RAOFkirkland: looks sensible to me. Enjoy your testing.00:01
kirklandRAOF: cheers, thanks00:01
ScottKFun.  So ruby2.1 downloads config.guess and config.sub from the network.00:24
joseinfinity: ping, have a minute?00:24
xnoxScottK: haha =) good that ubuntu builders don't have network, unlike debian. Sounds like an RC bug to me.00:25
joseor xnox00:25
xnoxjose: hey! what's up?00:25
josexnox: hey, someone cancelled his OpenWeek slot tomorrow at 17 UTC and I was wondering if you would like to do a session about the Ubuntu Release Team00:26
joseit's basically what you do on the team and how can people contribute00:26
joseall for an hour00:26
xnoxjose: haha =) well i'm not actually in fact on the release team.00:27
joseoh, I thought you were00:28
xnoxjose: and unfortunately i have an ~ 1.5h meeting at 17 UTC.00:28
joseuh, good luck with that one00:28
josewell, if anyone else from the release team was reading and wants to do it I'll be happy to set it up (as long as someone else doesn't snag the slot before!)00:29
xnoxjose: here are the members https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+members00:29
* jose pings 100 people00:29
josethanks for the link :)00:29
* ScottK will be in the middle of a 9 hour meeting.00:29
xnoxjose: it's only 10 =) well 7-8 if you discard the not so active people.00:30
* jose strikes ScottK from the list :(00:30
xnoxScottK: =))))) 9 hour meetings -> sounds utopic00:30
* jose puts an ice cream cone on his head00:30
ScottKxnox: Even better I'm the presenter for about 4 hours of it.  They'd notice if I was missing.00:34
xnoxScottK: one would think that....00:34
xnoxScottK: one of my mates in university had a slide 30/38 that said "WAKE UP B#$@#" and nothing else, he had it up for good 20 seconds and only a couple of people smirked/giggled and everyone just stared akwardly, not realising what the giggles are for.00:36
ScottKI once had a slide that had a nice summary box at the bottom that said (in Latin) "everything sounds better in Latin".  The presentation was very close to being given before anyone asked what it meant.00:37
ScottKxnox: It gets worse.  The configure check it has to see if config.sub/guess have already been downloaded looks in the wrong place.00:46
ScottKAnd now I have to update distro-info-data before I can upload...00:56
xnoxScottK: i think that's updated already00:56
ScottKIn trusty?00:56
ScottKIt is in Utopic00:56
xnoxScottK: in trusty-proposed00:58
ScottKFaster to edit /usr/share/distro-info/ubuntu.csv than to enable proposed.00:59
xnoxtrue =)00:59
xnoxinfinity: cjwatson: the three boost packages are in the unapproved queue. Would be handy to build them & promote binaries from the "main-only" boost1.55 as per: $ rmadison -S boost1.54 -s trusty  | grep -v universe01:01
xnoxi'll do transition tracker for it tomorrow.01:02
infinityScottK: distro-info-data is updated in all releases now.01:10
ScottKinfinity: Thanks.01:10
infinityxnox: Does boost-mpi need to build-dep on boost*?02:00
infinityxnox: The shlibdeps seem to be unhappy.02:00
ScottKinfinity: once the 2.1 binaries are published, I'll upload defaults.02:03
infinityScottK: Looks like they're all going to succeed, so go ahead and upload.02:03
infinityScottK: And pick a version that will let us sync with Debian later when they switch.02:04
infinity1: maybe02:04
ScottKOddly, I have
ScottK(with the epoch)02:04
infinityMan, this is the worst part of a new release.  It takes forever for firefox to learn that "qu" means utopic/+queue instead of trusty/+queue02:05
ScottKI just leave the tab open.02:06
RAOFMan, we need better tooling for reviewing SRUs-that-are-syncs-from-PPAs.02:08
infinityRAOF: Yeahp.  Or we need to give wgrant enough breathing room to fix the queue so syncs aren't opaque blobs of awful.02:08
ScottKI keep thinking ectopic instead of utopic.02:08
infinity(It's in progress, just slow going)02:08
infinityScottK: Rick made that same joke.02:09
infinity"utopic pregnancy".02:09
wgrantNo breathing for me for a while...02:09
infinitywgrant: Please keep breathing.02:09
infinitywgrant: But, seriously, I know you're being pulled in 17 directions.  If there's any way we can push the queue stuff forward by leveraging any of your minions, or hiring infinite monkeys, it's a massive pain point for AAs.02:10
wgrantA few months ago it was second on my list of big features. Now I can't even count :/02:12
infinitywgrant: So, it's third, and you need more fingers? :P02:12
infinityScottK: Looks like that needs more changes than just rules/postinst02:15
ScottKI don't think so, but I'll look again.02:15
infinityScottK: debian/control points everything at ruby2.002:16
infinityScottK: The only one that's (accidentally) correct is ruby-all-dev, since it depends on both.02:16
ScottKGood point.  Please reject.02:16
infinityScottK: Lots of (currently v2.0) in there too.02:18
ScottKYeah.  Fixing that too02:18
infinityScottK: (Also, you can probably drop the versioned deps while you're switching)02:19
ScottKAlready did02:19
infinityWell, not the ones for ruby-all-dev, but the others.02:19
infinityRight, I'll stop being annoying. :)02:19
ScottKI should probably also add 1.9 into supported.02:20
ScottKFor now.02:20
infinityShould you?02:20
infinityI imagine the intent is to drop it.02:20
infinityWe already defaulted to 2.0 for trusty, 1.9 should die.02:20
infinityOh, no we didn't.02:21
* infinity scratches his head.02:21
infinity1.9.1 was default in trusty.  Curious.02:21
infinityWe had two in main.  Bleh.02:22
infinityOh, but Debian's dropping it from trusted.02:22
infinityI'd just follow their lead there.02:22
ScottKSo I figure at least for a transitional period it ought to be supported.02:22
ScottKYeah, but they've had 2.0 as default for awhile already.02:23
infinityWell, I assume that triggers which extensions get built.02:23
infinitySo we'd just have to transition again after dropping it out to remove them all.02:23
infinityMaybe as well drop it now.02:23
ScottKNormally for python we add the new one, rebuild shit, drop the old one, and build again.02:23
infinityCan transition twice if you'd prefer.02:24
ScottKI guess since we're changing the default, it doesn't matter much.02:24
infinityBoosts the upload stats. :P02:24
infinityBut I imagine dropping it will work fine.02:24
ScottKNah.  I'd rather do it once and blame you if there's trouble.02:24
infinityWorks for me.02:24
infinityI'll pass the blame to doko.02:24
ScottKOK.  Let's try this ....02:27
* infinity teaches rmadison about utopic02:28
infinityScottK: You missed some descriptions.  Do you care?02:32
ScottKI don't.02:32
ScottKI'll fix it if you'd prefer.02:33
infinityNope, don't care.02:33
infinityIt'll sort itself out if/when Debian moves anyway.02:33
ScottKdoko_: default ruby = ruby2.1 is done.02:43
infinitycjwatson: Alright, I put wgrant on 8 and 16.  pitti's handling the ones with his name on them (35, 36, 44, 45)03:51
infinitycjwatson: I did livefs chroots for arm64 and ppc64el, and filed a ticket for the other 4.03:52
infinitycjwatson: I think we're still stuck on 19 until doko wakes up and gives his blessing.03:52
infinitycjwatson: And I didn't get to mangling debian-cd/cdimage, I've had an eventful evening away from work tonight.  Maybe if I fail to sleep, I can tackle more things.03:52
seb128RAOF, hey08:00
seb128RAOF, thanks for looking at that ido bug08:00
seb128RAOF, I just commented on it, let me know if what I wrote makes sense to you08:00
RAOFseb128: It does; I expect to approve ido at some point next week. Unless someone else gets to it first.08:02
seb128RAOF, ok, thanks08:03
seb128RAOF, you could maybe review nautilus in the SRU queue? ;-)08:05
seb128would be nice to get that one rolling because we are likely to get other segfault fix rounds following08:06
ogra_our first upload into utopic was a poporietary package ??08:43
ogra_oh my08:43
xnoxinfinity: yeah it does, i busted it. let me fix it up.09:32
* xnox should automate build-depends mangaling as well, too error-prone09:32
xnoxI get 404 on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/Contents-i386.gz but i guess that might still be normal?09:54
xnox / expected09:54
mlankhorstprobably not there yet :P09:55
cjwatsonxnox: It generated last night but apparently isn't actually there.  I wonder if there's a race with the publisher10:02
cjwatson(e.g. if sometimes it generates but drops the result into the wrong tree so that it then gets discarded)10:02
cjwatsondoko_: Are you planning to upload your toolchain bits?10:14
cjwatsonAt least binutils10:14
ogra_cjwatson, when do you plan to do the first image testbuilds ? this week already ?10:57
* ogra_ needs to update some tools10:57
cjwatsonogra_: I'd like to get there before EOW, but can't say for sure yet11:00
ogra_just want to be prepared :)11:01
cjwatsondoko_: ... uploading binutils for you now with mangled series11:04
cjwatsoninfinity: Should we drop block-all source around now?  Anything in -proposed should be OK if it's a valid candidate, I'd have thought11:11
cjwatsoninfinity: Also, reminder to do the big copy from trusty-proposed11:11
mvocould someone reject the recent ubuntu-release-upgrader upload to trusty-proposed please? I think I will include another fix there12:30
seb128mvo, done12:32
mvothanks seb12812:32
=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
ogra_stgraber, hmm, you didnt move the devel/devel-proposed alias to utopic yet13:08
cjwatsonRiddell: trusty-proposed will be copied in bulk to utopic-proposed fairly soon, fyi13:18
Riddellcjwatson: oh ok I didn't realise that13:18
stgraberogra_: considering there are no images in those channels, I thought it'd be best to wait until we have something in them and confirmed it works before changing the alises13:24
ogra_stgraber, ok, just wanted to know if it was intentional13:25
ogra_(makes sense to wait ... its is just that my tools are not multi-release aware, i have to point them somewhere, but can do that manually for the fist image)13:26
stgraberogra_: so I think we should wait to have a good build in utopic-proposed, have this promoted to utopic and then flip the aliases13:26
cjwatsonNewReleaseCycleProcess step 17 done, I think13:41
LaneyI'll do ben shortly13:59
xnoxcjwatson: please unblock binutils, boost-mpi-source1.55, boost1.55. All built and look happy.14:02
cjwatsonxnox: I was hoping to get autopkgtest results for binutils14:03
cjwatson(that aren't lies)14:03
xnoxcjwatson: the qualifier makes the difference =)14:04
cjwatsonthere are some results on the private jenkins: lintian is still running, and binutils passed on amd64 but hit a testbed error on i38614:05
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, block-all source is likely not needed anymore.14:38
infinitycjwatson: Especially now that autopkgtests are back and happy, so we don't have to pick and choose carefully.14:38
infinitycjwatson: Oh, unless those results are, as you said, lies. :P14:39
infinitydpkg-source: info: upstream files that have been modified:14:40
infinity binutils-
infinitydoko_: Is that a sign of a broken patch, or just that you had cruft in your package when you built it?14:40
doko_infinity, cruft14:44
infinitydoko_: Kay.14:47
infinitycjwatson: britney reporting a pass on binutils despite the apparent i386 failure is disconcerting.  Or is that passed on the private instance?14:51
cjwatsoninfinity: yeah, not sure what's up there, pitti was working on it14:52
infinitydoko_: Can you double-check testsuite results for binutils on all arches and sign off on it?14:52
doko_infinity, meh, lp doesn't reply15:03
=== doko_ is now known as doko
dokoinfinity, no regressions15:20
infinitydoko: Excellent, thanks.15:21
cjwatsoninfinity: cdimage/debian-cd updated for utopic15:21
jdstrandhrm, I did 3 pocket copies from trusty-security to utopic-proposed (rsync, mysql-5.5 and python-django) a while ago, but now thinking that may have been a mistake15:24
cjwatsonI think that's fine15:24
cjwatsonassuming you copied with binaries15:25
jdstrandI did15:25
jdstrandah, I see them in unapproved15:25
jdstrandok, sorry I jumped the gun there15:25
cjwatsonno it's fine15:25
infinityxnox: So, are you still happy with the boost-defaults in the queue?  Nothing needed fixing there to match your new boost uploads?15:58
xnoxinfinity: it should be all good.16:00
infinityxnox: Accepting, then.16:00
* mdeslaur pokes infinity for EoL announcement16:23
infinitymdeslaur: Yes dear.16:26
* mdeslaur gives cookie to infinity16:27
LaneyEU legislation requires your explicit confirmation to the acceptance of any cookies16:28
* Laney confiscates it16:28
Laneyom nom nom16:28
infinityLaney: Neither of us are in the EU, you just violated Canadian sovereignty.16:29
ogra_bah MiM attacks on IRC !16:29
infinityLaney: The moose of punishment is on its way.16:29
LaneyThat'll go well with my cookie, thanks16:30
infinityLaney: I suspect you've ever met an angry moose...16:31
LaneyI've never knowingly met any moose :(16:33
infinityLaney: Well, as you know, Canadians are kind and welcoming people.  We achieve this by chanelling all our rage and anger in two directions: the moose population, and hockey.  The Moose of Punishment plays hockey.  Enjoy.16:34
infinity(PS: Now I want a cookie)16:35
* whiskers75 gives infinity a cookie16:35
ogra_a moose shaped one ?16:35
whiskers75A chocolate chip one.16:36
infinityogra_: Hockey-puck-shaped seems like it would be easier to achieve.16:36
cjwatsonmoose of punishment> now I'm reminded of the two toy seals Daniel Silverstone had at one point16:38
cjwatsonClub the Seal, and the Seal of Approval16:38
infinityKinnison is a strange fellow.16:38
* whiskers75 meows at infinity16:45
* Laney plays some moose polo16:46
xnoxWhy is makedev in trusty ubuntu-minimal?16:47
ogra_xnox, legacy of dmraid or something like that ?17:04
infinityxnox: Why wouldn't it be?17:07
infinityxnox: It's been prio:required pretty much forever.17:08
slangasekinfinity: because makedev is obsoleted in favor of udev in Debian18:11
infinityslangasek: Well, your package depends on it. ;)18:12
infinityslangasek: (mountall)18:12
slangasekyes, that's why upstart must die, long live systemd18:12
infinityPoor upstart.18:13
slangasekI think that dep dates back to Scott, it's been a minor annoyance that I have yet to take care of18:13
dokohrm, sagari already used18:13
infinityAnyhow, it'll be gone by the next LTS, I suppose, so I'm not sure it's worth caring deeply about removing makedev from required right now.18:13
infinitydoko: Doing a GCC upload?  We can kill it and aim it at sagari when this kernel's done.18:14
dokosure, waiting for it now18:15
* infinity puts "powerpc VM buildds" on his TODO for the next week or two, too.18:15
infinityI wonder if I have the time to make that happen before autosync.18:15
infinityI guess I'll look at that after I find some breakfast and wake up.18:18
infinityI need to re-do all the ppc64el VMs with trusty final too, since they're all pre-ABI-bump still, and the upgrade path there is bordering on nonexistent.18:19
saiarcot895Are all the build machines on Lucid or Precise?18:20
infinitysaiarcot895: PPAs are hardy (don't ask), ia64 and sparc are lucid, i386, amd64, armhf, and powerpc are precise, and ppc64el and arm64 are trusty.  Was that a confusing enough answer?18:21
saiarcot895infinity: Yes. :) What's with the disparity?18:22
saiarcot895the time they were created, maybe?18:22
infinitysaiarcot895: The PPA thing is, like I said, a don't ask.  The ppc64el and arm64 ones are obvious, they didn't exist in precise.18:22
infinitysaiarcot895: And ia64 and sparc were dropped after lucid, hence they're not getting upgraded, and will disappear when lucid EOLs.18:23
* infinity goes to find breakfast.18:25
dokoinfinity, I killed ross while cancelling the GCC build18:41
infinitydoko: Did you cancel too early? :/18:46
dokomaybe. shouldn't I?18:47
infinitydoko: There's a bug where you can't cancel until it's actually into dpkg-buildpackage.18:48
infinityIt gets a bit confused.18:48
dokook, trying to avoid that in the future18:51
xnoxinfinity: does "eglibc still looks in /dev/shm" instead of "/run/shm" ?19:58
infinityxnox: That question didn't seem like a complete sentence...20:01
xnoxinfinity: does eglibc now default to using "/run/shm" (for whatever it may use that for) instead of "/dev/shm"? As per commented in the mounted-dev.conf upstart job that sets up /dev/shm to be symlink to /run/shm.20:02
xnoxinfinity: or do we want /dev/shm compat symlink still...20:03
infinityxnox: /dev/shm should probably never go away, IMO.20:03
infinityxnox: Why are you trying to kill it? :P20:03
xnoxinfinity: ok.20:03
xnoxinfinity: makesense in linux style "don't break user interfaces"20:03
infinityxnox: A decade of docs told people to use that path, even if I change glibc in Debian/Ubuntu, there's countless other bits of software I won't get to, not to mention 3rd party stuff I can't control.20:04
infinity(The irony here that is moved from /var/run/shm to /dev/shm 12 years ago, and now people have decided to move it back to /run isn't lost on me)20:06
infinitys/that is/that it/20:06
xnoxHaha =)20:06
xnoxthat is funny =)20:06
infinityxnox: Well, it makes sense, historically.20:06
xnoxdo we require devtmpfs?20:06
xnox( i thought we did, by virtue of udev requirement)20:06
infinityThe right place for state files was /var/run, but /var wasn't guaranteed to be on /, so we started dumping early-need stuff in /dev to compensate, and then /run happened to fix the problem.20:07
infinityAnyhow, not everyone is on the /run bandwagon, and I see no value in dropping the symlink pretty much ever.20:07
xnoxyeah, yeah, agreed with you, will keep that bit.20:08
xnoxi'll test openvz and lxc container and probably drop MAKEDEV usage from that job, and thus from mountall dependencies.20:08
xnox(well make a merge proposal to drop that)20:08
infinityxnox: Fair enough.  Seems like a waste of time to care, since mountall itself will be gone by the next LTS, but whatever. :P20:09
infinitycjwatson: germinate is exploding in the publisher.20:20
infinitywgrant: ^-- You were sad that everything went smoothly?20:22
knomehey, would anybody here know if https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop/ carries any technical merit, or would it be okay to just remove that project?21:45
stgraberno obvious reason to keep it around if you're not using it to host code or blueprints21:48
stgraberEdubuntu has a similiar /edubuntu but we use it for some branches21:48
knomeok, good22:01
knomei'll get that removed :)22:01
cjwatsoninfinity: Hm, yes, reproduces with just "germinate -s ubuntu.utopic -d utopic --no-rdepends"23:28
cjwatsonSo hopefully that's debuggable tomorrow23:29
infinitycjwatson: Kay.  It's halting archive-reports, due to the way we check if the archive has changed, but I suspect there's no other serious fallout.23:30
infinitydoko: gcc-4.9/amd64 unsatisfiable Depends: libgcc-4.9-dev (>= 1:4.9.0-1ubuntu2)23:36
cjwatsonAlarmingly, it's not actually clear that it's infinite recursion23:36
infinitydoko: Looks like the real package doesn't have an epoch.23:36
infinitycjwatson: Oh, it might just be very, very deep recursion?23:37
cjwatsonJust crudely tracing in pdb, it seems to be walking through a legitimately deep dep tree23:37
infinityWell, autopkgtest still seems remarkably buggered, so I'm in no rush to let open the world.23:38
infinityThough we could probably thaw the queue and just keep britney in block-all for now.23:38
cjwatson# TODO: would be much more elegant to reduce our recursion depth!23:38
cjwatsoncranking to 3000 makes it go away, LA LA LA23:39
infinityMake it 9000?  We have a lot more CPU and RAM than we had when that was written.23:40
infinityAnd then get someone to do a production cowboy...23:40
cjwatsonI don't want to overdo it, 3000 should be fine23:41
infinityAre we using the packaged germinate in production?23:41
cjwatsonYeah but a backport23:41
infinityIf so, turning around an SRU with that 1-char fix in a few hours wouldn't hurt my feelings.23:41
cjwatsonOh hey, it's just 2.823:41
infinityYeah, I don't see a backport there.23:42
infinityUnless it's not using the package.23:42
cjwatsonIt should be23:42
cjwatsonCould you file a bug for me?23:43
infinitycjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/germinate/+bug/131247823:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1312478 in germinate (Ubuntu Trusty) "germinate's recursion limit is too low for utopic" [Undecided,New]23:45
infinitycjwatson: targetted for trusty and precise SRUs.  I doubt anyone cares about non-LTS germinate sadness.23:46
infinitycjwatson: I wonder if we were literally just bumping up against the limit in trusty and something tipped us over, or if this is a sign of something going more deeply wrong.23:47
cjwatsonI didn't trace the whole stack, but it didn't look horrible23:48
cjwatsonAnd it finishes very quickly after I bump the limit23:48
infinityMight be worth throwing a counter in and seeing if ubuntu.trusty gets us in the 1900s or something.  Cause if we've gone from, say, 800 to 2500, that would perhaps point to, if not a germinate bug, us creating a Very Hard to Sort dependency tree.  Which could also anger apt's resolver.23:49
cjwatsonmm, not tonight though23:51
* infinity nods.23:51
infinitycjwatson: In lieu of trying to SRU in a hurry tonight, I might just get a GSA to cowboy your s/2000/3000/ fix in production, under the assumption that the SRU will just overwrite that in a few days.23:53
cjwatsonYeah that should be fine23:53
cjwatsonBut I'll do the SRUs shortly23:53
cjwatsonThough I'd like to go to bed; indeed if I can do the SRUs tomorrow morning that'd be better23:54

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