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mbruzekHello Jose are you there?02:18
josembruzek: I am always here :)02:18
josehow can I help?02:19
mbruzekSo as always you are doing a great job by submitting stuff.  I am reviewing one of your Merge Proposals.02:19
mbruzekfor the juju-gui and the default values.02:19
josecool :)02:20
jose(btw, not sure if it's needed, but I have signed Canonical's CLA)02:20
mbruzekI can not +1 this one because the juju-gui hook actually checks for one of these values being None.02:20
mbruzekjose signing that is a good idea, but not required.02:20
josegood to know02:20
mbruzekAnd I also wanted to say I watched your video with lazypower just now, and it was VERY WELL DONE by both you and Chuck.02:21
mbruzekjose, seriously GREAT JOB on that video.02:21
josethank you!02:21
joseI hope it can also serve as a future reference for new contributors02:21
lazyPowerjose deserves all the credit02:21
josenah, lazyPower was the one doing all the dirty work02:22
mbruzekI will explain more in the response to the review.  I can approve this change if you leave the login-help without a default.02:22
joseI just sat there and watched02:22
josembruzek: actually02:22
joseif that's the only thing, I can submit a fix just now02:22
lazyPoweri was completely happy educating the masses without telling them what juju was, it never even crossed my mind they wouldn't know what juju is....02:22
mbruzekYou both did an outstanding job on that video, it was great.02:22
mbruzekActually jose it is pretty late here and I should not push anything this late at night.  I will leave my review comment and if you fix it I will pick it up in the morning.02:23
josesounds good to me :)02:24
mbruzekI wanted to thank you for the work in this area and tell you to keep up the good work.02:24
joseI hope I can continue to be around to get more of those MPs in :)02:25
mbruzekI am sure you will02:25
mbruzekYou are very close on this one, the code did not agree with you02:25
mbruzekthat happens to me all the time!02:25
mbruzekFor you just once in a while02:26
josebut don't talk to me about icons :P02:26
lazyPowerLOL mbruzek. its like he 'knew' about inkscape being angry earlier.02:26
lazyPowerjose: you're more on topic than ever buddy. must be the wavelengths02:26
mbruzekYou know lazyPower I should have consulted jose with my problem with inkscape02:27
mbruzekI didn't even think about that.02:27
mbruzekJose you are up next time I have a problem with inkscape.02:27
lazyPowerthe kids got skills02:27
lazyPowerno doubt about it02:27
mbruzekI figured it out by the way lazyPower, inkscape did not get the better of me this day!02:27
* jose is better with gimp02:27
lazyPowerso, we figured out it was the G, what was the magic transformation magic?02:28
lazyPowerg = square in klingon or something?02:28
lazyPowerdpb1: if you're around. You passed my intitial review. You'll get a full write up in the morning after i've reviewed with cory_fu, and finalize our notes.02:29
lazyPoweroh yeah jose, i'll push the assault cube and mailman stuff in the morning. i'm with mbruzek on not addressing the charm store this late at night.02:30
lazyPowerchances are i'll nuke the queue and reset the time space continuum.02:30
josewell, that idea is great, guys.02:30
joseI remember someone once broke the universe02:31
joseonce or twice02:31
mbruzeklazyPower, For text object you need to run "object to path" which renders it to SVG.  The original text object was just a G with a font tag, and systems that don't have that font would not display it correctly02:31
lazyPowerbut it makes sense to someone i guess. When would you ever want a font object that renders as a square?02:32
mbruzekWell I found it and jorge didn't like the G icon anyway so we went with the black one.02:32
lazyPowersave that icon i'll charm up something with a G so we can use that slick icon02:33
lazyPoweror better yet, have jose do it02:33
lazyPowersarnold: you're not helping my argument :|02:33
sarnoldlazyPower: sorry :)02:33
lazyPowerAre you going to be at the sprint in LV sarnold?02:34
sarnoldlazyPower: not that I know of.. when is it?02:34
lazyPowernext week. Take some swap days and wander down out of the mountains to say hi02:34
lazyPoweri'll buy the beer if ya do02:34
sarnoldwoo beer :)02:34
sarnoldlazyPower: how about malta? are you going to be in malta?02:35
sarnoldawwww man :/02:35
lazyPowerwasn't invited.02:35
lazyPowerfigure out a way to do some sec auditing on juju so you get invited to our sprints. I want to thump you in dominoes02:35
sarnoldI seriously miss UDS.02:35
lazyPowernot that i'm some great domino player but i'll play the card anyway02:35
sarnoldthe sprints I've done were alright, but they don't do much to undo the silo-effect. i figure I know a dozen or so employees tops despite being here 1.5 years..02:36
lazyPowerit takes some getting used to. I'm in my 30's and over half of my friends are from the internet - i figure its a right of passage getting to know someone in the physical space. Its a side effect of those BBS days of yore02:37
lazyPowerlike, dial up to the BBS, play some door games with a bunch of geeks and meet up for beers once a year.02:37
sarnoldtradewars 2002 <302:38
lazyPowermajor mudd <302:38
lazyPowerhad the best scripted ninja no money could buy. 450 lines of comet code to power the autoroam02:38
lazyPower5 months of dev to get it right, and a ton of corpse runs while i figured out what went wrong while i was at school.02:39
lazyPowersarnold: i still have a copy of the WORLDGROUP bbs software around here somewhere. It wouldn't take much to bring up a tradewars server if you wanted to play.02:40
sarnoldlazyPower: awwwww. that's tempting. :)02:40
sarnoldjuju deploy tradewars2002!02:40
lazyPowerehh... even though worldgroup is abandonware they still have a pretty nasty licensing model02:40
sarnoldaww :(02:40
lazyPowerI'd ahve to find a better hub to run it on if you wanted to wrap it with juju02:41
lazyPowerthat or we need to find a better MUD with less angry licensing02:41
lazyPoweri think L.O.R.D. went public domain in 200002:41
mbruzekLater guys.02:41
lazyPowerlater mbruzek o/02:41
lazyPowersee you in the am02:42
mbruzekThanks again Jose02:42
joseI agree with sarnold, I also miss UDSs :(02:43
lazyPoweryou know what would help alleviate that? if we did a mass broadcast of a meat space meetup somewhere on the globe, gave people time to plan it, and just did a meetup once a year. That way UDS stays VUDS and gets the benefits of it and the company gets a retreat/picnic02:43
lazyPowerassuming people want to go - non mandatory travel of course.02:44
josebenefits of UDS is that I would be sponsored02:45
josekiddos cannot pay for airplane tickets02:45
sarnoldlazyPower: ooh. I'd give one of those a shot. even if it is just new joiners, folks not yet sick of airplanes ;) hehe02:45
lazyPowerjose: start a kickstarter02:46
lazyPower'send me to the canonical event for being an awesome community member for $1 from 200 people'02:46
josehaha, airfare to the US is not $200, but rather $600 :P02:46
jose$1 = thank you tweet, $5 = awesome email from me!, $10 = a not-so-awesome freenode cloak!, $200 = bottled air from the airplane I travel in!02:47
lazyPoweroh man, the $200 donation package sounds awesome02:54
lazyPowerthe funny thing is, if you did that and marketed it just right you'd probably get a free ticket.02:54
lazyPowerso, sarnold, i'm seriously looking into this. there's a few door games that we can bundle up02:55
lazyPoweri need to figure out what is involved in the bbs software seutp with the existing unix compat offerings...02:55
lazyPowerbut if you want to pair on this and split up the work, i'm game02:55
lazyPowerwe can bring a bit of 90's nostalgia to the juju charm store02:56
sarnoldlazyPower: heh, last time I played tw2002 I was utterly destroyed by a well-scripted player after about two weeks of simple trading and laying low and building a nice little corner of the universe...02:56
lazyPowerthats the benefit of running your own private server02:57
sarnoldlazyPower: it kinda took some of my enthusiasm out for re-playing those good old days :( hehe02:57
lazyPoweryou get to be god and ban the scripters02:57
lazyPowerbut ok, if its nto worth the investment, i'll let it go. It shouldn't take much to get this running tho02:58
lazyPowera good weekend afternoon and we'd probably have most of the heavy lifting out of the way02:58
sarnoldyeah I'd probably have a giggle re-playing for an hour or something and that'd probably be the  end of it :)03:00
sarnoldalright, time to eod  :) g'night lazyPower :)03:02
dpb1lazyPower: thanks!  I'll look forward to it04:01
lazyPowerdpb1: however the tests failed04:01
dpb1which tests?04:01
lazyPower5 of the suite returned failure04:01
lazyPoweri'd have ot re run it that byobu session is long since detached04:02
dpb1ok.  could be a missing dependency, will have to see it if you do run it again04:02
lazyPoweri can spin it up and re-run them, how long are you going to be around?04:04
lazyPowerthe suite takes ~ 30 minutes to run from a to z. rough estimate - but thats about what i saw benching against hpcloud04:04
dpb1lazyPower: ok, that is the integration one.  I'll be here at least an hour, but please, don't stay around for me.  we can do it tomorrow04:07
lazyPoweri'm hacking on other things after hours. no worries. its running now :)04:08
dpb1lazyPower: and you can run SKIP_SLOW_TESTS=1 make integration-test04:08
dpb1there is one test that takes all the time (it downloads some large files)04:08
lazyPoweryeah, i'm running the full suite, our mentality is if you have the tests, they better pass :)04:08
lazyPoweri got flogged for ack'ing a charm that didn't have passing tests that were included.04:09
lazyPowerso, lesson learned04:09
lazyPowerdpb1: it didn't complete this time around, i must have run it with skip slow tests before.04:54
lazyPowerbut i'm calling it and will resume this tomorrow morning.04:54
dpb1lazyPower: can you paste in everything?04:55
dpb1before you go. :)04:55
lazyPowersure - http://paste.ubuntu.com/7319843/04:58
dpb1lazyPower: thanks much... cya tomorrow04:58
lazyPowernp, the majority of the issues look related to a stray escape sequence, and an invalid password04:59
lazyPowersee you in the AM04:59
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X-warriorHow could I remove my juju from debug mode? I mean, all my jujud unit has a  --debug parameter on the end of it.13:28
mhall119jcastro: ping13:36
mhall119hey man, postgresql 9.3 on trusty, when will that be available via a charm?13:36
jcastrowe should add an option yes13:37
jcastromhall119, right now all the charms are precise except a handful, what we're doing is adding test to each one, then promoting them into trusty13:37
mhall119jcastro: any ETA on that? I'm currently blocked testign on LXC13:38
jcastroone sec, it appears the charm has a version option13:39
jcastrolet me see if it does what you want13:39
jcastroVersion of PostgreSQL that we want to install. Supported versions are "9.1", "9.2", "9.3". The default version for the deployed Ubuntu release is used when the version is not specified.13:40
jcastromhall119, so do:13:40
jcastrojuju set postgresql version="9.2"13:40
jcastronot sure if you need the " or not13:41
mhall119what's default for trusty?13:45
marcoceppimhall119: 9.313:45
mhall119so, how do I deploy the precise charm onto a trusty instance?13:46
marcoceppimhall119: you branch it first13:46
jcastromarcoceppi, since postgres already has tests is there a reason we haven't promulgated it to trusty?13:46
mhall119what's the location to branch from?13:46
marcoceppimhall119: mkdir trusty; cd trusty; charm get postgresql; juju deploy --repository ../ local:trusty/postgreql13:46
jcastro"no time" is a totally valid answer here13:46
marcoceppijcastro: I haven't tested it yet, but I plan on it soon13:46
marcoceppijcastro: I know stub did some awesome work to make it trusty proof a few months ago13:47
jcastroI have no doubt it's awesome13:47
mhall119hey, so my laptop powered itself off yesterday (it does that sometimes, no idea why) and now I can't connect to my LXC environment13:48
mhall119ERROR state/api: websocket.Dial wss:// dial tcp connection refused13:48
marcoceppimhall119: sudo initctl list | grep juju13:48
mhall119juju-db-mhall-local stop/waiting13:49
mhall119juju-agent-mhall-local start/running, process 99613:49
marcoceppimhall119: start the db process13:49
jcastromhall119, out of curiosity your app is so new it needs to deploy on trusty?13:49
mhall119jcastro: it's summit, freshly updated to Django 1.613:49
jcastroare you using the django charm on trusty too?13:50
mhall119marcoceppi: it won't start13:51
mhall119mhall@mhall-thinkpad:~/projects/Ubuntu/summit/current_work/summit$ sudo start juju-db-mhall-local13:51
mhall119juju-db-mhall-local start/running, process 2800013:51
mhall119mhall@mhall-thinkpad:~/projects/Ubuntu/summit/current_work/summit$ sudo initctl list | grep juju13:51
mhall119juju-db-mhall-local stop/waiting13:51
mhall119juju-agent-mhall-local start/running, process 99613:51
mhall119jcastro: custom charm, for IS purposes13:51
marcoceppimhall119: pastebin /var/log/upstart/juju-db-mhall-local.log13:51
jcastromarcoceppi, I'm going to bump the priority on postgres then, according to the spreadsheet we just need to check the tests, ensure it follows NEW policy, and add the charm features, that's about it.13:52
marcoceppijcastro: yeah, I'll take a peak tomorrow13:53
jcastromhall119, any other charm you need for trusty? Now is your chance13:53
jcastro(assuming you get a working local provider. :))13:53
mhall119marcoceppi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7322529/13:56
mhall119jcastro: gunicorn13:56
mhall119those are the 3 I use, summit-website, postgresql and gunicorn13:56
mhall119IS uses some HA proxy and pgbouncer ones, but that's their problem13:56
mhall119I only need trusty-specific charms for postgresql because I cna't mix precise nad trusty deployments on LXC13:57
jcastrohaproxy is done13:57
jcastrobut I am not sure we have promulgated it yet13:57
jcastrowe have a sprint next week to sort ourselves13:57
mhall119marcoceppi: any suggestions on how to recover my LXC environment, or cleanly get rid of it so I can start over?14:02
mhall119we need a juju-scrub-local command or something that forcibly removes anything left behind14:03
ppetrakimhall119, file a bug14:05
mhall119you mean complaining to jcastro isn't the same as filing a bug?14:08
ppetrakimhall119, juju-scrub-local sounds like a great idea, and should be captured on a bug so we can task it out14:10
jcastrois this not up to date?14:10
lazyPowerjcastro: its as up to date as i'm aware of, we haven't done anything different.14:11
mhall119ppetraki: lp.net/juju?14:11
lazyPowermhall119: lp.net/juju-core14:12
ppetrakiyeah, pyjuju is in maintenance mode, and you can easily use goju from the ppa14:12
mhall119ppetraki: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/131220114:16
_mup_Bug #1312201: Provide developers with a "nuke it from orbit" option for cleaning up LXC <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1312201>14:16
ppetrakimhall119, thank you14:17
ppetrakimhall119, in the meanwhile, you might want to consider taking that script and making a juju plugin out of it https://github.com/juju/plugins14:19
marcoceppithere's a plugin for that14:19
mhall119damn I'm fast :)14:19
allomovHi, all.14:26
allomovI have a problem with ssl after updating ubuntu from 12.04 to 14.0414:26
allomovhere are some details14:27
allomovdid anyone saw such issue ?14:27
cory_fuallomov: There is an issue with websocket-client 0.13.0 and juju-deployer.  To get around that for now, downgrade websocket-client via, e.g.: sudo pip uninstall websocket-client && sudo pip install websocket-client==0.12.014:33
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allomovwow. thank you so much, it appears that you've saved my day.14:38
marcoceppimhall119: still having issues?15:07
mhall119marcoceppi: everything appears to have deployed ok, but HTTP connections are failing15:13
mhall119not sure if it's a juju thing or a django/gunicorn thing15:13
mhall119wasn't there a juju command to ssh into an instance?15:14
mhall119or do I need to chroot to it when it's local15:14
mhall119oh, duh, I'm missing my .wsgi file15:15
lazyPowermhall119: re: your ssh command, juju ssh <service-name>/<unit> or juju ssh <unit>  will get you into the machine.15:38
lazyPowerif you want to run the hooks interactively, use debug-hooks service/unit  and use juju resolved --retry to re-runt he failed hook.   or alternatively you can just juju run --service <service> "hooks/hook"  to execute the hook and return STDOUT locally.15:39
josenegronjl: did you get to review that seafile thing?16:38
negronjljose: I've been swamped ... let me do it now ... can you give me the MP so I don't have to :)16:38
josehttps://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/owncloud/port-change+repo+ssl-support/+merge/215527 is it16:39
negronjljose: that's for owncloud16:40
joseurgh, blargh16:40
* jose just got from university and brain isn't working16:40
joseok, here we go: https://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/seafile/change-readme-icon-color-fixed-website-added-memcached-support/+merge/21680416:40
negronjljose, reviewing now16:40
josethank you16:41
negronjljose: merged16:52
josenegronjl: awesome, thanks!16:52
negronjljose: thank you16:52
joseit's waiting on the queue to be on the store :)16:52
qhartmanstill working on getting openstack going. Figured out that I needed to add some relations that weren't in the doc I'm following.17:08
qhartmanGotten to the point that I can run VMs, but they aren't getting networking for some reaso17:09
qhartmanGotten to the point that I can run VMs, but they aren't getting networking for some reason17:09
qhartmandigging into that now.17:09
qhartmanIs there a doc anywhere that is known correct for all the relations that are needed in the Trusty charms?17:12
qhartmanI'm planning on currently going through each one in the charm store and double-=checking that way, but that's pretty laborious17:13
magicrobotmonkeyhow do i make the bootstrap timeout longer? 10 minutes isn't enough for this hardware17:14
qhartmanI found that the other day... let me look again...17:15
qhartmanalso, consider using the fastpath installer, it's muuuuch faster17:15
magicrobotmonkeyheh i am17:15
magicrobotmonkeythe bios is like 5 minutes17:15
magicrobotmonkeyoh nm i see it17:15
magicrobotmonkeyjuju help bootstrap17:16
magicrobotmonkeyis what i was looking for17:16
qhartmanin environments.yaml17:16
qhartmanadd bootstrap-timeout: 180017:16
qhartman(or whatever time you want17:16
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qhartmanIs there a quick way to restart component services through juju?17:26
qhartmanIn my case, I updated the relation of nova-compute to rabbitmq-server, but it didn't look like the various nova-* services restarted to pick up the new config17:26
mbruzekjose ping17:28
josembruzek: pong17:28
mbruzekSo I spoke with the juju-gui team and it seems that you should open a similar merge request under the URL they replied with instead of the standard juju-gui charm.17:29
joseok, sounds good to me :)17:29
joseI'll re-point the merge in a min17:29
mbruzekOK let me know when you do and I will give it another look over.17:30
magicrobotmonkeyaww yea qhartman, things are happening now17:32
qhartmanglad I could help17:32
magicrobotmonkeyumm but does this node need to be able to reach the internet?17:33
qhartmanI setup my maas controller to do simple NAT bridging and that took care of it17:35
magicrobotmonkeyyea im gonna have to send it all through the region controller i think17:36
qhartmanyeah, that was simpler than getting the routing stuff automated in my multi-homed setup17:36
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josembruzek: is it necessary that I run `make lint` and `make unittest`? `make lint` is giving me an error about a virtualenv not found17:50
rick_h_jose: is this on the gui charm patch?17:53
rick_h_jose: so if you've got the charm code checked out you can make clean and then make lint17:54
rick_h_it should setup a virtualenv with the tools needed to run lint/test/etc17:54
joserick_h_: yeah, this is on the gui charm17:54
mbruzekjose I have found you have to be real clear with rick_h_ on which charm you are talking about17:55
rick_h_sorry, I like get jump into the middle of conversations that sound like I might care17:56
* mbruzek is joking17:56
mbruzekjose did make clean create a virtualenv for you ?  Or do you have to install extra packages?17:57
rick_h_the makefile should take care of everything for you17:57
josesame rror17:57
joseand make clean didn't create a virtualenv17:57
josejust deleted some files17:57
rick_h_jose: can you pastebin the traceback?17:57
rick_h_jose: right, clean will remove the files17:57
rick_h_and make lint should install them for you17:58
rick_h_make sysdeps17:58
rick_h_you need that to load system-wide deps to work on the charm17:59
rick_h_you only have to do that once17:59
mbruzekjose, These steps are good candidates to add un the HACKING.md17:59
joseI'll check that file in a bit too18:00
* jose has to do a classroom session atm18:00
rick_h_jose: ok, let me know if you hit any more issues.18:01
rick_h_jose: happy to help18:01
josethank you!18:01
magicrobotmonkeyugh is there a way to make bootstrap not immediately shut down the node18:06
magicrobotmonkeyso i can investigate a bit18:06
josebootstrap shuts down the node?18:08
magicrobotmonkeyusing maas18:08
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josew0ot, looks like make sysdeps; make lint and make unittest ran successfully18:14
qhartmanmagicrobotmonkey, not that I'm aware of. But I am a MAAS newbie18:15
josembruzek: resubmitted MP18:20
rick_h_jose: awesome18:22
rick_h_jose: linky to the MP?18:22
joserick_h_: ^18:22
kentbare --upload-tools and --sync-tools valid bootstrap flags anymore?  I'm  behind a proxy and I keep getting "invalid URL "tools/streams/v1/index.json"" when trying to bootstrap18:24
rick_h_jose: cool, I want to run the functional tests on it. I'll do that in a few. It takes a while to run against ec2 so will take a bit to make sure all is well and report back18:24
joseno worries, I have time :)18:25
magicrobotmonkeyERROR charm not found: cs:trusty/openstack18:26
josemagicrobotmonkey: it's not been promulgated to trusty18:27
joseand there's not even an openstack charm (like, named openstack) :)18:27
magicrobotmonkeyi was so excited i got it to bootstrap i had to try something18:29
josemagicrobotmonkey: try nyancat, it's fun :P18:29
josejust `juju deploy nyancat` should work18:29
magicrobotmonkeyman thats not on trusty either18:31
magicrobotmonkeymaybe i jumped the gun a bit18:31
kentbnm figured it out18:35
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josemagicrobotmonkey: there are not many charms in trusty, but you can do cs:precise/nyancat18:52
tvansteenburghjose: did you see my comments on the seafile charm?19:02
josetvansteenburgh: yep! much appreciated, and they're now fixed :)19:02
joseI think I should change the branch to reflect the actual trunk one19:02
tvansteenburghjose: ok cool, i'll give it another look19:03
josethank you!19:03
tvansteenburghdidn't realize you'd pushed changes19:03
josebtw, I also added memcached support19:03
dpb1cory_fu: so, two of those keys cannot have a default for now.  Can I ignore those warnings from charm proof?  I fixed 'services' to have a default.19:04
joseas jcastro would say: jose <- lunch19:04
dpb1cory_fu: soon, a default will be provided, but it's not quite ready yet (as you noted in another part of your review)19:04
cory_fuYeah, no default is fine if there isn't a sensible one19:05
cory_fuThough, are the options supposed to take file names or the actual key / URL values?19:05
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cory_fuI guess the values19:06
dpb1the values19:07
dpb1yes, right19:07
dpb1cory_fu: soon, we will be able to fix it up, but for now it is what it is, they are required to install the charm. :(19:07
cory_fuYeah, no worries.  That seems reasonable19:08
cory_fuI figured they might not be reasonable to have default values, but figured I'd mention it, at least19:08
dpb1thanks, duly noted.19:09
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tvansteenburghjose: ping me when you're back from lunch19:42
dpb1cory_fu, lazyPower: I pushed up r153 with feedback from your review, and updated the bug, could you take another look please?  :)20:13
lazyPowerdpb1: ack. I'll take a look before I EOB20:14
dpb1lazyPower: thx20:14
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