jyopleia2: Sounds good. See you tomorrow.00:58
pleia2so many cookies01:31
nhainesThe best kind of problem!01:32
pleia2got 120 cookies, massive bag of tortilla chips and salsa01:33
pleia2some other chips01:33
pleia2nhaines: oh! eps suggested for you: http://us.megabus.com/01:33
darthrobotTitle: [megabus.com | Now serving over 30 million bus customers in North America]01:33
nhainespleia2: fantastic.  :)01:34
nhainesI zeroed in on a convenient $69 United flight... just have to figure out this thing called "mass transit"01:34
pleia2BART will take you right to the airport01:34
nhainesSo it's been rumored.  :)01:35
pleia2what time is your flight?01:35
nhainesWould be 12:52.01:35
pleia2ah, mines at 1:45 and the husband always likes to run late01:36
nhainesha  :)  Well, it'd be Saturday flight anyway.01:36
nhainesIt's $24,000,000 to fly out on Friday.01:36
pleia2ah, ok01:36
nhainesPlus taxes and fees.01:37
arrithsmall price to pay01:37
arrithfor the night of a lifetiimme01:37
arritheveryone will be so surprised when mark shuttleworth bursts out of the cake01:38
arrithoops, no one heard me say that01:38
nhainesStrategically-placed frosting.01:38
nhainesOkay, no promises but it's looking so don't be surprised if I'm around tomorrow.  :)01:38
* pleia2 fingers crossed01:39
pleia2rww: we need quiz questions :) did you get the shared doc?01:40
rwwoh, that's what was on my todo list wasn't it01:40
rwwyep, sec01:40
pleia2I came up with one01:40
arrithyou could make it easy... or get tricky. like easy matching release names with versions01:41
arrithbut then say, release to drop ppc, first release with juju support, first release with unity, openstack thing maybe01:42
arrithhm i don't know these actually so nvm, don't do things i don't know D:01:42
pleia2rww: I figure 10 questions is good01:46
rwwmaybe make more and cut out the bad ones?01:47
rwwRejected question: In 10 words or less, explain what windicators are and why they’re awesome.01:53
rww"Name 3 current projects jono is working on and will appreciate us plugging"01:55
pleia2"Who is Jono Bacon, and what would you do for a signed copy of his book?"01:55
rww"what's the longest word you can form using only letters that have ubuntu releases associated with them"01:58
rwwi actually kind of like that one, but there are drinks at this thing so it probably wouldn't work01:58
pleia2so that's a thing, just sodas01:59
pleia2+juice, water01:59
pleia2I figure I tell people "this ends at 9PM, let's go find a bar"01:59
pleia2(except not me, because I can't drink right now)01:59
rww(or me, so I am not unhappy about this)02:00
pleia2thirsty bear after party!02:00
pleia2rww: I got bored, we should trim list02:05
rww+1/-1 everything and then take the top answers02:06
rwwor idk02:06
pleia2rww: I'll print the answer key in case we have others checking surveys, then delete and print these up02:10
jyopleia2: Cellarmaker is a smidge closer to AdRoll (in the opposite direction on Howard) than Thirsty Bear but the latter obviously has more capacity.02:26
pleia2jyo: you shall lead the way then! (I'm not going, too much to do before my trip on friday)02:28
jyoWe'll play it by ear on how much more imbibing people want to do. :)02:28
rwwevenin' Flannel02:55
rwwoh, whoops, this isn't #ubuntu-offtopic02:56
Flannelrww: Howdy Howdy02:58
raevolalmost friday!15:54
pleia2philipballew: since you show your event ending before it begins, people can't RSVP or see it in our events list anymore: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2765-ubuntu-san-diego-1404-release-party/16:31
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu San Diego 14.04 Release Party | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]16:31
pleia2might want to fix that :)16:31
pleia2starts at 7PM, ends at 9AM16:31
raevolwe do what we want in san diego16:33
raevol;) i'll text him16:41
pleia2in case anyone else wants to use them, these are the slides I plan to use tonight: http://princessleia.com/presentations/1404-whats-new.pdf (swap out .pdf for .odp at the same URL for libreoffice version)16:49
darthrobotContent type: [application/pdf] Size: [377167]16:49
raevolnice nice :)16:51
philipballew pleia2 alright18:06
raevolphilipballew: \o/18:46
philipballewheck yeah raevol18:53
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DarkwingThis should be fun.19:26
DarkwingI might be visiting out there a few times.19:27
pleia2Darkwing: yay visiting19:41
Darkwingpleia2: I have a second interview with the Linux Foundation tomorrow.19:53
pleia2Darkwing: ooh, good luck :)19:53
DarkwingI made it though the first one yesterday before they finally asked me for my resume lol19:54
DarkwingHow is everything out in Cali?19:55
DonkeyHoteii was so hoping to have one or two or three trusty installs to bring tonight, no such luck (car trouble)19:55
pleia2DonkeyHotei: no worries, I think we've got about 5 laptops, should be good :)19:55
DarkwingDonkeyHotei: I wasn't laughing at you... :/19:56
pleia2not even sure how many people will play with them, mostly we're there to eat19:56
DonkeyHoteiit's sad that win8 is still the only viable touchscreen-oriented OS when half of all the new laptops in stores have touchscreens19:57
DonkeyHoteikubuntu-active is dead in the water, and ubuntu won't do unity8 till utopic19:58
Darkwingkubuntu-desktop with search and contain works well for touch screens19:59
DonkeyHoteiit's not specifically touch oriented like active, though20:00
DonkeyHoteiand the number of people working on kubuntu-active is zero20:00
* ianorlin worries I would get my touch screen dirty and not clean it20:15
pleia2pizzas ordered! (don't worry, they won't deliver until 6:30 :))20:16
DonkeyHoteipleia2: i rsvp'ed late20:17
pleia2DonkeyHotei: I saw, no worries :)20:18
pleia2I actually have no idea how much pizza to order, this should be fun20:18
DonkeyHoteifor me, a meal is typically 3 slices20:18
pleia2ordered 9 giant ones (8 slices each, cut into 12) for 40-60 people, plus we have chips and salsa, 120 cookies20:19
pleia2someone better take leftovers home, I'm travelling tomorrow20:19
DonkeyHoteiwatch the chips and salsa be grossly mismatched in quantity20:19
DonkeyHoteias for taking leftovers home, i'm assuming nearly everyone will arrive by transit20:20
* ianorlin can't make it to San Diego or San Francisco20:22
DonkeyHoteiianorlin: where are you?20:22
DonkeyHoteithat's me in irssi in a tmux session, since i'll leave the laptop here and have only my phone to get online with20:24
DonkeyHoteiand my phone has been having battery issues20:25
DonkeyHoteithere are no release parties in la-la land? seriously?20:32
pleia2there's an installfest next month20:33
DonkeyHoteiyou could go to that20:33
ianorlinI know20:34
DonkeyHoteimy installation of trusty on a certain laptop has to wait until i have my car back20:35
* ianorlin wonders when the next ubuntu users days will be20:37
pleia2ianorlin: probably July, but since we just wrapped up ubuntu open week this morning, I might die if I think about planning another event right now :)20:38
DonkeyHoteiwhat are users days? sorry, i've been out of the loop too long20:38
darthrobotTitle: [UserDays - Ubuntu Wiki]20:38
pleia2learn about ubuntu kind of deal20:38
* ianorlin goes to eat lunch20:43
DonkeyHoteiless than 2 hours till i leave22:37
=== dk is now known as Guest99481
jyopleia2: Heading out in a sec. Lobby at 5p or..?23:31
DonkeyHoteilobby of what?23:31
pleia2jyo: yeah, just give me a call when you get here: 610-952-737023:32
pleia2DonkeyHotei: my home, he's helping me bring stuff over to the venue23:32
jyopleia2: yep, already have it. See you in a bit.23:33
DonkeyHoteistill in the same place?23:34
jyoDon't think AdRoll has moved despite raising another round.23:34
DonkeyHoteii meant does she still live in that building at 3rd and howard?23:36

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