yediif you have "start on started" by itself, when does the task start?04:05
yedii'm having this issue where i can't seem to stop one of my tasks04:05
yedii'm wondering if that's the reason04:05
afournierhi there08:16
afournierhow does upstart knows to not start tty1.conf when console.conf is runnned on tty1 ?08:17
jodhafournier: console.conf is for lxc containers only and there both tty1.conf and console.conf are started. 08:19
afournieryou mean virtualisation ?08:19
afournierkinda.. ok08:20
fish_how can I make upstart respan my service infinitely? respawn limit 0 5 for example?09:59
jodhfish_: either set a very high number ('respawn 999 1') or create a helper job that specifies something like 'start on stopped JOB=myjob RESULT=failed PROCESS=respawn\n start myjob'.10:23
fish_jodh: hrm, I just tried 0 and it seems to work10:24
jodhfish_: ah - just checked the code. You can indeed specify zero or in fact you can say "respawn limit unlimited" which is clearer.10:26
fish_jodh: would be even clearer to add this to the docs :)10:27
fish_jodh: but thanks for looking that up10:27
jodhfish_: indeed - an oversight. I'll add it...10:27
fish_jodh: cool!10:27
jodhfish_: ok, man page updated in upstream Upstart (soon to filter down to Ubuntu) and cookbook updated: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#respawn-limit , http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#making-a-job-respawn-indefinitely .10:43
fish_jodh: cool! but it still only mention 'unlimited' where you might want to still specify the interval. guess you can do 'unlimited 5' as well, right? but that's not mentioned10:52
afournierdbus-daemon man page does not say anything about --activation=upstart, is this handled by a patch ?13:07
afournierlooks like it13:09
jodhafournier: yes, unfortunately that functionality was removed and I believe was not acceptable to upstream.13:13
afournierno place where those patches are downloadable ?13:18
afournieri found the source package13:20
jodhafournier: sure - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/dbus/precise/files/head:/debian/patches/ (or 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu/precise/dbus')13:24
afournierthey dont fit well with the 1.6.1813:27
afournieror maybe my version of dbus is already patched :/13:30
marianogg9hi guys14:17
marianogg9I need to set an .env file (automating $ source file.env)14:17
marianogg9which stanza should I use to do that?14:18
jodhmarianogg9: is this for a system job or a session job?14:44
marianogg9jodh: system14:45
jodhmarianogg9: in which case, you need to source it in *every* script section your job has that needs those variables ("script", "pre-start", etc).14:46
afournierjodh, is there a chance that these patches get applied upstream ?14:49
marianogg9jodh: ok, I write it down like "pre-start script / source file.env / end script14:51
jodhafournier: I think it's unlikely at this point - https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3452614:55
marianogg9jodh: https://gist.github.com/marianogg9/1125817015:08
jodhmarianogg9: that won't work if you want file.env to apply to app_gem - you need to turn the 'exec' into 'script'+'end script', add the 'source file.env' to that block before app_gem.15:15
marianogg9jodh: https://gist.github.com/marianogg9/11258507 ?15:19
jodhmarianogg9: right. I suggest you test it fully (start/stop/restart) before adding the respawn stanza though.15:20
marianogg9ok :)15:20
afournierjodh, i will redo the patches myself then (working on an upstart layer for openembedded) hope a solution will be found very soon so i won't have to redo it :)15:28
marianogg9jodh: "main process (6939) terminated with status 127"15:29
jodhmarianogg9: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#determining-why-your-service-fails-to-start, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#obtaining-a-log-of-a-script-section, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#checking-how-a-service-might-react-when-run-as-a-job15:30

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