zer0deflet's try here: would there be a way to revert xorg to 1.13 in trusty for the purpose of running fglrx-legacy? tried looking for ppas, but so far, no results; before i simply go and start pulling down packages from previous releases, i would prefer to be sure i won't stumble on something laughably easy and break my xserver ;)10:02
jcristauif you want to use an earlier release, run an earlier release?10:16
zer0defthat's the thing, i don't want to run an earlier release of the distro, just an earlier xorg10:17
zer0defand that's only because amd aren't keen on keeping up with xorg devel10:18
tselioteven if you manage to run an old X without breaking the rest of the system, are you sure the module will build against Trusty's kernel?10:20
zer0defyes, amd's installer provides packages for trusty10:20
zer0defand it DID build10:20
zer0defexcept for the annoying fact stated above10:21
tseliotthat doesn't mean it will work10:23
zer0defwell, i have no other way of finding out, except attempting to run it on what it's capable of running.10:24
tseliotyou'll have to get around the reverse dependencies: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7321327/ 10:26
tseliotit's not something I would recommend10:26
tseliotdoesn't the open driver work for you?10:27
zer0defit does, just not quite the way i want it to ;)10:27
zer0defyeah, most of those depends i'd probably fill just fine10:27

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