drcI'm having a problem with 14.04, the Network Manager (I assume) and the hardware wifi switch on my Dell 1420 laptop.  On a boot, when the switch is OFF, 14.04 show about 75% of CPU being used (network manager).  The second I turn the hardware switch ON, the CPU usage drops to a more normal level.  If the switch is on when booting, CPU usage is normal, and turning if off has no effect on the CPU usage. This is new behavior with Xubuntu 14.04 (and no other dist00:46
drcros show this behavior).00:46
drcIs this known, and/or is there a fix?00:47
lazarguys, how can i setup simple ssh server01:02
Arnaud__Ya des Français par hasard?01:06
Arnaud__J'ai un soucis...01:06
Unit193!fr | Arnaud__01:07
ubottuArnaud__: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:07
Unit193lazar: Install openssh-server?01:07
Arnaud__Ok sorry and goodbye01:07
b4tm4nwhat is the correct way to make ip rules and routes persistent in xubuntu?02:26
deltb4tm4n: i'd just add them to /etc/rc.local02:33
deltquick&easy fix02:33
SirLagzb4tm4n: define 'correct'. There's lots of ways of doing it02:34
SirLagzb4tm4n: I would put them into /etc/network/interfaces, but that's me.02:34
b4tm4nthis is what i'm getting at - what is the intended/best practice of doing this?02:34
b4tm4neverywhere i ask i get a different answer, and I know there are multiple ways02:35
SirLagzb4tm4n: have you googled ? Just wondering, I don't actually know what the best practice is so if you find out, I'd like to know02:35
b4tm4nSirLagz, I've googled tons and all i can find is dozens of ways to do this written in comments and other various places with no one ever saying "you do it [this] way because of [this]"02:36
SirLagzb4tm4n: I see. Well I'd put it into /etc/network/interfaces or /etc/network/if-up.d/<script> to put all the network configuration in one place02:36
SirLagzputting it into /etc/rc.local would rely on you actually remembering that you put it there when you want to change rules/routes02:37
SirLagzputting it into /etc/network would make it easier as the first place I'd look if i wanted to change network settings would be /etc/network02:37
b4tm4nSirLagz, can you put iptables rules in /etc/network/interfaces or /etc/network/if-up.d/<script>02:37
SirLagzb4tm4n: you can definitely do it in /etc/network/if-up.d/<script>. That's where mine are02:37
SirLagzb4tm4n: it'd be a bit more difficult in /etc/network/interfaces, but it'd be doable with post-up lines02:38
b4tm4ndo you have anything in if-down?02:38
SirLagzb4tm4n: nope02:38
SirLagzb4tm4n: if you wanted to clear rules when you took an interface down, you'd put it into if-down though02:39
b4tm4nSirLagz, so it seems like that is even a better approach than iptables-save and iptables-restore because then everything can be in one place02:39
SirLagzb4tm4n: for myself, I prefer putting rules into a file rather than using iptables-save / iptables-restore02:39
SirLagzbut that's a personal preference02:39
SirLagzb4tm4n: use what best suits your working method02:40
b4tm4nSirLagz, i'm creating routing tables, but i can flush any remaining tables in the if-up02:40
SirLagzb4tm4n: first thing my script does is iptables -F :D02:40
b4tm4nSirLagz, well, it makes more sense from a documentation stand point to keep everything in one script as opposed to using iptables-restore to restore rules and then having ip routes and rules stored in other locations02:40
SirLagzusing a script in if-up also means that you can re-run the script at any time and the rules will be reapplied. Don't know if that can be done with iptables-save / iptables-restore02:40
b4tm4nSirLagz, yeah, it seems ignorant to me, but most implementations suggest calling iptables-restore from inside rc.local02:41
SirLagzb4tm4n: definitely. Point the noob to that directory and tell him to look through the file to read the rules to figure out where everything goes :D02:41
SirLagzb4tm4n: for myself, doing that would do my head in. I'd be running around in circles trying to work out where the rules are being applied from haha02:42
b4tm4nSirLagz, if you're going to call iptables-restore from rc.local, why not just put the script there02:42
SirLagzb4tm4n: if i forget that the script is in there, then I'd probably not look there02:42
b4tm4nSirLagz, ok, so i think you've provided the best input i've ever gotten on this question02:42
SirLagzb4tm4n: glad to have helped02:43
b4tm4nSirLagz, so the script in /etc/network/if-up.d/<script> can have any name and any valid shell script content i just need to make sure it's set to executable, correct?02:43
SirLagzyep. just don't put .sh on the end02:43
b4tm4nSirLagz, so no extension?02:44
SirLagzIt took me a while to work out why my script wasn't running. It was because i had .sh on the end lol02:44
b4tm4nSirLagz, ahh, you probably saved me hours of googling with that input :)02:44
b4tm4nSirLagz, ok, i'm gonna go make these changes - thanks again!02:45
SirLagzno problems02:45
james0rhow much does changing swapiness make a difference?04:50
james0rrunning xubuntu on an i3 3.1ghz with 4gb ram04:51
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xubunauthi, i just installed 14.04 from usb, but when i try to boot the newly installed os it says "operating system not found" any ideas how to troubleshoot?05:16
ArcadioCZHi, I broke my GRUB, what is the easiest way to fix it?05:58
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 ArcadioCZ05:59
ArcadioCZbazhang> thank you. The link I already studied before I asked. :) I have a USB flash drive with the latest version of Xubuntu. Once I managed to fix GRUB smoothly with the installation, I stopped after writing GRUB. But in the current version can not.06:07
ArcadioCZThinking that I used to repair a Linux-secure-remix. Not that I'm afraid the console, but I'm not in it too much and afraid of losing data.06:13
p1roif you only have messed grub you shouldnt be losing data06:14
hehe_okhow to del a few apps from 14.04?06:48
hehe_okI want to delete xchat06:48
SirLagzhehe_ok: apt-get purge xchat06:48
SirLagzfor example06:48
SirLagzhehe_ok: or use synaptics to remove it06:48
mappsapt-get remove06:48
mappspurge removes config files too? remove doesnt?06:48
hehe_okSirLagz: purge or remove ?06:49
SirLagzhehe_ok: mapps is correct. purge removes config, remove doesn't06:49
hehe_okAptitude is not installed by default here .. why06:49
elfypurge removes system conf files as well - not ones in your/home06:49
mappsah cool thanks06:49
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter multiarch problems on non-updated 12.04 installs, see  http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.06:49
elfyhehe_ok: aptitude left cycles ago06:49
mappsso purge probably best unless you made custom config and need to backupD06:49
SirLagzmapps: yep06:50
hehe_okelfy: so I should not use aptitude anymore ?06:50
hehe_okaptitude or apt-get ? which one is better ?06:50
mappsapt-get does the job fine ...could use the GUI package manager;p06:51
hehe_okomg i saw articles on ubuntu wiki that said use aptitude instead06:51
elfyso edit them - that's what a wiki is for06:51
hehe_okapt-get purge <multiple apps>06:52
hehe_okpossible ?06:52
bazhanglist them all out06:52
mappsapt-get purge a b c06:52
hehe_okxubuntu 14 is faster and better06:53
hehe_okon my laptop06:53
mappsnot tried yet myself06:54
hehe_okI see06:54
hehe_okI did06:54
hehe_okI switch from debian as debian has ancient packages06:54
hehe_okI wish Debian releases / a FRESH EDITION with latest stuff as well06:54
elfyhehe_ok: please keep this channel to support issues - thanks06:56
mapps#xubuntu-offtopic for offtopic06:56
hehe_okI think I need to fix my sources.list as even updating repos is taking a lot of time06:57
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kingplusplushello everyone, "synapse " has been removed from ubuntu 14.04 please how can i get it back or is their an alternative Application Launcher09:37
kingplusplushello everyone, "synapse " has been removed from ubuntu 14.04 please how can i get it back or is their an alternative Application Launcher09:42
kingplusplusafter upgrading i cant see the whisker menu in xubuntu09:49
AtuMI've upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04.. I only got 3.11 kernel available.. how do I fix this?09:51
AtuMI've just installed the "linux-image-generic" which gives me the 3.13 kernel..09:53
AtuMstrange that the upgrade did not do this..09:54
rayqkingplusplus: i've replaced synapse with kupfer since its no longer available.  Also the xfce application launcher is pretty good as well, and built in.  You can change the keyboard shortcut and play with it09:58
kingplusplusrayq: which is application launcher? do you mean " Application Menu"09:59
rayqI'm not on my xubuntu box right now, but the application finder built into xfce...i think its alt-f1 or alt-f209:59
rayqbut really, kupfer is really nice.  Acts/looks just like synapse10:00
AtuMkingplusplus, I've deleted .config .gconf and similar folders from my home and the new menu appeared.. :)10:00
kingplusplusAtuM: ok thanks let me try that10:01
rayqahh...you were referring to the whisker-menu issue. sorry king10:01
AtuMkingplusplus, after deletion, you shoud login again10:01
AtuMkingplusplus, perhaps its best for you to backup those files..10:02
kingplusplusAtuM:  ok10:02
AtuMkingplusplus, so if you delete too many, you can still restore..10:02
kingplusplusAtuM: just .config and .gconf right?10:03
rayqwhisker menu is just a panel addon.  You can also add it manually.  The keyboard shortcut must also be added10:03
AtuMkingplusplus, I've deleted a few more.. can someone here tell us where the settings for panel is stored?10:04
AtuMI have just deleted it and let the system set-up defaults.. not an elegant solution but it worked fast10:05
AtuMI've also had some misconfiguration from previous upgrades.. nm-applet wouldn't show up and such.. so this "quick-fix" made me happy :D10:06
kingplusplusAtuM: i have done cp -R .config/ .config_backup/ and cp -R .gconf/ .gconf_backup10:07
kingplusplusso its fine to delete original and try right?10:08
kingplusplusmaybe just this two would do?10:08
AtuMkingplusplus, perhaps.. if you make a backup it won't hurt10:10
AtuMany better?10:13
kingplusplusAtuM: thanks it worked like charm :)10:13
kingplusplusis their a shortcut key to launch application menu?10:15
AtuMwell, It's a quick-fix that works.. but it's not accurate.. it would be best to know exactly what file to delete/modify..10:15
AtuMI have an asus x501u netbook and for the last three releases I cannot dim my screen using hotkeys.. I've tried using different switches for some asus drivers but nothing works.. it worked in 12.04 just fine ..10:24
mikeche1enhi, in power settings i have laptop lid closed set to "lock screen" but the system keeps going into suspend when i close the lid10:33
kingplusplusanyone using kupfer? How do u launch terminal with it?10:52
kingplusplusplease how do you switch workspace?11:10
nomicshould show workspace switcher on your panel11:10
nomicor add it to the panel - right click on panel, then panel 'add new items'11:11
nomicadd 'switch workspaces'11:11
nomicis named 'workspace switcher'11:11
nomicxfce panel11:12
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fortuneHuntri've recently been advised to put my network config in /etc/network/if-up.d/<script>, this appears to work, but my script is adding ip rules, which seem to get added 4 times.  I'm guessing this is because the script is being called 4 times, once for each interface.  i've tried adding an if statement to bail out - if ["$IFACE" != "eth0"];then exit 0, but that doesn't work.  How can i fix this?13:04
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emmanuel0791Hello question: Is there a way to simply uninstall software again?15:02
emmanuel0791Cause i think that only works via commands15:03
GridCubeemmanuel0791, go to the software center, search the app you want to uninstall and clic "uninstall"15:03
emmanuel0791Oh..yeah if the software is from there it's no problem but if i installed it via a command15:04
GridCubethen its your responsability to know how to unistall it15:07
emmanuel0791There should be a general uninstall command at least ._. but thanks15:10
linuxUserAnyone experience issue with Lock Screen in VMWare Player with 14.04?15:22
rdflinuxUser, what sort of issue?15:22
linuxUserno response to mouse or keyboard action15:23
linuxUseros is still running and I can ssh into it to shutdown or reboot15:24
linuxUserthat is about the only thing I can do after lock screen15:25
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RFleminglinuxUser, what's locking, the VM or the host?16:11
linuxUserRFleming, it was me16:13
RFleminglinuxUser, you fixed it?16:13
RFlemingAwesome job.16:13
RFleminggolly good, well done.16:13
linuxUserat first I was locking the host (CRTL+ALT+DEL)16:14
linuxUserno not fixed yet. I was looking for a solution16:14
linuxUserand couldn't get back to the VM after unlocking the host16:15
linuxUsernow I can identify Lock Screen was the culprit16:15
RFlemingso you're running Xubuntu as a VM on a Windows host16:15
linuxUseryes correct16:16
linuxUsernot by choice16:16
RFlemingnever is :)16:16
RFlemingso you cannot unlock Xubuntu after you locked Windows16:16
RFleming(err unlocked)16:16
linuxUserthat is correct, because mouse and keyboard actions are ignored16:17
RFlemingyou install vmtools?16:18
RFlemingon Xubuntu16:18
linuxUseryes and it seems to install successfully16:19
linuxUsereven after I had to answer "no" to not finding location of linux-header question16:20
linuxUserI can full screen ok16:20
linuxUsereverything seem normal except for lock screen16:21
linuxUsergotta lock screen again16:40
linuxUserthanks for trying to help16:40
NRDiscipleanyone know how to fix a printing issue?  I just installed the drivers from the website for linux (ubuntu 12.04 was the latest) and i'm getting a cups-insecure-filter error16:54
NRDiscipleprinter is a Lexmark Pinnacle 901 on wireless currently16:55
holsteinNRDisciple: you really shouldnt need to install drivers16:59
holsteinNRDisciple: have you tried just adding the device in the GUI?16:59
NRDiscipleneed to remove the drivers then?17:00
holsteinNRDisciple: ok.. just try adding the printer.. connect the device locally via USB, and test it17:00
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu17:00
NRDisciplei just deleted the printer17:00
NRDisciplenot 100% sure how to remove the driver i installed =/17:02
holsteinNRDisciple: you'll ask the creators of the pacakge you used17:04
holsteinNRDisciple: but, i would just try and add the printer in the GUI17:04
NRDisciplei did...17:04
holsteinNRDisciple: i'll add drivers for nearby models, and test17:04
holsteinNRDisciple: i like to test the hardware with officially supported operating systems to be sure the hardwarew is functioning properly17:05
NRDisciplethe hardware is fine... was using it on XP and on Mint awhile back17:05
holsteinNRDisciple: however you got it working in mint will be relevant17:06
holsteinNRDisciple: still "a while back it was functioning properly" is all i read above17:06
NRDiscipleadded via GUI, still have the cups issue17:08
esrI just upgraded to 14.04 and the window manager selection in my login box is either hidden or gone.  How am I expected to chage session types?17:08
holsteinNRDisciple: i try nearby model #'s routinely.. what "cups issue"?17:11
holsteinesr: there is a little ubuntu icon by your username.. look for and try that17:11
NRDiscipleStatus Messages: Printer 'Lexmark-Pro800-Pro900Series': 'cups-insecure-filter'17:12
NRDisciplethat issue17:12
NRDiscipleIdle - File "/usr/local/lexmark/v3/bin/printfilter" has insecure permissions (0100775/uid=0/gid=0).17:13
holsteinNRDisciple: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2082570 suggests a chmod .. i like that suggestion17:13
NRDiscipleis terminal supposed to show anythign when typing that in?17:15
holsteinNRDisciple: when typing what in?17:15
NRDisciplethe solution given in that article17:16
holsteinNRDisciple: i would try chmod on the file i am getting the permissions errors with.. i would log out and back in aftward if no effect17:17
holstein!chmod | NRDisciple17:17
ubottuNRDisciple: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:17
esrholstein: Ooops...my username doesn't showm I have to select 'Other" ansd type it in.17:17
holsteinesr: you'll just need to determine what greeter you are using, and how to change sessions within it17:19
NRDisciplerebooting didn't help17:21
holsteinNRDisciple: no one implied it would17:22
NRDiscipleit was just suggested17:22
NRDisciplethanks though17:22
holsteinNRDisciple: log out and back in for permissions after chmod is what i suggested17:22
holsteinNRDisciple: you stil get the same error messsage about the same file?17:23
NRDisciplePrinter Warning popup17:23
holsteinNRDisciple: can you just click through it and print?17:23
NRDisciplenope =/17:23
holsteinNRDisciple: i would try as another user17:23
NRDisciplei'll play around with it for awhile, try to remember what i did last time.  thanks for the help17:24
xubuntu543hello some body help me?17:25
RFlemingxubuntu543, with what?17:26
xubuntu543i have problems with my new SO xubuntu 14.0417:26
RFlemingcan you be more specific?17:27
xubuntu543wait pleas, no se ingles y tengo que traducir17:27
RFlemingubottu, en | xubuntu54317:28
ubottuxubuntu543: Certain Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:28
RFlemingubottu, es | xubuntu54317:28
ubottuxubuntu543: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:28
xubuntu543problem to unlock the screen. I put the password and xubuntu does not start17:29
RFlemingxubuntu543, buena día y buena suerte17:30
xubuntu543problem to unlock the screen. I put the password and xubuntu does not start17:30
xubuntu543the screen makes black, and then i have to put the password again, and again and again17:31
RFleming!es | xubuntu54317:32
ubottuxubuntu543: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:32
amigamagichey guys, do you know if some recent update has disabled light-locker? I'm not able to launch it anymore when I click on the lock icon in the whisker menu,,,17:33
ochosiamigamagic: what happens if you run "light-locker-command -l" in the terminal?17:35
amigamagicochosi, nothing happens...17:35
amigamagicshould I launch it with sudo?17:36
ochosiand "ps -A | grep light-l" ?17:36
amigamagic13594 ?        00:00:00 light-locker17:36
amigamagic^^^ that was the result from the above command17:36
ochosiright, so the process is still running17:36
amigamagicthere is something I could try to make it work? (the light-locker)17:43
amigamagicor some log file where I could check what it's wrong with it?17:43
amigamagicI'm not completely sure, but I think it worked yesterday...17:44
ochosihm, sounds strange17:44
ochosiyou could kill the light-locker process and then launch it from the commandline17:44
ochosithen you'll at least get some output (hopefully)17:44
amigamagicI have to launch it with some command? or just "light-locker"17:45
ochosijust light-locker launches the daemon17:46
ochosiif you want to launch it with specific settings, you have to add those to the command17:46
ochosi"-- help" is your friend17:46
esrIt appears that as of 14.04 the Xubuntu login dialogue no longer offers any way to get to a window manager selector - no pulldown, no icon next to my username.  Is  it hidden somewhere else?17:53
koegsesr: top right corner17:55
holsteinesr: i have done su17:58
amigamagicnothing... to me light-locker gives no sign of life... If I launch it from command-line it reamins in a waiting state and does nothing... No messages to stdout...17:59
amigamagichow should I do if I would like to change the user from the gui without logout the current one?18:00
esrOK, I found the rat icon.18:01
esrNow I need to get i3 to show up on it...18:02
Unit193esr: Get it?  Normally it's *.desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions/18:26
SunilJoshiHello, how can i configure Xubuntu14.04 to have only one Workspace?18:31
SunilJoshiah, got it :), ignore the question please18:32
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Guest33069how can i add the gtk3 clock that was in beta18:37
brainwashGuest33069: install indicator-datetime18:39
Guest33069brainwash, thanks18:42
meek_geekbest youtube downloader app ?18:58
knomemeek_geek, there is no "best" app18:59
meek_geekknome, any good app /18:59
knomedid you search the software center for any?18:59
meek_geekknome, I never search center as I do not like it and wish that it was not included19:00
knomemeek_geek, did you search with apt then?19:00
meek_geekknome, they say clipgrab and youtube-dl is good19:01
knomeso why not try them?19:02
`Fibzmeek_geek, i just use keepvid.com19:03
meek_geekclipgrab is a nice app i used in windows / mac19:04
meek_geekbut it would on run in linux19:04
`Fibzthat needs updateing whenever google messes with things.  keepvid.com has worked beautifully for me for years without needing to install anything but a cert19:04
starratsWow hate to break up the orange and yellow but my whole page are those colors, lol, a lot of in and out going on!20:30
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juanmontoyasynapse is not available on ubuntu. Will the package be available soon?21:29
juanmontoya(synapse is awesome launcher I used since 13.10)21:29
Unit193juanmontoya: Last release 2012, but recent commits.21:37
juanmontoyahuh? will I be able to install it soon, then?21:37
juanmontoyathe new default menu is kinda cool too21:38
Unit193Not in trusty likely, it's been removed in Debian: http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/synapse.html21:38
juanmontoyaoh... well then. I'll adapt21:39
phmadorewhat i want is for pidgin to open irc links. i went through all the prescribed processes. chrome tells pidgin to do it, but pidgin doesn't know how, or something. i even at one point changed the mime-type in the actual pidgin.desktop file. nothing has worked.22:23
holsteinphmadore: do *any* links you click open? in an email? or other web pages? do you have your default browser settings setup?22:28
holsteinphmadore: i'll help you with where to look.. click in another application.. an email, or a pdf, or something in libreoffice.. if it opens, then, go to pidgin for the settings.. if not, go to your system for the settings22:29
holsteinyou can also try a main #ubuntu channel or linux channel, since its not related to xubuntu or xfce, really.. might find a larger support channel22:30
Artemis3phmadore, i don't think pidgin can open "url" style links.22:37
endoi'm trying to open an apt: link from Firefox but there is no program associated with it23:01
endohow do i get this to install?23:01
Unit193endo: apturl23:02
donc3Hi ! I have a little problem with flash in chromium23:11
Unit193What's the problem?  What version of Xubuntu?  What flash?23:11
donc3i can't put it in full screen mode23:11
donc3this is how I see the screen when I put it in full screen23:13
donc3Unit193 as you can see the video is not showed in full screen it only fills a part of the screen23:14
Unit193Yes, this I do see.23:15
donc3Unit193 do you know how can I fix it??23:15
Unit193donc3: Someone else might, I don't use chromium or pepperflash, sorry.23:16
donc3okay thanks guy23:18
schreberCan someone explain the major cockup that is this menulibre/libremenu that Cann. decided to thrust on us in 14.04 ?23:43
knomeschreber, watch the language.23:44
Unit193Please watch your tone and keep this family friendly.  Menulibre wasn't a Canonical project, it was by the Xubuntu community and for it.  Now did you actually have a question?23:44
schreberUnit193: yes. I am no fan of the Whisker menu, thus I removed it and restored/replaced it with the older style menu. I was pleasantly surprised that I could not easily edit the menu and when I was the whole thing started putting more recently used applications in the root/main area of the menu which is new and well completely wrong23:46
schreberIt in essence began acting oddly like one would see in Vista or Windows 7 which again it odd.23:47
Unit193There's a couple bugs in menulibre, yes.  If you prefer, you can revert your menu (back to defaults, not to whiskermenu) and try to use alacarte, but that was completely broken last I knew.23:47
schreberso no real fix for something that really was never broken ?23:48
knomeschreber, rather than complaining, why not file bugs and allow the software to improve?23:49
schreberBecause I've filed the odd bug report and they simply end up in the rubbish bin23:49
knomewhich bug have you filed against menulibre?23:50
schreberNot against menulibre, I meant in previous versions of Xubuntu especially against Thunar23:51
knomeas you probably understand, developer resources are limited23:52
knomei'm sorry if your bugs haven't been looked at23:52
schreberI know. Just venting.23:53
knomeyeah, but please do that elsewhere the next time... :)23:54
knomethe menulibre developer is in the xubuntu team and has been very responsive with fixing bugs in it, so if you have bugs with it, i'd recommend filing them now...23:55
Unit193Right, *I* even filed a few bugs, because he actually fixes them.23:59

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