endoSo, I booted things up.00:04
endoI changed things in the BIOS. If I set it to EUFI only it will not boot Windows 7 64bit (rather, it will boot but hang on loading CLASSPNP.SYS or something). If I enable something called "CSM" support for legacy boot, it will boot.00:05
endoI have started up the LiveCD for Xubuntu 14.04 64bit, and at the start it says (it comes and goes very quickly) "Could not find */Boot/EUFI"00:06
endoIt might say "Not Found" and those might be backslashes, and that asterisk might not be there. I don't know for sure.00:07
endoHowever my BIOS is set to EUFI with CSM support.00:07
endoLet me try and install.00:07
knomexubuntu192, we can't see your local files00:10
knome!imagebin | xubuntu19200:10
ubottuxubuntu192: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:10
xubuntu192error copy/paste soory00:10
endoHow many times does the installer CD spin up and down before it goes forward into the main installation off the livecd?00:11
endotwo dozen? three?00:11
endoWhere the hell00:13
Jok3rhave you tried to install via usb?00:13
endo"Installation type"00:13
endoJok3r: Doesn't matter. It went.00:13
knomeendo, calm down and watch your language00:13
endo"This computer currently has no detected operating systems. What would you like to do?00:13
peyamendo, alot. it lays everything on the Ram. so alot00:13
endoSomething else00:13
peyamendo, can you open gparted and see what you have there?00:14
peyamwith the cd00:14
* peyam just convert a friend of mine to Xubuntu.00:14
peyamknome, does it matter what server one is using or does all updates uploades atomatically to all servers? have been wondering it00:18
Unit193peyam: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors00:19
endoI have some sort of recover partition at the end. And there are two odd partitions at the begnning00:20
Unit193One small one at the start of the drive is the UEFI boot drive.00:20
peyamwhat is odd partitions?00:21
endoUnknown. This is a Lenovo OEM install of Windows 7, so it could be something nonstandard.00:22
peyamåhhh ur system is fu**ked up now00:22
Poisoned_Dragonthey might be part of a diagnostic partition00:22
Unit193peyam: Watch the language.00:23
Unit193peyam: You should know better by now, really.00:23
endopeyam: Why is it?00:23
peyamUnit193, ;)00:24
endoUnit193: The EUFI boot partition uses FAT32?00:24
Unit193endo: FAT32 is the UEFI boot partition, I'd say the 14G one is the "recovery" partition.00:24
peyamendo, okej okej.. thats allright.. you have urpartitions thats good. but you have no free space00:24
endoYes. But it doesn't explain why /dev/sda3 aka Windows7_OS isn't picked up by the windows installer00:24
endopeyam: Are you a troll?00:25
endoby the xubuntu installer*00:25
peyamendo, you have 451 GB, you have the disk full00:25
peyamI dont know. its a windows issue00:25
Unit193endo: Do you have a Windows system drive and a Windows data drive? (sda2 and sda3)00:25
endoI do not know what sda2 is. It is too small to be a system drive.00:26
xubuntu447bummer I tried apt-get distro-upgrade and now I am getting all kinds of python errors and cannot update or roll back anything00:26
endopeyam: Not really a Windows issue. It is a ubiquity installer issue.00:26
xubuntu447xubuntu 13.10 -> 14.0400:26
Poisoned_Dragonclean install, please00:27
peyamendo, sindows makes 2 partitions. one for the boot and one for the system itself. the one for the loade is messed up00:27
peyamPoisoned_Dragon, +100:27
endoAlright. So what now?00:27
Unit193xubuntu447: At what point did it break?00:28
knomepeyam, can you stop making pointless guesses?00:28
peyamendo, use the recovery to fic the problem.00:28
Unit193xubuntu447: And, what command did you use, exactly?00:28
endopeyam: No.00:28
endoknome: What do you think it could be?00:28
peyamknome, it's not pointless. I had exactly same problem once.00:28
xubuntu447UNIT193 <> after dist-upgrade00:28
knomeendo, i don't know, but i'd keep both sda1/sda2.00:28
knomeendo, for why sda3 is not picked up, ntfs00:29
peyamknome, and dont talk to me that way. i dont care who you are00:29
Unit193xubuntu447: That's not a distro upgrade, just standard updates.00:29
xubuntu447apt-get dist-upgrade00:29
knomepeyam, last warning and you are out. and you know what that means this time.00:29
endoOf course. However if the installer does not pick up that there is another OS then GRUB will not present it at boot.00:29
xubuntu447oh... sigh00:29
Unit193xubuntu447: Can you run  sudo dpkg --configure -a  ?00:29
endoknome: What do you mean? It is not picked up because it is NTFS?00:29
xubuntu447ill try hold on00:29
peyamknome, stop confuse the gut with you linux talks then!00:30
knomepeyam, i'm sorry, but this is a linux support channel.00:30
Unit193peyam: You seem to be the one confused, please just stop.00:30
endoSomeone ban peyam?00:30
Unit193endo: Can you use the Windows partition editor to give yourself some free, unallocated space to install?00:30
peyamUnit193, knome the easiest way to fix it is to inser a windows dvd and make the bootloader safe again! it's not even a linux issue00:30
knomepeyam, you can stop now.00:31
xubuntu447uh ok its building inital module for 3.11.0-919 generic00:31
xubuntu447Errors were encountered while processing00:31
knomeendo, are you looking for a dual boot, or just xubuntu?00:31
xubuntu447ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk  apport-gtk  python-apport  update-manager-core  update-notifier  unattended-upgrades  ubuntu-release-upgrader-core  python3-gdbm:amd64  python3-distupgrade  aptdaemon  gconf2  python3-gi-cairo  apport  update-notifier-common  xubuntu-default-settings00:31
Unit193xubuntu447: Pastes to paste.ubuntu.com.00:31
xubuntu447ahaha sry pastebin00:32
endoUnit193: The installer should do that anyways, with resizing using parted. Even if I used some Windows partition editor instead, the installer would move over the Windows install and install GRUB as a bootloader without the option to boot windows.00:32
endoknome: Dual boot.00:32
Unit193endo: os-prober should be able to pick it up.00:32
endoUnit193: Free space isn't the issue here.00:33
endoroot@xubuntu:~# os-prober00:33
endo/dev/sda1@/efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi:Windows Boot Manager:Windows:efi00:33
endoI'm not sure what this did, but should I rerun the installer now?00:33
xubuntu447oops did I get the boot00:35
knomexubuntu447, no, you're fine. just wait patiently :)00:35
xubuntu447oh hey no problem I've been looking at this for days now00:35
* Unit193 wonders what's up with /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libploop.so.100:36
endoUnit193: What is the 1mb space at the beginning of the disk? Should not the EUFI FAT32 partition be at the very beginning00:36
xubuntu447I know I previously installed openvz00:36
endoThe installer *still* does not detect windows.00:37
endoos-prober does00:37
Unit193xubuntu447: What does  dpkg -S /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libploop.so.1  tell you?00:37
xubuntu447ok hold plse00:38
Unit193I'd say openvz messed things up a tad.00:38
peyamendo, so it is when u dont litsen to me00:38
xubuntu447libploop1:amd64: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libploop.so.100:38
endopeyam: shut the FUCK up00:38
knomeendo, and you, clean up your mouth00:39
endoBut maybe he is right. 'fixparts' might help.00:39
xubuntu447yeh I thinks me get plopped on00:39
knomexubuntu447, you're still fine00:39
Unit193Hah.  Well, lets see here.00:39
Unit193endo: os-prober used to help grub find disks, and add them to the boot menu.00:40
endoDoes EUFI use an MBR?00:40
xubuntu447when I upgrade to python3 is when the real ploop hits the fan00:40
Unit193UEFI is a bit of black magic to me, I've installed on it once, and it fully worked, but...00:40
Unit193endo: I'm not sure what to really tell you past what I have, so..00:41
endoos-prober should help the installer know to let grub add them to the boot menu00:41
endoas it stands I have to either use the entire disk for xubuntu00:41
xubuntu447I was thinking if I upgraded to 14.04 problems would just disappear00:42
endofixparts - MBR partition table repair utility00:42
Unit193xubuntu447: That would be `do-release-upgrade`00:42
knomexubuntu447, you haven't upgraded to 14.04, as Unit193 told you... dist-upgrade doesn't get you to the next version00:42
xubuntu447what are some apt source.lists I should pay attention too?00:43
xubuntu447what shold I have in my sources.list file00:44
xubuntu447for the upgrade00:44
knomexubuntu447, you shouldn't edit the file manually for the upgrade00:44
knomexubuntu447, if you have done that, you might have broken something by doing that00:44
xubuntu447well I have added some stuff for zfs00:45
endoIf you do anything manually these days you break things. Use BSD if you want to do that.00:45
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:45
endoI have an mSATA SSD coming in the mail tomorrow night, or the morning after that. Maybe I will wait until that arrives to install.00:45
Unit193endo: I recommend a good backup of Windows, then have at it.00:47
endoI have backups.00:47
endoNot current.00:47
endoSo hm00:47
endoYears ago this stuff used to be fun.00:48
knomeyears ago this stuff wasn't this convoluted..00:48
xubuntu447bummer again :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/7311101/00:49
endoWhatever it was. LVM and EVMS made it complex with softraid underneath.00:49
xubuntu447I looked up that error and kept getting google results for a bug, but couldn't figure out what to do00:50
kupo_no terminal in new whisker menu?00:50
endoUnit193: Just as well to wait. You can't encrypt your Windows system partition using Truecrypt if installed on EUFI.00:50
endoI don't want to risk my data at rest.00:51
kupo_Anyone else not have a terminal in whisker menu or did i goof somehow00:51
Unit193xubuntu447: ...Well that's fun, did you forcefully remove part of python3?00:52
xubuntu447uh..... maybe00:53
kupo_oh. took it out with menu editor on odl menu. fixed00:53
Unit193xubuntu447: sudo apt-get install -f  do anything good for you?00:53
cyborgcygnusformatted a hdd to ext4 & then to btrfs, I can't copy or paste anything to the hdd no matter what format I put it in, can't make new folders in it. Am I supposed to set permissions for myself? No permissions options come up at all upon right clicking the hdd00:53
Unit193endo: Sounds like a plan, haven't used TC drive encryption for a while since it's windows, but good to know.  Might be on their roadmap even.00:54
Unit193http://www.truecrypt.org/future Yep.00:54
endoUnit193: Does Ubuntu 14.04 support nvidia optimus?00:54
Unit193!info nvidia-prime‎00:55
ubottunvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.2 (trusty), package size 10 kB, installed size 86 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)00:55
xubuntu447oh thank you thank you I got a birthday present today... something I did got my virtual box kernel stuff working again so no I can go back to work with my broke ass system Thanks people.. I'll have to tackle this another day00:55
endoi think i'm going to just buy a mac00:57
knomeand install xubuntu on it?00:57
endono that would ruin it00:57
xubuntu447oh I saw that before I left... I install sarge on the the first OSX server "powerpc" and ran samba on it for years... what an awesome machine that was00:58
xubuntu447definitly buy a mac and put debian on it you'll be so happy with joyness00:59
xubuntu447ok thanks again by by00:59
cyborgcygnusThe only use for a mac pc would be to put a Free Linux OS Distro on it01:00
maroufihi knome01:00
maroufiare you01:00
cyborgcygnusWhat was that that software thingy you guys recommended one time to use with zsync to get faster downloads?01:13
cyborgcygnusWhat's the go with Thunar? Can't you copy & paste files with it?01:23
krytarikcyborgcygnus: Why don't you tell us why you think you can't? :P01:28
cyborgcygnuskrytarik, Because I have 4 hdds that I've tried to copy things between each other in the default file browser aka Thunar & when I go into the other hard drives no such option comes up for the paste, I can't make new folders or files in newly formatted hdd's either.01:34
krytarikcyborgcygnus: That's likely a permissions issue then.01:34
cyborgcygnusThe permissions on the new formatted drive is blanked out when I view it. The other drives say I have permissions.01:35
cyborgcygnuskrytarik, ^01:35
cyborgcygnuskrytarik, any idea on how to give myself permissions on that drive?01:51
krytarikcyborgcygnus: Are they MS-formatted drives?01:52
krytarik!fstab | cyborgcygnus01:52
ubottucyborgcygnus: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:52
cyborgcygnusThe one I'm trying to set a steam library folder in isn't, the hard drives I'm trying to copy stuff from is.01:52
nomic question ... the little notifications when you mouseover panel items, are irritating ... how do I get rid of them on mouseover. Have never figured that out (xubuntu 12.04) http://imgur.com/CbU4An301:54
krytarikcyborgcygnus: Is the first one the newly formatted drive where the permissions are "blanked out"?01:55
cyborgcygnuskrytarik, Yep, it says it's owned by the root as well.01:55
krytarikcyborgcygnus: Yep, exactly. :P01:55
krytariknomic: How about this?: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/launcher01:57
oneof3hello. how do i know if i canmake a copy of a dvd on my notebook?01:58
krytarikoneof3: You mean like with Xfburn? :P02:00
nomicxfce4-panel --plugin-event launcher:disable-tooltips:bool:true  <- worked02:01
krytarikWelcome. :)02:01
nomicwas like -- u know -- something gets in the way of something I need to see on the screen.  & I RAGE.02:01
oneof3if my hardware cna burn cd cna it copy and burn one?02:07
Poisoned_DragonIt should02:07
Poisoned_DragonDunno about the copyright protection though02:07
Poisoned_DragonMight have issues there02:08
oneof3ill try ty02:08
oneof3looking for xfburn02:42
oneof3is there command to launch it?02:43
krytarikoneof3: It's a GUI tool. :)02:43
oneof3under multimedia, got it02:44
oneof3is it pretty simple to just pop in a dvd, copy it contents to another dvd02:46
oneof3is the dvd drive under filesystem or home?02:46
KekaiIs there a way I can download the Disk app to check my HDD for errors03:19
Unit193!info gnome-disks03:21
ubottuPackage gnome-disks does not exist in trusty03:21
Kekai!info gnome-disk-utility03:21
ubottugnome-disk-utility (source: gnome-disk-utility): manage and configure disk drives and media. In component main, is optional. Version 3.10.0-1ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 207 kB, installed size 1204 kB03:21
VyrlokarHeya, what's the status of hybrid graphics on Xubuntu 14.04? I ask because I do have to install it on an nVidia Optimus muxless laptop, installed with nomodeset, installed proprietary drivers, and rebooted without nomodeset, and it still blackscreens06:54
p1roVyrlokar,  i read it was working fine07:09
p1rogoogle for it07:09
koegsmaybe this info helps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics07:10
Vyrlokarp1ro: I'm doing so, it's a clean install to a separate partition07:10
p1roif i remember well it was ati/intel07:10
VyrlokarI'm trying to use the officially supported by nVidia Nvidia Prime system, I got it working with bumblebee in another partition under 13.1007:10
VyrlokarSince the computer is for a non-technical user, I need to make it so he can run with the discrete card without having to summon the command line for opti/primus-run07:14
phm-grand_jctanyone know where to get the package transcode2vob for Brasero?07:24
phm-grand_jctI am having extreme difficulties burning dvds for a tv07:24
phm-grand_jctI tried ImgBurn, having created the ISO with DVDStyler - no good07:25
phm-grand_jctTried Brasero, using same image - no good07:25
phm-grand_jctNoticed missing plugins, now trying to find TRANSCODE2VOB07:25
phm-grand_jctgoogle turns up very little07:25
cfhowlett!info transcode2vob07:26
ubottuPackage transcode2vob does not exist in trusty07:26
bazhang!info devede07:26
ubottudevede (source: devede): simple application to create Video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.23.0~ds1-5ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1848 kB, installed size 3894 kB07:26
bazhangwhy not use devede phm-grand_jct07:27
phm-grand_jctTried it first07:27
phm-grand_jcton 13.1007:27
phm-grand_jctGonna try it again07:27
phm-grand_jctOn my last attempt, dvdauthor was not installed07:28
bazhanghow old is the tv07:28
phm-grand_jctthe player is fairly old, maybe 5+ years07:29
bazhangthe tv07:29
phm-grand_jctit's separate07:30
phm-grand_jcttrying devede now07:30
bazhanghow old07:30
phm-grand_jctvery old, but the tv is not throwing the error07:30
phm-grand_jctit's displaying everyting from the dvd player07:30
bazhangno hdmi then07:30
phm-grand_jctright, nor ability for google tv07:31
phm-grand_jcthad an xbox and was using minidlna for awhile07:31
anarcheehi all08:23
RainwaveXubuntu 14.04 upgraded from 13.10 on a laptop; when I plug and unplug a keyboard (to move to a meeting/etc) Xubuntu forgets my keyboard repeat rate for the external keyboard.08:26
RainwaveAny ideas/known issues?08:26
RainwaveEasily reproducible bug08:27
deltquestion, how do i clear an iptables rule after i set it?08:32
delt(without rebooting)08:33
deltfound it. i can just specify the same rule but with -D instead of, say -I for insert08:49
xubuntu329Hello Xubuntu world, Does anybody what the good keyboard code when I install Xubuntu on a IBM laptop G40, US international with dead keys is not good, @key is not above key 2, See some info, Spidey-Westland09:14
bekksxubuntu329: Depends on the keyboard layout of your laptop.09:15
Rainwavetraditional Thinkpad: http://www.saigontek.ca/laptop/Large/IBM%20G40-B.jpg09:16
Rainwaveassuming he has the US versioj09:17
xubuntu329Howdy Rainwave, the *.jpg is not so as the keyborad on my laptop, I think that this is a US version09:18
Rainwavethe JPG I linked *is* the US version09:20
bekksxubuntu329: is it an QWERTZ, QWERTY or an AZERTY keyboard?09:20
RainwaveI have to get going, good luck09:20
xubuntu329@bekks, the keyboard is qwert, but on key2 see I "2 and little 209:22
bekksxubuntu329: qwerty or qwertz?09:22
xubuntu419Hi! I have problems wtih menulibre on xubuntu 14.04 lts. When I add folder to menulibre I don't get it in my Whisker menu.09:23
bekksxubuntu329: try identifying your keyboard here: http://www.terena.org/activities/multiling/ml-mua/test/kbd-all.html09:25
xubuntu329@xubuntu419, I see this not, but my laptop chrashed, I restart with recorvery and after this I hit in "startx" now I can reastrat the laptop with my ID09:27
xubuntu419xubuntu329, I am not sure what you are saying09:30
phm-grand_jctwell, devede did not work either09:31
phm-grand_jctbut it may have been because it was formatting in PAL09:31
phm-grand_jctso i am trying with NTSC and see if that works09:31
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest81843
xubuntu329go to down, searching for another info of my keyboard.09:35
MopsieHi,  I was here yesterday asking a question about the WhiskerMenu in Xubuntu 14.04.  I am trying to edit the WhiskerMenu > System so that it displays things like About Me and System Updater.  It was sugested to remove all the categories and just add system, but this then removes the icons from the System Screen.  Any idea how I can have a link in both the menu and on the system screen?09:48
bluesabrehey Mopsie, You can create a second launcher to "/usr/bin/mugshot" with different categories.10:11
haoslinux newb here - if i have several apps compiled from source and few installed from repositories on my xubuntu 13.10 is it safe to upgrade to 14.10?11:34
haosi mean - will the apps stay unchanged or i will need to compile/install them again?11:35
haos*upgrade to 14.0411:35
haosfor example - these apps rely on qt4/5 and i see libqt5core5 will be removed and libqt5core5a will be installed - will this have any impact on the already compiled/installed apps?411:38
knomehaos, should not, but if they are applications that aren't in the repositories, and you want to be sure, check their websites11:40
xubuntu411After I upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04 some of my programs won't display when I start them, recently vlc for example, while mostly the other stuff works fine. Can someone help me troubleshoot?11:42
haosty knome11:47
diegowsI've touched a combination of keys that I don't know and now I have the display with an effect of zoom in :P11:50
diegowsalt+scrool whell :P11:51
xubuntu411Anyone can help me troubleshoot? Having problem after upgrading from 13.10 to 14.0411:57
bekksxubuntu411: Not unless you tell us about your actual problem.11:58
xubuntu411bekks: Programs like eclipse and vlc doesn't work anymore, I have tried reinstalling but doesn't work either.11:59
xubuntu411bekks: I tried using software center, via terminal and as well downloading from website and doing it manually.11:59
bekksxubuntu411: Startthem in terminal to see the actual error message.11:59
xubuntu411bekks: There is no error message. For eclipse I see the logo but nothing happens after that. No information given in terminal12:00
drachesAre there known bugs in xubuntu 14.04 related to suspending and power management in general? I'm having erratic troubles when returning from suspend or even from a lock screen. Still trying to pinpoint them to ask a more specific question but maybe someone can already know something about it. cheers12:02
bekksxubuntu411: Which java version do you use?12:03
xubuntu411bekks: I force kill eclipse and I get this error msg12:03
xubuntu411bekks: 712:03
drachesxubuntu411, open the program from the terminal (open a terminal and type 'vlc' or 'eclipse') to see any errors that might pop up.12:04
xubuntu411draches: I did and I dont see error, only when I force cancel it with ctrl c12:05
bekksxubuntu411: Which java version do you use?12:05
xubuntu411draches: something about corrupted double-linked java list : 0x012:05
bekksxubuntu411: 7 what?12:05
xubuntu411bekks: open jdk 7 something, how can I see it? I know it was latest when it worked before I upgraded to 14.0412:07
xubuntu411bekks: and that was 1 day ago12:07
bekksxubuntu411: dpkg -l | grep jdk12:07
bekksxubuntu411: I'd use the Oracle JDK instead.12:11
xubuntu411bekks: This is the error I get after I close eclipse: http://pastebin.com/WC1T1mjR12:12
bekksxubuntu411: Those errors are the reason for not using openjdk ;)12:12
xubuntu411bekks: Alright, I guess I will switch then... But then there's vlc which doesn't work either.12:14
bekksxubuntu411: then start it in terminal and look out for the error.12:14
xubuntu411bekks: I start it in terminal but I see no error here either, its visible in the panel but doesnt display on any screen12:15
xubuntu411bekks: http://pastebin.com/8bfy0nSr12:16
xubuntu411bekks: That is all it says when I run it from terminal12:17
starratsjust installed the release version of 14.04, hoping there was no freeze at start-up and there was unfortunately, a nick here said I might need updated driver for this problem,13:10
starratsusing AMD Radeon Graphics13:10
starratswhat driver do you recommend?  anyone13:11
bekkswhich graphics chipset exactly do you have?13:13
starratsbekks is there a way on term to let me know this info?13:14
bekkslspci will tell you.13:15
starratsah ok13:15
starratsit's a Radeon HD 6480G13:17
starratswhen I went to Settings Manager and hit the Drivers button it came back that my driver was the best13:19
starratsor most current13:19
starratsthe nick that told me about an update also mentioned something about 'restricted drivers'?13:20
bekks!ati | starrats13:20
ubottustarrats: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:20
starratsah okay will do, thanks bekks13:21
starratsbekks:  I'm using the best driver available thru the Addtional Drivers tab/box in Settings Manager, so there must something else wrong13:30
sonnei just updated to 14.04 and everything seems to work fine, except that the indicator applet crashes instantly leaving orphan processes13:30
sonnealso, for some reason, some of its icons are now incorporated in the notification area (e.g. network and bluetooth), but the volume is not, which is pretty much the only thing i cared about13:31
sonneany hints?13:31
sonneanother interesting fact is that while i'm in the panel settings i can add the indicator applet and it works just fine, but as soon as i'm happy and close the settings window the applet crashes again :|13:32
olympuscan't get dvd to boot on my Acer.  Stalls during the boot process.14:35
olympusshould add that it is a 14.04 release and it does load, wonder of wonders, on a Lenovo G505 with efi.14:39
SunilJoshiGood looking theme and icon for Xubuntu14.04, suggestions please?14:52
koegsNumix + Numix Icon Theme14:53
SunilJoshiany more suggestions :) ?14:55
SunilJoshikoegs: i donot have numix icon theme14:55
SunilJoshido you installted it separately?14:55
koegsceti is also nice http://horst3180.deviantart.com/art/Ceti-44589259614:55
* SunilJoshi checking..14:56
SunilJoshithat looks good :)14:57
laaaaguys, does anybody here have some kind of exp with running compilers on symbian devices?15:22
mappmy referred order went through leaving me with 215:31
mappwhat a mess15:31
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fortuneHuntrwhat is the proper way to make ip rules and ip routes persistent in xubuntu?17:29
nhojfortuneHuntr, Settings Manager -> Network or Network Connections may help you17:31
fortuneHuntrnhoj, but how through cli17:32
fortuneHuntrnhoj, and what is the proper way - i can obviously put my commands in rc.local, but i don't think that is correct.17:33
GridCubenhoj, what seems to be the problem?17:33
nhojfortuneHuntr, utilities are available and config files can be edited in /etc/17:33
fortuneHuntrip route add default via table 117:35
fortuneHuntrip route add table 1 dev eth0 scope link17:35
fortuneHuntrip rule add fwmark 1 table 117:35
fortuneHuntri cannot put those in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 can i?17:35
nhojfortuneHuntr, so, where to put those commands is the question, right.  Someone may be able to help you with this but not me17:36
fortuneHuntrnhoj, yes, that is the question17:36
fortuneHuntri know there are a couple places to put them, but what is the correct place?17:37
nhojit might be interesting, enticing even, if one was to put the output of infconfig in http://paste.ubuntu.com and post the url here. ;)17:39
nhojthat is after you have your config commands executed.17:39
nhojfortuneHuntr, the system is based on ubuntu.  There may be some network geeks over in #unbuntu who would also be interested.17:41
monkeynauti found a (very minor) bug.  do i report it here:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs17:59
monkeynautor is that not meant for Xubuntu bugs17:59
elfymonkeynaut: that is the right place18:00
drachesis anyone else having trouble with the new lockscreen in xubuntu 14.04?18:07
drachessometimes it doesn't lock when I press the key combination, and then I press it again and apparently everything just freezes in place :S18:08
brainwashso it does not only lock the screen, it even locks your system :)18:10
drachesyes u_u18:10
brainwashyou could try and run the lock command manually in a terminal window18:10
brainwashlight-locker-command -l18:11
brainwashmaybe it will generate some output18:11
drachesugh this is a terrible laptop or I'm having a bad day.. it just got stuck and it's spamming 't' on the terminal18:14
drachesdon't buy asus laptops u_u18:14
hylianI'm loving Xubuntu 14.04! Thanks Xubuntu people!18:21
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hehe_okwhat is new in 14?19:42
hehe_oknhoj: is it snappy ?19:44
hehe_okin comparison with 13.1019:45
p1roohh yo nhoj19:45
p1robtw im already using 14 :p19:45
nhojhehe_ok, on my computer I can't say I can tell the difference from 13.10 -- many improvements I think19:46
hehe_okp1ro: I see how is it so far ? Is it good with ati graphics ?19:46
nhojp1ro, yo yoself eh19:46
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p1rohehe_ok, well i have an old x200 integrate card19:47
p1rocant tell how good its is19:47
p1roi feel the same19:47
hehe_oknhoj: I see19:47
hehe_okI think 14 is well tuned19:47
p1roi have no big problems so far19:48
hehe_okguys I want to know about the codecs i need to install for videos19:48
hehe_okp1ro: what about the small problems ?19:48
hehe_okp1ro: just install vlc would do ?19:48
p1rohehe_ok, course19:48
p1roopen any vids19:48
hehe_okp1ro: but on my graphics card hd 6290 laptop19:49
hehe_okvlc sucks19:49
p1roand if im not wrong for old times mplayer will do same19:49
hehe_oksmplayer with non-free installed = boom19:49
larrypghehe_ok, might want to install xubuntu-restricted-extras if you have not already19:49
hehe_okp1ro: on my laptop only alt linux + smplayer = Awesome, everything else sucks19:50
hehe_oklarrypg: how ?19:50
elfycan you take the chat to -offtopic and just do the support in here please19:50
larrypghehe_ok, apt-get install19:50
hehe_okI am asking for support only19:51
hehe_okI want to run videos but it would run well19:51
p1rohehe_ok, you cant blame stuff cuz ur laptop suck at it19:51
p1rothats kinda .....19:51
p1rovlc runs well on my x20019:51
p1rois OLD19:51
p1roim unsing ppa19:51
p1rosorry elfy19:52
hehe_okp1ro: I think i need prop. drivers then cuz opensource sucks for at i19:53
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DomiXhi, I'm trying to do an apt-get upgrade but it fails downloading some files, the weird thing is I can download theses files from firefox http://pastebin.com/0ZdLmrgc20:55
wotevahi, congrats for new release. i really like the menu21:30
wotevabtw why do i still get xdg error when moving around files using thunar?21:30
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cyborgcygnusTrying to remember how I changed the keyboard shortcut from CTRL + Alt + D to just Super + D for going to the desktop. Anyone know where I can change this? It's not in the keyboard shortcuts.22:18
krytarikcyborgcygnus: It's in "Settings Manager -> Window Manager -> Keyboard".22:20
brainwash_cyborgcygnus: settings manager > window manager22:20
cyborgcygnusCheers, I literally just found it when you both replied.22:21
theLadderhi, i'm tyring to create a pogram launcher icon in my panel that runs this command:22:54
theLadderbash -c 'printf T%d "$(($(date +%s)+3600))" > /dev/ttyACM0'22:54
theLadderbut it doesn't work, it only sends "T", not the numbers, any ideas?22:55
lazarguys, can someone tell me where can i download xulrunner-1.9.2-deiv23:02
knomeerr, what do you need it for and who tells you to get it?23:04
kingplusplusplease how do i get my keyboard back to uk? After upgrading i found a keyboard icon in the tray area which happen to change my keyboard to US. click its preferences does nothing any help23:16
knomekingplusplus, have you read the release notes?23:17
kingplusplusknome: release note for ubuntu 14.04?23:18
knomekingplusplus, no, for xubuntu 14.0423:18
kingplusplusknome, let me check23:18
kingplusplusknome, thank,s i see that many people are complaining... but seems there is not solution for this error yet23:21
knomekingplusplus, are you sure you read the release *notes*?23:23
knomekingplusplus, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/Xubuntu23:23
knomekingplusplus, "If you are upgrading to 14.04 from a current version in which IBus is still installed but unused - you will need to either set-up IBus for your keyboard layout after rebooting or purge it. Alternatively purge IBus before upgrading."23:24
theLadderi tested xubuntu 14.04, but when i change my resolution to 1920*1080 it works for 2 seconds, then my computer crashes and reboots, would this be the right place to ask for help?23:31
kupo_hmm working fine with same resoulation here23:32
theLadderi don't have that problem with xubuntu 13.1023:32
kupo_updated kernel to 13.4 too23:32
kupo_i did have the problem on my 24 inch tv though23:34
kupo_when i updated kernel to 13.4. but been fine on new tv23:34
kupo_guessing you didnt update kernel though23:34
theLadderdo i just run the update thingy in the settings menu to update kernel?23:35
theLadderoh, so you did have problems after updating the kernel?23:36
kupo_try out upubuntu.com23:38
kupo_that's how i do it. very simple command steps they give23:38
mtlsjwhere can I find the folder for xfce?23:45

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