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dholbachgood morning06:35
dholbachdpm, call in 10m OK? I need to walk the dog first :)08:32
dpmdholbach, sounds good08:32
dholbachcool, brb08:35
dholbachdpm, what would you prefer? phone? hangout?08:51
dpmdholbach, phone might be quicker, but whatever works best for you. Shall we talk at 11:00? I'd like to finish something off before the call08:52
dholbachdpm, sure, WFM08:52
josedpm: just to let you know, I'll be hosting the hangout today11:29
dpmjose, ah, perfect, thanks!11:29
josenp :)11:30
* jose runs to classes11:30
jcastromhall119, I have a list a mile long wrt the local provider for the sprint, and this is one of them14:24
jcastroso don't worry, I will be your champion14:25
mhall119aw, I have a champion14:27
* mhall119 <3 jcastro 14:27
mhall119jcastro: /etc/lxc/auto/juju-* doesn't exist for me (following the cleanup AU anwer), should it ?14:30
mhall119I have /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet though14:30
jcastroyeah not all files will be there IME14:30
jcastroit's just ensuring it is not14:30
jcastrobut we did just do 1.18 and some stuff has changed, I am not sure what in that area though14:31
pleia2dholbach: all set for UOW session?14:54
dholbachpleia2, yep yep14:55
pleia2cool :) I'm around as needed, enjoy!14:55
dpmjose, sorry, I'll have to cancel my second UOW session today at 18:00UTC, I've got a personal appointment coming up :(15:02
pleia2eep, lost mhall119 and dpm today15:03
pleia2dpm: best of luck with your appointment, thanks for letting us know15:03
dpmpleia2, jose, I'm really sorry for the short notice, I really hate doing this. It just came up now. Anything I need to do other than updating the wiki?15:04
mhall119pleia2: yeah, sorry about that, believe me I'd rather run my session than be sick :(15:04
pleia2dpm: no, thanks, I'm taking care of the wiki :)15:04
pleia2mhall119: hope you feel better!15:04
dpmoh, mhall119 I had no idea, I hope you get well soon!15:05
popeymhall119: eat more vegetables <img src=tomato.png>15:05
dpmpleia2, thanks a lot15:05
mhall119popey: more like "avoid sick relatives during holiday meals"15:06
pleia2dpm: are you still co-presenting with dholbach for the 1600 session in a few minutes?15:53
dholbachyep, he said he'd be there :)15:54
pleia2ok cool15:54
dpmpleia2, dholbach, yep. dholbach, would you mind starting it and I'll come in after a couple of mins? My call is running over and it's one I cannot shorten15:54
dholbachdpm, gotcha15:55
pleia2(ClassBot alerts us if there are any instructors who haven't yet joined channel, so I was obeying the bot to followup)15:55
dholbachahh ok, thanks pleia2!16:15
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow!17:21
jonojose, hey17:56
josejono: hi! your Q&A is in roughly 1h, right?17:56
jonojose, no, in 4mins17:56
jonothats what I have on my calendar17:56
jonoI would prefer to do it in an hour17:56
josejono: we scheduled it to be in 1h17:56
jonook, we must have had some confusion17:57
jononp, 1hr works great for me17:57
joseawesome then :)17:58
josethanks a lot!17:58
jo-erlendAccording to Canonical, Ubuntu 14.04LTS will be supported with security and maintenance updates for 18 months. Perhaps someone might want to fix that? (: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=114618:33
jo-erlendIt's under "System requirements".18:34
josejono: should I forward ^ to Michelle?18:34
jonojose, yes please18:34
joseok, will do in a min18:35
josegood catch, jo-erlend :)18:35
jo-erlendIt was Bartek on OMG! Ubuntu, actually. I just thought I'd forward it. :)18:36
josewould you mind replying letting him know I'm forwarding that issue?18:37
jo-erlendI already did, including the "good catch" :)18:38

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