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newell_When running the development code using "make run" and then subsequently creating and saving a new managed interface for a cluster controller, I don't see where dhcpd.conf is being written.  It is not put in /etc/maas/dhcpd.conf and I also cannot find it in my local repository.17:43
newell_Does anyone know where this is written?17:43
newell_I was manually trying to reduplicate bug #128310617:46
ubot5bug 1283106 in MAAS "MAAS allows the same subnet to be defined on two managed interfaces of the same cluster" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128310617:46
newell_I am new to MAAS so apologizes if my question seem rudimentary17:48
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bigjoolsnewell_: still there?23:02
bigjoolsnewell_: people are sprinting this week so will be unresponsive23:03
newell_bigjools, I am here23:04
newell_Okay do you think that anyone would be able to help or more likely that I will need to wait?23:04
bigjoolsnewell_: I can help23:05
bigjoolsI can't remember where it writes the file in dev mode, so let's have a look23:05
newell_k, thanks23:05
bigjoolsit might get written under the local etc/23:05
newell_I did a 'find' but couldn't find it23:06
bigjoolsbut check the celery log file to see if the job is getting kicked off23:06
newell_I guess one of the main things I am confused on is that the bug just says two managed interfaces that have the same subnet23:07
newell_so that would imply that and would cause this error.  Maybe I am inferring this incorrectly.23:08
newell_but I would think that the two subnet ranges I just wrote above shouldn't conflict with one another23:09
newell_I guess I could ping the bug writer but was hoping to figure it out on my own23:09
newell_bigjools, I will take a look at celery logs when I get a chance23:15
bigjoolsnewell_: it's overlapping address ranges I think, remind me of the bug again?23:16
newell_bug #128310623:17
bigjoolsbug 128310623:17
ubot5bug 1283106 in MAAS "MAAS allows the same subnet to be defined on two managed interfaces of the same cluster" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128310623:17
bigjoolsnewell_: right, that is what it is, overlapping ranges, which makes dhcpd barf23:18
bigjoolsit's a trivial piece of validation in the form23:18
newell_bigjools, well there is already a bunch of code in forms.py and test_forms.py23:18
newell_that do just this23:18
bigjoolsyeah they will be validating related stuff23:18
bigjoolsso maybe there is a bug or maybe it is not doing it23:18
newell_okay whomever submitted the bug... used the language of two managed interfaces with the same subnet masks23:19
newell_so didn't know if we should look for just that or if it has to be overlapping ranges23:19
bigjoolsyeah, he's French :)23:19
* bigjools waves at rvba23:20
newell_I am just trying to understand exactly what needs to be executed23:20
bigjoolsI'll summarise:23:20
bigjoolswhen submitting the form to add/edit an interface it needs to iterate over the existing interfaces and check that the defined range does not overlap with each23:21
newell_Okay I am very familiar with that code23:22
newell_I will have to see why it is failing then23:22
* newell_ was just confused by what was said 23:24
newell_in the report ;)23:24
bigjoolswell my suggestion is to first write a test that re-creates the problem23:27
bigjoolsthen it becomes easier to debug23:27
bigjoolsand passes when you fixed the bug23:27
newell_bigjools, yeah I actually wrote my own forms class and test code that was doing it just for the subnet masks (a way for me to play around with everything etc.)  So it shouldn't be an issue now that I know it is just for overlapping ranges.23:32

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