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Doranwenok, I think I understand my problem better--the computer's got issues with the video card01:19
Doranwenit ran fine under XP, but that's been wiped now since they didn't want to use the 'net with it01:19
Doranwenon installing, it gives me an error:  "Unidentified video mode: 314" and tells me to choose something01:19
Doranwenall of the options are smaller than the display can actually handle01:19
Doranweneither 640x480 or 800x600, this laptop can handle 1024x768 at least01:20
Doranwenwhen I chose one, it sized it not to the full screen, but to a *portion* of the screen, leaving weird colored dead space to the right and bottom01:20
Doranwendoes anyone know enough to help me figure out how to get this to work?  I've installed Linux before (I run Linux Mint myself), but troubleshooting video card issues is not something I know much about01:21
holsteinDoranwen: well, "the latop can handle" is not really relevant01:38
holsteinDoranwen: its more about, what the hardware can support in linux01:38
holstein!nomodeset | Doranwen01:38
ubottuDoranwen: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:38
Doranwenit doesn't boot into black or anything01:38
holsteinDoranwen: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127020901:38
Doranwenit just doesn't use the full screen01:38
Doranwenlike there's a big strip to the right and the bottom (about 2/5 of it) that are weird colors, and the display is confined to a rectangle in the upper left, about 3/5 of the whole thing01:39
holsteinDoranwen: sure.. and, ideally, your manufacturer would supply you support for linux, as they did for XP.. but, since that doesnt happen, you have to do it01:39
holsteinDoranwen: think of it this way.. a company paid a team of developers to make sure XP ran on your hardware.. now, you are taking on that burden with linux01:39
holsteinDoranwen: have you tried nomodeset? or the vesa driver with the xorg.conf i linked?01:40
holsteinif not, try those options and go from there..01:40
Doranwenlol, not yet, I'm just getting to the nomodeset option01:40
holsteinDoranwen: i'll use a few live CD's.. knoppix.. and also puppy linux has a nice wizard at boot.. ill copy the xorg.conf files from there and edit them a bit if needed and use them with ubuntu or whatever01:41
DoranwenI've got the vesa driver link up01:42
DoranwenI can always copy/paste via USB once it's install, yes/no?01:42
Doranwenin terms of the xorg.conf01:42
holsteinDoranwen: correct01:42
Doranwenit'd be a bit of a pain to type it all from looking *g*01:43
holsteinDoranwen: dont worry about the resolution and all that. just try it as is and see how the vesa driver is01:43
Doranwenbut yeah, it's trying the install with the nomodeset01:43
* Doranwen nods01:43
holsteinDoranwen: is this an older nvidia card?01:43
Doranwennot sure, it's a Dell Inspiron 110001:44
Doranwenthis is what I found:  http://www.notebookreview.com/notebookreview/dell-inspiron-1100-review/01:44
Doranwenthey've got a larger hdd than that01:44
Doranwenbut the RAM's the same01:44
DoranwenI can't even see the video card listed there01:44
holsteinDoranwen: dell will choose hardware. that hardware has chipsets.. so, even if you found someone else with that *exact* same model #, it may not have the same chipsets01:44
* Doranwen nods01:45
holsteinall dell has to do is what they promised.. which is provide windows drivers for all the hardware01:45
holsteinlspci in a terminal can tell you what specific chipsets you have01:45
DoranwenI'll do that as soon as I can get to a terminal01:45
holsteinDoranwen: intel hardware typically supports linux well01:45
* Doranwen nods01:47
DoranwenI'm running Intel on this box01:47
Doranwenlol, bad wording01:48
Doranwenbut you know what I mean01:48
* Doranwen waits for base system to install01:48
DoranwenI've got this half-knowledge--I can google a good number of issues and solve them, but throw me a video driver issue and I'm lost01:48
Doranwenthanks for your patience :)01:49
holsteinDoranwen: i hear you.. it can be challenging01:53
holsteinjust knowing that the xp support is really irrelevant.. and that there is always the vesa driver.. and how to see what chipsets you have can help01:54
holsteinDoranwen: xp support is good for determining if the hardware is funcitoning properly01:54
Doranwenif this is reliable, it gives some info:  https://www.dell.com/downloads/emea/products/inspn/inspn_1100_uk.pdf01:54
Doranwenyeah, they said it worked--just slow01:54
Doranwenwhich I believe01:55
Doranwengiven the specs, lol01:55
holsteinDoranwen: you have it maxed out to 512 ram?01:55
holsteinwith those specs, i would probably stick with something like puppy linux.. though, if you can get lubuntu installed, there really is not many lighter full-featured distros01:56
holsteinor, i would just not run x on it.. have a headless server kind of thing.. a test machine01:58
holsteinthese are nice and easy for that.. http://www.turnkeylinux.org/01:59
Doranwenno, it's still 25602:00
DoranwenI'll recommend they max it out02:00
Doranwenbut I'd have to order the memory first02:00
Doranwenand just looked at it today02:00
Doranwenthey'll need graphics02:01
Doranwenthis is an older woman who knows nothing about computers02:01
Doranwenshe just checks her e-mail and logs into her bank02:01
Doranwenthat's about it02:01
Doranwendoesn't even watch videos02:01
holsteinid recommend "they" replace it02:01
Doranwenthis is her laptop02:01
DoranwenI recommend that too, but we'll see02:01
holsteinthese days hardware is so cheap/free02:01
DoranwenI told them to at least upgrade *his*02:01
Doranwenhis is better than hers02:01
Doranwenshe could use hers then02:01
holsteini got 2 netbooks recently for $20 (total)02:02
Doranwentoo many pronouns02:02
holstein4 times the specs of that machine, and out of the box linux support02:02
holsteinDoranwen: have you tried puppy linux?02:02
holsteinDoranwen: puppy will be "tolerable" on there02:03
holsteindown right responsive..02:03
DoranwenI've heard of it02:04
Doranwentried it some years ago on a really old laptop02:05
holsteinthat *is* a really old laptop ;)02:05
Doranwenthat ultimately did fine upgrading to 256 mb with xubuntu02:05
Doranwenthis is02:05
DoranwenI should try it02:05
holstein256 is quite low for newer OS's02:05
holsteini mean, like i said, not much lighter than lubuntu.. with package management and all that that is easy02:05
Doranwenthis was probably 6-7 years ago02:06
holsteinthe ubuntu base.. and all that02:06
* Doranwen nods02:06
holsteinbut, puppy is for that specific case02:06
holsteinand damn small linux02:06
Doranwenif the graphics can be sorted out to make 'em work, I'd prefer to stick to an ubuntu base, because I'm used to *buntu derivatives02:06
Doranwenyeah, I tried that one back then too02:06
Doranwenbut not recently02:06
holsteinthere is also bodhi linux02:06
holsteinbased on an older ubuntu base.. might be "better" on there02:06
ianorlinit will run but barely02:07
holsteinyou can try anything 12.04 based, and the backend is still supported (basically)02:07
ianorlinlike lxle is based on 12.04 and based on lubuntu02:08
holsteinid say, if its for a tinkerer, its find.. but, if you are giving this to a casual xp user, they are going to hit an issue, and give up02:08
holsteinyeah, lxle is a little lighter as well.. and an ubuntu base..02:08
ianorlinif graphics driver was dropped02:09
holsteinwell, gaming is out on that hardware.. so the vesa driver would be fine02:09
Doranwenall she needs is a browser to get to her e-mail, and a basic word-type program to type the occasional document02:09
ianorlinrunning a browser will be hard with 25602:10
Doranwenso I don't really care *what* I put on there as long as it uses the whole screen, lol02:10
* Doranwen nods02:10
ianorlinmaybe one tab max02:10
holsteinsure, but thats just one issue02:10
Doranwenshe's been doing it with 256 mb, so I don't think she cares02:10
holsteinshe will though, when it doesnt function properly, or as expected02:10
holsteinits not going to a tinkerer02:10
Doranwenxp surely must use more resources than some of those oses02:10
holsteinDoranwen: sure.. but its well supported by xp02:10
Doranwenlol this is true02:11
holsteindriver support can make stability02:11
Doranwenbut they're not willing to live with XP02:11
Doranwenbecause it's not supported anymore02:11
Doranwenand everyone's freaking out about that02:11
holsteinsure.. but, thats what is promised for that hardware02:11
Doranwenworse comes to worse, she has to quit using it02:11
Doranwenand get a new laptop02:11
Doranwenbut I'd like to at least attempt this first02:11
holsteintheres no doubt you can tinker around and make linux work there02:11
holsteinbut, can she?02:12
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holsteinand, why would she? when you can literally dig better hardware from the trash02:12
holsteinDoranwen: you can take that machine to bestbuy, and they give you $100 for it, in the US02:12
holsteintowards the purchase of a new machine...02:12
holsteinthat might be better for the non-tinkerer02:12
* Doranwen hadn't heard of that one02:13
holsteini mean, again.. no doubt you *can* make that machine work..02:13
ianorlinI have seen better hardware for sale for 40 on craigslist02:13
holsteini bought 2 netbooks for $10 a pop02:13
holsteindid nothing but install lubuntu and xubuntu on them.. they work great02:13
DoranwenI can find cheap desktops there, but not laptops02:30
Doranwenwell, $50 is cheap02:30
Doranwenso that's not too bad02:30
Doranwenbut anyway, I'll see what I can do with what they have, and try to talk them into getting something better02:30
Doranwenthe husband's laptop is better specs overall, they'd probably do great to get him something new, and transform his into something for the wife02:31
Doranwenand jettison this old thing02:31
ianorlinAt least it isn't something like my grandparets got that probably couldn't get lubuntu on because not enoguh hard drive space with 2 gigabyte hard drive and had no ethernet port so couldn't connect to internet02:39
ianorlinmy dad was adamant in not giving them linux but going from windows 98 to 7 is still quite a jump02:40
Doranwenwow yeah02:42
Doranwenwe upgraded in increments02:42
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* Doranwen still remembers Windows 3.1102:42
Doranwenok, install done, rebooting02:42
Doranwenlol, this time it's at least centered in the middle of the screen--but still only 640x48002:44
Doranwennext step has to do with that xorg.conf?02:44
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Doranwenholstein: I tried copying the xorg.conf, it blackscreened on reboot--any suggestions on what I should try tweaking?03:37
DoranwenI've got a commandline now, and I'm fairly comfortable with vi so don't mind tweaking that way03:37
DoranwenI did convince them, btw, to get a new laptop and let the wife use the husband's old one03:55
Doranwenthis one I'd still like to get working, bare basics, and give it to some elementary kid to type reports on03:55
ianorlinI ended up getting my grandparents an all in one03:56
Doranwenit'd cost $20 just to get the memory upgraded, so if the kid wants that, I'd be happy to order it, upgrade, and presto! they've got a *really* basic laptop03:56
Doranwenbut it still bugs me that I can't get the graphics to work right on this03:56
DoranwenI tested both Puppy Linux and DSL, too03:57
DoranwenPuppy Linux was WEIRD graphically03:57
Doranwenit loaded all right03:57
Doranwenbut letters were missing all over the place03:57
Doranwenlike the welcome message was missing the L's and such03:57
Doranwenvery odd03:57
DoranwenDSL complained about the same video mode, but the boot options are dizzying, no idea which to try03:58
Doranwenso it's still sitting on that03:58
Doranwenand I'm moving onto other things, but if someone has any ideas, call my name and I'll poke my head back in :)03:58
holsteinDoranwen: are you sure its not broken hardware?04:11
Doranwenit ran XP fine, and you said that showed the hardware wasn't busted04:12
holsteinDoranwen: when setting up puppy, you chose the vesa driver? as a test?04:18
holsteinalso, you can look, by runing lspci, and let us know what hardware you have04:18
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:18
Doranwenoh, I didn't install puppy, just booted off the hdd04:19
DoranwenI mean04:19
Doranwenwhatever the default04:19
Doranwenjust to see how it handled04:19
Doranwenit didn't present me with any options04:19
holsteinDoranwen: sure.. *dont* install.. just try the vesa driver specifically04:19
DoranwenI can't remember right now, the DSL disc is in the drive now04:19
holsteinDoranwen: it will present you with the option for the vesa driver04:19
holsteinthats the fail safe driver..04:19
Doranwenok, right now I'm confused--you want to try tweaking the xorg.conf that you linked me to before? or try booting puppy instead of that?04:21
holsteinDoranwen: puppy allows you to set up a fail safe environment04:21
holsteinDoranwen: there are 2 things i would like for you to do04:21
holsteinDoranwen: pastebin the output of lspci, and share what hardware is in the unit04:21
holsteinthen, try and get the vesa driver to work04:21
* Doranwen blinks at laptop04:22
DoranwenDSL actually is using the full screen04:22
* ianorlin sometimes wishes pastebinit was installed by defualt04:22
Doranwenby default04:22
DoranwenI'd had it booting, just told it to continue when it said undefined video mode04:22
holsteinDoranwen: sure.. so, you can now look and see if there is an xorg.conf in place.. see what driver is being used.. make a note of the kernel version and graphics modules04:23
holsteinDoranwen: thats just a message04:23
holsteinDoranwen: "undefined video mode"04:23
DoranwenI'll see if I can't get on here via IRC there04:23
* Doranwen nods04:23
holsteinfor example ^04:23
holsteinOptionally, add vga=788 or vga=ask to the kernel boot line.04:24
Doranwenit defaults to booting with vga=78804:24
DoranwenLubuntu did04:24
holsteinDoranwen: i force it04:24
DoranwenI spotted that in the parameters04:24
holsteinDoranwen: i dont wait or trust defaults.. not on this level04:24
Doranwenoh right04:24
Doranwen788 is 800x60004:24
DoranwenI actually forced it to 79104:24
Doranwenthe 1024x76804:24
Doranwenthat's what I did04:24
ianorlinwhere do you find what these numbers mean?04:25
DoranwenDSL has a mode option04:25
DoranwenF3 when you load it04:25
Doranwenand it gives a whole table04:25
Doranwencolor depth one way, resolution the other04:25
holsteinyou just have to configure it as you want.. and test04:25
DoranwenI picked 16 bit with 1024x76804:25
Doranwenit goes up to 24 bit, I wasn't sure if I should try that04:25
holstein*then* you move on to the other issues.. .hopefully not taking 5 hours a piece04:25
Doranwenlol yeah04:28
Doranwenbah, I can't copy from the terminal there04:28
DoranwenI'd paste into pastebin, but there's no way to copy04:28
Doranwenthat I can find, at least04:28
Doranwenis there a command I don't know about?  both Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+C just create a new line with a prompt, there's no right-click ability04:29
ianorlinDoranwen if you could install clipit then I think you could pipe output to that and then print it with clipit -p04:30
Doranwenthe dsl user is me but I'm really not liking the IRC client on there--I can't tell what channel I'm in, even04:30
Doranwenno list of users, no clear anything04:31
holsteinDoranwen: does she care about the IRC?04:31
holsteinmake sure you aim for the target audience..04:32
Doranwenno--I'm trying to work with it to get you the output of the hardware04:32
Doranwenand I can't04:32
Doranwenit's impossible to use04:32
DoranwenI think the colors are out of whack04:32
Doranwenvery likely04:32
Doranwenprobably using the wrong set04:32
Doranwenthe one option I can think of is to boot back into Lubuntu, get to the command prompt, delete the xorg.conf I tested, and reboot into Lubuntu, *then* try to figure out how to pastebin from there and I can type the pastebin link over here, IRC or no04:33
holsteinyou can do that from the live CD04:34
Doranwenthat might take a few min04:34
holsteinyou dont need to boot into anything to remove the xorg.conf04:34
Doranwenoh, true, right04:34
DoranwenI was going to do that before I tried fiddling with IRC04:34
Doranwenand forgot04:34
Doranwenthis is frying my brain04:34
holsteinbut, you can try adding those kernel mode lines, and address the message at boot04:34
DoranwenI get easily confused about what I'm trying to do if I'm switching tasks every little bit with an unfamiliar problem04:35
holsteinDoranwen: its challenging.. thats why i try and equate it to a team of proffessionals that dell paid for XP support04:35
ianorlinum there is weechat for command line irc if you have network and tty working on lubuntu04:35
holsteinDoranwen: but, they are allowed to call the manufacturer and get information and/or drivers04:35
DoranwenI can't find the hard drive in this live cd04:36
Doranwencommand prompt sends me in circles04:36
holsteinDoranwen: might not be mounted04:36
Doranwentrying various commands got me to mtab04:37
Doranwenwhich doesn't seem to list the hdd anywhere04:37
Doranwenat least, not that I recognize it04:38
DoranwenI am so lost with this04:38
Doranwenmight be best going back to Lubuntu04:39
DoranwenI know I can find it there04:39
holsteini gotta crash.. goog luck, and keep us posted.04:39
WildSoftHello there =) I was hoping someone here could help me with a problem I'm having with "mtPaint graphic editor". When I try to crop a larger picture I get an allocation error. English isn't the native language used in the program so I'll try and translate the error: http://pastebin.com/GKYTiJFq10:45
JohnDoe_71RusWildSoft: try pinta10:46
WildSoftIs that another package?10:47
WildSoftLazy me, was quick to find out10:49
WildSoftIs it easy to use? I'm not the one going to use the computer but easily cropping pictures was high on their list. Tried all sorts of other programs like Gimp, but nothing was as easy to figure out as mtPaint. Just mark and press "Del". But I'll try Pinta and see. Thanks10:52
JohnDoe_71Ruspinta-project.com present in the repository10:52
WildSoftThe second problem I'm having is accessing the windows partitions. The machine is dualbooted with Windows 8 and even though I shut down Windows properly I can't access the Windows partition or the second NTFS drive (another physical drive).10:53
JohnDoe_71Rusit is simple in pinta. select then Image - Cut selected (or some like this )10:53
WildSoftthank you JohnDoe_71Rus =) I'll try it10:53
pucasI want to autorun some xrandr commands for all my users whenever LXDE is started.12:15
pucastried adding them to the /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart file but that didn't work.12:15
pucasspecifically, I have two monitors and I need the xrandr to make them do useful things.12:16
leszekcreate a script and a .desktop that you can add to /etc/xdg/autostart12:21
pucasso I have to use .desktop files?12:22
pucasI thought it was enough to add my commands to the autostart file.12:22
leszekI would recommend it12:22
pucasfair enough. I just don't understand why adding the commands directly to the file didn't work.12:23
leszekas the autostart file might be updated with an package update12:23
leszekpucas: I am not sure if this is still used in 14.04 as there were lots of changes in lxsession (and I did not keep track of it)12:23
pucashm yes. I am using 14.12:24
leszekand the .desktop stuff always works on any freedesktop.org complaint desktop12:24
pucasok, that sounds good. I will try that. thanks.12:24
comics_ideespucas I suggest you to use disper and disper-indicator it works for me12:26
comics_ideesdisper is like arandr12:27
comics_ideesbut i think in lubuntu disper is better12:27
pucasthanks for the tip, comics_idees.12:35
pucasI'm also experiencing some intermittent freezing problems. what is a good way to troubleshoot?12:35
pucaswould dmesg be a place to look?12:35
comics_ideesI also have freezing sometimes12:35
comics_ideesI dont know how to fix it12:36
comics_ideesI think that we must find a way to kill processes that freeze12:36
pucasit just happened. I think the problem may be the keyboard and mouse isn't found for some reason.12:37
comics_ideesmaybe it is the processes that do not work properly12:37
comics_ideesand freeze system12:37
comics_ideesI wish there was an app that kills automatically any process to freeze system so the system never freezes12:38
comics_ideesbut nobody creates this app12:38
TheSchafbut the freezing process will freeze the app too12:39
comics_ideesyes but somehow the system should prevent this process to run12:47
comics_ideesshould stop it12:47
asdwhy can't i open run dialog when i type alt+F2? I just upgraded to 14.04.13:52
comics_ideesis it a way to add vnc server to lubuntu and vnc client to a windows pc and connect the 2 computers?14:47
comics_ideeshi I have an issue with sound in lubuntu17:57
comics_ideesI have an external sound system and I use the sound out jack to connect it tou laptop17:58
comics_ideesnot tou17:58
comics_ideesbut with lubuntu the sound volume is too low17:58
comics_ideesfrom jack to external system17:58
comics_ideesI open the volume to large level and the sound is still very low volume17:59
comics_ideesI increase the volume but it is still very low17:59
comics_ideesshould I download a program or a driver17:59
comics_ideesto have better sound?18:00
comics_ideesthe sound is ok if I listen from laptop speakers18:01
comics_ideesbut it is very low if I connect laptop to external sound system18:01
comics_ideesin fact the external system has increased volume but the laptop input has very low volume18:02
comics_ideesI tried audacious18:02
comics_ideesshould I install another software18:02
comics_ideesfor better sound?18:03
ianorlindesktopin alsamixer did you turn down volume input?18:03
ianorlindesktopis that at max?18:03
comics_ideesshould I install alsamixer?18:03
Mr_Cometyou need some kind of mixer to tweak.18:04
ianorlindesktopit is by default in lubuntu18:04
comics_ideesin audacious has some choices alsa, or pulseaudio or other choices. What should I choose18:04
comics_ideesI must check alsa mixer then18:05
Mr_Cometcomics_idees-  goto menu>accessories >LXTerminal18:05
Mr_Cometcomics_idees-  then type alsamixer and enter>18:05
Mr_Cometpress <esc> when done/exit18:05
Mr_Cometim leaving.18:05
Mr_Cometgood luck comics_idees18:05
Mr_Cometcomics_idees-  thx ianorlindesktop ;)18:06
=== Mr_Comet is now known as Cometz|Away
comics_ideeswhat settings should I put to alsamixer?18:06
ianorlindesktoppress f4 to get to capture18:07
comics_ideeswhich software should I use for mp3 playing?18:08
ianorlindesktopmp3 codecs aren't installed by default but you can get them with the lubuntu-restricted-extras package18:08
ianorlindesktopthere are silly legal reasons for no mp3 unfortanetly18:09
comics_ideesI see18:09
comics_ideesshould I install lame?18:09
ianorlindesktopisn't that for encoding which I don't know much about18:09
comics_ideeslame is needed in audacity to handle mp3 files18:10
ianorlindesktopapt-get synaptic or software center usually handles dependencies but not sure of details18:11
comics_ideesdo I need something like a driver?18:17
ianorlindesktopit is generally all included in the kernel18:19
comics_ideesI found alsamixer but I do not know which bar to increase18:40
ianorlindesktopwhat are you trying to do again?18:41
wxlalsamixer should at least show master up and either headphone or speaker depending on which you're using, comics_idees18:42
ianorlindesktopI think he was talking about input sound18:42
wxlhe did say something about mp3 playing18:42
comics_ideesI want to use outpout jack18:42
comics_ideesand connect to an external aux18:42
wxlyou want to use jack as your sound server you mean?18:42
comics_ideesno I use it as jack18:43
comics_ideesI connect the cables18:43
wxland you plug it in the mic output?18:43
comics_ideesin the other output18:43
wxlwhat other output?18:43
comics_ideesI plug the cables to headphones output18:43
wxlheadphones are output18:44
wxlso again, are you trying to do output or input?18:44
comics_ideesand I then plug the other end of cables to the aux system18:44
comics_ideesso I try to use output18:44
comics_ideesnot input18:44
wxlright, so make sure the headphones output is up18:44
wxl(in alsamixer)18:44
wxladjust your external device as needed18:45
=== Cometz|Away is now known as Cometz
comics_ideesyes that is what I try to findout the headphone output in alsamixer18:45
comics_ideeswhere can I adjust the headphone output in alsamixer?18:45
wxlif you have a small screen you may need to scroll to the right18:45
comics_ideesand how I adjust it?18:45
wxlarrow keys18:46
comics_ideesand how alsamixer calls the headphone output?18:46
comics_ideesline? or linejack18:46
ianorlin2hit f3 to go to playback18:47
wxltypically it's "headphone" but your soundcard may specify something else, like mic jack or line out or line or whatever18:47
wxlsee this pic https://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SB-WGqmaA9U/S8gwvh9fvdI/AAAAAAAAAPE/sRcJNv8ELng/s1600/Alsamixer.png18:47
wxlthere it's called heaphone18:47
comics_ideesI find two line the one is called line and the second linejack18:48
wxlnote the OO at the bottom— that means unmuted18:48
wxlif you hit f3, which one of them do you see?18:48
comics_ideeswait I try it again and I come back to tell you18:49
wxlhere's one where they call it line http://www.linuxfocus.org/common/images/article259/alsamixer.gif18:49
wxlagain, soundcard changes things18:49
wxlthis one has line and linejack http://artemisa.unicauca.edu.co/~pmage/images/alsamixer_jack_off.jpg18:50
wxlwhere line jack only turns the output on or off. so you want that unmuted, as well as the line unmuted and levelled up18:51
comics_ideesok I have hit f318:54
comics_ideesit says headphone MM  PCM, line, line jac MM18:54
comics_ideesthe headphone is MM18:54
wxlread above ↑18:54
comics_ideesand the line jac is MM18:54
wxlthen it's muted18:54
wxlunmute it18:54
wxl(arrow over to it and hit m)18:55
comics_ideesI have 2 opotions headphone18:57
comics_ideesthe one says headphone18:57
comics_ideesand the other says headphon jack sense18:57
wxldo you have two outputs?18:57
comics_ideesone output18:57
wxlthen the line must be a line in18:57
wxlso ignore that one18:57
comics_ideesthe headphone has 218:58
comics_ideesthe one says headphone gain18:58
wxldo both have a bar to adjust up and down?18:58
comics_ideesthe first has bar18:58
comics_ideesthe second is 0018:58
wxlso unmute the second18:59
comics_ideesand I press up arrow18:59
wxlunmute the first18:59
wxladjust the first up18:59
wxlthat simple18:59
comics_ideesI unmuted both18:59
comics_ideesvery simple18:59
comics_ideesbut the18:59
comics_ideescannot increase18:59
comics_ideesso simple18:59
wxlit shouldn't18:59
wxlit's just a control18:59
comics_ideeswhat control18:59
wxlit's like an on off switch18:59
comics_ideesit is unmuted18:59
comics_ideesand I press the up arroww18:59
comics_ideesand does not go up19:00
wxlyou don't increase volume on an on/off switch19:00
wxlit's either on or off19:00
comics_ideesbut it says headphone jac sence19:00
wxlyour point being?19:00
comics_ideeswhat is that19:00
comics_ideeswhat is a headphone jac sense19:01
wxlnot sure. check your soundcard's documentation19:01
wxli don't have such a thing on mine19:01
wxlyou can also try googling it19:01
wxlyou have basic instructions to deal with this, so you need to apply it to your specific situation19:01
comics_ideesok I increased pcm19:06
comics_ideesa little19:06
comics_ideesand it sounds better19:06
comics_ideesthank you for your help now it plays better19:43
comics_ideesI increased pcm volume to max19:43
comics_ideesand it is better now19:43
comics_ideesmany thanks to all19:44
comics_ideesnow I want to find a chrome plugin in lubuntu to play radio stations in webpages19:45
comics_ideesis there any plugin like silverlight19:45
comics_ideesfor lubuntu chrome?19:45
wxlno not really19:45
comics_ideesis there any way to set html5 play radio streaming?19:46
comics_ideesor html5 video19:46
comics_ideesin chrome lubuntu19:46
wxlthere is this http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight19:47
wxlhtml5 comes standard in both chrome and chromium19:47
wxl!info moonlight19:48
ubottuPackage moonlight does not exist in trusty19:48
wxloops :)19:48
comics_ideesIn fact I wish to go to a webpage with radio and play the radio in chrome what should I do?19:49
comics_ideesI see a missed plugin19:49
wxlit's probably not html5 then19:49
comics_ideesif I do not use moonlight is there any other way?19:50
comics_ideesfor example lets find a page19:50
wxlnope, unless you create a virtual machine of windows19:50
comics_ideesfor example i want to listen to that19:51
comics_ideeswhat should I do in chrome and lubuntu19:52
comics_ideesor this page http://www.e-radio.gr/19:53
wxlplays fine for me19:54
wxlin both chrome and chromium19:55
comics_ideeswithout any plugin?19:55
wxlthat's right19:55
comics_ideesok I will try again later19:55
comics_ideeswhat other software should I install for sound?19:56
wxldepends on what you want to do19:56
wxlthere's tons of software19:56
wxli'd just search and try things out19:56
comics_ideesjust to listen sound19:56
comics_ideesin good quality19:56
wxlprobably nothing you dont' already have then19:57
comics_ideesmaybe a software that opens all sound formats19:57
wxlyou have to install the codecs to have that happen19:57
wxlmost players will work with all the codecs19:57
comics_ideesthe codecs are installed manually?19:58
wxlsome of them19:58
comics_ideesi installed lubuntu-restricted-extras19:58
wxlthose are all the non-free ones19:59
wxlthere's also tons of free codecs you might not have19:59
wxlagain, depends on how extreme you want to get19:59
wxljust search for codecs in the package manager19:59
SilverLionJensNDS: hey vornamensvetter ;)20:21
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comics_ideescan I create a .desktop file and have 2 lines starting with Exec=  ? So I run 2 commands in the same file?21:47
wxlcomics_idees: sure, just use ; or && to separate the commands21:48
comics_ideesI must put Exec=  and Exec =  or one Exec=  and &&21:48
wxlone exec21:49
comics_ideesI put ; in the end of first command?21:49
wxlif you use ; the second command will run no matter what21:49
comics_ideesso if I dont put ; I must put &&21:50
wxlif you use && the second command wont run if the first one doesnt21:50
comics_ideeshm I will try it21:51
wxllike if you open terminal and do blah; echo blah you'll get an error with blah but it will echo blah21:51
wxlif you do blah && echo blah, you just get the error and echo blah never happens21:51
comics_ideesok I ll try it21:52
wxlbtw thanks for the suggestion for this jazz radio. i'm enjoying the hard pop channel21:52
wxli'd rather listen to the avant garde but i'd probably piss everyone off at work XD21:53
comics_ideesI want on autostart to start disper  and disper-indicator so I would like to put in one .desktop file21:53
wxlwhy don't you just add both to ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart?21:53
wxlif you put an at sign before the command it will restart if it closes for some reason, so you could do @disper for example21:54
wxlthen you don't have to create a .desktop file21:54
wxli have all sorts of things in my autostart21:54
wxlit sets my compose key, configures my track pad, runs skype, uses unclutter to hide my mouse, etc.21:55
comics_ideesI have a confusion which must start first  disper or disper-indicator?21:55
comics_ideeswhat is unclutter should I install it?21:56
comics_ideesif the disper starts first then the second screen has no wall paper21:57
comics_ideesso I run disper-indicator and the wall paper appears to second screen21:57
comics_ideesbut if I run first disper-indicator maybe is better21:57
wxli would experiment21:58
wxlsee what's better21:58
wxlas for unclutter you probably don't want it. i use awesome for a window manager and pretty much use the keyboard for EVERYTHING. unclutter hides the mouse.21:58
comics_ideesand why you dont use mouse?21:59
comics_ideesyou dont like it?21:59
comics_ideesyou work with keyboard shortcuts for everything?21:59
wxlpretty much22:00
wxli mean there's certain things i need to use the mouse for. gimp, for example22:00
comics_ideesok I go to try the .desktop file22:01
comics_ideesI will come back in a while22:02
TaiSHiAnyone came up with a decent puush client for linux?22:20
TaiSHiOh, and there it goes22:56
TaiSHiIt seems openbox/lxde don't support alpha channels22:56
TaiSHiAnd I fixed it23:11
comics_ideesI tried to use 2 commands in .desktop file separated by ; but it did not work23:28
wxltry using quotes around the whole statement, comics_idees23:28
comics_ideesfor example I say Exec= "disper -s; disper-indicator"  ????23:30
wxlexec="blah blah blah"23:30
comics_ideeswill it work?23:30
comics_ideesmaybe should I use shell or something?23:31
comics_ideesafter Exec= shell etc23:31
lxde1404i performed a bare bones lubuntu 14.04 installation but i neither installed lubuntu-core nor lubuntu-desktop. I installed lxde-core and then network manager. however, i can not see network-manager's applet on my lxde session. what gives?23:32
wxljust do Exec="disper -s; disper-indicator"23:32
wxlor do like i said and add to autostart23:32
wxllxde1404: known bug. run nm-applet and it will come back (you can add it to autostart)23:32
lxde1404as a normal user or as root?23:33
wxllxde1404: normal should work23:34
lxde1404i excuted nm-applet as a normal user, the nm applet appears but when i click on my wireless network i get a pop up window which says  " Connection failure. Failed to add/activate connection. (32) Not authorised to control networking"23:42
wxllxde1404: it doesn't ask you for your password?23:47
lxde1404it seems a permissions issue23:47
wxlyou might want to sudo nm-applet then23:48
wxli don't need to so that's kind of strange23:48

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