Fudgelet it begin indeed05:30
Fudgerww:  are on the Desktop team05:39
rwwI'm not, no.05:40
Fudgethought you may be involved since you op in here05:42
Fudgetime to update my zsync script I guess05:42
rwwNope, #ubuntu+1's op list is just synced from #ubuntu's op list, and I'm an op there because I'm arguably good at it and support :)05:43
Fudgeah goodo05:44
Fudgeguess it will be a week till dailies start  running for Unicorn05:44
lordievaderGood morning.06:32
junkahow can i update to the development release?10:11
mwhudsoni'm not sure you can yet?10:14
mwhudsonoh maybe you can10:14
lordievaderjunka: Edit your sources to utopic10:17
Crashbitjunka: edit your source.list10:17
junkaah thanks10:17
lordievaderjunka: There ain't much yet, base-files and lintian.10:26
junkai am looking forward for what happens next lordievader :) i hope unity8 to be default10:29
lordievaderBleg Unity.10:31
RoryDAE unity sucks, amirite10:32
BluesKajHiyas all10:33
dholbachjoin us in #ubuntu-classroom for day 3 of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek14:51
johnjohn101what are you teaching today?14:52
dholbachjohnjohn101, how to get started with Ubuntu Development :)14:55
johnjohn101dholbach: yeah, something i'm interested in14:55
johnjohn101dholbach: is this just qml?14:56
dholbachit's more about working on Ubuntu, the platform14:57
dholbachless about app development14:57
johnjohn101still interested to see what's there.  will there be a transcript? i'm not sure i can make it. have dinner out with kiddos tonight14:58
dholbachit'll be up on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek later on14:59
johnjohn101i'm on the #ubuntu-classroom now, will try to follow15:01
cyborgcygnusSo when does ubuntu 14.10 come out? I want it now21:41
geniiOn the third Thursday of the tenth month of 14th year of the third millenia21:45

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