mbaggsHi all03:31
mbaggsAny suggestions for a compliant dlna server software 03:32
hybr1d8mediatomb.cc is pretty good03:34
hybr1d8or http://sourceforge.net/projects/minidlna/03:35
mbaggsthanks mate03:35
mbaggssugestions for a printer/scanner brand the just works 03:44
mbaggsas i cant get my brother to work03:44
mbaggsit will print but not recognise the scanner at all03:46
jeaI have found HP to be fairly good 03:47
jeabut I have only used their printers, not scanners03:47
mbaggsok i need an all in one that will just work03:48
mbaggsok ill check it out thanks mate03:48
hybr1d8I'm using a brother all-in-one and it works okay04:01
mbaggsis it 64 bit or 32 bit os04:01
mbaggsas i cant get mine to scan on a 64bit os04:02
mbaggsok 04:02
hybr1d8just followed the directions on brothers website04:02
mbaggsyea i did that but it stil wont work and ive had it for 6 years so i think it might be time for a new one lol04:04
mbaggsthanks anyway mate04:06
blahdeblahmbaggs: Which model of Brother do you have?  I bought one recently and it works just great.04:17
jaredmbaggs: I have a HP all in one and the program "simple scan" just works. From memory there was no set up at all05:06
jaredHowever it is an old one and I did have the printer installed to print to prior to trying to scan from it05:06
jaredmbaggs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1592489&p=9949615#post9949615 looks like it fixes it really easily05:07
mbaggs Hi all10:01
mbaggson a homw media, file, print server would i be better using 32 or 64 bit ubuntu10:02
benonsoftwarembaggs: If you have 3-4GB+ of RAM, I would use 64 bit10:14
mbaggs4gig Ram -- dual core 2.5ghz cpu10:16
benonsoftwarembaggs: You should use 64 bit then10:27
benonsoftwareIf you use 32 bit, some of the RAM won't be detected10:27
bigred15Good evening folks! 10:41
benonsoftwareEvening bigred15 10:47
bigred15How are ya mate?10:48
benonsoftwareI'm good, you?11:01
bigred15Yeah not too bad champ. Quiet night in here it seems, heheh.11:02

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