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cjwatsonwgrant: traversal> turns out if I stop issuing pointless redirections then I don't get into a redirect loop.  amazing10:46
wgrantcjwatson: Mysterious.10:48
* cjwatson wonders what subset of pending_builds/completed_builds/builds/last_build from sourcepackagerecipe is useful here10:51
cjwatsonmaybe I just want builds and last_completed_build and I can add anything else as needed later10:52
wgrantThat sounds sensible.10:53
xnoxHow to run "view smoke test" story selectively ?13:47
xnoxi want to execute ./lib/lp/services/oauth/stories/request-token.txt for example13:48
xnox./bin/test -vvct request-token13:58
cjwatsonUrgh.  I have an AppServerLayer test where I need to change things directly in the database and then make a webservice request.  I'm calling transaction.commit(), but that doesn't appear to be enough for the webservice side to pick up the database changes.  Is there something else I need to flush?14:09
cjwatsonOh.  Maybe ws_object isn't actually re-fetching the object14:21
cjwatsonaha, it's failing to do so because traversing one of the links in the returned document isn't working.  Right, making sense now14:23
wgrantcjwatson: Is there a particular reason that you're using ws_object, which is launchpadlib-based and extraordinarily slow and awkward, rather than webservice_for_person, which is plain JSON, fast, and in-process?14:37
cjwatsonBecause I spent a couple of hours trying to convert it to webservice_for_person, got stuck in interaction hell, and decided it was more productive to at least get something that works14:38
wgrantYou mostly just have to logout() before using any of the webservice object's methods.14:38
cjwatsonYeah, and extract everything you need first14:38
cjwatsonI'll try the conversion again later14:39
wgrantwebservice_for_person does the logout, IIRC, then I normally use 'with admin_logged_in()' to pull stuff out later.14:39
cjwatsonBut I wanted to get on with making this batch of tests at least minimally work so that I can move on to the behaviour tests14:40
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