seb128good morning desktopers08:00
seb128Laney, hey, wie gehts?08:03
Laneyhey seb128, sehr gut, danke!08:04
Laneyund dir?08:05
seb128Laney, larsu, desrt: good news for you, robert_ancell seems to have decided he was going to fix those nautilus bugs, he did SRU a segfault fix already and is looking at the bookmark one now (from launchpad comments)08:05
seb128Laney, très bien merci ;-)08:05
larsuawesome, thanks!08:05
larsuhi Laney08:05
Laneyhola larsu, ¿cómo estás?08:08
larsuLaney: muy bien, gracias! (thanks for getting me in the mood for my Spanish class tonight)08:09
* didrocks is upset about chromium loosing my tabs08:09
didrocksit doesn't seem to be something reported on launchpad though08:09
didrocks(it looses silently *some* tabs, not all)08:10
* didrocks switched since yesterday to chrome unstable which is better in that regard08:10
didrocks(and yeah, all extensions disabled)08:10
didrockslet's see once qengho is around08:10
mptseb128, mdeslaur: I was under the impression that Gnome made PolicyKit dialogs system-modal because that was the only way to ensure other programs weren’t listening to the keypresses. I might be wrong about that, though.10:06
mptIf so, though, my POV is that if you have a password-sniffing program running on your PC you’ve already lost. My online banking password is more important than my login password, for example, and browsers don’t go system-modal whenever they see <input type="password"> in an HTTPS page.10:08
mlankhorstwell I found 2 or 3 bugs related to xserver switching now, fun! :P10:27
mlankhorsthm make that 410:45
mlankhorstwell, 5 but I haven't been able to reproduce the 5th one a second time10:46
chrisccoulsonis anybody else able to adjust their laptop panel brightness in trusty?10:49
chrisccoulsonthe slider in the control centre does nothing here10:49
chrisccoulsonand pressing the buttons on my laptop seems to work with around a 1-minute lag :/10:51
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Mirvchrisccoulson: works fine here, on sandybridge11:14
seb128Laney, do you have an opinion on SRUing the gstreamer point release bugfix updates to trusty?11:32
xnoxseb128: is there a way for me to launch qt5 ubuntu-one setup page?11:34
seb128xnox, what is "qt5 ubuntu-one setup page"?11:34
Laneyseb128: Probably worth it11:34
LaneyThe fixes sound important11:34
seb128Laney, k, I'm going to have a look to gst/base to start11:34
xnoxseb128: sorry, system-settings, online accounts, ubuntu one plugin page.11:35
Laneythe synced ones should be easy11:35
xnoxseb128: launch on the desktop (possibly stand alone), it works on the phone, but failing to launch it on the desktop11:35
MirvI was hit by bug #1290368 to the extent I switched my shotwell hack from totem to ffmpegthumbnailer11:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 1290368 in gst-libav1.0 (Ubuntu) "totem-video-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129036811:35
Laneyjust take them and change the version11:35
Mirvbut I think it also occured when nautilus thumbnails11:35
Laneyyes, it's the same program11:36
seb128Laney, right, I reading debdiff and I'm going to test build/run a bit first11:36
Laneycan you reproduce it?11:36
Laneyif so, debugging would be nice11:36
seb128talk to tjaalton maybe, I think he's looking after gst-libav11:36
seb128that's not something we install by default btw11:36
MirvI'll try on my work laptop, I can probably at least provide a 0.1 second video from my camera if that's what triggers it (the format)11:36
Laneytry running the program manually on it11:37
seb128xnox, dunno, check with mardy maybe ... doing "system-settings online-accounts" work, but I'm unsure about opening directly a specific account in there11:38
tjaaltonhaven't touched gst-libav..11:38
Laneydeny all knowledge11:39
* xnox ponders if i happen to be TIL11:39
tjaaltonbut it's probably same as debian 73957911:39
ubot2Debian bug 739579 in gst-libav1.0 "gstreamer1.0: totem crashes while seeking" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/73957911:39
seb128tjaalton, sorry, I'm probably confused, I though you had interest in it/looked at it before11:39
Mirvok it was not as easy as "any file"11:40
xnoxyeah, not me. However Laney does have a change in the TIL =)11:40
tjaaltonseb128: it was -vaapi11:40
seb128tjaalton, oh,  right, thanks for correcting me ;-)11:40
Mirvoh, yes it is, indeed seeking a h.264 file. there was just this another bug I noticed on my desktop computer that if I've gstreamer1.0-vaapi installed GStreamer thinks it doesn't have anything to play h.264 with11:42
Mirvyep, totem-video-thumbnailer -r 00017_2.MTS -t 1 out.png11:44
Mirvputting a clip of cat video to LP11:44
Mirvand not so easy, if I switch the container format so that I can get a small clip out of it, it doesn't crash anymore. so, shooting a new clip instead of using an old one11:52
seb128Mirv, opening the bug upstream would be nice11:52
Mirvwell it sounds like it could be fixed in that new release in Debian, which I'm testing now11:57
Mirvso https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gst-libav1.0/+bug/1290368/+attachment/4095344/+files/00004.MTS is a shortish example that crashes when seeked11:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 1290368 in gst-libav1.0 (Ubuntu) "totem-video-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Medium,Confirmed]11:58
Mirvyep, 1.2.4 from Debian fixed the issue12:03
seb128Mirv, 1.2.4 of what source?12:03
seb128who wants to SRU that one? ;-)12:04
seb128I just uploaded gst/base to the desktop ppa for testing btw12:04
seb1281.2.4 of those I mean12:04
MirvI SRUfied the bug description for now. I guess 1.2.4-1 will need to be autosynced to utopic first.12:08
LaneyIt can be uploaded first12:08
LaneyI'll look at the rest of gst later if nobody else wants to12:08
seb128Laney, if you want to do those that would be welcome12:15
xnoxseb128: hm $ system-settings online-accounts -> click add account -> click ubuntu one -> empty screen12:19
seb128xnox, talk to kenvandine or mardy, I've nothing to do with online accounts12:20
xnoxseb128: ok. thanks.12:21
Laneyinteresting, that doesn't list all of the same things that the u-c-c panel lists12:21
Laneylike SIP says empathy there but not in u-s-s12:22
Laneyif you click on an existing account that is12:22
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seb128hum, launchpad having issues?12:46
LaneyMy grab-merge isn't grabbing the merge12:47
Laneyso maybe ...12:47
Laneyit's a sign12:47
* Laney → lunch12:47
xnoxLaney: yeah #is-outage is starting to heat up.12:49
qenghodidrocks: "losing your tabs"?13:12
didrocksqengho: loosing*13:13
didrocksqengho: basically, if I quit chromium (and the notify)13:13
didrocksrestarts it13:13
didrocksI can get from 17 tabs13:13
didrocksto 15, or even 2!13:13
didrocksit looses randomly some tabs on restart13:13
didrocksI disabled all extensions to ensure it's not the source of it13:14
didrocksand I can still reproduce it13:14
didrocksno issue with chrome unstable FYI13:14
didrocksfrom what I got popey also heard about that13:14
popeychromium 24 is a big step backwards13:15
popeyyou can't even horizontal scroll13:15
popey(worked in previous versions)13:15
seb128popey, talk to qengho13:16
popeyhello qengho13:16
seb128tkamppeter, hey, do you remember https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libspectre/+bug/1242678?13:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1242678 in libspectre (Ubuntu Trusty) "evince cannot render some EPS files" [High,Triaged]13:16
seb128tkamppeter, do you think you could/test the patch in https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76450? that would be a nice one to backport to our package13:17
ubot2Freedesktop bug 76450 in general "Documents are not rotated correctly" [Normal,New]13:17
qenghodidrocks: Hrm. Let's debug that.13:22
qenghodidrocks: Let's go to #ubuntu-chromium so we don't bore these folks.13:22
qenghopopey: horizontal scroll is on my to-do list.13:23
bjsniderpitti: what do you think about adding gdm to the systemd ppa? the service file lib/systemd/system/gdm.service is being built but not installed so that could be the only change13:32
pittibjsnider: it probably also needs some dh_systemd_* invocations then13:32
pittibjsnider: if you have a package, I'm happy to sponsor it to utopic and put it into the PPA (while utopic is frozen)13:33
bjsnideri'm the guinea pig i guess hahaha13:34
bjsniderdh_systemd isn't part of the loop at all at the moment13:35
Laneyxnox: oh, what's that?13:59
xnoxLaney: DoS or some such against something.13:59
xnoxLaney: or do you mean the channel?13:59
Laneypeople are mean13:59
Laneyyes but that's good enough info13:59
xnoxLaney: #is-outage is #is with just #is folks talking when dealing with issues. It's like "real-time incident report reality TV show" =)14:00
Laneysounds distracting :P14:01
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mlankhorstjust like real reality tv shows!15:29
kenvandinethe PerformanceOverlay is simply amazing... that is all :)16:05
Laneywhat's that16:05
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kenvandineLaney, ^^ although that link doesn't really give it justice :)16:06
Laneyyeah ...16:06
kenvandineshows a slick running graph on top of your app16:06
kenvandineshowing performance metrics live16:06
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Laneynight #ubuntu-desktop17:11
tkamppeterseb128, I will look into it. By the way, who is the maintainer/uploader of libspectre or does Ubuntu only auto-sync?17:19
seb128tkamppeter, thanks, we auto-sync from Debian17:20
seb128Laney, 'night17:20
bjsniderpitti: i built gdm with modifications that might work, but the ppa doesn't work here -- would you like me to email you the gdm packages so you can test them in your vm?17:21
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kenvandinerobru, i've been profiling the friends-app scrolling based on that bug from davmor217:55
robrukenvandine, oh yeah?17:55
kenvandinerobru, i've stepped back through the stack to the point where i have an empty flickable... no friends-app code at all17:56
robrukenvandine, what kind of profiling tools do we have for qml? I just know python stuff really17:56
kenvandinesame performance :/17:56
kenvandineyou can get debug output for object creation timing17:56
kenvandineand we have the slick PerformanceOverlay in the sdk17:56
kenvandineso you can see a pretty graph on top of you app17:56
robrukenvandine, it's not the first time I've heard that qml has poor performance :-/17:56
kenvandinei don't think that it's really "poor"17:57
kenvandinejust while doing the constant movement it uses the cpu17:57
kenvandineit doesn't look bad :)17:57
kenvandineat one point Kaleo said we should keep all the timings down below 10ms while it scrolls17:57
davmor2robru, kenvandine: Yeah 102.2% of the cpu is the bit you missed there ;)17:58
kenvandineand i think i had it down to about 1417:58
kenvandinebut now it's at 17ms17:58
kenvandinebut i get the same with an empty flickable17:58
robrudavmor2, but apparently it does the same with an empty flickable... ^^17:58
kenvandineset the contentHeight to 1000 with nothing rendering inside it17:58
davmor2robru: indeed which I think is even more scary :)17:58
kenvandineand drag it17:58
robrukenvandine, what do you mean by 'timings under 10ms'. timings of what? redraw speed?17:58
kenvandineit runs up over 100%17:59
kenvandinei think it's the total time to create each object17:59
kenvandineand it does that as it scrolls17:59
kenvandineyou can increase the cache there17:59
robruohhhh, object creation times17:59
kenvandinebut it doesn't really help17:59
kenvandineit only creates the objects that are on screen17:59
robruright right17:59
kenvandineyou can make it buffer more17:59
kenvandinewhen you scroll, it still destroys and creates objects18:00
robrubuffering more won't make them load any faster, just... sooner18:00
kenvandineit just does it further away from the view18:00
kenvandinei'm amazed that it takes just as long with an empty flickable18:00
robruyeah, that's awful18:00
robruthat can't be right, can it? how can it be just as slow if it's not creating anything?18:01
kenvandinedragging it around and keeping it pegged doesn't actually seem to make it noticably slow down though18:01
kenvandinegood question...18:01
kenvandinebut the graphs pegs constantly while it's flicking18:01
kenvandinebut yeah, it's not creating objects...18:01
kenvandinemaybe that time isn't just creation18:02
kenvandinebut also drawing18:02
kenvandinebut regardless of the time that's reported18:03
kenvandineit does peg the cpu18:03
kenvandinewith no contents18:03
kenvandinenow i wish i had started with an empty flickable :)18:04
kenvandineit took a long time to step backward from friends-app :)18:04
robrukenvandine, you should have bisected!18:04
kenvandineyeah... those tiles are so complex, i just assumed it had to do with anchoring and sizing stuff18:05
robruyeah, it seems reasonable to me. also because when I tried to reproduce this with calendar-app, it only went 50% CPU, not 102%. so I wonder if maybe they do something differently that's more efficient18:05
kenvandineinteresting... i hadn't thought about that18:06
kenvandinerobru, you can try that out18:12
kenvandinedrag around in the black part of the left side of the screen18:12
kenvandineand watch top18:12
robruok, one sec18:13
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robrukenvandine, on my desktop, yeah, I see that consistently at 17ms18:28
robrutrying on phone...18:28
robrukenvandine, hrm, how would I launch a simple qml file on the phone? qmlscene doesn't seem to do it18:29
kenvandinerobru, build a click out of it18:36
kenvandinei didn't try on my phone18:36
kenvandinebut comparing the test to friends-app on my desktop18:37
kenvandinethey are about the same18:37
kenvandineso apples to apples :)18:37
robruugh, I have to make a whole click? I can't just trick upstart-app-launch into running a qml file directly?18:37
kenvandinenope, needs to be registered with click for upstart to find it18:37
kenvandinewant me to create one?18:37
robrukenvandine, yeah, it's just that the CPU usage on my quad-core hyperthreaded i7 is like 5% (even for friends-app) so it's tough to say if it's going 102% on the device or not without testing on the device ;-)18:37
robrukenvandine, if you can, please. I'm not sure how18:38
kenvandineon my dual core 2.93G desktop it goes over 100%18:38
robrukenvandine, oh, I get 30%, excuse me18:39
robrukenvandine, actually your pastebin gets me 8% CPU while friends-app does 30%, so I guess there is something in friends-app...18:40
kenvandinerobru, friends-app does do quite a bit more, so makes sense for it to go higher18:43
kenvandinei guess for me it's hard to go much higher than 100% :)18:44
robruright, but the point is that it goes to 100% on the device when other apps don't ;-)18:45
robruok, I managed to install that click, thanks, how do I run it? it's not in the app list ;-)18:45
kenvandineit'll show up18:46
robrudoesn't show up under "ken" or "listview"18:46
kenvandinethat performs way better18:46
kenvandinei search for "lis"18:47
kenvandineand it showed up18:47
kenvandineyou installed with pkcon right?18:47
robruuh "click install *.click" ;-)18:47
kenvandineand not as root or anything18:47
robruperhaps as root ;-)18:47
kenvandinepkcon install-local *.click18:47
kenvandineas phablet18:47
robruoh ok18:48
robrukenvandine, yeah I'm getting 30-50% CPU on device18:49
robrukenvandine, can you try friends-app just with avatar rendering turned off? I wonder if that's doing it18:50
robrukenvandine, as I recall, we had trouble with that in the past ;-)18:56
kenvandineyeah, it's going to make profiling this much more painful19:00

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