jtvThis is annoying.  I'm trying to Q/A my uec2roottar rewrite, but something else is broken.03:38
jtvCould not find kernel image: amd64/generic/trusty/release/boot-kernel03:38
jtvI think it's an architecture mismatch: i386/amd6403:39
jtvSilly of me.  Can't set a node's architecture with default enlistment.03:41
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jtvrvba: might not be completely crazy to start a DownloadProgressHandler.07:32
rvbajtv: that's what I thought.  The thing is that the documentation for this API method is so detailed that it drives people to try and use that method :)07:32
jtvOn the other hand, the design notes had to go _somewhere_.  :)07:32
jtvIf we just provide a GET to download progress, that wouldn't be very user-friendly but at least API users could get stuff done.07:33
jtvAnd it would get the implementation ball rolling: so much easier to say how it should be _better_ than how it should _be_.  :)07:33
rvbaAlso, isn't the import script supposed to do the reporting (using the report_download_progress method)?07:34
rvbaWasn't that the plan?07:34
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rvbajtv: something else I wanted your opinion about:  When users upgrade from Saucy, the new entries in bootresources.yaml don't have a 'label' constraint.  As a result, multiple images can be imported (for instance 'rc'/'release')… shouldn't we add a labels=['release'] constraint?  This would be better in sync with what the old config (from which we're migrating) was doing.08:07
rvbaNot sure if it's worth a bug/fixing.  Especially considering the upcoming work on getting rid of bootresources.yaml.08:07
jtvrvba: maybe wait until we know what we really want, there?  Otherwise we keep modifying and creating this massive history of different default settings.08:25
rvbajtv: yeah.  But let's keep that problem in mind then.08:25
jtvgmb, this one's for you: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/test-1310844/+merge/21700609:23
gmbjtv: On it, ta09:27
rvbabigjools: can you please vote on https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/add-power-params-doc/+merge/216894 ?09:31
rvbajtv: reviewing your 'python-to-python-imports' branch now09:36
rvbaallenap: I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/131208509:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1312085 in MAAS "No documentation for the CLI" [High,Triaged]09:44
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rvbaallenap: care to vote on https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/add-power-params-doc/+merge/216894 ?11:31
allenaprvba: Okay, I’m finishing something off right now, then I’ll do it.11:37
rvbaallenap: ta, it's definitely not urgent.11:41
alfsran into an interesting issue with usb keys and large rams.12:42
alfsThe machine has 24 GB ram, and I use a 8 GB usb stick for deployment.12:43
alfsthe rootfs gets about 1 GB, and the rest is allocated for swapspace - and e.g. juju bootstrap fails due to insufficient disk space.12:44
alfsis there some easy way to skip swap altogether, or do I need a customized preseed?12:47
Teduardoif using MaaS to build/maintain a distributed system, lets use for example openstack. when a new openstack release comes out, can MaaS sensibly handle the upgrade as well?12:52
magicrobotmonkeyI'm getting PXE-E11 ARP Timeout when booting a potential node13:07
melmothwhat is the purpose of the new "Network" menu in trusty maas ?14:04
melmothi did not have such a one before using the ppa version of maas in precise. what am i suppose to put there ?14:04
rvbamelmoth: maas.ubuntu.com/docs1.5/networks.html14:06
melmothok, so if all my nodes are on the same net as the nic i assigned to the  cluster controller , and dont use other network, i dont need to use this form, right ?14:07
rvbamelmoth: correct14:08
melmothgood. thanks.14:08
magicrobotmonkeymy node came to the maas-enlisting-node login: prompt14:08
magicrobotmonkeyam I supposed to do something now?14:08
rvbamagicrobotmonkey: no, this should be temporary (i.e. until your node enlists itself).  After a while your node should be powered down by MAAS.14:09
magicrobotmonkeyoh there it goes14:10
magicrobotmonkeythings are happening!14:10
magicrobotmonkeycool it showed up in the nodes14:10
magicrobotmonkeythis is much better than scraping the switch for mac addresses14:11
magicrobotmonkeywhen i hit "commision node" where should I look for a log of whats going on?14:19
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alfsconsole output14:53
alfsI find is the best. Sometimes the commissioning or running hangs, and the console is the best place to see this14:54
magicrobotmonkeyyea ok14:54
magicrobotmonkeydoes the commisioning configure ipmi locally? because I've been unable to use ipmitool on these boxes but maas did it somehow14:55
alfsIt adds it's own user15:06
alfsin the commissioning stage15:06
magicrobotmonkeyah cool15:06
magicrobotmonkeythats pretty slick15:06
alfsstill no luck with partitioning. Is there some other source for the partition layout than /etc/maas/preseeds/preseed_master?15:13
alfsI know my edits are working, e.g. changing from ext4 to ext3, but partman-auto/expert_recipe and partman-auto/choose_recipe just does not bite.15:14
rvbaalfs: that's weird, there is nothing that should override changes in /etc/maas/preseeds/preseed_master.15:15
alfsHm.. I commented everything regarding partman in the preseed, and then it (as intended) stops at the partitioning stage15:35
alfsHowever I cannot get past iscsi config, i.e. I choose iscsi, finish, and then get thrown back to iscsi config.15:35
alfsNo option to configure, and if I finish partitioning it (of course) has no root fs defined15:36
alfsperhaps due to the partman early-command not being run to define the disks.. enabling that and trying again15:37
alfsseems there was a small typo in the expert_recipe, causing it to be ignored, seems to be working now.16:13
magicrobotmonkeyheh yea i think i had a problem like that at one point16:17
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magicrobotmonkeydo maas nodes use a proxy by default?17:51
magicrobotmonkeyan apt proxy, that is17:51
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Isid0r0Hey, Does anyone know how to add the new "trusty" disto to an existing MAAS installation? I see it downloaded the OS's but it isn't registering in the settings page as a deployable distro18:11
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alfsmagicrobotmonkey: Yes, the maas server has squid-deb-proxy installed19:39
magicrobotmonkeythats super handy19:39
alfsmake sure you use the official archive, otherwise you get bad mirror hangs19:40
alfsor {cc}.archive.ubuntu.com at least19:40
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