Doc__My monitor died so I hooker up a spare...  Now my resolution is way more than the old LCD can handle.  I am running Ubuntu Studio 13.04.  How can I rest to a lower res or reset back to defaults?00:02
Doc__Thanks so much for any help...00:02
Doc__btw - I am currently upgrading to 14.0400:03
OvenWerk1setting manager -> Display ?00:13
Doc__sorry to say I am not sure....  (been a long time since install00:19
Doc__upgrade complete00:19
Doc__i thought is was lightdm00:19
stephen_n00b here, I am trying to record and playback with ardour and jack, I started jack with QjackCtrl but can't seem to start Ardour?06:41
jwshey there guys, wondering if someone might have an idea of what my issue could be regarding an audio problem?13:20
zequencejws: What kind of problem are you having?13:26
jwsjust did a fresh install of studio 14.04 and have no onboard sound. HDMI audio is showing through both my 270x's, but the sound from my motherboard is not listed anywhere. It's an asrock 990fx extreme3. I've tried installing alsa-oss, arecord -l list no devices, a cat /proc/asound/cards only lists the hdmi (which I tuned off in alsamixer) - and I'm poking around with dmidecode just to see if something is listed there.13:28
zequencejws: Sounds like alsa is not recognizing it. I'm pretty sure any configuration or installation is not going to help13:29
zequencejws: Report a bug, please. In a terminal: ubuntu-bug alsa-base13:29
jwsI'd just think that the 990fx e3 has been out for quite a while now, seems a fairly distributed board..13:30
zequencejws: Most of those boards have standard chips, and you rarely get problems with those13:30
zequencejws: Sure you didn't disable it in your computer system settings (BIOS)?13:31
jwsI turned the setting from auto to enabled - which was someone else's suggestion. but I've tried it both ways13:32
zequencejws: Ok. Sounds like it's a bug with ALSA then. Please report a bug, if you haven't.13:34
jwsI'm wondering if the r9 270's hdmi audio may be conflicting, or if I should just go buy a $20 soundblaster audigy from bestbuy. lol I did report a bug13:34
jwshdmi audio works fine, but I really don't feel like having my tv hooked up to my computer just to be able to hear what I'm recording. I do a weekly podcast for vertcoin and it's a bit awkward to switch around. lol13:36
jwsI'm hesitant to grab a usb sound solution just because I use a lightsnake xlr to usb and I don't want to cause any unknown issues with that.13:37
zequencejws: I would install either 13.10 (supported for another 3 months), or 12.04 for production use, if any of those work for you currently.13:39
zequence..and check if the bug got fixed later. 14.04.1 comes out in about 6 months, and could have that bug fixed.13:40
jwshonestly, I haven't tried the lightsnake cable on this new install of studio 14.04, but it worked excellently on my old install of 14.04. Hmmm.. think an older distribution may have a chance with the onboard audio as well?13:40
zequencejws: Ah, so you havent' tried the onboard with any other Linux distro?13:40
zequence..or release?13:41
zequencejws: You could try a live image of an older release and give it a shot13:42
jwsI recently swapped out this motherboard from an asus  m5a78l - that was with my previous install of ubuntu 14.04. Since then no sound. Decided to backup data and do a fresh install then with studio 14.0413:42
jwson the asus sound was working flawlessly13:42
jwsunfortunately the asus only has room for 1 pcie x16 gpu so I upgraded to have the second card13:43
zequenceWell, different MB all together. Trying an older image is a good way to make sure there isn't a regression in current versions of alsa13:43
zequenceFind out what chip it is13:43
zequenceIF it's a known chip, and it doesn't work, then your MB could be faulty13:44
zequenceOtherwise, perhaps ALSA hasn't started supporting it. And, in that case, you need to turn to them for information and whether you can get it working at all13:44
jwstrue. come to think of it, I don't think I got sound working under windowz either, but I didn't throw much effort at it.13:44
zequenceI need to get going. Hope you find out what the problem is13:45
jwssure.. any recommendations on a pci sound solution? bb has audigy and a few others in stock near me13:45
jwsthanks for the help13:47
zequencejws: I think most cards are ok. I never use that sort of cards for recording though, only listening. For recording I use something that was made for studio recording - sometimes called semi-pro cards, such as m-audio13:57
zequenceCheap, but well preforming13:58
dsockwel1`I've got a pulseaudio device (a source/sink pair) on a linux machine that I'd like to pipe through jack to a particular port on my 7.1 sound card to interface it via patch cables with a windows machine that is too dumb to do anything but use its onboard sound card, and which will probably stay that way.14:47
dsockwel1`Jack/pulseaudio currently know about the sound card on the Linux machine through ALSA14:47
dsockwel1`and the one stereo I have set up for system audio through the patch cable works well also.14:48
dsockwel1`How can jack/pulseaudio find out about the second audio device on the Linux machine?14:48
dsockwel1`If I can manipulate the headset (that's what the second device is) within jack/patchage/qjackctl I can work out the rest, probably, but currently only PulseAudio sees the thing14:50
dsockwel1`I seem to understand that JackD needs to have access to the actual hardware, and PulseAudio is only to distribute it to software clients14:51
dsockwel1`oh - qjackctl will let me select multiple ALSA (i presume) devices. Is this what I need to be doing?14:52
dsockwel1`or else can simple redirection like this be done inside pulse with maybe a loopback module?14:56
dsockwel1`i've found http://jackaudio.org/multiple_devices and i suppose i'll just work it out for myself here for anyone who might come back around for the logs15:01
Jordan_UHow can I properly convert a png to a 16 shades of grey bmp? Alternatively, since this is actually being displayed with a microcontroller (to a 16 shades of yellow OLED display), how can I get the pixel data as a simple array of pixels, 2 pixels per byte, that I can easily loop through in my code?19:15
zequenceJordan_U: Not a lot of graphic artist hanging here usually, but you could try somewhere else, like #gimp20:19
Jordan_Uzequence: Thanks.20:22

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