magbeat@DASPRiD I know. But I did not install Ubuntu Gnome directly. So there were some unity remaimings to get rid of.05:07
meetingologymagbeat: Error: "DASPRiD" is not a valid command.05:07
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mgedminand gnome-shell crashes again11:52
mgedminin the middle of JS garbage collector11:56
mgedminDuplicateOf: http://pad.lv/1282871, which is a private bug I can't see11:56
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1282871 not found11:56
rvangehi all - I have recently upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04, and EMpathy is gone. And I cannot install it. Apt message: http://pastebin.com/uYQRchp112:15
rvangebtw, I really enjoy an Ubuntu based distro focusing on Gnome - thank you12:16
mgedminrvange, you still have packages from the old 13.10 ppa; remove them12:18
mgedminyou can find them with apt-show-versions | grep 'newer than version in archive'12:18
mgedminhere's a one-liner to downgrade all stale ppa packages to their current versions in 14.04: apt-get install `apt-show-versions |grep 'newer than version in archive'|cut -12:19
mgedmind ':' -f 1|sed -e 's/$/\/trusty/'`12:19
rvangegreat! The result looks reasonable - trying it right now12:20
rvangethank you for helping me downgrade 13.10 PPA packages12:23
rvangeEMpathy is running now :)12:23
rvangedo you know why Empathy does not use the online accounts from system settings?12:24
mgedminno :/12:24
Foragegood afternoon13:11
ForageI'm a bit confused about the staging ppa. Should the other 2 ppa's be enabled as well when using staging with 14.04?13:12
ForageI enabled all 3 ppa's and installed all updates. Tracker, however, was having some issues and because of it I noticed I've got 0.16 as well as 1.0 installed now. The former available in the stable ppa, the latter available in the staging ppa.13:14
Forageshould the 0.16 version be deleted or can and should they coexist?13:15
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