nuvolariMaaz: is im.bitlbee.org up?05:52
Maaznuvolari: No, http://im.bitlbee.org/ is down (Server is not responding)05:53
Squirmhey nuvolari 05:53
nuvolarilo Squirm 06:00
nuvolarihow are your wheels? :D06:00
Kilosmorning all06:40
Kiloshi superfly  jabberwocky93  spekko Squirm  inetpro  theblazehen  and other lurkers like inetpro  06:44
Spekkorofl moring Kilos06:44
theblazehenhi Kilos 06:45
jabberwocky93morning all :)07:02
Kiloskonversation restart07:11
Kiloshi Vince-0  07:15
Kilossuperfly  did we have a meeting this month?07:21
Kiloshi charl_  07:22
superflyi don't think so07:25
Kilosoh my07:29
Kiloshi Golynx  07:34
Golynxhi Kilos07:34
Kiloshaha how you get a smiley in your ip addy07:34
Golynxmine ?07:35
Kilosthe future is too bright you gotta wear shades07:35
KilosGolynx (~jarrydlyn@ has joined this channel.07:36
Kilosaw it didnt show it07:36
GolynxGolynx is ~jarrydlyn@ (Golynx)07:36
Golynxit shows in mine07:36
Kilosstraight after the .24 there is an emoticon with shades07:36
Golynxmaybe its your irc client that mistakes the characters for smileys lol07:37
Golynx 8-) 07:38
Golynx2 different shades :D07:38
Kilosi see them all as 8 and )07:39
Kilosoh yours is 8- and )07:39
Kilosbut same pic here07:40
Golynxoh, ok 07:40
Golynxthe guys that made your client left a few bugs their it seems07:41
Kiloshi Private_User  07:42
Golynxor it maybe intentional , just for the fun of it :)07:42
Golynxhi Private_User07:42
Kilosi think they list a few that show the same thing07:42
Private_Userhi Kilos07:43
Private_Userhi Golynx07:43
Private_Usersorry brb, gonna have to reboot07:44
charl_hi Kilos 07:50
charl_Maaz: coffee on07:50
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:50
charl_good morning all07:50
charl_hi Golynx 07:51
KilosMaaz  coffee please07:53
MaazKilos: Righto07:53
Golynxhi charl_07:53
GolynxMaaz coffee please07:53
MaazGolynx: Sure07:53
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_, Kilos and Golynx!07:54
KilosMaaz  gracias amigo07:55
Maaz¡de nada compadre07:55
GolynxMaaz danke07:55
KilosMaaz  weather in pretoria south africa07:56
MaazKilos: I'm not feeling too well07:56
Golynxhey theblazehen07:57
charl_Maaz: thanks07:57
Maazcharl_: Okay :-)07:57
charl_wb theblazehen 07:57
theblazehenhey Golynx charl_ 08:04
theblazehenKilos: whats your steam username?08:04
theblazehenor anyone else on steam08:05
Squirmnuvolari: my wheels are great08:08
Kiloslkker Squirm  08:22
Kilostheblazehen  kilosblunt i think08:22
Kilosor Kilosblunt08:23
Kilosbut no data to go play there08:24
Kilosso inetpro  are we gonna have a meeting on tuesday night?08:26
theblazehenKilos: kk08:26
Kilosbut you can find me theblazehen  08:27
theblazehenKilos: yeah, sent friend request08:27
theblazehenms.kilos ?08:27
Kilosjust cant look at big data games or them first person shooters are too fast for me to keep up on the keyboard08:28
Kilosonline stuff is out of my reach till 8ta gives free uncapped08:28
Kilosinetpro  what about the 29th08:30
Private_Usermorning all08:33
Golynxwb Private_User08:34
Private_Userthanks Golynx08:34
Private_Userlaptop and charger was extremely hot, had it on the entire night08:36
theblazehenPrivate_User: you cleaned fans etc. right?08:37
Private_Userhi theblazehen, nope have never opened this laptop, not a macbook08:38
Private_Userits a Samsung08:39
KilosPrivate_User  age?08:39
Private_Userthats the model08:39
Private_User5 years old08:39
theblazehenPrivate_User: try and install powertop08:39
theblazehenand run it with sudo08:40
Kilosthen there must be tons of dust on cpu sink and all over and fan08:40
Private_Useryeah i am suspecting as well08:40
GolynxPrivate_User: mine is 4 years old. Giving the insides a good spring cleaning fixed the overheating issue08:41
theblazehenPrivate_User: dID YOU GET POWEROP? wHAT DOES IT SAY?08:42
Kilosbut lappies are tricky to open up 08:42
Kilosspanne screws08:43
Golynxsudo sensors    will probably give close to critical temperature readings08:43
Private_Usersorry theblazehen, this is my vista machine still needing to put my ubuntu machine together again08:43
Kilosfirst fing a place that shows how to strip them08:43
Kilosvista will even overheat a wheelbarrow08:44
Kilosmust be dirty inside methinks08:44
Private_Useryeah i am hating vista more and more, i guess since i have used ubuntu08:45
Kiloshave you got access to a compressor there on the farm08:45
Kilosactually if it has run fine till now it must be dirt08:46
Private_Usernope no access to a compressor although my dad has one at their workshop but its heavy duty and sometimes used to spray water08:47
Kilosthats fine if you can get clean air out of it08:48
Kilosthats for the r510 08:48
Kilosdunno if they same08:48
Kilosi got the bot to google so didnt see lotsa options08:49
Golynxi couldn't get a compressor, so i spent 2 hours cleaning my insides with toilet paper :p08:50
Golynxi mean my laptops insides :)08:51
Golynxtook almost the whole roll lol08:51
Kilosyou will be surprized what air blows out after you think its clean08:51
Private_Userthanks Kilos, looks similar08:52
Private_UserLOL @ Golynx08:52
Kilosim so happy i bought a large compressor about 20 years ago08:52
Kilosdust is wonderful stuff, gets in everywhere08:52
Private_Useryeah I will do the cleaning once I get my desktop together just in case something gets stuffed when I do the cleaning08:53
Kilosyou gota be careful and gentle08:53
Kilosno rushing08:53
theblazehenPrivate_User: ah, kk08:53
GolynxKilos i am very technical though, i opened up every single part i could. Carefully rebuilt the lappy i took apart so i know where everything must go when i put it together again08:54
Kilosits a major job on a lappy08:54
Golynxi had no manual though, so had to be creative :)08:55
Kilosalso maybe the samsung has holes where the air blows out. they could be blocked as well08:56
Kilosand if they are blocked the inside is ten times worse09:06
KilosGolynx  think a bit09:07
Kilosif you remove only the keyboard will strong compressed air blow inside well?09:07
Kilosif there are gaps the dust should come out where the keyboard was09:08
Golynxhmm, i had to remove the whole top cover to get the keyboard free. Plus the fine cable that connected to the motherboard was going underneath the motherboard. So i had to remove the bottom part aswell to finally get the whole keyboard free 09:14
Golynxbut on my lappy around the keyboard edges are closed off, no way for air to get in or out , just a small hole for the connector cable to the motherboard09:16
Kilosbest with lappies is to get a new one every 2 years seems09:17
Kilosdo they take trade ins09:18
Golynxits a painfull experience lol09:19
Golynxmine was second hand though09:19
Golynxa black guy from capetown. I found a disturbing video on it a few years ago. Where a black guy were dancing naked to loud kwaito music in a room with a 2 or 5 year old child. Then he kept on slapping the child 6 times in the video,  made the kid to dance aswell. Made me upset09:23
Golynxseems the guy just sold the lappy at cash crusaders without deleting anything. I just deleted all the stuff after seeing that video. Messed up country this09:27
Kiloswhole world is messed up09:31
theblazehenKilos: Yeah, it's all messed up...09:38
theblazehenSome parts of the internets.. Eish09:39
Kilosi dont surf the net so dont see much09:40
Kiloshaha playing kubrick09:59
Kilosnever got the ruiks cube done09:59
Kilosthat thing09:59
Kilossjoe it didnt get easier10:05
Kilosjabberwocky93  Spekko  wat het julle gebreek10:14
Golynx6 seconds is insane, they must've had astrix juice lol http://www.recordholders.org/en/list/rubik.html10:14
jabberwocky93Kilos: sorry ekt water oral gemors10:14
Kiloswater en rekenaars werk nie saam nie10:15
Kilosbehalwe op "water cooled cpu's"10:15
Golynxdis nie waar nie Kilos. Ekt n foto van n eiland omring met baie water as wallpaper op die desktop :D10:17
Kiloshi magespawn  10:52
magespawngood day10:53
* Kilos thinks we should have our monthly meeting on tuesday the 29th10:54
Kilosmaybe just a short one if there is nothing other than 14.04 to discuss10:54
magespawnwhen is the next one set for Kilos ?11:02
magespawnanyone used or uses these guys http://www.vps.co.za/ ?11:03
Kilos25th of next month magespawn  but im sure we didnt have one this month11:21
* Kilos remembers something about waiting for the new release or dvds or something11:21
Golynxhi magespawn11:24
Golynxmaiatoday said she's waiting for a box of dvd's with latest ubuntu on11:26
magespawnhi Golynx 13:05
=== Rynofear is now known as Rynomster
=== Rynofear is now known as Rynomster
Kilosgoogle how to show hidden files in home on 14.04 kubuntu16:09
Golynxforgot Maaz again :)16:10
Kiloshad a prob with pidgin16:20
Kilosdidnt show the font/insert/smile buttons16:20
Golynxoh ok16:21
Kiloshad to send .purple to trash first16:21
Kilosfunny how these probs appear16:21
Kilosand aptitude purge pidgin dont remove that .purple so when you reinstall it remembers the prob16:24
Golynxdo you wana remove the .purple folder16:25
Kilosi did16:26
Kilosyou can right click move to trash it16:26
Golynxoh , maybe reinstalling pidgin will help16:26
Kilosnow pidgin is fixed again16:26
Kilosi did 3 times but it remembers if you dont trash that .purple file in home16:27
Golynxoh ok, glad its working16:28
Kilosty me too16:28
Kilosi love kde. it has funny commands to make things work16:31
Kilosto show hidden files in home alt+.16:31
Kilosunity has a view button up top16:32
Golynxhmm, i just tick show hidden files in file manager16:32
Kilosya same16:32
Kiloskde is very different but very lekker16:33
Golynxi will try kde when i got a stronger pc, sounds good16:34
Kiloslots of fancy stuff, most for clever peeps16:35
Kiloswould be good for you16:35
Golynxhehe yeah i like tweaking stuff :p16:36
Kiloswb Golynx  16:41
Golynxty Kilos16:41
Golynxbumped the stick modem out of place 16:42
plustwoevening everyone ... o/17:25
Kiloshi plustwo  you still alive17:28
KilosMaaz  forecast pretoria17:30
MaazKilos: Wednesday: Clear. High: 25° C., Wednesday Night: Clear. Low: 11° C., Thursday: Clear. High: 23° C., Thursday Night: Clear. Low: 7° C., Friday: Clear. High: 20° C., Friday Night: Clear. Low: 7° C., Saturday: Clear. High: 22° C., Saturday Night: Clear. Low: 10° C., Sunday: Clear. High: 24° C., Sunday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 8° C., Monday: Clear.17:30
MaazHigh: 19° C., Monday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 8° C., Tuesday: Clear. High: 20° C., Tuesday …17:30
plustwohi omm Kilos, how do you do?17:31
Kilosweatherman says we are 6c tonight17:31
Kilosi do as i please ty , how are you17:31
plustwovery well thanks.17:31
plustwowinter is here17:32
Kilosjhb already down to 4 at night17:32
Kilosinetpro  gonna freeze on the bike in the morning17:33
plustwohe must get an antifreeze17:33
Kilosthey say at 8okm per hour the temp drops 10 degrees17:33
Kiloshe better go vry slow17:37
Kilosai! they hid the compose key option away18:08
Kiloswhy they always change stuffs18:08
Kiloshi captine  18:39
captinehi Kilos 18:39
Kilosinetpro  ping18:40
Kiloshmm... he hiding agin18:44
Kilossuperfly  should we have a meeting on the 29th? or we gonna go to 25th march rather?18:49
superflyKilos: 29th should be fine for me18:50
Kilosgood ill push the pro. ty18:50
Kilosplustwo  where is inetpro  ? still at work or on leave again?18:51
plustwooom, not sure of his where abouts18:52
plustwobeen a while we chatted18:53
* plustwo howls inetpro ...18:54
inetprogood mornings19:00
plustwoit's called magic Kilos19:00
inetproeish Kilos, what's up doc?19:00
plustwou c?19:00
Kilosevening inetpro  meeting tuesday night?19:00
Kilosya plustwo  you got the touch19:00
Kiloshe ignores me19:00
inetproai, why not the 22nd?19:01
plustwojust howl him next time19:01
inetproKilos: we usually have it on the 4th Tuesday of the month19:02
Kiloswont work he is scared i have work for him to do19:02
Kilosyes inetpro  but look when next date is set for19:02
Kiloswe didnt meet this month19:03
inetproso it is still coming man19:03
inetprooops no19:03
inetprohow did I miss that?19:03
Kilosno man the topic bar should show 29th april19:03
inetprowhy did you guys not meet without me man?19:04
inetprothe topic is not the law19:04
Kilosbecause you the man19:04
Kilosyou set official meets19:04
inetpronee oom, you do19:04
Kilosnee nee nee19:05
Kilosyou the man19:05
inetproI just set the topic for convenience19:05
inetproyou call the meetings 19:05
plustwour speciality inetpro19:05
inetproai! 19:05
Kilosok then inetpro  will you please tweet it and g+ it for the 29th19:05
inetprosorry oom, I really missed that19:06
Kilosyou are forgiven my friend19:06
* plustwo missed a lot being away19:06
Kilosyou bad plustwo  19:06
plustwothis is not on! @ ol19:07
inetprokbmonkey: it's your fault19:09
inetproKilos: he didn't give us a new agenda to link to19:09
Kilosi will sort him out inetpro  19:09
inetprohe's the chair remember19:10
inetpro[19:35:13] <Maaz> Agreed: kbmonkey to chair the meeting on 22 April 201419:10
inetproKilos: you better find out whether he be ready on Tuesday19:15
Kilosive mailed him inetpro  19:16
Kiloswill let you know19:16
plustwoi need Ubuntu round laptop stickers. any idea where i can get them locally?19:17
Kiloswill you do tweet place and g+ please19:17
Kilosplustwo  print them19:17
inetproKilos: hang on19:17
plustwocan't do that19:17
* Kilos hangs on19:17
inetproeish, my connection has a terrible lag19:17
Kilosplustwo  why not?19:17
plustwoi got them last from ubuntu online shop19:18
Kilosthere are images you can download and print19:18
plustwoi don't have the palstic material they use19:18
plustwothat i know19:18
plustwoprinting them is a mission19:18
plustwospecial printing i think19:19
plustwoinetpro: how long is the lag?19:19
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Kilosone would think your work printers can handle that so you just need to buy a sheet of the special paper19:20
inetproplustwo: we should actually do this exercise again19:20
plustwoyes, but these a re special makes19:20
inetprolast time drubin organised it for us19:21
plustwoof stickers?19:21
inetprodon't think a normal printer will do it19:21
plustwooh, i recall19:21
Kilosmy maiawill know19:21
inetprofirst we need to get the design19:21
plustwosorry inetpro, it has been a while19:21
Kiloswe thought you had gone to the enemy plustwo  19:22
Kilosdo you have a good excuse?19:22
plustwothat would be the greatest bad thing i could do19:22
Kiloslike you got married or something19:22
inetprogreatest bad thing? ai!19:23
plustwonope oom, on leave19:23
Kilosnono holidays dont last so long19:23
plustwobotswana, honestly19:23
Kilosfor how long?19:23
inetproplustwo: greatest and bad are like two opposites man19:23
plustwosearchig for grand father's farm19:23
inetproKilos: where's our spelling guy?19:23
Kiloshe is here19:24
Kilosbut busy again19:24
plustwothe process and papers that side of za takes way too long ...19:24
Kilos2 sons keep one busy19:24
Kiloslol i saw his hands on fb after one writing practise session19:25
plustwoinetpro: will you get the contact to start quicker before the lag?19:26
* inetpro is lost19:26
Kiloshe forgot how to speak english too now19:27
Kilosno more holidays19:27
plustwoi'm talking about this stuff; http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=71819:28
Kilosya man there was a guy here 6 months ago or so that got the info and printed his own19:29
plustwoi think i should buy the backpack ...19:29
inetproplustwo: hmm... can you not order the stuff online?19:29
plustwoi can order online19:30
plustwothought i might get them locally first19:30
inetprobit pricey with our weak rand though19:30
inetpromight be worth investigating how we can print those locally19:30
Kiloswhat kinda printer does that kinda stuff19:30
Kiloswont modern inkjets do it19:31
inetprothe stickers should be fairly simple19:31
plustwoit's plastic covered19:31
Golynxhi plustwo, inetpro19:32
plustwolast i bought 2, one white and one orange19:32
plustwoGolynx: h'lo19:32
inetproplustwo: perhaps maia can find out for us whether we are allowed to have them printed officially locally19:33
inetproplustwo: keep that thought for our meeting next week19:34
inetprohi Golynx19:34
inetproKilos: remind me to tweet and g+ the meeting tomorrow19:35
* inetpro is moeg19:35
Kilosok will do inetpro  19:35
Kilosslapp lekker. koud vanaand19:35
Kilosslaap ook19:35
* plustwo fires up python nuggets19:36
inetprogood night19:37
plustwonight inetpro19:37
plustwonight oom Kilos19:37
Kilosnight plustwo  19:37
plustwonight Golynx19:37
Kilosno more holidays hey19:37
plustwonope. all done19:38
plustwoback to work19:38
Golynxnight plustwo19:38
Golynxnight inetpro19:38
Golynxnight Kilos19:39
Kilosyou going to bed too Golynx  ?19:39
Golynxnope, i thought you guys are 19:40
Kilosim gonna try stay up till 11 to wget some stuff19:40
Golynxi sleep at 2AM 19:40
Golynx:D , its an old habit 19:40
Kilosbad habit that19:40
Golynxoh ok19:41
Kilosunless you cant sleep till 9 am19:41
Golynxi used to work hard when i was an electrician. Got up at 6AM to fell asleep at 2AM lol . Its in the genes i guess 19:43
Golynxbut i switch off lappy at 22:00 or 23:59 sometimes, so it dont work so hard19:45
Golynxnight all!20:41
Private_Userevening all21:03
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:50

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