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javier__rsalveti: hi, I was looking at the manta-aa3-backport branch in git://kernel.ubuntu.com/jj/ubuntu-trusty.git and noticed that there isn't a security/apparmor/net_names.h09:16
javier__rsalveti: it is included from security/apparmor/net.c and also in the Makefile, I didn't find that file neither in the aa3 branch09:17
javier__rsalveti: nvm, I see that it is an autogenerated file09:38
javier__rsalveti: thanks anyway and sorry for the noise!09:45
FroggHello, I have a motorola Droid 4, And I guess that runs an ARM cortex a9 processor. I was wondering if Ubuntu arm could be installed on it14:30
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