Wiz_KeeDhey guys11:24
jelmerhi Wiz_KeeD12:24
Wiz_KeeDhow are you jelmer ?13:18
jelmerWiz_KeeD: not bad - yourself?13:22
Wiz_KeeDpretty good13:23
Wiz_KeeDI have a, somewhat of a newbie question13:23
Wiz_KeeDIf I have a branch that's the "master/stable/original" whatever you want to call it13:24
Wiz_KeeDAnd I branched out to try some experimental stuff that now seem to work and would like to include in the stable version, how would I do that so I don't loose the progress I've done on the original since the second one was branched from it?13:24
sergjelmer: may I ask about bzr-git plugin? you've removed BaseObjectStore::get_graph_walker from dulwich on 2013-11-10, but bzr-git still uses it.16:50
jelmerserg: it's moved from the object store to the repo16:51
sergI've grepped it out there, yes. but how to fix bzr-git?16:51
jelmera similar change would have to be made in bzr-git16:52
sergsorry, I don't think that's enough for me :( I can dig out the history in bzr, or grep, but I don't know what a "simialr change" is in this case. your patch in dulwich simply removed the method16:54
serghow to get repository from BazaarObjectStore?16:55
jelmerserg: that method has basically been moved up one layer16:55
jelmeran object store is a part of a repository16:55
jelmerin this case a git repository16:56
sergyes, InterGitNonGitRepository is a repository. ok, let me try16:56
jelmerserg: InterGitNonGitRepository is not a repository, but an interobject that works between two repositories16:57
sergaha, yes, I see it16:58
* serg shouldn't have trusted the name16:58
sergI don't see a repository accessible from InterRemoteGitNonGitRepository.fetch_objects(). Should I create it there together with BaazarObjectStore?17:08
jelmerserg: there should already be access to the repository at that point17:11
sergthen I cannot find it17:14
jelmerself.target presumably17:17
jelmerthat's the bzr repository17:17
jelmernot sure about a git wrapper for that, we might have always just gotten away with just wrapping the object store17:17
sergself.target and self.source are bzr Repository objects, not dulwich Repo objects17:18
sergand get_graph_walker is in Repo17:19
jelmerserg: right, so I don't recall if I ever added a wrapper that implements the Dulwich Repo API on top of the bzr repository API17:19
jelmerI might not have, if we got away with just doing ObjectStore17:19
sergokay, so how to fix bzr-git then?17:19
jelmeryou might have to add such a wrapper17:19
sergheh, cool. that's not a simple fix. especially and I am neither bzr nor python hacker :(17:20
jelmerserg: somebody just proposed (as in, in the last 5 minutes) a patch that might address this17:21
sergthanks! looking17:22
jelmerserg: sorry :( bzr-git has been in dire need of a new maintainer for more than a year now17:22
sergI've seen few commits this year, so I believed somebody is looking after it17:23
serganyway, thanks for the patch!17:23
jelmerserg: I did maintainance fixes until a year or so ago, I don't think anything has happened since17:24
sergthe patch doesn't quite work, but it's something I can try to start from....17:28
serggot it, thanks17:32
* serg kind of hoped there was a "proper" fix for this bzr-git issue... oh, well17:38

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