superm1xnox: did you see my question in #ubuntu-mythtv-dev before you dropped?  i wanted to know if it would be possible to extend the "update this installer" to also update mythbuntu-common and mythbuntu-live-autostart (if installed).  there's a bug in mythbuntu-common's VNC plugin that's plaguing some people right now, so i was wondering if we could fix it with00:14
superm1an SRU potentially until the point release00:14
xnoxsuperm1: sorry did not see that, so the bug about it (possibly duplicate) in my bug mail against ubiquity00:16
superm1xnox: yeah that bug.  it's definitely a bug for something missed when going python2->python3, probably a very small fix00:16
superm1there's been a few now that got reported on the same issue00:16
xnoxsuperm1: we can extend to upgrade ubiquity components as well, however this will have no effect on 14.04.0/pre-existing images as the list is hardcoded... well one would have to upgrade the installer twice in a row =(00:17
superm1ah too bad00:17
xnox(once to get whitelist update & second time to upgrade extra components)00:17
superm1that would be a tough sell to ask people to upgrade twice00:17
xnoxsuperm1: generating mythbuntu dailies, and pointing people at them until .1 release is best.00:18
xnox(which they still should be generated)00:18
superm1Okay, i guess i'll sort out the actual issue, get an SRU up there and then once it's in the wild anyone who reports point them at the dailies00:18
xnoxRiddell: are ubiquity branches all correct? i see a removed commit notification. I've also branched trusty-proposed branch, which commit(s) should it correspond to now? (i've simply branched trunk)21:11

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