joselazyPower: ack01:51
lazyPowerjose: its not a game changer, just noticed it when I was derping around after my desktop upgrade01:52
joselazyPower: would you think it'd be good to remove the tests until I can get them fixed?01:52
lazyPowerjose: beg pardon?01:53
josetests are failing01:53
lazyPoweri'd rather see them fixed vs just removed01:53
josehave tried to but can't01:53
lazyPowerjose: ping me about it tomorrow and i'll take a look01:55
joseawesome then :)01:55
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exippyhello everyone, I need to prevent juju from starting at boot but I can't figure out how to do this, can anyone help me?11:50
jamexippy: what is "juju starting at boot", you are running the local provider but don't want your instances to start? Or is there something else?11:51
exippyyes this is exactly it :)11:51
exippyi have some networking issues on the host, and i'd like to disable juju till i fix this11:52
exippyi might have tinkered a bit too much, resulting in some sort of conflict between the internal and external network11:52
jamexippy: IIRC jujud is started from /etc/init/juju-$USER-local.conf or something close to that11:53
jamif you are just trying to make the LXC instances not start11:53
jamI think there is a different flag in the LXC configuration about what should auto-start11:53
jambut I think you can play around with the LXC tools to find something about autostart. I'm not personally an expert on it.11:54
exippyi commented out the exec line in that script, but i still see the lxc instances starting in the logs11:54
jambut if it is an LXC thing, it would be "lxc-$SOMETHING" and tab completion should give some hints11:54
jamexippy: the LXC instances are started by LXC itself11:54
jamso you have to set them up as "no autostart"11:54
exippythank u jam, i'll see if i can find how to disable this11:54
jamexippy: this is how we enabled it: https://code.launchpad.net/~waigani/juju-core/lxc-trusty-autostart/+merge/20297411:55
jamexippy: so "/etc/lxc/auto" if you are on Trusty, otherwise it is "lxc.start.auto = 0" in the individual config files11:56
exippyok i'll remove that file and see how that goes11:56
jamexippy: /etc/lxc/auto is a directory with symlinks in it to each container11:57
jamso remove the symlinks and not the dir itself11:57
exippywould this prevent the creation of lxc virtual network?11:58
jamexippy: I don't think touching these will affect lxcbr011:59
exippyhmm is it normal that i don't see /etc/lxc/auto on trusty?12:00
jamexippy: given that you see the containers autostarting it seems strange to me12:01
jamcan you do "sudo lxc-ls —fancy" and see what it says?12:02
exippyunfortunately i only have access to the file system12:02
exippythrough a rescue kvm12:02
exippywell thank u anyway, at least i know what i'm looking for12:06
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tedglazyPower, hey, heard you are working on an owncloud bundle. Is it ready to use?14:55
_mup_Bug #1316185 was filed: juju bootstrap hangs on Azure <pyjuju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1316185>15:08
d3lxais there a way to restart jujud or mongodb? juju status says timeout and it's due to overloaded mongodb thing it seems15:18
jamd3lxa: restarting mongodb would cause the jujud process to restart itself, though I don't know that it will actually help you15:20
jamthere should be a "juju-db" service, IIRC15:21
d3lxajam: maybe? I have multiple envs, just want to restart jujud for a specific env15:21
jamd3lxa: the service is running in your environment, not on your local machine (unless you are running multiple local environments)15:22
gnuoy`is the option to get juju status to create a dot file still a thing ? juju help status seems to suggest not15:24
d3lxajam: so you mean on the cloud, I could restart mongodb or something?15:26
jamgnuoy`: juju status by itself cannot create dot output (afaik)15:27
jamd3lxa: right, on machine-0 on each environment15:27
gnuoy`jam, it used be a thing though didn't it (maybe pyjuju)? or am I going crazy ?15:27
jamgnuoy`: I don't know pyjuju very well, it could have been15:27
gnuoy`ack, thanks15:28
d3lxajam: I could try to kill the mongodb instance there and restart with the same command line (the password is xxxxx, i doubt that…)?15:28
d3lxaI don't know if destroying the env would work then15:29
d3lxaok… I'm stuck with juju I can't destroy the env15:34
_benoit_any juju dev here ? I want to implement a new EC2 compatible provider in juju and want to know If the patches would be welcome15:41
rick_h__benoit_: new providers are always welcome. I lot of folks are away today catching up post sprint.15:44
rick_h__benoit_: I think an email to the juju list would be a great start15:44
_benoit_rick_h_: thanks for the answer I will post to the list15:46
rick_h__benoit_: awesome, I look forward to seeing the discussion on it15:47
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lazyPowertedg: Its really close. There are some papercuts with it that jose has been working through.18:06
tedglazyPower, Papercuts for the small instance case or the large instance case? I'm looking personal.18:08
* tedg is a big guy, but likes small servers18:08
lazyPowertedg: it needs SSL Certificate generation. I'm running it on a $10 Digital Ocean instance18:08
tedglazyPower, Ah, cool. If you could cut and paste that into the bip charm, that'd be cool too :-)18:08
lazyPowertedg: i've actually got a blog post covering the howto 1 sec18:11
* tedg is reading18:16
tedglazyPower, Are you using the $10 instance for the disk space or for the CPU/RAM ?18:23
lazyPowerBoth, im' hulk smashing everything on a single instance.18:23
lazyPowerbootstrap + owncloud18:23
sarnoldon a $10 instance? nice18:23
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lazyPowertedg: if you follow that process, let me know how it works for you. i'm doing pretty well with the setup as a single user.18:37
lazyPoweri wouldn't recommend that setup for multi-users though.18:37
lazyPowerit gets a bit pokey when doing n changes on n machines. in my use case, several gb file changes, across 4 clients.18:37
tedglazyPower, I'm looking more for shared calendars and addressbooks with my wife, so I'm not too worried about pokey. Don't think that'll be taxing.18:38
lazyPoweryeah, the only downside is the fact you have to purchase caldav addons and carddav through the play store on android phones18:38
lazyPoweri dont have an ios device to test with, so YMMV if you're an iphone user. however the entire stack as a whole works pretty well18:39
tedglazyPower, I don't plan on using Android for long, if mhall119 would finish a mail program for me ;-)18:39
lazyPowerheh :) nice18:39
mhall119tedg: I'm not writing anything :-P18:51
mhall119tedg: you can help us though, /join #trojita18:51
* tedg gives up and buys a Blackberry phone18:51
mhall119that's a sound investment18:51
tedgIt keeps me from getting distracted with apps.18:52
cory_fujose: Hey, are you around?19:23
josecory_fu: here I am!20:09
josesorry, just got back from an exam20:09
cory_fuNo worries.  Sorry I was less responsive last week, regarding the tracks merge proposal.  I was at a sprint.  :)20:18
cory_fuI was wondering if you had any ideas about resolving the upstream gem issue in the tracks MP?20:18
cory_fuI'd like to be able to +1 that, since your changes look fine, but I feel like I need to be able to deploy it to do so20:19
joseyeah, same here, I'd need to investigate what's really going on20:20
joseI have some time in like 15, I need to drop a package on the mail and maybe we can work on it?20:20
cory_fuSure thing20:20
joseI'll leave everything bootstrapping and ready to debug20:21
hackedbellinihi guys20:58
hackedbellinianyone here knows how can I change the branch a service is using, lets say, from launchpad to a local one? I made some modifications on my postgresql charm and I want to make my service use my local fork without having to deploy it again20:58
hackedbellininot my postgresql charm, but the one here: https://manage.jujucharms.com/charms/precise/postgresql20:59
hackedbelliniI forked it and did some modifications which I want to use20:59
josehackedbellini: `juju deploy --repository=charms local:postgresql` where charms is the directory containing a folder called 'precise' and 'precise' contains the charm21:01
hackedbellinijose: I used that to deploy a local repository. By doing that, since the service already exists, will it override it in the way I said above (keep the units and just change the charm path to do upgrades)?21:04
josehackedbellini: well, I don't think you can upgrade it - it would only pull changes from the repository it was originally created21:04
josethough you can leave that unit and rename the unit with the local branch deployment to psql maybe?21:05
josejust put 'psql' or whatever you want at the end (after local:postgresql)21:05
hackedbellinijose: hrmm, thanks. I'll give it a try :)21:12
josenp :)21:12
joselet us know how it went21:12
josecory_fu: I have to do some stuff, but I think I'm about to fix the error. if I get to find it I'll push - otherwise I'll ping you tomorrow?21:33
cory_fujose: Sounds good.  Thanks for looking into that.  :)21:39
cory_fuI would have tried my hand at it, but I know less than nothing about ruby.  :p21:39
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qhartman_tooI'm looking to consolidate my maas and juju machines into one host; two is overkill. Is there a clean way to bootstrap juju into an lxc, but have future juju instantiated instances be on MAAS bare metal?22:26
qhartman_tooI've found some information on doing everything inside lxc containers, but not a blend, and I'm not super familiar with the guts of what's going on, so was hoping for some pointers to docs I may ahve missed22:27
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