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alebHow can I become a maintainer of the Launchpad package I'm developing (upstream)? https://launchpad.net/pitivi08:05
alebI want to mark as won't fix bugs like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pitivi/+bug/594658 (0.13 and 0.15 are not supported anymore as large parts of the app have been refactored)08:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 594658 in pitivi (Ubuntu) "clips cannot be imported if gstreamer cannot find all necessary plugins" [Undecided,New]08:06
wgrantaleb: Those bugs are in the pitivi package in Ubuntu, not the upstream Pitivi project. You need to be a member of ~ubuntu-bugcontrol (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl) to set an Ubuntu bug to Won't Fix.08:07
ersiI'd suggest hanging out with the Ubuntu Bug Squad as well, since plenty of them are members of ~ubuntu-bugcontrol and can help changing bug statuses. They're in #ubuntu-bugs on this very same network.08:39
alebWhat's the difference between https://launchpad.net/pitivi and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pitivi ? - as a Pitivi developer with some interest in helping Ubuntu, which one should I care about?10:04
geseraleb: the first is about the upstream project, the second about the Ubuntu package of it; of course bugs filed against the Ubuntu package might be bugs not in the packaging itself but bugs in the software (upstream), so it probably would be best to check both10:15
rbasakMay I have my personal PPAs (~racb) armhf enabled, please?11:11
rbasakI use an ARM Chromebook and it's a pain to get modified package builds on it some other way.11:12
MannerManlaunchpad.net seems down12:49
stxaBeMannerMan: when?12:49
MannerManstxaBe: right now12:50
eLBatistxaBe, now :-)12:50
MannerManits back!12:50
* stxaBe checking12:50
Durzohow long does it take to fully delete a PPA once i have clicked deleted? seems to be hanging around a while...13:11
wgrantDurzo: Usually 10-30 minutes.13:17
stxaBeare you performing maintenance right now?15:04
cjwatsonno but there's some kind of datacentre packet loss problem, sysadmins are aware15:05
rdfGreetings.  Is anyone from Launchpad support active in this channel?15:22
dobeyrdf: just ask your question, don't ask to ask.15:22
dobeyrdf: if it's about launchpad being "down" though, there are some network problems that sysadmins are working on15:23
rdfNo, it's about a support ticket I put in a couple of weeks ago that seems to have been forgotten15:23
rdfon gaining access to a username that appears to have been abandoned for the last 6 years15:23
dobeyrdf: oh, then i think you will have to just be patient15:24
dobeyrdf: you opened a question on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad right?15:25
rdfUmm, no.  I contacted support15:25
Adri2000anyone familiar with bzr/lp interaction could help with this please :) : % bzr lp-propose lp:~adri2000/neutron/juno-rename-fixes15:26
Adri2000bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~adri2000/neutron/juno-rename-fixes/".15:26
dobeyrdf: how exactly?15:26
wgrantrdf: What was the ticket ID?15:26
wgrantAdri2000: That branch doesn't exist. You need to push it before you can propose it.15:27
rdfwgrant, exact email subject reads: Re:Other:No.00066498 [ ref:_00D20145O._500D0bdrGQ:ref ]15:28
wgrantrdf: I don't know where you sent that email, but that looks nothing like any of our support systems.15:29
dobeyyeah that is very weird15:29
wgrantWhich address did you use?15:29
wgranthttps://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad or feedback@launchpad.net are the places to go15:29
rdfI sent it though launchpad, and received that email from noreply@canonical.com15:29
wgrantHow did you send it?15:30
wgrantNot which address, but how?15:30
dobeythat is not launchpad support15:31
dobeyi wonder how you even managed to get to that page :)15:32
rdfContact Support at the bottom of the page when logged off15:33
rdfSSO support15:33
* rdf facepalms15:33
rdfno wonder15:33
rdfexplains why they told me to delete the account or merge it :)15:33
rdfAlright... what's the correct way to ask for the nick on an abandoned account?15:34
rdferr username15:34
dobeyif you were told that, it's also not "no reply for the last 2 weeks and forgotten about" :)15:34
dobeyrdf: 11:27 < wgrant> https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad or  feedback@launchpad.net are the places to go15:35
rdfgot it15:35
rdfalso, is there a restriction on 3 character usernames?15:35
rdfI was giving up on using one name, and decided to use rdf, but was told it was blocked.15:36
dobeythere is no rdf user currently15:37
rdfThe name 'rdf' has been blocked by the Launchpad administrators. Contact Launchpad Support if you want to use this name.15:37
dobeybut maybe "rdf" is in a blacklist, because it conflicts with a certain standard or something15:37
rdfdoesn't look like I'll be able to use that name then :)15:39
dobeyanyway, you cana use any username that's not already taken, or blocked, and you can change your "username" anytime later to anything that's not already taken, or blocked, as well15:40
Adri2000wgrant: got it, thanks15:43
Adri2000(I thought it'd create and push on its own)15:44
rdfdobey, wgrant: thanks for setting me straight.15:54
rdfI've posted my question on answers.launchpad.net with question #24757815:54
wgrantrdf: Done.15:56
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RFlemingThanks! :)15:56
RFlemingwgrant, out of curiosity, is RDF blocked for the reason dobey stated above, for Resource Description Framework?15:57
wgrantRFleming: It is.15:58
RFlemingmakes sense.  Thanks for RFleming, I doubt rdf would have been permitted :)15:59
rbasakMay I have my personal PPAs (~racb) armhf enabled, please? I use an ARM Chromebook and it's a pain to get modified package builds on it some other way.16:28
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saiarcot895I have a bit of an annoyance with the website. There's an invisible help frame in the top-left section of the page (around 580 pixels by 280 pixels). In Chromium, right-clicking in that area brings up the context menu for that page, and not what's underneath it (say, a link). This makes it a little harder to open links in a new tab18:18
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dobeyoh it's from yui18:25
dobeysaiarcot895: i guess you could adblock that frame, to work around chromium apparently doing the wrong thing18:26
saiarcot895dobey: ok, I added an adblock rule for the frame.18:28
saiarcot895dobey: works fine now, thanks18:28
dobeysaiarcot895: it seems chromium is deciding to prefer display: block; over the visibility: hidden; from the css18:29
saiarcot895dobey: strange. I thought visibility:hidden would mean there would be no effects triggered or anything18:30
dobeysaiarcot895: it might be a bug in new chromium (>= 34)18:31
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knomehey, any admin around? i need some assistance to remove some projects etc :)22:03
knomeit's not just one thing, so i'd rather go through it with somebody when they pop up :)22:03

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