Fudgemoza:  sorry mate, different timezones make fast answers difficult05:40
Fudgeplease provide the bug number here and hilight TheMuso 05:41
mozaFudge (and TheMuso ) I filed the bug at Gnome : https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=728848 (number 728848)06:53
ubot2Gnome bug 728848 in magnifier "Switching the magnifier on makes Gnome-shell so unstable that it is impossible to switch it off." [Critical,Unconfirmed]06:53
mozaFudge : no problem about the delays, that's understandable. I'll try to leave this session connected, but i guess it's possible to contact me through the bug report now too.06:57
mozaThanks for the help and request of a bug report.06:57
Fudgemoza:  np, feel free to stick around for future reboots07:56
mozaI will Fudge.07:57
Fudgegoodo :D08:02
mozaHave a nice day in the meantime :)08:04
TheMusomoza: Is this also the case with GNOME shell 3.12.x? Upstream are more likely to look at it and address it if its tested in 3.12.08:30
mozaTheMuso : I can't test on the laptop before may 3rd, so i'll have to wait until then to provide more details. The Gnome version was the default one coming with an upgrade to ubuntu 14.0419:59
TheMusomoza: Ok. Ubuntu 14.04 comes with GOME 3.10 shell, so upstream will likely ask you to test with a newer shell version, at least GNOME
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