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ali1234what happens with webpages on hidpi displays?00:22
ali1234does the browser just lie about media width to make things work?00:22
slvrali1234: CSS pixels != device pixels01:24
slvrSee devicePixelRatio01:24
ali1234no in other words, yes, it just lies?01:25
jussimorning all05:28
mappsmorning jussi05:35
mappswhats up05:35
jussisky, ceiling... :P05:35
MooDoomorning all06:20
mappsmorning MooDoo06:35
MooDoohow are you mapps06:37
mappsnot bad..watching last tv ep for the night06:39
mappsthen bed:)06:39
diploMorning all07:00
andylockranmorning all07:02
MooDoomorning diplo andylockran07:02
dwatkinsmorning all07:30
kvarley-workTrying to run 2XClient on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and it keeps just crashing on load with a segmentation fault. Console chucks out this message "/opt/2X/2xclient.sh: line 4:  3067 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../lib ./2XClient $@" Any ideas?08:30
MartijnVdSwhat's "2xclient"?08:30
MartijnVdSif it crashes like that, it's probably a bug in the application, or you're not running it on a supported platform (it being in /opt suggests it's not from a package, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH almost confirms it)08:32
kvarley-workMartijnVdS: It's a proprietary RDP client that's available from the Ubuntu Software Centre08:32
MartijnVdSI'd file a bug then :)08:33
TwistedLuciditykvarley-work: Not much help, but Remmina and KRDC both work well. Might tide you over.08:43
TwistedLucidityAssuming it's standard RDP protocols you are using08:43
kvarley-workTwistedLucidity: yeah thanks I'm using remmina now. I just find 2X performs a lot better with the servers I'm working with. Will wait until its updated. thanks anyway :)08:53
brobostigongood morning boys and girls.08:57
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:00
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS09:00
MooDoomorning morning09:01
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:02
popeyAlanBell: saw this and thought of you (and czajkowski) http://i.imgur.com/4ChkRqV.jpg09:04
foobarrymy wife's phone adds an extra 7 to the mobile number for about 5 people when replying to an SMS e.g. 07941111111 becomes 077941111111 . any ideas?09:05
foobarryhave cleared those people frmo contacts, sent a fresh txt. and it happens again when replying09:06
czajkowskipopey: awww09:28
czajkowskipopey: AlanBell TheOpenSourcerer http://guildfordbeerfestival.co.uk/09:28
* TheOpenSourcerer goes and checks the diary...09:29
* TheOpenSourcerer would appear to be available czajkowski09:30
popeysadly I am not09:30
* nigelb hasn't seen AlanBell in a while09:30
* TheOpenSourcerer looks at him every day09:31
TheOpenSourcererwell - apart from weekends.09:31
popeyyou have a webcam for that, right?09:32
MooDoopopey: reminds me of an episode of the big bang theory where sheldon was a robot, perhaps AlanBell is just a monitor on the top of TheOpenSourcerer desk at work :D09:53
jussiMooDoo: or TheOpenSourcerer is just AlanBell's alterego... Ive met AlanBell, but this sourcerer....09:54
MooDoojussi: so what you're saying is you've never seem them in the same room together?09:56
foobarryanyone have suggestions waht to do about latest 3.8.0-38 kernel not letting my laptop suspend? 3.8.0-37 works..10:02
MartijnVdShttp://opensslrampage.tumblr.com/ is such fun :)10:03
MartijnVdSfoobarry: file a bug, or upgrade to 14.04 ;)10:03
jussiMooDoo: yeah, pretty much that :P10:21
* jussi is feeling somewhat american10:38
jussi(peanut butter and jam sandwiches)10:38
nigelbjussi: not, vegemite or marmite?!10:38
Laneyat least it's not jelly10:39
Laney(too wobbly)10:39
jussinot today..10:39
jussiLaney: true that10:39
jussibut american jelly is different to ours...10:39
Laneyyeah I was being funny :(10:40
jussiLaney: failed :P10:41
Laneyit's alright I laughed at it myself :(10:41
davmor2anyone else having issues with irc today?10:42
MooDoodavmor2: no10:42
jussidavmor2: yes, you are on it! :P :P10:45
* jussi hugs davmor210:45
MooDoodavmor2: what's going on with yours chap?10:50
davmor2MooDoo: everything on irc keeps restarting but only irc I ping and browse as usual hence asking if it was just me or everyone10:52
MooDoostupid computers.10:57
jussidavmor2: does your status window have any useful messages?11:11
popeyShould I expect to be able to fsck a mac formatted hdd in my linux laptop and it fix it?11:53
MartijnVdSI don't know if there are HFS(+) fsck tools for Linux11:53
MartijnVdSif it's btrfs/ext[234] then yes11:53
popeyits hfs+11:53
xnoxpopey: you can fix non-journaled ones. no fsck for journaled.11:54
xnoxpopey: it's optional hfs+ feature, but enabled by default on all macs unless explicitely disabled by the user.11:54
xnoxpopey: there are recovery disk-utilities you can boot - if you have a mac.11:55
popeyoh, thats a good point, i do have another mac, i could attach it to that and try and fix11:55
xnoxpopey: either third-party or any mac os x installer dvd / usb-stick, all have disk-utilitiy available to launch11:55
popeygood call!11:55
popeysounds like a lunchtime task!11:56
popeyOh look! Lunchtime!11:56
davmor2that's looking a bit more stable apparently my new router might be the cause will leave that till the weekend though dd-wrt might be required :)12:12
popey\o/ chugging away12:13
Laneychugga chugga12:14
davmor2popey: your at work what are you doing chugging beer ;)12:15
jussianyone know how to make the left and right tilt on my mouses scrollwheel actually do something?12:17
jussilike perhaps back/forward in the browser?12:17
MartijnVdSjussi: they scroll horizontally12:19
MartijnVdSon mine anyway12:19
jussioh... so they do. that sucks.12:20
jussiI wonder if I can change that somewhere12:20
popeypaste.ubuntu.com/7321955/ thats bad ☹12:21
jussiyou know, it just dawned on me... the oneplus is actually what was going to be the ubuntu edge. :P :P13:19
popeytoo big for one13:20
TheOpenSourcererI don't get the capacitive *AND* on-screen button thing... Seems like a square peg/round hole thing to me.13:21
TheOpenSourcererGosh - Ubuntu spam from eBuyer.... "Alan, HP 255 G1 Laptop with Ubuntu only £219.99 + Free Next Day Delivery" :-D13:23
OliAt that price it could have another set of physical buttons inside the case and I wouldn't mind.13:23
awilkinsWoo, 64GB version!13:27
awilkinsWoo $34913:27
popeynot a bad price for that little laptop13:27
andylockran:( popey13:30
andylockranjust seen your dead laptop13:30
andylockran¢/win 413:30
popeySam is on a school trip to Windsor Castle today13:38
davmor2popey: it's easter break isn't it?13:43
popeyno, they went back yesterday13:43
davmor2ah not here they didn't I don't think13:43
popeyI'd be surprised.13:44
davmor2popey: I don't know not having kids but the traffic is too light at school leaving time13:46
* popey tries to remember a time before kids13:47
davmor2popey: I get Sue from the hospice around 15-16:00 too little traffic13:47
TheOpenSourcererour kids went back on Tuesday.13:47
popeyprobably some grown-ups still on easter hols13:47
davmor2popey: it's when you were slim had a capri and fun ;)13:47
popeytrue, except s/capri/manta/13:47
* TheOpenSourcerer never had a Capri :-(13:48
TheOpenSourcererTalbot Solara13:48
davmor2popey: it wasn't a bad guess13:48
TheOpenSourcererHonda CB200 with Reverse Cone Megaphones ;-)13:48
davmor2popey: so if we here about a secondary fire breaking out at windsor castle today we know why right :)13:49
davmor2popey: ohhhh LV issue 3 on digital download now :)13:50
dvrrhow to  restore  multiple databases mysql  command line13:51
popeydavmor2: yay13:53
popeymy dad had a Talbot Solara.. PLM 573W13:54
popeyand an Horizon, ELY 760T13:54
dvrri have taken multiple databases   single sql file how to restore all  Ubuntu please help me13:55
awilkinsmysql -uroot -p <big-fat-sql-file.sql13:56
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)16:43
* diddledan yawns16:45
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shaunointeresting. prettier than the briel computers one17:54
Saur0hi can anyone help me with a ssh problem?18:44
Tom92Hello. I'm completly  new to ubuntu. I'm trying to boot from a usb 1.1 (yeah I know). I used pendrivelinux to make the bootable drive. When I try to boot however all i get are fans and a black sceen. I waited it out for a good while, maybe 15-20 minutes what with trying to boot fro 1.1. I'm on an acer aspire 5930G with 4 GB ram and 250 GB HDD . and I'm trying to boot the latest version of ubuntu, 64bit. does anyone have any clue wh18:44
Tom92oh and I've changed the boot priority to USB-HDD and it's picking up my drive.18:45
Tom92Sorry for the bombardment!18:45
Tom92Hi all, just to clarify, the machine is picking up my drive but is still not booting. Advice still welcome. T18:59
ducky_is this system still used?19:23
diddledanubuntu? yes, I believe so19:23
ducky_Alright :D19:23
diddledanthey're starting to put it in phones now, dun'tchaknow19:24
ducky_because ive had some problems letely with graphics are far as ubuntu is concerned19:24
ducky_+as far19:24
ducky_im thinking of installing 14.04 now but i really dont want to fuss with what happened to my graphics last time19:25
ducky_after installing the driver for my gtx 660 with ubuntu it gets stuck in 800x60019:25
ducky_before is fine19:25
ducky_and if i use hdmi instead of dvi19:26
ducky_it works fine too19:26
ducky_and my second screen displays the correct res19:26
ducky_usually trying to force a res is leading to the edid19:27
ducky_being bad19:27
ducky_is there a way i can take windows edid and use that19:27
ducky_or just another way to force 1080 into ubuntu19:27
diddledanafaik the edid is embedded in the monitor19:28
ducky_so its either dont install drivers and not be able to use steam19:29
ducky_or just install them and enjoy 800x60019:29
aquariuspopey, ping -- you did tell me before how to get the version number of the most recent promoted phone image, but when the compputer died I lost the logs :(20:00
popeysystem settings -> about20:04
aquariuspopey, that shows the version I'm running, not whether there's a newer version to install, doesn't it? I'm dual-boot so I have to upgrade from teh android app20:04
popeyoh, dunno about that20:05
popeyaquarius: lemme ask you a question...20:07
popeyphaser.io looks awesome20:08
aquariusI've seen it, but not used it for anything yet20:08
popeybut requires that it be loaded from a webserver, and not locally loaded, apparently it uses get requsts and json stuff which has to pull from a server, not local filesystem20:08
aquariusyeah; these days, you pretty much need a webserver to do anything20:08
popeyso there's no way that is going to fly on an ubuntu phone as a local app20:08
popeywhich is a bummer20:09
aquariusI wish I could say that QML had a really good XMLHttpRequest implementation and so this wouldn't be a problem20:09
popeywhich leads to my question - how could I?20:09
aquariusbut it does not.20:09
aquariuswell, you could spin up a web server pretty easily in C or Go, I imagine20:09
aquariusbut I can't see how you can stop other apps on the device connecting to it20:10
popeyoh, i could ship a little apache/lighttpd or whatever in my app?20:10
aquariusthis is the desktopcouch problem all over again20:10
aquariusyeah. Not apache ;)20:10
aquariusI imagine that Qt has be-a-webserver stuff in it20:10
popeywell, whatever, i could launch one from my app?20:10
aquariusI'd do it in process, myself20:10
aquariustop hit20:11
aquariusthat's qt 420:11
aquariusbut you can see that it's possible20:11
aquariusI'm not enough of a C++ guy to know how to do it, though20:11
aquariusand we can't do python apps :)20:11
popeybut surely I could ship a tiny binary server?20:11
aquariusI don't know how the application lifecycle works then, though20:12
popeyspawn it then launch my browser container thing20:12
aquariusyou're not allowed to run background apps, right?20:12
popeybut its not background20:12
popeyit's run by my app20:12
aquariuswhat happens if you just execute system("something &")20:12
popeywhich is currently in the foreground20:12
aquariusyeah, but it has to be a separate process20:12
diddledanpopey: can you not use file:/// urls?20:12
popeyno diddledan20:12
aquariusotherwise your foreground app is blocked20:12
diddledanthat sucks20:13
aquariusor it has to be in-process20:13
aquariusso now "your app" is two processes; the webserver, and the browser container20:13
aquariusI don't know if that's allowed.20:13
aquariustedg or jdstrand or someone would know, I imagine20:13
popeyi dont understand why it wouldn't be20:13
popeysurely apps dont have to be 1:1 app:process20:14
aquariuswell, the app lifecycle thing suspends your app when you switch to another app20:14
popeybut Im not doing that20:14
popeyI'm looking at my app20:14
popeyand this is a child of my app20:14
popeywe should move this to -app-devel and highlight relavent people ☻20:14
aquariusif your app's started 2 processes.... how does the lifecycle thing know which 2 processes they are?20:14
popeycgroups iirc20:14
popeythats not something you or i need worry about20:15
popeyyou start your app, your app could spawn 10 processes, but they belong to that upstart job20:15
BigRedS_Does a bug being marked as 'confirmed' from 'triaged' suggest anything about an intention to fix it?20:18
BigRedS_(it's bug 1243240 which I suspect to be either user-error or working-as-designed, so I'm intrigued as to whether that status change implies a future change to these menu buttons)20:22
lubotu3bug 1243240 in indicator-messages (Ubuntu) "It is unclear what sort of unread message is being indicated" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124324020:22
ali1234popey: re phaser.io, with Qt you can override the http transport mechanism and therefore cause your app to handle all requests internally... it's really very good20:25
popeythat sounds delightful20:26
ali1234yeah there is a class called like QtWebkitHttpRequest or something20:26
ali1234i've used it for my web archiver in order to catch and archive all http requests done by the page, but you could also redirect the requests to local resources20:27
aquariusali1234, ooh, that's a sneaky plan -- have the web *think* that it's doing http requests but instead they're being intercepted.20:28
aquariusstill needs c++ though :)20:28
ali1234you can do it in python also20:28
ali1234you can't do anything good with only QML... despite what the developers say, it's really just a replacement for XML user interface files20:28
aquariusno python on the phone, is the problem there.20:29
ali1234http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qnetworkrequest.html <- i think this is the thing you need to hook into... but i can't really remember20:29
aquariusI disagree; you can do a lot with pure QML20:29
popeythere is python on the phone20:29
popeyroot@black-phablet:~# python20:30
popeyPython 2.7.6 (default, Mar 22 2014, 23:30:12)20:30
aquariusbut you hit problems in certain areas where qml just isn't there for you20:30
aquariuspopey, but writing click apps in it is not allowed, right?20:30
ali1234you can do a lot... but not anything interesting20:30
ali1234actually i would apply the same criticism to click apps20:30
aquariusdepends on your definition of interesting, I suppose. If you could have written a phonegap app to do it, you can do it with pure QML instead, mostly.20:30
popeyi dunno what makes you say python isnt allowed20:31
popeylong running python programs are discouraged, sure20:31
aquariuspopey, it's OK to write click apps in python??20:31
popeyi have not heard anyone say no20:31
aquariusI have. It's all "use pure QML if you can; C++ and (soon) Go if you need more, or C/OpenGL"20:32
aquariusif that's wrong, then great!20:32
popeythats the recommnended supported path20:32
ali1234i would expect you could override Qt classes with Go20:32
aquariusyou can -- gustavo and others have made go a perfectly good Qt host lamnguage, apparently20:33
aquariusalthough I havent' tried it, yet20:33
diddledanI had a cursory look at QML - it looks weird to me coming from an HTML background20:34
aquariusit's got some weird parts. But I like it.20:35
ali1234diddledan: it's just like HTML/javascript DOM, except with Qt objects instead of HTML elements20:35
ali1234and the syntax is a little bit weird20:35
diddledanoh I does have programmability? from what I saw (very limited) it was just markup with very little actual logic20:36
ali1234no that's about right20:37
ali1234it has the same level of programmability you get with javascript, because that's basically what it is20:37
ali1234you can do logic, and set/get properties on Qt objects20:37
ali1234you can't make new Qt objects20:38
ali1234you can probably do pixel access on a QCanvas but it's going to suck20:38
ali1234if you want to do complex things, you build the component in C++ and then use it in QML20:38
ali1234it's designed for kinetic scroller apps and very simple 2D games (eg solitaire, minesweeper)20:40
ali1234basically the kind of shovelware you find in app stores for 99c20:40
popeyaquarius: right, so any time you wanna make me a framework app that I can stuff my phaser.io code in. that'd be sweet ☻20:43
ali1234that sounds like an interesting challenge actually20:43
ali1234what does it actually need on the server side?20:43
popeyso the idea was to write a simple game for ubuntu phone using phaser.io20:44
popeybut this was the stumbling block i had20:44
aquariuspopey, it's doable if I can use Python. I'm still on 13.10 right now, but once I upgrade I'd be happy to throw together a tiny PyQt app to do it, assuming that pyqt is available on the phone!20:44
popeyso the game needs to be in a directory that the server serves out20:44
ali1234is that all? just serve files?20:44
popeyaquarius: no pyqt20:45
aquariuspopey, if I can't use Python for this (say because PyQt isn't on the phone) then you'll need a C++ person, and I suspect ali1234 is your man ;)20:45
popeyali1234: i think so20:45
ali1234in fact20:45
ali1234you might not need to do anything at all if it just serves files20:45
popeyi thought it might be handy to have a framework into which people could dump their phaser.io game, run "click build foo" and job done20:45
aquariusfor a c++ person it'd take about fifteen seconds to write a tiny app which launches a qtwebkit container and overrides its http requests to point at a folder.20:45
ali1234just convert all URLs from http: to qrc:20:45
ali1234or file:20:45
popeyno, file wont work20:45
popeyit needs get requests20:45
ali1234why not?20:45
ali1234oh. and what does it do with those requests?20:46
aquariussame origin policy,.20:46
popeywell, for loading assets and tilemap etc20:46
aquariustwo file: URLs are not in the same origin, so a browser will sod you up.20:46
ali1234you can turn that stuff off20:46
aquariusnot very easily :(20:46
popeynot on our browser I suspect20:46
aquariusqtwebkit doesn't expose as much stuff as it perhaps should.20:47
ali1234so... where is the code that runs on the webserver to make this stuff work?20:47
aquariusit's easier to have the html/js believe that it's talking to a server and operating as it expects, even if behind the scenes you trap the requests.20:47
popeyhttps://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-examples for example20:47
popeypopey.com/~alan/phaser/phaser-examples/examples/ e.g.20:48
aquariusthere isn't any server-side code; it's all client-side. But it expects to be running from a webserver, not from file: URLs, so that everything's int he same origin.20:48
popeyyes, that20:48
aquariusYes, you can, if you know what you're doing, make this stuff work with file: URLs, but it's actually harder than *not* doing that and instead overriding qnetworkrequest or just running a webserver.20:48
ali1234popey: so what's actually in that directory server side?20:49
popeyjust a git clone of that github repo20:50
popeynothing more20:50
ali1234nothing at all executable20:50
popeyits serving static files20:50
ali1234so you don't actually need http urls then20:50
popeyother than what aquarius said20:50
ali1234the server isn't doing anything with the get requests20:50
popeyphaser.io is known not to work with file urls20:50
ali1234it's just handing them back to the browser20:50
aquariusif you don't use http urls, the browser security model will sod you up.20:50
ali1234yeah but that will be the origin policy only20:50
aquariusso you can either use http, or turn off the security model.20:51
aquariusI think that using http (from the browser's point of view) is easier20:51
aquariusand then override that http in Qt so that it's *actually* just serving files.20:51
ali1234that would be one way to do it20:51
ali1234btw: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8090462/qtwebkit-same-origin-policy20:52
ali1234it might not work with file: in a normal browser, but what if you do that? ^20:52
aquariusas you said above, just handle qnetworkrequest to do the moral equivalent of "on request http://localhost/$foo: return load_text_file($currentdir + "/" + $foo)"20:52
aquariusbrowsers are weird about file: URLs20:53
aquariusI've spent ages in the past trying to override that in order to serve complex web apps from the filesystem20:53
aquariusand it's just not worth the hassle. :)20:53
aquariusif you're served from a file: URL, you can't make XHRs to file: URLs, even if they're in the same origin20:54
aquariusso you'd have to turn that off too, etc, etc.20:54
aquariusmaybe it's worth trying the suggestions there20:55
ali1234trying it..20:55
aquarius(although I think those are the Qt 4 WebSettings things, but maybe it hasn't changed much in Qt 5)20:55
aquariusthis might also be problematic when Oxide arrives, but then so will overriding qnetworkrequest :)20:55
aquariusworth a try, indeed20:56
popeyoxide arrived20:56
popeywhich is my next question, can you embed oxide in qt rather than qtwebkit ☻20:56
aquariusthe changelogs don't seem to mention major changes tot he web browser?20:56
popeyliboxideqtcore is on the image20:57
aquariuspopey, if oxide has properly arrived then you should be automatically embedding it without changing anything, as I understand it20:57
aquariusah. "Oxide is available" is not the same thing as "the platform web widget and the browser are now oxide" ;)20:57
aquariuswe may be in the interregnum here.20:57
popeythe browser is20:57
popeyand the webapp thing is20:57
popeyway faster20:57
aquariusthat's what I was checking the changelogs for20:57
aquariusI must have missed it.20:57
aquariusI shall upgrade to 303 then :)20:58
popeyno need20:58
popeyits in the released image20:58
popeywait, which one you on?20:58
popeywwait one20:58
popeyok, my "stable" phone is 302 which already has it20:58
aquariusI am now upgrading :)20:59
popeyarrived in 29520:59
ali1234um... okay21:00
ali1234it "just works"21:00
aquariusali1234, cool -- then perhaps I was overly cautious! encouraging21:01
ali1234presumably it would work in QML too with no problems21:02
aquariuspopey, it'd be useful to try that and test all the examples21:02
aquariusI'm not sure if you can get the current folder in QML21:02
ali1234but you'd know where you app is going to be installed21:03
aquariusit's not installed to a hardcoded path21:03
popeyclick packages are relocatable21:03
ali1234embed everything into the exe then21:03
aquariusprecisely absolutely to stop people hardcoding paths into their apps.21:03
ali1234and use qrc:21:03
aquariusali1234, if you're in qml then you don't have an exe, ideally -- just use qmlscene. The instant you have your own exe, you're a C++ person, which I suspect popey is trying to avoid :)21:03
ali1234if you can't use qrc and you can't have a known resource directory... how the hell does anyone do anything at all with QML?21:04
popeysurely you can use relative paths21:05
aquariuspopey, you *might* be able to make your command line in the desktop file be something like "qmlscene $PWD myapp.qml" or something21:05
aquariusI don't know if the current directory is actually set to your app's install location, though.21:05
ali1234self.web.load(QUrl("examples/index.html")) works21:06
aquariussounds like another question for -app-devel, that: how do I construct a file:/// URL in QML/HTML without writing a C++ plugin to return the current directory?21:06
aquariusali1234, that'll work on the desktop, ya, but the phone's a mildly different operating environment21:06
popeythats should work there too imo21:07
* popey will test21:07
ali1234it shouldn't matter, if it does then QUrl has a bug21:07
aquariusali1234, you're saying that QUrl is *supposed* to resolve URLs relative to the path of the Python file?21:07
aquariusnot relative to the CWD?21:07
ali1234if even CWD isn't right under click packages then click packages are retarded21:08
popeyit is21:08
aquariusI think it would be perfectly reasonable for the CWD to be the user data folder for this app, not the program data folder for this app21:08
popeythe CWD is where the main qml file is21:08
popeypanic ye not21:08
aquariuspopey, ah, really? then you're OK :)21:08
ali1234well the question is not just about QUrl but *anything* you load from disk21:09
ali1234not all of these games actually work btw21:11
ali1234breakout and invaders don't work21:11
ali1234they don't work when loaded from http either though21:13
ali1234probably webkit bugs21:13
czajkowskihmm anyone set up a  LT2P VPN on Ubuntu ?21:14
popeyali1234: i just tested with qml and it fails...21:24
ali1234probably made changes in Qt5 then21:24
aquariusI don't know if the allow-file-access-from-files setting is exposed to qml's webview21:27
aquariusbut I'll bet that's what's causing it to fail21:27
aquariusthat needs turning on21:27
ali1234qmlviewer: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qmlviewer': No such file or directory21:28
aquariusyou'll want qmlscene for qt521:28
popeyqmlscene -qtf foo.qml21:28
popeyqmlscene -qt5 foo.qml21:28
ali1234qmlscene: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmlscene': No such file or directory21:28
ali1234what is oxideqmlscene?21:29
ali1234installed it, now i get: local.qml:3 "components": no such directory21:30
popeyyou're missing the ubuntu sdk I imagine21:30
ali1234why does ubuntu-sdk want to install indicator-network?21:31
ali1234there should be a way to install an sdk that won't totally mess up my system by installing things like unity, mir, ubuntu-system-settings etc21:32
ali1234just don't implement that using scratchbox21:33
ali1234because that is even more intrusive and dangerous21:33
ali1234install ubuntu-sdk, still doesn't work21:39
ali1234diddledan: remember when i said i was going to ask you a hard question? what do you think about this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7325524/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/7325523/21:50
ali1234is making so many media rules going to clog the browser?21:51
ali1234is there a better way to do it, that doesn't involve javascript?21:51
diddledanwow that is a fair few. TBH I've not done any investigations into the slowdowns caused by media query proliferation. I tend to use SASS/SCSS or LESS which means I probably end up with a similar explosion of media queries21:52
ali1234yeah, i've looked at those, but the have a tonne of depencies that i don't understand, so i just wrote a python script that does the same thing :)21:53
ali1234maybe i should just use javascript for this - it would be more likely to work in every browser...21:54
diddledanyou don't really need to worry about the dependencies, gem (for sass) or npm (for less) tend to take care of it all automatically21:54
ali1234and directly calculating the optimal width would be much easier since i could just get the parent element size instead of having to guess it based on the media width and height21:54
ali1234yeah thing is i don't have gem or node installed21:54
diddledanapt-get install node21:55
ali1234i don't want to21:55
ali1234anyway, generating the css isn't the issue21:55
ali1234all i want is to arrange a bunch of equal sized images into rows using the space optimally21:56
ali1234minimizing height while ensuring no image is smaller than a fixed pixel size, and also making sure each full row completely fills the space21:56
ali1234and ensuring there are no more than (number of rows-1) empty spaces in the grid21:57
diddledanI'm not sure there's an easy answer for that21:58
ali1234in javascript it wold be a few lines21:59
ali1234and the page requires javascript anyway21:59
ali1234so i might as well do that21:59
ali1234at the end of the day all it has to do is decide how many items per row based on the container size in pixels, the minimum item size in pixels, and the number of items22:01
diddledanyeah, I tend to be of the opinion that : try not to use javascript at all bar for visual gimicks UNLESS you're already using javascript for inherent functionality of the site.22:01
diddledanso in this case you're on the UNLESS step22:01
ali1234and then set width:$(100/n)%; on every item22:01
ali1234http://dev.drumoff.tv/ is the site - this is for the video player right in the middle, for the playlist22:02
ali1234note this website is fully responsive too, so everything resizes all the time22:03
aquariusali1234, you know about flexbox, yes?22:03
ali1234is that like lightbox?22:04
aquariusno. layout method22:04
aquariusit takes a bit to understand it22:04
aquariusbut I think once you do understand it, it may well be able to do what you're talking about above in pure css22:04
ali1234that's not what i want. all the images are guaranteed to be the same size22:04
ali1234maybe it is what i want actually22:05
aquariusno guarantees that it's exactly what you want, but it looks like it should be22:05
aquariusalso, why not just float the images?22:05
ali1234they *are* floated22:06
aquariusif they're floated, and sized in percentages, why do you need the calculation stuff? I must be missing something?22:06
ali1234because i don't know in advance how many mages there will be22:06
ali1234and there might be too many to fit on one row22:06
ali1234if there are 11 images, i want 6 x 222:07
ali1234if there are 14 images i want 7 x 222:07
ali1234unless the container is narrower than 7 * 70px22:07
ali1234then i want 5 x 322:07
aquariusbut they're all guaranteed to be the same size, you said22:07
aquariuswhat if 6x2 doesn't fit?22:07
ali1234then 4 x 322:08
diddledanthey're scaled by the front-end22:08
ali1234they are all the same size, and scaled to (the same) percentage of that, depending on how many images i want per row22:08
aquariusyou're OK with changing the image size22:08
ali1234hang on let me turn on debug and you can see the effect22:08
aquariusgot it.22:08
aquariusI'd do that with JS, myself.22:09
ali1234okay reload :)22:09
ali1234and try resizing the page both horizontally and vertically22:09
ali1234this is currently done with pure css22:09
aquariusah dev.drumoff.tv22:09
ali1234scroll to video player22:09
ali1234it has multiple rows now, with 5 to 21 images22:10
aquarius*nod* I don't think that's sensibly doable in pure css, indeed22:11
diddledanquestion: how do I enter to win those cool prizes alluded-to by the slider? :-p22:11
ali1234i found two bugs in chrome while making this22:11
aquariusyou can do it the way you are doing it, with loads of media queries22:11
aquariushaving loads of media queries won't massively impact the browser22:11
ali1234diddledan: you film yourself playing a 30 second drum solo and enter it into the competition22:11
aquariusbut it will make your debugging life a misery ;)22:11
diddledanI'm not good at drums22:12
diddledanwill a kazoo be as good?22:12
daftykinswork on it sir!22:12
daftykinsalso hi22:12
diddledanello :-)22:12
ali1234no, it has to specifically be only kick snare hat22:12
daftykinsi be lurking22:12
diddledanwas that even a thing, or just three random words put together?22:13
ali1234they are all types of percussion22:13
diddledankick punch nose22:13
shaunosounds like animal cruelty to me.  although I'm not sure why a hare needs a hat22:13
daftykinshow else would it come into being?22:14
diddledanshauno: you do mac, fix my time machine22:14
daftykinswhat be broke of it?22:14
shaunowell, basically.  time machine.  the rest is just details22:15
diddledanit complains about null22:15
daftykinsdelete that plist?22:15
diddledanwhich plist?22:16
daftykinsi think it determines TM's config or some jazz22:16
daftykinsthen it's defaulted and you can start anew22:16
diddledanbut then I lose my history22:16
diddledanhence, no point in TM at all22:17
daftykinsnah you just link it up to the drive again22:17
shaunothat's a good thing.  your history is pretty shady.22:17
daftykinsand it knows based on name etc22:17
diddledanevery time I've reset tm in the past it's created a new backup22:17
diddledansuch as by installing from a TM backup causes TM to reset the TM history22:17
daftykinsyeah it'd do a whole full backup again22:18
diddledanthen what's the point of historical backups?!22:18
daftykinswell you could give us better logs instead sir :)22:19
diddledanok, "The backup disk image "/Volumes/TimeMachine/tantalum.sparsebungle" could not be accessed (error (null))."22:20
daftykinslol bungle22:20
diddledanlast successful backup says the twenty twoth22:20
shaunocurious, what's the bungle hosted on?22:21
diddledanoldest backup is the 2th because that's when it last ducked-up and I reset the thing22:22
shauno(assuming it's a remote share, since that's why it'd use a bungle)22:22
daftykinsheh is it not bundle22:22
shaunoit's killing you isn't it.  bungle bungle bungle22:22
diddledanshauno: that reminds me of the song22:23
shaunotry to open it in finder?22:24
shauno(my gut feeling is going to be stale locks)22:24
diddledanI've reboobed since it first appeared22:25
diddledanit also loads fine in finder22:25
daftykinseven the disk image? loads up ok?22:26
daftykinscan you bring it into disk utility and verify it or something 0o22:27
diddledannot a remote share I can't22:27
daftykinsthe file though22:27
diddledana sparsebungle isn't a file22:28
diddledanit's a folder22:28
daftykinsnot encountered that before then22:28
daftykinsyet i've got a client with 10.9 TM backups22:28
shaunoit's a disk image that's sliced into chunks (usually 10M?)22:29
diddledanyeah looks like 8MB22:30
shaunoit'll appear as a single file in Finder, but not on disk (the same as .app etc do)22:30
daftykins$ diddledan22:31
diddledanyou can right-click and select show package contents tho22:31
diddledanor you can use the terminator22:31
diddledandouble-clicking the sparsebungle opens up as a disk image which I can browse and showing package contents also opens which I can browse22:32
shaunothey're actually handy for various uses.  like if the underlying filesystem doesn't like huge files22:32
shaunoor if you're syncing them to somewhere else.  you can just send the chunk that's changed instead of the whole filesystem22:33
daftykinsyou know i nearly dropped £380 on 6 x 2TB WD Reds last night22:40
daftykinsbut instead i just ordered 1 x 1TB WD Red to fix my existing array ;x22:40
daftykinsdiddledan: i'm seeing a post on a site saying they fixed that error by renaming their system 0o22:41
daftykinsactually that's just gonna cause a full backup too isn't it22:41
diddledanlol @ http://www.kitguru.net/channel/generaltech/bob/nypd-suffers-huge-twitter-pr-failure/22:46
shaunoold :p22:47
maps|wrkgood evening22:49
diddledanmy brother is famous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TXkAHLlbEPQ (he's talking about the sex-aid at 1:33, sounding like farmer giles)22:49
diddledanor rather VSFW22:50
maps|wrki was about to aslk22:50
maps|wrkheard sex and wondered22:50
shaunoI'm not sure I want to click on farmer gile's sex-aid no matter how safe it is22:50
diddledanyeah, I realised I left it somewhat open-ended22:50
diddledanhe's talking about "FatMax Compound Action Pliers" which to me sounds like a sex-aid22:51
maps|wrka farmer aye22:51
maps|wrkil watch22:51
diddledanhe's done a few. managed to get himself on stanley's tool jury22:52
maps|wrkwheres he from22:53
diddledannear me22:53
diddledanjust outside basingstoke is where he grew-up - he's now living/working andover area22:54
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
diddledanwhich isn't that far afield22:54
diddledanabout 20 miles down the road from amazingstoke22:54
maps|wrkthats not farmer area22:54
diddledanno, indeed22:54
diddledanwhich is why I commented on it :-p22:54
diddledanspeaking of countryfolk, what's the difference between a city fire engine and a country fire engine?22:55
diddledanwell, a city fire engine goes NEENAANEENAANEENAA. while a country one goes ooh arr. ooh arr. ooh arr.22:56
shaunoI'm trying to order pcbs, and I can't decide on a colour.  this is silly.22:57
diddledanshauno: red22:57
daftykins+1 for red22:58
maps|wrkLOL diddledan23:03
maps|wrkIM FROM near woking23:03
diddledanhah! http://www.kitguru.net/channel/generaltech/bob/how-does-a-battlestar-survive-a-cylon-nuclear-strike/23:12
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/7325972/ <- jquery justified list :)23:22
ali1234the ability to check innerWidth (which css cannot do) really simplified it a lot23:23
maps|wrkwhat you making23:23
ali1234a video player23:23
diddledanopen in google chrome: http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars/23:36
diddledanif you don't feel small after that you're an egotist23:37
diddledanor a mormon23:37
diddledanor both?23:37
diddledanlol @ "Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualization for interstellar navigation."23:39
diddledanhttp://faildesk.net/2014/04/24/throw-back-thursday-pic/ <-- why did they need a "turbo" button. I mean who didn't always have that turned "on"?23:41
shaunokinda makes me sad that we're back to "open this in this browser" again23:43
diddledanshauno: yeah, blame google23:43
diddledanshauno: it _might_ work in others but it's a "chrome experiment" so I would guess not23:43
shaunoseems to work fine in Safari23:44
diddledanworks in firefox, too, by the looks23:45
popeydiddledan: because games at the time assumed a 4.77MHz clock speed23:47
popeyand would run too fast if turbo was "on"23:47
popeyI had one on my Epson pc23:47
maps|wrkhahha turbo neat23:47
popeywhich ran at a whopping 8MHz23:47
diddledannucking ones23:49
diddledancompletely ucking fay uts nay23:50
diddledanswearing by the backdoor!23:50
* diddledan notes the sign that says "family friendly" or some such23:50
diddledanserials? Linux Voice news roundup this month suggests that kernel-devs are considering QR codes for crash reports23:58

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