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Guest49980anyone around01:19
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Guest51206can i have a different amount of virtual desktops within different activities?01:57
snuggyfooDoes anyone know what config file the display settings are store in02:44
snuggyfoothe one that sets vsync02:44
snuggyfoolike "full screen repaint"02:45
snuggyfooI set mine to "reuse screen .." and it locked X up and after reboot it hangs after splash02:45
snuggyfooHow can I disable "reuse screen content" from console?02:50
qdatadon't know if this will help you, but I've had some luck in the past deleting ~/..kde/share/config/kwinrc and rebooting02:52
qdatanot sure it applies to your problem though02:53
snuggyfooIts worth a shot02:53
qdatabut it doesn't hurt as KDE will just put a new one from the defaults  back02:53
snuggyfooThanks im going to try that now02:53
snuggyfooThats good to know02:54
snuggyfooThat worked02:54
snuggyfooThank you thank you qdata02:54
snuggyfooqdata you can pm me your paypal if you'd like I'll buy you a beer02:55
snuggyfooI've been fighting this for over an hour02:55
qdatano need - happy it worked02:55
snuggyfooAnd you've taught me something that I'll probably use over again02:56
snuggyfoook well thanks :)02:56
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MithunHello, could I get some help on fixing bug???04:22
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Mit_nitHello, this is my first time and I want to contribute in Open-source so please help me.04:25
Mit_nitHow to fix bug and contribute??04:25
Mit_nitCould I get a mentor to help ???04:29
Mit_nitIf there anyone to help me??04:29
stlouiemanyone home?04:37
stlouiemhaving issues with the latest upgrane to 14.0404:38
stlouiemupgrade, sorry04:38
stlouiemtrying to repair already tried sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade04:39
stlouiemany other suggestions?04:40
Mit_nitTry update-manager -d04:46
Mit_nitThen upgrade using UI interface04:47
stlouiemthanks - it may have worked04:51
__dan__hi guys is there any way to stop kde from copying every file i want to access from a samba share to my /tmp ?04:52
__dan__or a fluffy gui that mounts samba shares :P04:53
robotdevilcan anyone with two screens verfiy if rekonq open on the screen from whiich it was launched or05:04
robotdevilat least the default desktop screen05:04
robotdevilin 14.0405:05
* robotdevil needs to think out entire thought first05:05
lordievaderGood morning.06:31
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__driverthere is a channel for kubuntu in Italian ?06:54
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)06:54
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Guest65409how guys can some one provide me a list of victorian chat channels07:44
valorieGuest65409: use alis07:47
alvinSince Firefox is now the default browser in Kubuntu, is there a method to use the KDE dialogs to save a file? I'd like to use kioslaves.07:47
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:47
Guest65409hey guys quick question im running elementary OS and i compiled the new kernel 3.14.1 it took about 2 hours to complete when i restarted i typed uname -r in terminal to see what kernel version im running and it still says 3.2 any ideads07:48
valorieGuest65409: how is that on-topic here?07:49
lordievaderIt ain't.07:52
lordievader#elementary would be more appropriate.07:53
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manoloHello m8s, im trying (without success) to load samba files with libreoffice on my kubuntu 14.04 fresh install10:01
manoloi can browse with dolphin and also open txt, pdf, htm, etc.10:06
manolobut i cant open libreoffice docs in a remote places, :_(10:07
manolokubuntu 12.04 32 bits10:07
BluesKajHiyas all10:33
manolodone, have to install libreoffice-gnome even with kde, (kde integration doesnt work with samba)...10:54
manoloc u all10:54
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alvinIt was announced that Steam chat would work with KDE Telepathy 0.7. Kubuntu now has 0.8, but how do I install Steam chat support? I thought it was a missing package, but I can't find something resembling kde-telepathy-steam.12:52
Picialvin: The Telepathy release announcement states that it will only work if you have the relevant libpurple (pidgin) plugins installed.  This was linked to from that annoumcent: https://code.google.com/p/pidgin-opensteamworks/12:55
alvinSo, there are no packages for (K)Ubuntu?12:56
PiciThats what it sounds like.12:57
alkethow to make dolphin always show the thumbnail of images instead of icon ?12:58
alvinalket: Control -> Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews13:00
alketalvin: it is already clicked but it dosnt show13:06
alvinalket: Check the bottom of that configuration tab. Some images might be to large. You can set the size there.13:06
alvinDid you click the 'preview' button in the toolbar?13:07
alketalvin: no, thank you ,  I didn't know about that13:07
alkethow to make it default13:07
alvinalket: Control -> Adjust view properties13:09
alketalvin: thank you very much13:10
alvinYou're welcome13:10
captain_haddockIf I have multiple Kubuntu installs, what's the most bandwidth effective way of upgrading them to Trusty?13:42
rberg_captain_haddock:  apt-cacher-ng13:45
captain_haddockrberg_: No solution that involves the Trusty ISO?13:45
rberg_not that I know of..I guess when you said upgrade I assumed you were doing a dist-upgrade13:46
captain_haddockrberg_: I am. I was thinking more along the lines of how the alternate CD used to let me perform upgrades.13:47
captain_haddockapt-cacher-ng looks like more trouble that it's worth.13:48
tsimpsonthe ISOs don't have much of a package cache on them13:48
rberg_ohh I have never used it that way, yeah it is a bit of setup but its totally worth it in my environment (huge)13:48
tsimpsonyou could do an upgrade on the one, then sync /var/cache/apt/archives/ to the other installs13:48
captain_haddocktsimpson: Looks like the easiest way to go. Cheers.13:49
captain_haddockrberg_: Just the three laptops here :)13:50
BluesKajcaptain_haddock, you can upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 with , sudo do-release-upgrade...not sure of the bandwidth invovled but it's effective13:50
tsimpsonyou may want to think about setting up a local apt cache if you have three laptops all pulling the same stuff from the repos13:50
tsimpsonjust takes some investment of time for research and set up13:51
captain_haddockBluesKaj: Not really my question. But thanks :)13:56
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captain_haddocktsimpson: I suppose so. But a quick look at the apt-cacher-ng setup wiki suggests that it's, as you say, going to involve work and maintenance.13:57
sgclarkRiddell: libical: the only difference I am seeing is two of the symbols files13:57
captain_haddockIf the server is offline/away, then the other two lappies are SOL.13:58
BluesKajcaptain_haddock, thing is if you have different HW on your machines, then wonder about the apt cache method13:58
captain_haddockConsidering how uncommon the situation of having more than one laptop running Ubuntu is, I was hoping that there'd be a more user-friendly solution.13:59
captain_haddockBluesKaj: Aren't package names HW specific?13:59
captain_haddock(except the platform agnostic ones)13:59
BluesKajcaptain_haddock, dunno, never used it...maybe someone could enlighten me :)14:01
rberg_I dont know how user friendly this would be but maybe you can nfs export or use btsync on /var/cache/apt/archive14:05
ikoniarberg_: is that a wise move ?14:06
rberg_I guess I dont know why it would not be14:06
captain_haddockI've simply transferred the archive over on a pen drive previously. (on the last LTS release IIRC)14:07
captain_haddock(worked fine)14:07
Kei_hello guys . i have problem about video player.i cant expain about it . plz see picture on my links  TT https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1SXS0hMX28OXZQMFFQdkdveVE/edit?usp=sharing14:42
salsero|2Kei_:  vlc?14:54
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TheFakeazneD525So, how's Blue Systems treating Kubu? I'm just curious15:10
bennypr0fane_hello, I messed up the settings for Muon discover in 14.04. I tried to add some buttons to the tool bar, clicked something wrong and now they're all gone. search panel has disappeared as well. how can I get everything back?15:12
bennypr0fane_through a similar accident, the window list vanished from my control bar and I can't figure out how ot get it back. You see I'm all new to KDE15:13
bennypr0fane_I right-lcik on the control bar > add mini-apps (are these called Plasmoids?) in the list that comes up, the window list is actually checked, I figure that means it should be there, i.e. I can't add it15:15
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Guest42528nickname mikkei16:27
BluesKajGuest42528, change your nick in the server textbox16:36
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bilgewaterfirefox plays audio through my headphones but I want it to play through my hdmi output. every other program plays through hdmi just fine. how do I make mozilla use the right output device?17:47
Vamadeusmaybe try adding "defaults.pcm.device 3" (without quotes) to ~/.asoundrc and restart...17:53
rvdvVamadeus: He's gone already17:54
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Vamadeusoh. That's what I get for turning off part/quits :/17:55
rvdvVamadeus: ... yeah noticed that too a while ago ... you can do always /clear17:56
TheFakeazneD525alright, is it true... that Kubu 14.10 is codenamed Utopic Unicorn?17:57
rvdvTheFakeazneD525: it is true17:57
* TheFakeazneD525 cries softly in the corner17:57
rvdvWas a little predictable it had to do something with unicorns I think :-)17:59
rvdvWould like to know what happens after the Zealous Zebra :-P18:01
TheFakeazneD525rvdv: oh god18:02
TheFakeazneD525the world will collapse on itself18:02
TheFakeazneD525And linux will become proprietary18:03
rvdvThe year of the Linux Desktop finaly will arrive? :-P18:03
TheFakeazneD525rvdv: nah18:06
TheFakeazneD525windows NT will be open sourced, and OSX will become original18:06
rvdvMS files for bankrupty and Linus becomes president? :-)18:07
VamadeusWe'll also see BeOS's return and rise to dominance.18:07
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serendipHi, i have a problem with my kubuntu. I have just upgraded to 14.04 and now my vent goes on every few seconds and when that happens whole system freezes for a second. i have dell inspiron 7720.19:16
chachanserendip: you mean your fancooler?19:20
serendipand cpu cores are at around 70C19:21
chachanserendip: try to figure out a way to handle manually its speed. I have to do the same but using a Lenovo Thinkpad L42019:27
saiarcot895serendip: What process is using the CPU? (Use top or the system info to find the one with the max CPU usage)19:28
saiarcot89570C sounds a bit high for me19:28
serendipsaiarcot895: plasma-desktop19:32
saiarcot895serendip: What percentage? (is it significant, as in >25%, or just like 1-5%?)19:34
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serendipits like 3-5 percent19:34
saiarcot895so not significant19:35
serendipthen why are the temperatures so high19:36
saiarcot895serendip: No idea. It could be that those temperatures are just normal for your CPU (especially if it is an older CPU). It could be something is physically wrong (coolant, thermal, ...).19:38
serendipit started when i upgraded19:38
serendipbefore they were 50C19:38
serendipits i7 3610qm19:39
serendipmy fan just starts and stops all the time19:44
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pepeehi. what program is used by the "suspend to RAM" button?20:04
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geniipepee: Usually  "pm-suspend"20:06
pepeegenii, where is it configured?20:06
Guest44727Hi all.  I'm running a Wubi install of Kubuntu.  Upgraded to 14.04 yesterday and as a result it won't mount my root drive when it tries to boot Kubuntu.    Can anyone here assist?20:07
pepeeI want to know because suspend doesn't always work in my system, and I'm reporting the bug. it isn't related to kde at all, though20:07
Guest44727Anyone here knowledgeable about either Wubi or matters related to the upgrade to 14.04?20:10
geniipepee: Usually in /etc/pm/sleep.d/  directory, the hooks are put20:10
pepeethanks genii20:10
pepeeGuest44727, I'd ask in #ubuntu too20:12
pepeein the end, it's the same20:12
Guest44727pepee:  thanks20:13
pepeeGuest44727, yw20:13
serendipi still have the same problem, evenn if i kill x completly and am in console i notice that the system hangs and becomes unresponsiive fo a second every few seconnds and fan starts and stops20:52
serendipand cpu at 70C20:52
pepeeserendip, what GPU do you have? AMD?20:53
serendipnvidia 650m20:53
pepeedid you install the driver from nvidia?20:53
serendipi tried different ones, always the same20:55
pepeeserendip, ask in #nvidia20:56
serendipdo you think it can be graphics problem, even if it happens in console with no X loaded20:57
pepeeserendip, yep, it probably is20:57
pepeebut if you can, give us logs20:58
serendipok, thanks. will try to install the correct driver20:58
ilyakI have a problem with K-Trusty21:23
ilyakWhen I start two user sessions (using K -> Leave -> Switch User) kwin in inactive session consumes 100% CPU21:24
ilyaki.e. if lena on :0 AKA F7 is active, ilyak's kwin consumes 100% CPU21:25
ilyakif ilyak on :1 AKA F8 is active, lena's kwin consumes 100% CPU21:25
ilyakThis isn't cool, any bugfixes yet?21:25
maheshhi i'm tring to create persisent usd drive with trusty and unetboot but not able do so. Ct when i rebreating a bootable usb with trusty was smooth but when I reboot it shows ubuntu logo and gives error that "mount /dev/loop0  on //filesystem.squash failed: Invalid arguments22:05
maheshany help22:06
bpromptmahesh:     I've used the regular .iso file to make a persistent bootable usb22:09
maheshme too22:09
bprompthmm.... haven't used unetbooting... myself22:11
maheshso how did u done it?22:11
bpromptmahesh:     I just burn the .iso, boot with it, give it enough space   for persistency22:12
bpromptlike say..I used my ol` 4gb stick... and thus I gave it all available space for persistence22:12
maheshAre u using multiple write cd?22:12
bpromptmahesh:    what do you mean?22:12
maheshI thought that as you are  using word "burn" you must have used compact disk or dvd22:14
maheshI'm using 2gb pen drive22:15
maheshbprompt: Already created live session with startup disk creator22:18
maheshhow to make it persistent22:19
bpromptmahesh:      well... you don't do it when it's burned already, you do it before... using the "usb startup creator"  it has a slider for how much space will you dedicate to the persistent storage22:26
bennypr0fanehello, would anybody mind taking a look at these issues? https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?65304-Some-GUI-issues&p=349975#post34997522:28
bennypr0fanethe most urgent is for me to get the window list back22:29
Rocco_-upgrading from 12.04 to 14,04..22:29
bennypr0faneI'm sorry I'm in a bit of a hurry with this, is why I'm checking if someone might be able to help out here22:29
bennypr0faneI tried to submit a bug report with the automatic tool, but installation of these additional debugging symbols failed22:30
Rocco_-fails here too22:31
maheshbprompt: thanx22:39
gumbyHi all,  just installed and updated kubuntu 13.10 and am having issues with kmail/kontact and adding a gmail contact group.  kontact opens the config to add the group, however when you enter your credentials into the web browser to login you get an error saying cookies isn't enabled.22:52
gumbyI had a look at the settings in rekonq and tried to edit the cookie settings however when I try to I am given an error "unable to start the cookie handler service".  Anyone have any idea how to fix that?22:53
vistakillerhave you use another broswer?23:02
gumbyvistakiller: it seems to be set somewhere that isn't editable.  I have changed the default browser to firefox yet I still get rekonq opening when I try to manage the contacts within kontact23:06
vistakillerhave you seen kmail settings?23:06
gumbyyes, I do not see where to set the default browser there23:07
gumbyI don't think it is possible23:07
vistakilleridk i use thunderbird in kde23:13
vistakilleri have stop used 5 years now kmail and kontact23:13
gumbyok, thanks for your help23:14
BlubberbopAnybody else having problems with mysql and apache on 14.04? I installed Kubuntu 14.04 beta1 all fine.. Since last time I did the upgrade, both mysql and apache are broken23:21
BlubberbopI tried mariadb, which wont install, mariadb-server crashes with a segfault during apt-get install.23:22
Blubberbopso I went back to mysql, but though msqyl-client is installed, the "mysql" command is gone.. it says to install mysql-client-core-5.5 which is installed.. so yeah..23:22
bpromptgumby:     checked under System Setttings > Default Applications yet?23:22
Blubberbopthen PHP would only segfault.. Fixed that by apt-get remove php all packages, and dumping /etc/php5, then reinstalling all PHP, but still, I cannot load php sites on my local laptop, because now mod_php5 somehow wont work anymore and I have to use php-fpm which is not working right either..23:23
BlubberbopDid I miss anything?23:24
BlubberbopPHP seems to be working again, but no idea how to get php-fpm to work and with the mysql command gone.. well, its a problem23:24
Blubberbopanybody else who has faced these problems?23:24
Blubberbopapt-get install --reinstall mysql-client-core-5.5 fixed the mysql command issue.. Now only left with apache and php-fpm not working23:25
gumbybprompt: yes, I have.  I changed it to firefox however kmail/kontact still want to use rekonq when setting up a gmail calendar.  links clicks within emails open firefox as they should23:29
gumbyindeed.  it seems to be hard coded.  I even tried to remove /usr/bin/rekonq and place a symlink to firefox instead.  When I did this I get a KDEinit message and STILL rekonq opens23:33
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