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jibelGood morning06:58
elfymornign jibel07:00
jibelHey elfy07:02
pittibonjour jibel07:09
pittijibel: want me to create utopic VMs as per a-p-t's doc/opening_a_new_release.md ?07:11
elfygoodday to you pitti07:11
pittihey elfy07:11
* elfy wants to know when the unicorn's package tracker's going to be there 07:12
jibelpitti, I'll do it. Don't you want to use the latest autopkgtest and get rid of a-p-t this cycle?07:30
jibelpitti, bonjour :)07:30
pittijibel: this cycle yes07:44
pittijibel: I'm also happy to use adt-virt-qemu now so that we get a structure similar to the ppc64el/armhf jobs07:44
pittijibel: but I suppose we want something running now to avoid blocking utopic, and I'd like to work on some systemd bits today for the sprint on the weekend07:45
pittijibel: I don't think it's too much work to change the jobs for adt-virt-qemu, though; want me to have a look?07:45
pittijibel: this is mostly changing jenkins_config.xml.tmpl to not run run-adt-test but adt-run, right?07:46
jibelpitti, right07:46
pittiand install an autopkgtest checkout etc. on wazn and friends07:46
pittijibel: ok, I'll give this a go07:46
pittijibel: btw, if we switch all the jenkins config to utopic, how do we keep the trusty jobs running?07:49
pittijibel: I suppose we keep a-d-t around for the existing jobs?07:49
jibelpitti, yes we must keep it around for trusty and for dkms as well07:49
jibelpitti, but there is no gating for package in trusty07:50
pittijibel: ok, so don't do the VM creation for now, I'll create them using adt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud and dist-upgrade those07:50
jibelpitti, k07:50
pittijibel: do we still need auto-package-testing.20140219 ?08:06
jibelpitti, no, it's to please my paranoia of doing something wrong08:06
pittijibel: ... but it's all in bzr?08:07
jibelI know :)08:07
jibelbut ...08:07
* pitti introduces jibel to the magic of revision control :)08:07
pittijibel: I was wondering if there are any jobs which run with that old version08:07
jibelno, nothing really08:08
pittiok, thanks08:08
pittiah, can't delete, owned by usit08:08
jibelpitti, I think you can sudo to usit?08:26
jibelpitti, on albali that is?08:26
pittijibel: I'm working on wazn ATM08:26
jibelthere shouldn't be any usit on wazn for a-p-t08:27
pittijibel: had to fix autopkgtest to get along with saucy's qemu; VM build works nicely now08:27
jibelpitti, wazn should be upgraded to trusty BTW08:27
pittioh, good08:28
pittithe others, too? running non-LTSes on servers is a bit hazardous08:28
pittijibel: hm, don't we configure an apt proxy in the a-p-t VMs in the DC? that's the APTPROXY config option, but this isn't in ~/.adtrc08:30
jibelpitti, I don't remember if there was an issue accessing ftpmaster. Can you set it up and we'll disable the proxy if it causes problems08:32
jibelpitti, other servers are running Precise08:33
pittijibel: oh, right; we don't use a proxy, but we configure a mirror08:34
pittijibel: so until we have cloud images, we don't set up a "build VMs" job, but just manually upgrade it every other day or so, right?08:36
jibelpitti, yes, that's what I did last cycle08:36
jibelpitti, I removeed the directory owned by usit08:38
pittijibel: I put the VMs into cache/disks/ FYI08:38
pittiautopkgtest/tools/adt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud -m http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu/  -v -a i386 -o cache/disks/08:40
pittifor the record, that's what I use to build the VM; then log in with "kvm -m 1024 -drive file=adt-trusty-amd64-cloud.img,if=virtio -nographic", sed trusty to utopic in apt, dist-upgrade, poweroff, and rename the .img file to *utopic*08:41
jibelpitti, want me to do it on other servers or you're scripting it too?08:46
pittijibel: I'm doing aldebaran next08:47
pittijibel: I seem to have lost my login to alderamin :(08:47
pittijibel: can we scp the images between these hosts somehow?08:47
jibelpitti, I heard that alreramin died yesterday08:48
pittissh responds, but asks me for password08:48
pittiso if you can't log in either, let's ignore it for now08:49
pittiah right, offline in jenkins too08:49
jibelpitti, we cannot scp between hosts08:50
pittiok, I'll just download and reupload them through my workstation then08:51
pittiadt-run: & apt0t-build:  - - - - - - - - - - stderr - - - - - - - - - -08:51
pittish: 1: /autopkgtest/tmp/apt0-build/libpng-1.2.50/debian/tests/build: Numerical result out of range08:51
pittithat's autopkgtest/run-from-checkout libpng --- qemu cache/disks/adt-utopic-amd64-cloud.img08:51
jibelpitti, on wazn?08:52
pittiI'll have a closer look08:52
pittihm, ftpmaster link is quite a bit on the slow side this morning09:00
pittimeh, 5 minutes to download 20 MB09:07
jibelpitti, I've the confirmation that alderamin is dead09:13
jibelpitti, disks have been replaced and recovery is in progress09:13
jibelpitti, I'm wondering if we should call everything devel instead of utopic so we don't have to do it again next cycle09:16
pittijibel: hmm, my gut feeling is that it's better to call them after the release, so that we can continue to use them for SRUs; and the VMs have to be manually upgraded either way?09:17
jibelright, copying the devel VMs to stable would be the same anyway09:21
pittiand then we'd have to fork off the stable ones09:22
jibelpitti, I've setup tachash and the views in jenkins to receive the jobs, should I create the jobs that create container for ppc64el and armhf?10:14
pittijibel: oh, that sounds good; they use debootstrap for LXC, so that should Just Work10:15
jibeldoing now10:15
pittijibel: still creating VMs on albali and aldebaran, with an excruciating 30 kB/s..10:16
pittiand debugging that weird qemu error on wazn10:16
pittijibel: so in theory something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7321272/ ought to work; but the VM path is different on albali (/var/cache/adt/disks/ instead of $HOME/cache/disks/)10:17
jibelheh E: No such script: /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/utopic10:18
pittijibel: not sure how this works wiht the current jobs, but we might just create a symlink $HOME/cache -> /var/cache/adt /10:18
jibelthere is a link missing10:18
pittijibel: new debootstrap is in utopic10:18
pittiso if I ssh into that VM and run the same script, it works just fine, so it's presumably not qemu but something weird in adt-virt-qemu10:19
jibelpitti, do you want to upgrade ppc64el and armhf to utopic? otherwise I'll just create a symlink in /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/10:20
pittijibel: hm, upgrading the kernel and debootstrap sounds fine, but otherwise just create the symlink10:20
pittijibel: I created the cache/ symlink now on albali, so that the paths are the same on all nodes10:25
pittijibel: oh, so that weird error only happens on the 9p shared dir10:34
pittiubuntu@autopkgtest:/autopkgtest/tmp/apt0-build/libpng-1.2.50$ debian/tests/build10:34
pitti-bash: debian/tests/build: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Numerical result out of range10:34
pitticalling sh debian/tests/build works fine10:34
jibelpitti, and it works fine with latest trusty images of course?10:35
pittijibel: I never saw it on trusty host, yes10:35
pittijibel: so this will presumably just go away when we upgrade wazn to trusty10:35
pittibut I do some more experiments10:35
jibeland there is no difference with utopic yet10:35
pittiwe might just disable the shared downtmp for qemu when running on a too old kernel10:35
pittias we call apt-get source in the testbed, we won't need to scp the source package from the host into the testbed either way, so it's not such a big performance loss10:36
pitti(and still much better than with a-p-t)10:36
pittijibel: I'll try that on precise, if these apts ever finish :)10:37
pittithat reminds me of a nice optimization that we should do -- disable all translations in apt, including the English ones10:38
pittijibel: ah, even worse on albali/aldebaran, qemu-img doesn't yet understand -q; /me works around10:42
pittijibel: eek -- aldebaran has kvm processes  from Apr 04 and two kvm processes from 2013 [sic!]10:46
* pitti takes the zap-o-matic10:46
jibelpitti, utah?10:47
pittiah, can't, they run as root :(10:47
pittijibel: yes10:47
jibelpitti, I think you can kill those that belongs to utah but not the rest10:47
pittijibel: so there are 10 kvm processes running which should all go10:47
pittijibel: no, I can't, they all run as root10:48
pitti(why on earth do they do that??)10:48
pittiI don't have sudo on the box10:48
jibelI don't know who uses buildbot10:48
pittino wonder why it's so slow10:48
pittijibel: ah, I see the utopic-adt-setup-lxc failure; do you want me to push utopic's debootstrap to all boxes?10:52
pittior are you already at it?10:52
jibelpitti, I created a symlink, so we can wait until the boxes are properly upgraded to utopi10:52
pittiah, you are already re-running it10:52
jibelyes I did10:53
pitti$ ./cmd ppc64.hosts sudo lxc-ls --fancy10:53
pittiyay, all of them have adt-utopic :)10:53
jibeland it succeeded on wolfes10:53
pittioh, someone made cyclops-node24 reappear (it was dead a few days ago), I need to do some admin/cleanup on that10:54
* pitti does10:54
pittijibel: such a nice view :)10:57
pittijibel: so except for the debootstrap link this pretty much Just Worked, or did you have to fiddle with anything else?10:58
jibelpitti, it Just Worked11:00
jibelwell, I had to renew all the keys in known_hosts :)11:00
pittijibel: ah, because they got reinstalled11:03
jibelpitti, when VMs are ready I'll push a test request from snakefruit11:05
pittijibel: I fixed the qemu-img issue; I'm now working on not using the 9p shared dir for qemu < 1.7, so that this works on precise and saucy11:05
pittijibel: can you push a test request for ppc64el and armhf only?11:06
pittijibel: oh, and we need to commit something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7321272/, right ?11:06
jibelpitti, no they are children jobs of intel tests11:06
jibelpitti, sounds good11:07
pittiah crap, it's not actually that easy to disable the 9p dir11:10
pittijibel: do you know when wazn gets upgraded to trusty?11:12
jibelpitti, no, waiting for larry11:12
jibelapart from us nobody uses it, so it could be any time11:12
pittijibel: I deployed a workaround; this command now succeeds on wazn, aldebaran, and albali: autopkgtest/run-from-checkout libpng  --- qemu cache/disks/adt-utopic-amd64-cloud.img12:02
pittiI also tried with i38612:02
jibelpitti, there are 5 packages wiating in the queue12:02
pittijibel: so want me to commit the jenkins_config.xml.tmpl?12:03
jibelpitti, yes and deploy it12:03
jibelpitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7321864/12:04
jibelto disable languages12:04
pittiright, I was going to add something like that12:04
pittijibel: committed and rolled out to wazn, albali, aldebaran; I figure you need to roll it out to tachash for the job config change to get active?12:06
jibelpitti, done12:07
pittihm, all rather large packages12:08
pittijibel: can we try with libpng first?12:08
pittijibel: oh, and how do we update these 5 jobs to use the new template? delete them, or fix manually?12:08
jibelpitti, they'll be fixed on next run12:09
jibelactaully I'll resubmit them12:09
jibelpitti, libpng is running12:12
jibelwhne it's done I'll resubmit the other if it is successflu12:12
pittijibel: hm, I just noticed the hanging saucy-adt-setup-testbed #206 on aldebaran12:14
pittijibel: should we still be running this?12:14
jibelmatsubara uses it for maas12:14
pittiNo test report files were found. Configuration error?12:14
pittioh, is $WORKSPACE something which needs to be set in the script?12:16
jibelah, there are some bits we might want from a-p-t12:16
pitti./jenkins/jenkins_config_ppc64el.xml.tmpl doesn't define that either, though12:17
jibelno $WORKSPACE is set by jenkins but the was an xml file generated that jenins uses to interpret the result12:17
jibelwe can just disable that12:17
pittijibel: so $WORKSPACE should have been something like $HOME/workspace/utopic-adt-libpng/ARCH/amd64/label/adt ?12:19
pittijibel: that has a /results dir with a log (but missing stdout/stderr and others)12:20
jibelgreen http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-adt-libpng/2/ARCH=i386,label=adt/12:20
jibelpitti, but when a job starts it's emptied. And I restarted them12:21
pittiworkspace/utopic-adt-libpng/ARCH/i386/label/adt/results/ on wazn looks great12:21
jibelpitti, the problem was that jenkins expected an XML result file that we don't generate anymore12:22
jibelso I disabled it in the configuration12:22
pittijibel: so what's needed to refresh the config of the already created jobs?12:23
pittijibel: your slave-admin/ppc64.hosts change looks a bit odd -- the user name is already in slave-admin/ssh_config; why do you need that?12:24
jibelpitti, I didn't commit that change. wolfes rejected me without that12:24
pittijibel: oh, perhaps you have a wolfe-* config in your real ~/.ssh/config ?12:25
jibelpitti, so I'll resubmit other jobs and they should reconfigure themselves12:25
pittijibel: sweet, many thanks12:26
pittijibel: with ftpmaster being so slow, they'll take a whil12:26
pittiand with aldebaran having umpteen ancient qemus which eat all memory12:26
jibelpitti, if you have access to ubuntu-archive could you remove the files called trusty in /home/ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/autopkgtest/data/adt/utopic-proposed/amd64/work/12:29
jibelon snakefruit12:29
pittijibel: done12:30
jibelpitti, jobs are running but crash crashed with index not found :/12:36
jibelon ddebs12:36
pittion amd64, yes12:37
pittion i386 it's differently interesting: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-adt-crash/2/ARCH=i386,label=adt/console12:37
jibeland qemu didn't start for ceph12:37
pittijibel: I'll look into ddebs; I set it up this morning, but appparently some stuff went wrong12:37
pittiah, dh_listpackages is from debhelper; it seems we had that in our previous VMs always?12:39
jibelpulled as a dependency?12:40
pittiah yes, we did12:40
pittiso, I need to eliminate that from adt-run (I don't want to depend on debhelper)12:40
jibelit was installed as a dependency of autopkgetest12:43
pittijibel: oh dear, now we are going to get new spam for all the (known) failing armhf/ppc64el packages12:47
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pittijibel: indexes for utopic-{security,updates} built12:51
jibelpitti, I'll disable notifications until it's stable, what do you think?12:53
pittijibel: sounds good12:54
jibelpitti, the overlay is in /tmp not in memory?13:07
pittijibel: oh right, forgot to specify that13:07
pitti  -o OVERLAY_DIR, --overlay-dir OVERLAY_DIR13:08
pitti                        Temporary overlay directory (default: in /tmp)13:08
pittijibel: so we need to call --- qemu -o /run/shm/ [image]13:09
jibelpitti, okay, I'll change that13:09
pittijibel: committed13:10
jibelthanks :)13:10
pittijibel: well, that was easy -- you have the bigger trouble with rolling this out :(13:10
pittisorry, forgot about that13:10
pittiI've had /tmp on tmpfs for ages13:10
pittiI keep forgetting that it isn't a default13:10
jibelthat'll speed up things noticeably, especially on wazn13:11
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jibelpitti, can you try to login to alderamin, it's back13:18
pittijibel: yes, works13:18
pittipname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-u user name|#uid] file ...13:19
pitti$ sudo -u auto-package-testing -i13:19
pittithat fails, though; does that work for you?13:19
jibelpitti, it doesn't. Larry's on it13:20
elopioping balloons13:21
jibelpitti, it should work now13:23
pittiyes, works13:25
pittijibel: I'll set up the bits13:25
pittiCould not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied13:26
pittiretoaded: ^ on alderamin for auto-package-testing13:27
pittiretoaded: i. e. adduser auto-package-testing kvm ?13:27
retoadedpitti, fixing that too13:27
pitti$ sudo -u auto-package-testing -i13:28
pittigroups: cannot find name for group ID 103013:28
pittiretoaded: thanks; this ^ also looks suspicious?13:28
pittiretoaded: right, group auto-package-testing with id 1030 is missing (there are existing files with that, so would be nice to restore that GID)13:28
retoadedpitti, incorrect GID pulled in, should be fixed now for both a-p-t and u-t13:30
pittiretoaded: cheers!13:30
pittiretoaded: on aldebaran we have some 10 QEMU processes which are very old (some from 2013!), would you mind killing pgrep -u root kvm ?13:32
retoadedpitti, checking but I know 6 should actually be in use13:32
pittiretoaded: oh, you mean the ones from 2013 are permanent ones, not ephemeral ones for testing?13:34
retoadedpitti, the 6 running since 2013 are permanent VMs13:34
retoadedthose will, at some point, get moved into the cloud13:34
pittijibel: ah, I restarted crash, but it seems that job config hasn't updated for --overlay-dir yet13:45
jibelpitti, it is not enough to restart it from jenkins because it is the job the submit jobs to jenkins which reconfigures jenkins.13:47
jibelI requeued it13:48
jibelto requeue a job, you copy a state file in tachash:/var/local/adt/utopic/in13:48
pittijibel: I'm out for about an hour for some running13:52
jibelpitti, okay, I'll go running later this evening. Is there anything you want me to continue on alderamin?13:53
pittijibel: VMs are building, when I'm back I'll do the upgrade and the "old qemu" workaround13:53
pittiactually, I can do the latter already13:53
pittijibel: hm, did you already move the VMs to adt-utopic-* on alderamin? they are already there, apparently from this morning14:23
pittijibel: or was that dir perhaps copied from some other host?14:23
jibelpitti, I finish the preparation of the VMs and currently running libpng14:24
pittijibel: ah, good; because I still see the adt-trusty* ones; I suppose I can kill these then14:24
jibelpitti, yeah it took 30min just to update the VM and was waiting for it to be done before removing the original14:25
jibelpitti, your running was fast :)14:25
jibelpitti, so libpng passed, we can restart the slave I guess14:26
pittijibel: yes, didn't shower yet :)14:26
pittijibel: great!14:26
jibelpitti, that's why it sometimes nice to work in an office next to each other :P14:26
jibelnot to work14:26
pittijibel: so we have the "cannot allocate port 10022" bug, and the timeout on copying (e. g. on bintuils)14:27
pittiI'll look into those14:27
pittijibel: heh, yes; I was about to start the apt-get update before showering :)14:27
jibelretoaded, can you restart alderamin-adt ?14:28
jibelretoaded, the job is called auto-package-testing-jenkins-slave14:29
retoadedjibel, sure14:32
balloonspong elopio14:39
pittijibel: FTR, I manually added the -o /run/shm/ to all existing jobs now, so we can retry in jenkins14:46
jibelpitti, with the new autopkgtest and the modification of the jobs there is a bit missing and we are not exporting the results to update britney15:54
jibelpreviously the job ran: $BINDIR/adt-export-result -D $ADTLOG_PATH $PKGNAME $RES at the end of the run in the testbed to generate a result file with the package it's dependencies and the resutl15:55
pittijibel: was that done by run-adt-test?15:56
jibelpitti, no by the script that called adt-run inside the testbed: bin/testbed/run-adt15:56
pittiah, that does more than just copying the results out of the testbed to the host?15:57
pittiright, that result file15:57
jibelyes it generates something like: trusty amd64 apport 2.14.1-0ubuntu3 PASS python3-problem-report 2.14.1-0ubuntu3 lsb-base 4.1+Debian11ubuntu6 gdb-minimal 7.7-0ubuntu ...15:59
pittijibel: so we need to generate that from the summary, *-packages, and testpkg-version16:00
pittijibel: it needs all the dependencies for comparing with what britney requested?16:01
jibelpitti, yes16:01
jibelpitti, we could fetch all the *-packages and merge them16:02
pittijibel: that's more than just the direct rdepends, if that doesn't hurt?16:02
pittiI guess in the medium term britney should just look at these files directly16:02
jibelpitti, in this direction it won't hurt because the request will contain less deps so we'll be able to match them all16:03
pittiwow, surprising wave of green in http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/16:03
jibelpitti, okay, I can easily grab and merge the files with jenkins api. I'll do that.16:06
pittijibel: does it all need to be one line? we could do some seddery in the job to concat the files and prepend the $ARCH $PACKAGE $RELEASE etc. variables?16:07
jibelpitti, that's fine I'll do that at the end of the job so I don't have to modify the rest of the machinery16:11
jibelpitti, $RELEASE $ARCH $PACKAGE $(cat *-packages| tr -s '[\n\t]'  ' ' )16:17
pittijibel: aren't you missing $(cat testpkg-version) ?16:18
pittiafter $PACKAGE16:18
jibelpitti, I do16:18
jibelI'm driving my daughter to the dentist and will do that when I'm back16:19
pittijibel: nice, thanks; I'll be gone by then16:19
pittijibel: so, good night and many thanks for today16:19
pittiI think I fixed the ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' now16:20
* pitti deployz16:20
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elopiosorry for the contentless ping.17:35
elopioballoons: now I can build and provision the click for reminders17:35
elopiobut I can't open the app on the phone.17:35
elopioprobably, I'm still doing something different than you.17:36
balloonselopio, why not? And I think I can fix the build issues with reminders.. dpm fixed it for fm, testing it now17:36
balloonsby fix, I mean push something to trunk that works with qtcreator and click-buddy :-)17:36
elopioballoons: but I only want to run the test for now, can you send me your click file, please?17:36
balloonselopio, sure17:36
elopioballoons: the upstart log says it has no premissions to execute reminders.17:36
elopioI think my click doesn't have the binary.17:37
balloonselopio, actually.. hmm. I can rebuild it, but my box froze and it was in my temporary chroot17:37
elopiodiabolic reminders app17:39
balloonsI wonder if I can pull the click from my device somehow17:39
elopioballoons: at this point, I'm just doing click-buddy --arch armhf --dir . --provision from your branch.17:40
elopiohow are you building the click?17:40
balloonselopio, in my own chroot17:41
balloonsusing click-buddy --dir . --provision17:42
elopioI tried that at some point. I'll do it again.17:42
elopioballoons: in your chroot for 13.10 or 14.04?17:42
balloonslucky me has to install ubuntu-sdk in the chroot again.. this will be a long time17:44
=== roadmr_afk is now known as roadmr
balloonsi'll let it run if you still need it in a bit, I'll share :-)17:46
elopioballoons: yes, same result with 14.04, it doesn't open.17:55
balloonselopio, I would assume sudo click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-14.04 create would work, but it's not what I use17:55
balloonsstill setting up the sdk.. I'll build as soon as it's done.. Maybe another 20 mins total17:56
elopioballoons: that's how I created the chroot.17:56
elopioit's not the same error though.18:04
elopiodoing it with the 1404 chroot I get Unable to exec 'reminders' in '/opt/click.ubuntu.com/.click/users/phablet/com.ubuntu.reminders': No such file or directory18:04
balloonselopio, hmm.. naming issue? this is simply trying to run the app, not run the tests?18:05
elopioballoons: yes, opening the app from the dash.18:05
balloonsyay, base tarball updated :-)18:10
balloonsok, finally we're building reminders18:18
elfyevening balloons elopio18:23
elopiohello elfy18:23
balloonschroot is the topic at hand elfy :-) and click packages.. fun stuff18:23
* elfy has feet up with tea in hand :)18:24
elfyclick packages mmm - I hope they work ok18:25
elfywith flavours as well :p18:25
elopioballoons: do you know if the artwork for the 14.04 CDs is available for download?18:27
balloonselopio, artwork as in what? And yes it is.. That stuff is all in packages18:27
elopioballoons: this artwork http://shop.canonical.com/images/UBN00216-1.jpg18:28
elopiothe CD cases or boxes.18:28
elopiola_juyis: oh, btw, I'll be here in case you need a hand with the rss.18:30
balloonselopio, ahh.. that I don't know18:31
la_juyiselopio, :) I'm with that18:31
balloonselopio, have to run for a bit, but I have a click for you18:39
balloonsno idea if it will work or not18:39
balloonsshould be the same as last time18:39
elopioI'll give it a try.18:40
balloonselopio, http://ge.tt/5ncArPd1/v/0. It should be done in a second18:41
elopioit opens!18:47
elopiofinally, thanks balloons.18:47
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elopioballoons: my branch is just missing an eventually *>*19:00
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Letozaf_elopio, balloons hi19:06
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balloonselopio, so your branch all set now?21:35
elopioballoons: it is.22:11
elopiowhat do you think about it?22:11
balloonselopio, link?22:11
* balloons overwhelmed with links in browswer22:12
elopioballoons: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/reminders-app/test_go_to_accounts2/+merge/21416322:15
balloonselopio, you've tweaked some things.. I wasn't sure what to think of the structural changes22:22
balloonsI guess that feedback is more for reminders as it is in trunk22:23
balloonsthis mp just builds on it..22:23
elopioballoons: ok, but it's still easy to change any module. They are small, shoot your complaints.22:24
balloonsfixtures are interesting22:25
balloonselopio, I was mostly referring to having the RemindersApp class.. I remember that being interesting and different22:26
balloonsI don't think I would push to change anything just yet, I'm just curious how things will evolve. I'd like to keep going with it22:27
elopioballoons: ok, feel free to suggest changes at any moment. We can experiment a lot with reminders.22:27
balloonselopio, I'll do a quick review and approve your mp, assuming it works :-)22:28
elopioballoons: I wanted you to take a look basicaly to ask for a good place to put the URLDispatcher fake service and fixture.22:28
elopiourl dispatcher has no autopilot package.22:28
elopiobut we will use this helpers on many places.22:28
balloonsyes, fm has it.. and some others22:29
balloonsso basically the whole of fake_services.py?22:29
elopioballoons: yes.22:32
elopioI thought of ubuntuuitoolkit, but the toolkit has no dependency on URL dispatcher22:33
elopioso it sounds weird. We might be throwing evereything to the toolkit just because we have no better place.22:33
balloonsdispatcher is outside the sdk?22:33
balloonsright.. well, I mean I consider the helper to be a ubuntu-sdk helper..22:34
elopioballoons: on what project is the ubuntu-sdk package defined?22:35
balloonselopio, it's kind of a meta-package22:35
balloonsit pulls qt stuff, the toolkit, etc..22:35
balloonsit is interesting, but I don't see put it anywhere else22:36
elopioI see three options22:36
elopio1. create a urldispatcher-autopilot package22:36
elopio2. create a ubuntu-sdk-autopilot package22:36
elopio3. put it in the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot package.22:36
elopio3 is the easiest.22:36
balloonsI like option 2.. but no idea where that lives22:37
balloonsthe toolkit-autopilot packages really is the sdk-autopilot package.. except it's not :-)22:37
elopioballoons: we could make it a subproject of ubuntu-test-cases.22:37
balloonswe could.. we could make ubuntu-sdk-autopilot a meta-package22:37
balloonshave it pull urldispatcher-autopilot and toolkit-autopilot22:38
balloonsplus whatever else comes up22:38
elopiobut we don't have any urldispatcher-autopilot.22:38
elopioI was thinking with option two to put everything common or without a good place in there.22:38
elopiobut your metapackage sounds better.22:39
balloonsright.. that puts all the -autopilot packages upstream22:39
elopiomaybe I should ask ted what he thinks about making an urldispatcher-autopilot22:39
balloonswhich is how it is with the toolkit22:39
elopioit will make the testing of urldispatcher easier, so he might like the idea.22:39
balloonsright.. it's the proper way to do it I thikn22:40
balloonsand yea, he should maintain it :-)22:40
elopioyes :)22:40
balloonsI think we're agreed then, hehe22:41
elopiowell, I'll try to convince him tomorrow. Might need you as a backup :)22:42
balloonsit's important as this will be the first.. but I don't think it will be the last, and it will set the standard22:42
balloonselopio, your MP probably should include the changes I made to __init__.py22:58
balloonswith that change, I notice it passes on my device23:00
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