danialbehzadiHey all,12:04
danialbehzadiWhere can I find the source of latest main Ubuntu website?12:04
cjohnstondanialbehzadi: I don't believe its public. What do you need?12:16
danialbehzadicjohnston: To translate it for the main page of Ubuntu-ir website12:17
cjohnstonI'm not sure what to tell you12:18
mhall119cjohnston: are you overly attached to bzr_apps in summit?20:16
mhall119ok, I'm taking the opportunity to remove things that really aren't needed anymore20:54
cjohnstonas we go, please try making things pass flake8 testing21:16
cjohnstonmhall119: I wonder about OLD_REGISTRATION_FORM_VIEW... It isn't 'old' per se.. maybe s/OLD_REGISTRATION_FORM_VIEW/DEFAULT_REGISTRATION_FORM_VIEW?21:18
mhall119cjohnston: in the test case you mean?21:31
cjohnstonsorry.. I misread, I thought that was in the view.. if its only in the test case, I don't think I care21:32
mhall119yeah, it's in the test21:34

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