you can try sudo reboot03:49
brophatok thanks.03:49
brophatdoes a vm often freeze ubuntu, or is it just that my computer isn't good enough03:49
holsteinbrophat: no, and "good" is often not the sitution.. could be really good hardware that doesnt support linux03:50
baybarsrww: thanks!03:51
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brophatok sounds good thanks everyone03:53
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nahtnam14.04 is soooo much prettier than 12.04 :)04:04
nahtnamHello delt04:05
deltwine isn't in the official repo?04:05
nahtnamdelt: It should be04:05
crizisit is?04:05
delti had to add winehq's ppa to grab it04:05
nahtnamdelt: Nope, its there in the official repo04:06
Beldardelt, Did you check your repos to be open?04:06
deltah ok thanks =) was just wondering about that.04:10
travelinrobI have a directory of music from archive.org. I want to keep the file structure, but only copy the artist directories with mp3s and not the flac or ogg to another location. How can I recurse the tree of artists and then mp3 directories without going through each one?04:12
lagboxis chromium 34 with aura enabled really the right browser for a stable release ?04:13
minimeclagbox: Good point! I had to pin an old version on a arm/tegra2 device, because I had problems with it.04:14
lagboxyea i dont think chromium aura is supposed to be in any stable .... until version 3504:15
whoevertravelinrob: use a do loop04:15
lagboxi would suppose there isn't another version without aura enabled in the repo04:15
minimeclagbox: But I guess in a view months, we will be happy with it.04:15
lagboxstable shouldn't have a dev version04:16
minimeclagbox: There is. All other still maintained Ubuntu versions use an older version.04:17
lagboxyea i think i will grab the one from 13.10 that was working fine04:17
minimeclagbox: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=chromium-browser&searchon=names04:17
travelinrobwhoever: googling now. thanks.04:17
fluxdHi, I am trying to isntall ubuntu 14.04 onto a new intel 530 ssd. The drive shows up in lspci but not in fdisk -l, What could cause this ?04:17
lagboxthough it will be nice when all the bugs are out of aura04:17
whoevertravelinrob: use a do loop on the command line, and you have to go into the sub drirectories to get or at least check the file extentions04:18
whoevertravelinrob: if you have done any bash scripting or programming it should not be that confusing when you see an example04:19
Beldarfluxd, Does the SSD have a partition table, if so what is it?04:19
fluxdBeldar, it doesnt even show up in /dev04:20
Beldarfluxd, If this drive is brand new it may not have a table.04:21
minimecfluxd: 'ls /dev/sd*' The harddrive should show as something like /dev/sda or similar. Partitions on the harddrive would show as /dev/sda1 and so on.04:21
ravahey guys04:22
whoevertravelinrob: did you find one yet04:22
fluxdBeldar, I do see an /dev/sda but ubuntu wont let me install onto it04:22
travelinrobwhoever: I see a script. Testing in 1 min.04:22
whoevertravelinrob: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-bash-for-loop-one-line-command/ examples so you can learn how it is done, if you don't get it already , going to bed04:23
fluxdminimec, same as above04:23
travelinrobwhoever, thank you04:24
minimecfluxd: You have to define partitions on sda.04:24
fluxdminimec, How would I do that?04:24
fluxdUsually I can format it via gparted but it doeesnt even show up there04:24
minimecfluxd: http://www.howtogeek.com/106873/how-to-use-fdisk-to-manage-partitions-on-linux/04:24
minimecfluxd: Consider a separate partiton for /home. That might help once you want to reinstall the system. You should be able to do partitioning with the Ubuntu live disk during install too.04:26
fluxdminimec, Beldar http://pastebin.com/BCFRpTUq04:26
minimecfluxd: I would use 'alternate', to be able to partition the hardrive manually.04:27
fluxdI need to get the alternate iso ?04:27
Beldarthe alternate was discontinued04:28
minimecfluxd: OK. I see. I never experienced such a problem. I don't really know what to do. I would verify hardware connections and so on first.04:29
fluxdBeldar, minimec what are my options here04:30
fluxd00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP SATA Controller 1 [AHCI mode] (rev 04) shows up in lspci though04:30
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mrtAkdenizIs there someone who used "Vagrant" before?04:37
travelinrobwhoever: Success!!! Ty.04:39
travelinrobLoving Linux!! G'night!04:42
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mapphey folks..how can i kill a screen session ctrl +a +k ? but nothing happens04:46
erdmutter92Mapp: An archived post on ubuntuforums.org talks about it, not sure if any of their suggestions world work. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1107451.html04:48
mappso just ctrl+d , thanks..and ctrl+a+d to detatch aha04:49
ravaif i have an mdadm array with a failed disk that's so pooched it doesn't show up in /dev any longer, will a reboot with a replacement disk in the slot pooch the array? or will it let me fail it properly once a device shows up as /dev/sda04:50
=== Tazen is now known as Taz|ZzZ
erdmutter92rava: I was just reading up on howtoforge about your problem. I have not experienced that issue before, being that I have yet to deal with RAID of any kind... the article dives into how to replace hard disks in a raid1 array, http://www.howtoforge.com/replacing_hard_disks_in_a_raid1_array ... if it does not help I might be able to find something else if you need. xD04:55
ravathe problem is that i cant remove the failed raid device04:55
ravasince there's node /dev/sda, and the failed device in the array is /dev/sda1. it just kicks back "can't find device"04:56
ravaa new disk placed in the slot gets slotted as /dev/sde now04:56
ravaeverything else i've done more times than i ever want to remember04:57
erdmutter92hum, I am not sure if I will be of much help as this is a little above my knowlage but I will do some reading and perhaps then ill be of some help lol04:58
erdmutter92rave: so you said you tried the --fail feature of mdadm?05:02
rava--fail and --remove05:02
ravawith --force05:02
erdmutter92what i have found is that sometimes when a device fails epicly or is physically removed from the system mdadm still thinks it's there and marks it as failed but can't find. someone in linuxquestions.org suggested using a command like "mdadm /dev/md0 -r detached" to detached all missing drives. Have you tried anything like that? (Link: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/mdadm-cannot-remove-failed-drive-drive-05:08
erdmutter92fail -_- http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/mdadm-cannot-remove-failed-drive-drive-name-changed-782827/05:08
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ravamy google fu..has failed me05:24
ravaerdmutter92: you saved my night, thanks!05:24
* rava can tuck away his interesting notes on udev rules for later...05:24
erdmutter92rava: was that able to help any? :)05:26
ravatotally cleared the failed volume from the array. i'm emberrassed i didn't get it after rereading mdadm's man page05:27
erdmutter92It's all good xD we all over look things sometimes. :D I am glad it was useful, oh and thanks for introducing me to a new thing... can't say I did not learn anything new today xD lol05:28
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suka|parkirgreetings :)05:44
* suka|parkir trying login as www-data in kubuntu 14.0405:45
suka|parkirvia terminal sudo -i -u www-data05:45
suka|parkirand what iget is "This account is currently not available."05:45
suka|parkiri already checkd theres already group n user named www-data05:46
monica_hello. could someone pls help me with ubuntu 14 installation?05:46
suka|parkiralready search in internet, but thres no same topic05:47
suka|parkirso anyone can give me a hint ?05:47
suka|parkirmonica, can i trying help you ?05:48
monica_i have a 500 gb hard disk with windows 7 installed in it05:48
monica_i want to install ubuntu alongside windows 705:48
suka|parkirowh... wait a sec05:49
suka|parkirhttps://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/installation-guide/ << maybe this can help you05:51
* ryandream 05:52
davido_Funny, on my laptop, there is no mouse control on the lock screen.  On my desktop, there is no issue.05:54
monica_but in the installation type window, i see this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Qh9xk.png05:57
monica_i don't see my windows 7 drive and the other 2.05:57
suka|parkirits look like an new empty hdd05:58
suka|parkirmonica_: are have othres hdd attached ?06:00
suka|parkir/dev/sdb <<06:00
suka|parkir*are you06:00
monica_no its not empty. it has windows 7 installed. has 3 partitions06:02
lagboxtearing issue with flash in fullscreen ?  amd ... i know i had my video performance rock solid in 13.10 ... not sure what is going on in 14.0406:04
suka|parkirmonica what is your hdd ?06:05
hj2007Is anyone else facing the issue of network getting disconnected after some time with Windows dual boot scenario?06:05
erdmutter92monica, have you followed the steps in the askubuntu.com for when ubuntu can't detect windows 7 and NTFS partitions? http://askubuntu.com/questions/376349/ubuntu-13-10-cant-detect-windows-7-and-ntfs-partition06:07
monica_i am looking at th link. wait06:07
erdmutter92hj2007, i've been experiencing an issue with my network getting disconnected after some time with a dual boot of Mac OS X. xD but I think its my network driver... and only arises when dealing with specific networks. xD06:09
hj2007erdmutter92: Is it similar to - http://askubuntu.com/questions/445817/internet-stops-working-after-some-time06:09
=== amir_ is now known as Guest54248
Guest54248i upgrade my os..but black screen is shows..how to resolve it06:10
erdmutter92So, hj2007, your having the issue even when connected in to ethernet?06:10
Guest54248Please help me06:10
erdmutter92Guest54248, Did you make a backup of your install before upgrading? The simpliest solution would be to rollback to a past backup.06:12
hj2007erdmutter92: Yes, wired or wireless, it doesn't matter. But after some time I get that an internal error has occured and internet stops working. Although it shows wireless is connected, but I cannot open any site in browser or ping anything from terminal.06:12
Sagar69Hey i want to make a command line  mp3 player for ubuntu ....but i dont know where to start .. any advice?06:12
erdmutter92hj2007, ok let me do some research and see what I can find. This does not seem to be the same issue I am having as mine is dealing with the broadcom driver I am using.06:13
bazhangSagar69, those exist already you realize06:13
Guest54248cursor is moving...but screen is not show06:13
hj2007erdmutter92: Thanks, please let me know if you need any info from any logs or any command output.06:14
Sagar69bazhang: I know that but06:14
Sagar69I want to do it as a part of my project06:14
lagboxsweet had to enable  Override software rendering list  in chrome:://flags  to get tearless video06:15
bazhangSagar69, what language06:15
suka|parkirim trying "sudo -i -u www-data" in terminal, and i get "This account is currently not available." anyone can give me a hint ?06:15
Sagar69bazhang :Well i know c ,c++ and php ?06:16
bazhangSagar69, why not start in those language channels, and ##programming as well06:16
=== jake is now known as Guest37501
=== Guest37501 is now known as jakedj93
erdmutter92hj2007, does the error give you any information? Perhaps what type of error or does it just say internal error?06:16
hj2007erdmutter92: It just says internal error, I don't get any details.06:17
jakedj93can anyone tell me that have Ibus working in Xubuntu 14.04?06:17
Sagar69bazhang, thx i will ask it there06:17
jakedj93anyone? Ibus in Xubuntu 14.04?06:19
erdmutter92hj2007, I was wondering if you could try something which might help me disclude a posibility. Have you tried manully configuring the network connection?06:19
hj2007erdmutter92: Let me know if I should run a specific command. Manually configuring in which sense? I think my problem is similar to - https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11771706:21
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest95294
erdmutter92hj2007, if that is the case it seems to be a driver issue on windows side. The only salutions they found was to disable it in windows, but that would leave you without internet on the windows side. I remember when first installing Arch on my MacBook I had an issue similur to the one mentioned in the post, but was solved over time (software updates). I'm sorry if I am not much help. :'(06:30
hj2007erdmutter92: oh ok. I see. Thank you.06:31
ObiwantjeGuys - I am having issues getting my 14.04 LTS to stop from overheating: http://i.imgur.com/GGKTwlE.png - any idea what I might try out to fix - nothing so-far seems to work06:31
erdmutter92They did mention that dhcpcd might cause some issues, I know it did for me for some time. I would suggest taking a look at that if you are shooting darts in the dark. :\06:32
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
lagboxObiwantje, laptop ?06:38
lagboxObiwantje, cpufreq06:40
graybertAnyone have any ideas why an ssl app(ie openssl s_client) running on lucid box wouldn't be able to connect to an ssl daemon(ie stunnel) running on a precise box?06:50
agent_whitegraybert: No idea and I can't help. But a tip: make sure the time on both boxes are in sync.06:52
agent_whiteIf you have a box with out-of-sync time, it can cause issues.06:52
stylesHey, I just installed 14.04 with LVM. When I restart my laptop Ican't see LVM's "enter password" and if my laptop sleeps I can't activate the screen again. The only way to start it was with fail sae mode enabled.06:52
graybertagent_white: time is within 1 second06:54
agent_whitegraybert: Ah!  Though definitely something to consider, as I had TONS of issues with server deployment in Puppet simply due to the handshake.06:55
jo_yo whattup06:55
stylesjo_: supp06:56
jo_just testing the chat man, suppp06:56
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aysorthYo, pick up the 'fone!06:58
=== leonardo is now known as Guest99352
wookienzhi all, how do i ssh to my server at home and redirect all my web/irc traffic down it ?07:06
=== zokko is now known as Guest68541
=== m0e42- is now known as m0e42
wrennyanyone know how I can get the extended functions of my Logitech mouse working?07:19
adam_____I need to upgrade oracle jvm from 1.7.0_07 to the current version (I think it's 1.7.0_51)07:21
adam_____apt-get install oracle-java7-installer did nothing07:22
adam_____ps.. I'm also sshed into my home server while on vacation.. so I'll have to do this via command line07:22
m0e42what means nothing? no message no error ?07:28
m0e42what does an apt-get upgrade do?07:28
cfhowlettm0e42 https://www.dropbox.com/s/msv95ijbb0uoeb4/Ubuntu%20Reference%20Sheet.pdf07:29
m0e42;) no i meant adams question ;)07:30
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yoav_anybody there07:33
nodefreeמה יואב07:33
cfhowlettyoav_ if you don't state your question, there is no reason to talk to you07:33
nodefreeyoav ashovav07:34
cfhowlettbazhang suprisingly - no such translation?07:34
yoav_גם אתם מישראל?07:34
bazhangit's il07:34
cfhowlettbazhang ..... well, or COURSE it is!  :)07:34
bazhangyoav_, #ubuntu-il07:35
ubottuyoav: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:07:35
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il07:35
yoav_no thanks i know english well and ubuntu-il is always empty07:35
adam_____Can anyone help me upgrade java on my server?07:37
cfhowlettadam__ try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     ??07:38
DarkStar1Annyone around with dovecot experirence?07:44
DarkStar1I have an od one where dovecot wont start with 0 output to the logs07:44
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=== nicknicknick is now known as nicknicknddick
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Fudgeadam_____:  try dpkg-reconfigure?07:55
HanryHardcoremint the best07:56
bazhangHanryHardcore, thats not on topic here07:56
cfhowlettHanryHardcore wrong channel = go play elsewhere.  thank you.07:56
luc4Hello! I'm trying to create a bootable usb pen drive for a new pc but I'm getting all kind of errors from the usb creator. For instance, how do I solve this? http://paste.kde.org/pwbknfyrm07:57
cfhowlettluc4 try a different usb07:57
cfhowlettluc4 and/or unetbootin07:57
htmlluc4,  cfhowlett  or try yumi07:58
cfhowlett!info yumi07:58
ubottuPackage yumi does not exist in trusty07:58
html!yumi | luc407:58
Ben64yumi is windows only07:58
RoryIf I were to back up a machine over the network simple with rsync root@machine:/ (ie copy across the entire root filesystem, to "be sure") - are there any caveats I should be aware of?07:59
htmlBen64,  and linux has wine?07:59
luc4cfhowlett: this is the second I try... should I try a third one?07:59
Ben64why use wine just to make a usb?07:59
cfhowlettluc4 try unetbootin08:00
luc4cfhowlett: what filesystem should I place on the usb?08:00
cfhowlettluc4 fat08:00
htmlBen64,  ahh cause he maybe a new linux noob that found ubuntu and he is Still on windows08:00
luc4unetbootin: ok, then that is not the problem...08:00
luc4unetbootin: I'll try that thanks08:00
bazhanghtml, that is not good advice08:00
Roryluc4: My advice is to open the "Disks" program, find your flash drive. Make sure it is not mounted, then format it as FAT32 (I believe it only says "FAT" but it really does FAT32) - then try to use Startup Disk Creator again08:01
Ben64unetbootin is cross platform08:01
cfhowlett!behelpful|html not helpful08:01
ubottuhtml not helpful: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.08:01
luc4Rory: I properly formatted using mkfs.vfat. Same error.08:01
htmlreally? well i just got here and saw he need help , how am i to know what os luc4  is on cfhowlett  bazhang08:02
luc4Maybe the partition table? Is GPT ok?08:02
ScyteMaybe the partition table? Is GPT ok?08:02
cfhowletthtml calling someone a "noob" is unnecessarily insulting ...08:03
Scytehtml calling someone a "noob" is unnecessarily insulting ...08:03
Scytehtml calling someone a "noob" is unnecessarily insulting ...08:03
bazhangScyte, hello08:03
KarmahackerHi all!08:03
KarmahackerWhich firewall to use on ubuntu server ?08:04
bazhang!ufw | Karmahacker08:04
ubottuKarmahacker: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo08:04
htmlwell then sorry for my small vocabuarly . what am i to call a  the new linux users?  cfhowlett  Scyte  ps im no expert my self08:05
cfhowletthtml just call them their name.08:06
mikeche1enalso acceptable is "new linux user" :)08:06
junkaor friend :D08:07
Scyteoh man a plugin went nuts08:07
mitt3nsEveryone has been a 'noob' at everything, and everyone doesn't like being called that.08:07
mikeche1enRory: when using rsync the biggest issue i encounter is permissions, if the machine you are syncing to has different users08:08
htmlwhat so offencive about the word noob? i see it around, i thouhgt it means a person need to something.08:08
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:08
bazhanglets move on please html mitt3ns08:08
mitt3nsHTML: No the question is of the need to use that word.08:08
cfhowlettyywolf ask your ubuntu questions08:09
m0e42noob = newbie = new unexperoienced user/whatever08:09
bazhangyywolf, did you have an ubuntu support question08:09
mitt3nsbazhang: Roger08:09
cfhowlettm0e42 we are moving on08:09
m0e42cfhowlett: seems so ;) i keep watchin and working. too slow today ;)08:10
htmli ask what it means, that all.  mitt3ns   and ok bazhang .   i dont want ppl getting up n arms for amistake like this.08:11
junkaget over it already08:11
cfhowletthtml understood.  let's move on.08:11
curious_trollI upgraded from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04, my alt-f2 key seems to be broken after the upgrade. I cannot launch any application without using a terminal. Any idea on how to fix it ?08:13
agent_whiteNight all08:14
htmlcfhowlett,  right08:15
anarcheehi all08:16
cfhowlettcurious_troll I've never used unity.  but doesn't the "super" key (aka windows) bring up your launch menu?08:16
mikeche1encurious_troll: check keyboard shortcut settings?08:16
html well i followed this  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-owncloud-and-configure-owncloud-apps-on-an-ubuntu-12-04-vps08:16
anarcheei have an interesting problem that's been hard to google08:16
anarcheei have an external monitor, a big tv using vga08:16
htmland now my wifi is not workiing right.08:16
anarcheeflash videos don't fullscreen correctly08:16
anarcheethey don't take up the whole area08:17
mikeche1enanarchee: proprietary drivers? what vid card08:17
anarcheei used normal xorg for a while and it still happened, i recently switched to the propritary nvidia drivers, same thing08:18
=== yy_ is now known as yywolf
curious_trollmikeche1en: How do open that I don't know its name as I have to use a terminal to start it.08:18
mikeche1encurious_troll: why cant you use the normal application launcher?08:19
anarcheeit fullscreens to like a quarter of the screen. not exact, but close08:19
mikeche1enanarchee: try chrome?08:19
anarcheevlc, youtube html5, etc work fine08:19
htmlhow do i contect to my nas box? 14.04  b4 bit08:19
anarcheei'll try it08:19
ikoniahtml: mount it as a network share08:19
mikeche1enchrome has a custom version of flash08:19
ikoniaanarchee: keep in mind flash is "dead" on linux08:19
anarcheeikonia, yeah everyoen uses it, i hate it08:19
ikoniaanarchee: so depending on flash is going to be painful as there is nowhere to raise bugs/fix it etc etc08:20
anarcheei'm just trying to use tubeplus and southparkstudios.com lol08:20
curious_trollmikeche1en:  The normal application launcher never returns any result.08:20
ikoniaanarchee: I don't think everyone uses it, I've not had flash on my machine for a number of years08:20
mikeche1encurious_troll: any results at all?08:20
typso btrfs, usable?08:20
anarcheeyeah if it wasn't for the convienence of streaming tv shows, i'd uninstall it08:20
ikoniatyp: depends on your needs and view points08:20
curious_trollmikeche1en: Nothing, no mater what I search for.08:21
typmediastation, low i/os08:21
typmight use zfs even, but it's only a partition...08:21
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
mikeche1encurious_troll: hmm well thats a whole nother problem :)08:21
typsoftraid 108:21
mikeche1enhow well is zfs supported in ubuntu now?08:22
cfhowlett!info zfs08:22
ubottuPackage zfs does not exist in trusty08:22
curious_trollmikeche1en: Any idea how I can bind alt-f2 to gmrun or anything else ?08:22
anarcheeblah, chrome is the same08:22
bulletxtHi, If I have ubuntu server 10.04 and run do-release-upgrade, will it update to 14.04 or 12.04 ? thanks08:22
anarcheei think it's flash being shitty and not supporting multiple monitors well08:22
vegetablesalad19Hello, if i do "sudo do-release-upgrade --check-dist-upgrade-only --devel-release" it shows that "New release '14.04' available.Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it." , but when I try toupgrade I get "No new release found" whats up with that ?08:22
mikeche1encurious_troll: through the keyboard shortcut settings, which you cant get to :)08:23
mikeche1encurious_troll: you could try running gnome-settings or something, idk the exact command08:23
htmlikonia,  how ? i have been away form ubuntu for a very long time.08:23
mikeche1enbulletxt: 12.0408:24
bulletxtmikeche1en: are you very very sure? :)08:24
anarcheegod i hate flash08:24
mikeche1entyp: ill have to give those a try at some point08:24
bulletxtI really need to go to 12.04 and not 14.0408:24
mikeche1enbulletxt: 90% :)08:24
ikoniahtml: man mount08:25
cfhowlettbulletxt after you get 12.04 do the dist release again to 14.0408:25
ikoniatyp: I don't think you will be using zfs08:25
anarcheei'm using Mint 16, does anyone know the equiv. ubuntu version?08:25
ikoniatyp: is this home user kit ?08:25
cfhowlettbulletxt OR download the 14.04 ISO08:25
ikoniaanarchee: ask in the mint support resources08:25
ikonia!mint | ariscop08:25
ubottuariscop: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:25
cfhowlettanarchee mint is not ubuntu08:25
bulletxtcfhowlett:  I don't want 14.04, my server must stay to 12.0408:25
vegetablesalad19Or I can't upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 ?08:25
typikonia: yes this is for home use, and why shouldn't i use zfs?08:25
ariscopikonia, :<08:25
htmlikonia,  ahh.08:25
bulletxtso I have to be sure do-release-upgrade goes to 12.04 and not 14.04 cfhowlett08:26
cfhowlettbulletxt safest: download 12.04 and install08:26
anarcheei assume i can use Whisker Menu on Ubuntu?08:26
ikoniatyp: zfs isn't available for linux outside of fuse or a patched kernel08:26
anarcheei've come to realize the only reason i use mint-xfce is because of the menu08:26
curious_trollmikeche1en: I will probably use xmodmap to bind it.08:26
ikoniatyp: keep in mind that the big benifits you'll see are not designed for home user kit,08:26
mikeche1entyp: zfs is overkill in most cases, unless you really need one of its features08:26
mikeche1entyp: or just want to experiment08:27
cfhowlettanarchee xubuntu has xfce408:27
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels08:27
type.g. snaps...08:27
anarcheei used to use that08:27
mikeche1encurious_troll: if that works then great, idk all the diff utils for kb shortcuts08:27
jonascj_Hi all. Using the livecd I can install packages. Where are these installed? Into memory?08:27
typi really see no downside to zfs for me right now08:27
typexcept that it's overkill08:27
curious_trollmikeche1en: :P08:27
mikeche1enjonascj_: yup08:27
brothersomebulletxt, Let the ubuntu updater look only in 12.04 --- this is in the Ubuntu update manager->preferences->updates08:27
mikeche1encurious_troll: way too many progs to keep track of :D08:28
bulletxtbrothersome: im running server , no UI08:28
JCM83my printer has ink08:28
JCM83cups is working08:28
jonascj_mikeche1en: so the live-cd has already mounted /usr/local, /tmp etc. on memory?08:29
JCM83but it says printer has no ink08:29
JCM83what do08:29
mikeche1entyp: any more steps to set something up means more chances of things going wrong, that said if you want to take the risk then go for it08:29
mikeche1enjonascj_: yeah it uses squashfs to overlay writable filesystem on top of read only files on cd08:29
Grant_PHi All, what's the package which allows you to manage the samba shares through the interface, seems i've removed it in an attempt to get samba working in 14.04.08:30
brothersomebulletxt, dconf editor -- dconf -- key for updates08:30
jonascj_mikeche1en: thanks!08:31
adam_____Fudge: I'll try now..08:31
JCM83do drivers get updated with apt-get upgrade?08:31
cfhowlettJCM83 they definitely will with dist-upgrade08:32
mikeche1enGrant_P: gadmin-samba ?08:32
Fudgegood luck08:32
RahailHI there no matter how many time i reinstall the OS... my virutle port tty is limited to ttyusb1408:32
ikoniatyp: and that it's not available for linux08:32
Rahailonly i can connect 5 devices i can not connect more then that08:32
Rahailany one face this problem08:32
mikeche1enGrant_P: there are a couple ones, also system-config-samba08:32
ikoniathat seems to be a pretty big downside08:32
JustusI have a problem with key combinations, it's quite strange, some of them (strg+w, strg+d, etc.) are not working anymore08:33
Grant_Pmikeche1en: which one gives you the share tab when selecting properties for a folder?08:33
luc4cfhowlett: tried with that utility and I actually get my usb pen drive. But the PC is not booting that. It finds no bootable device. I already disabled UEFI, secure boot and fast boot from Windows. Any other idea?08:33
RahailI see this msg when i type dmesg Not enough host resources, active endpoint contexts = 6408:33
mikeche1enGrant_P: nautilus-share i think08:34
cfhowlettluc4 sadly, I've no efi/uefi experience.  briefly restate your issue for the channel08:34
Grant_Pmikeche1en: thanks, ill try now.08:34
JCM83cfhowlett running. What's the difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade08:34
cfhowlettJCM83 | see:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/msv95ijbb0uoeb4/Ubuntu%20Reference%20Sheet.pdf08:34
Rahailany one08:35
cfhowlettOpenSSeal-ed7 language please.  this is a family friendly channel08:35
OpenSSeal-ed7oh so ur a tard?08:35
luc4I disabled uefi, secure mode and fast boot from Windows. Still my USB device created from Ubuntu is seen in the list of bootable devices as "0.00" and can't boot. The error simply states there is no OS to boot. Any idea?08:35
cfhowlett!guidelines|OpenSSeal-ed7 read and heed08:36
ubottuOpenSSeal-ed7 read and heed: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:36
Zardoz84|workgood morning08:36
mikeche1enJCM83: more detail here if you want http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-35/apt-get-question-dist-upgrade-vs-upgrade-219920/08:36
vanadisoh hai08:37
htmlluc4,  have you tried virtualbox install on the flash drive then to the pc ?08:37
Zardoz84|workSome one could confirme if "apt-get dist-upgrade -d -y" will only download the packages bnecesary for a dist-upgrade ?08:37
ikoniahtml: please stop08:37
ikoniahtml: you are givign bad inforamtion - if you don't know how to do something, please don't speak08:37
cfhowlettluc4 that is NOT advisable.  don't08:37
trap_exitwhere cna I buy an ubuntu edge?08:37
trap_exitand if I can't ... what is the best phone to get for running ubuntu ?08:37
vanadisinstalled ubuntu 14.04 with qemu and aqemu as gui08:37
cfhowletttrap_exit can't.  no such device08:37
ubottutrap_exit: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:38
trap_exitcfhowlett: it sucks that http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ shows up first fgor ubuntu phone08:38
vanadisIf i choose the language "german" it shows the russian translation -> where do i report this bug?08:38
trap_exitand then I can't buy it08:38
trap_exitthis support is sorta weak08:39
trap_exitso it's basicaly nexus 408:39
trap_exitand nothing else08:39
mikeche1enyou probably dont want to run touch as your main phone08:39
mikeche1enits still under development08:39
cfhowletttrap_exit please go to the touch channel with this discussion08:39
trap_exitwhere is it?08:39
Zardoz84|workSome one could confirme if "apt-get dist-upgrade -d -y" will only download the packages bnecesary for a dist-upgrade ?08:40
cfhowletttrap_exit as stated in the link you didn't read: #ubuntu-touch08:40
trap_exitcfhowlett: got it, thanks!08:40
ubottufrancesco2: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:45
root_hii all08:46
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cr1msunhi all - anyone good with bind9 setup/config ?08:47
k1l!rootirc | RahulAN08:47
ubottuRahulAN: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.08:47
=== tcpman is now known as Guest8651
luc4I can't believe it is impossible to install Ubuntu on a new pc with secure mode off, without fast boot and without UEFI enabled...08:54
phaidroshow can I disable automatic unlocking of a gpg key?08:54
ChichiAnyone know how to change the default wallpaper from shell on ubuntu 12? I want to brand the all desktops with company BG on new user logon if possible :)08:56
brothersomeChichi, just right click with the mouse on the desktop08:57
Chichibrothersome: Thnx, but i want to do it from shell since it needs to be done via script or via cfe on 500 machines08:57
amirtharajhow to upgrade ubuntu using terminal?08:59
k1lamirtharaj: do-release-upgrade09:00
cfhowlettamirtharaj | cheatsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/msv95ijbb0uoeb4/Ubuntu%20Reference%20Sheet.pdf09:00
amirtharajyesterday...i updated but if i log in sense show black screen with cursor...how to resolve it?09:01
Chichifound it (in case anyone liked to know :)) gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri file:////path.to.image09:04
amirtharaji m using 12.04 but if i give do-release-upgrade sense it shows like hereof no new release?09:04
rubikuAfter upgrade to 14.04 cmus audio is distorted. Anyone know whats going on?09:04
yy_yywolf yy09:04
yy_yywolf yywolf09:05
cfhowlettyy_ ask you ubuntu questions09:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:06
k1lamirtharaj: the upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 will be opened on 27th july09:06
cr1msunI'm having trouble with bind9 and getting this error:  rndc: connect failed: connection refused09:07
sanjudHello Team, Is there anyone who can assist me regarding configuring Displaylink in ubuntu 14.0409:07
cr1msunI've verified that the perms on the rndc.key are 64409:07
luc4Hello! Apart from USB pen drive is there any other way of installing Ubuntu on a pc?09:10
Humbedoohcd? :)09:10
yossarianukluc4: cd/dvd09:10
ubottuluc4: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate09:10
amirtharaji am using 12.04.. if i give sudo apt-get upgrade mean, its emerge as here no updation09:10
luc4And also probably excluding dvd as there is no such option in the boot sequence.09:10
yossarianukluc4: network installer / pxe / depolyment via spacewalk/puppet, etc09:11
cfhowlettamirtharaj sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:11
moritz_what i better with 14.0409:12
cfhowlettmoritz_ what is better than what?09:13
ubottumoritz_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:13
bekks!raring | moritz_09:13
ubottumoritz_: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring09:13
cfhowlett!eolupgrade|moritz_ 13.04 is no longer supported.09:14
ubottumoritz_ 13.04 is no longer supported.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:14
amirtharajhere i have some error..unable fetch some archieves09:14
daedelothso. My monster pc running 14.04 feels slower than my laptop running 13.10 and I don't know why.09:14
daedelothand I can't really put my finger on it09:16
daedelothit's very tiny delays09:16
mic_ehow do I bind a command to the suspend (fn+F4) button of a T400? I get an event button/sleep SBTN 080 000 K in acpi_listen, and no event in xev09:18
inawarministerCan anyone tell me how to remove a DE?09:19
inawarministerI, err, installed Ubuntu-desktop in my Xubuntu 14.04 install, how do I remove it?09:20
inawarministerjust sudo apt-get -R ubuntu-desktop?09:20
mic_eother ACPI events (such as closing the lid) work perfectly09:21
cfhowlettinawarminister sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop09:22
inawarministerchfowlett: does it remove ALL dependencies from my laptop?09:22
cfhowlettinawarminister you might want to sudo apt-get install --reintstall xubuntu-desktop afterwards to restore a default xubuntu system                  next time, get JUST the DE ; sudo apt-get lxde                 for instance09:23
=== Zyrax- is now known as Zyrax
vik1i have ubuntu 12.04 , update manager dosent show 14.04 is available , but shows 12.10 as available  :(09:29
Zyrax /msg NickServ identify 0D0n4lD0709:29
DJonesZyrax: New password time09:29
ZyraxShit... ;)09:29
cfhowlettvik1 set LTS only upgrade options09:29
ZyraxA time as good as always. ;)09:29
vik1cfhowlett: where should i do it ?09:30
cfhowlettvik1 update manager > settings09:30
k1lvik1: LTS upgrade to 14.04 will be opened on 27th july09:30
junkavik1, 12.04 will be offered for update at the end of july09:31
vik1so is upgrade still not available :O09:31
luc4Hello! Still having troubles booting usb devices on my pc. I see there is an option in the pc to boot from "LAN". I never tried something like this. Is this the proper guide related to that option? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet09:31
DJonesyy_: The irc channel is not your terminal09:31
junkayes it's not09:32
cfhowlettvik1 you can always download the ISO and install09:32
vik1cfhowlett: but i need to install each application again :(09:33
k1lvik1: you could run with the developer upgrade. but that is not what you want if you decided to stay with lts09:33
vik1though i have 14.04 ISO09:33
vik1why it takes late for the upgrade to new version . :(09:34
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest81843
k1lvik1: the LTS upgrade is opened when 14.04 becomes 14.04.1 pointrelease.09:35
cfhowlettvik1 you current version still works right?  use it for 4 more months and upgrade at 14.04.109:35
k1lvik1: from stable release to stable release09:35
=== yywolf is now known as yywolf1983
inawarministerthanks cfhowlett09:36
vik1oh k that will be good09:36
vik1and i have another problem09:36
cfhowlettinawarminister sudo apt-get install --reinstall xubuntu-desktop                note the double --09:36
inawarministeroh, ok09:37
robotti^i kannata nähdä09:37
inawarministerah, it's finished09:37
inawarministerso fast!09:37
k1l!fi | robotti^09:38
ubotturobotti^: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)09:38
cfhowlettinawarminister means you already had most of the packages and depends...09:38
vik1my laptop has AMD 7570m hybrid graphics . I am using AMD driver , bcoz opensource driver makes my  laptop to hot . it was good still i updated my fglrx driver . now its getting heated09:38
amirtharaji have access the other client terminal using ssh... how to download their files09:39
inawarministerheh, probably09:39
vik1any suggestion cfhowlett , k1l09:40
cfhowlettvik1 sorry, I've no experience to call on ...09:40
vik1k no problem09:41
adscvik1: you should look at power saving methods for your driver09:43
adscvik1: the open source driver can adjust clock speed of the GPU  based on load or manually settable09:44
adscno idea if that also works for the closed source driver09:44
=== Ool is now known as Ool_limsi
vik1adsc: i have made changes in AMD catalyst control center , but dosent work09:44
vik1and even i have configured TLP09:45
=== Ool_limsi is now known as Ool
mrtAkdenizDownload failed: Failed to open https://getcomposer.org/composer.phar (Resolving timed out after 5516 milliseconds)09:49
mrtAkdenizSome1 know why?09:49
mrtAkdenizI tried both curl and php way09:49
cr1msunanyone have a fix for: * Stopping domain name service... bind909:50
cr1msunWARNING: key file (/etc/bind/rndc.key) exists, but using default configuration file (/etc/bind/rndc.conf)09:50
cr1msunrndc: connect failed: connection refused09:50
cr1msun   ...done.09:50
cr1msun * Starting domain name service... bind909:50
cr1msun   ...fail!09:50
unopastecr1msun you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted09:50
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=== Ool_limsi is now known as Ool
cr1msunI'm getting this error when trying to start bind9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7313468/09:52
mitalhi .. I have upgraded my ubuntu from 12.04 to 14.04 .. and installed "libboost-all-dev" package.. however I could not find the -mt version of the binaries.. have they been moved to any other package ?09:52
adscvik1: sounds like you should find an older version of your driver without heating issue09:54
freespirit-girlHello. I have a question .. I am trying to upgrade Ubuntu using the commandline.. When i get to tripwire i am asked to sign in using my tripwire passphrass..10:04
freespirit-girlso i enter in my root password.. Is the password different for tripwire than my root10:04
ekiwokI cant make bamboo pad cth-301 working on ubuntu 14.0410:04
Karmahackerhi every one again! how can i enble ssh tunneling  in ufw firewall ?10:14
cfhowlett!info wacom10:15
ubottuPackage wacom does not exist in trusty10:15
daedelothit's the auto completes.. everywhere..10:15
daedelothmy autocompletes everywhere are ... slow10:16
freespirit-girlids tripwire automatically installed on the Ubuntu os??10:18
cfhowlett!info tripwire10:18
ubottutripwire (source: tripwire): file and directory integrity checker. In component universe, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 1262 kB, installed size 9122 kB10:18
salsero|2not in here10:18
salsero|2sounds like another puppet10:19
cfhowlettekiwok you need the ubuntu wacom packages but ... doesn't seem to be one for trusty10:19
salsero|2puppet seems superior to tripwire10:19
cfhowlettekiwok run this command apt-cache search wacom10:19
luc4cfhowlett: just to thank you for your help. I succeeded installing ubuntu using the dvd.10:21
cfhowlettluc4 success!  congratulations.  happy to help.10:21
freespirit-girlwhats a puppet? should i download Ubuntu's iso instead?10:21
luc4cfhowlett: it is unfortunate that it is so difficult to install :-( also win 8 is not booting anymore but... who cares... luckily I don't need it now. Thanks!10:22
cfhowlettluc4 so long as your happy!  :))10:23
cabbage4thAre there vaio laptops that are ubuntu certified, or at least you know of or have installed on one?10:24
ubottucabbage4th: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:24
cabbage4thcfhowlett: thanks.10:24
cfhowlettekiwok https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/xf86-input-wacom10:25
WulfI need to buy a couple of new computers (desktop + laptops) on which I'm going to install 14.04, use case is business, mostly web browser. What are the recommended system specs? Memory, 3d graphics, CPU, etc.?10:29
ikonia!hcl | Wulf10:30
ubottuWulf: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:30
StrangeNoisespractically anything current will be fine. any eg: sandy bridge, ivy bridge, haswell, will all be lovely10:30
StrangeNoisesWulf:  that is ^^^10:30
StrangeNoisesubuntu loves intel graphics10:30
k1lWulf: i think any dualcore with some ram ( ~4gb+) will do fine. but more to talk about that is better suited in #ubuntu-offtopic10:30
mrtAkdenizand keep in mind Wulf, Ubuntu hates AMD-ATI graphics :D10:31
ikoniathat's not true10:31
mrtAkdenizwhat is not true, ikonia ? AMD Graphics?10:31
cabbage4thWulf: get nvidia.10:31
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: correct,10:31
Wulfnvidia? okay10:31
ikoniaWulf: no10:31
mrtAkdenizlol ikonia , seems you are using an old graphic card10:31
ikoniaWulf: "supported" is what matters, there are nvidia/amd ones that work/fail10:32
mrtAkdenizwith AMD Radeon HD 7670M, there is always fail on Ubuntu10:32
k1lWulf: there is no need for a dedicated video card for "only office". intel is fine10:32
ikoniaWulf: the key thing is finding one that is supported10:32
mrtAkdenizanyway, Radeon HD 7670M on "supported" list ikonia10:32
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: then it should work10:32
mrtAkdenizikonia, yes, my problem, not ubuntu's or graphic cards :)10:32
ikoniamrtAkdeniz: probably yes10:32
mrtAkdenizikonia, rofl, buy that card, and try please :)10:33
Wulfk1l: doesn't intel have very poor/none 3d graphics, but the unity desktop uses 3d?10:33
StrangeNoisesWulf: it's fine for HD3000/HD400010:33
StrangeNoisesunity loves it10:33
k1lWulf: modern intel video cards are fine10:33
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:33
StrangeNoisesseriously you'll have least problems with intel hd cards10:34
he1kkiDoes anyone have strange problem with Ubuntu 14.04 + Firefox/Other Mozilla products, that your cursor is off 5-10px10:34
StrangeNoisesit's very well supported now10:34
cabbage4thhe1kki: what do you mean?10:34
he1kkicabbage4th: literally my cursor points some pixels usually right or up when trying to click something10:35
he1kkino sorry, other way around10:35
he1kkileft or down10:35
cabbage4thMine works fine. :o10:35
he1kkiit could be something funny with ff10:35
ekiwokcfhowlett, I have it installed10:36
zetherooFresh install of 14.04  ... on boot, right after GRUB menu, I get "error: malformed file" - after this system boots up fine. Any ideas as to what this error is referring to!?10:36
zetherooalso, after sshing into the machine, amongst this info posted upon login there is this line: => There are 3 zombie processes.10:36
zetherooSometimes this is 4, and sometimes the line is not there at all10:36
cabbage4thhe1kki: I'm gonna throw a wild guess and say your ff is zoomed in/out?10:38
he1kkihmh, with couple of firefox reboots i'm not able to reproduce it anymore. Will be a good geek and do proper debugging if it comes again10:38
cfhowlettekiwok sorry, that's all I could find.10:38
he1kkicabbage4th: Yeap, I wondered about the same thing, but problem existed also in menu level, aka. outside html rendering10:39
he1kki.. and also in thunderbird which made it quite strange10:40
=== html is now known as html5
=== html5 is now known as html1
rubikuSince upgrading to 14.04 aac files are played with lots of static by cmus.10:41
the-ermHow would you create a live usb?  I am running antegros, and dd if=./ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdc does not produce a bootable usb.10:41
zetherooThis seems pretty erratic, which makes me wonder if 14.04 is really ready for production level deployment just yet10:41
ikoniazetheroo: what are the zobmie processes ?10:42
zetherooikonia: I don't know10:42
ikoniazetheroo: right, so you're not in a fit state to say if it's production ready or not as you don't even know the problem10:42
zetherooikonia: I rebooted again and now there are none :P10:42
ikoniazetheroo: so I suggest focusing on the issue rather than making wild statements you have no idea about10:42
zetherooikonia: if I knew what the problem was I probably wouldn't be bothering coming here now would I .... ;)10:43
ikoniazetheroo: come here for help - not making stupid statements you have no idea about10:43
zetherooikonia: did you miss your coffee break !? :-/10:43
ubottuzetheroo: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:43
zetherooso what's with the a**hole attitude!?10:44
bazhangzetheroo, thats enough10:44
cfhowlettzetheroo stop please10:44
goneeuroHey guys. Do you have any ideas why a NAS mounted in fstab would have such a slow transfer speed from laptop to NAS but be super fast NAS to laptop?10:44
ikoniagoneeuro: reverse dns ?10:44
ikoniagoneeuro: although tha'ts normally only an initial connection issue10:45
goneeuroI will be completly honest, Im not 100% on linux and the way to set things up just yet.10:46
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest23661
ikoniagoneeuro: what version of ubuntu is your client running ?10:47
goneeuroThis is my first real jump into a linux laptop so I am having growing pains learning how to do things correctly.10:47
sonnegoneeuro, could you better define slow and fast?10:47
goneeuroikonia: xubuntu 14.0410:47
hateballgoneeuro: Read speed vs Write speed perhaps?10:47
ikoniagoneeuro: ok, and how are you sharing your file system out on the nas ?10:48
sonneit's quite usual that it's faster to read than to write on drives...10:48
goneeurocifs and nfs. But I cant get the nfs to connect. Give me a sec and ill post my fstab line.10:48
goneeuro/KCHNA001/Volume_1  /media/NAS  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  010:49
goneeurothats the line I am using now. I get 8MB/sec from laptop to NAS over gigabit.10:50
goneeuroand something like 40MB/sec from NAS to Laptop.10:50
ikonianas to laptop ?10:50
ikoniahow are you writing from your nas to your laptop ?10:51
hateballgoneeuro: What are the advertised write vs read speeds on your NAS?10:51
salsero|2freespirit-girl: puppet seems to be the same as tripwire but it puts pack the files as they were before10:51
ikoniatripwire is not puppet10:51
ikoniathey are totally different tools10:51
=== ubuntu__ is now known as i_hate_clients
salsero|2that does tripwire do?10:52
goneeuroI am just using drag and drop from desktop to NAS with thunar.10:53
nodedfreehow can i hide my ip at freenode10:53
* nodedfree is confused10:54
Humbedoohnodedfree: ask in #freenode10:54
opengyanhello Is there a way to search all packages which uses/depends on  some librart pakage... libpkgdev.. ?10:56
opengyan* depends on specific library....10:57
nodedfreeHumbedooh, everyone there are zombies10:58
Humbedoohgive it time10:58
nodedfreeif you know you can save us time and anger10:59
Humbedoohyou have to request a cloak in #freenode10:59
goneeuroikonia: still there? ha11:00
ikoniagoneeuro: sorry, doing multiple things11:00
ikonialet me read the scroll back11:00
goneeuroNo problem.11:00
mar77ihello #ubuntu. I'm having a problem here, I accidently rm'd my /etc/apache2/php.ini ... I already tried -o somethingsomething --force-confmiss which didn't work from http://askubuntu.com/questions/66533/how-can-i-restore-configuration-files ... any hints?11:02
jribmar77i: make sure you tried the somethingsomething for the right package11:03
mar77iin the above line I mistyped the path. that was /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini I have to assume that it's in php5-libapache211:04
jribmar77i: why are you assuming?  Your link gives you the command to find out the package11:04
mar77ijrib: dpkg -S does NOT list the php.ini file.11:05
loadenWhy my Qt5's app have KDE style, not GNOME? I am working on Ubuntu 14.04 and build Qt5.3 & QtCreator 3.1.1 by myself.11:05
mar77ijrib: so I have to assume it is created during some post-install measure.11:06
jribmar77i: grep the .postinstall files in /var/lib/dpkg/info for it then11:07
jribmar77i: probably, don't restrict yourself to just postinstall11:07
mar77ithanks for this hint. will go on from here and return with further questions.11:08
jribmar77i: by the way, what ubuntu version?11:09
mar77itwo trusties without the file in -S.11:10
jribmar77i: I don't see any package called php5-apache211:10
mar77iokay. I found it. will reapply the skeleton in /usr/share/php511:11
bruceveinopenssl 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.1211:13
bruceveinthis is patched, right?11:13
jribbrucevein: check changelog11:14
k1lbrucevein: ubuntu patched all supported ubuntus.11:14
bruceveinjrib, according to the google, its the patched version. changelog mentions heartbleed11:14
bruceveinthis site still shows im vuln11:14
bruceveineven after patching11:14
bruceveinis a reboot required?11:14
k1lbrucevein: which ubuntu is it?11:14
k1lyes, reboot is required11:14
brucevein12.04.4 lts11:15
jribbrucevein: you might need to restart services11:15
jribreboot is safe action11:15
bruceveinjrib, ive restart apache11:15
bruceveinservers in production, would prefer not to reboot unless i absolutely need to11:15
k1l!sslbug | brucevein11:19
ubottubrucevein: A fix for the recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2014-0076 & 0160) has been pushed to the Ubuntu repositories, see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2165-1/ and http://heartbleed.com/ for more information.11:19
k1lbrucevein: reboot is suggestef11:19
bruceveinhmm, yeah i just checked phpinfo and its showing OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 201211:19
bruceveini guess we shall reboot11:20
WobboHow can I install Ubuntu on a USB. Really installing it, not like "Universal USB Installer". If I use that, I can't update it, etc. It isn't a real installing. I have installed Ubuntu normally on a USB, but than de bios can't use it.  Ubuntu made on my laptop a "/boot/efi" fat. I think that for the fast load thing.11:22
=== jost_ is now known as jost
mar77ihmm. so.11:28
mar77iinstalling php5-mcrypt creates an mcrypt.ini in /etc/php5/mods-available and a symlink in mods-enabled.11:29
kryptohi i am trying ubuntu 14.04 on my old server,but its not detecting network links,server was working fine with rhel 611:29
kryptohow can i check whether its missing drivers11:29
mar77inow thing is, in the php.ini the directory is nowhere mentioned.11:29
jribmar77i: what are you trying to do?11:30
mar77ijrib: the software I'm configuring says "mcrypt not found. please install php5-mcrypt".11:30
mar77ithing is, I already have done so and restarted the httpd11:31
jribmar77i: what software?11:31
mahesh_latest stable version of ubuntu11:32
mahesh_j/ #c11:32
mahesh_j\ #c11:33
mar77isome swiss shithole php software. does not matter in so far as phpinfo(); doesn't show the ini file as loaded either.11:34
jdabinettcould anyone give me a hand with apache/htaccess ?11:34
mar77isorry my french.11:34
mar77iI don't feel like having the time for these questions :)11:35
jribmar77i: i must go, but read the file in mods-available for hints, and read /usr/share/doc/php5-mdcrypt/README.Debian (or similar)11:35
mar77ibut there's a conf.d which is loaded.11:36
mar77iwhy does php5-mcrypt-5.4.6-ubuntu5 assume ini files in /etc/php5/mods-enabled are read, where in fact php only reads /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d?11:37
jribmar77i: which ini files do you believe it assumes are read?11:38
dusf123_can anyone tell me what is wrong with this cryptsetup attempt? http://pastebin.com/8TZEUAnS11:39
jribmar77i: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php-mcrypt/+bug/1241286 bug in 13.10, may should some light11:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1243568 in php-tokyo-tyrant (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1241286 put ini in correct path" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:40
* jrib really off now11:40
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
mar77iso. there's no mods-enabled mentioned anywhere. and /etc/php5/conf.d isn't searched for ini files.11:45
Voidvoidhi im having a problem with firefox on ubuntu when i try to open it i get the next error /bin/sh: 0: can't open /usr/bin/which11:45
Voidvoidand i cant open it from gui i've reinstalled but it doesnt work .. :/11:46
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arrigoxbCiao, avete già provato Ubuntu 14.04? Come vi sembra?11:52
bekks!it | arrigoxb11:52
ubottuarrigoxb: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:52
arrigoxbSorry ...11:53
webgenHello guys, my firefox is having problems, I just have 2 tabs open and system monitor shows 300 mb usage for firefox + Some "browser" process which takes from 800-1000 and slows down whole pc alot, does anyone have experience with this behaviour ?11:53
bekkswebgen: can you pastebin "ps aux" please, and tell us which Ubuntu version you are using?11:53
Guest99504popey, do you know can we expect to see a results of showdown?11:55
webgenbekks http://pastebin.com/88KKaP4G and I am using 14.0411:55
bekkswebgen: Resize your terminal please, so the process names are longer than 9 chars.11:56
=== imran is now known as Guest43785
webgenbekks, it happened again everything was frozen, I dont understand cause i dont have any weird tabs open let me make it lag again and i ll do ps aux after that11:58
vandoriushello ppl12:00
vandoriusi got a question about ubu 14.04 video output12:01
* dw1 anticipates12:01
vandoriuswhen i attach hdmi out to lcd tv the output isnt right....it shows desktop but no top bar and no mouse pointer if i open a file browser or any windows it isnt seen on LCD12:02
webgenbekks http://pastebin.com/BMsnp7nY it clearly shows browser process taking more than a gig of ram and firefox too, serious lag i have to force quit each time :S12:05
bekkswebgen: Whats the output of "ps aux --sort -rss | head"?12:07
webgenbekks I noticed i think it happens because i open new tab, any tab causes browser process to appear which doesnt make sense12:07
bekkswebgen: It perfectly makes sense for webbrowser to use a separate thread for each tab.12:08
dw1vandorius: http://askubuntu.com/questions/346042/hdmi-displaying-on-tv-but-not-displaying-correctly-fixes ?12:08
webgenbekks but why does only one of these processes get so huge12:08
webgeni have gmail, github and pastebin open, when I add any tab that browser processes starts to expand 100mb/sec12:09
bekkswebgen: Pastebin the output of "ps aux --sort -rss | head".12:09
webgenbekks i am trying to catch the laggy part one sek12:10
vandoriusdwl: TAHNKS man!12:10
dw1vandorius: :D12:10
webgenbekks http://pastebin.com/9C6ji8Ln here you go, before that firefox was on 1.3gig and browser on 80012:12
reversehey, does anyone know how to change the power management settings so the device doesn't turn off when a single battery is on low power? I have 2 batteries in my tablet (running kubuntu)12:13
bekkswebgen: Look at line 4. Some firefox plugin is going crazy, most likely it is flash.12:13
webgenbekks hmm ye that leaves me with a question, ok i ll get a flash blocker plugin and post results12:14
bekkswebgen: Just close that tab :)12:14
webgenbekks i need both gmail and github :S12:15
DinosaurioDoes nouveau have 3D acceleration?12:16
webgenbekks i am sure github was the problem but i dont understand what kind of flash or where anything like that might run12:17
bekkswebgen: Maybe its some other plugin thats going crazy.12:17
webgenbekks yes because it just did it again with flashblock on12:18
mar77iaw fuck12:20
mar77iwtf really12:20
tarelerulzHave any of you used Chrome remote desktop extension?  If so what version of chrome , Ubuntu , maybe extension itself?12:20
JimR_I can not get 14.04 to run for more than 5 mins .... the whole os locks up ... only recover is by powering off & a restart12:25
lah25Hello chaps, does anyone have a screenshot of Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome, without any modifications to the UI?12:27
=== gnu is now known as Guest25740
lah25or would be willing to just take one for me12:28
zetherooikonia: hi12:28
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
webgenbekks I started FF in safe mode with all addons disabled it does it again, do you think restarting would resolve ?12:29
webgenbekks restarted and still happens weird12:35
Xethron_I've been having some random system crashes for the past year now, and they started getting more frequent... Its a complete system failure. No logs, no error messages. The screen just freezes solid and nothing moves. Cant switch to TTY, and system also doesn't respond to SYSTEM REQUESTS12:35
Xethron_I thought it might be a graphics driver issue, but I got the ATI drivers working in the latest version of Ubuntu 14.04 (Had problems getting it to work on Linux Mint), but it still crashes12:36
=== jackyalcine is now known as jacky
Xethron_Is it perhaps a hardware fault? And if so, what hardware is at fault?12:37
crroushin ubuntu 14.04 how do I get synclient settings to stick, doesn't seem to like /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ stuff anymore12:37
Xethron_If there's any way to log information that could be valuable on the next crash I would appreciate your input12:38
Xethron_But, I have a feeling we'll have to try and log information before the crash12:38
bekksXethron_: do the keyboard led blink when your system freezes?12:38
Xethron_bekks: I don't have any lights :P12:39
Xethron_bekks: actually, Using an external keyboard, I can't remember seeing flashes12:39
nobody__mhall119, when we will know about showdown winners?12:39
Xethron_bekks: If I remember correctly, I couldn't activate/deactivate any of the lights... But I might be mistaken, I'll check the next time it happens12:40
Xethron_bekks: that would indecate a Kernel Panic right?12:40
bekksXethron_: Yes. But using an USB keyboard, a kernel panic might not lead to make the led blink, since the whole system - that includes the usb bus - is frozen then.12:41
Xethron_ah, :/12:43
urielvigilantI upgraded to Lubuntu 14.04 from Lubuntu 13.10 , the wi fi got internet, but i dont see the icon wireless manager on right downside corner of screen as usual ? how to put it on again ?12:44
aladi've added a few sed lines to an install script, for example sed -i 's/dns=dnsmasq/#dns=dnsmasq/' , but I wonder how to write sed so that a second time ther'es no replacement12:44
Xethron_bekks: Might be worht mentioning, I have logged CPU and Graphic Card tempretures to a file, and after the crash they all where at reasonable tempretures12:45
maxmcHi, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Is it safe to upgrade to 14.04 or should I wait until  the July update when it is officially offered through the update manager?12:45
Xethron_bekks: Another thing is, the screen simply freezes. So everything still looks fine, but nothing will move. But the display doesn't freak out12:45
bekksXethron_: thats the same thing you described above12:47
maxmcwhat i'm particulary interested in is what could go wrong, and whether it is really safer to upgrade from ubuntu 13 or it's just because the lts version is supposed to be super-stable.12:47
Xethron_oh, yeah, I did :/12:48
DJonesdany__: /join #ubuntu-it12:49
aladso my question is how to add a (multiline) context to sed, so if that context isn't there nothing happens. tried wih \n and \\n but nothing12:49
urielvigilantXethron after upgraded from lubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 wifi does work with internet, but i cant see the icon to manage wireles networks . howt o fix it ?12:50
cr1msunI'm getting this error when trying to start bind9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7313468/ anyone have any help on this? thanks in advance :-)12:51
detachcr1msun: your rndc key is wrong?12:53
cr1msundetach: I've rolled a new one and the key matches the conf file ?12:54
mattias_cr1msun having problem with the openvpn in ubuntu 14.0412:55
=== shiny is now known as sh1ny
tarerulzAny of you use Chrome remote Desktop extension?  If so what chrome you use it with  , Ubuntu version and extension version Or you end up building chromium and the extension from source12:56
cr1msunmattias_: I'm on 13.10 and just trying to set up my own dns server with bind9 - I do have openvpn running on the vps as well12:56
code4fun#urielvigilant, try add new item on the Tab.12:57
mattias_ok dont know if theres is a problem with 13.10 but theres is a import bug in 14.04 with openvpn12:57
cr1msunmattias_: huh! I just checked my openvpn and getting a spinning thingy when trying to go to import-server=true12:58
HaliteI understand that requiring sudo for root access makes sure you know what you're doing, but I would like to find a way to get root access every time I start the systemup12:58
mattias_but you are running 13.10 correct ?12:59
cr1msunmattias_: yes12:59
mattias_well then 13.10 dont have that bug must be only 14.0412:59
cr1msunmattias_: I'm able to log in with admin acct - just checked12:59
dany__guys how can I do to keep appmenu visible (style osx) in ubuntu 14:04 flashbacks?13:00
dany__  but I would do it without third-party app ke create trouble!13:00
dany__  plus the CSSM does not support the experimental plugin in ubuntu 14:0413:00
steveshannonMattias: I just double checked that the vpn works and it does13:01
steveshannonMattias: I just double checked that the vpn works and it does13:01
mattias_on 14.0413:01
HaliteI understand that requiring sudo for root access makes sure you know what you're doing, but I would like to find a way to get root access every time I start the system up13:02
steveshannonHalite: use private key?13:02
HaliteUSE WHAT?13:03
steveshannonHalite: http://sshmenu.sourceforge.net/articles/key-setup.html13:03
mattias_anyways many are affected by the import vpn bug13:03
=== steveshannon is now known as cr1msun
=== mteufel is now known as supermat
=== MohammadAG is now known as MohammadA
ActionParsnippretty quiet, expected more after a new release....13:08
Halitef my life13:08
Mattiascr1msun: ?13:09
cr1msunMattias: yes?13:09
YeluHalite, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo => search for "root account" / "Enabling the root account""13:09
Mattiascr1msun: what's with the vpn stuff?13:10
Julinux_Preciso realizar um teste de benchmark do desempenho do Windows 2012 hospedado pelo KVM no Ubuntu 14.04 Server, Alguém poderia me dar uma ideia de como fazer isso?13:10
cr1msunMattias: I've got no probs with my vpn setup - I was looking for help with bind913:10
Julinux_Preciso realizar um teste de benchmark do desempenho do Windows 2012 hospedado pelo KVM no Ubuntu 14.04 Server, Alguém poderia me dar uma ideia de como fazer isso?13:10
bekks!pt | Julinux_13:10
ubottuJulinux_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.13:10
DJones!pt | Julinux_13:10
Julinux_Must perform a benchmark test of the performance of Windows 2012 hosted by KVM on Ubuntu 04.14 Server, could anyone give me an idea of how to do this?13:10
cr1msunI'm getting this error when trying to start bind9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7313468/ anyone have any help on this? thanks in advance :-)13:10
Mattiascr1msun: because at 15:01:49 you wrote "Mattias: I just double checked that the vpn works and it does "13:11
Mattiascr1msun: I have no idea what you are talking about.13:11
urielvigilantcode4fun monitor network state , is this one ?13:11
bekksJulinux_: ask ##windows for windows benchmarking13:11
cr1msunMattias: lol ok13:11
Julinux_Over the benchmark is in Ubuntu and not Windows ¬ ¬13:12
bekksJulinux_: you want to benchmark a windows 2012.13:12
orbisvicishow do I update only local repositories ?13:13
Julinux_Benchmark No. of Ubuntu 04.14 with KVM Running Windows 201213:13
bekksJulinux_: so what do you want to benchmark? the host or the guest?13:13
Pessimisthow to remove unity web apps and the contacts application and other unity 8 crap from 14.04?13:14
bekksJulinux_: what does that mean?13:14
ActionParsnipJulinux_: its still the benchmark of Windows, yes?13:14
ActionParsnipPessimist: its all package names13:14
ActionParsnip!find webapp13:15
ubottuFound: gir1.2-unity-webapps-0.2, libunity-webapps-dev, libunity-webapps-doc, libunity-webapps0, unity-webapps-common, unity-webapps-qml, unity-webapps-qml-doc, unity-webapps-qml-examples, unity-webapps-service, webapp-container (and 41 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=webapp&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all13:15
PessimistActionParsnip, unity-webapps-*, unity8 ?13:16
ActionParsnipPessimist: unity-webapps-bbcnews    is one example13:16
ActionParsnipPessimist: dpkg -l | grep unity-webapps | awk {'print $2}13:16
PessimistActionParsnip, how are the contacts & browser application called?13:16
ActionParsnipPessimist: dpkg -l | grep unity-webapps | awk {'print $2'}13:16
PessimistActionParsnip, nice13:17
urielvigilantI upgraded from 13.10 to 14.10 , because i never could put my bcm 4311 working on a usb stick persisiten, with 14.10. But it work on hard disk upgrading from 13.10. nice !13:17
ActionParsnipPessimist: basic bash stuff13:17
ActionParsnipurielvigilant: there is no 14.10 yet13:17
urielvigilant14.04 . . .13:17
ActionParsnipurielvigilant: 14.10 will be released in October (10)th month, in 201413:18
ActionParsnipurielvigilant: the version numbers are very purposeful13:18
PessimistActionParsnip, is there some application that tells me which file belongs to which package?13:18
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ActionParsnipPessimist: dpkg -S filename13:19
PessimistActionParsnip, something like pkgfile13:19
Pessimiston arch13:19
PessimistActionParsnip, thank you very much.13:20
* Pessimist needs to learn to use dpkg13:20
mar77iPessimist: apt-get install apt-file13:26
mar77ialso, sometimes you're just looking for something that's only in /var/lib/dpkg/info13:27
mar77ibecause it's not really in the package where you'd expect it13:27
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
aLinuxerHey guys.......... How can I see what apps are connecting to what back-end servers and how much is their bandwidth?13:30
RoryThis is a little embarrasing, but I'd appreciate an extra brain to help me with this file permissions issue: I have a folder with these permissions [ drwxrwxr-x  6 www-data www-data 4.0K Apr 23 15:02 . ] - My user is in the "www-data" group, but I cannot "touch foo" in that directory13:31
Roryoutput of "groups rory" is "rory : rory sudo www-data"13:32
ActionParsnipRory: did you log off and on since adding your user t the group?13:32
RoryActionParsnip: :)13:32
ActionParsnipRory: its not active til you log on again13:32
RoryActionParsnip: Does that mean I have to quit this screen session, re-log via ssh?13:32
ActionParsnipRory: yes, you will need to log off for the new session to take the new memberships, its the same in Windows13:33
=== Administrator is now known as Guest22148
RoryAlright brb13:33
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD13:34
dusf123_so show the livecd do everything the alternate cd used to?13:34
=== Administrator_ is now known as wazniak
=== wazniak is now known as tereforere
tereforerehello where can I find ubuntu 12.04 minimal with new kernel e.g. 3.1113:37
aLinuxerHey guys.......... How can I see what apps are connecting to what back-end servers and how much is their bandwidth?13:38
ikoniaaLinuxer: depends on the apps13:39
=== georgia is now known as geographic
aLinuxerikonia: explain plz :/13:39
ikoniaaLinuxer: well how you tell and how you monitor them depends on what applications you want to know about13:39
=== xbmcpythonlover is now known as pythonlover
JimRwhy do I have to keep restarting lightdm every 5 mins ?13:41
scelisSo I have Prompt=lts set in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and am running 12.04. do-release-upgrade says no new releases are available. Setting Prompt=normal tries to upgrade me to 12.10. How can I upgrade to 14.04?13:41
DJonesscelis: LTS to LTS upgrades are only offered once the .1 release is completed, for 14.04, that won't be until 27th July13:42
scelisDJones: Aha. Thank you.13:43
silberbergI tried to upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 but get an error with python3 see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7314214/ Any suggestion on how to resolve that? this seems to be the reason for 600 packages to fail installation.13:44
=== georgia_ is now known as geographic
aLinuxerikonia: my situation is like this....   My os is connecting to some really awkward back-end servers which I dont know about, and I dont think that some apps I use are getting updates or something like this from there..  so I wanna see what's going on :/    (( the servers' names  are like <some random character>.com  ,, so i wanna check maybe I'm hacked o.O ))         .....................   I used ngrep  and  iftop  to get some info but I dont know what13:45
aLinuxerapps are sending those requests13:45
ikonia(exactly what OS)13:45
ikoniaaLinuxer: ok - so what OS13:46
aLinuxerI'm running right now   linux mint 16 (( which is ubuntu-based ))13:46
aLinuxerikonia: I'm running right now   linux mint 16 (( which is ubuntu-based ))13:46
ikoniaaLinuxer: ok - so take that to the linux mint support resources, but try to ask clearly - by stating the applicatoins you want to know about too13:47
ikoniaaLinuxer: the mint support channel is on spotchat.net13:47
ikonia(on their website)13:47
ChaosTheoryHi all.13:48
HaliteHow do I get root access on the text editor without having to freak out?13:48
ikoniaHalite: use sudo ?13:48
ikoniaI have no idea what you mean by freaking out13:48
ikoniaHalite: sudo $texteditor13:49
ChaosTheoryHalite: sudo gedit file.txt13:49
ActionParsnipgksudo for GUI apps, not sudo13:49
ikoniaActionParsnip: I thought we'd gotten around that now with policy kit13:49
ActionParsnipHalite: gksudo gedit file   or kdesu kate file13:50
Haliteyour confusing me again13:50
ActionParsnipikonia: does it setup the X environment ok now?13:50
ikoniathat's why it's not installed by default any more13:50
ikoniaActionParsnip: I "thought" so, hence why gksudo is no longer installed by default13:50
ActionParsnipikonia: wasnt aware, I use vi :)13:50
ikoniaActionParsnip: me too, I'm doubting it now, but I was under the impression it worked now13:50
ActionParsnipikonia: cool, life easier13:50
aLinuxerikonia: the main problem is that I dont know what apps exactly... that's what I'm trying to find out :/    Thanks anyway13:50
ChaosTheoryikonia, sudo gedit works just fine...13:51
ikoniaaLinuxer: the mint guys can work it through if you explain about the applications you're concerned about13:51
nodedfreeHalite, edit file? 'sudo nano /path/to/file.txt'13:51
nodedfreeof 'vi /path/to/file.txt'13:51
ActionParsnipChaosTheory: it used to cause issues in the long term as it didnt setup the environment properly13:51
ChaosTheoryI've been trying to move over to 14.04 fully, but I'm having some issues with screen tearing in xbmc. The weird thing is that there isn't any screen tearing when i play the same video i vlc.13:52
troulouliou_devhi if i upgrade to 14.04 from 13.10 can i safely remove the discard mount option from my ssd fstab ?13:52
ChaosTheoryActionParsnip,  I know, but assuming they are running one of the more recent version of ubuntu it'll be grand or just use vi/m :P13:52
silberbergI tried to upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 but get an error with python3 see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7314214/ Any suggestion on how to resolve that? this seems to be the reason for 600 packages to fail installation.13:53
ActionParsnipChaosTheory: could be even grander and use sed / echo + tee :)13:53
ChaosTheoryActionParsnip, ha!13:54
aLinuxerikonia: Thank You =)   Peace out!13:54
ActionParsnipsilberberg: is Precise working for you?13:58
tuckHi, I've been trying to run a script de decrypt a partition automatically after boot, when all other start scripts are done.13:58
NindustriesSo im building XPenology, which is basically a modified version of Ubuntu. How exactly can I get my kernel headers from this? Im following this tutorial; http://xpenology.com/wiki/en/building_xpenology13:58
tuckplaced the line '/bin/sh pathtoscript/script.sh in /etc/rc.local13:58
ActionParsnipNindustries: 'ubuntu based' distros are ot supported here13:58
tereforerehello where can I find ubuntu 12.04 minimal with new kernel e.g. 3.1113:58
tuckbut cannot make it to run13:58
tuckwhant can I do?13:59
NindustriesActionParsnip, It's not really a Xpenology-specific question, more in general13:59
ActionParsnipNindustries: still not supported here13:59
NindustriesThen read "How can I get the kernel headers wih compiling a kernel"13:59
ActionParsnipNindustries: you are using a distribution which is not supported here, I sugest you consult your distributions support channels14:00
ActionParsnipNindustries: http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=51514:02
ActionParsnipNindustries: try posting on that forum..14:02
Nindustriesbtw) I found it. just "make headers_install"14:02
silberbergActionParsnip: thanks for your help... well I have the system running but there are some issues for example 600 failed packages (because the system is half upgraded).14:03
silberbergActionParsnip: was that the thing you wanted to know?14:03
ActionParsnipsilberberg: oh thats going to get painful14:03
silberbergActionParsnip: I thought so... somehow I missed that you should only upgrade LTS to LTS when the .1 is out :(14:04
ActionParsnipsilberberg: or clean install14:04
troulouliou_devis thee any procedure to use the trim features from 14.04 ?14:05
ActionParsniptroulouliou_dev: afaik, its default enabled14:05
ubottutroulouliou_dev: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. See http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.14:05
troulouliou_devActionParsnip, but if i upgrade from 13.10 and already have discard in crypttab and lvm.conf  and a fstrim script14:06
troulouliou_devshould i then do anythong particular ?14:06
=== Kevin is now known as Guest25306
silberbergActionParsnip: Yeah... but the clean install option is allways a little annoying because its the system of my parents and they don't know anything about how to install software... so usually after a clean Install I fail to install all they need14:08
ActionParsniptroulouliou_dev: i dont believe so, there is a default cron job to run discard if memory serves14:08
ActionParsnipsilberberg: install openssh-server and port forward port 22 :)14:09
silberbergActionParsnip: maybe thats the best sollution thanks anyways...14:09
DJones!cn | danny14:11
ubottudanny: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:11
kboyHi Guys I have have a virtual version of ubuntu 13.10  32bit inside my windows7 and I access it with wubi, I have tryed to update it to the 14.04 LTS but now nothing work, the only message i can see is this now:  http://i.imgur.com/GzZ6Fv5.jpg   can someone help me to get back Ubuntu?14:11
cfhowlettkboy wubi is no longer supported.  time to make a proper dual boot14:12
kboyi will do it soon14:12
kboybut now there's a way to aCCESS to ubuntu?14:13
cfhowlettkboy wubi has failed.  IF it can be fixed (which I don't recall ever seeing) it will be a painful process.  good luck.14:14
kalilinux102WHATS UP NIGGAAZ14:14
DJoneskalilinux102: Don't do that here14:14
cfhowlettkalilinux102 wrong channel.  play elsewhere, please14:14
cfhowlettkboy indeed.14:15
kboybut why has not been installed grub automatically?14:16
kboythis is crazy...  they offer me an update but not how to access it14:16
floryn90hi everyone14:17
linuxlite1983Can i ask what the matter is, kboy?14:17
pale3how do i restart netowork service. using upstart method doesn't work, using init.d restart also, bringing specific interface down and up also doesn't reread /etc/network/interface. what is the proper way?14:17
floryn90i have a problem with cpu fan speed on my notebook14:17
cfhowlettkboy wubi was ONLY for testing and was never designed to be a long-term installation option14:17
pale3using latest LTS trusty14:17
floryn90pale3, using sudo service networking restart14:18
linuxlite1983Is anybody using lubuntu 14.04?14:18
cfhowlettlinuxlite1983 short answer: yes.  next question = details of YOUR issue.14:19
pale3floryn90: it doens't work, i't doesn't reread my /etc/network/interface file14:19
kboyI have update my Ubuntu 13.10 to the 14.04 LTS and now the only thing i can see is this:   http://i.imgur.com/GzZ6Fv5.jpg14:19
kboyis everithing blocked14:19
linuxlite1983I tried to make file templates into the template folder...14:19
cfhowlettkboy you have to tell people about wubi -14:19
kboyI have wubi14:20
linuxlite1983The first template worked, the second only showed up when i tried to create a file in any place beside the desktop.14:20
linuxlite1983And then the first disappeared from the options outside of the desktop, and only worked there.14:21
linuxlite1983This was a live cd, however.14:21
cfhowlettlinuxlite1983 it's a live cd... a read-only CD.  no way to permanently save14:21
linuxlite1983I see.14:21
linuxlite1983Thank you, cfhwolett. I guess ill install it then.14:22
cfhowlettlinuxlite1983 best of luck.14:22
Vu1kHi all14:22
Vu1kanyone knows how to have a fullscreen flash in a secondary display?14:23
kboythere's somrone can help me?14:23
Vu1kwhat d u need kboy14:23
cfhowlettVu1k trying to fix a scrambled wubi installation14:24
kboyI have a virtual version of Ubuntu 13.10   32bit with wubi, I have update it to 14.04 and now this is the only message i get back:  http://i.imgur.com/GzZ6Fv5.jpg14:25
kboysomeone can help me?14:25
ubottukboy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:26
Vu1kkboy, that message seems like your filesystem is not present14:27
kboybut i have installed 14.1014:29
ifjGeryhello, i have a little bit of a problem here, i restarted the system, and after that i have nothing, low res screen, no mouse, no sound... lsmod only lists like 5 stuff (including acpi), when tried to load a module by hand it said it can not find it. Also there is no /lib/module(s) folder, any idea?14:29
Vu1kkboy, I would try to start with a live CD and verify the boot system14:30
kboythe live cd should be now 14:10 or 13.10?14:31
kboy14.04lts or the old 13.10?14:31
Vu1kany livecd should be right, it's only for start the SO and watch your system14:33
kboyget it14:33
kboywill try now thanks14:34
Vu1kif you can't fix it, then you can backup your data logged in the live CD, reinstall your wubi and restore your data, it could be the best workaround for you in order to avoid a lot of research14:35
TheCrusher908Hi all.14:37
kboyget it14:37
Vu1kTheCrusher908: Hi14:37
TheCrusher908After installing Ubuntu on my old mac mini, the rEFIt installed via OS X is gone, and the standard EFI won’t allow me to boot Ubuntu, or anything, for that matter. Ideas?14:37
Vu1kTheCrusher908: sorry, I've never been installed ubuntu in a Mac14:39
ubottuTheCrusher908: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:39
ifjGeryhello, can someone help? I restarted the system, and after that i have nothing, low res screen, no mouse, no sound... lsmod only lists like 5 stuff (including acpi), when tried to load a module by hand it said it can not find it. Also there is no /lib/module(s) folder, any idea?14:40
TheCrusher908Thank ubottu, but I already have installed Ubuntu, it is getting the «Mac BIOS» to allow me to boot it that is the problem14:40
blip-hid3, can you run 64bit software on 32 bit ubuntu ?   For some reason Google only shows me 32bit under 64bit OS results14:41
blip- hi14:41
cfhowlettblip- 64 bit WILL NOT run on 32 bit14:42
Vu1kI think it is not possible14:42
Vu1kyou can run 32 bit apps in a 64 bit OS but not in the inverse order14:43
Logan_TheCrusher908: did you run the install with $ ubiquity -b # ? you need to not install the GRUB bootloader14:43
kboyI have accessed to my pc via cd live in order to back up some datas, should i go to TRY UBUNTU or INSTALL UBUNTU?14:43
ncphttp://www.enqlu.com/2014/03/how-to-install-oracle-java-78-jdk-and.html followed this guide to install java on my 14.04, and works with java -v in cli. But chrome don't work, it just show i need to install java. any suggestions?14:44
pseudo_did /etc/network/interfaces change with ubuntu 14.04? i am having some troubles getting a static ip setup14:44
Logan_kboy: you can just try it if you don't plan on installing Ubuntu permanently14:44
blip-cfhowlett, ok. I was hoping for some extension that would emulate it or such.  Is there a way to upgrade my 32-bit 12.04 to 64-bit 14.04 ?  or need fresh install14:45
TheCrusher908Logan_: I installed Ubuntu from an USB drive with the GUI installer, so I suppose GRUB got installed along the way14:45
cfhowlettblip- fresh install14:45
kboyi just have to see what's happened and save some datas14:45
pseudo_i added "address, netmask, and gatway" to my interfaces file, and changed dhcp to static. then i ran /etc/init.d/networking restart14:45
pseudo_but nothing happened14:45
Logan_TheCrusher908: I followed this guide yesterday (I only needed to go up to step 4.1), and it worked flawlessly on my MacBook Air: http://randomtutor.blogspot.com/2014/01/installing-ubuntu-on-retina-macbook-pro_19.html14:45
pseudo_what am i doing wrong?14:46
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blip-cfhowlett, thanks.  one more thing, could there potentially be less compatibility with different software between 12.04 and 14.04 ?   The software i need to run works fine on 12.04 but it's proprietary, so im wondering if moving to new version is a bad idea14:46
rvdvpseudo_: networking in ubuntu is handled by network-manager ...14:47
cfhowlettblip- if things are that tenuous, I'd suggest you delay the upgrade a few months until 14.04.1 is issued14:47
rvdvpseudo_:  so configure static IP there14:47
blip-cfhowlett, thanks for the help14:47
pseudo_rvdv: ugh. okay14:48
cfhowlettblip- happy to give it.  best of luck.14:48
pseudo_rvdv: can you point me towards some documentation for configuring that on a headless server? all i can find is using nm-applet.14:48
llutzpseudo_: check "dpkg -l ifupdown" if it is installed. if yes, remove networkmanager, run "sudo ifdown eth0; sudo ifup eth0"14:49
sanguisdex1is there a way to get ubuntu with python support compiled in it w/o comiling from source every time?14:49
rvdvpseudo_: if you are talking about ubuntu-server maybe you should ask in #ubuntu-server ...14:50
ncpis java not working in 14.04 with chome? alternatives?14:50
TheCrusher908Logan_: Thank you, but how do I replace the standard EFI when I can’t even boot an OS on the machine?14:50
Logan_TheCrusher908: what happens when you turn it on?14:50
TheCrusher908If I turn it on without holding the alt button; nothing. If I do press the alt button, it only shows «Windows» and wireless14:52
TheCrusher908And I don’t have windows :p If I choose Windows, I only get a black display14:53
therealhwildeTheCrusher908, boot to usb live disk14:53
kboyhow to access to my datas via live cd?14:54
ifjGerykboy: open a file manager, click on the drives14:54
ifjGerythat will auto mount your partition14:54
kboyvia TRY UBUNTU?14:54
kboywithouth any password?14:55
kboya file manager, u mean HOME FOLDER?14:56
cenashello ppl, in Firefox crtl+T shortcut, don't open a new tab. Have anyone experienced this bug?14:57
k1l_cenas: works here. make sure you dont have a desktop shortcut make use of that14:58
k1l_cenas: and the focus is on firefox14:58
kboywhat kind of file manager should i use?14:58
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ncpok, i will try a 3. time to ask. Does java work with chrome in ubuntu 14.04?14:59
ifjGerykboy: if i remember it right, if you click on your homefolder, that will open a window, on the left there are icons of drives15:00
cenasK1l_ nice tip, i'll check that, because i think i've created that shortcut to terminator console15:00
Emmanuel_ChanelHello! How can I configure ProFTPd's file size limitation?15:01
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faghater<ncp> and i'm going to kill your sister15:02
ifjGerykboy: also, most of the liveCD i saw have icons on the desktop too15:03
ncpomg crappy support? asked 3 times and still no anwser. last time i will help people in here15:03
pseudo_ncp: yes15:04
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Aurvandill!pation | ncp15:05
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:06
Guest47359Latest nightly build on http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu/ is from 10th april15:06
Guest47359What's wrong there?15:06
Aurvandillncp you cna try it instead of asking ;)15:06
PiciAurvandill: they're gone.15:06
kboyaccessing to the Ubuntu folder i can see just 3 folders: disks, install, winboot15:06
kboyin disks there is just BOOT and 2 files :  root.disk and swap.disk15:07
kboyin boot there is just Grub15:08
Yelukboy, http://askubuntu.com/questions/190239/how-to-access-hard-drive-files-from-livecd15:09
kboyok yelu will try thanks15:09
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Yelukboy, you are welcome. - And for the terminal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1849547&s=9b4e2df4bd3c24d120200dc748c4bc42&p=11282335#post1128233515:11
kboythanks again15:11
fabio123hi there15:12
fabio123if i ersize the launcher from 48 to 32 the animation is broken15:12
Guest47359Latest nightly build on http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu/ is from 10th april15:12
Guest47359What's wrong there?15:12
davidoIssue: The mouse isn't available from the welcome (unlock) screen on 14.04 on my laptop (fine from my desktop)15:13
agenteohey there I used sudo start mongodb but it’s not waiting for the server to be running15:13
llutzGuest47359: ask the ppa-maintainer15:13
agenteoand my code breaks because of that unmet assumption15:13
agenteois there a way to tell that start, or init.d to wait for the service or is it completely unaware of what it’s executing?15:14
Guest47359llutz: How can I contact him without making an acc?15:15
llutzGuest47359: check "apt-cache show packagename" for maintainers email15:16
davidoHuh? "Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 12.04 LTS...."  Why is that suddenly an issue? I haven't ever installed from CDROM, and I'm using 14.04; haven't used 12.04 in years.15:16
OerHeksdavido, could be an usb device where you installed from, same message. definitly 12.04.15:17
Guest47359llutz: many thx15:17
davidoOerHeks I wonder whether I should resolve by removing the software source, or by some other means.15:18
OerHeksdavido, correct, unmark the iso in your sources, and it is gone.15:19
ActionParsnipdavido: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out the top few lines, the ones relating to the CD15:19
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Guest95968hello everyone15:19
OerHeksActionParsnip +1 davido if your sources is clean, use the answer from ActionParsnip15:20
Guest95968how to ues it15:20
Eolo111xdcc send person of interest15:20
davidoYes, commenting out the 12.04 source at the top of my sources file took care of it.15:21
davidoNow on to the perplexing mouse issue: From the welcome screen there is no mouse.  Once I log in, it's ok.15:21
davidoStarted with the 14.04 uprade.15:22
tereforerehello where can I find ubuntu 12.04 minimal with new kernel e.g. 3.1115:22
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ActionParsniptereforere: the 12.04.4 mini ISO should have somewhere near, not 100% sure15:23
riverloopHi all, I have a strange problem with the launcher in trusty. Let's say I have opened a folder which is not in my root partition. I then minimize it. When I click on the 'files' icon, it ideally should bring up the opened folder. Instead, it opens another instance of nautilus (Home folder). Anybody experiencing the same issue?15:24
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Aurvandillriverloop maybe something with the starter?15:25
lazarus_how do i boot an iso from a 2nd internal  HDD using grub 215:25
ubottuEolo111: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:27
OerHeksriverloop, known issue, as of 13.10 > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/117064715:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1170647 in unity (Ubuntu) "Clicking on Nautilus’ launcher icon opens new window instead of restoring the minimized one when browsing external drives/locations" [High,Triaged]15:28
OerHeksriverloop, confirm that bug please.15:28
Wiz_KeeDHey guys15:29
Wiz_KeeDHow do I check if I have a network printer available in ubuntu terminal?15:29
llutzWiz_KeeD: lpstat -a15:30
CiSensehi all ... wow upgrading this time was virtually pain free, 14.04 is running sweet :)  One question, I was expecting a 3.13 kernel however it has installed 3.11.0-19 ...  was there a last minute change?15:30
Wiz_KeeDlpstat connection refused llutz15:31
thepunisherhello all15:31
lazarus_how do i boot an iso from a 2nd internal  HDD using grub 215:31
OerHeksCiSense, i have:  3.13.0-24-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 10 19:11:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux so you might want to update?15:31
thepunisheri need help im using firefox on linux and it stucks anyone can help me to improve firfox works?15:32
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CiSenseOerHeks, hi, how?15:32
ActionParsnipthepunisher: try disabling addons15:33
thepunisherok actionparsnip i will try now15:34
OerHeksCiSense, updatemanager?15:34
CiSenseOerHeks, why not :) i am puzzzled why upgrade didn't do that15:34
ActionParsnipthepunisher: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:34
rom1504CiSense: sudo apt full-upgrade15:34
rom1504CiSense: did you reboot ?15:35
Wiz_KeeDlpstat -a and -s says connection refused15:35
rom1504ok then you need to upgrade15:35
CiSenseok thanks15:35
rom1504sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade can do it too (or a gui)15:36
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kboyi would like to access to my datas via live cd15:39
biledemoncould I expect probelms running a  Nvidia graphics card from ASUS? Compared to vanilla Nvidia. I'm thinking of the newly announced ASUS GeForce GTX 760 ROG Striker Platinum.15:39
kboycould someone help me step by step?15:39
kboyubuntu guides doesn't work15:40
daftykinsbiledemon: no, cards follow reference designs typically. just avoid pre-overclocked cards, they are a bad move in my experience15:40
gHokboy: chroot or mount disk ?15:41
biledemondaftykins: ok, great to hear! By typically, do you mean pretty much always?15:41
kboyi don't know gHo15:41
kboyi wanna access to my folders15:41
Vu1kkboy: open nautilus and look for ummounted drives15:42
daftykinsbiledemon: yeah, it won't ever influence drivers working or not15:42
ActionParsnipkboy: +1 for Vu1k , Nautilus will show available partitions and you can click them to mount them.15:42
Vu1kkboy: you can touch one of them and see your data15:42
gHokboy: read this -> ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115624015:42
biledemondaftykins: thanks again15:43
ActionParsnipkboy: why are you doing this anyway? Seems a bit weird15:43
kboyin Computer?15:43
kboyor DEvices15:43
kboyi have updated from 13.10 to 14.04 and now nothing work15:44
kboyi have just a virtual ubuntu in windoes15:44
kboyi access it via WUBI15:44
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kboyso maybe that's why i can't see it15:45
utackis there something like "time" for memory. something that can tell me the avg/max memory usage of a task after it quits?15:45
Vu1kkboy: read this https://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=500415:46
Vu1kI hope you can find help there15:46
kboyin the UBUNTU folder present in Windows i just see 3 folders with nothing inside15:46
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Vu1kWiz_KeeD: sudo?15:48
Wiz_KeeDsame thing Vu1k connectionr refused15:48
kboyi am trying vulk thanks15:48
Homely_GirlHi, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 I think and I keep having issues with Chrome, THIS pops up...."enter password to unlock your login keyring" How do I get rid of that please?15:49
quadHelixuhhh... enter your password? :)15:49
Vu1kWiz_KeeD: but you have the printers added in your system? or do you want to scan printers in the network15:49
Wiz_KeeDscan printers in the network Vu1k it's a ubuntu server and the printer is setup in the network15:50
Homely_GirlquadHelix: It doesn't recognise my root password15:50
Vu1kquadHelix: good answer ^⨀ᴥ⨀^ jaja15:50
quadHelixhomely_girl did you install from ubuntu distro? (or was it something someone else had made)?15:50
Vu1kWiz_KeeD: what about nmap? you can search for the port of the printer in the ip range15:51
Homely_GirlquadHelix: From Software centre. :)15:51
OerHeksHomely_Girl, maybe the question is not "what is your keyringpasss" but "set your keyring pass " ?15:51
Homely_GirlOerHeks: And how, pray tell do I do that? I'm sorry I may look somewhat geekish, but my knowledge only stretches to apt-get installing stuff! ;)15:52
Vu1kWiz_KeeD: something like nmap -sP ipaddress/netmask15:52
OerHeksHomely_Girl, just look carefull at the dialog.15:53
Wiz_KeeDHosts seems down15:53
Homely_GirlquadHelix: I tried googling but the instructions were to go to preferences or such like 'n I'm using Dash....'n still not sure of what I'm doing!15:53
Homely_GirlOerHeks:  I tried googling but the instructions were to go to preferences or such like 'n I'm using Dash....'n still not sure of what I'm doing!15:54
Vu1kWiz_KeeD: there could be the host is really down or disconnected from the network?15:54
Vu1kare you in the same network segment of your printer?15:54
Wiz_KeeDshould not be, it's the office printer they work with it every day15:54
Wiz_KeeDthat...I have no clue15:54
Wiz_KeeDhow can I find out?15:54
Wiz_KeeDThis is a virtual machine if that makes any difference15:55
Vu1khhmm, you have the network via nat or bridge?15:55
quadHelixhomely_girl, have you viewed this page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/18927/how-to-enter-the-default-keyring-password-via-the-command-line15:55
Wiz_KeeDthat idk, how can I find out?15:55
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: who looks after your office network ?15:55
Homely_GirlquadHelix: I'll have a go, thank you.15:55
Wiz_KeeDnot mine, but they do have a sysadmin allegedly15:56
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: talk to him ask him for the ip of the printer15:56
ikoniathen you can move forward15:56
Wiz_KeeDI have it, and the port15:56
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: or the fully qualified domain name15:56
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: ok, so can you connect to that IP/port15:57
tharkunGentlemen I have this ubuntu laptop that is currently on a different subnetwork. How do I make cups to view all the network printers?15:57
Wiz_KeeDInternal ip is and port 910015:57
Wiz_KeeDnop, cannot, tried ping and telnet, neither worked15:57
kboysudo fdisk -l15:57
kboysudo mkdir /win15:57
kboysudo mount /dev/sdxy /win15:57
kboysudo mkdir /vdisk15:57
kboysudo mount -o loop /win/ubuntu/disks/root.disk /vdisk15:57
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: what is the exact telnet command you are using15:57
kboythe letter before the last line is o or 0 (zero)?15:57
Vu1k Wiz_KeeD: I agree with ikonia: you have to get all the info of the printer and you have to be sure that you are in the same segment or at least in an available route to it.... and ofcourse the printer has to be online and working15:57
kboybefore loop15:57
Wiz_KeeDtelnet 910015:58
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: ok, so either a.) the ip/port is wrong b.) there is a firewall15:58
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: talk to your network admin again15:58
Wiz_KeeDwell now that I got these two options it's easier, thanks, will do15:58
tharkunWiz_KeeD: network printers have usually an http interface.15:58
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Guest36984im trying to install ubuntu from a live CD, my resolution is at 1920x1080 and yet everything is HUGE16:01
Guest36984the interface is so big i cant even install16:01
Guest36984anyone know how to change this?16:01
Guest36984everything is huge, the status bar, the text, the buttons, EVERYTHING16:01
Wiz_KeeDThe internal ip of the server is and the printer is
Wiz_KeeDcan anything be deduced from this?16:02
tharkunWiz_KeeD: you have different subnetworks, you have to make sure that your server knows where to route packets to the printer.16:02
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: talk to your network admin16:03
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: either the ip/port is wrong or there is something blocking you16:03
rom1504Guest56047: you need to set your resolution to 1920x108016:03
tharkunWiz_KeeD: as ikonia said. Unless both your subnetworks are transparently reachable you will not manage to connect to that printer.16:04
jhutchinsGuest56047: Text mode install might work better for you, then resolve any GUI issues once it's complete.16:04
Wiz_KeeDokay thanks, will investigate more16:04
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mewayI "uninstalled" xeoma from my ubuntu desktop and it did not uninstall and the software is still on my computer. The only thing that seemed to uninstall was the icons on my toolbar window... How do I completely remove this terrible peace of software?16:05
pmjdebruijnhi folks, when I logon to my laptop, I'm not getting a desktop at all (wallpaper is visible, mouse is active, notifications (wifi) is active)16:05
pmjdebruijnso no unity at all16:05
Jordan_UGuest56047: Sounds like the HiDPI support wrongly kicked in. There should be an option somewhere in the preferences to change it, though I don't have a 14.04 system at hand to find it myself. "scale" and "hidpi" are words I would search for in Gnome Control Center.16:06
pmjdebruijnthis is on fairly standard intel only hardware, and it worked well before16:06
pmjdebruijnare there any common bugs that come to mind I might have hit?16:06
tharkunikonia: I have a laptop on x.x.1.1 and cups server is on x.x.0.1 I added the Browsing On and the matching BrowsePoll directive directly to /etc/cups/cupsd.conf Am I missing something. (Debian machine on that same subnetwork prints fine)16:06
noobiedoes anyone know how to make the interface smaller? i cant install because the window is too big for my screen16:06
noobieresolution is 1920x108016:06
noobiebut the windows are too big for the screen16:07
noobiecant click next to continue installation16:07
noobiei tried making the font smaller but that dosent help much16:07
pmjdebruijntharkun: do you have the correct netmask?
pmjdebruijnon all machines?16:07
ikoniatharkun: can it connect to the cups ports /16:08
ActionParsnipnoobie: hold ALT and you can drag the window from any point16:08
tharkunikonia: telneting to 631 on server fine16:09
noobieActionParsnip: That fixed it, thank you!!!16:09
ikoniatharkun: good good, so the connection is working16:09
ikoniais 631 the web interface or the connection port ?16:09
hillarymy apache2 hangs on waiting. Am using ubuntu 12.0416:09
Jordan_Unoobie: Sounds like the HiDPI support wrongly kicked in. There should be an option somewhere in the preferences to change it, though I don't have a 14.04 system at hand to find it myself. "scale" and "hidpi" or just "dpi" are words I would search for in Gnome Control Center.16:09
tharkunconection port to server, localhost:631 on the server is the interface16:09
hillaryhillary@hillary:~$ sudo service apache2 restart* Restarting web server apache2                                                 ... waiting16:10
noobieim finally installing!16:10
Jordan_Unoobie: Also, alt+mouse drag on any part of a window to move it.16:10
hillarythat is what iam getting16:10
ikoniatharkun: thats the web interface then16:10
ikoniatharkun: just checking16:11
hillaryor how do i reinstall apache2 in ubuntu 12.0416:12
pmjdebruijnmoving some .stuff about of the way seems to have "fixed" the issue16:12
pmjdebruijnhillary: define reinstall?16:12
ikoniatharkun: cool, it prints to 631 too16:12
tharkunikonia: fine with me. netstat -pantu |grep 631 outputs tcp        0      0 :::631                      :::*                        LISTEN      27291/cupsd16:12
ikoniatharkun: so you're connection is there, whch is great.16:12
ikoniatharkun: can you print directly to it (not browsing)16:12
hillarywhat i have is hanging on waiting16:13
tharkunikonia: That is the problem None of the printers appear at the ubuntu machine.16:13
hillarywhen i enter localhost in the browser i get16:13
hillaryNot Found16:14
hillaryApache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 8016:14
mewayI specifically chose ubuntu because I've never had a software issue before with software from the software center. 1 this is a purchase only software so the damn thing better work correctly if I'm given the option to install it in the appstore. and 2 if I want to uninstall it the damn thing should completely disappear off of my computer.16:14
tharkunhillary: Are you into command line? Are you afraid of the terminal?16:14
joarI'm having some trouble setting cryptsetup up after a disk failure in the middle of a 14.04 upgrade. I've done a file-level cp of the files from the old disk and resumed the dist-upgrade in via chroot from a live CD. When I start, grub can't find the root device as it seems that cryptsetup never runs on boot16:14
hillaryam in it16:15
hillaryam not afraid16:15
tharkunhillary: netstat -pantu |grep 8016:15
RPG-MasterI messed with my media keyboard shortcuts and now my volume keys don't change the the volume of my audio.16:15
mewaywelcome to the first step of allowing viruses on your OS wimacuntu16:15
tharkundoes it output anything?16:16
hillaryi seet established timeout then listen16:16
tharkunhillary: you need to dive into /var/log/ and take a deep look into apaches logs to find what is going on.16:16
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noobiewhat a brilliant idea16:17
tharkunthere is an httpd channel that will most likely give you a better view of what is wrong. Make sure to review your config/logs and follow the channel guidelines for further help16:17
noobiecome in with a feminine nick to get quick support16:17
tharkunnoobie: beeing a jerk will not help you.16:19
anth0ny_How does ‘service’ find apps to control?  I can run ‘sudo service jenkins status’, and it responds with ‘jenkins stop/waiting’.  When i remove /etc/init.d/jenkins, I can still run ‘sudo service jenkins status’ and I get the same response.  How can I find out what is being controlled by ‘sudo service jenkins status’ ?16:19
noobiei dont mean to be a jerk i was just thinking out loud16:19
joarthinking jerk thoughts out loud16:20
blip-ubuntu 14.04:  I need to install build-essentials however the program I need to compile only supports an older gcc than the one to be installed by the command.  can I manually install the older gcc from the repo and then run apt-get install build-essentials afterwards ? or will i end up with 2 gcc's  ?16:20
tharkunanth0ny_: depending on how your system is starting things up it can vary a lot. I believe ubuntu recently changed to systemd.16:21
trismanth0ny_: it uses initctl if it finds a script in /etc/init/16:21
lazarus_how do i make iso's boot from a 2nd internal HDD using grub216:21
MikeRLWell, over the past day my print screen issue persists. Others have told me to seek someone quite knowledgeable with regards to keyboard shortcuts and X. And I mean down to the low level of how X works.16:21
anth0ny_tharkun: it’s a very vanilla ubuntu 12.04.4 AWS machine16:21
Logan_!girl | noobie16:22
ubottunoobie: Girls exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/16:22
trismanth0ny_: it's just a shell script you can look at it to see what it does16:22
anth0ny_trism: ah, will look up initctl16:22
MikeRLOf course, if everyone is busy, I can easily wait till it's my turn again.16:22
fayesalIs there any way to make Trusty Preseed do a non-sda grub installation without prompting?  Looks like they set the level at Critical and it's prompting even though I set the bootdev in the preseed16:22
Logan_MikeRL: there are no "turns" here - someone will answer your question if he or she knows the answer :)16:23
MikeRLSo, first question - is there anyone here well-versed with X and input (including issues)16:23
anth0ny_trism: initctl does not appear to be a script.  /sbin/initctl16:23
trismanth0ny_: no I mean service16:23
MikeRLLogan_: I guess I should rephrase.16:23
MikeRLWhy did I forget the question mark?16:24
* meway is pissssssed >:/16:24
MikeRLSo here's one anyone can answer - who knows the most about X and keyboard input issues around here?16:24
lazarus_how do i make iso's boot from a 2nd internal HDD using grub2?16:24
tharkunMikeRL: state your case. Give facts on what you expect and what is your actual output. Then wait for someone to answer your queestion.16:25
MikeRLtharkun: OK, will do.16:26
SinistradI can't upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315792/16:28
mewayuser/local/xeoma had to be manually removed >:(16:28
mewayno megusta16:28
MikeRLMy problem is in short that pressing the print key will not trigger a screenshot. ALT+Print works, but neither SHIFT+Print, CTRL+Print, nor Print alone results in taking a screenshot. Everything is normal under Keyboard shortcuts. I would expect for Print to take a screenshot. Running gnome-screenshot from the terminal works. I've been assisted by two users on this IRC channel over the past day, and we've tried disabling the magic sysrq k16:31
MikeRLey (querying it results in output indicating it's disabled), and we've checked the keyboard shortcuts (I checked them myself multiple times before even going on IRC). So I really need someone knowledgable in the appropriate areas (X, input issues) to assist me. Thank you.16:31
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=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
Logan_Sinistrad: just try sudo do-release-upgrade16:36
Logan_Sinistrad: also, there's no reason to be using root16:37
troulouliou_devhi is there a tool that can copy file from a cd and skip to the next one if the file is damaged on the disk16:37
hal9002Upgrading to 14... Just about done16:37
shahi! I am new to ubuntu!16:38
hal9002Hi sha16:38
DinosaurioWelcome sha!16:39
Aaruniuh, who is sha ? :/16:39
shaumm newbie16:39
Aarunisound more like a famous person keeping me in the dark about his importance.., sha16:39
shafamous? no i am just obama16:40
hal9002B list16:40
Aarunijust obama ? I could've sworn there was something significant about you.16:41
AaruniBTW, should we take this to OT channel? its against rules, right ?16:41
shawhat is OT channel16:41
hal9002Sha: how do u like ubuntu16:41
Aarunisha : #ubuntu-offtopic16:41
shawell it seems bit difficult16:42
Dinosaurioare you coming from mint?16:42
shanever used linux before16:42
hal9002Ah I see.16:43
hal9002Coming from windows?16:43
Aarunido we have a XP user here?16:43
Aaruniex-XP user ?16:43
ifthenelseWhat is the best music player on linux that supports Spotify?16:43
hal9002Spotify for ubuntu16:43
hal9002Its beta. But works16:43
shanah, i used xp and switched to win 7 but also using  ubuntu16:44
shaubuntu interface seems cool but terminal freaks me out16:44
=== hal9001 is now known as hal9002
ifthenelsehal9002: But does it support local music?16:44
circuitterminal IS linux16:44
Aaruniits exactly opposite for me. I'm cool in terminal, but trusty's interface is not very good, IMO16:44
hal9002So what r you having trouble with sha16:45
shanot big troubles but should i have to learn sudo coding to operate ubuntu?16:46
circuitsha: you could potentially use ubuntu without touching the command line16:46
circuitbut if you wish to learn, experiment w/ it16:46
circuitnavigating via the command line is much faster and powerful16:46
hal9002Sha do you have any I16:47
hal9002Interest in learning the command line16:47
shaI means hal?16:47
hal9002Good. Its fun and rlly powerful16:47
shamainly i started to use ubuntu for using tor16:48
shanew to tor too!16:48
circuitthe real fun begins in linux when you start writing shell scripts16:49
hal9002Well welcome aboard, Linux is so much fun16:49
shathanks everyone for making me home!16:49
hal9002Although, I'd reccomend using Tails for tor16:49
hal9002Since or new16:49
Hanumaanis it possible to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 directly ? or one has to first upgrade to 13.10 ?16:50
joarI have ended up in a dependency hell. Is there any way to remove all apt packages and then install a base set of apt packages?16:50
hal9002Sudo do-release-upgrade16:50
tgm4883Hanumaan, you've got to go though 13.1016:50
MagiobiwanOh fun16:51
shanew to xchat too16:51
MikeRLTry hexchat instead of xchat.16:51
MikeRLIt's better.16:51
MagiobiwanHexChat == da bomb16:51
hal9002Irssi ;)16:51
MikeRLI'll get a ppa for you.16:51
geniiHanumaan: That's correct, must go 13.04 to 13.10 then to 14.04. The interim releases ( those in between long-term support ones) cannot go directly to the most recent LTS without upgrading to the other releseases which were in between16:51
MikeRLI'm literally bouncing between IRC, HL2, and now Firefox.16:52
usbdebugrHi, I'm having an issue with a SINGLE usb drive not auto-mounting. Other usb drives autmount & open in Nautilus as expected. This one causes many "change" events and does show up under "Devices" in Nautilus, but does not automount. Any help greatly appreciated... Here's output from $ udisks --monitor-detail: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315951/16:52
* Magiobiwan goes and murders the old sysadmin16:52
MikeRLAnd Ubuntu doesn't lag a bit. Talk about a marvel of modern technology.16:52
AaruniMikeRL, system specs ?16:52
ElHippieubuntu is running smooth16:52
ElHippieexpect i downloaded that youtube app16:52
rypervenchesha: I sent you a private message by the way.16:52
ElHippieand my cpu crashes16:52
MikeRLWait a second.16:53
joaris there a CLI tool for paste.ubuntu.com?16:54
genii!pastebin | joar16:54
ubottujoar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:54
MikeRLOh my specs aren't even much to write home about. An OEM, not custom built laptop.16:54
geniijoar: So in this, the pastebinit ;)16:54
wallerhi all, i need to run a windows application but don't really know what options I have?  Do I need a Microsoft windows CD if I want to run a virtual machine ?16:55
MikeRLI might as well help out a bit (again) while I wait for someone who's really good with my issue.16:55
MikeRLIt's no big deal for me.16:55
MikeRLsha: Your PPA awaits. XD16:55
MikeRLsha: Now why do I use HexChat and not XChat? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XChat16:56
joargenii: thanks16:56
tharkunikonia: Connected the laptop to the local wired network, disconected it and conected it back to the wifi and everything works fine now. No aparent reason to why it was failing.16:56
joarI have this problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316003/16:57
kboywhat's the loader for 14.04lts? grub or something else?16:57
orbisviciswhen upgrading between releases, what is the difference between "packageA has broken Conflicts/Breaks/Depends on PackageB"16:57
orbisvicis(so I can manually fix these.. ?)16:57
geniikboy: grub ( grub2 to be more specific)16:59
hal9002Anyone using that wine/Netflix solution?16:59
joarto clarify, I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316003/ when running apt-get -f install16:59
kboygenii: thanks16:59
orbisvicisfor example, I have no idea what: "Package plymouth has broken Breaks on gdm" means16:59
joarhal9002: yes, worked for me on 13.1017:00
kboygenni: are you seeing this message in red color?17:00
geniijoar: I'm not sure about that systemd error there... but for the linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic one, I might try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic17:00
usbdebugrI'm having an issue with a *single* usb drive not auto-mounting. Other usb drives autmount & open in Nautilus as expected. This one causes many "change" events and does show up under "Devices" in Nautilus, but does not mount until clicked. Any help greatly appreciated... Here's output from $ udisks --monitor-detail: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315951/17:00
kboygenii: this message sorry17:00
wadIs it possible to get the current display resolution from the command line?17:01
geniikboy: Well, orange is the hightlight colour in this IRC client... but basically, yes17:01
geniiwad: xrandr17:01
wadgenii, thanks17:01
geniiwad: np17:01
joargenii: running that: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316041/17:03
* genii reads17:03
geniijoar: I recommend: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/* && sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*    (it will complain can't remove directory called "partial", no worries here)  then: sudo apt-get update    ... and then try the reinstall command again17:05
wadganii, I just get "Can't open display" no matter what I do with xrandr.17:05
geniiwork, afk 3-5 minutes17:05
wadI'm sshed into the machine.17:05
geniiwad: xrandr won't work from ssh because it needs to be attached to an X session17:06
kkkkkdfkkdfhi all, i am using UBuntu 14.04, so far I like it, i have few queries, if somebody could help, when i minimize a window(By clicking on minimize button) to unity panel and again click it, it maximize it, so far it is okay, but when i again click on unity panel icon, it doesn't maximise again, how to do that, I used compizconfig manager to enable minimize on click17:06
wadgenii, yeah, I can only ssh to the machine right now.17:06
wadI'm trying to figure out what the native display resolution is on the monitor. It's a laptop.17:07
kkkkkdfkkdfin windows, it toggles between minimize and state of windows17:07
kkkkkdfkkdfwhen we click on a open application icon17:07
kkkkkdfkkdfis it possible to do the same in UBuntu17:07
kkkkkdfkkdfthis is very annoying, when somebody comes from Windows17:08
joargenii: it did complain about partial, running the last apt-get --reinstall came back with this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316055/17:08
PhartPhartJust installed 14.04 on my Gateway Laptop NV53A track pad not working17:08
usbdebugrI'm having an issue with a *single* usb drive not auto-mounting under Ubuntu 12.04. Other usb drives autmount & open in Nautilus as expected. This one causes many "change" events and does show up under "Devices" in Nautilus, but does not mount until clicked. Any help greatly appreciated... Here's output from $ udisks --monitor-detail: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315951/17:08
joar!patience | usbdebugr17:09
ubottuusbdebugr: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:09
dw1are ubuntu server repositories different than desktop ?17:10
Picidw1: no17:10
joardw1: I don't think so17:10
anonymknows anybody kail Linux ??17:10
dw1k, server provider has some lame mirrors that dont have everything :/17:11
Picianonym: We do not support it here, please ask in #kali-linux.17:11
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)17:11
usbdebugrSorry, the rules howto said to wait 5 min before reposting, so I was waiting ~6.17:11
jhutchinsusbdebugr: What filesystem is on the drive?  Is it a drive that runs special software on Windows when it mounts?17:11
usbdebugrjhutchins: FAT32, tried repartitioning/formatting with gparted. No special software on Windows, but I think I did use it as a boot disk once or twice.17:12
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orbisvicishow do I downgrade all packages to official versions ?17:13
usbdebugr(boot/install disk for this ubuntu install)17:13
=== basketpc is now known as jjprieto
Blazinghand|WorkI had a problem mostly caused by my own stupidity, and eventually solved it. however, the current solution doesn't feel like a good one.17:15
m1dnightdoes anybody know if you can export the syntax highlighting for sublime to gedit?17:15
Blazinghand|Workso basically I'm wondering which graphics driver is appropriate for a T430 thinkpad with Nvidia GF108M17:15
GodzillaAssistance, please, with downloading a 32-bit version of Ubuntu Desktop.17:15
TheUsDI was hoping someone could help explain to me or point me in the right direction to find the answer to my question. I want to run a task that opens up a program and then gives the program some keystroke commands. Do I need a batch file or a vbs?17:15
TheUsD^windows question17:15
m1dnightGodzilla: what's up?17:15
cybercluster_mashello guys17:15
m1dnightTheUsD: You come the the ubuntu channel for a Widows question? :p17:16
Blazinghand|WorkGodzilla, are you looking for this page?: http://www.ubuntu.com/download17:16
GodzillaI'm trying to find/download a 32-bit version of Ubuntu Linux for a Netbook, but I can't seem to find one to download.17:16
tshirtmanhi, i've issues sharing a network folder from ubuntu desktop (trusty) i have no issue sharing from a trusty server version, on desktop i tried both using the graphic method (nautilus create share) and smb.conf, allowing guest in both tries, and the result from other machines, windows or linux, (or even from my own, browsing network share from nautilus) is that i can see my share, but not access17:16
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Please provide the same output for a USB drive that does auto mount.17:16
TheUsDmidnight: lol yes, nobody is replying in the windows chat17:16
tshirtmanit, permission denied, any input?17:16
PiciTheUsD: That doesn't mean that it is suddenly on-topic for #ubuntu.17:16
m1dnightGodzilla: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop17:16
tshirtmani tried taking the smb.conf from saucy too, since there was issue with the one from trusty before17:16
m1dnightselect 32-bit in the "choose your flavor" box17:16
m1dnightand you're good to go17:16
GodzillaYes, but to no avail.17:16
m1dnighthow so?17:17
m1dnightwhat's not working?17:17
Blazinghand|WorkGodzilla, there are some downloads here as well http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads17:17
m1dnightThis one, perhaps..17:17
m1dnightthat's the direct url.17:17
GodzillaFrom what In cansee, they now offer 64-bit disros.17:17
usbdebugrJordan_U: sure thing, here's one that auto-mounts: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316125/17:17
Blazinghand|WorkGodzilla, just use this linke http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent17:17
Blazinghand|Workit's 31-bit17:17
m1dnightGodzilla: the last URL I posted is a direct download for the 32bit version.17:17
rvdvGodzilla: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/trusty/release/lubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso17:17
joarGodzilla: you can choose17:17
rvdvstupid cache of my browser17:18
GodzillaThank you, thank you and thank you.17:18
lisoI woke up with a new problem in my ubuntu, it starts fine, I want to browse internet and it says "looking up ..." -> "connecting...."  and it stays there forever. the internet connection is working, I know because I am using that connection now17:19
blip-hid3, build-essentials package installs a bunch of things including g++ and gcc. I need an older version of gcc than the one it installs.  I can just manually install what i want and it should be compatible with the rest of the "build essentials" tools right ?17:20
blip-* hi17:20
TheUsD#lvisual basics17:20
joargenii: ping17:21
usbdebugrJordan_U: jhutchins: I should mention it takes a while for the offending USB stick to get through all those "change" events... maybe 10 seconds. Once it's manually mounted, though, it works fine. I've used it on this and other OSes plenty.17:22
=== pietro is now known as Guest61814
lisoI woke up with a new problem in my ubuntu, it starts fine, I want to browse internet and it says "looking up ..." -> "connecting...."  and it stays there forever. the internet connection is working, I know because I am using that connection now, same computer, just rebooted to windows and it works fine, both using dhcp, same ethernet card17:25
orbisvicishow do I uninstall all ubuntu-desktop dependencies ?17:25
orbisvicis(and all their dependent packages)17:26
orbisvicisobviously, autoremove doesn't do the trick17:26
owen1after upgrading to 14.04 i noticed that network-manager was purged. i re-installed it but i don't see wireless networks at all. wlan0 in ifconfig doesn't show an ip. any ideas?17:26
Jordan_Uowen1: Might be good to install ubuntu-desktop to catch other packages you may be missing.17:27
owen1Jordan_U: great advice. thanks17:27
Jordan_Uowen1: You're welcome.17:28
owen1Jordan_U: i just did it and there are no updates.17:28
owen1should i purge it maybe?17:28
owen1it say that ubuntu-desktop is aleready the newest version17:29
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l", "sudo blkid".17:29
=== tcpman is now known as Guest32092
=== Logan_ is now known as UtopicUnicorn
Valkyrie\o Hey guys. I am doing a data recovery for a client of mine, their mybook live hsa been failing, so I pulled it out, and connected it to an Ubuntu live CD (Linux filesystem) but I am unsure what is the best data recovery software on Ubuntu?17:32
ifthenelseDoes anyone else have this issue with the numix theme? Sometimes when I boot up my laptop, the theme is the default instead of numix and the cursor and menus are tiny (I am using hidpi scaling). I need to keep logging out and loggin in over and over until the theme truly loads.17:33
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Please also 1: insert working USB and wait for it to auto-mount 2: insert non-working USB and wait for events to settle, 2: pastebin the output of "dmesg -T"17:34
ValkyrieAny ideas?17:34
usbdebugrJordan_U: Thanks for taking the time to look into this. In the paste, "PNY USB 2.0 FD" and "BLACKJUMP" are the USB drive I'm trying to get working.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316225/17:35
therealhwildeValkyrie, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery17:35
turkoHi, anyone know a command to disable/enable the wireless internet?17:35
Valkyrietherealhwilde: I looked there17:35
Jordan_UValkyrie: What type of failure? Do you have room for a full disk image?17:35
therealhwildeturko, sudo ifconfig wlan0 down/up17:35
Valkyrietherealhwilde: Basically, I am looking to find the best one that you guys use17:35
therealhwildeValkyrie, old school people just use "dd"  command17:36
therealhwildeor, ddrescue17:36
jhutchinsValkyrie: There's no "best", there are "different".17:36
ValkyrieJordan_U: Not sure. We never found out. Whole system has been acting weird, odd events in logs dated April 29th 2014, other dates, all "Last Modified" all before 2011, missing data17:36
ValkyrieBunch of stuff went haywire.17:36
jhutchinsValkyrie: Sometimes one will work better, sometimes another.17:36
turkotherealhwilde, thanks17:36
ValkyrieI am lookiing for one with a GUI, honestly. Since I started with this company I haven't used Linux (Since the days ARCH had a GUI install, now it's all chroot)17:37
=== vanessa is now known as Guest94594
G-manhi at all17:38
usbdebugrJordan_U: Here's the output of "dmesg -T": http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316261/17:38
aysorthifthenelse: are you up to date? There have been lots of updates to numix recently. Works fine for me on 14.0417:39
owen1i don't see any wireless network. is there a *restricted* packages i should look for and make sure it's installed?17:39
G-manthere is someone that can give a review at my english cv please?17:40
willwhValkyrie: http://www.sleuthkit.org/autopsy/desc.php17:40
PiciG-man: ##english17:41
G-manpici thans17:41
fortuneHuntrwhat is the proper way to make ip rules and ip routes persistent in ubuntu?17:41
ValkyrieI don't think I'm conveying my self and what I am looking for well enough17:42
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: There you go. "sudo fsck /dev/sdc1".17:42
ValkyrieI am looking to recover data that is missing from a drive, in linux. It's a linux filesystem, and I am looking to do this on linux, with a GUI, I don't much care about what happened, or analysis, or smart data, I am just looking for a low-level recovery software to pull the not-yet-overwritten data off of the drive.17:43
rypervencheValkyrie: I like ddrescue mixed with either testdisk or photorec17:43
ValkyriePhotorec seems to be just photos17:43
aysorthValkyrie: dd then.17:43
ValkyrieAnd that's the issue. I don't have specific file names, and it's not a couple files17:43
aysorthCan't get much lower-level ;)17:43
ValkyrieIt's 60GB worth of a back up17:43
rypervencheValkyrie: It's not just for photos, but that was its original purpose.17:44
aysorthThen you can work on the image and not risking overwriting anything17:44
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: It's actually somewhat comforting that dirty fikesystems don't auto-mount, though a message warning the user about the problem should definitely be presented. Would you mind filing a bug report to that effect?17:44
jhutchinsValkyrie: photorec is a general file recovery tool in spite of it's name.17:44
Valkyriejhutchins: Alright. I will give it a try17:44
ValkyrieI appreciate it17:45
UrielVigilantThere are any disadvantages to use Lubuntu 14.04 updated from 13.1017:45
UrielVigilantThere are any disadvantages to use Lubuntu 14.04 updated from 13.1017:45
DinosaurioUrielVigilant: is that a question?17:45
clue_hit makes you repeat yourself17:45
rypervencheValkyrie: With photorec you won't get the metadata (file names) or the directory structure. What isn't working on the disk?17:46
usbdebugrJordan_U: Hmm. Makes sense, except that in the dmesg I thought sdc1 was the *good* usb that *does* automount... sdd1 is the BLACKJUMP?17:46
Valkyriejhutchins: Is it maybe under another name for photorec? Not in software and apt doesn't like the name17:46
DinosaurioUrielVigilant: There're not, but the amount of time that will take the update, so you had better make coffee17:47
ifthenelseaysorth: I believe I am...17:47
=== milessabin_ is now known as milessabin
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Are both USB drives 16 GiB?17:48
ifthenelseaysorth: However, there is an issue I get every now and then when I update: warning icon cache generation failed for /usr/share/icons/numix-circle17:48
ifthenelseaysorth: Would that do it?17:48
usbdebugrJordan_U: Correct, both drives 16GB.   fsck on sdc1 gives me: "There are differences between boot sector and its backup"17:48
jekeveusEllo, So I instlled LXDE using "sudo apt-get install lxde" I reboot get login screen, login and now I have a blank (blueish?) screen17:48
aysorthifthenelse: that could be it.17:49
fortuneHuntrclue_h, iptables-save does not appear to save ip routes and/or ip rules17:49
therealhwildejekeveus, right click.17:49
jekeveustherealhwilde: nothing17:50
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Ahh, I was trying to correlate messages in dmesg to drives by size, which clearly won't work here.17:50
clue_hfortuneHuntr, in edit connections, ip4 settings you can add routes there17:50
ifthenelseaysorth: Is there a way to fix that?17:50
usbdebugrJordan_U: ...with options to "Copy original to backup" or visa versa, I think I want original > backup (based on one quick google search)?17:50
fortuneHuntrclue_h, but how from CLI?17:51
clue_hfortuneHuntr, havent used cli for that personally17:52
aysorthifthenelse: run gtk-update-icon-cache and gtk-update-icon-cache-3.017:52
belgianguyhi, anyone running Catalyst 14.4 on Trusty Tahr?17:52
usbdebugrJordan_U: those messages (sdc1) may have pertained to the offending drive before I'd ejected and re-inserted both... it is the "PNY" drive that's the offender.17:52
belgianguyI tried installing 14.3 on launch day, but that broke spectacularly :(17:53
trijntjeHi all, is the a package like lubuntu-desktop that pulls in all parts needed for the gnome 3 desktop environment?17:53
ifthenelseaysorth: Nothing happens for both of theme17:53
xanguatrijntje: yes there is17:53
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
xangua!ingo ubuntu-gnome-desktop | ifthenelse17:54
xangua!info ubuntu-gnome-desktop17:54
ubottuubuntu-gnome-desktop (source: ubuntu-gnome-meta): The Ubuntu GNOME metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.32 (trusty), package size 3 kB, installed size 27 kB17:54
xanguatrijntje: or you just can install gnome-shell if you don't want the extra stuff it might install17:54
=== dave is now known as Guest88757
trijntjexangua: thanks, I couldn't find it because they don't use the same format as the other ubuntu derivatives for the meta package name17:55
aysorthifthenelse: try with --verbose17:55
aysorthifthenelse: if it throws no index, go ahead and use --ignore-theme-index17:55
sontek_On Ubuntu 14.04 my network keeps dropping for wired and wireless.  If I disconnect/reconnect it works just fine17:55
sontek_Is there a known fix for this?17:55
aysorthIf that doesn't help, then I'm out of ideas, else here you go :P17:55
owen1 res.on('header', function() {17:55
owen1    console.trace('HEADERS GOING TO BE WRITTEN');17:55
ifthenelseaysorth: No theme index file17:57
arno_Hi, I'd like to install ubuntu in a chroot on a non-debian linux system. How should I do that?17:57
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Working from my phone, the dmesg output is more annoying to try to make sense of. Since we know that the partition currently called "sdc1" has a filesystem error, "sudo blkid" can tell you if what is currently sdc1 is "BLACKJUMP".17:57
sontek_As I was saying, my network keeps dropping ;)17:57
aysorthifthenelse: yeah, run it with --ignore-theme-index, should build your cache without complaining17:58
ifthenelseaysorth: I get that error for both17:58
ifthenelseaysorth: No dice17:58
sontek_I haven't used ubuntu since breezy but looks like it removed /var/log/messages but also doesn't have journalctl that systemd uses, so not sure where it is putting its logs anymore17:58
aysorthI'm out of ideas, maybe try #numix17:58
ifthenelseaysorth: Failed to open file--I think it takes an additional argument17:59
=== tgm4883 is now known as guest4883
ifthenelseaysorth: OK, thank you for your help though!17:59
=== foxx is now known as foxx[a]
aysorthNo problem, good luck ;)17:59
usbdebugrJordan_U: I ejected both, ran dmesg -T again, and now it is sdc1.17:59
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: If it is, then even with all the reshuffling of device names in the past we can be pretty certain that message related to what is now sdc1, and further can say.that's likely what prevented auto-mounting.17:59
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: That makes things more rather than less easy to piece together :)18:00
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yofunWhat other LM's is there other then the LXDE LM? (login mananger)18:00
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Gahh, less rather than more.18:01
yofunWhat other LM's is there other then the LXDE LM? (login mananger)18:01
Pessimistyofun, you probably mean 'display manager'18:02
yofunPessimist: Nope. I mean the login screen18:02
usbdebugrJordan_U: unfortunately fsck doesn't seem to accomplish anything. No matter what I choose, it says "Leaving file system unchanged.", and clean ejects/inserts leave the same dmesg output.18:02
Jordan_Uyofun: GDM, KDM, Lightdm, and XDM are the major DMs.18:02
BHSPiMonkeyI'm experiencing network connectivity issues in certain GUI applications (Firefox, Chromium, Pithos, etc.) but not from a command line (curl, ping, etc.). There are no proxies or anything special configured in my GNOME settings. What could be going on?18:03
ThePeachhi all, I need to specify some additional parameters when inserting a kernel module, where's the best place to start from?18:03
jimi_when i try to type alt+164, it changes windows on me in any application. im just trying to type n w/ accent18:04
BHSPiMonkeyI just confirmed that it's DNS-related, but why would it just be affecting GUI apps?18:04
PessimistThePeach, insmod abc.ko foo=bar lambda=test18:05
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: fsck -r to actually repair rather than just check.18:05
clue_hBHSPiMonkey, you could change dns servers and see if there's a difference18:05
BHSPiMonkeyclue_h: so I just now added google DNS addresses to my gnome network settings and everything's fine again. Which is weird, since I have google DNS configured at my router.18:06
usbdebugrJordan_U: just found that out... do I want 1) Copy original to backup  2) Copy backup to original  3) No action?  (#1 didn't seem to work)18:06
clue_hBHSPiMonkey, client side dns settings usually take priority over router ones18:07
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BHSPiMonkeyclue_h: sure, but default on the client is to trust the router18:07
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: And please do file a bug report about this, asking for a GUI warning for dirty FSs (if such a bug doesn't already exist). I think "nautilus" would be a good starting package to file the report against.18:07
clue_hBHSPiMonkey, that's why i set it to manual18:07
BHSPiMonkeyclue_h: also doesn't make sense why curl/ping had no problems but firefox, chromium, etc. all did18:08
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josteinkIve installed ubuntu on this machine.... ages ago18:08
clue_hBHSPiMonkey, it was probably your isp. websites generate more traffic18:08
Jordan_Uusbdebugr: I think 2 but I'm not sure. But you have good backups so it shouldn't matter, right? :)18:08
ePiratI was trying to compile something but I am stuck with missing predefs.h file… anyone can help me?18:09
ePiratit seems I am affected by this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/131086618:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1310866 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "bits/predefs.h missing in trusty package repo" [Undecided,New]18:09
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BHSPiMonkeyclue_h: not sure what you mean. `curl http://www.google.com` resolved and gave me the HTML instantly, but firefox and chrome just timed out18:09
josteinkand when I see notifications on my laptop (newly installed) I see nice bubles on the upper right18:09
Jordan_UePirat: What are you trying to install?18:09
josteinkon my desktop its just a flat strip of white text on a blue background in the top left18:09
ePiratJordan_U, compiling xbmc18:09
clue_hBHSPiMonkey, i meant more than ping would18:09
josteinkany way to get my desktop which has upgraded across the ranks to get baloon notifications? :)18:10
ePiratJordan_U, it worked but since I updated to 14.04 it won't compile anymore due to the missing file18:10
usbdebugrJordan_U: I wiped the drive completely; there's no data on it that I care about yet.18:10
BHSPiMonkeyclue_h: well clearly DNS resolution was the crux of the issue and not traffic18:10
daveeejris there a way to enable displaying the hibernate option in the gui in 14.04?18:10
clue_hBHSPiMonkey, is it working with google's now?18:10
Jordan_UePirat: Why not just "sudo apt-get install xbmc"?18:10
BHSPiMonkeyclue_h: when I added google DNS to my GNOME network settings, yes, everything started working fine again. Also when I just put Google.com's IP in my browser, it worked too.18:11
ePiratJordan_U, because I want to compile it from source, to test stuff18:11
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bxdhi there any one ....18:11
bxdhave problem whit the openvpn18:12
Jordan_UePirat: Ok. Did you already "sudo apt-get build-dep xbmc"?18:12
ePiratJordan_U, yes18:12
matanmy ubuntu just swiched resulotion without me askiung it to, i cannot find th xorg.log file to paste bin.18:13
Jordan_UePirat: Since upgrading to 14.04?18:13
ePiratJordan_U, yes18:13
Jordan_UePirat: Interesting that the source package for the version in 14.04 at least isn't hitting this bug, as evidenced by the binary package existing.18:14
bxdany one help ..... "OpenVpn" problem not working att all but the normal pptp iis ok ...18:15
usbdebugrJordan_U: Hmm. The USB drive is still not automounting, dmesg is still saying "Please run fsck" for sdc1, but when I run fsck now, it shows no problems. I'm ejecting the drive normally & waiting a couple extra seconds each time... what could be going wrong?18:15
ePiratJordan_U, is it possible to use an older libc6-dev-i386 to get the predefs.h file somehow?18:16
yofundarn it...I installed LightDM and now all I have on tty7 is a black screen with a blinking underscore18:17
geniijoar: Apologies on lag, work required me. Have you also tried: sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get install -f18:18
SinistradLogan_: I tried sudo do-release-upgrade. Same results18:18
Logan_Sinistrad: and this is from 13.10?18:18
Guest85010hi, will somebody help me intall my modem please?18:18
SinistradLogan_: Yes18:19
Jordan_UePirat: I don't know.18:19
Logan_Sinistrad: what does "prompt" equal in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ?18:19
codephobicI've just upgraded to 14.04 and am experiencing some really nasty bugs. I have a dual monitor setup, using my AMD Radeon HD 6670 gfx card and a 1680*1050 and a 1920*1200 display18:19
codephobicI cannot get my 1920*1200 display to work full screen18:20
belgianguyhi, anyone running Catalyst 14.4 on Trusty Tahr?18:20
codephobicthere is around an inch lopped off the side, when I use single monitor and only an inch used, when I try for dual monitor18:20
guimalufanyone here knows if is it possible to use keepalived virtual_ip in a heterogeneous network environment with two loadbalancers? i.e virtual ip, lb1, lb2
SinistradLogan_: prompt=normal18:20
codephobicmy mouse can reach the edges of my monitor, but the desktop doesn't display that far, lopping off the menu text and anything else that goes past that 1" 'buffer'18:21
mishravikas|afkcan I directly remove something from dist-packages dir?18:22
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Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Please pastebin the current output of "dmesg -T".18:23
Logan_Sinistrad: very odd... make sure you're fully updated (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade), and then try again18:23
matanmy ubuntu switched my resolution without me asking it to, now i cant aces my preciuos resolution.18:24
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codephobic14.04 is just about the worst upgrade I've ever done.18:24
codephobicthis is ridiculously broken.18:24
Logan_Sinistrad: also, can you paste bin the output of the following command? lsb_release -a18:24
teaearlgraycoldcodephobic: have you never upgraded on launch week before?18:25
teaearlgraycoldIIRC launches are typically terrible18:25
SinistradLogan_: I have been updated and upgraded and tried dist-upgrade every day. No dice.18:25
SinistradLogan_: I'm working on a pastebin of the commands and results18:25
Logan_codephobic: run $ ubuntu-bug # in a terminal, and follow the prompts18:25
codephobicteaearlgraycold, I've upgraded on launch week several times, always with a little pain and (last time) with quite a bit of tidying up afterwards.18:25
usbdebugrJordan_U: Here's the current "dmesg -T": http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316582/18:25
daveeejris there a way to enable displaying the hibernate option in the gui in 14.04?18:26
codephobicthis is just beyond anything I expected, trouble/bug-wise.18:26
Logan_codephobic: you're going to want to select the first option in the list that comes up [Display (X.org)]18:26
codephobicLogan_, I've disconnected my 1680*1050 monitor18:26
codephobicI'm using the 1920*1200 right now, should I reconnect the other one too, before running the bug command?18:27
Logan_codephobic: yes, connect it for debugging purposes18:27
usbdebugrJordan_U: I've noticed something strange. In Nautilus, under "Devices", I notice a flickering/shuffling that happens while it should be trying to mount (seems like while all those "change" events are going on). The other devices seem to jump around in the list, until eventually BLACKJUMP shows up, unmounted.18:27
Logan_codephobic: it will collect diagnostics with the bug you file18:27
codephobicok, connected. one moment.18:28
DinosaurioCan anyone help me? Why are there newer versions? http://i.imgur.com/ahENt9e.jpg  -  It doesn't ask me to update in updates centre18:28
codephobicLogan_, I'll describe my problem first, before selecting the options, ok?18:29
codephobicI'm not sure if it's "resolution" related or some sort of screen corruption.18:29
blip-hid3, build-essentials installs gcc 4.8, I want to install 4.6 however there is no 4.6-dev version in the repo... only 4.7 and 4.8 dev18:29
blip-running 14.0418:29
Logan_codephobic: screen corruption is when the display is garbled18:30
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codephobicwhat's happening is that the 1680*1050 (left) panel is filling out with what seems to be about the right resolution.18:30
SinistradLogan_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316620/18:30
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DinosaurioCan anyone help me? Why are there newer versions? Ubuntu is not asking me to update, should I? http://i.imgur.com/ahENt9e.jpg18:30
codephobicthe larger (right) display, 1920*1200, is not showing anything beyond 1" on the lefthand side18:30
Logan_codephobic: I'd call that a resolution issue18:31
garylabronzhey, can i get some assistance. i want an iptable rule that ALLOWS everything from a single public ip, and deny everything to every other addresss18:31
joargenii: same result18:31
codephobicLogan_, the mouse travels the entire distance and I know that there are windows under it - because the pointer changes to reflect the option to resize etc..18:31
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codephobicjust that it's all "black" beyond that first 1".18:31
codephobicif it was resolution, wouldn't the mouse stop at the end of that 1"?18:32
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Logan_codephobic: oh, that's quite odd indeed18:33
codephobicLogan_, exactly.18:33
Logan_which WM are you using?18:33
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tuakshayhey guys18:33
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tuakshayhowz ubuntu 14.04 going ??18:33
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Logan_codephobic: for debugging purposes, could you maybe try installing gnome-session-flashback and seeing if it results in the same issue?18:34
codephobicLogan_, I initially had the "failed to start session" error on the login, so I did "alt+F1" and apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:34
DEA7THI tried to update to Ubuntu 14.04 and now it can't boot18:34
joargenii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316645/18:34
DEA7THerror: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found.18:34
MikeRLMy problem is in short that pressing the print key will not trigger a screenshot. ALT+Print works, but neither SHIFT+Print, CTRL+Print, nor Print alone results in taking a screenshot. Everything is normal under Keyboard shortcuts. I would expect for Print to take a screenshot. Running gnome-screenshot from the terminal works.18:34
MikeRLI've been assisted by two users on this IRC channel over the past day, and we've tried disabling the magic sysrq key (querying it results in output indicating it's disabled), and we've checked the keyboard shortcuts (I checked them myself multiple times before even going on IRC). So I really need someone knowledgeable in the appropriate areas (X, input issues) to assist me. Thank you.18:34
codephobicLogan_, ok, I'll give it a shot - but I was gonna watch the footy in 10mins :S18:34
DinosaurioCan anyone help me? Why are there newer versions? Ubuntu is not asking me to update, should I? http://i.imgur.com/ahENt9e.jpg18:34
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Jordan_Uusbdebugr: Please pastebin the complete output of "sudo fsck /dev/sdX1" (where X is the appropriate current letter).18:34
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codephobicLogan_, should I cancel the debug programme?18:34
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Jordan_UDEA7TH: Do you have more than one hard drive?18:35
Logan_codephobic: sure18:35
DEA7THJordan_U: Yes18:35
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codephobicLogan_, apt-get install gnome-desktop?18:35
Logan_Dinosaurio: if you're not experiencing problems with your graphics driver, then I'd lean toward not messing with it18:35
Jordan_UDEA7TH: Try changing the boot order in your BIOS.18:35
Logan_codephobic: no, gnome-session-flashback (it's akin to the default from 10.10 back)18:35
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xmltokanyone using openvswitch and dhcp? the startup scripts dont appear to support dhcp on a ovs created interface18:36
ifthenelseOK, thanks to everyone's advice yesterday I bought a portable router to solve my lack of an ethernet port at work. It's MUCH better, but I feel as though I'm not utilizing it to its full potential. It advertizes 150Mbps but I am getting 30 Mbps even though the computer using the ethernet is getting 599 Mbps. Is there a way to speed up the connection somehow? My computer is RIGHT next to the router.18:36
usbdebugrJordan_U: Nothing, really: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316669/18:36
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Logan_codephobic: I want to figure out whether this is a graphics issue or a shell issue18:36
codephobicLogan_, ok, that's installed. I should log out and change sessions?18:36
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ldurosi'm looking for a python lock global mutex18:37
Logan_codephobic: yes please - try Gnome Flashback (Metacity)18:37
ldurosis there a location of a lock file?18:37
codephobicok, will do. Back in 2mins.18:37
=== |-_-| is now known as [-_-]
lduroswhen a global lock is created?18:37
=== [-_-] is now known as dasoren
Jordan_UDEA7TH: If you are then able to boot, after booting run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and select all drives (but *no* partitions) as install devices (space bar to select/unselct a device, Enter to continue).18:37
Logan_Sinistrad: looking into this; thanks for the information18:38
Picidasoren: pick a nick and stick with it, or part #ubuntu if you want to continue.18:38
kingplusplushi guys i have a failed upgrade when i tried to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 due to bad internet connection. when i do lsb_release -a i get the output that am using 14.04 lts. But i can see network connection icon and volume. Anyway to solve this problem?18:38
BluewolfDoes anyone know how to add more workspaces in Ubuntu 14.04, does Install Gnome Tweak Tool or Install Unity Tweak Tool do it?18:38
geniijoar: Hm. Try please: sudo touch /boot//boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-24-generic && sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic && sudo sync && sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic18:38
orbisvicisI have a pre-removal script that is failing18:38
bekksBluewolf: you dont need any tweaking tools to do so.18:39
geniijoar: Only one /boot there, sorry, not two18:39
Magneto58does anyone know when the next version might be released?18:39
orbisviciswhere can I find it ?18:39
Jordan_UDEA7TH: If you are not able to boot by changing the boot order, then boot from a LiveCD/USB, chroot into your installed system, and then follow the above instructions eithin the chroot.18:39
PiciMagneto58: Next version of Ubuntu?18:39
bekksMikeRL: Anyone on what?18:39
codephobicLogan_, didn't make a difference, same issue.18:39
Logan_Magneto58: October 201418:39
PiciMagneto58: The version number is the YEAR.MONTH of release. 14.10 = October 2014./18:39
Magneto58nice.. .thanks Logan_18:39
Bluewolfbekks, Well I can't find an option in system settings?18:39
SinistradLogan_: Thank you. I've helped out in here years ago. ActionParsnip is one that I remember from those days. Anyhow, I'm not trying to hurry you into an answer. If you need more stdout from my machine, let me know.18:39
Logan_codephobic: okay, I think we can chalk this up to an X problem, in that case18:39
edoardoi can't find a way to solve this: ./magicq: error while loading shared libraries: libavcodec.so.55: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:39
MikeRLThis: My problem is in short that pressing the print key will not trigger a screenshot. ALT+Print works, but neither SHIFT+Print, CTRL+Print, nor Print alone results in taking a screenshot. Everything is normal under Keyboard shortcuts. I would expect for Print to take a screenshot. Running gnome-screenshot from the terminal works.18:39
codephobicLogan_, one thing...18:40
MikeRLI've been assisted by two users on this IRC channel over the past day, and we've tried disabling the magic sysrq key (querying it results in output indicating it's disabled), and we've checked the keyboard shortcuts (I checked them myself multiple times before even going on IRC). So I really need someone knowledgeable in the appropriate areas (X, input issues) to assist me. Thank you.18:40
daveeejrdoes anybody know how to enable displaying the hibernate option in the gui in ubuntu 14.04?18:40
Logan_Sinistrad: he still helps out here a bunch18:40
Zabaddais there a way of creating a master image on ubuntu after ive installed all the software and made all the changes i want? so i could take that and install it on my second machine without having to download it all again?18:40
codephobicunder the "Screen Display" window, the "Scale all window contents to ..." option, would that have any bearing on this?18:40
MikeRLI helped several users, two yesterday, and one for an hour or two today. I would appreciate it if someone could direct me to someone able to resolve my issue.18:40
Logan_Sinistrad: <bdmurray> Logan_: have them run DEBUG_UPDATE_MANAGER=1 /usr/bin/do-release-upgrade'18:41
MikeRLTwo people have tried to help me resolve it, but none have succeeded.18:41
SinistradLogan_: trying it out18:41
Logan_codephobic: hmm, not sure, to be honest18:41
MikeRLSo if nobody here can solve this one (it's quite difficult) please try to direct me to someone really knowledgeable with this sort of issue.18:42
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codephobicok, well I'm going to have to leave this issue for now. Will be back later, need to fix this.18:42
Logan_codephobic: this honestly sounds like a resolution issue with X, so I'd run ubuntu-bug and go through the steps - link me to the bug once you file it :)18:42
joargenii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316711/18:42
Logan_codephobic: and enjoy your soccer, haha18:42
codephobicLogan_, ok, I'll do that later.18:42
kingplusplushi guys i have a failed upgrade when i tried to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 due to bad internet connection. when i do lsb_release -a i get the output that am using 14.04 lts. But i can see network connection icon and volume. Anyway to solve this problem?18:42
bekksBluewolf: System Settings -> Appearances -> Behavior tab -> Enable Workspaces18:43
Logan_Sinistrad: without the quote at the end :P18:43
MikeRLbekks: Sorry I should tag you, but I also want others to see.18:43
SinistradLogan_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316720/18:43
MikeRLbekks: You think you can handle my issue? If not, please let me know who can. It seems to have stumped multiple people.18:44
kingplusplushi guys i have a failed upgrade when i tried to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 due to bad internet connection. when i do lsb_release -a i get the output that am using 14.04 lts. But i can see network connection icon and volume. Anyway to solve this problem?18:44
bekksMikeRL: Others do see it unless you write a private message.18:44
joargenii: for context: I'm recovering from a bad SSD. I'm chrooted into the env on a new disk at the moment18:44
MikeRLbekks: Even when I start it like this?18:44
MikeRLbekks: Are you seeing this message in green? Unless I'm messing up something.18:45
phuhQuestion --> Anyone knows a great multi-host worker process management tool with nice CLI or Web UI?18:45
Logan_Sinistrad: looks like you're being hit by a known bug, but there appears to be a workaround :) one moment18:45
Bluewolfbekks, Yeah I know but it only has a default of 4, any idea how I can add more?18:45
bekksMikeRL: Why do you think I can or will delegate your issue to others? This is volunteer support, not managed and paid support.18:45
module000phuh: a single tool managing processes on multiple hosts?18:46
MikeRLbekks: If you would be kind enough too, it would help. I would be willing to file a bug report with all the details if it's a bug.18:46
phuhyes module00018:46
bekksMikeRL: Then file a bug report so "the others" are actually able to help you.18:47
module000phuh: hrm...I'm never used anything like that. in a pinch you could use tmux+(ssh+htop) i suppose. interested if you find one though18:47
geniijoar: Try now again the sudo dpkg --configure -a18:47
MikeRLbekks: Sorry if I come across as irritated, I just don't think anyone (especially myself) are able to figure out what's causing it to happen.18:47
MikeRLbekks: Well, what package?18:47
phuhmodule000: i'd like to manage a cluster with a lot of nodes with this tool18:47
Logan_Sinistrad: mind popping in #ubuntu-bugs ? bdmurray would like to debug with you18:47
MikeRLbekks: That's part of the problem. I don't know what package to file it under.18:47
SinistradLogan_: Thanks! If they need more information for bug tracking, let me know18:47
MikeRLbekks: Should I try ubuntu-bugs?18:47
bekksMikeRL: Would you write less and read more please? :)18:47
SinistradLogan_: on my way...18:48
geniijoar: When you did the chroot, did you also bindmount some other dirs like /proc /sys and /dev ?18:48
DEA7THJordan_U: I'm still trying to get into the F12 menu, because F12 doesn't appear most of the time and it takes me a while18:48
MikeRLbekks: Alright.18:48
bekksMikeRL: At least give someone the chance to answer instead of texting them to death :)18:48
MikeRLbekks: OK.18:48
therealhwilde!keytouch | MikeRL18:48
ubottuMikeRL: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts18:48
module000phuh: if you only need to view(not kill) processes, you could see a wide view of hosts & processes with zabbix/nagios i suppose, but i don't think it's what you're looking for most likely if you'd like to kill pids18:48
bekksMikeRL: File a bug report against the application that takes your screenshots. Every desktop environment has its own application for that.18:48
birkhoff92salve :)18:49
jackicinga is great too18:49
MikeRLbekks: But gnome-screenshot works well. It's just pressing print doesn't work for taking a screenshot.18:49
jackopen nagios clone18:49
bekksMikeRL: Then file a bug report against it if you think it isnt working that well.18:49
phuhmodule000: thanks, actually someone just told me about http://nerds.airbnb.com/introducing-chronos/ cool thing to study18:50
bekksMikeRL: If you think thats not the way to go, find another way.18:50
module000phuh: nice, thanks for the link..checking it out18:50
MikeRLbekks: Well, thanks for your help. Any other packages it may fall under?18:50
therealhwildeMikeRL, system-> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts.  what does it say next to "Take a screenshot"18:50
MikeRLtherealhwilde: Print.18:51
joargenii: I did bindmount those. Story: https://gist.github.com/joar/1122481418:51
therealhwildeMikeRL, and what happens if you hit print18:51
geniijoar: Just checking :)18:51
MikeRLtherealhwilde: Nothing at all.18:51
therealhwildeMikeRL, and alt+print ?18:52
joargenii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316787/18:52
MikeRLtherealhwilde:I get a screenshot of the window.18:53
av_unknownhow to run freenode on ubuntu using tor ?18:53
therealhwildeMikeRL, ok so you have some funcitonality...18:53
__OpenGL__Hi, upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 on my thinkpad x220.  Have a couple of issues related to video and im not sure if it relates to having x-swat ppa on my previous install.  basically when I hot undock my laptop from my docking station the graphics glitch out and everything but the mouse cursor flickers.  only way to resolve is switch to a vterm and kill Xorg.18:53
daftykinsav_unknown: ask in #freenode18:53
MikeRLtherealhwilde: What's funny is neither CTRL+Print nor SHIFT+Print work, either.18:53
ubottufreenode blocks connections from Tor users on its regular servers. Users registered with nickserv can connect to freenode's Tor hidden service instead; see http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor for instructions. For help, ask in #freenode.18:54
__OpenGL__was wondering what troubleshooting steps I can take before I restore my 12.04 system image.18:54
joargenii: output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316802/18:54
therealhwildeMikeRL, those aren't mapped to antyhing18:54
daftykins__OpenGL__: common upgrade practice is to remove all custom PPAs *beforehand* so that could be a good start18:54
MikeRLtherealhwilde: See what I mean? It's strange. If I do map them to take a screenshot, though, as I tried yesterday, they all don't work save ALT+Print.18:54
__OpenGL__daftykins, I had forgotten id enabled it :( since everything worked so well18:54
__OpenGL__I tried the x-swat repo in trusty but theres no updated packages18:55
therealhwildeMikeRL, what window manager18:55
MikeRLtherealhwilde: That's what's been stumping everyone. Take your time thinking. Perhaps you have an idea to as what causes this.18:55
__OpenGL__I tried the xorg-edgers ppa and these drivers have the same issues18:55
usbdebugrJordan_U: Thanks for the help. I'm just going to have to live with it never automounting in Ubuntu, I guess.18:55
therealhwildebug 123386018:56
ubottubug 1233860 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Print Screen Key does nothing when pressed and scrot works ONLY from LXTerminal" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123386018:56
therealhwildeMikeRL, ^^18:56
MikeRLtherealhwilde: I believe Compiz with Unity.18:56
daftykins__OpenGL__: my point was to run built-in, not look for yet more PPAs to break and confuse things :)18:56
MikeRLtherealhwilde: wmctrl -m yields compiz.18:56
therealhwildebug 128264918:56
ubottubug 1282649 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Unable to make screenshot with <PrintScreen> key in Unity session in Trusty" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128264918:56
therealhwildetry that ^18:56
__OpenGL__daftykins, presumably after the update I had built in? that was acting broken18:57
MikeRLtherealhwilde: I appreciate your assistance.18:57
therealhwildeMikeRL, http://askubuntu.com/questions/291082/why-isnt-the-screenshot-working18:57
geniijoar: Interestingly, I cannot find any official package which has the file "/etc/init.d/systemd-logind" , which it seems to be complaining about currently.18:57
=== SPQN is now known as AndreiCurelaru
MikeRLtherealhwilde: They say they get a sound, though. I don't.18:57
daftykins__OpenGL__: well we don't know 'cause of your PPAs! :D18:57
__OpenGL__is there any way to fix that now?18:58
joargenii: that's quite interesting18:58
daftykins__OpenGL__: check what your software sources are, look for PPAs and then look into PPA-purge to get rid of them18:58
__OpenGL__ok, that will restore me to stock versions?18:58
joargenii: sources.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316836/18:59
MikeRLtherealhwilde: I'll try resetting Unity.18:59
daftykins__OpenGL__: it's all part of the process18:59
MikeRLtherealhwilde: Resetting Unity didn't work.19:00
hillaryapache2 has refused to respond ubuntu 12.0419:00
MikeRLtherealhwilde: Any logs I can look for that may shed some insight?19:00
hillarycannot access localhost19:01
MikeRLtherealhwilde: I'm going to login to LaunchPad and search for any related bugs. However, what package would you say is causing this? Any ideas? I don't think it's gnome-screenshot, but I could be wrong.19:02
joargenii: this might help: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316866/19:03
DEA7THMy computer won't take me to the boot menu - it says press F12 for boot menu, but pressing F12 has no effect. This is a hardware problem, rather than a problem with Ubuntu, right?19:04
geniijoar: The only package I can currently find which has a systemd-login startup script in it is libpam-systemd package, but it has the new-style upstart one, "/etc/init/systemd-logind.conf" instead.19:04
joargenii: then i don't understand where this package comes from19:05
BeldarDEA7TH, Can you get to the bios? Maybe a password is needed?19:05
geniijoar: Conceivably you could make a fake one there where it's looking so that it continues19:05
MikeRLtherealhwilde: All the bugs I've found come close to my situation, but none of them seem to match it. I can manually run gnome-screenshot without issues, but I cannot use Print, CTRL+Print, nor SHIFT+Print.19:06
MikeRLtherealhwilde: So is there some way I can determine the package? Or something close until they find the actual source of the issue?19:07
BeldarDEA7TH, Ah, I see above you get there some times, never mind. ;)19:07
joargenii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7316902/19:07
geniijoar: Bah! ;)  I'm thinking it's probably better at this point to just reinstall19:09
DEA7THBeldar: Just once. but I accidentally pressed Enter and it hasn't worked since then19:09
geniiMeh, work needs me again19:09
joargenii: Yes. It's been a mess19:09
melthalasMSG melthalas hohoho19:09
BeldarDEA7TH, You might ask in ##hardware yeah.19:10
solsTiCehi. "do-release-upgrade --check-dist-upgrade-only" still gives no new version on 13.10. How long will be the wait ? will it be over ? to upgrade to 14.04 ?19:11
vikneshWhile installing ubuntu 14.04 . It told me to create a efi boot partition . I created it as logical partition . After that it says 2 ate mounted to same mount point19:11
MikeRLAlright, here come the bug reports. I have more than one to file.19:12
GreylocksName of 14.10 released : utopic unicorn19:12
PicisolsTiCe: you should be able to upgrade right now.19:12
vikneshCould anyone tell me whats wrong19:13
solsTiCePici: well it seems to tell me that no19:13
Jordan_Uviknesh: Why do you think that you created a logical partition?19:13
joargenii: I think I might have to reinstall through debootstrap19:14
fooblazooHello, I'm having issues starting ubuntu (or maybe kde) after updating to 14.04. It gets stuck on the splash screen.19:14
PicisolsTiCe: what if you don't use that --check-dist-upgrade-only argument.19:14
dtcrshrhello everyone. My ubuntu pannels are gone. I have no such icons on the left, not even the top bar with the clock. Searching the web I fould a suggestion to kill the process unity-panel-service, I kill it it reopens, but the pannel still dont shows. This happens with every user, even a newly created one for testint purposes. HOw do I fix so the pannel gets back reloaded?19:14
vikneshJordan_U at first i made it as primary . But still had error . So used logical19:15
vikneshJust checked19:15
jhutchinsdtcrshr: Which release are you using?19:15
geniijoar: If that drive is currently not bootable, then yeah, likely.19:16
Jordan_Uviknesh: If you're going to be booting via UEFI, you really want to be using a GPT label, which has no concept of primary or logical partitions.19:16
clue_hdtcrshr, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-applet/+question/14034419:16
solsTiCePici: it's the same. no new version19:16
vikneshSo what should i do19:16
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dtcrshrIm using the latest one, 13.1019:17
PicisolsTiCe: What does the contents of /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades say?19:17
dtcrshrsorry clue_h but I think you didnt read my question. I dont even have the panel to right click and add the indicators on then. I dont have nothing, besides the desktop background image19:18
solsTiCelts. I just change it through the interface the other day19:18
dtcrshrI can right click as usual, create a doccumment and so on19:18
dtcrshrbut nothing shows, only the image, no icons, no panel, no nothing19:18
PicisolsTiCe: Can you pastebin the contents of /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release ?19:19
solsTiCePici: from what I read in the file, it's not a good idea to have lts19:20
solsTiCePici: I change it to normal (via the system setting) and I got it now.19:20
solsTiCethat's weird19:21
Piciweird indeed.19:21
Jordan_Uviknesh: Are you dual booting or installing fresh (and deleting all existing data on the drive)?19:21
josteinkanyone else have notifications appear as an (ugly) blue strip across the top, from the left?19:23
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
josteinkon my laptop its proper baloons, but on this desktop which Ive upgraded several times, its a blue strip19:23
josteinkits annoying me :P19:23
vikneshJordan_U . dual booting with windows19:24
ValkyrieI've asked this before, but I was unable to get an answer that really assisted me.. I have a 1tb WD drive, formatted for EXT3 that some data went missing the other day, what is the best (Other than DD, please) recovery software I can use to attempt to recover this data? Photorec is nice, but because it doesn't give names or sub folders of files, I am a bit unable to use it effictively for this purpose. I am looking at nearly 60GB missing19:24
vikneshI already have 12.04 . Just upgrading to 1419:24
Jordan_Uviknesh: Did this computer come with Windows installed, and is that the installation you're still using?19:24
vikneshYeah came with windows installed19:24
vikneshBut . Windows got bsod . So i stopped using19:25
Jordan_UValkyrie: How did you notice that the files went missing? How important are they? Is there anything in /lost+found/ ?19:25
ValkyrieJordan_U: I don't have a lost+found -- The files were a backup of a computer, so on the importance scale i'd put an 8 (We have a backup, but not new files that were added) They just went missing, all the folders are gone, but old data is still available19:26
Jordan_UValkyrie: If you don't have a /lost+found/ then you're not using extN.19:27
dtcrshrso, on ubuntu forums it sugestet the followin gcommand: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ but it gives me an error, that the path should statr or end with a /. All combinations starting, finishing and so forth didnt worked. the path /org also dont exist19:27
viknesh1Jordan_U  I am upgrading to q19:27
viknesh114.04 *19:28
Jordan_Uviknesh1: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l".19:28
tuakshayany reviews on 14.04 ??19:28
ValkyrieJordan_U: The filesystem IS EXT3, as Mybook Live (Where this drive is from) is linux based, and uses that filesystem, and some magic to make it viewable on Windows and mac. It's unreadable in HDD state in windows.19:28
Jordan_UValkyrie: How are you trying to access it from Ubuntu?19:29
flg_hi all19:29
=== Mike____________ is now known as Mike__
tuakshayjagob hello19:30
flg_how i can install dolphin-emu in 14.04 ? the repository doesnt have this distro...19:31
Jordan_UHow can I properly convert a png to a 16 shades of grey bmp? Alternatively, since this is actually being displayed with a microcontroller (to a 16 shades of yellow OLED display), how can I get the pixel data as a simple array of pixels, 2 pixels per byte, that I can easily loop through in my code?19:31
raikrahulI cannot open olark.com on ubuntu 14.04 , cannot blame my ISP , on windows the website opens fine19:31
jobartehi guys19:31
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, if convert does not have options for this, try converting to ppm and using text utilities.19:32
jobarteanyone knows if is possible to measure bandwidth usage on vnstat?19:32
PiciJordan_U: I'd look into the imagemagick tools.19:32
Jordan_UPici: I've looked into convert, and I couldn't figure out how to get the desired result.19:32
ValkyrieJordan_U: I have it plugged in.19:32
ValkyrieI can access it just fine19:32
Jordan_UValkyrie: How did you check for the lost+found directory in the root of the filesystem?19:33
jhutchinsJordan_U: imagemagick of course.19:33
hehe_okhow are you19:33
flg_anyone? :)19:33
ValkyrieJordan_U: File explorer when it was working within windows (Via Mybook Live)19:33
jhutchinsValkyrie: Someone already sent you the link for the data recovery page, didn't they?19:33
Jordan_UValkyrie: Check from within Ubunut.19:33
PiciJordan_U: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/quantize/ should be able to get you started19:34
jhutchinsValkyrie: Have you done an fsck on it yet?19:34
Jordan_Ujhutchins: Do you happen to know what command I would use specifically? "convert -depth 4 in.png out.bmp" results in a file clearly too large to be using only 4 bits per pixel.19:35
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, you might want to look at the -monochrome option.  And did you try viewing the picture?  It might smash the depth and then save it as a format with higher depth.19:36
Valkyriejhutchins: No.19:36
ValkyrieI'm actually having issues mounting it in linux too =/19:36
hehe_okguys what is new in 1419:36
ValkyrieWhich is a bit odd.19:36
jhutchinsJordan_U: I think you need to reduce the number of colors as well as the depth.19:36
jhutchinsValkyrie: WHat "issues"?  Did you fsck it?19:36
kinoman_привет всем (Hi all)19:37
PiciJordan_U: use -colors too19:37
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: I did try viewing the picture, though I didn't look closely enough to see if it had fewer levels of grey than the input. Since the end goal is to use the pixel data, I really need to have a results that's two pixels per byte.19:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311847 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Neither Print, SHIFT+Print, nor CTRL+Print keyboard shortcuts work on Trusty" [Undecided,New]19:37
jhutchinsJordan_U: Do you know what graphic file format you need?19:38
MikeRLBug is out. Not pressing for anything, but does my bug report look complete and accurate from the other side? Looks good enough to me. I read the guidelines.19:38
jhutchinsJordan_U: I'm not familiar with any that do two ppb.19:38
jhutchinsJordan_U: You're not working for CORE are you?19:38
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, if all else fails, you can look at the ppm conversion.  ppm is text data describing each pixel, and you could truncate those.19:39
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SpoonAlienwhats up19:40
Jordan_UPici: convert input.png -colors 16 -depth 4 output.bmp results in a 33KiB file, which is clearly too large for a 128x64 image at two pixels per byte.19:40
=== redbio is now known as NaStYdoG
vikneshJordan_U: sorry internet problem , here it is  http://pastebin.com/j11qDg5a19:41
Aimee92Any horny guys wantt to join mee on camm? ;) - http://livec4ms.cu.cc/aimee9219:41
MikeRLI think I found a spam.19:42
MikeRLNice try spam bot. Have a nice trip!19:42
Valkyriejhutchins: Well, I double checked the drive. It's partitioned multiple times, two 2gb sets, one 1tb set and a "Unknown" partition. The 2gb and 1TB partitions are all EXT419:43
ValkyrieWhen I attempt to access, it refuses to mount19:43
Jordan_Uviknesh: OK, you were never actually creating "primary" or "logical" partitions, as you are in fact using GPT.19:43
Jordan_Uviknesh: If the installer used those terms, then that's a bug in the installer.19:43
flg_how i can install dolphin-emu in 14.04 ? the repository doesnt have this distro...19:44
Jordan_Uviknesh: Please post a screenshot of the partition selection window and the error message you're getting.19:44
flg_any way to use an older distro release?19:44
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7317132/19:45
vikneshJordan_U: it tells me create a partiton for boot loader code , And tell me to mark as EFI boor parttion with atleast 35MB19:45
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: Thanks, that indeed looks promising. Testing it more completely now.19:46
Jordan_Uviknesh: Please post a screenshot of the partition selection window and the error message you're getting.19:46
vikneshJordan_U: cant take screeshoot . i pressed prntscrn button nothing comes . but works in 12.0419:47
=== mpx is now known as mpxii
ValkyrieAny ideas? I know you guys are swamped19:47
Jordan_UValkyrie: I'm still waiting for you to check the lost+found directory from within Ubuntu.\19:47
ValkyrieJordan_U: I cannot mount the drive in Ubuntu.19:48
Valkyrieas I said. I double checked my FS, it's EXT419:48
ValkyrieThere are 4 partitions. Two 2gb EXT4's, one 990 EXT4, and a 10GB "Unkown". Ubuntu doesn't want to mount the drive.19:48
Jordan_UValkyrie: How are you trying to mount it, and what is the exact error message you recieve when you do so?19:48
daftykinsValkyrie: so what does dmesg say when you try to mount any of these?19:48
hawk414hi everyone19:49
ValkyrieJordan_U: Using the built in file explorer, and accessing it. I haven't tried mounting via terminal. I will check Dmsg19:49
vikneshJordan_U: it seems there is  a bug with print screen button for 14.04 . https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot/+bug/129599419:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1295994 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Unable to use Printscreen Button on Ubuntu 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:50
Valkyriedaftykins: Jordan_U Bad Block size: 6553619:50
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: Unfortunately that gives me a result that is indeed just black and white, no grey at all. I need 16 shades of grey.19:50
daftykinsValkyrie: where's this disk from? why's it being mounted manually now? was it from a running system that's died?19:51
Valkyriedaftykins: This system is the drive out of a Mybook Live. It was pulled after an issue where the end user lost 60GB worth of data19:51
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, I see now, it's dithered. I understand that's bad with limited hardware.  I'd look at GIMP unless you need to automate the process.19:51
Jordan_UValkyrie: Please give complete error messages and output, via http://pastebin.ubuntu.com .19:51
ValkyrieWas there one day, next day was gone, while the rest of the 400GB of data is still intact19:51
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: I need to automate the process.19:51
ValkyrieJordan_U: That is the entire erorr message. File explorer says mount exited with a non-zero error 32, which is pretty blanket, and dmesg | Tail specifies bad block size19:52
daftykinsValkyrie: was it a single disk, or part of a RAID?19:52
Valkyriedaftykins: It's part of a "Raid" but i'm not entirely sure how. Single drive setup19:52
daftykinsValkyrie: so said WD MyBook wasn't a two-bay unit?19:53
Jordan_UValkyrie: Please pastebin the complete output of "dmesg", or at the very least the complete output of "dmesg | tail", not just the one partial message with no context.19:53
jhutchinsValkyrie: What error message do you get when you try to mount?  What does fsck say?19:53
i___I cannot open olark.com on ubuntu , cannot blame the ISP , website opens on windows on same computer , also before the website opens on 12.04 Ubuntu if try to open using ubuntu live on a USB19:53
jhutchinsValkyrie: No such thing as a single drive RAID (except a degraded mirror).19:54
Nick737Is it ok for the Ubuntu / and swap partitions to be 'logical'? Or do they need to be 'primary'?19:54
=== fl_0 is now known as fl_0|afk
rwwNick737: logical is fine19:54
Valkyriedaftykins: Basically, in the disk, two partitons are labeled Linux Raid "Members" (The two 2gb partitions)19:54
ValkyrieBoth are EXT419:54
rwwNick737: assuming you're not using a very, very old computer19:54
mikecmpbllhmpf. i've changed the system timezone, `date` now reports correctly, but cron doesn't seem to be picking up new time19:55
mikecmpblli've restarted cron19:55
jhutchinsValkyrie: how are you determining that the filesystems are EXT4?19:55
daftykinsValkyrie: eww >_< so it could be RAID 0 or 119:55
mikecmpbll./var/log/syslog has : Apr 23 15:53:01 ubuntu cron[1018]: (CRON) STARTUP (fork ok)19:55
Valkyriejhutchins: Through the disk application in Ubuntu19:55
mikecmpbllwhich is the wrong time19:55
Valkyriedaftykins: I don't understand how though, because it's a single drive setup19:55
Ackisis there a way to find out why a package was removed from the 14.04 repo? (http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=denyhosts&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all )19:56
daftykinsValkyrie: yeah, so it's clearly a dirty hack of a multi-partition RAID - is it really a >4TB disk?19:56
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: While ppm looks interesting, especially if I still have to convert from a larger bit depth down manually BMP is easier to manipulate.19:56
jhutchinsdaftykins: There are some filesystems that are detected as RAID even though they're something else.19:56
jhutchinsThis sounds like it's either corrupt or a proprietary filesystem that's detecting as RAID.19:56
Valkyriedaftykins: Nope, 1TB listed on the front. 1TB Green WD drive19:56
daftykinsoh you said 2 x 2GB my bad19:56
pushcxDoes anyone know how to get the vino vnc server running? I'm running awesomewm rather than Unity - I don't see it in 'ps' and I can't connect to it by pointing vinagre at localhost (just trying to test).19:56
jhutchinsValkyrie: Chances are if it won't mount as EXT4, it won't fsck either, but you're past the point where you should be using gui tools.  You need to go to the CLI tools instead.19:57
daftykinsValkyrie: try running gparted and see what it sees on the disk19:57
daftykins(filesystem wise)19:57
jhutchinsValkyrie: Use something like fdisk or parted to examine the disk.19:57
Valkyriedaftykins: Never used Gparted bfore, any flags I should be using?19:57
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, I'd use gimp batch mode. It seems that convert only has dithered grayscale support.  gimp's colors>colorify without changing the arguments does the job.19:57
Valkyriejhutchins: Okay, will do19:57
daftykinsit's a GUI prog so no19:57
Valkyriejhutchins: Gparted says the two 2GB partitons are EXT3, flagged as RAID, the 930~ GB is EXT4 flagged as MSFTDATA19:59
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: Thanks, looking into how to use gimp's batch mode and colors>colorify now.19:59
daftykinsValkyrie: try a mount again as ext3 then20:00
daftykinsi had a feeling it wasn't 4.20:00
Jordan_UValkyrie: From here on out, don't do anything other than read-only mounting until you're much more confident about what you actually have on this drive.20:00
Valkyriedaftykins: The partition that has the actual data IS EXT420:01
xanguaSometimes when I log in the keyboard layout reset to english even when the indicator shows spanish is selected so I have to change it back,  ubuntu 14.04 any help or suggestion on the issue apreciated20:01
ValkyrieThe two partitions marked as RAID are ext320:01
hemant_i3wmHi, I am using ubuntu 14.04 on mac air, nvidia, I cannot connect to second monitor, using i3wm20:02
jhutchinsValkyrie: This really is an issue you should be researching somewhere other than Ubuntu support.  I know you're trying to use Ubuntu to fix it, but it's really not an Ubuntu problem.  You need to learn more about the structure of the mybook system and how it's set up - it's not straight EXT (which is why it won't mount and probably won't fsck), it's a pseudo RAID filesystem that you need mdadmin to handle.20:03
Valkyriejhutchins: That's what i'm assuming. This whole setup is so screwy.20:03
jhutchinsValkyrie: http://community.wd.com/t5/My-Book-Live/GUIDE-How-to-unbrick-a-totally-dead-MBL/td-p/435724 http://www.r-tt.com/free_linux_recovery/Download.shtml http://www.highlevelbits.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107:mybook-rescue&catid=61:mybook-rescue&Itemid=78&lang=en (uses Windows)20:03
=== ed is now known as Guest87124
jhutchinsValkyrie: A discussion of someone trying to figure it out with Ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192077020:03
flg_how i can install dolphin-emu in 14.04 ? the repository doesnt have this distro...20:04
Valkyriejhutchins: What confuses me the most is how these are all EXT filesystems, but totally accessible via Mac and Windows20:04
jhutchinsValkyrie: Yeah, screwy is a good term for it.20:04
ValkyrieIt has to be the card attached to the drive, it must serve more purpose than being a pseudo RAID controller20:04
jhutchinsValkyrie: It does look like these things have a tendency to get corrupted like yours appears to have.20:04
jhutchinsValkyrie: Read through those links I posted.  It's not the card, the interface is standard SATA.20:05
Guest87124hi can someone please view and comment on where Make went wrong? http://pastie.org/910595420:05
the-ermHas anyone in here had problems with a computer freezing and displaying diagonal lines?  I've tried setting nomodeset and noapci kernel options.  Is the video card fried?  It kinda runs for a while then I get the diagonal lines.20:05
Valkyriejhutchins: Alright. I appreciate the help20:05
geniithe-erm: That does sound suspiciously like a hardware issue, rather than software20:06
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, easier way: convert -colorspace "gray"20:07
the-ermgenii: I was afraid of that.20:07
geniithe-erm: Maybe check the GPU fan20:09
=== steffengy1 is now known as steffengy
xanguaWhen I log in my keyboard layout is set to enlish even when my default language is spanish and the keyboard indicator shows spanish layout selected. The layout is fine on lightdm, any suggestion?20:09
xanguaset to english*20:10
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: Still results in a 33KiB file, even with -depth 4.20:10
aztecrexregister aztecrex20:10
jhutchinsJordan_U: I think you need to know the target file format.  Not all graphics formats record the data in the same way, and 2ppb is not something I recognize.20:10
the-ermgenii: I blew out the case earlier today.  I don't think that's the problem.  The "QA" sticker was still present.20:10
Guest87124http://pastie.org/9105954 any help please?20:10
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
Valkyriejhutchins: I did a bit more digging, I am getting pre-fail warnings for spin-up time, reallocated sector count and rear error rate. I fear the worst for this drive.20:11
zquadhow do you start a program in the background? I can start it with ./programname or ./programname & but then it outputs some text and I have to ^C to use the terminal at which point the program ends20:11
=== UKn0Meh is now known as UKn0Me
zquadI thought it was ./programname &20:11
Jordan_Ujhutchins: On a working file, "file out.bmp" results in "out.bmp: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 128 x 64 x 4" .20:12
=== foxx[a] is now known as foxx
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, it's working for me with PNG images. Try converting to PNG? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7317305/20:14
zquadam I invisible?20:14
jhutchinsthe-erm: Does it have a discrete video card or is it embedded?20:16
vikneshJordan_U: managed to take screenshot using shutter . here it is http://tinypic.com/r/1zvygcp/820:16
the-ermjhutchins: embedded20:16
jhutchinsJordan_U: Ok, cool.20:16
Jordan_Udavidrsmorris: How do I go from png to an array of pixel data that I can work with though?20:17
the-ermI've tried a bunch of different distros.  Well ubuntu, xubuntu and antegros all meet the same fate ... hz lines and a freeze20:17
energizeranybody know how to customize icons in docky?20:17
the-ermI'm running a memtest right now just to make sure it's not the RAM.20:17
jhutchinsthe-erm: It does sound like heat-related hardware.  The other possibility is that something's overwriting the video memory.20:17
bad63rcan u help me ? i need to return older version of OpenGL bcs with newest game HoN is lagging20:17
jhutchinsthe-erm: Can you see if it's still reachable by ssh when the graphics go bad?  Can you switch to a VT?20:17
bad63rand is it OpenGl same to mesa lib?20:17
OerHeksthe-erm, on what videocard?20:17
vikneshJordan_U: any idea ?20:18
davidrsmorrisJordan_U, once you've got it in the right depth, convert it to ppm, use head and tail to figure out the format, and then start using text utilities... or use python skimage.20:18
the-ermjhutchins: Yes it freezes during ssh20:18
the-ermOerHeks: Not sure.  I'd have to look.20:18
jhutchinsValkyrie: Yeah, I'd say time to start shopping.20:19
Valkyriejhutchins: I figured. This is a customers drive, so I'm going to explain the dataloss as the drive starting to fail20:19
ValkyrieIt makes sense20:19
the-ermOerHeks: Nvidia geforce 6150SE according to the case.  I guess I could google that.20:20
OerHeksthe-erm, you'll need the 173 driver for that card20:20
jhutchinsValkyrie: Yeah, time to cut your time investment.20:20
Valkyriejhutchins: 7 hours and counting20:21
Valkyrie(: Time to reassemble the Mybook Live20:21
the-ermThanks OerHeks I'll try installing that.20:21
the-ermIf I can get it installed ...20:22
vikneshcan anyone tell whats the probem is http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1zvygcp&s=8#.U1gfYabWE8o20:22
OerHeksthe-erm, sudo apt-get install nvidia-17320:23
the-ermOerHeks: Here's the challenge.  It's doing it during distro install.  Perhaps I should try the text installer, and run that shortly after.20:24
OerHeksthe-erm, maybe you can, else start the iso in live mode, install the 173 driver and start the installation after that?20:25
trismJordan_U: convert image.png -colors 16 pgm:- | pnmdepth 16 | pnmtoplainpnm > image.pgm; seems to get almost what you want, 16 colors grayscale...there is supposed to be a pnmtobmp but I can't find it in 14.04, though pgm looks simple enough, just text20:25
the-ermOerHeks: I had to dd the iso.  I'm not sure I have the free space, but I'll try.20:26
the-ermAfter the memtest20:26
Faceany free to lend a hand with transmission ?20:26
OerHeksthe-erm, oke :-)20:26
junka!ask | Face20:26
ubottuFace: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:26
=== sandy is now known as Guest93537
Jordan_Utrism: Thanks, I may even be able to convert that to a C array declaration with minimal processing.20:28
owen1after upgrading to 14.04 i noticed that network-manager was purged. i re-installed it but i don't see wireless networks at all. wlan0 in ifconfig doesn't show an ip. any ideas?20:28
Facei have changed the download location for transmission to my diskstation but all my downloads have paused due to no space error when it takes me to the drive it says i have 780gb free but downloads wont play, my diskstation has 7tb free space but nothing will download due to 0 disk space ?20:29
=== bschaefer_ is now known as bschaefer
stutsonQuestion: I have Ubuntu Server and have ssh into it, how do I ftp into the server what is the syntax20:29
=== sd is now known as Guest5784
junkaFace,  there is an option on right click of a torrent to transfer the torrent data, do it20:30
Facejunka i have everything is pointing to my diskstation i know i have missed something just dont know enough about ubuntu20:31
benightedhey all, trying to install 12.04 and partitioner comes up blank, ran gparted, created partitions and still not showing up after rescanning drive... anyone?20:31
Beldarbenighted, Can you pastebin sudo parted -l20:32
junkaFace, try deleting the torrents, restart transmission and readd the torrents20:32
Facejunka, done that as well20:33
Facejunka, have even reset the pc its on and still nothing works20:34
joarI'm debootstrapping a trusty environment with luks. The luks root partition is mounted on the "host" system, but in the debootstrap env i get /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `/dev/mapper/gorilla-root'.20:35
joar.. since the debootstrap env only has a bare /dev fs20:35
joar.. this when i install the linux-image-xxx package20:36
joargenii: ^^20:36
junkaFace, I dont use transmission but qbittorrent. You can try it it's awesome20:37
benightedBeldar: nope, it's in the live installer - parted -l shows /dev/sda ata, partition table msdos, and the 3 partitions I created manually20:37
Facejunka, ok will have a look for that as this is driving me mad i have been trying to fix it for 2 days now20:38
OerHeksFace, i think you ( transmission) have no sufficient rights to write, see this answers > http://askubuntu.com/questions/221081/permission-denied-when-downloading-with-transmission-deamon20:38
Beldarbenighted, Ah I wondered if there was a gpt table is all.20:38
codephobicLogan_, hi back again.20:40
=== win is now known as Guest485
codephobicanyone else finding 14.04 breaks their dual/multi-monitor setup?20:40
k1l_codephobic: nope. works here20:40
codephobichuge black screen covering 4/5ths of the second monitor20:40
geniijoar: Sorry, I'm not much help for you there. I'm familiar with debootstrap but not together with LUKS or LVM20:41
codephobicI had to install ubuntu-desktop just to login (got a "failed to start session" error on the login screen)20:41
Logan_hey codephobic20:41
=== EugeneBandit is now known as ohheyyou
stutsonstill curious about that syntax with the ftp into a remote server20:42
zquadI made a change to the /etc/security/limits.conf file, without restarting the entire machine how do I get the change to take effect?20:42
=== ohheyyou is now known as EugeneBandit
codephobicLogan_, I ran the ubuntu-bug programme20:43
=== EugeneBandit is now known as methere
codephobicdo I just copy-paste the results to you?20:43
=== methere is now known as ungineer
Logan_codephobic: does it let you file a bug?20:43
codephobicLogan_, there's a "send" option, if that's what you're after?20:44
stutsonEven a web page would be helpful20:44
=== ungineer is now known as not_rxi
codephobicLogan_, sending it as we 'speak'.20:44
codephobicany hope of getting a workaround tonight?20:45
Logan_stutson: have you installed an FTP server yet?20:45
Logan_codephobic: don't count on it :P20:45
=== not_rxi is now known as EugeneBandit
stutsonnot a server, just ftp to my web server remotly20:45
Logan_stutson: so you want to FTP from your Ubuntu machine to another server?20:46
=== erdmutter92__ is now known as erdmutter92
Logan_stutson: run "man ftp" in a command line20:46
Rad-Hey is anyway to make ubuntu only run a selected WM without a DE without uninstalling stuff?20:47
=== eliasv_ is now known as help
energizerHow do I get something like osx finder with vertical columns representing directories?20:47
stutsonI am on my laptop, I want to understand the information "man" du will research some more thx20:47
=== help is now known as Guest65698
codephobicLogan_, it sent me to launchpad - nothing else.20:48
Logan_codephobic: is it processing the information?20:48
qinenergizer: KDE's Dolphin20:48
codephobicLogan_, don't know, finished sending and I see some error info in terminal now20:48
adamcunningtonHi, i removed a dvd and then put another dvd in but the old dvd drive is still showing in file manager20:48
jobarteguys, is possible to create historical data from nload command?20:49
Logan_codephobic: wait in your browser for it to ask you for a description20:49
codephobic"libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering" "open uki failed (operation not permitted)"20:49
Logan_adamcunnington: run nautilus --quit20:49
energizerqin cool i'll check it out thank you20:49
reisiojobarte: sure20:49
codephobicLogan_, I had to create an account but launchpad isn't doing much at all...20:49
Logan_codephobic: now that you're signed in, try running the debug again20:50
codephobicah, k20:50
Luyinif I put "%vpnusers ALL = NOPASSWD: /path/to/openvpn /path/to/openvpn.conf" into my sudoers (yes I did sudo visudo to get there), can I start openvpn with the given conf file with sudo but without entering my pw?20:51
kupo_is there really no option to copy and paste t a usb flash drive?20:51
kupo_never seen this one before20:51
adamcunningtonLogan_: i should clarify - this only happens withinn handbrake20:51
adamcunningtonLogan_: my main file manager is fine, but the browser window inside handbrake still shows the old dvd, even after i restart the application20:52
Logan_adamcunnington: oh, no idea then20:52
Jordan_U!details | kupo_20:52
ubottukupo_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:52
Logan_adamcunnington: maybe ask in #handbrake20:52
jobarte[reisio]: are you know to to I make tihs?20:52
codephobicLogan_, nope, nothing happening .. getting a terminal message saying "ERROR:navigation_entry_screenshot_manager.cc(164) Invalid entry with unique id: 9520:52
=== jake is now known as Guest40710
Logan_codephobic: did it open anything in your browser?20:53
codephobicjust refreshed the launchpad page20:53
Logan_what's the URL?20:53
Guest40710hey guys my software center refuses to install anything.i just installed and i have a near empty hd20:53
Logan_codephobic: so you're not logged in?20:54
k1l_Guest40710: what error do you get?20:54
codephobicLogan_, it says I'm logged in - has my name up and everything.20:54
Logan_codephobic: that's very odd20:54
Guest40710it just refuses to show the button. the button isnt even there.20:54
kupo_I put in a fladh drive to send a file to it. No option to do so. no "send t " and when I copy the file there is no paste or anything when i go to usb folder20:55
codephobicLogan_, it's working now20:55
Logan_oh sweet20:55
_graingertIt seems apt thinks linux-image-generic was automatically installed and are no longer required20:55
_graingertafter upgrading to ubuntu 14.0420:55
_graingertis this correct?20:55
Logan_codephobic: your display or Launchpad? :P20:55
codephobicLogan_, launchpad :(20:56
Guest40710it just refuses to show the button. the button isnt even there.20:56
codephobicif my display was up, I'd be long gone :P20:56
codephobicok, now it wants a description  ... "dual monitor, second screen only partially displaying contents" ?20:56
Logan_Guest40710: have you tried installing anything from the erminal?20:56
Logan_codephobic: be as descriptive as possible20:57
_graingertI'm running on linux-image-3.13.0-24-generic20:57
LuyinGuest40710: please rename so we can reach you more easily through auto-complete with /nick yournicknameofchoice. then, can you install packages via terminal?20:57
=== Guest40710 is now known as bob\
reisiobob\: :p20:57
bob\there. nope. terminal refuses to load the command20:58
sudormrfpossibly a legit issue, not sure.  when I ssh in to my ubuntu 14.04 server it tells me there are 0 package updates and 0 security updates, but if I run updates it finds updates....bug?20:58
sss_hi, who can tell me where to find half life 2 for ubuntu?20:58
pepeeseriously, trusty should have been delayed a week or two, to ship with kernel 3.14...20:58
SuperdawgDoes anyone know why I can only find the debug symbols for the 3.8.0-19-generic kernel on ubuntu Raring?  Is there a meta package I could use that would follow the track of linux-image-generic?20:58
isodor1sss_: Steam for Linux I believe20:59
kostkonsss_, on steam as usual http://store.steampowered.com/app/220/20:59
Logan_sudormrf: that can sometimes be outdated I think20:59
benightedsss_: winehq.org?20:59
isodor1sss_: What kostkon said.20:59
sss_thank you20:59
sudormrfLogan_, interesting.  I don't base my decision to update on it, was just curious really. :)20:59
pepeeSuperdawg, wasn't raring EOLd?20:59
Logan_sudormrf: I mean, it can often be wrong on my Precise servers, so I'll lean toward it just being inaccurate20:59
Superdawgpepee: maybe.  I still need the package.  Would probably explain why I can only find up to a certain point.21:00
bob\oh now terminal works. thanks everbody for putting up with my nubishness21:00
Superdawgpepee: Unfortunately, I have some pcie flash here that don't have any drivers for recent kernels newer than 3.8 on anything other than ubuntu 13.0421:01
Superdawg I take that back  They now have one for 13.1021:01
pepeeSuperdawg, did you search for updates in google?21:01
ademoglu_guys are there anyone like me mouse pointer mistake ? my mouse pointer blinks perpetual on ubuntu 14.0421:02
Superdawgpepee: proprietary driver.  Wish I could just take it into my debian wheezy environment, but that's all they support on the deb side of things.21:02
pepeebrand and model?21:02
Logan__graingert: I'd keep it, to play it safe21:02
pepeeSuperdawg, ^21:03
ademoglu_sorry my poor english21:03
_graingertLogan_, I apt-got installed it21:03
Superdawgocz z-drive rm8821:03
_graingertLogan_, so it's marked as manually installed21:03
Logan__graingert: and was there a reason why you installed it?21:03
_graingertLogan_, linux-image-generic21:03
_graingertLogan_, to mark it as manaully installed so aptitude doesn't remove it21:04
Superdawgpepee: They just recently started shipping with dkms for their driver, so it's not quite as fragile when a kernel rev changes, but they don't want to support anything other than rhel, sles and ubuntu on the linux side.21:04
Logan__graingert: cool - you can just do: sudo apt-mark manual linux-image-generic21:04
Logan__graingert: (and the opposite for auto)21:04
_graingertLogan_, could do21:04
pepeeSuperdawg, is not like the distros are too different21:04
pepeeyou can adapt one package to another distro easily21:05
codephobicLogan_, ok, I've submitted as much detail as I can think of.21:05
Logan_codephobic: sweet - link me to the bug?21:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311881 in xorg (Ubuntu) "dual screen ubuntu 14.04, second screen only partially displaying desktop" [Undecided,New]21:06
SuperdawgI might be able to do that with their 13.10 driver, since my debian wheezy kernels are 3.9 and 3.10, so they likely have the changes necessary to support that.21:06
SuperdawgBut otherwise, I wouldn't necessarily be able to use the driver intended for 3.8 with the 3.9/3.10 kernels.21:06
=== Noiro is now known as Moo
codephobicLogan_,  seems to be an error with my graphics card driver ... on first look.21:06
=== Moo is now known as ThisBetterNotBeR
dlamis there a limit on the number of sub-directories or links in a directory?21:07
Logan_codephobic: aha21:07
dlamlike when i do `ls -l | wc -l` it shows 6400221:07
ThisBetterNotBeROk guys. Quick question. I installed Ubuntu onto my system custom, but it does seem to have installed GRUB to the HDD. Is there a way I can do that?21:07
dlam(losta files/links   :O)21:07
bekksThisBetterNotBeR: "onto my system custom" means "I installed onto hdd", right?21:08
codephobicLogan_, should I attempt to reinstall fglrx?21:08
BeldarThisBetterNotBeR, Did you use a usb, and ubuntu will boot with it plugged in?21:08
Logan_codephobic: yes21:08
PessimistThisBetterNotBeR, google 'bootrepair ubuntu'21:08
ThisBetterNotBeRbekks: I installed / to my SSD and /home to my 1TB HDD21:08
ThisBetterNotBeRjust want to ensure grub gets installed to the SSD21:08
codephobicLogan_, any thorough guides I could use? (don't want to screw it up - got a lot of Game of Thrones to catch up on!)21:09
bekksThisBetterNotBeR: Then install it to the SSD using grub-install21:09
ThisBetterNotBeRhow do I get a list of possible install devices?21:09
Logan_codephobic: $ sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg -s fglrx | pastebinit21:10
bekksThisBetterNotBeR: possible devices: your ssd, your hdd.21:10
codephobicLogan_, I got this error before the rest of the command ran: "no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory"21:11
Jordan_UThisBetterNotBeR: Can you boot your installed Ubuntu system?21:12
Logan_codephobic: oh dear21:12
codephobicLogan_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7317631/ << pastebin of the output21:12
trismcodephobic: that is bug 125718621:12
ubottubug 1257186 in samba "memory leakage messages " [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125718621:12
codephobic"oh dear" isn't encouraging :(21:12
codephobictrism, hmm ... so I have other bugs to deal with besides the display/fglrx issue?21:13
Logan_codephobic: it seems to be installed properly. hmm.21:13
Logan_anyone good with video who can help codephobic further with Bug 1311881? :P21:14
ubottubug 1311881 in xorg (Ubuntu) "dual screen ubuntu 14.04, second screen only partially displaying desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131188121:14
codephobicLogan_, so should I just restart and see if it works?21:14
xanguamy keyboard layout reset to english everytime I log in even when my language settings is set to spanish and keyboard indicator shows spanish as current. It seems to work fine on lighdm, any help on this issue?21:14
Logan_codephobic: ah yes, the classic turning it off and on again21:14
Logan_codephobic: I guess it can't hurt :P21:14
codephobicLogan_, it's the pinnacle of my tech savviness.21:14
iasonAnyone running cinnamon?21:15
codephobichmm, the other terminal window is still spitting out error reports from the ubuntu-bug command I ran earlier.21:15
k1l_!info cinnamon iason21:15
ubottu'iason' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable21:15
reisioiason: yes, some ones run cinnamon21:15
k1l_!info cinnamon | iason21:15
ubottuiason: Package cinnamon does not exist in trusty21:15
codephobicanyway, back in ... well, if nothing goes too wrong, a minute... rebooting.21:16
k1l_iason: cinnamon got removed from 1404 and debian.21:16
=== ikreymer_ is now known as ikreymer
Beldar!info mate21:19
ubottuPackage mate does not exist in trusty21:19
=== Extensa5630 is now known as IRC_Homeless
reisio's'probably mate-desktop21:19
brainwash!info mate-desktop21:19
ubottumate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-1 (trusty), package size 17 kB, installed size 95 kB21:19
reisiobut just use Xfce if you want something resembling old GNOME21:19
pepeeSuperdawg, try installing the .deb in trusty, I suppose it should work21:19
trismyes but not useful without mate-session21:19
Beldarreisio, yeah, thanks.21:20
brainwashmate-session missing?21:20
clue_hcan you get mate with an ubuntu iso? like debian does with other de21:20
kostkonclue_h, nope21:20
trismbrainwash: it didn't land in debian until after freeze (just a couple days ago actually)21:20
brainwashwow, that's bad21:20
brainwashso hopefully soon in backports21:21
Superdawgpepee: Depends on what they rely on in the kernel.  Lot of things have changed that could potentially affect it.21:22
pepeeSuperdawg, try it from a live USB?21:22
xanguamy keyboard layout reset to english everytime I log in even when my language settings is set to spanish and keyboard indicator shows spanish as current. It seems to work fine on lighdm, any help on this issue? Using Ubuntu 14.0421:23
Superdawgpepee: The issue at hand isn't necessarily the driver.  I have raring implemented into a test infrastructure that is used at times by developers.  I now need to update that to saucy, at the least.  I'm just looking to get the kernel debug symbols installed so we can use systemtap right now.21:24
degasi'm using ubuntu 14.04 too21:24
degasall work well21:24
hemant_i3wmHi, I am using ubuntu 14.04 on mac air, nvidia, I cannot connect to second monitor, using i3wm21:25
degasand xfce is very fast21:25
__OpenGL__ive mistakenly upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 with x-swat ppa enabled.  is there any way to fix this?21:25
codephobicdidn't work :(21:25
pepeeSuperdawg, ahh, I see21:25
Pessimist__OpenGL__, fix what?21:25
codephobictried Catalyst ... funny thing is if I set the display to "upside down" then the resolution of the desktop fits properly.21:25
codephobicbut then both screens flicker a lot.21:26
__OpenGL__Pessimist, when I hot plug a monitor graphics becomes glitchy and only way to fix is power cycle or drop to a term and kill Xorg21:26
codephobicI think this is a graphics driver problem, not sure though.21:26
Superdawgpepee: I did find newer debug kernels however here: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux-lts-raring/21:26
trismxangua: there is a workaround here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362973/keyboard-layout-switches-to-english-each-time-i-reboot bug 1242636 that nobody really looked at21:26
ubottubug 1242636 in Indicator keyboard "Keyboard layout switched back to English after each boot (after login)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124263621:26
SuperdawgJust need to get it integrated to my deployment to see if I can get them installed.21:26
__OpenGL__Pessimist, when I say glitchy I mean flickers a lot21:26
sudormrfis there a utility that can show you a pie chart of your used/free space on hard drives in your system via a web interface?21:28
adamcunningtonHi, i upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 yesterday. The upgrade process advised me that all my PPAs were disabled but that I could re-enable them after. I have gone into software centre and software sources and ticked all the disabled PPAs. However, when i update and upgrade, almost all of them are skipped. Why is this?21:28
qinsudormrf: Disk Usage Analizer21:28
sudormrfqin, thanks :)21:28
avisi just installed ubuntu 14.04 and cannot see anything other than a url in my chromium browser search entries21:29
avisfirefox works fine21:29
qinsudormrf: df seems more effective in console21:29
brainwashadamcunnington: do those PPAs support 14.04?21:29
codephobicLogan_, any more ideas/suggestions?21:29
sudormrfqin, would like it to be displayed on a web page21:29
adamcunningtonbrainwash: ah, that would be it? would 14.04 likely be a separate PPA - i know that21:29
adamcunningtonthat's at the discretion of the PPA maintainer but is that a normal thing to do?21:29
Logan_codephobic: not at the moment, no :/21:29
qinsudormrf: oh, gnuplot?21:30
xanguatrism: I also notice something curious, changed to Numix icon theme and the keyboard indicator is greyed out for spanish, german, italian or any other layout except for english http://i.imgur.com/XHOCqgY.png21:30
codephobicoh well :(21:30
sudormrfqin, is gnuplot not a CLI tool?21:30
__OpenGL__is there some way I can confirm im using ubuntu supplied/supported x/graphics driver?21:30
codephobicanyone else having dual monitor problems using ATI Radeon HD 6670 graphics card?21:31
chrowhen I list installed packages sorted by size ( dpkg-query -W -f='${Installed-Size;8}  ${Package}\n' | sort -n )21:31
Pessimist__OpenGL__, glxinfo | grep OpenGL will usually tell you if you are using X edgers21:31
qinsudormrf: kind of, it is plotting utility, so you would have to feed with data from df i.e.21:31
chroI get stuff like this: linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic21:31
chrocan I safely remove that?21:31
trismxangua: might just be a bug in the theme, they look like they are still selectable21:31
chroI have for versions 3.2, 3.5, 3.8, 3.1121:31
Pessimist__OpenGL__, the version string21:32
Logan_chro: if you have a newer kernel installed, yeah21:32
k1l_sudormrf: i think most monitor tools can do that21:32
xanguatrism: sure they are, they are just greyed out but select them and work21:32
__OpenGL__Pessimist, http://pastebin.com/CNPmsdLd21:32
chrowhy isn't this removed automatically21:32
Logan_chro: they are in newer versions of Ubuntu - which are you running?21:32
chroI'm running 13.1021:33
Logan_chro: hmm, I believe we do that in 13.10 as well, but not retroactively for really old kernels21:33
Logan_chro: also, you should upgrade :)21:33
Pessimist__OpenGL__, so you don't have the bleeding edge drivers like you see. I'm running a up-to-date 14.04 and I get the same version string21:33
zykotick9chro: not sure what you're doing, but you might be interested in dpigs, which is included with the debian-goodies package, for finding the size of large packages21:33
k1l_chro: "sudo apt-get remove --purge $(dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d')"21:33
chroyes, that's why I want to get rid of this packages, to have enough space free to upgrade21:34
k1l_that removes all old kernels21:34
sudormrfk1l_, hmm.21:34
chrois that command safe?21:34
Logan_k11_: I'm not a huge fan of those long and complex commands unless I totally know what they're doing :P21:34
__OpenGL__Pessimist, thanks, looks like ive succesfully removed it then21:34
clue_hor you can apt-get remove the kernel header and kernel image by name21:34
codephobicLogan_,  I've just made a "break through" ... or rather, I did something stupid and I learned something more about this "glitch".21:35
sudormrfk1l_, does munin or cacti do pie charts?  in my experience with cacti it doesn't do pie charts21:35
Logan_codephobic: now you've got me on the edge of my seat :)21:35
codephobicI logged in as a guest and both screens worked fine! :D21:35
Logan_so there's a configuration issue with your account?21:35
codephobicbut then I returned to this session and  :(21:35
k1l_chro: yes. but you are free to run "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" to list them manually and then remove them21:35
codephobicseems like it.21:35
codephobicnow I just need to figure out what I have to do.21:35
k1l_sudormrf: i am not aware if there is a setting for pie charts21:35
Logan_codephobic: that should've been one of my troubleshooting steps :P21:36
__OpenGL__my show stopping issue with 14.04 on this upgrade is that when I hot plug monitors (via the docking station) graphical interface becomes unusable, repeated, glitched and flickery.  only way to restore it is kill Xorg or usually reboot21:36
sudormrfk1l_, thanks :)21:36
chrothanks k11_, I will do that21:36
__OpenGL__i thought it could be caused by mistakenly forgetting to remove x-swat21:36
codephobicLogan_, no worries, we tried the reboot ... that's basically all the troubleshooting I do.21:36
Pessimist__OpenGL__, you can try them out and check if it fixes the problem. After that you usually thoroughly check if everything's OK in your setup and then after some time you look up the bugzillas of intel X driver or the kernel part (you have to find it yourself)21:36
codephobicI just need to figure out why I have a "black window" obscuring 4/5ths of my second monitor ..21:37
__OpenGL__Pessimist, try what out?21:38
codephobicis there any settings I could copy over from another / guest account that might affect this?21:38
codephobichmm and should I be worried about "no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory"?21:38
chroPackage 'linux-image-3.0.0-12-generic' is not installed, so not removed <- I think dpkg -l | grep linux-image also shows some packages that are not installed.21:39
codephobicbtw how do I restart nautilus - maybe that could kick the thing into order?21:39
zykotick9chro: if you see rc, that means the package was uninstalled, but not purged, so config files are still hanging around21:39
chrooh ok!21:39
chroI see rc there yes21:39
__OpenGL__https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1301398 this is the issue i see21:40
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1301398 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[Apple Inc. MacBookPro9,2] dual head broken in 14.04" [Undecided,New]21:40
=== tinyfox is now known as Fuchs
gQuigsanyone know of a site like this: http://amirunningxp.com/ except that points you to download ubunut?21:42
kiilohi - empathy IRC doesnt work for me 14.04 LTS ...21:43
kiilouodated 12.04 to 14.04 recently21:44
kostkonkiilo, what's the problem exactly21:44
kiiloit says "Diconnected - Status is set to offline"21:45
kostkonkiilo, is telepathy-idle already installed?   give  apt-cache policy telepathy-idle21:45
kiilobut its set to connect and empathy is set to available21:46
kiiloinstalled 0.2.0-121:46
sigint88any cool things happening with Trusty Tahr?21:47
xangua!info account-plugin-irc | kiilo is it installed?21:47
kiilo@kostkon i checked that21:47
ubottukiilo is it installed?: account-plugin-irc (source: empathy): Messaging account plugin for IRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.6-0ubuntu9 (trusty), package size 8 kB, installed size 941 kB21:47
kostkonkiilo, you could try removing that irc account and re-adding it21:47
kiiloyep too - i tried all that21:47
kostkonkiilo, what does it say in the accounts window21:48
kostkonxangua, good one21:48
skinuxHow do we install patch to SDL?21:48
kostkonkiilo, where did you setup the account. in empathy or in ubuntu accounts?21:49
Hsichi to all! i've a stranger problem21:49
=== EugeneBandit is now known as EugeneBandint
whoeverHsic: hi how strange21:50
kiiloi may have a version clash21:50
Hsici've tryed ubuntu 10.4 and xubuntu 14.421:50
kostkonkiilo, oh you are using the gnome3 ppa21:50
kiiloyep thats it maybe21:50
=== EugeneBandint is now known as EugeneBandfloat
kostkonkiilo, check where empathy is coming from too21:50
=== EugeneBandfloat is now known as EugeneBandit
Hsicon the installer wizard i didnt find the option to install behind windows21:50
Hsiconly rewrite or manual setting..21:51
kiilohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7317871/ here21:51
=== IRC_Homeless is now known as CheckIO
whoeverHsic: i don't thiank that is an option21:51
Hsicon 10.4 on the first time the option was present, but give me an error :( and show me the manual mode...21:51
Hsicin the manual mode if i add a partition the exist ntfs is resetted...21:52
Hsici quit the wizard :( i didnt know how to do21:52
kiilook will update empathy and report back21:52
whoeverHsic: you install it to a partion , and then your asked where you want to install grub/the boot loader, and that is where you pick the partion that windows is on21:52
Hsicyes but if i add new partition the ntfs is not resized but is resetted on free space :(21:53
Hsicon other pc i select install ubuntu next widnows21:54
BeldarHsic, pastebin the info from running sudo fdisk -l21:54
whoeverHsic: you need to alocate your windows partion ahead of time , leave enough room on the other partion for linux21:54
Hsicwhoever: the first time the wizard installer give me this... autoresize and auto install partition, but this failed :(21:55
Hsicnow i didnt find this option when i try to install xubuntu 14.421:55
orbisviciscan I make changes to the initramfs from within busybox ?21:55
Hsichdd is 160gb all in ntfs21:55
debis the new ubuntu release now safe to install?21:56
codephobicLogan_, don't have a clue how but ... it's fixed21:56
orbisvicisi mean, persistent changes.21:56
k1l_deb: yes21:56
codephobicLogan_, logged into another user, then logged out, then logged back into this and ... it's all good, again.21:56
orbisvicisOtherwise, how can I boot from the recovery shell after having made the necessary changes ?21:56
whoeverHsic: you should install windows first, and make 2 logical partions at that time, install windows to one of them, then boot the ubuntu installer, and install linux to the other, when asked where to install the boot loader pick the partion with windows on it21:57
kiilohey thanks alot i think that was it ...21:57
Hsicwindows xp is arleady installed21:57
=== sarsaeol_ is now known as sarsaeol
codephobichopefully it stays ... "fixed".21:57
whoeverHsic: and how big are the two partions21:57
nf7How do I completely remove an application from my system? I used 'sudo apt-get remove emacs', and it seemed to go through, but when I type 'emacs' in the terminal, the program still launches! wtf!!1121:58
=== kiilo is now known as kiilo-2
Hsicpc: 160gb hdd with windows xp, one partiton in ntfs21:58
codephobicthanks :)21:58
__OpenGL__hmm been digging some more re my dual head hot plug issue21:59
codephobicbest be off now ... there's a dwarf, whose fate I've got to see ...21:59
__OpenGL__no errors in dmesg or logs that I can see21:59
whoevernf7:  sudo apt-get remove <app name>21:59
__OpenGL__works fine if xorg is killed after they hot plugged or hot unplugged21:59
nf7whoever: Yes, like I said, it doesn't seem to work. Is there another way?21:59
Hsicthe first time that i've booted ubuntu 10.4 installer cd, i selected: install ubuntu near windows (autoresize ntfs: 60gb, other in ext3), but the tool failed and installed aborted...21:59
trismnf7: emacs is only the meta package, you need to remove the versioned one, emacs24 perhaps21:59
nf7trism: Let me try that.22:00
whoeverHsic: so  you have two partions, each 140gb?22:00
__OpenGL__if I change settings in display settings, for example move a monitor up or down and hit apply my video breaks and I must kill xorg to fix it22:00
HsicONE ntfs Partition 160gb (the size of the hdd) with windows xp22:00
whoevernf7: find the application in the software center, and click the remove button22:00
nf7trism: That seems to have worked! Is there a way I can search my system for "emacs" to see if I need to remove any other packages?22:00
nf7whoever: My installation doesn't have a GUI, it's commandline only.22:00
trismnf7: you can also check out: dpkg -l '*emacs*'; to see what is installed22:00
nf7whoever: I figured it out though, thanks for the suggestions22:01
trismnf7: might want to grep that for ^ii since you may see ones with rc which aren't installed22:01
Joelis there a way to say do an apt-get update on a specific repo?22:02
OerHeksJoel,  why only one repo ?22:04
Hsicwhoever: help22:04
__OpenGL__ok ive managed to fix my hot monitor hot plug issue22:04
=== ademoglu_ is now known as ademoglu
__OpenGL__it seems to have been caused by having texture compression enabled in ccsm22:05
kiilo-2mmmh - meeh still "Disconnected -  Status is set to offline" - is there a log file?22:05
JoelOerHeks, because I only want to update packages in the one repo.22:05
iasoncan anyone who has cinnamon installed tell me how to use the A11y Mousewheeel zoom feature?22:06
liquid_hearthow to unlock my hard drive which is locked...ata security ...input/output error22:06
whoever Hsic where are you stuck22:06
zykotick9kiilo-2: have you considered using a _real_ irc client, for irc?  rather then an IM client?22:06
kiilo-2yes im using real xchat now22:06
liquid_heartany malaysians22:06
kiilo-2but its an regression ... from 12.04 at least here22:07
kiilo-2kind of22:07
Hsicwhoever: why the installer dont give me the option: install ubuntu near windows22:07
OerHeksHsic maybe because you have 4 primairy partitions already?22:07
kiilo-2but i have to check ... the versions are ok - a good hint at least22:08
whoeverHsic: i never noticed that option , and have always done it this way since red had 622:08
OerHeksJoel, i don'tknow of a way to update one repo only, sorry22:08
whoeverHsic: does this link help, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot22:08
JoelOerHeks, it can be done, it's just a hassle to disable sources, apt-cache update, etc.22:09
whoeverHsic: it looks like that lik is telling you what I am22:09
Hsicwhoever: Automatic partition resizing is failed the first time :( on xubuntu 14.4 i didn't find the optoon22:09
OerHeksHsic,  hold on, xp on Sata hdd? then your hdd controller is set in the bios to IDE, not AHCI?22:09
Hsicis a very old laptop 2006 with IDE mini hdd22:10
whoeverHsic: i theink you may be partitiong the wrong thing ie your tring to partion a drive  and it is failing, but if it is a partiotion it should work fine22:10
Hsicwhoever: the resize option fail :(22:11
whoeverHsic: you may even need to reburn your disc at a slower speed22:11
OerHeksHsic delete XP, it is useless anyway22:11
whoeverand try again22:11
whoeverHsic: you shouldi't pin your hopes on auto resize22:11
HsicOerHeks: its need beacuse is istalled a software for my work... with license etc etc.. i would to install ubuntu and leave untouched xp22:12
Hsicwhoever: i've used an original from CANONICAL ubuntu 10.4 cd :S22:12
whoeverHsic: you could just run it in a vm inside ubuntu22:13
Hsicwhoever: give me detail :) how i can do this?22:13
whoeverHsic: how big is your second partition22:14
Hsicwhoever: i didnt have a second partition :( only one with 160gb the same size of the hdd22:14
whoeverHsic: there is your problem , you need 222:15
Hsicwhoever: exact but if i try to resize give me error...22:15
whoeverHsic: go to xp and resiize it to 100 , then youll have about 50 on the othere22:15
energizeris it possible to change the colors of pdfs to dark for reading in dark rooms?22:16
whoeverthen install ubuntu to the 50 gb partition with autoformat22:16
whoeverthen you may need to burn a new disc to get it done22:16
Hsicwhoever: with xp is impossible to resize partition?22:17
whoeverschlaftier: control panel, mangae drives then click on c and resiz, freeup space , that option should be there aFaik22:18
trismJoel: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65245/apt-get-update-only-for-a-specific-repository22:18
whoeverif not you will need to use something like gparted.iso to do that for you22:18
Hsicwhoever: well if i try in live mode and resize with gparted?22:19
ElixirVitaeI am using 12.04 and with either Firefox or chromium, I have problems playing youtube videos.22:19
ElixirVitaeNot just a flash issue, as I am in html5 trial for youtube and it still doesn't work.22:20
ElixirVitaeI was suggested pepper, but I don't think that would have any effect on html5 not working.22:20
=== jost_ is now known as jost
ElixirVitaeAnyone know any way to amend the situation?22:21
tgm4883ElixirVitae: what does problems mean? Did you verify that the youtube video was actually HTML5 (I don't think all are yet)22:21
whoeverHsic: gparted is a seperate live iso22:21
ElixirVitaeI checked a few videos, but I suppose some of them were html5.22:21
ElixirVitaeHow do check anyhow?22:22
kostkonElixirVitae, right click on the video22:22
Hsicwhoever: this? http://gparted.org/download.php22:22
tgm4883ElixirVitae: I suppose that would depend on what you mean by they don't work. Right clicking a html5 video on youtube produces a different menu22:22
tgm4883ElixirVitae: here is an html5 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpkPNgfl7jE22:23
ElixirVitae^ I have found something like this, debating whether google is trying to cripple Firefox22:23
tgm4883ElixirVitae: uh, you said it doesn't work in chromium either22:24
ElixirVitaeI did say that, but I didn't try in chromium with html5, only flash.22:24
ElixirVitaeAlso, that link also doesn't work, it even loads annotations, then it is all ants.22:24
NoiroCan someone help me with nvidia drivers? I'm trying to reorient my dual screens properly with the nvidia GUI, but every time I hit 'apply' it closes out of the program22:25
whoeverHsic: yep22:25
tgm4883ElixirVitae: ants?22:25
Hsicwhoever: thanks a lot, tomorrow i try the gparted live :) thanks22:25
ElixirVitaeThat standart static screen, tgm488322:25
Noiroit thinks one screen is on the wrong side of the other and it's really messing with me.22:25
tgm4883ElixirVitae: ah snow22:25
tgm4883ElixirVitae: and you get that in firefox too?22:26
whoeverHsic: so then try to install ubuntu to your new partition22:26
tgm4883ElixirVitae: that link works for me in firefox22:26
Hsicwhoever: (Y)22:27
whoeverHsic: for what its worth, do you kow ms quit supporting xp22:27
ElixirVitaeI don't think it is related to my scripts(closed them anyhow), or add-ons.22:27
Joeltrism, nice,t hanks.22:27
ElixirVitaeI should test for a more bit, but for now, I begrudgingly use chrome for my youtube needs, it seems.22:28
ElixirVitaeOh well.22:28
whoeverHsic: is your job just cheap , and don't want to get you windows 722:28
ki7rwafter upgrading to trusty, one machine keeps giving me this after executing apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/K36ahRyq  -- not sure of what to do about it22:28
ElixirVitaeThanks anyhow, tgm488322:28
trismki7rw: looks like you have two partner repos in your /etc/apt/sources.list, might delete one or pastebin so we can take a look22:29
kostkonki7rw, open your /etc/apt/sources.list file and remove the duplicate entries22:29
Hsicwhoever: yes, this is the reason that i want to install ubuntu near xp legacy22:29
ki7rwcan't find a duplicate entry22:29
whoeverHsic: what do you do in xp that you need it for22:29
whoeverHsic: you may not actually need it to dual boot22:31
Hsicwhoever: xp is the only that support an software that program a legacy hardware over lpt22:31
=== theking is now known as Guest41062
Hsicwhoever: with ubuntu i can surf on the internet safly22:31
whoeverHsic: run it in virtualbox inside ubuntu22:31
Hsicand windows for my work22:31
Hsicwhoever: how i do this with virtaulbox22:32
whoeverinside ubuntu, go to software center and find virtualbox and install it22:32
Guest41062I forgot my password, and grub has stopped showing up after the update. How do I recover my password if grub isn't working, or grub without my password?22:33
Hsicwhoever: after??22:33
whoeverhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt8wrKBKrt0 that should give you an diea22:33
brucevein [jbd2/md2-8] is using 99% IO22:34
GTRGuest41062: do you have your pass phrase22:34
bruceveinhas anyone encountered this issue before22:34
Guest41062I am not even sure if I got one, so no.22:34
whoeverHsic: are you  gonna be around for a few hour , i gotta get to work sone , and will be back in a few hours22:34
GTRGuest41062: is your home folder encrypted?22:34
Guest41062I don't think so, luckily.22:35
GTRGuest41062: and do you have something important in there22:35
Guest41062My password would be very easy to brute force for sure.22:35
Guest41062Not really22:35
trismki7rw: hmm do you have one in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?22:35
Guest41062Well, I got my haskell stuff.22:35
Hsicwhoever: tnk for all22:35
ki7rwtrism: i'll have to check22:36
GTRGuest41062: I would reinstall if I were you and can`t you try brute force it yourself22:36
GTRafter all you made it22:36
rd_Alguém ai ta usando o ubuntu 14.04?22:37
Guest41062GTR: Well, I would suredly just use a rescue CD before I resort to that.22:37
Guest41062I was just wondering if there was a way without it.22:37
sabgentonIs there a way to hide the menu in trusty?22:37
brandon__does anyone know why Ubuntu software center on gnome ubuntu 14.04 has light text on a white background? its nearly impossible to read22:37
whoeverunder vertualbox new machine , set it hardrive fixed 60gb , let it create the hardrive, then you go to starge select the optical drive that has your xp disk, then in system advanded you set the cdrom drive to boot first, under network, select wired and in the drop down (it will usually end with OEM) select that, then when you start the virtualmachen you will be prompted to push anykey to boot from cd, do so  and your off and running22:37
sabgentonIt hid by default in the last lts on my epc22:38
whoeverinstall as normal22:38
GTRGuest41062: maybe there is do you have like 4gb flash22:38
Guest41062GTR: I mean without extra hardware.22:38
zykotick9!passwords | Guest4106222:38
ubottuGuest41062: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords22:38
Guest41062I no how to do it with a thumb drive or CD.22:38
sabgentonIt's really anoying  the menu bugs me enough on it's side22:38
sabgenton!global menu22:39
GTRGuest41062: if you have free space you can install it there retrieve your files and delete the extra one22:39
brandon__anybody having this same issue?22:39
Guest41062I guess I was wondering if there was an "easy fix". I know the hard ones.22:40
brandon__ Ubuntu software center on gnome ubuntu 14.04 has light text on a white background? its nearly impossible to read22:40
rd_someone is using UBUNTU 14.0422:41
GTRbrandon__: tried googling sounds like messed up css file or something22:41
trismbrandon__: like bug 1283634 ?22:41
brandon__thanks gtr22:41
ubottubug 1283634 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Text for selected applications in Ubuntu Software Center on Ubuntu Gnome is difficult to read" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128363422:41
ki7rwtrism: there was a duplicate entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list - i remarked the duplicate out but still have the problem22:41
brandon__trism, ive seen it report on launchpad, that's probably the one22:41
brandon__yup, that's it ubottu22:42
trismki7rw: you can just delete the file22:42
brandon__second problem, my monitor config won't save after reboot22:42
buMpis 10gb enough to install ubuntu with no future problems?22:42
brandon__i have dual monitors, when i reboot the default screen is on the left, i want the right screen to be default22:42
rd_alguém pode ajudar?22:42
rd_someone can help me?22:42
GTRbuMp 10gb you have no problem22:42
veryhappyrd_: if you talk in english, yes22:43
brandon__so i have to reconfigure after every reboot :(22:43
buMpGTR: thank you buddy ;)22:43
ki7rwtrism: deleting the file fixed the problem - thanks22:43
GTRbrandon__: you can use terminal to install things22:43
juliowhatsap  guys22:43
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
brandon__thanks GTR22:44
brandon__GTR, any idea about my dual monitor config?22:44
veryhappyguys, my gnome3 seems to be broken and gdm as well, now i actually don't want to reinstall everything, is there any way i can reset everything without having to reinstall it?22:44
veryhappyperhaps you can also tell me if there's a possibility to set up if my personal folder is encrypted or not?22:44
brandon__veryhappy, did you make a backup?22:44
GTRbrandon__: I use second monitor right now [laptop with the original detached]22:44
kupo_How do I use PPA's if they all say 13.10 at latest22:45
veryhappybrandon_: i got this netbook before a week, installed it last friday, i didn't make a backup since then...22:45
zykotick9kupo_: wait 'til the maintainer of the PPA update them...22:45
brandon__veryhappy, how is it broken? what did you do before it broke?22:46
brandon__GTR, i'm on a desktop with 2 monitors. I use my right monitor as the primary. Whenever I reboot the monitors are flip flopped22:46
diecastartsI know i shouldn't really ask for help with steam here but having a problem running any game.. but i think it maybe a problem with x11 can someone check out this pastebin and see if if you can point me to where or how to fix it??? http://pastebin.com/pRNmtQSu22:46
GTRbrandon__ have you tried system settings displays and you apply the settings there [it worked for me from the first time]22:47
veryhappybrandon__: it's one of those "i don't know what i did before" situations, i think i installed a few packages before, but it would already help me, if there would be a way that i would just have to reset the settings or remove the applications and install them again in that way that everything can be set up again...22:47
veryhappyeven gdm and gnome22:47
brandon__GTR, yeah, i use that to re-arrange my monitors, but i have to do it after every reboot22:48
brandon__veryhappy, how exactly is it 'broken'22:48
brandon__what issue are you having22:48
juliobrandon__, i have a same situation, but a i think because the default config is a monitor in rigth side22:48
juliosorry for my english jajaj22:49
veryhappygdm isn't showing my name anymore after i logged in once and want to login again after i logged out22:49
zykotick9veryhappy: if you can log in from a console (ctrl+alt+f1), can you check the ownership in your home directory "ls -l .Xauthority" is it owned by root or your user?22:49
juliocomo estan?22:49
zykotick9!es | julio22:50
ubottujulio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:50
GingineerHello! I just tried to install the OS along side Windows 7 and in the process something with grub or bootloader messed up. Now I am having to run off the live usb because windows wont fully load and Ubuntu isn't recognized. How do I fix this?22:50
veryhappyzykotick9: hold on22:50
GTRbrandon__  check this out http://askubuntu.com/questions/194390/settings-for-multiple-monitors-are-not-stored22:51
veryhappyzykotick9: it says -rw------- 1 ben ben22:51
brandon__thanks GTR , ill check out xrandr22:51
veryhappyso it is owned by myself22:51
zykotick9veryhappy: ok, that's fine... guess it's something else.  best of luck!22:51
veryhappywell thanks...22:52
veryhappywas that it then?22:52
kupo_Ok. just download most recent tar for qbittorrent. now how do i update wiht it?22:52
kupo_not too much of a ubuntu noob. but i am a dpkg noob22:52
AssociateXHello. How do I check which version of Ubuntu that I have installed?22:53
zykotick9kupo_: using ubuntu repo versions is recommended... you'd have to ask the qbittorrent people for support - if you want to compile latest...22:53
zykotick9AssociateX: "lsb_release -a" in terminal, is one way.22:53
daftykinsAssociateX: or cat /etc/issue22:53
helderhi, new to the chat room22:53
kupo_no dpkg command to just load it up in folder? i have aolder version currently installed.22:53
veryhappyok, well then... i'm gonna reinstall ubuntu, i already saved my own files... do you recommend to encrypt my personal folder or not? doesn't it make more errors if i encrypt it?22:54
heldersomeone can give me a tip please?22:54
kostkonkupo_: they have a ppa, use that22:54
AssociateXzykotick9, daftykins thank you.22:54
kupo_One more question. Using xubuntu and I put in a flahs usb drive so i could toss a file on there. i could not find any option to move files to it22:54
kupo_can only find 13.10 PPA. i'll look more newer one22:55
zykotick9veryhappy: i personally think "home folder encryption" is LAME.  use full disk encryption, via-luks if you want security.22:55
GTRmicrophone stream sent to speakers? someone had this problem22:55
veryhappyzykotick9: i didn't use security before, i just want to be able to rescue my files when my system breaks22:56
veryhappyi just thought about security because that is a netbook and that can be stolen quite fast.22:56
zykotick9veryhappy: if you use encryption, if something goes wrong, consider that data lost.  Still want encryption?22:56
TillerI currently run a dual boot of Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.10. Recently, whenever I have tried to log in to Ubuntu, my mouse cursor won't show up and I can't connect to the internet. Should I just download the new version of Ubuntu and install it over 13.10?22:56
veryhappyzykotick9: thanks for that straight explanation22:57
zykotick9veryhappy: fyi, home folder encryption will break hibernation on netbooks (by default)22:57
veryhappyoh crap22:57
ademogluguys how can i see hidden files on ubuntu 14.04 ?22:57
zykotick9ademoglu: from terminal?  "ls -a"22:58
nith1210ademoglu: in the gui, ctrl+h22:58
lisotoday I started ubuntu and for some reason the network doesn't work.I have dual boot, so I switched to windows and network works fine. the connection of ubuntu is like always with dhcp, I changed nothing, it just stopped working. what can I do?22:58
ademogluthanks a lot22:58
zykotick9nith1210: s/gui/nautilus/ i believe ;)22:58
nith1210zykotick9: which is the default gui22:58
diecastartsanyone have an idea why I be getting a badwindow error ???22:59
zykotick9nith1210: natuilus is a file manager, NOT a gui ;)22:59
ademogluon ubuntu 14.04 i have mouse problem, are there anyone like me ?22:59
AssociateXAh, geez! I haven't upgraded for a while, I just noticed that I'm on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS. Derp22:59
jobartehi guys23:00
zykotick9AssociateX: i'd guess, the upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 won't be offered, by default, until the first point release of 14.04.123:00
jobarteis possible to create a historical data from nload command?23:00
veryhappyanother question: any revision control available for ubuntu system and /home?23:00
TillerI currently run a dual boot of Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.10. Recently, whenever I have tried to log in to Ubuntu, my mouse cursor won't show up and I can't connect to the internet. Should I just download the new version of Ubuntu and install it over 13.10?23:00
kingplusplushello guys i need some help here... after upgrading from 13.04 to 14.04 xubuntu. I found a keyboard icon named ibus i guess. It has changed my UK keyboard to that of US how can i revert and remove the ibus because the preference options doesn't do anythong when i rightclick the icon on status trya23:00
AssociateXzykotick9, how would I force it?23:02
kupo_14.10 is going to be a unicorn23:02
kupo_how cute23:02
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zykotick9AssociateX: i'm not sure, but there _is_ a way...23:02
kupo_cool y ppa manager works now23:04
lisotoday I started ubuntu and for some reason the network doesn't work.I have dual boot, so I switched to windows and network works fine. the connection of ubuntu is like always with dhcp, I changed nothing, it just stopped working. what can I do?23:04
AssociateXzykotick9, thanks, I'll start looking on google.23:04
Kaye18 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bitly.com/1gAh6Jy23:04
zykotick9AssociateX: s/google/duckduckgo|startpage/ would be my recommendation ;)23:04
veryhappyis there any possibility i can manage my system with a "revision system" or like let's say snapshots? i'm using a netbook and i just want to be sure to have a functioning version of my system i can always go back to.23:06
kingplusplusplease can someone advise how to fix this problem? I upgraded from 13.04 to 14.04 but apache isn't working as nornal. It doesn't load files in /var/www/ rather it shows something different23:06
zykotick9veryhappy: that's a feature that makes ZFS (a non-gnu linux native) filesystem, really cool.  it's like "system restore" (ala MS) at a file system level.  for gnu/linux though, i'm not aware of such an option (though one might exist!)23:10
jobarteis possible to create a historical data from nload command?23:11
veryhappyzykotick9: a friend of mine showed me a video where as far as i remember someone used a hammer on 2 hard drives of a raid with zfs and the data were still complete :D23:13
zykotick9veryhappy: zfs is pretty cool, too bad it wasn't copyleft...23:14
kingplusplushello guys i have upgraded but localhost doesn't load It works anymore when i type it in browser23:14
AssociateXzykotick9, found it, thanks23:14
zykotick9AssociateX: nice...  good luck (you'll probably need it)23:15
veryhappyzykotick9: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS23:16
zykotick9veryhappy: ZFS will never be linux-native :(  the fuse driver, or out-of-kernel-tree driver is... ahh... i wouldn't trust/use it...23:16
AndChat278529@kingplusplus more detail??23:17
veryhappyzykotick9: there gotta be a way23:17
ki7rwi can't seem to get skype to install on trusty - neither 32 bit nor 64 bit23:18
veryhappylike for users like me messing up their system due to all my things that i'm trying out23:18
ki7rwgoogling hasn't turned up an answer yet23:18
zykotick9veryhappy: oh, i imageine there _is_ a way, but I wouldn't personally use it.  if you want a stable (ie non-breaking system) you might consider a different distro?!?!23:18
luckst0rrdont use zfs fuse, go with zfs on linux23:18
SteveH0I'm trying to rsync from one of my servers to another, but when I do, I get "Port 22: Connection refused".  I can ssh from each system to the the other, and (obviously) can ping them.  Can anyone suggest a way around this "thinko"?23:18
veryhappyki7rw: download the multiarch version skype-ubuntu-precise_4.2.0.13-1_i386 (http://www.skype.com/pt/download-skype/skype-for-linux/downloading/?type=ubuntu64)23:20
veryhappyTo install: right click > Open with Ubuntu Software Center > Install23:20
berendSteveH0: try -v to see if that gives more info.23:20
nith1210veryhappy: depending on what you're doing, chroot's might do what you want. It depends on what exactly you're "trying out".23:20
veryhappyzykotick9: ubuntu is the best distribution that fits my needs23:20
ki7rwveryhappy: i tried to install it with the ubuntu software center and got an error on multiarch also23:20
veryhappynith1210: well good idea....23:21
veryhappybut i'm sometimes breaking my system just by installing something for my actual system... strange23:21
veryhappythen i'd need a revision control system or a snapshot23:21
zykotick9veryhappy: you'll have to "expect" breakages, and have backups...  <- but if it suits you best?23:22
veryhappyki7rw: In Software & Updates set Download from: Main Server23:22
orbisvicisim in a bit of a touch spot... only one vmlinuz/initrd and it is missing some libs (which I fixed in a fedora livecd) but now it is mot activating lvm volume groups. How do I fix this ?23:23
veryhappyzykotick9: i just thought there'd be a way23:23
orbisvicisif anyone knows what the lvm hook does, perhaps I can recreate that23:23
ryankrizanHello. I installed 14.04 fresh this afternoon, and promptly updated the OS, and installed gnome-shell via terminal. However LightDM doesn't even have the selector wheel to select Gnome instead of "Ubuntu"23:25
Daekdroom!info gnome-session23:26
ubottugnome-session (source: gnome-session): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME 3 session. In component main, is optional. Version 3.9.90-0ubuntu12 (trusty), package size 10 kB, installed size 266 kB23:26
diecastartscan someone please take a look at this.. having a problem running any game from steam. almost opens and getting a badwindow error from x11 here is the pastebin        http://pastebin.com/pRNmtQSu23:26
Daekdroomryankrizan, I think you need the gnome-session package for it to appear in the login screen.23:26
ryankrizanjust installed. Trying now, be right back.23:27
ki7rwveryhappy: can't get it to install - very strange since the other upgraded-to-trusty boxes are working ok with skype23:27
bruceveinim pretty sure software raid is the culprit for my problems23:27
veryhappydiecastarts: your program has a segmentation fault http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segmentation_fault23:29
veryhappyki7rw: try this way http://www.enqlu.com/2014/03/how-to-install-skype-42-in-ubuntu-1404.html23:30
diecastartsveryhappy, thanks reading up23:30
zykotick9diecastarts: sidenote - i know, i'm not alone, in never visiting pastebin.com, you might want to consider alternative paste sites in future, paste.ubuntu.com as one option23:30
ki7rwveryhappy: already tried that23:30
irssiuserwant to dist-upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04LTS. downloaded & mounted loop iso23:31
irssiuserhow do I do dist-upgrade from cdrom?23:31
kupo_you all stoked that 14.10 will be  unicorn?23:31
zykotick9kupo_: non-support questions belong in #ubuntu-offtopic23:32
kupo_oh my bad23:32
veryhappyki7rw: download skype from the original site http://www.skype.com/en/ and open the file with ubuntu-software-center, maybe that helps23:33
diecastartsok well this wiki tell me what it is but no ways to fix it23:33
ki7rwtried that also23:33
chedda1anybody know what utility allows you to use your keyboard/mouse across different systems?23:34
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diecastartsSo how do i fix a Segmentation_fault.23:36
diecastartsseem odd all was working.. till i booted up and steam updated today.23:37
zykotick9diecastarts: you probably don't.  use better software?23:37
diecastartsif you no going to say something helpful then keep it to yourself please23:39
kiilo@diecastarts probably hard to fix ... can you do a paste.http://paste.ubuntu.com23:41
* ki7rw just loves it when a distro upgrade breaks stuff23:41
ki7rwi'll just have to try a fresh install23:42
diecastartsk I try to start a game again and make a new paste23:42
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kiilooki sorry i didnt see your paste23:42
diecastartsOk i think that is from the start of the running L4D2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/7318463/23:46
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cccc----I'm compiling with make\gcc23:47
cccc----./include/AESEngine.h:21:25: fatal error: openssl/aes.h: No such file or directory23:47
cccc----On debian I can compile this same library without issue any idea what package i need23:47
cccc-----this same source23:47
cccc----openssl has to be installed...23:48
cccc----yeah it is23:48
_irssiuserhow do I dist-upgrade from cdrom?23:48
kiilommmh - "/home/diecastarts/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/dota 2 beta/dota.sh: line 81:" - what is in line 81???23:48
daftykins_irssiuser: dist-upgrade doesn't have anything to do with upgrading version23:49
cccc----maybe i need lib-ssl-dev23:49
diecastartskiilo, will look.. but this happening to all games i run from steam23:49
cccc----yeah that worked sorry all23:49
zykotick9daftykins: well... sorta...23:49
_irssiuserdaftykins how do I upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04LTS using a cdrom?23:49
daftykins_irssiuser: i think you need an alternate CD for that, standard desktop image won't work23:50
zykotick9_irssiuser: that is a better question!  re: daftykins comment.23:50
daftykinszykotick9: i should've qualified that further with 'distribution version' perhaps.23:50
_irssiuserdaftykins what iso image do I use23:50
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.23:50
daftykins_irssiuser: 'alternate'23:51
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD23:51
zykotick9_irssiuser: i believe, but could be wrong, that the regular dvd can now be used for the purpose you want -- but certainly don't know how.  downloading is certainly the easiest.23:51
zykotick9rww: thanks for the confirmation ;)23:52
_irssiuserdaftykins I burned a regular dvd of amd64 desktop Ubuntu 14.04 LTS23:52
daftykinsah ok, my friends 12.04 install did ask if it should use the 14.04 Live image as an upgrade source23:52
veryhappychedda1: synergy23:52
daftykins_irssiuser: ok so just boot in to 13.10, insert the DVD then you'll get prompted to use it as a software update source23:53
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chedda1@veryhappy thank you!23:53
veryhappychedda1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynergyHowto23:53
chedda1thank you sir!23:53
diecastartskiilo, here i cannot find out how to get the right line23:54
veryhappyno offense, in my job i'm a customer consultant / call center agent, so i know how to provide solutions :)23:57
d248passing by23:57
chedda1keep up the good fight, your doing good23:58
veryhappythank you23:58
veryhappyd248: how can we help you?23:58
d248just see if i can join the crew23:59
geartrooperinstalling 14.04 fresh but I don't know how to set up the partitions23:59
* d248 lurking23:59

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