Saviqsoo if I want something landed in utopic, do I need to rebuild/retest?07:21
sil2100I... I'm not sure yet ;p But you need to rebuild for sure, not sure if the infra is switched already07:35
didrockssil2100: maybe try to dput something just for test in a silo for utopic?07:36
didrocksand see if it builds07:36
didrocksbut on the infra you need to free the silo07:36
didrocksand reassign07:36
didrockssettings series to utopic07:36
mardyasac: hi! Did you hold that famous meeting yet? :-)07:37
sil2100didrocks: ok, let me test it myself then ;)07:37
sil2100didrocks: yeah, all seems to work ok in this regard - should we poke upstreams to fork their trunks to trusty branches?07:46
sil2100didrocks: or should we wait for the SRU-ones to land in trunks first?07:46
didrockssil2100: for stuff that are in SRU mode, let's have them proceeded into -updates first I would say07:51
didrockssil2100: otherwise, trunk == utopic for now I would say07:51
didrockssil2100: want me to change the spreadsheet to use utopic by default?07:51
MirvI think utopic by default would make sense, SRU:s are a separate thing07:52
sil2100didrocks: yes, I think that makes sense07:52
didrocksok, changing, one sec07:53
sil2100And yeah, the good thing about CITrain is also that actually dividing where 'trusty' commits ended and where 'utopic' started is easily doable07:53
didrocksif you need a SRU, ensure that you change the series to "trusty"07:54
didrockswhen assigning a silo07:54
didrocksremember that the block is per release/component07:55
didrocks(not only by component)07:55
didrocksso, we have a way to exit if upstream which are blocked in a SRU wants to land something else :)07:55
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Saviqsil2100, didrocks, so I should rebuild the silo to land in U? or do you need to reconfigure first?08:00
sil2100didrocks: indeed :) But what about merge targets? Since if someone that's blocked on an SRU landing wants something else landed in U, it's troublesome as the both the SRU and the U landing would target the same trunk branch08:00
didrocksSaviq: we will remove and reassign a silo for you08:00
sil2100Saviq: I'll reconfigure your silo and will ask for a rebuild08:00
Saviqsil2100, thanks08:01
didrockssil2100: you have to remove and reassign, I protect, on purpose on series change IIRC08:01
didrockshum, maybe not with the prepare job08:01
didrockssil2100: you can try the prepare job, (but not in reconfiguration mode)08:01
didrockslet me knows if this work08:02
Saviqdidrocks, no worky https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-007-1-build/26/console08:16
Saviqdidrocks, and CI-SNCF didn't ping me about the failed job, that expected?08:18
sil2100What the heck is that08:18
Saviqsomething doesn't know about utopic08:19
didrocksSaviq: fixed, please retry08:19
didrockslet me see why the bot didn't ping, maybe it's just the double rsync latency08:20
didrocksSaviq: ah no, it's just that the status isn't updated, all issues with jenkins08:20
Saviqdidrocks, kk08:20
didrocksSaviq: like, if there is a crash, I'll need to hook something up telling "infra issue"08:20
didrocksSaviq: anyone, just retry now :)08:21
Saviqalready done08:21
Saviqdidrocks, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-007-1-build/27/console08:23
didrocksah, we need the debootstrap08:24
didrockswe don't have a job for that though and don't have ssh access to the machine08:24
didrockssil2100: interested in doing that? let's chat during the meeting08:24
didrocksSaviq: mind waiting a little bit so that we can do it properly?08:25
Saviqdidrocks, sure, let me know when you need a guinea pig08:25
didrocksyeah ;)08:25
sil2100Let's chat on the meeting :)08:27
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sil2100Saviq: so, I think you'll still have to wait a bit :)09:27
dbarthMirv: ping? hi, this is about line 3709:53
dbarthwondering how to land that09:53
Mirvdbarth: you could land it to utopic series now that it's open. maybe check with bzoltan1 on how trusty SDK updates are supposed to be done - SRU:s or PPA09:56
bzoltan1Mirv:  PPA09:56
Mirvdbarth: ok, so then just to a normal landing as soon as normal landings are possible to utopic, and a trusty version can be done via https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ppa09:57
dbarthMirv: ok09:59
dbarthMirv: are there silos available right now?09:59
bzoltan1Mirv:  how to proceed with the Silo9 now? It is tested and good to go10:00
Mirvdbarth: silos are really full right now, so for utopic update I'd wait a little bit until we know we can release something there10:11
Mirvbzoltan1: it states it requires a QA sign off, and then the bugs would need to be SRUfied. but if you're targeting utopic, it needs reconfiguration against utopic series and a rebuild.10:12
Mirvsince as seen at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-009/+packages the package is built for trusty (since utopic wasn't open back then)10:12
bzoltan1Mirv:  absolutely targeting U10:13
bzoltan1Mirv:  for obvious reasons I will not test again the reconfigured/rebuilt packages10:13
Mirvbzoltan1: alright. so, I just added a note for now since we've not yet landed anything to utopic, but at least utopic is out there now.10:16
bzoltan1Mirv:  OK... i just would like to back on the normal track as quick as possible10:16
Mirvprepare-silo told me that it's preferred to free the silo and reassign it when changing series, and aborted, so that's why only a note so that maybe all similar cases can be handled at the same time10:17
bzoltan1Mirv:  I reconfigured and started the build again... we can start the whole hustle from scratch if you wish so10:19
Mirvbzoltan1: it rebuilds against trusty still there, so it's not better. let's restart when we have everything needed for utopic landings.10:21
bzoltan1Mirv:  so you can not assign a U Silo to the landings?10:22
sil2100Saviq: I re-ran the build in your silo, it *should* work now, let's see how it works10:39
Saviqsil2100, thanks!10:39
Mirvbzoltan1: I can, but I'd rather see one complete utopic landing done first. so, slightly later.10:40
bzoltan1Mirv: :) we could be that one utopic landing :)10:41
Mirvbzoltan1: yep, let's see. I'll handle the reconfiguring anyhow in a bit.10:49
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bzoltan1Mirv:  super, please ping me when I should start to be excited :)11:13
didrockssil2100: Mirv: Saviq: bzoltan1: for the record, we won't publish them though. We'll need a rebuild once the toolchain is updated11:17
didrocksso, it's only exploratory :)11:18
Saviqdo we know ETA?11:18
didrocksSaviq: something you should ask on #ubuntu-release. Seems like EOW from what I read11:19
ogra_i wouldnt count on EOW ... rather monday/tuesday11:21
Mirvdidrocks: right. I expected there are toolchain changes upcoming still, but good to know for sure.11:22
Mirvonly binutils updated so far in practice11:22
Mirvand some boost libs11:22
ogra_and skype11:22
xnoxMirv: there ain't much toolchain changes this time around. we are not going with 4.9 =(11:29
xnoxso that's actually it - ruby, boost, binutils.11:29
Mirvxnox: oh, no gcc 4.9? it's already two days old! :)11:31
Mirvok so after binutils has migrated to release pocket maybe then it's good11:32
Mirvogra_: I did make a note of the same thing you mentioned on #release :)11:32
ogra_skype you mean ?11:33
ogra_yeah, its awfuk to have it as the very first upload of a new series11:33
Mirvyeah, being the first :)11:34
ogra_but i guess adam had a reason11:34
ogra_(traditionally we opened with a vim upload in teh past)11:34
xnoxogra_: it wasn't an upload, but a copy.11:34
ogra_xnox, yet it is the first package to show up on changes :)11:35
cjwatsonProbably a quirk of list moderation actually11:36
cjwatsonOh, no, it has an earlier Date.  Whatever11:36
cjwatsonBut yeah, I think Adam was just walking down the checklist and initialising partner (with a copy, as xnox says)11:37
* didrocks goes for a run11:43
sil2100Ok, I'm going for some lunch and to the pharmacy12:01
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Mirvbzoltan: landing-009 is now totally utopic (and already built), but as discussed above we'll need an ack that the toolchain is DONE and then one more rebuild.12:23
bzoltanMirv: Ultracoool12:23
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fgintherdidrocks, will the 14.04 maintenance branches be handled by ci-train or daily-release or something else?13:39
didrocksfginther: all riding the train!13:40
fgintherdidrocks, thanks. I'll be updating the lp:cupstream2distro-config stack files to transition to utopic and adding the 14.04 branches. I assume that this has no impact on the ci-train, right?13:42
didrocksfginther: no, the branch is now all yours! :)13:43
bfillersil2100: line 25 can be published and bug is setup for SRU. We'd like to get this one into SRU13:56
sil2100bfiller: looking o/14:15
sil2100Choo chooo14:29
alecuthe trainbot sounds great!14:35
alecudidrocks: would it make sense to include the traincon level in the topic?14:36
didrocksalecu: hum, nice idea, mind opening a feature request against cupstream2distro so that I don't forget about it?14:36
* ogra_ would really love if we could redefine "traincon" to something you dont have to look up all the time14:37
ogra_i.e. self explaining14:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1312211 in cupstream2distro Configuration "Traincon level is not shown on #ci-choo-choo topic" [Undecided,New]14:39
didrocksalecu: thanks! assigning it to me14:39
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sil2100ogra_: what do you mean? Traincon is self-explanatory...14:41
sil2100Everyone knows it's a synonim for phonecon14:42
ogra_sil2100, i would it like to have something like TRAINCON-GOOD instead of TAINCON-0 ... so you dont need to look up the number scheme of what means what14:43
ogra_(which i can never recall)14:43
ogra_or -RED vs -GREEN14:43
alecuogra_: that's not very descriptive for colorblind people! ;-)14:44
ogra_especially males with red/green weakness ... right :)14:44
didrockssil2100: I hope you liked the photo btw!14:45
sil2100didrocks: yes! It was awesome ;)14:46
didrockssil2100: it's the train I'm competing against every day :)14:46
sil2100didrocks: uh, I hope it's faster than it looks ;p14:47
didrocks(there is an island in the park I'm running, and on this island, there is this train ;))14:47
didrocksit's not14:47
didrocksI can surely do 2 loops when it's doing one :p14:47
sil2100Oh my god, didrocks is fast like Flash! He can overrun a TRAIN14:47
didrocksthen, don't show the photo in that case :p14:48
ogra_flash gordon ?14:48
ogra_then i want a photo of him in the right outfit please :)14:48
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
ogra_(red tights and all) :)14:49
didrocksogra_: sure sure, remember as well that I'm borrowing my shampoo now for the bike ride back in case it's raining :p14:51
ogra_didrocks, you should run ubuntu kylin ... then you can stop at the kylin software store and wont get wet http://people.canonical.com/~xnox/kylin-store.png14:52
didrocksahah :)14:53
alecuogra_: is that image real? !!!15:01
ogra_alecu, apparently15:01
* alecu downloads the iso15:02
fgintherdidrocks, does ci-train maintain a list of project branches that is allowed to merge to?15:26
didrocksfginther: no, we are not preventing anything on purpose15:26
fgintherdoanac, hmm... so you could release something to the archive based on lp:unity8 in one ticket and something based on lp:unity8/utopic in the next?15:28
sil2100didrocks: hm, I've been wondering - I have published qtorganizer5-eds for SRU some time ago, and I don't see it anywhere right now - it's not in the UNAPPROVED queue, it's not in -proposed, it's as the description - in some unknown time and space o_O15:28
fginthererr, doanac sorry misfire15:29
fgintherdidrocks, hmm... so you could release something to the archive based on lp:unity8 in one landing and something based on lp:unity8/utopic in the next?15:29
didrockssil2100: maybe it's linked to the outage and was never treated?15:29
didrocksfginther: yeah, on purpose15:29
didrocksfginther: however, all MPs should be targetting the same destination15:29
fgintherdidrocks, that makes sense15:30
didrockssil2100: let me see at least if the sync req was proceeded15:30
didrockssil2100: I don't see anything from today15:30
didrockshum, a stale process…15:30
didrocksweird that rsync timeout didn't work15:31
didrocksI think it's due to the outage, probably15:31
Chipacasil2100: so, the push bugs got a (possibly automated) comment from raof about testing them. Should I do that, or should I get somebody else to? Feels a little bit dishonest for me to do it unless everybody knows that that's what's going on :)15:31
didrockssil2100: killed then, next run should get it in unapproved15:31
sil2100didrocks: oh, so no action needed from my side?15:31
didrockssil2100: watching is enough! :)15:32
sil2100Chipaca: hmm, usually someone else needs to do it ;) Maybe you could poke someone from your team?15:32
ChipacaI'll rope somebody in :)15:32
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josharensonfginther, http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/mir-performance-tests-trusty-touch/ failed. I'm looking in to why, but I see a typo in the name of the ppa that the job adds15:34
fgintherjosharenson, ah yes, thanks for pinging me... I was able to get the mako job to run and pass - s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/mir-performance-tests-runner-mako/3/15:35
josharensonfginther, cool.15:35
fgintherjosharenson, it is missing the log file15:35
fgintheror json results file15:36
josharensonfginther, that was my next question... The file _should_ be saved on the device in the directory where the test is run.15:36
fgintherjosharenson, what's the file name?15:37
fgintherjosharenson, or can it be specifed as an option to mir_performance_tests?15:38
josharensonfginther, its currently glmark2_fullscreen_default.json15:40
slangasekdidrocks: I'm very glad you implemented an SNCF bot rather than a RENFE bot15:45
didrocksslangasek: indeed, we are all about security. Maybe not full speed, but we value safety :)15:45
slangasekdidrocks: well, I was thinking more about RENFE's website being a java-exception-throwing monstrosity ;)15:49
sergiusensdidrocks: can I show you something on the choo choo thing?15:51
didrocksslangasek: oh really? never had to dealt with it (fortunately it seems)15:51
didrockssergiusens: sure15:51
sergiusensdidrocks: meh; when I did it last time I got a bunch of (12:49:12) CI-SNCF: Couldn't find anything matching this status request:15:52
didrockslet me try in PM, but that worked15:52
sergiusensdidrocks: pastebin would of been easier :-P http://paste.ubuntu.com/7323252/15:53
slangasekdidrocks: well, it might only throw java exceptions when you try to unsubscribe from their spam, not sure15:53
didrockssergiusens: ahah, I know!15:53
didrocksslangasek: that's how you ensure fidelity, right? :)15:54
didrockssergiusens: there is "status" in the line, and so then it treats itself15:54
sergiusensdidrocks: lol15:54
didrocksactually, can be fun, if you set "inspect <line>" in the description, you can recursively DDOS it15:54
didrocksok, I need to ignore what CI Train is telling on the channel I guess :p15:54
sergiusensdidrocks: also, why is it called landing-xxx instead of silo-xxx?15:55
didrockswhich is again another patch on the upstream IRC library, I don't know why say what :)15:55
didrockssergiusens: it's been always called like that (ppa name)15:55
didrocksblame asac for the ppa name choice :)15:55
sergiusensdidrocks: heh; wow; I always read silo-xxx :-P15:56
sergiusenslooks good15:56
didrockssergiusens: striking news of the day! :)15:56
didrockssergiusens: I'll look at your issue, but normally, it should ignore itself what it's telling already, maybe a race somewhere…15:57
didrocksogra_: you can join, not sure there is much for you though16:02
didrocksplars: same ^16:02
didrocksrobru: cyphermox: coming?16:02
* ogra_ expects your will sit there saying "choo choo" all the time anyway16:02
ogra_but i'll come :P16:03
plarsI can't make it right at this moment. Sorry16:03
davmor2didrocks: so your idea of a train is more like sl -al :D16:28
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bregmammmm, I like this ci-bot choo choo16:42
ogra_bregma, http://37.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvv9lsZLab1r4vmplo1_500.gif16:49
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Chipacasil2100: question for you sah17:37
Chipacasil2100: we're having a bit of trouble reproducing the issue behind one of the bugs on other-people's-in-my-team's phones17:38
Chipacasil2100: ideas?17:39
Chipacasil2100: (all but one of the bugs are already 'verification-done' by my team)17:39
Chipacasil2100: (the issue is a race between push and network devices coming online)17:40
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fgintherjosharenson, can you check http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/mir-performance-tests-runner-mako/5/console? the json data file is being created empty and it looks like glmark probably isn't even running.17:58
josharensonfginther, sure. if the executable isn't run, an empty file is created as a method of failing gracefully (since we cant check for the exe at compile time)17:59
josharensonfginther, ah I see18:00
josharensonfginther, does the jenkins job start a mir server?18:00
fgintherjosharenson, it looks like all it does is install packages, reboot phone, stop unity8 and lightdm, then run the test18:02
josharensonfginther, ah, the benchmark isnt running because there is no mir server running18:02
josharensonfginther, let me look at some of the other tests and see how they handle this.. unless you know of an easier way18:03
fgintherjosharenson, I don't know of any other mir testing like this, so I don't have any experience here18:04
josharensonfginther, the solution is easy, it just needs to run an executable before the test starts.. reliably determining the location of the exe and handling failures may be harder18:05
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fgintherjosharenson, do you have a device to test with?19:05
josharensonfginther, yes19:05
fgintherjosharenson, ok, so are working on "reliably determining the location of the exe and handling failures"19:06
josharensonfginther, that is my next step.. working head down in something else atm19:06
fgintherjosharenson, ok, that's fine. I just didn't want this to fall through the cracks if I had assumed the wrong thing19:07
josharensonfginther, haha it won't, thanks for checking19:07
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kgunnfginther: hiya...i'm kinda antsy for this one to merge...is 2 hrs too impatient ?20:10
kgunni guess i can manual merge if needed....20:10
fgintherkgunn, looking20:13
fgintherkgunn, looks like it's almost done, another 10-15 minutes20:14
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