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* slangasek waves15:01
* infinity hides in the corner.15:01
* slangasek turns the searchlight towards infinity 15:02
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Apr 24 15:02:15 2014 UTC.  The chair is slangasek. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:02
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slangasek[TOPIC] lightning round15:02
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slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko stgraber jodh bdmurray slangasek cjwatson xnox caribou infinity mvo)15:02
slangasekbarry mvo slangasek stgraber xnox jodh bdmurray doko cjwatson infinity caribou15:02
barrycatching up from pycon, keysigning15:02
barrytouch: updating, fixing, building, testing gallery-app py3 port.  LP: #1310794.  LP: #122291015:03
barrygeneral: reported LP: #1310663 and downgraded to fix.  proposed apt-clone MP to clean up cruft.  LP: #1309447 review.  LP: #1290847 work ongoing.15:03
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1310794 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1310794). The error has been logged15:03
barrymumble seems down too :/15:03
mvoPrepared 78 lines report from timelog and decided to be less boring with this one:15:03
mvoBugfixing for trusty/trusty-proposed: apt, aptdaemon, apt-clone, gdebi, apt-ddtp, python-apt, software-center, software-properties, ubuntu-release-upgrader, update-manager15:03
mvoapt: work on apt-get intsall foo.dsc, bash completion, ftparchive-srcpkgcache, apt-get update progress estimates15:03
mvo - lp-changelogs-crawler fix hang, add socket timeout to avoid future hangs15:03
mvo - sprint, HR15:03
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1222910 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1222910). The error has been logged15:04
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1310663 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1310663). The error has been logged15:04
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1309447 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1309447). The error has been logged15:04
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1290847 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1290847). The error has been logged15:04
slangasekno bot, not like that!15:04
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xnoxslangasek: lp DoS15:04
mvobarry: when LP is up again I have a look at the apt-clone15:04
barrymvo: cool, should be simple15:04
slangasekxnox: do we know why we're getting these DoSes?15:05
xnoxslangasek: ... i wonder if the botnet is ubuntu =)15:05
infinityslangasek: I assume Dmitry annoyed someone a little too much.15:05
xnoxslangasek: there is #is-outage in progress / incident15:05
* slangasek wonders why that's a separate channel15:06
slangasek * release week15:07
slangasek * short week due to vacation15:07
slangasek * working on filling the Java role15:07
slangasek * working on some reports for a customer15:07
barryit's definitely not utopic15:07
xnoxslangasek: about Java role, elmo has a few requests if/when that possition is filled. Mostly around packaging java software we use in production - jenkins, elasticsearch, cassandra.15:07
stgraberWaited all week for Mark to announce the new name...15:08
stgraberMore seriously:15:08
stgraber - 14.04 release15:08
stgraber - LXC upstream work: fixed a bunch of Jenkins problems, bug reports, debugged15:08
stgraber   some crazy issue on machines with a crazy amount of network namespaces and15:08
stgraber   routes (kernel network stack falling appart when you have around 500 netns15:08
stgraber   with over 200 routes each).15:08
stgraber - cgmanager/systemd: looked into a couple of bugs15:08
slangasekxnox: that's, er, out of scope for the role15:08
stgraber - U preparation: setup system-image, cleaned up some stuff there too, setup15:08
stgraber   the QA tracker, setup extras.ubuntu.com15:08
stgraber - Some SRU reviews15:08
stgraber 15:08
stgraberI'm off tomorrow and Monday.15:08
dokoxnox, this is not about packaging software in Java15:08
xnoxslangasek: i know, that's what i said as well... but using 3rd-party binary .debs is also not ideal.15:09
doko- PyCon15:09
doko- two Easter holidays15:09
doko- prepare binutils and GCC for utopic15:09
xnoxdo* Release week -> released15:09
xnox* Unicorn opening -> did couple minor opening tasks15:09
xnox* Worked on pushing deltas to debian where appropriate15:09
xnox* Working on better upstart/service/update-rc.d integration15:09
xnox  ( e.g. such that launching init.d scripts work & we can revert php515:09
xnox  job change)15:09
xnox* Working with nvme-linux & efibootmgr to add support for generating15:09
xnox  nvme efi boot entries.15:09
xnox* worked on python3-launchpadlib:15:09
xnox  - merge proposal in progress to fix +access-token in launchpad15:09
xnox  - merge proposal against requests-oauthlib to support redirects15:09
slangasekxnox: not disagreeing, but there's no reason to think that someone maintaining the JVM is also going to be packaging complicated .jar stacks15:10
jodh* foundations-1305-upstart-work-items:15:10
jodh  - cgroup support: Back working on this. Current plan is to couple the15:10
jodh    cgmanager code (but not the async elements) from the cgroup branch15:10
barryxnox: \o/  if you're hunting for reviews, let me know15:10
jodh    and the async branch which I've been working on for the past couple15:10
jodh    of days since this provides a much better design.15:10
jodh* misc:15:10
jodh  - short week due to Easter and also out Tuesday.15:10
xnoxdoko: are we going to switch to 4.9 in utopic, or is that out-of-scope?15:10
dokoxnox, around the 4.9.1 release15:10
cjwatsondoko: is there anything else needed in the utopic archive right now for toolchain, or is it good from your point of view (once the autopkgtest issues are fixed)?15:11
cjwatsondoko: I didn't see a GCC upload to utopic yet15:11
dokocjwatson, I don't have any more issues, maybe the dpkg merge, so that fortran packages are built with optimization15:12
cjwatsondpkg was merged15:12
cjwatsonoh, still in unapproved15:12
dokodidn't subscribe to utopic-hcanges quick enough15:12
infinityYeah.  It's merged, but waiting. :)15:12
cjwatsonyeah, I'll poke that one15:12
infinityIt was the second thing uploaded.15:12
infinityAlso, must have vim, so I stop getting angry red in my changelogs.15:13
dokowill upload gcc-4.9 and gcc-4.815:13
xnoxinfinity: i thought vim was done.15:13
infinityxnox: Same story.  I did the merge, sitting in the queue. :)15:13
cjwatsonxnox: also in unapproved15:13
slangasekcjwatson: your turn (people going out of order, people on holiday... madness)15:13
xnoxah, ok.15:13
cjwatsonSpent most of the week working on livefs-in-LP.  I have most of the master side done now; just need to write build behaviour tests and add webservice-flavoured methods for retrieving build files.  "bzr damage" => 2175 LoC15:14
cjwatsonOpening utopic, at last; initial archive publication, seeds, setting up various reports.15:14
cjwatson(accepted dpkg and vim)15:14
infinity* released trusty15:14
infinity* long weekend15:14
infinity* opening utopic15:14
infinity* misc15:14
caribou* More work on sosreport. Now part of the upstream team15:15
caribou* Re-submitted SRU on bug 1293291 to enable BTMP on openssh15:15
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1293291 could not be found15:15
caribou* New makedumpfile upstream version to be packaged15:15
caribouwill need help from some nice DD as my current DM mentor is nowhere to be seen15:16
infinitycaribou: I've offered to sponsor you in the past. :)15:17
caribouinfinity: yeah, I wanted to stay nice to my current sponsor but this will now change15:17
caribouinfinity: I'll ping you15:17
xnoxcaribou: ditto, i can also sponsor things into debian and/or for you to become DM, DD.15:17
caribouxnox has also offered to help with my DM submission15:17
caribouxnox: I got my gpg key sorted out now. I was waiting for the release to get out of the way to ping you15:18
xnoxcaribou: sounds good. I'll PM you to see what we need to do next.15:18
slangasekanything else re: current status?15:18
slangasek[TOPIC] trusty SRUs15:19
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: trusty SRUs
slangasekas expected, there are still some bugs around in the LTS we've just released15:20
slangasekwe haven't spent much meeting time on bug tracking this cycle, we should probably do a bit more15:20
slangasekthose are the bugs that are targeted to trusty; could you all help take some time today to clean up that list?  Claiming the ones that are SRUs you think you should be driving, letting me know about ones you think we should drop from the list15:22
slangasekand if there are some on there that are assigned to you that you think you aren't going to get to, please let me know that as well15:22
* mvo nods15:22
* infinity is reminded to review the bash in the queue.15:23
slangasekI guess you mean for utopic, not for trusty?15:24
infinityNo, for trusty.15:24
slangasekit shouldn't be in the queue15:25
infinityOh, did someone let that in while I slept?15:25
slangasekthey did indeed, Rip15:25
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:25
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: AOB
slangasekanything else?15:25
slangasekformulating a game plan for taking control of the botnet and upgrading it to Ubuntu?15:26
slangasek(I assume it's running XP right now)15:26
cjwatsonhas anyone worked out how to get from the airport in Malta to the hotel yet?15:26
cjwatsonseeing as I'm going to be trying to do it after midnight :-/15:26
infinitycjwatson: After midnight, I'd assume taxi.15:26
dokoslangasek, speaking of elmo's list ... is this is list public?15:26
cjwatson(or possibly finding a comfy park bench near the airport and doing it in the morning ...)15:26
cjwatsoninfinity: it's like an hour away AIUI?15:27
infinitycjwatson: Eek.  Yeah, I've not looked at any of that yet.  Maybe I should get to caring at some point.15:27
slangasekdoko: "elmo's list"?  that's the version of craiglist where your transactions are randomly accompanied by bursts of laughter?15:27
xnoxdoko: not sure. but it's combination of "jamespage stopped doing jenkins packaging unwinding" and we run "cassandra, ellasticsearch, jenkins" a lot.15:27
cjwatson(but I haven't actually looked properly)15:27
dokowhen you walk, you'll arrive in the morning15:27
cjwatsondoko: thanks15:27
slangasekcjwatson: oh, man - no, haven't looked at this at all15:28
slangasekdoko: do you mean the list of non-Ubuntu .debs IS is running?  I certainly haven't seen a list15:28
dokoxnox, slangasek: well, I would expect puppet on this list too15:29
slangasekdoko: you expect IS is not using the puppet in the archive...?15:29
xnoxdoko: i'm only aware of the "elmo's java list", no idea about complete "elmo's list"15:29
mvocjwatson: meh, I arrive at 21:45 so no public transport for me as well I guess15:29
dokoslangasek, I would like to know what else besides of puppet IS is using15:29
slangasekdoko: IS is using lots of stuff, but that was a list of things IS is using that aren't from the archive15:30
slangasekcjwatson: maps.google.com tells me it's only 13m by car15:31
cjwatsonah ok, better than I'd heard15:31
cjwatsonfine, I'm sure that can be managed somehow then15:31
dokoslangasek, well I mean the list of things we only have in main because IS needs these15:32
slangasekmaps.google.com also shows me lots of opaque toponyms15:32
slangasekdoko: those should be annotated in the seed15:32
slangasekcjwatson: it also looks like it would be hard to be more than 30m from the airport, FWIW :)15:34
infinityslangasek: Maybe the hotel is on an oil rig?15:35
slangasekwell, evidently there is a second islandthat could introduce ferry delays15:36
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meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Apr 24 15:36:27 2014 UTC.15:36
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2014/ubuntu-meeting.2014-04-24-15.02.moin.txt15:36
xnoxcjwatson: www.travelrepublic.co.uk prices one way private taxi transfer at 12 GBP at 23:30 thus i guess you'd be able to get taxi easily as well.15:36
slangasekthanks, all15:36
xnoxcjwatson: or pre-book online.15:36
caribouthanks, bye15:37
Guest22880what are you guys working on23:53
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