valorievery nice00:01
EtriaphAh, KMail's global shortcuts column moves the shortcut to alternate when you try to set it as global, probably doesn't register that it can have global shortcuts00:03
ObsequiousNewt_How do I configure GTK to use xim instead of scim in Trusty?00:05
ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK to use xim instead of scim in Trusty?00:20
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ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK to use xim instead of scim in Trusty?00:50
Deihmosis kubuntu UI better than ubuntu?00:58
Deihmosif I already have ubuntu can i switch to kubuntu01:00
TheFakeazneD525Deihmos: ya01:01
TheFakeazneD525apt-get install kubuntu-full kde-full for full kubu/kde experiance01:01
TheFakeazneD525Deihmos: and the UI thing is more subjective01:01
TheFakeazneD525If you enjoy the traditional desktop metaphor, then you'll like it01:02
TheFakeazneD525and it's very customizable, and easy to use01:02
Deihmosubuntu seems sluggish01:02
Deihmosgoing to give it a try01:02
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TheFakeazneD525valorie: I just had an idea01:12
TheFakeazneD525a Qt frontend to ClamAV01:12
ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK to use xim instead of scim in Trusty?01:28
TheFakeazneD525idk, sorry :c01:28
ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK to use xim instead of scim in Trusty?01:56
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DarthFrogObsequiousNewt: This is a Kubuntu support channel.  Kubuntu uses KDE.  KDE uses Qt, not GTK.  You'd be better off asking GTK questions in  a channel that provides support for GNOME.02:24
ObsequiousNewtThat too.02:34
ObsequiousNewtWait, what?02:34
ObsequiousNewtI run GTK applcations in KDE.02:34
ObsequiousNewtLike Firefox for instance. It doesn't read from ~/.XCompose, but from the default.02:35
ObsequiousNewtThat's my problem.02:35
valorieTheFakeazneD525: interesting idea -- how many people run a antivirus though?04:23
valorieI haven't for over 10 years04:23
TheFakeazneD525valorie: its still a good idea :o04:24
TheFakeazneD525I mean, sure, linux is secure, but why take risks?04:24
valorieso clamav has no gui?04:24
TheFakeazneD525plus, not that clamtk is bad, but a qt thing would be nice04:24
TheFakeazneD525valorie: ClamTK04:24
TheFakeazneD525but it doesn't have the KDE look and feel when I run it :c04:25
valorieI think I looked around after moving to linux from windows, but since it wasn't needed, never did anything more04:25
TheFakeazneD525hmm, well with the growing popularity of linux on the desktop, its better to stop a virus plauge before it starts04:26
valorieget yourself Qt Creator and go wild!04:26
valorieit would probably really take off if you made it usable in android as well04:27
valoriebecause that *is* infectable04:27
valorienot that linux is safe by default04:27
valorieI agree04:27
TheFakeazneD525hmm, valorie, how hard is making a frontend in Qt?04:27
valorieha, you are asking the wrong person04:27
TheFakeazneD525like, for now, just say, a dialouge with a button :L04:27
valorieperhaps find an application that is just a front-end, and copy it somewhat?04:28
valoriethat's how I learned HTML04:29
valoriecopied pages I liked, and changed things until they broke04:29
TheFakeazneD525Hmm, a clamav frontend would need...04:29
TheFakeazneD525a scan button, log output, requires kdesudo auth, a update defs button, and some other stuff04:30
desper4dohello there06:36
desper4dojust plugged in 2nd monitor 24'06:37
desper4doand i can not set it's resolution to maximum06:37
desper4dosettings say it is set to 1920x1200 (auto) but actually it isn't06:38
desper4doCRT1 connected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)06:38
desper4do   1920x1200      60.0 +06:38
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HansCquiet here?08:16
valorieHansC: this is a help chan, not chat08:17
valorieif you have a question or need help, speak up08:18
desper4doi have a question :D but probably you read it earlier08:19
HansCin fact I do... this morning I tried starting Konsole a couple of times and it just failed to start. Only after I logged off and on again I could start Konsole again, has anyone seen this happen before?08:19
HansCIt is on a pretty clean Kubuntu 14.04 install08:20
valorie think I'm pinging out08:22
dubisThis morning should be great but I've a MySQL error in akonadi could you help ?08:23
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BluesKajHowdy folks10:21
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lordievaderGood afternoon.12:06
alkethey lordievader12:07
lordievaderHey alket, how are you?12:07
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alketlordievader: fine thanks , you12:16
lordievaderDoing good here :012:17
partha_Greetings everyone!12:41
partha_Is it possible to add default reminders for all events in Korganizer, even when they were created by someone else?12:41
silv3r_m00ni am using nvidia drivers, but where is exactly is the system configured to use the nvidia drivers ? which configuration file or what ?13:05
vistakillerhave you install the drivers?13:08
silv3r_m00nvistakiller: yeah i installed the drivers, they are working, but out of curiosity i want to know where exactly is the configuration that tells the system to use nvidia drivers (instead of something else like nouveau)13:12
vistakilleri think is in nvidia-xconfig and i think that there nvidia settings save the changes13:14
silv3r_m00nvistakiller: where ? where are the settings saved ? which file ? or is that just because the nvidia driver file is placed inside /lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic/updates/dkms/  it gets loaded ?13:16
vistakillertake a look here if that helps13:17
vistakilleri think all the settings is under /etc/X1113:18
silv3r_m00nthere is no xorg.conf or xf86config file in my system and /etc/X11$ grep -ri 'nvidia' ./  gave nothing13:18
silv3r_m00nnvidia is not written anywhere13:18
vistakilleryes xorg.conf was 3 years ago :P13:19
vistakillermany have change from back then13:19
vistakillerdo a research under /etc/X11 folder13:19
silv3r_m00ni already grepped the /etc/X11  there is nothing related to nvidia in there13:19
silv3r_m00nhow does the driver come into effect , thats what i want to know13:20
vistakillerthis question in linux has not simple answer :P13:21
BluesKajvistakiller, lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'13:21
silv3r_m00nBluesKaj: that shows what driver is in use, but where is it configured to use that driver ?13:23
vistakillertake a look and at /etc/modprobe.d13:23
vistakillerthere you can blacklist noeuveu driver or is the settings of nvidia etc13:23
BluesKajwhen you install the nvidia driver, nouveau is disabled, there's no need to blacklist it13:24
lordievadersilv3r_m00n: It is probably initrd/initramfs that tell it to use nouveau/nvidia.13:25
silv3r_m00nlordievader: which file ?13:25
silv3r_m00nsomewhere inside /etc/initramfs-tools/   ?13:25
lordievadersilv3r_m00n: That's whay I think, yes.13:26
silv3r_m00nlordievader: nothing in there, $ grep -ri 'nvidia' /etc/initramfs-tools/   gives nothing13:26
BluesKajsilv3r_m00n, so what's your issue then?13:27
silv3r_m00nBluesKaj: want to know, which configuration file tells my system to use nvidia instead of nouveau13:27
silv3r_m00nthe order should be "written" somewhere i guess13:28
lordievadersilv3r_m00n: Might also be /etc/modules13:28
silv3r_m00nlordievader: grep: /etc/modules/: Not a directory13:28
silv3r_m00nlordievader: that file has no mention of nvidia either13:29
silv3r_m00nokay, i think i found it, this file seems to be controlling it13:30
silv3r_m00nit also contains "blacklist nouveau"13:30
lordievaderIsn't that just extra options?13:30
silv3r_m00nmeans ?13:31
lordievaderWhen loading a module you can specify options. Those are usually in there, or so I believe.13:31
silv3r_m00nwhat is the function of the /etc/modprobe.d directory ? to provide instructions about how and what modules to load ?13:31
silv3r_m00nthe blacklisting of nouveau is being done by that file for sure13:32
BluesKajthe nvidia driver takes precedence once it's installed , /usr/bin/X11/nvidia-detector13:33
silv3r_m00nBluesKaj: some utility program runs every boot and loads the nvidia driver ?13:35
silv3r_m00nthe nvidia-detector is not present on my system, but there are couple of other nvidia-* programs13:36
silv3r_m00nokay its there13:36
BluesKajsilv3r_m00n, /user/bin/ loads default apps at startup afaik13:37
silv3r_m00nand it says "none"13:37
BluesKajwhat says13:37
BluesKajsomebody kick this guy pls13:45
BluesKajif he returns13:45
bennypr0faneDoes anyone know how I can install additional fonts? afaik, that is a OS-wide procedure, i.e. it works not just for one procedure. However I'm missing some fonts that used to be in Libreoffice and were apparently taken out14:11
bennypr0fanelike e.g. Open Sans14:13
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger15:00
RiddellBluesKaj: ?15:00
BluesKajRiddell, this user person keeps adding ___ to his nick15:01
IdleOnebadly configured client15:01
BluesKajthanks Riddell15:01
Riddellmm, now how do I unban ubotttu?15:02
Riddellah thanks IdleOne15:02
IdleOneno problem :)15:02
RiddellI'm sorry ubottu, please forgive me!15:02
IdleOneuser___ Please fic your irc client so we don't get a join flood from you15:03
BluesKajubottu, survives small mistakes easily I think15:03
ubottuBluesKaj: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:03
BluesKajahh , intelligent enough15:03
PiciBluesKaj: I told her to rejoin ;)15:03
IdleOneshe is pretty tough indeed15:03
BluesKajIdleOne, his nick keeps adding underscores15:04
BluesKajthe user____15:04
IdleOneyeah, bad config. Doesn't do anything thing else but join clients.15:04
IdleOneif it were spamming the channel I would think it was intentional15:05
BluesKajyeah unless there's an alias script that adds underscores just to annoy us15:05
adriansoy nuevo,15:19
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Guest95241recien vengo de windows..15:19
BluesKaj!es | Guest9524115:20
ubottuGuest95241: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:20
ritvikgCan anyone help me installing LEMP on kubuntu?15:41
ritvikgI am not able to configure php properly, there seems to be some problem15:42
lordievaderritvikg: What seems to be the problem with php?15:44
Piciritvikg: php on nginx is much different than on Apache. Have you setup php5-fpm?15:45
ritvikgYes, I installed these packages : php5 php5-fpm php5-mysql15:46
ritvikgNow when I create a phptest file, and when I open that in browser, I don't see the php info page, instead the browser downloads that file for me15:46
ritvikgI am using this for installing, (if it helps) : http://www.unixmen.com/install-lemp-server-nginx-mysql-mariadb-php-ubuntu-13-10-server/15:47
Piciritvikg: is php5-fpm running?15:49
ritvikgOkay, I saw the file /etc/nginx/sites-available/default , and the php section is commented out.15:50
ritvikgI uncommnted that. But now I'm getting a 502 bad gateway. What does that mean?15:52
ritvikgGot it working. Thanks! :D15:56
alan_smithhello there... anyone help me install my hp printer on kubuntu? It's supposed to work outta the box on ubuntu, the model is deskjet 2050 j510 (cheapest one).16:04
BluesKajalan_smith, tell us what you've done so far to install the printer16:06
alan_smithBluesKaj: ok, fyi, the printer is fully supported by hplip, which is installed here (latest from repos), the printer is listed on the print jobs tool (add printers list) twice:16:08
alan_smithi can't copy the info, lemme post a ss16:09
alan_smithhow can I share a ss?16:11
TheFakeazneD525alan_smith: prtsc16:11
TheFakeazneD525then save, and put on imgur.com or something16:11
BluesKajthen imagebin16:11
alan_smithok, here you go: http://imagebin.org/30919816:12
alan_smithbtw, the snapshot tool could have the option to send the files to imagebin...16:12
alan_smithor other service16:13
alan_smithi don't know why the printer is duplicated and why one shows as an hplip device and other as usb device16:13
alan_smithperhaps the hplip is the printer thing and the usb device the scan thing? it doesn't make sense it's listed under printers though16:14
alan_smithany ideas? should i just try to setup the hplip one and ignore the other?16:16
arhi. where can i enable ssh-agent and gpg-agent in kde globally?16:16
aron some distributions it's a matter of editing a shell script16:17
alan_smithwow! it works a treat! :) mwahahaha! thank you guys!16:21
alan_smithgonna try scanning16:22
alan_smithwow! it works a treat! :) (2)16:27
alan_smiththat 'skanlite' app is too basic though16:27
alan_smithnext time i'm buying a printer i'm surely going to take a look at hplip page to see the level of support. awesome stuff, even this cheapo printer works perfectly :)16:29
alan_smithit's unfortunate though that it seems the only printers that works decently are the hp ones16:29
alan_smiththe cartridges for canons are way cheaper and the quality is better on the same price range16:30
alan_smithany ideas on why support for some printes has been dropped?16:34
alan_smithdoes it happen to built-in drivers/modules also? I mean, will the drivers built in the kernel or 3rd party ones (e.g.hplip) be dropped after a while?16:36
alan_smith*tumbleweeds rolls around in the whistling wind*16:40
TheFakeazneD525  alan_smith probably lack of use for said printers16:41
alan_smithTheFakeazneD525: yeah, possibly... anyway, I plan to keep this printer until it eventually die, I noticed that the support were dropped for some printers though... it seems that's not the case for hplip so I should not worry more than necessary :)16:43
alan_smithfor example, the apollo printers only works for ubuntu versions until 8.10... sad thing imho16:44
alan_smithsupport should never be dropped, I mean, I understand if they discontinue the driver development and stuff, but you should always be able to use an old hardware16:44
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lolmausHas anyone got the Win key working? When i try to map an action to it, KDE says: The key you just pressed is not supported by Qt.17:13
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danny___kubuntu 14.04 / ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a dell xps15 2nd gen i7 with nividia driver 331.38 presistantly locks the screen and mouse every 10-20 minutes.  The recovery is fairly simple and non-destructive, ie simply switch console ctrl-alt F(n) and back to F7.  any know fix to this problem?17:22
TheFakeazneD525danny___: not like, go into sleep mode, but like, the mouse/screen freezes?17:23
DecusHello! I have a finger print reader and I would like to get it working on Kubuntu! I searched a little and I found something that says: «Please note that Fingerprint GUI doesn't work with kdm and kscreensaver because of a bug in these applications (see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105631).»17:30
ubottuKDE bug 105631 in general "fully support alternative authentication methods" [Normal,Confirmed]17:30
BluesKajDecus, kdm is no longer the default greeter, check to make sure lightdm is default then find which authentication method is used with it.17:38
Decusthanks BluesKaj17:40
Etriaphovidiu-florin: Hey, are you around?18:14
ovidiu-florinhere I am18:14
EtriaphHey there. :)18:14
EtriaphRegarding the WordPress site, is there a test site running somewhere?  I'm going to try to assist with some of those tasks if I can18:15
EtriaphHaven't worked with WP in about 2 years, but I'll do what I can18:15
ovidiu-florinAre you Robert or Octavio?18:15
EtriaphRobert, yes :)18:15
ovidiu-florinok, hello again18:16
ovidiu-florinso, I guess you've seen my email18:16
EtriaphYup, looked through the task list too18:16
ovidiu-florinok, let's continue this in #kubuntu-devel18:16
ovidiu-florinsince this is a suport chanel18:17
leoпривет народ18:20
leoесть тут кто?18:21
DarthFrog!ru | leo18:23
ubottuleo: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:23
lolmausMy VLC plugins stopped working after upgrading to 14.04. Any suggestions?18:27
lolmausThey just won't activate.18:27
leoпо русски кто нить говорит?18:28
DarthFrog!ru | leo18:29
leoну да18:30
leoкого то это смущает?18:30
DarthFrogleo:  English only, please.  This is not a Russian-speaking channel.18:31
leoпора бы учить русский, скоро все на нём говорить будут )))18:32
ovidiu-florinleo: Это только английский канал. Если Вам нужна помощь в России, пожалуйста, перейдите на #ubuntu-ru18:32
ovidiu-florinleo: Может быть18:33
ovidiu-florinмы не можем знать, какое будущее18:35
dmatthi, what baloo related processes should run in KDE 4.13 installed in Kubuntu 13.10?18:35
leoвау! тут есть рускоязычные!!!!18:36
leoну может вы и не можете знать, но я вам точно говорю18:36
leoтеперь вы знаете!18:36
Whiskey`Wonkadoes kubuntu have any gui partition manager like gparted? ive got a old sys im working on and my gpated usb stick doesnt like the lack of PAE18:39
lordievaderWhiskey`Wonka: Yes, search for partition manager in the menu ;)18:47
Whiskey`Wonkayay, thanks.18:48
Whiskey`Wonkayikes looks like a uglu gparted lol18:52
Whiskey`Wonkaaaand its not able to copy partitions between devices for a unknown reason, coolie.18:53
trekker123Can I get a teensy tiny bit of help with changing the logo on the kickoff start menu? The thing that says Kubuntu?19:40
trekker123I know how to copy the dimensions and stuff.19:40
trekker123But what's the directory?19:41
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alkettrekker123: I think it is /usr/share/icons/ in there somewhere19:43
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ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK applications to read from ~/.XCompose in Trusty?21:02
PtitNicoHi all :)21:06
PtitNicoi used to use NX server (nomachine) for remote control21:07
PtitNicobut now the newer version is very different (not based on SSH)21:08
PtitNicoany idea to remplace it ?21:08
PtitNicowhat do you use to remote control your Kubuntu ? VNC ? Teamviewer ? Freenx ?21:09
ObsequiousNewtI use Teamviewer21:16
ObsequiousNewtI think the site provides a Debian package21:17
PtitNicoObsequiousNewt: thxs, yes there is a deb, i use to help some friend with their windows21:17
ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK applications to read from ~/.XCompose in Trusty?21:30
Tin_mani'm a newbee, i've installed ubuntu 14.04, i love it, but should i update the system everyday, kinda like MS..?21:45
ObsequiousNewtUpdate it as often as you like.21:46
Tin_manok.. :)21:46
ObsequiousNewtIf it says "important security update" I would probably go ahead and update it, though.21:46
Tin_manyes i look for the security update..21:46
y4nsi have a question21:48
y4nshow to delete guest account on my kubuntu desktop?21:48
Tin_mani started with mint, couldn't get my wifi working, googled my butt off, still couldn't get it, but finally, got ub 14.04, and figured the broadcom dell wifi was a bit of a problem..21:48
ObsequiousNewty4ns: Go to Login Screen (LightDM), click on General, and uncheck "Allow guest login". I think that should work.21:53
y4nsObsequiousNewt: Thanks21:54
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ObsequiousNewtHow do I configure GTK applications to read from ~/.XCompose in Trusty?22:26
=== alket_ is now known as alket
opensauceI'm having issues with 14.04 recognizing my USB external HDD22:42
dodger_opensauce: can you elaborate?22:46
opensaucebefore switching to 14.04 from 13.10 the device notifier would be able to detect USB as I connected them22:48
ObsequiousNewtAre you sure it's connected?22:49
opensaucenow it does not and dolphin doesn't show it22:49
opensauceI tried other devices22:49
opensauceno god22:49
opensauceno go*22:49
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y4nsNo sound23:04
y4nsDamn it23:04
=== roah_ is now known as roah
solifugushow can I get back to the video driver installer?  need to return to noveau because the nvideo one freezes..23:32
roccocan i use homerun-kicker on 12.04 ?? thanks23:36
y4nsquestion. How to install realter linux drivers on kubuntu23:41
roccowireless ?23:42
roccosame issue here with ralink..23:42
y4nsno, sound card23:44
roccosearch on muon23:44
y4nsnothing found23:44
y4nsI download already from realtet site.23:44
y4nsBut it'S little bit complicated.23:44

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