OvenWerk1xequence: Welcoome the unicorn...15:37
xequenceOvenWerk1: that might be an expression I'm unfamiliar with :)15:39
OvenWerk1< knome> 14.10 Utopic Unicorn15:39
xequenceOvenWerk1 ah. So, the gates ate open then? 15:42
xequence.. For development15:42
OvenWerk1I don't know, but it doesn't matter that much... planning first15:43
OvenWerk1I upgraded my 13.10 to 14.04 and now have two clocks and two power indicators :P15:44
xequenceI was supposed to start organizing that already a couple of weeks ago, but won't have time muck until Monday the earliest15:45
xequenceYou probably have unity-control-center installed from a previous update15:46
xequenceUpgrading is simply not to be recommended for this release15:46
xequenceInclusion of unity-control-center was a mistake that has been fixed since15:47
xequenceOr, perhaps you have both gtk2 and gtk3 indicators? 15:48
OvenWerk1could be15:51
xequenceIf so, the gtk3 equivalent should be made to replace the gtk2 version15:51
OvenWerk1the gtk3 version is better. It allows both left and right click.15:58
xequenceSince you have two clocks, you should have unity-control-center installed16:01
OvenWerk1I will try removing it.16:01
xequenceIt depends on gnome-control-center16:02
OvenWerk1I have the gnome version but not the unity version16:06
xequenceWonder how that came about then :)16:18
xequenceCan't check anything right now. Perhaps it became a dependency to something that we don't have anymore, but was not repaved by the upgrade. 16:19
xequenceOr, removed16:20
OvenWerk1It may be something I was experimenting with16:28
OvenWerk1(when I was trying to get colour correct stuff to work)16:28
OvenWerk1Hmm the unity version was there too.16:30
OvenWerk1It didn't show when I searched for it in synaptic.16:30
OvenWerk1But it showed up when I tried to remove something else.16:31
OvenWerk1Removing it did not help, I am noticing I have yet another monitor setup program that has moved in  :P  So I think I will back up my home dir. and reinstall.17:37

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