gamerchick02i did not know that. thanks!00:05
rick_h_heh http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/23/5643774/google-is-testing-stars-an-attempt-to-make-bookmarking-actually-useful10:42
bookiebothttp://is.gd/qyGNmt - Google is testing 'Stars,' an attempt to make bookmarking actually useful | The Verge10:42
brouschrick_h_: Sounds more like evernote than bookie to me11:19
cmaloneyOK, am I missing something?13:06
cmaloney14.04 doesn't have an alternate .iso?13:06
cmaloneySo how does one set up RAID under 14.04?13:06
mrgoodcatcmaloney: server iso?13:13
cmaloneyYeah, that's the best option at the moment13:15
brouschDrama on the GSoC ML14:57
cmaloneyOf course.14:57
rick_h_yea, I love it. Makes me realize our drama is so small14:57
cmaloneyWhatever. Go grind your axe off-list.14:58
brouschWhy would he even sign up as a mentor to begin with?14:58
brouschrick_h_: I didn't know orgs got paid. What are you doing with your $500? PSF sucks up ours.14:59
brouschThe t-shirts and such?14:59
rick_h_brousch: not sure I'll ask for it yet tbh14:59
rick_h_I've got to look at the docs and paperwork14:59
brouschNice that they'll fly you to Google too15:02
mrgoodcatrick_h_: does bookie have a twitter account? I was going to mention in a tweet but couldn't find one15:57
mrgoodcati ended up just mentioning you and linking to the github15:57
rick_h_mrgoodcat: RT you from there15:57
rick_h_RT'd that is15:57
brouschIt's amazing how a $100 car repair turns into $75017:16
rick_h_brousch: ftw :/17:19
brouschMy usual mechanic doesn't do alignments, so I brought it to belle tire. They want to replace my shocks and struts17:20
brouschbalance and alignment17:20
cmaloneyYeah, they're all about upsell17:21
rick_h_.? party party17:39
brouschNow they think I should get new wheels too17:40
rick_h_lol, tirerack those bad boys17:41
brouschI don't know what that means17:42
rick_h_I had to get new wheels and got them from tireracka because they were $440 per wheel at VW and < $250 at tirerack17:43
rick_h_anyway, as a fellow wheel buyer17:43
Havenstancewhat permissions do I have to give my folders for samba to be able to share them?17:47
brouschSame permissions your user would need17:48
Havenstanceat this point i can read and write on the local machine but when i try to access from a windows client on the network I get a permission denied17:48
brouschUsually add the user to a group, give the group permission17:48
brouschdon't forget to add the user to samba17:49
brouschsmbpasswd -a myuser17:49
jrwrenbrousch: how old a car?18:37
jrwrenhuh, crazy.18:47
brouschrick_h_: Wheels for my car would be $60 - $8018:47
jrwrenmy 2003, i never get any suggestions on stuff.18:47
brouschI wonder why yours are so much more18:47
brouschjrwren: I think it's due to Belle tire being shady18:48
jrwreni figured they see how old it is, and guess that I'm super poor and i don't do anything.18:48
jrwrenso are you really spending all that just for an alignment?18:48
brouschI'll bring it to my regular mechanic tomorrow and see what he says18:48
jrwrenhell, $100 is a lot just for an alignment18:48
brouschNo. I spend $35 for a balancing18:48
mrgoodcattake your front bumper off. nobody ever thinks you care enough to spend money on your car18:49
jrwrenbalancing wheels? meh, run unbalanced. who cares :p18:49
mrgoodcati knocked mine off using somebody's explorer18:49
mrgoodcatbest decision i ever made :P18:49
brouschMy car is old, unwashed, rusted, and trashed inside. Nobody looking at it would think I care18:49
jrwrenwhat were they thinking? what a bunch of idiots.18:49
mrgoodcatmine is actually still pretty nice. just haven't put the new bumper on it yet18:49
brouschI threw a wheel weight during the winter and it vibrates a lot over 50mph18:49
brouschMuch better now that it's rebalanced18:50
rick_h_yea, if the balance isn't just right the touareg shutters18:50
jrwrenthat sounds nice.18:50
jrwrenI'd do that, except i'd just lose a weight on my commute home from the store.18:50
brouschI asked for alignment, but when they went to the up-sell they mentioned alignment is free with the $700 of other stuff. So I said OK just do the balancing for now18:52
brouschNow I can see if the balance fixes my problems or if it really needs an alignment too18:52
brouschSo their up-sell cost them $7518:52
mrgoodcatrick_h_: get a chance to look at teh docs?18:53
rick_h_mrgoodcat: no, worky worky for me18:54
mrgoodcatbusy busy bees18:55
mrgoodcathow did the release go? wasn't that supposed to be today?18:55
rick_h_yea, was up until 2am working on work last night and back at it today18:55
rick_h_heh, it was supposed to be...except for the working until 2am thing found issues that made it no releaseable18:55
rick_h_pretty much18:56
mrgoodcatbrousch: playing with rpi with the kid?19:01
brouschNot yet :(19:01
mrgoodcatstop motion animation on bmark.us/recent19:01
brouschToo many meetings19:01
brouschmrgoodcat: I BMed it :P19:01
brouschI am going to use BM now instead of bookmark19:02
* rick_h_ just shakes head19:09
rick_h_bmark? anyone?19:09
brouschI will fork Bookie and create MyBMs.com19:12
jrwreni'm lolling.19:43
jrwrenbmark logo is going to be a steaming turd.  sorry rick_h_19:44
rick_h_jrwren: woot, my work is done here20:04
mrgoodcatwow http://www.daniellesucher.com/2014/04/24/my-new-favorite-vim-tmux-bug/21:14
bookiebothttp://is.gd/Oks9Qt - My new favorite vim/tmux bug - Danielle Sucher21:14
mrgoodcatjust going to say i'd probably never have figured that out21:14
mrgoodcatt_F9 == F19 wat21:14

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