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johndropperI am being touched by Ubuntu touch03:31
lotuspsychjeme too03:31
lotuspsychjeits sweet isnt it03:31
lotuspsychjedev guys did the greatest job03:31
johndropperNo apps03:32
MistaMikegot screenies?03:32
lotuspsychjeMistaMike: wanna see the new touch video?03:32
MistaMikesure :-)03:33
MistaMikesure thing03:33
lotuspsychjethats how it looks like03:34
lotuspsychjeMistaMike: its still not perfect, but improved alot from previous version03:35
MistaMikelotuspsychje: looks a bit laggy, overall nice UI. Different, so I like.03:40
johndropperI didn't see lag03:41
MistaMikeJust looks a bit slow to me .-. maybe it's the video..03:41
johndropperI use iphone but this would be cool if more apps wee available03:42
johndropperSeems like not enough apps03:42
MistaMikeI use an iPhone myself, but this is better than those bloated android version on phones like Samsung and HTC03:43
lotuspsychjei agree03:46
lotuspsychjeandroid still runs smoother on the nexus703:46
lotuspsychjebut i switched to touch just for the security03:46
MistaMikeI don't have any nexus products, I haven't used android since having an S3, but I cracked 2, and crashed another 2. So I just gave up on them.03:46
lotuspsychjethat google play store is a nightmare03:49
lotuspsychjeplayground for malicious apps03:49
lotuspsychjeim so glad it run touch now03:50
MistaMikeTruth. Android is just going downhill. Most of the phones are just idk, poorly made in my opinion. Except the sexy HTC phones.03:50
lotuspsychjewell im really curious how the world will respond on those 2 ubuntu phones that will launch later03:51
MistaMikeOh please, like crazy. It'll spread like wildfire.03:51
lotuspsychjei really hope so03:52
lotuspsychjethat way it will stimulate to improve touch on any device03:52
MistaMikeI wouldn't see why not? They're nice UI, and Ubuntu itself is already popular. many will want their phones03:53
lotuspsychjei have ubuntu running everywhere now :p03:53
lotuspsychjenetbook, tablet desktop03:53
MistaMikeI use Mac OS X daily, but I have ubuntu on a laptop under my couch..03:53
verdePunder my couch....lol03:56
lotuspsychjebetter then under pillow03:56
verdePI'm still a mac user for desktop use, but I do like the idea of ubuntu on phone03:56
MistaMikelol it used to be my living room laptop, but I switched that with a mac mini lol03:57
lotuspsychjei like the 'running apps' slide mechanism on touch03:57
MistaMikeso now it's just a movie server under my bed03:57
chunkyheadubuntu touch is just for nexus devices?05:05
popassycan android apps be ported to ubuntu-touch05:15
bactpopassy: depends on your definition of ported05:26
bactpopassy: sailfish (another linux mobile os) supports android apps by licensing myriak's alien dalvik05:26
bactbut otherwise I'd imagine it would be up to the original developer05:27
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popassyis there anyone i can anyone i can contact to install ubuntu touch on moto g?05:50
popassythere is no one assigned to moto g, as far as this page reflects: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working.2C_but_not_available_from_cdimage.ubuntu.com05:51
popassybact: ^05:51
dholbachgood morning06:39
HiMaxhello, Do the ubuntu phone come with the webkit engine for internet rendering ?07:05
njrHi, I'm trying to crosscompile my application for Ubuntu Touch, and I'm wondering what the best way of getting the required libraries (libasound2 ...) to cross compile against is. I'm using the Nexus 7. Chroot.07:08
nishantjrHi, I'm trying to cross-compile my application onto the Nexus7. Whats the easiest way to get the libraries I depend on?07:13
dpmnishantjr, how are you cross-compiling, are you using Qt Creator?07:13
justCarakasis there a way to switch from 14.04 devel to 14.10 devel ?07:14
nishantjrNo, I'm using the CLI, Setting CC, CXX and LD in the environment, --host and --build in ./configure. The app is a CLI only.07:15
tvossHiMax, dbarth is your friend :)07:17
tvossdbarth, ^07:17
nishantjr@dpm Will using QT Creator simplify building the app? It's CLI only and has no QT deps07:20
dpmnishantjr, what kind of phone app is CLI only?07:20
dpmwhat does it do?07:21
dpmwill it run confined in a click package?07:21
HiMaxtvoss: i do not know of the dbarth system07:23
nishantjrdpm, We're not planning on putting this up on the store. Just for our own use. It makes SIP calls.07:23
tvossHiMax, not a system, a person :) dbarth is responsible for webapps :)07:23
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HiMaxtvoss: ok ty07:24
dpmnishantjr, ok, gotcha. Then you might need to wait for someone else to help you set up an armhf chroot on the command line to do your cross-compilation, I generally do it using Qt Creator and it sets things up for me07:25
tvossnishantjr, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild might get you started07:27
nishantjr@dpm, OK, thanks for your time. Would debootstrap be the way to go07:27
dpmnishantjr, I'm not sure. Check out the link tvoss just pasted for you ^07:28
dbarthHiMax: hi there, i'm a person indeed ;)07:29
* dbarth takes off his robot disguise07:29
dbarthHiMax: so we ship oxide now, which is a webkit-based, chromium derivative rendering engine07:30
nishantjrtvoss, dpm Thanks!07:30
dbarthHiMax: it gets high marks on html5test.com now07:30
HiMaxdbarth: aslong as its the webkit engine is in the core i will like it :) Thanks for the information.07:32
wajidim install ubuntu touch 14.04 on ubuntu pc07:37
wajidpackage downloading is very slow07:38
wajidanyone help me07:38
wajidhow to download mako zip file for ubuntu touch 14.0407:44
RAOFwajid: install ubuntu-device-flash, run ubuntu-device-flash -d mako --download-only?07:45
wajidon ubuntu terminal give a slow speed07:46
wajid5 to 10 kbps download speed07:47
RAOFIt's possible that the servers are still a bit overloaded with the 14.04 release?07:49
wajidok can i install ubuntu touch 14.04 release cwm recovery07:50
RAOFYou'd also be able to download bits from system-image.ubuntu.com directly, but it's much easier to just let ubuntu-device-flash do the work ;)07:51
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littlebirdI have problems with accessing utorrent through localhost:808008:31
littlebirdis there somebody who can help me with this?08:31
littlebirdWatch out though I am just starting to use linux08:32
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ogra_Saviq, mzanetti wrt bug 1309915 i assume thats specific to webapps then09:30
ubot5bug 1309915 in unity-mir (Ubuntu) "foreground app should recieve SIGSTOP on suspend" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130991509:30
mzanettiogra_: just recompiling some stuff in debug mode to find out more.09:31
ogra_try using a webapp that plays a movie or radio (i'm usually using laut.fm to test audio stuff in webapps)09:31
ogra_i think the actual prob is that we dont SIGSTOP multithreaded apps09:31
harry_Can somebody help me with using localhost:808009:42
ogra_harry_, on your phone ?09:48
harry_on my laptop09:49
ogra_then please go to #ubuntu ...09:49
harry_I want to access utorrent09:49
harry_ok thanks09:49
Saviqmzanetti, FWIW, media playback isn't meant to stop when suspending an app... it's meant to work in the background10:22
Saviqeven now it happens out of process through stagefright10:23
Saviqand later - through mediahub10:23
Saviqogra_, FYI:10:25
Saviq<Saviq> mzanetti, FWIW, media playback isn't meant to stop when suspending an app... it's meant to work in the background10:25
Saviq<Saviq> even now it happens out of process through stagefright10:25
Saviq and later - through mediahub10:25
ogra_Saviq, err10:25
ogra_the app is supposed to be stopped, right10:25
Saviqapp, yes, but you don't want music playback from it to stop, if possible, for example10:26
Saviqbut yeah, I'm assuming that all media playback goes through gstreamer + stagefright, which might not be the case10:26
ogra_music playback is just the indicator to show the app does not stop if it is in the foreground10:26
ogra_that bug has nothing to do with playback indeed :)10:26
Saviqogra_, I don't agree necessarily :D10:27
Saviqogra_, stopping the foreground app should not (might not already) stop playback10:27
ogra_if you switch apps, the playback stops after a few seconds10:27
ogra_if you foreground it again it picks up exactly where it stopped10:27
Saviqogra_, ok, that probably means it's playing in process10:27
ogra_if the app is in foreground and you press the power button, the app goes on playing10:27
Saviqogra_, and yes, it should stop indeed10:28
ogra_but starts to stutter since the system apparently tries to suspend but cant10:28
ogra_right, ignore the playback :)10:28
ogra_thats just an easy to use indicator here10:28
ogra_i know media-hub is supposed to take that10:28
Saviq`ps aux` is a better indicator IMO ;)10:29
ogra_heh, but that means i need to be connected which will prevent the phone from suspend10:29
ogra_adbd kepps it up forcefully10:29
Saviqbut yeah, it doesn't stop10:29
ogra_so trying to get suspend data through it is impossible10:29
Saviqstatus is S all the time10:30
Saviqyup confirmed10:30
ogra_thanks :)10:30
ogra_i bet its just a copy/paste job mostly ... to make it do the same as if the app gets backgrounded10:30
Saviqogra_, actually no, read https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1309915/comments/410:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1309915 in unity-mir (Ubuntu) "foreground app should recieve SIGSTOP on suspend" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:31
Saviqogra_, will get better with the non-blocking mir10:31
ogra_aha !10:31
Saviqogra_, if you lock the phone and then power it back on without unlocking, it should stop playback10:32
ogra_stops immediately10:33
ogra_but only one time10:33
ogra_ah, no, just takes a second longer the second time10:33
Saviqyeah, it shouldn't stop immediately, really10:34
Saviqsince it has a grace period of a few secs10:34
ogra_the first time it does10:34
ogra_well, did for me10:35
* Saviq marked dupe10:36
ogra_thanks !10:36
mandeljamesh, are you around? I have some small questions on do-dbus and how I can write some tests withit10:43
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pete-woodsChipaca: hi, just wanted to ask about push notifications. Is there a plan to allow local (trusted) services to produce them?11:27
pete-woodse.g. something like the mediascanner saying "new music found", that sorta thing11:28
Chipacapete-woods: why would a local app service want to do that?11:28
Chipacapete-woods: I mean, why not pop up the notification?11:28
pete-woodsChipaca: I guess I saw this as a central place for finding out about events?11:29
Chipacapete-woods: I don't think we've discussed using the push notifications client as the clearing house for all notifications on the client, no11:29
ogra_how about personal servers ... i.e. could my IMAP server send one to me if new mail arrives ?11:29
Chipacaogra_: yes, it could11:29
ogra_thats cool11:29
Chipacaogra_: on my TODO i have making a service that makes it as easy as you're now imaging it to be (hint: it isn't)11:29
ogra_heh, k11:30
Chipacait's a personal todo, that one, fwiw11:30
ogra_i'm not in a hurry :)11:30
pete-woodsChipaca: okay, so at the moment, it's a bit of a free for all regarding notifications then?11:30
Chipacayou need something talking to your imap server and to the push server. If you're big, you do that yourself; if you're little, it's probably too much effort :)11:30
pete-woodsthat's fine, just wanted to check the plan really11:30
Chipacapete-woods: currently it's a mess11:30
Chipacapete-woods: and I can understand not wanting to get into that11:31
Chipacapete-woods: and the push client will have a local dbus api to "inject" notifications, for testing & qa11:31
Chipacapete-woods: and a priviliged (non-sandboxed) app could talk to that dbus api11:31
pete-woodsokay, but not for something I might have been tempted to use it for then11:31
Chipacapete-woods: but ... :)11:31
Chipacapete-woods: OTOH, looking at all the spectrum of notifications, it would be really nice to have a single api for them all11:32
pete-woodsChipaca: basically at the minute we have a not well publicised DBus API in the shell that just takes a string11:32
Chipacaand maybe that's the push client? or the push client is a client of that api11:32
Chipacapete-woods: we have as many apis as we have notification types11:32
Chipacaand maybe a couple more, for fun11:32
pete-woodsyeah, seems that way11:33
pete-woodsI guess I just naively saw the push client as a unified message bus for simple notifications11:33
pete-woodsChipaca: just to carry this on, my concern is that, say we want to know when e.g. a click package is installed, I think it'd be reasonable if the click guys were upset if I asked them to talk to my random DBus interface11:41
pete-woodsseems like they should be pushing a notification onto something like the push client11:41
Chipacapete-woods: I agree that that is reasonable11:42
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dakerhi, i am getting a "Download Error" message while trying to install an app12:49
dakerrebooted, it works again12:51
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Graknologra_, when doing this command: ubuntu-device-flash --channel trusty --bootstrap --server="http://system-image.tasemnice.eu" is it possible to retrieve the image or zip file and install it through MultiROM?12:59
ogra_Graknol, Tassadar should know, he maintains multirom as well as that server :)12:59
Graknolk :)13:00
Tassadaruse the android app to install ubuntu to multirom13:00
Graknolwill it work with N5?13:00
GraknolCoool :D13:01
Graknol<3 you Tassadar13:01
Tassadar...should I be afraid? ^^13:01
GraknolIn a few days you'll see me outside of your house >:)13:02
GraknolNow, the first thing im gonna do is make a Flappy Bird clone, you're welcome world ]:}13:03
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popeytsdgeos: got a moment to join us in #ubuntu-touch-meeting ?13:33
GraknolI cannot find the click app store on 303, i tried searching the apps scope too, is it in a newer version?13:46
Tassadarthere is no store, you just search for the app name, I think13:46
GraknolI tried that, but nothing pops up :/13:46
pmcgowanGraknol, do you see your local apps?13:47
Graknolwell, only in the sidebare13:47
ogra_GRRR !13:47
pmcgowannot in the scope called Apps?13:47
Graknolonly recent13:47
Graknoli did install the trusty not the trusty-devel13:48
ogra_has anyone else have his backspace key go stuck on the OSK ?13:48
pmcgowanmaybe the scope crashed13:48
pmcgowanogra_, have not seen that13:48
Graknolshould i have the proposed one?13:48
sergiusensogra_: yeah, there's a bug for that even13:48
* ogra_ just typed a G+ comment ... which is really really painful and takes 10x longer than on android, just to have the backspace key go stuck in the end and delete *all* the text that took me 10min to type 13:49
ogra_sergiusens, ah, good13:49
pmcgowanGraknol, is your clickscope running?13:49
Graknoldont think so, rebooting now13:49
GraknolREBOOT WORKS :D13:50
pmcgowanyeah thats bad13:50
Graknoland now it's MUCH smoother :)=13:50
pmcgowanGraknol, did you enable wifi after you booted last?13:50
pmcgowanor was it first boot?13:50
Graknolit was first boot13:50
Graknolenabled wifi13:50
Graknolwent around, then rebooted now13:50
pmcgowanyep seen that, will check the bug list13:50
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sergiusensogra_: oh, that type of stuck; no, no bug for that14:04
ogra_yeah, i dont mean the popping up special chars that dont collapse14:05
gwilymHello everyone. How long does the initial bootup take? The ubuntu-device-flash command finished running about 3 minutes ago, and the ubuntu circle of friends is just spinning round in circles...14:16
gwilymits just gone into recovery14:17
ogra_gwilym, it will then reboot eventually ...14:20
ogra_just be patient :)14:20
gwilymogra_ not sure if I have to do anything at this point. Its gone into recovery, do I hit reboot? Or something else?14:20
ogra_you dont do anything14:22
ogra_only watch the terminal14:23
ogra_ignore whats on the device14:23
gwilymthe terminal command finished running :)14:24
ogra_without errors ?14:25
ogra_that looks fine14:25
ogra_theoretically your device should reboot into the new system after the spinning ubuntu logo14:25
gwilymit went into recovery though...14:25
ogra_try rebooting it by hand and see14:26
gwilymI've selected reboot, and it says, 'rom may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?'14:26
gwilym(nexus 7)14:26
ogra_just select something14:26
gwilymI'll go with no14:27
ogra_doesnt matter what, its a no-op14:27
gwilymthanks :), now lets see what happens14:27
gwilymstill showing Google with the unlocked padlock below it14:28
ogra_give it a bit, the first boot takes a bit longer since it needs to set up some stuff14:31
ogra_it should eventually turn black and then show the UI14:31
ogra_if not, your flashing failed for some reason14:31
gwilymwhat to do if that's the case?14:31
ogra_first of all check the logs in /cache/recovery ...14:32
gwilymhow to get to that? Go into bootloader first?14:33
gwilymit seems fairly stuck14:33
ogra_do you see it with adb ?14:35
ogra_(can you "adb shell" into it)14:35
gwilymyep. Got root as well14:35
ogra_well, then check for logs in /cache/recovery14:36
gwilymthe /cache directory doesn't exist...14:36
gwilymfind -name cache -type d returns no hits14:37
ogra_thats weird14:37
gwilymfind -name ubuntu returns nothing...14:38
ogra_are you sure you are in a booted system and not in the initrd ?14:38
gwilymhow can I tell?14:38
ogra_the prompt should14:38
ogra_does it say "ubuntu-phablet" ?14:38
gwilymjust a #14:38
ogra_yeah, that means you ended up in the initrd ... weird14:39
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ogra_looks like the rootfs wasnt extracted properly or so ... did you touch the device/buttons hwen it was flashing ? are you sure there is even enough free diskspace ?14:40
gwilymits a new 32gb device. I kinda messed it up the first time14:40
ogra_i wonder if the partitioning is different to what we support14:41
gwilymwould that matter?14:41
ogra_sergiusens, ^^^ have you heard of anyone using a 32G flo yet ?14:41
dobeyogra_: would it really be using different partitioning than say, a 32G grouper?14:42
Tassadarthan grouper yes, but 16 and 32gb versions should be the same14:43
sergiusensogra_: I haven't, but /cache/recovery/log would give use some feedback14:43
gwilymsergiusens: but I haven't got access to /cache :(14:43
ogra_dobey, we have had such issues in the past,  yes14:44
ogra_gwilym, reboot to recovery14:44
ogra_there you do14:44
sergiusensgwilym: reboot into recovery14:44
Saviqmhall119, hey, apparently http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/sdk/tutorials/installing-the-sdk/ redirects to a zh locale of that website, do you know anything about that?14:45
gwilymorga_ sergiusens done14:46
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ogra_Saviq, thats a subtle hint that we all should learn chinese14:47
Saviqogra_, looks like it indeed14:47
ogra_gwilym, so take a look at the logs then14:47
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gwilymhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7322860/ is the contents of /cache/recovery/log14:49
gwilymlooking through it now14:49
gwilymorga_ sergiusens lines 519-534 contain warnings14:50
ogra_W:failed to mount /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata (Invalid argument)14:51
ogra_that looks suspicious14:51
sergiusensogra_: yeah, that's not good; but flashing went fine...14:51
Tassadargwilym: did you reboot to android after doing "fastboot oem unlock"?14:51
popeySaviq: kyleN is on it14:51
Saviqpopey, kk thanks14:51
gwilymTassadar I think I did14:51
sergiusensTassadar: I thought we didn't need that anymore... :/14:52
Tassadar/data is in some weird state after oem unlock and gets fixed/formatted/whatever during boot14:52
Tassadaryou can try "fastboot format userdata" and flash it again, assuming you don't have any data there yet14:53
sergiusensTassadar: do you know what that is? ogra_ we may need to add that into our recovery ubuntu_commands for format data14:53
ogra_well, obviously fastboot ...14:53
Tassadardunno what exactly do they do with it, but it is a common problem with custom recoveries - user does oem unlock, boots to recovery, and /data is unaccessible14:54
sergiusensTassadar: heh; I would add format data to ubuntu-device-flash, but many people have issues with incorrect bootloader versions that report the incorrect partition size14:54
Tassadarwhaat Oo14:54
Tassadarnever heard about that14:54
sergiusensTassadar: was common on the maguro14:54
Tassadarformat in recovery helps too14:54
ogra_maguro is dead and done :P14:54
gwilymcurrently running the flash...14:55
* gwilym crosses fingers14:55
sergiusensogra_: we need a format realdata :) ; format data in our ubuntu_commands is not a real format14:55
kyleNSaviq, yes, that page has moved and the redirect is not yet in place. Here's the new location: http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-sdk/installing-the-sdk/14:55
SaviqkyleN, yeah, just read your msg to the ML, thanks!14:56
kyleNSaviq, I also responded to an email on ubuntu-phone subject "Website in Chinese?"14:56
* gwilym crosses toes14:56
gwilymits booted to a black screen, but I can adb into it15:00
doanacplars, psivaa, cking: i've got a new UTAH building with the eventstat improvements: https://code.launchpad.net/~utah/+recipe/utah-stable should be ready for you guys very soon15:00
psivaadoanac: ack15:01
plarscking: I'm blacklisting those health check things too, and about to kick off another run with the modified duration. Should have results for you in < 2 hours15:02
ckingplars, thanks, I'll  be around for that this evening15:02
gwilymIt works :DD Thanks ogra_, sergiusens, Tassadar15:03
mhall119Saviq: we've moving some content around on the site, waiting for the apache redirect to be activated15:07
gwilymThere isn't a dvorak keyboard layout :(. Is it possible to add one?15:08
Saviqmhall119, noted, thanks15:08
popeygwilym: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard i see no bug there for it, you may want to file one15:12
gwilympopey: I'll add one :)15:13
sergiusensTassadar: fwiw, this is the format breaking https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-building/0vW8S-1wY5k15:21
sergiusensTassadar: fastboot getvar partition-size:userdata  gave back the wrong info15:21
mptHow do I report a bug on the Contacts app? Which project is it under?15:41
mptIt doesn’t seem to be listed on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps15:42
popeympt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/address-book-app/+filebug?no_redirect15:48
popeyi think15:48
mptthanks popey15:49
mpt(reported bug 1312263)15:57
ubot5bug 1312263 in address-book-app (Ubuntu) ""Save" does five different undesirable things for new contact with no name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131226315:57
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Hashcodersalveti: is phablet_4.4.2_r1 branch usable?17:26
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balloonsis there a way to recreate a click installed on a device? I mean if I unpacked a click to a directory, can I repack it so I have an installable click again?17:47
mhall119bfiller_afk: have you tried syncing your @canonical.com calendar to the phone?18:01
mhall119I'm getting an error on that18:01
mhall119my personal @gmail worked fine18:01
cwaynemhall119, i did it yesterday, wfm18:02
popeymhall119: what error?18:06
mhall119popey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7324133/18:08
mhall119removing everything in ~/.cache/syncevolution/ and rebooting seems to have done the trick18:09
mhall119bfiller_afk: cwayne popey are any of you testing with more than one Google account setup?18:09
popeythat is an odd duration18:09
popeymhall119: yes, i use personal and canonical account on my phone18:10
mhall119huh, I wonder what the issue was then18:10
popeyyour meeting is 3 seconds long18:12
popeylook at the start and end times18:12
mhall119popey: I doubt that18:12
mhall119I think that was the sync duration18:12
popeyoh i see.18:13
popeywhen did you see this?18:13
mhall119\o/ all my meetings are there18:13
mhall119popey: trying to sync my work calendar after having sync'd my personal one18:14
popeyhttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52739 is all i could find18:14
ubot5Freedesktop bug 52739 in SyncEvolution "syncevolution error status 20017, Synchronization failed" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]18:14
ogra_mhall119, it didnt work for me initially, seems a former manual sync left e with an incompatible db ... once i wiped that it worked for me (and hasnt stopped since)18:23
ogra_we got a new syncevolution right before the auto sync was added ... i guess that wasnt backwards compatible18:24
ogra_(or at least less so than expected)18:25
mhall119ogra_: I flashed with --wipe this morning, so there shouldn't have been *any* old stuff18:25
davmor2mhall119: pfffff --bootstrap ;)18:26
Hashcodeogra_ do you know what branch of phablet should I be testing builds with?18:26
ogra_Hashcode, i think the 4.4.2_r1 one is right ...18:27
Hashcodenot CyanogenMod/* anymor?18:27
davmor2mhall119: at one point I don't think wipe worked 100% did you have to configure your wifi on reboot?]18:27
mhall119davmor2: yes18:28
ogra_Hashcode, yeah ... we're KitKat all the way18:29
davmor2mhall119: so it sounds like wipe got fixed then18:29
Hashcodeogra_ very nice18:29
ogra_that made the deb and hammerhead community ports so easy :)18:29
dobeyogra_: are there plans to pull hammerhead into the official support list?18:31
ogra_i dont think so18:31
ogra_up to management18:31
cwaynei heard 'maybe in the future'18:31
ogra_+but i would expect meizu and bq to be supported rather than hammerhead18:31
cwaynenot from management though, so who knows18:31
ogra_anythign wrong with the hammerhead port that Tassadar offers ?18:32
ogra_i think it is really good ... at least from what i heard18:32
dobeyi don't know. my phone isn't here yet18:32
dobeyi'd prefer pulling from https though18:33
ogra_afaik it has audio issues ... someone with pulseaudio knowledge and the device needs to take a look and fix that ... beyond that it should be working pretty well18:33
Tassadarogra_: the sound doesn't work very well18:33
Tassadarand bluetooth doesn't work18:33
dobeydoes bluetooth work on anything?18:33
ogra_someone needs to sed cyphermox a device to get it to work ;)18:34
Tassadarit won't even turn on on hammerhead18:34
ogra_Bt stack is being reworked18:34
ogra_should get better in utopic18:34
TassadarI remember it worked (well, that it turned on), faintly18:34
ogra_dobey, BT works for headsets on N418:34
ogra_thats about it ... we dont have UI support for anything else18:35
dobeyoh, cool18:35
dobeyi just remember crashing whenever i tried to touch the bt indicator on my n718:35
ogra_(and we are seriously missing a pulseaudio specialist to fix all these little glitches)18:35
rsalvetiHashcode: yes, it's the one we're currently using for all official images18:38
* Tassadar imagines a guy in a power armor with "pulseaudio specialist" written on his back18:38
Hashcodersalveti: thanks18:38
rsalvetiHashcode: repo init -u https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/p/aosp/platform/manifest.git -b phablet-4.4.2_r118:39
Hashcodeah.. that's the server right18:39
dobeyTassadar: it requires an asbestos suit18:39
Hashcodersalveti: so much info is out of date on the wiki :/18:39
rsalvetiHashcode: yeah :-( will try to update during the next few days18:39
rsalvetiwill present ubuntu touch at ELC and want it to be useful18:40
ogra_Hashcode, the thing is that you can really only properly update it if you are actually doing a port yourself18:40
* ogra_ has his SGS2 sitting next to him since 2 months and hasnt found the time to try another port to take notes etc18:40
Hashcodeogra_ yeah maybe I'll try and walk through the steps18:41
Hashcodelooks like I'll need to resubmit the omap4 patches as well if I want to go that route again18:42
rsalvetiHashcode: at least we have gerrit now18:43
Hashcodetrue :p18:43
dobeyTassadar: is there some special jailbreak action that needs to be done on the n5 before it can be flashed?18:48
Tassadarit's nexus18:48
cwayneoem unlock18:48
Tassadarjust "fastboot oem unlock"18:48
cwaynebut that's the same as any other nexus18:48
ogra_dobey, dont forget to boot into android at least once after unlocking ... thats very important18:49
ogra_(else your partitions are in a weird state)18:49
dobeyogra_: it is? i don't recall dooing that on my n7 (at least, not intentionally)18:49
ogra_you didnt have android 4.4 on it18:50
dobeywell, guess i'll know in a few minutes18:53
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dobeyugh. wiki is incredibly slow at the moment :(19:01
dobeyTassadar: what was the server to use for your port?19:07
dobeyyay, 4.5MB/s19:10
Tassadarit's a vps with free unlimited traffic)19:10
Tassadaron a 100 MB/s line19:10
dobey2014/04/24 15:11:33 Cannot cleanup tree to ensure clean deploymentexit status 25519:11
dobeyhrmm :(19:11
dobeyremember to unplug all the other devices first ;)19:14
dobeyoh weird19:14
dobeygot the spinning ubuntu logo, overlayed on top of the green android with the spinning hypercube19:14
Tassadarthat's the recovery doing it's thing19:15
Tassadarobviously the android shouldn't be there)19:15
dobeyit's just weird to see both of them flicking between each other19:16
Tassadarnot sure why it is there though19:16
dobeyis that expected on n5?19:16
Tassadaras in, I dunno if it is in official releases19:16
Tassadardoesn't affect anything though19:16
dobeywell when i flashed my n7 from the official builds, it didn't do this19:16
dobeyit was just the ubuntu logo (once that recovery got added to the build)19:16
jo-erlendNow that we're talking about desktops and other stuff, is this still the proper channel for those topics, or will this channel still be about touch devices?19:17
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mhall119jo-erlend: are you talking about desktop convergence?19:18
Tassadardobey: oh, it seems hammerhead has those android images in it's device folder for some reason, and they get added to the recovery by the build system19:21
Tassadarnot sure why, maybe it needed higher resolution or whatever19:21
TassadarI'll try to remove them for the next build19:21
dobeyugh, i'm gonna have go to get a different sim card for it19:24
dobeyTassadar: ah ok,19:30
jo-erlendmhall119, yes.19:45
hamed1soleimaniHi ... i'm trying to port ubuntu touch for galaxy advance . so i grabbed all of necessary repository and follow porting guide in ubuntu touch wiki steps. but every time i try to make the image file i see errors that relates to files in framework/native/include/gui . they don't exists. so i download them and put them in their location but still i'm getting stupid errors. i'm completely confused! any help?20:03
dobeyclick is in some weird state again and i can't uninstall things20:10
dobeyalso, does the nexus 4 vibrate every time you tap an icon/button in the UI? my n5 is doing it, and it's kind of annoying :)20:10
dakerdobey: yes :(20:13
dobeywell at least it's not just the n520:13
bactI hate touch vibration, my phone should only vibrate for incoming calls20:14
dakerwell atleast you need to have an option20:17
hamed1soleimaniany help?20:31
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dobeylol. my phone was last updated jan 23 197021:20
geniiProbably want to update the time, with ntpdate or such21:24
dobeyalready did that21:24
geniiAnd get from the Unix epoch into the Linux epoch.21:24
dobeytime is right now, but was wrong when i flashed; so the "last update" has the wrong time21:25
geniidobey: Ah, OK. So it's non-critical, just amusing21:26
dobeyis it just me, or does the time seem to get more and more off from what the actual time is, when you leave the screen off for a while? seems like it's not using the internal clock correctly or something22:09
bactdobey: don't most smartphones usually grab the current time from the network tower on a regular basis?22:27
dobeybact: yes, but if i put it in airplane mode and leave the screen off over night, it doesn't say it's midnight when i wake up at 8 and look at the time22:29
dobeyi have a feeling that might happen on here22:29
dobeyhmm, watermerk elements in html apps == pain22:32
dobeyanyway, time to go. later :)22:38
Hashcodersalveti: I'm getting a file_context error on the 4.4.2_r1 build missing from the /tmp files22:48
HashcodeIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/targetfiles-etl91e/BOOT/RAMDISK/file_contexts'22:48
HashcodeDo I need to add those manually? or is that a config I'm missing22:48
rsalvetiHashcode: hm, never had that message before22:48
rsalvetiHashcode: adding a new hardware?22:48
Sashmo__hey guys..... Multicast question.... Using Ubuntu 12.04 and I have several multicast on for example and, but when I connect to one, its fine, but if I want to connect to another one, it wont work, the streams are full of problems.... Does anyone have a suggestion?22:49
Hashcodersalveti: yeah I'm testing an otter build22:50
HashcodeI have file_contexts in $OUT/root/22:50
Hashcodebut not /tmp/*/BOOT/RAMDISK/22:50
HashcodeI'm kind of surprised at the /tmp usage22:51
rsalvetiHashcode: it seems file_contexts is created by the external/sepolicy project22:51
Hashcodeit's there in my /out/target/product folder22:51
Hashcode(I use a different "out" dir)22:52
Hashcodecould that be it?22:52
rsalvetiHashcode: can you build with showcommands to see which command is generating that error?22:54
rsalvetiimg_from_target_files or ota_from_target_files22:54
rsalvetimaybe it's getting the ubuntu ramdisk by default, instead of parsing the one from android22:54
rsalvetiand it expects that file to be available22:54
HashcodeI setup the out dir as per source.android.com now22:56
Hashcodeand I'm re-running22:56
HashcodeI'll restart with showcommands22:56
Hashcodersalveti: it's in ota_from_target_files23:12
Hashcode  File "./build/tools/releasetools/ota_from_target_files", line 477, in WritePolicyConfig23:13
Hashcode    f = open(file_context, 'r');23:13
rsalvetiright, I think that's probably because it's trying to find that file in the ubuntu initramfs23:14
rsalvetiwhich doesn't exist23:14
HashcodeYou don't see that on N4?23:15
rsalvetiwe're not generating the ota image on n423:15
Hashcodeit's being set on line 86023:16
Hashcodehow should I build this?23:16
rsalvetijust the pure img files that are consumed with fastboot23:16
Hashcodeuse system.img?23:16
rsalvetiyou could build ota, just need a few changes it seems23:16
HashcodeI can fix this to look in $OUT/root23:16
Hashcodersalveti: apparently we should be passing in dictionary objects to this function call as well: common.GetBootableImage23:35
HashcodeIt ends up building the boot filename and calculating a length on a NoneType if you don't pass it in23:35
HashcodeI think something is going wrong with my BOOTABLE_IMAGES dir23:43
rsalvetiright, try just removing the piece that checks for the file_contexts file23:45
HashcodeThis is the next issue23:48
Hashcodeit's using GetBootableImage in the ota_from_target_files23:49
Hashcodeand bombing because we're not passing in a info_dict (=None) and later it passes that info_dict to a File() constructor where it checks it for len()23:49
Hashcodetho it doesn't run this path in the scripts if there's a BOOTABLE_IMAGE folder under /tmp/*/23:50
Hashcodeso that may be where it's working on your builds23:51
Hashcodeapparently the script will pull prebuilts down and extract them23:51
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rsalvetiit works for us because I don't think we're calling this script at all23:52
Hashcodeyeah the GetBootableImage functions are all called in the same way w/o a dictionary in both img_from_target_files and ota_from_target_files23:53
Hashcodersalveti: i'll work on this later and submit a gerrit patch23:59

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